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Natural Ayurvedic Treatment For Vaginal Looseness

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness  Safe, Reliable, Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Vaginal Looseness.  Vaginal looseness or a loose vagina may arise due to several reasons.  Childbirth is one. If muscles in the pelvic floor supporting the vagina are damaged, the result is

looseness of the vaginal canal.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness ďƒ˜ Broadly speaking, when the vaginal lips, labia majora and labia minora become distended, such conditions could also be termed as vaginal looseness. ďƒ˜ The effects can be mild such as discomfort when you wear sports clothing, or embarrassing and anxietycausing such as incontinence, reduced sensitivity during

coitus and collection of excess moisture promoting

bacterial growth, odor and infections.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness ďƒ˜ There is no need to continue with this situation since there are natural ayurvedic treatments for vaginal looseness such as the Aabab tablet that gradually restore the original tightness, even in post menopausal conditions. ďƒ˜ Some may advocate the quick and dry method of a

surgical procedure to take care of vaginal looseness.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness ďƒ˜ However, this method does have drawbacks and may cause lasting inconvenience. ďƒ˜ Another way is to perform kegel exercises and practice yoga that will have long term positive effects which can be further compounded with natural Ayurvedic Treatments for vaginal looseness.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness ďƒ˜ Ayurvedic treatment for vaginal looseness: ďƒ˜ Long term treatment like yogic asanas, kegel exercises and herbs that rejuvenate nerves and muscles are one thing. ďƒ˜ However, how do you go about tightening your vagina, especially when a tight vagina gives that much more

pleasure during lovemaking?

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness ďƒ˜ The solution is to go in for herbal vaginal tablet like Aabab.

ďƒ˜ Simply insert the tablet an hour before you engage in sexual activity and you will notice that the lips and walls

of your vagina have become tight and you will experience heightened pleasure like never before.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness  You owe it to yourself and to your partner to get the most and if you can do it simply, easily, cost effectively and naturally with natural ayurvedic treatments for vaginal looseness, why wait?  You may wonder why not use a topical cream to tighten vaginal tissues?  Creams are not entirely water soluble and may interfere

in the sex act besides not being hygienic.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness  Water soluble natural Ayurvedic treatment for vaginal looseness is the best since you can easily clean up afterwards with no residues and thus assure complete hygiene and safety.  Alum does tighten tissues but it may have adverse effects.

 There are number of herbs that have astringent

properties on human tissues.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness ďƒ˜ Katha is a known astringent as is babool bark.

ďƒ˜ Another effective ayurvedic herb is argilla vitriolutum known to be safe and effective besides being a non-

irritant. ďƒ˜ It is known as Dridhranga in Hindi and besides being

astringent; it increases sensitivity of genitalia, lubricates tissues and is also antibacterial.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness ďƒ˜ Quercus Infectoria or Oak nut or Majuphal as it is known in Hindi also possesses astringent properties besides being lubricant and antibacterial. ďƒ˜ In combination, both (active ingredients of Aabab) work wonders, contributing to your state of arousal, working as natural ayurvedic treatment for vaginal looseness

during the act and increasing your pleasure manifold.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness

ďƒ˜ You get immediate effects while working on a long term basis to tighten muscles in the pelvic floor.

Treatment For Vaginal Looseness

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Natural Ayurvedic Treatment For Vaginal Looseness