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WINNING SPINS By George K anzler HE BREADTH AND RANGE BETT ween saxophonists today can be enormous, as illustrated in the pair whose new albums comprise this Winning Spins. Tom Tallitsch adheres firmly to the post-bop modern mainstream, his tenor sax embracing the rich, robust tones of tenors from the hard bop era. Daniel Bennett's alto sax, however, veers from mainstream modern traditions in both his piquant tone and frequent use of electronic effects, plus a penchant to echo the idiosyncratic sounds of players ranging from Ornette Coleman on the avant-garde side to David Sanborn on the jazz-rock. Gratitude, Tom Tallitsch (PosiTone), spotlights not only the tenor saxist's prowess as a player, from ballads to burners, but also his skills as a composer and leader, as he guides the CD's program with unerring skill. Eight of the 11 tracks here are Tom's, and they are all more than just frames for improvisation. He has also taken three songs from classic rock bands and reshaped them as convincing jazz vehicles. The basic lineup is an impressive quartet, with the leader's tenor joined by pianist Jon Davis, bassist Peter Brendler and drummer Rudy Royston. On two of the rock songs they are joined by organist Brian Charette. The title tune, "Gratitude," is an infectious ballad in an R&B vein, with the requisite backbeat from Rudy and an opening, gospel-flavored piano from Jon, with Peter contributing a resonant bass solo, pizzicato, to usher in Tom's soulful, climaxing choruses. The churchy, R&B feel is also prevalent on Led Zeppelin's "Thank You," thanks predominantly to Brian and Jon who combine organ and piano like a gospel band. Brian's organ is more of a stealth supporter on Stevie Nicks' Fleetwood Mac song, "Gold Dust Woman," rising from deep in the background to propel Tom's final tenor choruses. The other rock song, The Beatles' ballad "Because," rises from an original, caressing tenor sax limning of the LennonMcCartney melody to feistier tenor and piano solos before simmering down to a stately out-chorus of the theme. The leader's other originals cover a wide range, from the tension-release alternation of a hard bop march beat and up-tempo 4/4 on "Refuge" and the soul funky vibe of "Rust Belt," sparked by Rudy's emphatic snap, to the post-bop verve of "Alternate Side," the longest track although it seems


Reid cover photo by John Abbott.

to fly, and the jangly odd-meter, Coltraneinspired "Oblivion." Throughout, whether embracing a warm ballad tone or digging into the swinging, hard-driving heart of cookers like "Terrain," Tom plays with a mastery and enthusiasm that makes this an album honoring the tradition while being distinctively now. Sinking Houseboat Confusion, Daniel Bennett Group (Manhattan Daylight Media), presents music that is on the cusp of jazz, rock, electronica and even contemporary concert music, i.e. Steve Reich and John Cage. And this group does it all with a trio/quartet: Daniel Bennett on alto sax, flute, clarinet, piano and ukulele; Nat Janoff, electric guitar and Matthew Frick, drums. Also seemingly fully integrated into the band on this CD is electric bassist Eddy Khaimovich, as are various electronic effects like delay, echo, wah-wah and over-dubbing. In keeping with Daniel’s, and his group's, avant pop sensibilities, this CD is the length of an old 12-inch LP, with only the final song of the ten here breaking the five-minute limit. But the band's range is wider than on previous outings which were characterized largely by selections with a surf-rock beat. Here, only two tracks are propelled by that rhythm: the title tune in its first, hypnotically catchy, of two versions heard, and the opener "John Lizard Comes Home." As those titles and others like "Doctor Duck Builds a Patio" and "Animals Discussing Life Changes" suggest, Daniel's program of originals is infused with humor, often tongue-in-cheek. The former is in a ratchety 7/4 time, with alto sax and guitar solos altered through electronics, while the latter features a folksy, Celtictinged beat, Daniel's one clarinet lead and solo and Nat's only straight-ahead electric jazz guitar solo. The Celtic beat also appears on "Paint the Fence," with Daniel on flute, which he also plays with haunting effect in counterpoint overdubs to his alto sax on other tracks. A highlight of the album is poet Michele Herman reading her "Little Disappointments of Modern Life" to Daniel's moving, mostly alto sax, accompaniment. Tom Tallitsch leads his band at The Side Door, Oct. 7. Daniel Bennett Group is at Blue Note, Oct. 16.

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CLUBS & HALLS UPPER MANHATTAN (Above 70th Street) APOLLO THEATER: 253W 125th St. 212-5315300. Oct 22: 8pm Ella Fitzgerald centennial B’day celeb feat Patti Austin, Andra Day, Lizz Wright w/Scotty Barnhart & The Legendary Count Basie Orch feat Afro Blue; 27: 7:30pm Jazz Foundation of America feat A Great Night in Harlem w/Dr. John, Robert Cray, John Mayer Trio, Bruce Willis. CAVATAPPO: 1712 1st Av (bet 88th & 89th Sts). 212-987-9260. Sets: Mon 7-10pm free adm; Tues 8-10pm & Thurs 9-11pm $8 adm/$10 min. Mon: Roger Lent. Oct 4: Konrad Paszkudzki Qrt; 6: Peter Maness & The Master Keys; 11: Mafalda Mannozzi Duet; 13: Mike Sailors Qrt; 18: Konrad Paszkudzki Trio; 20: Yvonnick Prene Qrt; 25: Sam Raderman Qrt; 27: Ralph Lalama Qrt. CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE: 2485 Bway (bet 92nd & 93rd Sts). www.cleopatrasneedleny. com. 212-769-6969. Sets: Early (E), Late (L); Sun E 4-8pm, L 9pm-1am; Mon-Tues E 89pm, L 10pm-1am; Wed-Thurs E 7-11pm, L 11:30pm-2:30am; Fri-Sat E 8pm-12am, L 12:30-3am. Free adm/$10 min. Trios except Mon&Thurs Duets. L Jam. Residencies: Sun E Open mic w/Keith Ingham, L Kelly Green Duet; Mon Jon Weiss; Tues Marc Devine; Wed E Open mic w/Les Kurtz, L Nathan Brown; Thurs L Kazu; Sat L T. Kash. Oct 1: Denton Darien; 6: Matt Barker; 7: Masami Ishikawa; 8: Clifford Barbaro; 13: Ken Simon; 14: Gustavo Moretto; 15: Justin Lees; 20: Dan Furman; 21: Fukushi Tainaka & Chihiro; 22: Sachmo Mannan Qrt; 27: Larry NewComb; 28: Art Lillard; 29: Ai Murakami. GINNY’S SUPPER CLUB: At Red Rooster. 310 Lenox Av (bet 125th & 126th Sts). 212-792-9001. Sets: 7:30&9:30pm $15 adm unless otherwise noted. Thurs: Marc Cary & The Harlem Sessions. Oct 15: Adeev & Ezra Potash; 21: 8&10pm Gregorio Uribe Big Band; 22: Braxton Cook; 28: Michael Mwenso & the Shakes Halloween Show. MANHATTAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC: 120 Claremont Av & 122nd St. 212-749-2802. Oct 21: 7:30pm Justin DiCioccio & MSM Concert Jazz Band w/Sergio Puccini; 26: 7:30pm Screening of Documentary Film, Bill Evans-Time Remembered. MILLER THEATRE: At Columbia University. 2960 Bway at 116th St. 212-854-7799. Oct 20: 8pm John Zorn; 22: 8pm $25-128 adm Vijay Iyer Trio. MINTON’S: 206W 118th St (bet St. Nicholas Av & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd). 212-243-2222. Sets: Sun 7:30& 9pm, Fri-Sat 7&9:30pm. Oct 2: Dannis Winston; 7: Willie Jones III; 8: Adi Meyerson; 9: Candice Reyes; 14: Teodross Avery; 16: closed; 21: Farrah Boulé; 23: Emilie Braden. MIST HARLEM: 46W 116th St (bet Lenox & 5th Av). 212-828-MIST. 1st Mon: 10am-12pm Open meeting by Harlem


