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2009 African American women at historically Black colleges during the Civil Rights Movement by Eddie R. Cole The Journey of Identity Development for Jewish Millennial College Students by Kimberley Kushner An overview of two incidents involving African American fraternities at Indiana University by Eddie R. Cole, Cameron J. Harris, Rubin Pusha III, and Nadrea Reeves Alpha Kappa Alpha as an educational institution and component of supplemental education by Nadrea Reeves Combating Unseen Struggles: The African American Male Football Player by Tomika Ferguson Richard N. McKaig: The Quintessential Dean by Autumn T. Harrell, Steve Veldkamp, and Danielle M. De Sawal

2010 (online) Indian International Students in American Higher Education: An Analysis of India's Cultural and Socioeconomic Norms in Light of the International Student Experience by Kimberley A. Kushner The College Literary Society by James D. Gieser The International Mobility of the American Faculty - Scope and Challenges by Ling Gao LeBeau A Cultural Perspective for Understanding How Campus Environments Perpetuate Rape--窶心upportive Culture by Sarah J. Argiero, Jessica L. Dyrdahl, Sarah S. Fernandez, Laura E. Whitney, and Robert J. Woodring Black Student Leaders: The Influence of Social Climate in Student Organizations by Cameron C. Beatty, Antonio A. Bush, Eliza E. Erxleben, Tomika L. Ferguson, Autumn T. Harrell, and Wanna K. Sahachartsiri

A complete list of articles from the

IUSPA Journal over the last 50 years

IUSPA Journal 1968 Student Personnel: Custodian of Behavior? by Susan Steckbeck The Future of the Student Personnel Staff by Mary Alice Arnold The Alumni and the Changing University by Sharon Sommer and Mary Alice Arnold Student Personnel and the Open Campus by Susan Steckbeck and Dallas Bauman

1969 The Residence Hall Business by Dallas Bauman Recruitment of Residence Hall Staff by Penni Jonhson Could Our Educational System Be Working by Thomas R. Fiutak The Student Personnel Curriculum- A Proposal by Susan Steckbeck

1971 Experimentation in Administration: The Cluster College Concept by Frederick R. Brodzinski Evaluating the Student Activities Program by Linda Branding Personnel Services and the Married Student by Daniel M. Newland The Ombudsman: Who Is He? by C. Nelms Two Views of the Open Admission Controversy by Joel Marlin Are We Fulfilling Our Objectives? by Ron Aaron and Walter J. Ciecko, Jr. I.U. and Student Personnel Defeatism or Challenge? by Elizabeth A. Greenleaf

1972 (spring) Correctional Education and the Student Personnel Administrator by Norm Davis An Undergraduate's Concern About Student Personnel by Margee Greenfield I.U.'s New Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Programs by Les Bennett Indiana University Student Personnel Association by Joel Marlin Comparison of Student Personnel Administrators and Student Personnel Interns at I.U. Concerning Problems Facing Women Administrators by Corinne Colantonio An Evaluation of the Indiana University Master's Degree Program in College Student Personnel Administration from 1959 to 1969 by Phyllis Montgomery

50 Years

2007 Demanding Social Change at Indiana University: Latino Student Activism in the Mid1970s by Ebelia Hernandez Understanding and Assessing the Process by which College Students Hold Each Other Accountable to Standards of Conduct by Chad Ahren Social Transition and Connection: A Study of Female Groups Students at Indiana University Bloomington by Laura J. Barnes, Patricia Cooksey, Shelley Deaton, Sara Flanagan, and Jon T. Rivere, Jr. Factors Influencing Higher Education in Kenya by Philemon Yebei

2008 Assessing Latina/o Cultural Nourishment: The Role of the University Culture Centers by Nathan E. Cheeseman, Isaac B. Kinsey, Israel Laguer, and Mahauganee D. Shaw Faculty Governance: Challenging The Myths by Kelly A. Kish, Lauren E. MorrillRagusea, and Robin L. Murphey Predicting Collegiate Philanthropy: Student Engagement as a Correlate of Young Alumni Giving by John V. Moore III The Founding of Student Health Services at Indiana University: A Brief History (1833-1924) by Philemon Yebei Student Emotional Adjustments: A New Model of Student Development Theory, Emotion, and Hardiness by Anthony Masseria Meaning Making Processes: The Roles of Dissonance, Influences, and reflection by Robert F. Stagni

