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Harvest Mouse

(Micromys minutus)

Size: 5-7cm – 5cm tail Weight: 6g Lifespan: max. 18 months


Identification: A small two-tone mouse - sandy above and white below. A blunt muzzle, medium sized eyes, small hairy ears and a prehensile tail make this unmistakable. General: A native species uncommon in their traditional habitat of grassland, hedgerows, field edges, scrubland, fens and Nest marshes. They are omnivorous, feeding on everything from roots, fruit and seeds to insects. Unusually amongst rodents they build an aerial ball-like nest of woven grass and leaves. Up to 12 young are born as one litter in the late spring and summer and become independent in 15 days. They have many native predators and are largely crepuscular but can be active both day and night. Distribution - UK: There are estimated to be approx. 1.5 million harvest mice in the UK, confined mainly to southern and eastern England. They are present in parts of Wales and northern England but scarce here and they are absent from Scotland. The population is declining.



Cambridgeshire Mammal Atlas  
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