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Arts Alliance Oct 1: 8pm $30-20 adm Wilbur Ware Institute celeb Shirley Scott & Stanley Turrentine feat Jimmy Heath, George Coleman, Jimmy Owens, Jon Faddis, Eric Alexander; 16: 5-8pm $25 adm/20 min Sunday Serenade series feat Carl Allen & The Art Of Elvin w/Freddie Hendrix & Keith Loftis. NATIONAL JAZZ MUSEUM IN HARLEM: 58W 129th St at Malcolm X Blvd. 212-3488300. 7-8:30pm, $10 don. Oct 11: 7pm Four Walls-The Legatees; 18: 7pm Afro Cuban Beat w/David Virelles & Román Díaz; 20: Harlem Speaks w/Hamiet Bluiett; 25: Four Walls-Mapping Harlem's Heyday w/E. Simms Campbell. PARIS BLUES: 2021 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd at 121st St. 212-222-9878. Sets: Early (E) 5-9pm, Jam 9pm-1am. Free adm. Sun: E Double G & the Possee, 9pm The Ramirez Gp, last Sun Elliot Pineiro & Sumbaswing; Mon: John Cooksey & Spontaneous Combustion; Tues: The Sultans of Soul; Wed: Les Goodson & the Intergalatic Soul Jazz Band; Thurs: Tyrone Govan & Top Secret; Fri: tba; Sat: alternate The 69th Street Band/The Antoine Dowdell Gp. RENDALL MEMORIAL PRESBYTERIAN: 59W 137th St, #61 (bet Malcom X Blvd & 5th Av). 212-283-2928. www.welcometoharlem Tues: 12-1:45pm $15 adm Harlem Afternoon Jazz series w/Craig Harris feat guest. Oct 7: Sam Newsome w/Fay Victor. SHRINE: 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd (bet 133rd & 134th Sts). 212-690-7807. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E) 6-7pm, Late (L) 7-8pm. Residency (R): Sun 5-8pm Jam w/Lu Reid. Oct 2: R, 8-11pm The Shrine Big Band; 4: L Dennis Duffin & James Labrosse; 5: E Marcos Toledo Araujo Guitar Trio; 6: E-L Julphan Tilapornput; 8: E-L J-Music Ens; 9: R; 11: L Joe Breidenstine Qnt; 12: E-L Jocelyn Shannon Qrt; 13: E-L Marco Chelo Jazz Collective; 16: R; 17: E Joe Pino Qnt; 19: E Craig Brann; 20: E Dani Pozo Qrt; 22: E Shun Ino; 23: R; 24: L Jon Sheckler Trio; 26: E Gioel Severini; 28: L Kevin Sun; 30: R. SILVANA: 300W 116th St at Frederick Douglass Blvd. 646692-4935. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E) 6-7pm, Late (L) 7-8pm. Oct 2: E-L Julphan Tilapornputt; 6: E-L Tim Vaughn; 8: E B.J. Jansen; 9: L Daniel Arthur Trio, 8-9pm Mariana Secca; 10: L George DeLancey; 12: E Joe Breidenstine Qnt; 13: E-L Linus Wyrsch; 14: E-L Rodrigo Bonelli Spt; 15: L Miriam Elhajli Qnt; 16: E Jon Sheckler Trio; 17: E Marcos Rosa; 20: E-L Vitaly Golovnev; 21: L Dani Pozo Qrt; 22: E-L J-Music Ens; 23: E Pawel Klin Qrt; 25: E Marcos Toledo Guitar Trio, L Craig Brann; 26: E Joe Pino Qnt; 27: E-L Charley Gordon; 28: E Gabriel Vicéns; 30: E Kevin Sun. SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: 2751 Bway (bet 105th & 106th Sts). 212-864-6662. Sets: Early (E), Late (L), Brunch (B); Sun B 11:30am,1&2:30pm, E 7,9&10:30pm, L 11:30pm; Mon E 7&9pm, L 10:30pm; Tues-Thurs E 7,9&10:30pm, L 11:30pm; Fri-Sat E 7,9&10:30pm, L 11:45pm &12:45am; Adm/min vary. Residencies: Sun B Annette St. John Trio, L Willerm Delisfort Qrt; Mon (R) E Philly Meets NY Jam w/Orrin Evans, L Smoke Jam; Tues (R) E Mike LeDonne & Groover Qrt, L Emmet Cohen Organ Trio; Wed L Nathan Peck & The Funky Electrical Unit; Thurs L Nickel & Dime OPS; Fri L 10/7&21 Patience Higgins & For comprehensive daily updated listings with sort-by options—by artist, location, day or time—go to