IUSPA Journal 2004 Student Athlete Satisfaction at a Big Ten University by Beth E. Greenberg, John F. McKnight, Jr., Christopher L. Riddick, and Rebecca C. Stone Kate Hevner Mueller: A Retrospective Analysis of a Dean of Women and Exploration of White Women's Gender Identity in the Interwar and World War II Generations by Jennifer Buckley Asian Pacific Americans in Predominantly White Sororitites by Michelle Bernstein, Jackie Jones, Marianne Scott, and Tara Sherwin The Dilemma of the Church-Related University by Brian Estrada Understanding Satisfaction: The Effect of Black Greek-Letter Organization Membership on African College Students at a Predominately White Institution by Erin Erwin, Camille Jones, Tom Kilian, and Lisa Woodie 2005 Academic Environment with a Family feel: An Honors Residential Community by Janna Bradley, Jennifer Jacobs, Stephanie Kuhn, Misha Mikhailov, and Jason Rodocker Pray! Or Not to Pray: The History of Chapel at Indiana University: An illumination of Institutional Practice and Policy by Camille Kandiko Go big Red! Assessing Outcomes of Student Attendance at Indiana University Bloomington Athletic Events by Thomas Brecciaroli, Amy Dinise, Joseph Halter, Matthew Nelson, and Jessica Shivers An Investigation of Student Use and Perception of the Neal-Marshalll Black Culture Center by Laura Davis, Lucy LePeau, Adam Patricoski, and Michael Schmeckebier 2006 Issues in Career Development and Career Counseling for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students by Teresa K. Olsen Wabash College: Her Square Dances with Coeducation by Robert W. Aaron Facebook and College Students' Development of Mature Relationships by Katie Dickman, Emily Dutton, Corin Gioia, Lauri Oberhausen, and Becky Ravensberg Student-Faculty Interactions in Context: A Study of Faculty Advisers and Student Organizations Advisees by Amanda Droste, John Graves, Ramon Hill, Jeffrey Ruder, Bradley Snyder, and Henry Wendel

50 Years 1972 (fall) What's New at I.U.? by Helen Mamarchev An Alternative Model for the Role of Residence Hall Staff Relevant to Discipline by Elaine Green Everything I Always Wanted to Know About Being an R.A.- But Someone Was Afraid to Tell Me by Jonathan Hess Plans for Summer 1973 by Elizabeth A. Greenleaf

1973 The Freshman Dilemma: A Need for Something Unique by Lynn Luckow Orientation- It Can Have An Impact on Students by Edmond Anzalone and Candis Brunk Student Personnel Work and Academic Advising: Some Philosophical Concerns by Frank Ardaiolo

1975 The Returning Adult and Student Personnel by Catherine Greene The Commuter Student In the Private Urban College by Margie Mathison Towards A Coherent Theory of Student Personnel by Paul Zisla

1976 (spring) Residence Hall Staff as First Level Problem Solvers With Microtraining by Dennis H. Congos Career Counseling - Which Approach? by Michael L. Seltenright Student Growth in a College Student Personnel Environment by Change: A Necessity For Fraternities by C. Richard Scott The Referral Process and Interagency Relationships Between Student Personnel Services by Andrew A. Matthews Student Designed Proposal For Introduction To College Learning by Chuck Glick, Chris R. Miller, and David Phillips

IUSPA Journal 1976 (fall) The Ethics of Partnership : A Paradigm For Interaction Between Students and Residence Hall Staff by Richard Searer The Future of the Women's Liberal Arts College by Janet Cromie Education Through Student Activities: The Fraternity Example by C. Richard Scott and Larry Lunsford Student Personnel Work: Past and Future (An Interview with Kate Mueller) by Lee Mann College Student Personnel Administration: Academic Discipline and Profession by Frank Ardaiolo The Newest Addition to IUCSPA: Welcome Dr. Kuh

1977 Moving Towards Professionalism: An Analysis of Faculty and Student Personnel Occupations by Susan L. Schrader Commuter Students: A Challenge For the Future by Amy Jolly Accountability In Student Personnel: Necessary Or Unnecessary? by Susan L. Hopp Summer Institute 1977: Trends, Policies, And Issues In Stu dent Personnel Administration by Department News- Dr. "G" by Dr. G

1978 Students as Consumers: The Need for Better Information by Sara Green An Interview with Dave DeCoster by Anthony Zizos Problems of Graduate and Professional Students by Marc A. Kaplan Confidentiality in Educational Counseling by William E. Briegel News from 226 by Dr. G Letter From IUSPA President by Ruth Gerstung

