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Bank Vole

(Myodes glareolus)

Size: 8-12cm – 4-6cm tail Weight: 14-40g Lifespan: max. 18 months Identification: Small eyes and ears with a blunt nose. The reddish brown fur on the head and back is contrasted with grey flanks and underside. The tail is at least half the length of the body and it is dark on top and light below. The only confusion species is field vole. General: A native species, MH common in most rural habitats and present in urban areas. It is the smallest UK vole and lives underground in burrows. Young are born blind and hairless between April and October but sometimes later in mild conditions and are independent in about 3 MH weeks. Bank voles prefer thick ground cover to feed but are able to climb for food. Being largely herbivorous, they feed on grass, roots, fruits and seeds, as well as worms and insects. They are largely crepuscular but can be active both day and night and have many native predators both mammalian and avian as well as domestic cats. Droppings SE

Distribution - UK: There are thought to be in the region of 20 million bank voles distributed widely throughout the UK in all parts except for Northern Ireland and some Scottish islands. The population is stable.


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