Sugar Hill Qrt, 10/14&28 John Farnsworth Qrt; Sat L Johnny O’Neal & friends. Oct 1-2: Eric Reed Qrt; 3-4: R; 5-6: Dion Parson & The 21st Century Band; 7-9: Thelonious Monk celeb feat Tim Warfield; 10-11: R; 12-13: Gary Smulyan Trio; 14-16: Eric Alexander Qrt feat Jimmy Cobb; 17-18: R; 19-20: Ben Allison; 21-23: The Baylor Project; 24-25: R; 26-27: Alexis Cole; 28-30: Mike LeDonne Qrt w/spec guest Al Foster; 31: R. SUGAR BAR: 254W 72nd St (bet Bway & West End Av). 212-579-0222. www.sugarbar Sets: 9pm/$10 adm unless otherwise noted. Residencies: Wed except 10/5 8pm Electrikana; Thurs Open Mic w/Sugar Bar All Star Band. Oct 7: 8:30pm Abe Ovadia Trio; 8: Irini Res & the Jazz Mix; 12-13: R; 15: 8pm Cory Cox & Family; 19-20: R; 21: JaRon Eames; 26-27: R; 28: JaRon Eames. SYMPHONY SPACE: 2537 Bway at 95th St. 212-864-5400. Bar Thalia (BT). Oct 9: 7&8:30pm BT $20 Mostly Marcus w/Marcus Goldhaber feat Andrea Wolper; 16: BT The Mini-monic Trio w/spec guests Jim Saporito & Harrison Hollingsworth.

MID-TOWN MANHATTAN (Between 35th & 69th Street) BIRDLAND: 315W 44th St (bet 8th & 9th Avs). 212-581-3080. Sets: 8:30&11pm, except Mon 7&9:30pm, Sun 6,9&11pm. Adm varies. Residencies: Sun 9pm except 10/9 (R) Arturo O’Farrill AfroLatin Jazz Orch; Mon 9:30pm Jim Caruso Cast Party; Wed 5:30-7pm David Ostwald & Louis Armstrong Eternity Band; Fri 5:15-7pm Birdland Big Band by Tommy Igoe; Sat 6pm Barbara Carroll. Oct 1: Ron Carter Big Band; 2: 6pm Eric Comstock & Barbara Fasano, 9pm R; 3: 7pm Natalie Douglas; 4-8: Pharoah Sanders Qrt; 6: 6pm Taeko; 9: 6pm Benefit for the Veronica Pellitteri Memorial Fund w/Marcello Pellitteri, 9pm Bill O'Connell Latin Jazz All-Stars; 11-15: Eliane Elias; 13: 6pm John Yao Qnt; 16: 9pm R; 18-22: Jane Monheit; 20: 6pm Phil Palombi; 23: 6pm Fleurine feat Boys from Brazil, 9pm R; 25: Jane Bunnett & Maqueque; 26-29: Kurt Elling; 30: 6pm Paul Marinaro, 9pm R. CLUB BONAFIDE: 212E 52nd St (bet 2nd & 3rd Avs). 3rd Fl. 646918-6189. Sets: Early (E), Late (L), Late Night (N); Sun E 7pm, L 9pm; Tues-Sat E 7:30pm, L 9:30pm, N 11pm. Oct 1: E-L Michelle Walker; 2: E Giuseppe De Gregorio & the NYC Gospel Jazz Syndicate; 4: E Will Brahm & Homenaje; 5: E-L Stan Chovnick; 6: E Steven Davis feat Andy Farber Orch, L Humankindition; 7: E Devin Bing & the Secret Service, N Zouk Sensations; 8: E Kenya, L Mike “Maz” Maher; 13: E Mark Kross & Uptown Aesthetic, L Harry Smith Qrt; 14: E Moth To Flame Jazz, L Steve Fidyk; 15: E Nir Naaman Qrt, L Girl Named Nino; 18: E Michael Sarian & The Big Chabones; 19: E Manuel Valera Trio; 20: E Aimée Allen, L Marcus Machado; 21: E Duke Guillaume & The Power Of Praise Band, L Ada Pasternak, N Zouk Sensations; 26: E Rachel Therrien Latin Jazz Qrt, L Big Dipper; 27: E Samuel Torres Gp, L Sivan Arbel Spt; 28: E-L Ivan Mazuze Qnt, N Cookin’ Hooks w/Billy Ruegger; 29: E-L Sammy Figueroa, N Alessandro Fadini. COMMUNITY CHURCH OF NEW YORK: 40E 35th St (bet Madison & Park Avs). 212683-4988. Fri: 8-10pm $30/15 adm AACM concert series Oct 7: Amina Claudine Myers Solo + Roman Filiu