50 Years 2002 FIGs: A Comparitive Study of the Residential Component of Freshman Interest Groups by Helen Grace Correll, Allison K. Ragon, Sacha L. Thieme, and Kathleen A. Wilburn The Impact of E-mail Use on Student-Faculty Interaction by Sara E. Hinkle The Academic Support Center Environment: An Assessment of Student Use at the Academic Assistance Center by Abigail M. Hunt, Christine E. Jones, Amanda G. Slusher, and Steven P Weiand Student Participation in College Student Organizations: A Review of Literature by Ricardo Montelongo Indiana University: The Transition to Coeducation by Christine E. Jones Predicting Faculty-Student Interaction: An Analysis of New Student Expectations by Cassandra Bradley, Kelly A. Kish, Aaron M. Krudwig, Tiana Williams, and Ontario S. Wooden

2003 Fraternity Men and Homosexuality: An Attitudinal and Environmental Assessment by Kerry Fleming, Jason Jones, Kevin McCord, and Eric Marc Ratner A History of Jews in American Higher Education by Valerie B. Kolko Self-Efficacy and Student Leaders: The Effects of Gender, Previous Leadership Experiences, and Institutional Environment by Kristen J. Bardou, Shannon M. Byrne, Victoria S. Pasternak, Nikki C. Perez, and Amanda L. Rainey Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? A Historical and Contemporary Analysis of Black Student Participation and Affirmative Action Policy in Higher Education by Ontario S. Wooden Assessing International Student Perceptions of the Classroom Environment at a U.S. Business School by Sandra Britton, Todd Chamberlain, Colin Davis, Denise Easley, Cynthia Grunden, and Julie Williams White Students' Attitudes and Behaviors Toward People of Color by Stephanie Bondi, Christopher Heasley, Valerie B. Kolko, and Sarah Young

IUSPA Journal 2000 Satisfaction Among College Students Living in Greek Housing and LivingLearning Centers by Brent E. Ericson, William D. Gardner, Jennifer L. Herzog, Andrew N. Morgan, and Edwin J. Stephens Facing the Challenges: Laina/o Faculty in Higher Education by Shannon Burns Where Do Students Study? An Analysis of Preffered Study Environments by Sarah Beck, Jen Berson, Allison Hagan, Jason Pontius, and Dana Umschied Student Satisfaction with the Adams Living Learning Center by Steven E. Neal, Thomas B. Pitchford, Jeramaine M. Upshaw, Hsiao-Yu Chen, and William B. Smith Behavioral Responses to hate Crimes: A Study of Asians and AsianAmericans on a University Campus by Shannon L. Burns, Shaun R. Harper, Emily S. Hildebrand, and Megan N. Moore

2001 Herman B. Wells: Champion for Racial Equality at Indiana University by Sara E. Hinkle Satisfaction Among College Students Living in Traditionally Staffed and Alternatively Staffed Residence Centers by Carolyn Jones, Minda Heyman, Valerie Sarma, Kimberly Sluis, and Michele Starzyk Campus Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Higher Education by Kimberly Anne Sluis Preparing a Teaching Professorate: Emphasizing the Scholarship of Teaching to Graduate Students by Shaun R. Harper Making Headlines: The National Survey of Student Engagement by Kelly A. Kish and Valerie A. Sarma

50 Years 1979 Long-Range Planning: An Institutional Priority by William J. Boer Discipline: A Re-emphasis on Counseling to Enhance Student Growth by Brian C. Pisaro Values and Student Development by Carolyn Zahniser Drinking in College and Alcohol Education Programs: A Review of the Literature by Jim Schroth An Interview with Dr. John Shuh by John Blanchette News from 226 by Dr. G

1980 A Tribute to Elizabeth A. Greenleaf by B.J. Bischoff Announcement of the Greenleaf Distinguished Alumnus/a Award by Staff Development for College Student Personnel Professionals: A Report on the State of the Art by Trish Volp Orientation for First-Year Students: Historical Development and Future Directions by Linda E. Wegryn A Critique of Chickering's Developmental Vectors by Amanda C. Gable Welcoming Dr. Nancy Evans- Visiting Professor in CSPA by Ann Short News from 226 by Robert H. Shaffer

1982 Robert H. Shaffer by Janet R. Wright and Rodney P. Kirsch Aggregate Perceptions of "Supportiveness" in a Student Personnel Preparation Program by Diane Breeden-Lee, Rodney Kirsch, Kathy Malutich, Drew Norris, and Janet Wright Indiana University: Two Images by Debbie Steiman-Cameron Comparison of Job Descriptions Versus Reported Activities of Employees at a University Craft Shop by Elizabeth Feemster, Gene Tempel, Debbie Steiman-Cameron, Robert Ward, and Virginia Whaley News from 226 by George Kuh

