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XVI Handbook Moral Guidelines Strict rules that must be followed or punishment will be issues.

Members will be respectful in combat The practice of T-Bagging, Trash talking, and sending obscene messages, will not be tolerated. XVI is to be viewed as a respectful clan. It will respect and be respected.

Members will not join other clans Joining other clans is by no means expectable. Joining another clan is a major insult to the clan and will result in immediate removal from the XVI.

Members will not mod XVI members will not modify there games. Moding ruins video games and XVI will have none of it. Moding will result in likely removal from the clan, However final decisions will be defined by a clan wide POLL.

Members will not mute other clan members If XVI is to be a successful team than muting should definitely be outlawed. The practice of muting disrupts effective communication, builds tension and anger in the clan and ultimately increases the issue more than it solves it.

Members will in no way prohibit other clan members from voicing there opinion. XVI has no direct leader and is governed as a democracy. In order to form an effective democratic leadership all members ideas must be voiced and all members must be given a chance to defend there opinion. All members ideas will not be renounced unless a POLL favors there removal.

Clan Virtues Guidelines that members of XVI will try there hardest to mirror.

Members will strive to be successful as a team We do not win unless we win as a team. Union is strength.

XVI Handbook  

XVI Handbook

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