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Whiskered Bat

(Myotis mystacinus)

Wingspan: 21-24cm Weight: 4-8g Lifespan: max. 24 years


Identification: A small bat - the smallest of the Myotis species. It has dark upperparts with the underside buff-grey and the fur is of a shaggy appearance. The face and ears are black. They are very similar to Brant’s and Alcathoe bats and can be difficult to separate from these species unless seen in the hand. General: A native species which commonly feeds on a variety of moths and small insects. They utilise a variety of habitats from meadows, woodland edge to hedgerows and villages. A single pup is born in late spring in small communal maternal roosts. They are weaned after 6 weeks. Roosts are usually in old buildings and trees and will use bat boxes. They hibernate in underground sites such as mines, tunnels and caves. Distribution - UK: There are approx. 64,000 distributed widely throughout England, Wales, Northern Ireland as well as southern Scotland. The population is stable. Sonogram



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