IUSPA Journal 1984 Environmentally Influenced Behavior in Residence Halls by Barry Brumer Searches, Due Process, and Residence Halls: An Overview of Concepts and Concerns by J. Guadalupe Valtierra Accommodating Handicapped Students on College Campuses by Greta Henglein Providing Opportunities for Developing Competence: A Look at the Indiana University Wellness Program by John R. Saddlemire Homogeneous Grouping and Roommate Matching: A Review of the Literature by Susan Buffington Counseling Re-Entry Women: A Study of the Perceptions of Helping Professionals by Stephen Roth and Jeanna Clodfelter Anglin News from 226 by Philip Chamberlain

1985 (spring) The Journal: Twenty-five Years by Nancy Krekeler A Cognitive-Developmental Approach to Academic Advising by Marcia M. Roe Examining Women's Views on Career, Marriage and Family: 1950-1984 by Carol S. Weinich Bulimia in College Women by Tamera J. Mowery Examining Holland's Theory of Career Choice by Steve Marino, Lisa Norbury, Margaret O'Brien, and Carol Weinrich A Developmentally Based Program for Probationary Resident Assistants by Kellie Gray

1986 An Interview with Dr. Donald Hossler by Josh Powers Applying Moral Development Theories To Residence Halls Intervention Training by James J. Vander Putten, and David E. Westerhaus Rape on Campus: Description, Concerns, and Intervention Strategies by Catherine G. Harder Student Unrest in the 1980s: Challenges and Implications for Student Affairs by Keith M. Miser

50 Years 1998 Learning Leadership, Developing Leaders: Will the Student Affairs Profession Embrace the Challenge? by Lynn D. W. Luckow and Christopher R. Turner The Effects of Fraternity Involvement by Patricia L. Alvarez, Eunice A. Cabacungan, John E. Jobson, and DeEttra L. Kudera History, Execution, and opposition: restructuring Higher Education by Ian Crone A Study of the Effects of Academic Community Floors by Amanda Denton, Jennifer Forbes, Danny King, and Claibourne Patty Assessment of Student-Athlete Involvement in a University Residence Hall by Heather Diaz, bob Gonyea, Darin L. Junck, and Emily Ward The Role of Women's Colleges in the Leadership Development of Female Students by Jennifer Forbes International Students: An Introduction by Elizabeth James

1999 Bad Things Happen To Good People: Can Student Affairs Professionals Benefit from Resilience Training? by Patricia Volp, Guest Author The Effects of Membership in Freshman Interest Groups by Meredith Curtin, Sarah Thompson, and Meg Wiggins Factors Influencing Student College Choice between In-State and Out-of-State Students by Robert Brown, Myna Hernandez, Tania D. Mitchell, and Christopher R. Turner Asian Women and Academic Confidcence by Robert Andrews, Jennifer Herman, and Jessica Osit Reflections on the Graduate Experience by Tania D. Mitchell and Dana Umscheid

IUSPA Journal 1996 The Future of Student Affairs in a Post-Modern Era by Dr. Gregory Blimling, Guest Author A Portrait of the Life and Influences of a College Administrative: Elizabeth A. Greenleaf by Sarah E. Coomer Toward Success of one and All: Career Counseling for Minority Students by Tony Ellis The Diversity Advocate Program: Through the Perceptual Lens by Elizabeth Matejczyk Environment Influences on the Development of Women Student Leaders by Suzanne Mendoza Tuition Prepayment Programs and Student Body Diversity by Alan Rose

1997 Personal Reflections on Campus-Based Professional Community in Student Affairs by Dr. Terry E. Williams Supplemental instruction Programs: An Effective Way to Increase Student Academic Success? by Jane Eig Perceptions of Prospective Master's Student by Tony Ellis, Carol McBryde, Barry Magee, Katrina Ross, and Rollie O. Buchanan Minority Admissions Policies and the Courts: What's a School to Do? by Ryan Forsythe Free Speech and Campus hate Speech Codes by Stephanie Sue Helmers GROUPS 1996: Goals, Values, Perceptions in Intentional Residence Life Interventions by Alan Rose, Mary F. York, and Larry D. Polley The Role of Faculty in the Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics by Katrina Ross AIDS/HIV and Higher Education by Jeffrey Spahn

50 Years 1987 Whole Student Development: Current Practices and New Approaches Based on Chickering, Perry, and Brown by Betsy Brady and Carleen Kearns Resident Assistants as Educators in the Residence Halls by Kristi Sorteberg Higher Education's Recent Reports: A Student Affairs Response by Phyllis Mable

