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Brown Hare

(Lepus europaeus)

Size: 47-70cm Weight: 2-5 kg Lifespan: max. 10 years in the wild


Identification: The hare has a larger, longer limbed frame than rabbit giving an angular rather than compact appearance. The long ears have distinct black tips. The tail is held down when moving, showing the black and white upper surface. General: Breeding mainly occurs between February and August but may extend if the autumn is mild. 2 – 4 leverets are produced in the average litter. As they are born above ground rather than in the safe warm environment of a burrow, they have a full coat of fur, open eyes and are mobile at birth, in contrast to newborn rabbit kittens. A short period of nursing occurs only once a day. Once the mother leaves, the leverets take cover in vegetation and remain still to avoid predation. First year mortality of leverets can range from Field signs 50 – 90%. The main predator is the red fox. Changes in agricultural practises also have a considerable effect on first year survival. Distribution - UK: They are widespread across East Anglia, the Midlands and north-east England, with increasing populations seen in south Wales and the south-west. MH 27

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