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Qnt; 14: Wadada Leo Smith Tio + Thurman Barker & Heritage Ens; 21: Reggie Nicholson Duo + Steve & Iqua Colson; 28: Muhal Richard Abrams Trio + Bluiett Music. DIZZY’S CLUB COCA-COLA: At Jazz @ Lincoln Center. 10 Columbus Cr at 60th St. 5th Fl. 212-258-9800. Sets/ adm: 7:30&9:30pm, 11:30pm Late Night Sessions; $10 min. Oct 1-2: 7&9pm $45 adm Joey Alexander Trio 10/1 w/Larry Grenadier, 10/2 w/Dan Chmielinski; 3: $30 Jay Rodriguez & Relativity; 4-5: $40 Lew Tabackin Trio w/spec guest 10/4 Randy Brecker, 10/5 Toshiko Akiyoshi; 6: $40 Gregorio Uribe Big Band; 7-9: $40 10/7, $45 10/8, $35 10/9 Azar Lawrence Qnt; 10: $40 Johnny O'Neal; 11: $35 Harold Lopez-Nussa Trio; 12-13: $35 Harry Allen Qrt feat Hilary Gardner; 14-16: $40 10/14, $45 10/15, $30 10/16 Matt Wilson; 17: $30 Juilliard Jazz Ensembles; 18: $30 Moutin Factory Qnt; 19-20: $35 10/19, $40 10/20 Russell Gunn & Blackhawk Revisited feat Jimmy Cobb; 21-23: $45 Jeff “Tain” Watts Qnt; 24: $35 Victor Provost Gp; 25-26: $35 Terell Stafford Qnt; 27: tba; 28: $45 7:30pm Dan Levinson & Roof Garden Jass Band w/spec guest Queen Esther, 9:30pm Patrick Bartley; 29: $45 Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks; 30: $40 The Ghost Train Orch, 9:30pm Jon-Erik Kellso & The Mahogany Hall Pleasure Society Jazz Band; 31: $35 The Pedrito Martinez Gp. Late Night sessions w/Oct 1: Emmet Cohen; 4-8: Nate Sparks Big Band; 11-15: Miki Yamanaka; 18-22: Andrew Renfroe; 25-29: Alphonso Horne 10/25-27 feat Candice Hoyes, 10/28-29 presents Stomping at The Savoy. FEINSTEIN’S/54 BELOW: 254W 54th St, Cellar (bet Bway & 8th Av). 646-476-3551. Oct 7: 9:30pm Nicole Henry; 8: 9:30pm Sam Fazio Trio. IRIDIUM: 1650 Bway at 51st St. 212-582-2121. Oct 1: 8:30pm $35/45 adm Kenny Garrett; 6: 8pm $35/45 Aziza Miller; 7: 8&10pm $25/35 Mandy Harvey; 10: 8pm $25 Hilary Kole; 12: 8:30pm $25/35 Jaimoe's Jasssz Band; 27-28: 8pm $30/40 Brand X; 31: 8pm $30 Ed Palermo Big Band. JAZZ AT KITANO: 66 Park Av at 38th St. 212885-7119. Sets & adm: Sun 12-2:30pm, Mon-Tues 8-11pm, Wed-Sat 89:15&10-11:15pm; Sun $40 buffet, Mon-Tues free/$15 min, Wed-Thurs $17/$20 min, FriSat $32/$20 min. Residencies (R): Sun Jazz Brunch w/Tony Middleton; Mon Jam w/Iris Ornig; Tues Esteban Castro Solo. Oct 1: Wolff & Clark Expedition feat Eddie Henderson; 24: R; 5: Katsuko Tanaka Trio; 6: Ben Cassara Qnt; 7: Scott Robinson Qrt; 8: Lauren Kinhan Qrt; 9-11: R; 12: Melissa Hamilton Qrt; 13: Jonathan Karrant Qrt; 14: Bucky Pizzarelli Trio; 15: Michael Blake Qrt; 16-18: R; 19: Masumi Ormandy Band; 20: Carol Fredette Qrt; 21-22: Martin Wind & 20th Anniversary Qrt feat Ingrid Jensen; 23-25: R; 26: Renee Raff/Jay Leonhart Trio w/spec guest Warren Vaché; 27: Daniela Schächter Qrt; 28-29: Jay Clayton Qnt; 30-31: R. JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER: 10 Columbus Cr at 60th St. 5th Fl. 212-2589800. Appel Room (AR), Rose Theater (RT). Oct 1: 7&9:30pm AR Ibrahim Maalouf, 8pm RT Brad Mehldau; 14-15: 7&9:30pm AR Elio Villafranca Gp feat Billy Harper, Lewis Nash, Dezron Douglas, Abdou Mboup, Vuyo Sotashe & spec guest David Murray, 8pm RT Jazz 100 - The Music of Dizzy, Ella, Mongo & Monk feat Danilo Perez, Wycliffe Gordon, Chris Potter, Avishai Cohen, Ben Street, Adam Cruz & Ledisi; 21-22: 7&9:30pm AR Jimmy Heath Gp feat Roberta Gambarini, Jon Faddis; 28-29: 8pm RT Jazz at Lincoln Center Orch w/Wynton Marsalis. For comprehensive daily updated listings with sort-by options—by artist, location, day or time—go to


METRO BAPTIST CHURCH: 410W 40th St (bet 9th & 10th Avs). 212-594-4464. Oct 22: 7:30pm T.K. Blue/Zaccai Curtis, 8:30pm Dick Griffin/Warren Smith, 9:30pm Elektra Kurtis & Ens Elektra. PAUL HALL: 155W 65th St (bet Amsterdam & Bway). 212-769-7406. Oct 4: 7:30pm $20/10 adm Juilliard Jazz Artist Diploma Ens w/Eric Reed & Ben Wolfe. SAINT PETER’S CHURCH: 619 Lexington Av at 54th St. (Citicorp Bld). www.saint 212-935-2200. 1st Mon: 7:30pm $5 adm International Women in Jazz Jam; Wed: 1pm $10 don Midtown Jazz at Midday; Sun: 5pm free adm Jazz Vespers. Oct 2: Godwin Louis Band; 5: Amina Figarova/Gilad Atzmon; 9: 5pm-12am All Nite Soul festival feat Ike Sturm + Evergreen, 7pm $40 don Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orch, Kate McGarry, Rudy Royston’s 303, Lauren Sevian Qrt, Billy Hart Qrt; 12: Gene Bertoncini Trio feat Melissa Stylianou; 15: 8pm $20 don William Hooker; 16: Chris Dingman; 19: Bill Charlap/Sandy Stewart; 20: 7:30pm Duke Ellington Society meeting; 23: John Lumpkin Trio; 26: Dominick Farinacci; 30: Nine Horses.

LOWER MANHATTAN (Below 34th Street) 55 BAR: 55 Christopher St (bet 6th & 7th Avs). 212-929-9883. Sets: Early (E) 7-9pm except Sun&Fri-Sat 6-9pm, Late (L) 10pm. 1st Mon: E Sean Wayland; 1st Thurs: E Amy Cervini; 1st Sat: E Ayana lowe; 2nd Thurs: E Nicole Zuraitis; 2nd Fri: E Tessa Souter; last Fri: E Kendra Shank. Oct 8: L Tony Moreno; 27: E Fay Victor w/Lisa Mezzacappa. BAR NEXT DOOR: 129 McDougal St. 212529-5945. Sets: Sun 8&10pm, Mon-Thurs Early (E) 6:307:45pm, Late (L) 8:30&10:30pm, Fri-Sat 7:30,9:30& 11:30pm. Adm: $12 all night + 1 drink min/set except Fri-Sat $12/set + 1 drink min/set, E free. Trios unless otherwise noted. Mon-Thurs: E Emerging Artists series; Mon: L Vocal Mondays series. Residency (R): Wed L Jonathan Kreisberg. Oct 1: Yotam Silberstein; 2: Steve Bloom; 3: E Mark Phillips, L Melissa Stylianou; 4: E Kyle Moffatt, L Matt Marantz; 5: E Tal Yahalom, L R; 6: E Peter Amos, L Patrick Cornelius; 7: Freddie Bryant; 8: Barry Greene; 9: Paul Bollenback; 10: E Prawit Siriwat, L Elisabeth Lohninger; 11: E David Kuhn, L Hendrik Meurkens; 12: E Flavio Silva, L R; 13: E Dave Juarez, L Vic Juris; 14: Jeff McLaughlin; 15: Nir Felder; 16: 3 Solo Guitars feat Paul Meyers, Freddie Bryant & Peter Mazza; 17: E Jeff Miles, L Laura Angyal; 18: E Tommy Holladay, L Gioel Severini; 19: E Tommaso Gambini, L R; 20: E Sam Zerna, L Jon Irabagon; 21: Joe Giglio; 22: Jerome Sabbagh; 23: Peter Mazza; 24: E Andrew Shillito, L Perry Beekman; 25: E Paul Jubong, L Paul Jones; 26: E Dan Hartig, L R; 27: E NanJo Lee Trio, L Tobias Meinhart; 28: Alex Lore; 29: Ben Eunson; 30: Peter Mazza; 31: no music. BLUE NOTE JAZZ CLUB: 131W 3rd St at 6th Av. 212-475-8592. Sets: 8&10:30pm + Fri-Sat 12:30am Late Night Groove series, Sun 11:30am&1:30pm Sunday Brunch. Adm varies. Oct 1-2: John Scofield; 3: Dizzy Gillespie™ All Stars; 4-9: Bill Frisell feat Leisz, Scherr & Wollesen; 10: continued on page 20


