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Cambridgeshire Mammal Atlas Preface This mammal atlas shows the distribution of wild mammals through the county of Cambridgeshire based on records from volunteers and various organisations during the period 2004 to 2014. ‘Cambridgeshire’ includes Huntingdon(shire), the Isle of Ely and Peterborough. Recorded coverage may not be equal in all parts of the county – this needs to be taken into consideration when assessing the distribution of any particular species. The absence of a record for a species in a particular area does not necessarily mean that the species is not present in that area – it merely means ‘not recorded’. Records are based on sightings, field signs, owl pellet analyses, targeted livetrapping and road traffic collisions. The distribution maps are grid references plotted from each record. The species in the main part of this atlas are listed in the order used in the 4 th Edition of the Handbook of the Mammals of the British Isles published by the Mammal Society in 2008. That same publication has been used as the prime source for common and scientific names, the sizes and weights and the life spans of the species – the sizes and weights are approximately those of adult males.

Cambridgeshire Mammal Group The Group exists to further the study, conservation and protection of wild mammals in the county. Maintaining records of the presence and activities of mammals is an important element of this work. It enables the Group to monitor changes in the number and distribution of species, to promote public awareness of mammals in their area and provide advice and practical help with mammal conservation in the county.

Note: © Cambridgeshire Mammal Group – 2016. No part of the Atlas may be reproduced for any purpose without the express permission in writing of the Cambridgeshire Mammal Group, who own copyright for the document as a whole. Copyright for the illustrations and the photographs remains with the suppliers. The Group does not accept liability for the use or misuse of the information in the Atlas by third parties.


Cambridgeshire Mammal Atlas  
Cambridgeshire Mammal Atlas