1988 Gay and Lesbian College Students: Identity Issues and Student Affairs by Sarah B. Westfall Greek Organizations and Residence Halls: A Model For Greek Living in the Residence Halls by David J. Strauss Legal Issues in the Residence Halls by Bernadette DiMaggio Child Care Needs Assessment of Female Single Parent Students by Shirley F. Barrow The Reality of Being a First Year Professional by Susan Campbell and Susan Mehlinger An Interview with Dr. Fran Stage by J.J. Thorp Alcohol- The Perennial Topic (One Dean's View) by James W. Lyons

1989 Sexist Language & The Role of Student Affairs Professionals by Kathleen G. Kerr and Lisa M. Landerman Argument Pro Installation of a Peer Education group in an Alcohol-Drug Information Center by Aaron D. Anderson Thoughts from a Professor: An Interview with Carney Strange by Jeff McColloch Ethical Issues in Computer-Assisted Career Guidance by Susan M. Sgamberelluri Campus Security: Changing the Focus by Lisa Landreman and J.J. Thorp Self-Student Education for Lifeling Fitness - A programmatic Response to Eating Disorders by Helen Mamarchev

IUSPA Journal 1990 State of the Program by Don Hossler The Diversity Advocate Program: A Model for Residential Diversity Education by Jonathan A. Gray and JoNes R.VanHecke Perceived Levels of Satisfaction with the Residential Environment of Students in Two Graduate Residence Halls by Ellen M. Broido, Marshall C. Derks, and John T. Worthington Student Affairs in the 1990s: A View from the Classroom by Jeff McColloch and Karen Ondercin Student Affairs in the 1990s - Challenges, Concerns and Chances by Frank P. Ardaiolo

1991 Orientation: In Aggressive Pursuit of Diversity by Patty Muller Guidelines for Anti-Harassment Policies for Public Universities by Cheryl Matherly Community Service on Campus by Diane L. Robinson Satisfaction Guaranteed: Considerations for the Job Search by Karen M. Ondercin and Tracy M. Tyree The Fiduciary Relationship: Defining the Student/Institution Relationship from Another Perspective by Michael McCleve

1992 The Black Culture Center and its Relationship to Campus Climate and Institutional Culture by Crystal K. Johnson, Judith L. Kunkle, and Patty A. Muller Effects of Greek-Letter Membership on the Moral Development of College Students by Diane Bullman-Houston There's Something about the Place; Conducting a Cultural Assessment of Significant Locations on Campus by Jane McE. Randolph, Nita Levison, and Teryl Anderson Are Today's Method Adequate for Tomorrow's Challenges? by Don G. Creamer

50 Years 1993 The Aging Face of Education: The Adult Learner in American Higher Education by D. Rael Sanchez Serving Students in Midst of Remodeling by Kristen Lane Lettington, Charles Wilder Puls, and Heather Dawn Wallace The Hispanic Population: Assumptions and realities by Allison B. Block Meeting Institutional Goals Through Coeducational Living by Cherie Blankenbuehler, Michael Covert, Michael Dean, and Patricia Wolfe Student Affairs: A Connscience for the Campus by Dr. Caryl K. Smith

1994 (fall) Playing in the Front yard by Michael Farley, Max Davis O'Guinn, Jill Sabatino, and Matthew Supple Examining Graduate Students Preparation in Student Affairs by Lisa Lorden The Barriers of Race and Gender: The Experience of African-American Women in Higher Education by Deanna Jordan Changing Sexual Behaviors of College Students by Max Davis O'Guinn The Changing Student-Campus Relationship: In Loco Parentis in Transition by Michael Farley Indiana Memorial Union: An Environmental Assessment by Stephanie Danes, Deanna Jordan, J. Ritchie Morrow, and William Woodward Student Affairs: A Return to a More Certain Future by Louis C. Stamatakos

1995 (spring) The Program: A Look Back at Indiana University's CSPA Program Through the Eyes of Recent Alumni by Katherine Keuthan Hale, Beth Pfeiffer, and Marianna Savoca Cost and Quality in Higher Education: Finding the Balance by Darnell G. Cole New Student Affairs Professinoals: Moving Up, Turning Over, and burning Out by Lisa P. Lorden Women's Perceptions of Body Image, Dieting, Exercise and Self-Concept in an Undergraduate Residence Center by Michelle Moore, Beth Pfeiffer, Karla Ruggiero, and Marianna Savoca Historically Black and Predominantly White Higher Education Institutions: How Do They Compare? by Kathryn Adams Race Relations on College Campuses: Challenges and Responsibilities for White Persons by Marylu K. McEwen, Guest Author


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