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UT OF PILES OF NOTEBOOKS and loose notation paper, surrounded O by a netting of music stands and framed gig announcements for Art Farmer and Eddie Harris, the shadow of a grand piano rises like the phoenix. The scene is more than a snapshot of a daily routine; for lifelong bass player and emerging composer Rufus Reid, it's a symbol of his enduring artistic calling. A virtuoso of any instrument can spend a lifetime developing as a player alone. As Rufus continues to evolve as a master of the bass—his résumé includes extended associations with Dexter Gordon, Mel Lewis and Thad Jones, Nancy Wilson, and Stan Getz—the 72-year-old artist refuses to disengage from the child-like curiosity that drew him to the instrument as a young man. That steadfast exploration has led him to confront the next phase of his musical development: composition. "I'm probably smitten with the process of composition, more than anything," he says. "Where to start—who's going to play it? What tempo is it going to be? What register? It can be very daunting, the process, but I love that. I think a lot of great composers love the process." When he realized he wanted to write, Rufus began filling his days with Ravel, Bartók and Debussy to complement his years spent immersed in Jimmy Heath, Benny Golson and Thad Jones—from whom he learned his first lessons in composing. "All those people who were players—I mean in-the-trenches players—J. J. Johnson, Bill Evans, Gil Evans," he says. "And when they wrote, it was different than people who were just writing data. And I think it makes a difference, how you respond to it." Rufus' first long-form composition Quiet Pride: The Elizabeth Catlett Project (Motéma 2014) is a testament to his understanding of how viscerally people—and players—respond, and how he could evoke that response. Inspired by musical contemporaries Jane Ira Bloom, known to com-

pose pieces based on works by Pollack, Miró or Kandinsky, and Jim McNeely, commissioned to write ten pieces inspired by ten works of Paul Klee, Rufus seized an opportunity. In addition to releasing a record that would honor Catlett's work as a visual artist, he realized he could treat the Catlett undertaking as a device for writing—drawing external inspiration, and reserving his own judgment on the project's development. "If you write a lot, then almost everything starts to sound the same because you have these little clichés," he says. "You sit at the piano and you want to write a 'hip' piece so you write a 'hip' chord—whatever that means—so you have one hip chord, now you need another hip chord, and before you know it, you hit a brick wall because you're trying to judge it, immediately." Beyond releasing self-judgment, an equally vital practice Rufus embraced years ago is not to play—or write—for anyone else. "I have learned to not try to please anyone," he says, "because that means I've diluted my process." A lifetime in the making, his process for both playing and composing is a personal synthesis of devices and components he has adopted or created, that draws inspiration from his most beloved mentors. His voice, however, remains distinct. Though his respective reputations as a player and a composer might be uniquely separate for the moment, Rufus' commitment to confronting new artistic territory elicits the same heavy acknowledgement from players and writers, and all the artists in between. The positive feedback continued on page 26

Reid photo by Jimmy Katz.


S P O T L DARCY JAMES ARGUE & SECRET SOCIETY NATIONAL SAWDUST / OCTOBER 2 Composer/bandleader Darcy James Argue's 18-piece ensemble Secret Society is a big band but their output features elements of rock, Latin and other genres not normally associated with such format. Since moving to the United States from his native Vancouver in 2000 to study composition at the New England Conservatory, Darcy has steadily crafted a sound that is bold, beautiful and defies categorization. Darcy came into prominence in 2009 with the release of his debut album Infernal Machines, which received numerous accolades including a Grammy Nomination for Best Large Jazz Ensemble. At National Sawdust, Darcy performs his latest album Real Enemies, a concept record about conspiracy theories. EW ESPERANZA SPALDING MAYO PERFORMING ARTS CENTER / OCTOBER 8 Compelled by a tendency toward self-reflection, Esperanza Spalding continues to develop an evolving mastery of her music. The four-time Grammy award-winning bass player, composer and singer leaves room for exploration of both sound and self. Her unique sound has allowed her to play with artistic visionaries from Prince to Herbie Hancock. Curiosity always has been a hallmark of her playing and composing, and the live performance of her latest record Emily's D+Evolution (Concord 2016) featuring guitar master Matt Stevens and drummers Justin Tyson and Karriem Riggins, challenges traditional confines of music and explores a merging of mediums. Under the advisement of stage director and playwright Will Weigler, Esperanza's live performance engages narrative, movement and stage design, among other reveries of her music. SJ LARRY RIDLEY JAZZ LEGACY ENSEMBLE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MOUNT VERNON / OCTOBER 9 Bassist Larry Ridley is one of jazz's premiere educators and a player who has always been dedicated to keeping a band swinging. He headed the jazz program at Rutgers Livingston College in the 1970s and is currently Jazz Artist in Residence at the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center. His Jazz Legacy Ensemble is a flexible unit he's been leading since the mid-1980s. Larry has played with many of the giants of jazz over the last more than half century, from Duke Ellington, Benny Carter and Wes Montgomery, to Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman and Thelonious Monk. Although the Legacy Ensemble's personnel for this gig was not available at press time, listeners can be assured it will be a first-rate, swinging band. GK HARRY ALLEN DIZZY'S CLUB COCA-COLA / OCTOBER 12-13 Harry Allen hit the ground running three decades ago as a talented swing tenor player with a burnished sound, a love of the great melodies and an uncanny ability to fit into every musical situation. Mainstream swing remains his forte, but don't fence him in. He's also one of today's finest tenor players in the Brazilian jazz idiom and leads a new four-saxophone band. Harry reveals his more forceful side in collaborations with former mentor Scott Hamilton with an energy recalling Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, or even an Albert Ammons-Sonny Stitt summit. He also loves playing with singers. At Dizzy's, he digs into the Great American Songbook with singer Hilary Gardner, pianist Rossano Sportiello, bassist Joel Forbes and drummer Alvin Atkinson. KF DANIEL FREEDMAN BRIC / OCTOBER 13 and JAZZ STANDARD / OCTOBER 26 Daniel Freedman carries on in the tradition of drummers who have proved that they are musicians rather than just beat makers. Recordings for the Fresh Sound/New Talent label initially thrust him into the spotlight. As a sideman he's been working alongside the Cohens, Angelique Kidjo, Lionel Loueke and Paquito D'Rivera. His new CD Imagine That (Anzic) extends his leadership and ability as a composer. A crisp, tight drumming style allows him to navigate and command an Afro-Centric rhythmic flow, particularly in his world music settings. Daniel plays with the Michael Leonhart Orchestra for the BRIC Jazz Fest in Brooklyn and has a CD release party at Jazz Standard with guitarist Gilad Hekselman, pianist Jason Lindner, bassist Omer Avital and Brazilian percussionist Gilmar Gomes. MGN

By Ken Dryden, Yvonne Ervin, Ken Franckling, Seton Hawkins, St 18

Argue photo by Lindsay Beyerstein, O'Farrill by Laura Marie.

L I G H T ARTURO O'FARRILL AFRO-LATIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA YORK COLLEGE / OCTOBER 15 Son of the gifted Afro-Cuban composer/arranger Chico O'Farrill, pianist Arturo O'Farrill followed in his father's footsteps. Born in Mexico and raised in New York City, he was immersed in both Latin and American jazz. The young man soon developed into a virtuoso pianist, which made him the obvious choice for his father's orchestra. After Chico's death in 2001, Arturo continued to lead his father's orchestra, while simultaneously establishing his own approach to creating an Afro-Latin band that drew from additional lands around the world; he disbanded Chico's band a decade later. While Arturo has recorded as a solo pianist and with small groups, he is most widely known for leading his high energy Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, which has earned him several Grammy Awards and critical acclaim. KD DANIELA SCHÄCHTER JAZZ AT KITANO / OCTOBER 27 Daniela Schächter is a rising star on the scene as a pianist and songstress, even though she's been performing and teaching in NYC for two decades. A 2005 winner of the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Competition, Daniela was born in Italy to musical parents, studied at Berklee, was championed by Marian McPartland, and has 13 recordings to her credit. Very impressive as a piano player, Daniela and Marian immediately had a strong emotional connection. As a singer, she's quite up-front, yet retains her femininity, especially in her selection of standards and bold original material. Her 2008 CD Purple Butterfly is most compelling, but this engagement introduces us to her latest Vanheusenism - A Tribute to Jimmy Van Heusen, with her band including saxophonist Mike Tucker, bassist Michael O'Brien and drummer Mark Walker. MGN RAY GALLON MEZZROW JAZZ CLUB / OCTOBER 28-29 A sensitive and receptive virtuoso on his instrument, piano player Ray Gallon imbues standard tunes with the same harmonic sophistication and lyricism he brings to his own compositions. His lines search every chorus for new directions and syncopations, while his comping revitalizes each progression with a style that's at once supportive and responsive. Ray's uncommon mastery has allowed him to travel the world, and play and record with a range of such unique voices in modern music as Ron Carter, Jane Monheit, Lionel Hampton, Art Farmer, Ben Street, Wycliffe Gordon, Peter Bernstein and Benny Golson. For an evening of standard tunes and original compositions, Ray's trio features Dezron Douglas on bass and Rodney Green on drums. SJ RICHARD BOUKAS SANTIAGO RUBIO HALL / OCTOBER 28 Bandleader, guitarist, vocalist, composer and internationally recognized Brazilian music advocate Richard Boukas presents his Brazilian jazz ensemble, Quarteto Moderno, in its debut CD release concert. Quarteto Moderno Live! Ao Vivo! features ten original compositions which Richard describes as impressions of samba, choro, bossa nova, baião, marcha and maracatu. Named Best Brazilian Jazz Guitarist by GuitarOne Magazine, Jazz Times cited his "beautiful melodies, contagious rhythms and impassioned improvisations." Richard has collaborated with noted Brazilians including Jovino Santos Neto and Nilson Matta and produced landmark concerts dedicated to the music of Hermeto Pascoal, Pixinguinha and Milton Nascimento. Performing down the street from The New School where he has taught for decades, Richard features saxophonist Lucas Pino, bassist Gustavo Amarante and drummer Maurício Zottarelli. YE JOEY G-CLEF CAVASENO SMALLS JAZZ CLUB / OCTOBER 29 Vaulted into the spotlight at age 17 when Lionel Hampton hired him, altoist and clarinetist Joey "G-Clef" Cavaseno quickly became a hot commodity in the jazz world, performing with a veritable Who's Who of musical luminaries. As his solo career took off, Joey began to branch out and introduce new styles, merging his exceptional straight ahead bona fides with work in R&B and hip-hop. Indeed, as the swing revival of the late 1990s took flight, Joey formed the Yallopin' Hounds, and started to incorporate rap into the music, dubbing the new style "ghetto swing." Enjoying staying power with his new style and diverse outlook, Joey has also relished high-quality company: at Smalls, he pairs longtime collaborators Jeremy Bacon and David F. Gibson with legendary bassist Gene Perla. SH

Stephanie Jones, George Kanzler, Michael G Nastos & Eric Wendell 19

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Dizzy Gillespie™ All Stars; 11-16: Bill Frisell feat Haden, Morgan & Royston; 17-18: Dizzy Gillespie™ All Stars; 19-23: The Chick Corea Elektric Band; 24-25: Roy Haynes; 26-30: Chick Corea’s For Miles; 31: Dizzy Gillespie™ All Stars. Late Night Groove series w/Oct 7: Orkestra Eustoria; 8: Pat Van Dyke; 29: Maurice Mobetta Brown + Soul'd U O Triout. Sunday Brunch w/Oct 2: Brad Shepik and his NYU Ens; 9: Peter & Will Anderson Qrt; 16: Daniel Bennett Gp; 23: Greg Diamond; 30: Allison Adams Tucker. CAFÉ LOUP: 105W 13th St (bet 6th & 7th Avs). 212-255-4746. Sun: 12:30-3:30pm Jazz Brunch w/Steve LaSpina Trio w/Ron Affif & Matthew Fries, 6:309:30pm Marc Devine Devine & Hide Tanaka Duo. Oct 2: Bob Kindred Memorial. The CAVE: At St. George’s. 209E 16th St at Rutherford Pl. 2nd Fri: 7:30&9:30pm $15 adm. Oct 14: Steve Nelson Qrt. CORNELIA STREET CAFÉ: 29 Cornelia St. 212-989-9319. Sets unless otherwise noted: Sun-Thurs 8:30pm, Fri-Sat 9&10:30pm. Adm varies. Oct 1: Ryan Keberle & Catharsis; 2: Ultrafaux; 4: Laura Campisi Qrt, 9:30pm Christiane Karam Qnt; 5: Sofia Ribeiro & Andres Rotmistrovsky; 6: Adam Kolker, Steve Cardenas & Billy Mintz, 9:30pm Caroline Davis Qrt; 7-8: Tyshawn Sorey Trio; 9: 6pm Peter Cherches, 8:30pm Michael Blanco; 11: Nick Sanders & Logan Stroshal Duo, 9:30pm Mareike Wiening; 12: Rogerio Souza, Edinho Gerber, Billy Newman; 13: Frank Carlberg & Word Circus; 14: Michaël Attias; 15: 6pm Audrey Silver; 16: 6pm The Frikativ Qrt, 8:30pm Arthur Kampela; 18: Matt Slocum Trio; 19: John Raymond; 20: Claudia Qnt; 21: John Hébert & Walking in New Orleans; 22: Gilad Hekselman Zuperoctave; 23: Itamar Borochov Qrt, 10pm Shachar Elnatan Band; 26: Yotham Ben-Or Qrt, 10pm Anne Boccato & Grupo; 27: Honey Ear Trio; 28: George Garzone Qrt; 29: Jacob Sacks Qnt; 30: 6pm William Hooker Trio, Noam Wiesenberg Qnt, 10pm Shai Maestro & Camila Meza. The DJANGO: At Roxy Hotel. 2 Av of the Americas at Walker St. www.roxyhotelnyc. com. 212-519-6600. Sets: Early (E), Late (L); Wed-Thurs E 7:30-9:45pm, L 10pm-1am; FriSat (E) 7:30-10:15pm, (L) 10:30pm-1:30am. Oct 5: E Troy Roberts Qrt, L Aaron Parks; 6: E Ben Paterson, L Ian Hendrickson-Smith; 7: E Ken Fowser Qrt, L Benny Bannack Qnt; 8: E Alita Moses, L Sophie Auster; 12: E Michael Weiss Trio, L Justin Kauflin Trio feat Peter Bernstein; 13: E Steven Feifke Trio, L Chris Norton; 14: E Ken Fowser Qrt, L Alex Minasian Qnt; 15: E Rob Duguay & Songevity Qrt, L Gregory Generet Qnt; 19: L Willerm Delisfort Sxt; 20: L Claffy; 21: E Ken Fowser Qrt, L Chris Norton; 22: E Freddie Bryant, L Chino Pons; 25: 9pm-12am Angela McCluskey; 26: L Gilad Hekselman; 27: E Emmet Cohen, L Chris Norton; 28: E Ken Fowser Qrt, L Champian Fulton; 29: E Sam Taylor Qrt, L Champian Fulton. DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY: 13 Monroe St (bet Market & Catherine Sts). 212-4730043. Sun: 6pm In-Store shows. Oct 2: Omar Tamez/Guillermo Gregorio/Angelica Sanchez/Maria Grand, 7pm Carlos Quebrada/ Violetta; 9: T A Trio feat Titus Abbott; 16: Harvey Valdes/Marco Oppedisano/Dario Iscaro, 7pm The Why?; 23: Thomas Helton/ Tony Malaby/Joe Hertenstein. The EAR INN: 326 Spring St (bet Greenwich &


Washington Sts). 212-4319750. Sun: 8-11pm EarRegulars feat Jon-Erik Kellso & friends. Oct 9: w/Bill Allred. FAT CAT: 75 Christopher St at 7th Av. 212-6756056. $3 adm/no min. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E), Late (L), Night (N); E 7pm except Sun-Mon & Fri 6pm; L 9pm except Thurs&Sat 10pm; N 1:30am except Sun 1am, Mon-Wed 12:30am. Residencies (R): Sun E Terry Waldo & Gotham City Band, N Brandon Lewis & Renee Cruz; Mon N Billy Kaye; Tues E except 10/4 Saul Rubin Zebtet; Wed E Raphael D'Lugoff Trio + 1, N Ned Goold; Fri L The Supreme Queens; Sat N Greg Glassman. Oct 1: E La Descarga, L Raphael D'lugof Qnt, N R; 2: E R, 8:30pm Jade Synstelien & FCBB, N R; 3: E Eric Frazier, L Ivan Renta Qnt, N R; 4: E Sarah Slonim Qnt, L Onel Mulet & Roman Diaz Salsa Band, N Yoshi Waki; 5: E R, L Groover Trio, N R; 6: E Adi Meyerson Qrt, L Saul Rubin Zebtet, N Paul Nowinski; 7: E Jamale Davis Qnt, L R + Jared Gold/Dave Gibson, N Ken Fowser; 8: E Roman Skakun Qnt, L Chris Beck Qnt, N R; 9: E R, L Alexi David, N R; 10: E Folie à Deux, L Ned Goold Qrt, N R; 11: E R, L Peter Brainin & the Latin Jazz Workshop; 12: E R, Harold Mabern Trio, N R; 13: L Greg Glassman Qnt; 14: L R; 15: L Darryl Yokley, N R; 16: E&N R; 17: E Amit Chaterjee, L George Braith, N R; 18: E R; 19: E R, L The Don Hahn/Mike Camacho Band, N R; 20: E Joe Barna Qrt, L P.O.D.; 21: L R; 22: N R; 23: E&N: R; 24: N R; 25: E R, L Itai Kriss & Gato Gordo, N John Benitez & Latin Bop; 26: E&N R; 28: L R + Countryfied; 29: E Noller/Sylla, L Point of Departure, N R; 30: E&N R; 31: N R. GREENWICH HOUSE MUSIC SCHOOL: 46 Barrow St (be t 7th Av S & W 4th St). 212242-4770. Sound It Out series: 8pm $15/12 adm. Oct 6: Roman Filiu Qrt; 15: Hank Roberts Sxt; 19: Jason Stein’s Hearts & Minds. JAZZ GALLERY: 1160 Bway at 27th St. 5th Fl. 646-494-3625. Sets: 7:30&9:30pm $15/10 adm, $22/12 Fri-Sat. Oct 1: $25-40 21st Anniversary concert feat Roy Hargrove; 5: Fabrizio Sotti Trio; 6: Julius Rodriguez; 7-8: Aaron Parks; 11: Caleb Curtis & Walking Distance; 13: Mara Rosenbloom Trio; 14: Matt Brewer; 20: Alex LoRe Qrt; 21: Ingrid Laubrock & Anti-House 4; 22: Ben van Gelder Gp; 25: Earprint; 26: Shai Maestro Qrt; 27: Kenneth Salters; 28: Okkyung Lee. JAZZ STANDARD: 116E 27th St (bet Park & Lexington Avs). 212576-2232. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: 7:30&9:30pm; $30 except Mon-Wed $25. Residencies: Sun 1-3pm except 10/2&9 Jazz for Kids; Mon (R) Mingus Monday feat Mingus Big Band. Oct 1-2: Steve Wilson & Wilsonian’s Grain; 3: R; 4: Rudresh Mahanthappa; 5: Duane Eubanks Qnt; 6-9: Rufus Reid Qrt; 10: R; 11: Linda Oh; 12: Henry Butler Solo; 13-16: Freddy Cole; 17: R; 18: Emilio Solla & Bien Sur; 19: Gabriel Alegría Afro-Peruvian Sxt; 20-23: $35 Benny Golson Qrt; 24: R; 25: Rez Abbasi; 26: Daniel Freedman; 27-30: Rene Marie & Experiment in Truth; 31: R. JOE’S PUB: At Public Theater. 425 Lafayette St & Astor Pl. 212-9677555. Adm varies. Oct 5: 9:30pm Natalie Cressman & Mike Bono; 6: 7pm Mehmet Sanlikol & Whatsnext? feat Dave Liebman & Tiger Okoshi; 8: 9:30pm Jazz Stories w/Bernard Purdie & David Haney. METROPOLITAN ROOM: 34W 22nd St (bet. 5th & 6th Avs). 212-206-0440. Sets unless otherwise noted: continued on page 22

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ANE MONHEIT CREDITS ELLA Fitzgerald as a primary musical influJ ence but not so much for Ella's style, which indelibly helped shape vocal jazz for every generation that followed. "What I really got from Ella is her warmth, her charm, the joy she puts in her music," Jane says. "I learned that it's okay to sing from a very happy place. I think there is a misconception that this kind of singing has to be always heavy and torchy. Ella showed us that it can be about total joy." The First Lady of Jazz is the focal point for Songbook Sessions: Ella Fitzgerald. It is Jane's tenth studio recording since her 2000 debut, Never Never Land. The Ella project is the first on her own label, Emerald City Records, created because Jane sensed it was time for a change. "I think I had five different labels in 15 years. They all wanted to see what they could do to stretch me in ways they thought I should be stretching in," she says. "They tended to leave out what I really wanted to do. As much as I love the pop covers and Brazilian music, I still want to swing, too. It was nice to make a record that's more of a jazz album." Jane put her own emotional stamp on 12 songs from Ella's repertoire. Nicholas Payton arranged and produced the CD. He plays trumpet on most tracks, plus piano and/or organ on the last two. "We didn't want to make a kind of record that Ella would have made in the 1950s. We wanted to take what we loved about her and bring it into 'the now' with all of the other things we love," she says. "Nick brought a lot of outside-of-thegenre influences we both really love," Jane

says. "For instance, on his arrangement of 'I've got you Under my Skin,' the opening groove is very reminiscent of Michael Jackson's 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.' The blending of these kinds of things made this a fun project." They also freshened George Gershwin's "I Was Doing Alright" with a bit of Amy Winehouse's "Now You Know" at the end. She says in terms of storytelling, it makes sense. "It's this song about 'I thought my life was great, but you came along and— guess what?—things are even better. I didn't know that could happen.' And then you add this lyric that says 'I've got to know you more, because we may never meet again.' It's adding a sexy end to the story where you see this character really going for it, approaching this person who she knows can make her life so much richer," Jane says. "I love when a medley or a mash-up can increase the story." She said she wants to record a second volume of Ella material, if possible, teaming with Payton on material Ella did with Louis Armstrong. "We could do interesting things to bring that into today," Jane says. "We can't just be influenced by people who are around us. We need to go all the way back; we need to learn from the ones who taught the ones who taught us." Fresh from her second-place finish in 1998's Thelonious Monk International Vocal Competition, Jane's ingénue looks and passion for the Great American Songbook seemed at times to overshadow her exceptional vocal skills. As she nears her forties, turning 39 on Nov. 3, she notes that her song interpretations have changed over time. "I can see my maturity forming. You live and you go through a lot. Most of these songs are about love and loss—that's something we're all experiencing in its different forms. It just changes as you grow and age, and that's a beautiful thing," she says. "But I think it is just as beautiful to hear a young person sing a love song as it is if you hear someone who has been through countless love affairs sing it. Both outlooks are perfectly valid because no matter how old you are, it's the oldest you've ever been—and you think you know everything." She knows one thing for certain. "The Great American Songbook is always going to be the core for me. I have a real sense of pride and purpose about keeping it alive, bringing the music to new generations," Jane says. "It's a national treasure. I'm really proud to be one of the singers that people want to hear handling that material." Jane Monheit's quartet, with longtime bandmates Michael Kanan on piano, Neal Miner on bass and Rick Montalbano on drums, is at Birdland on Oct. 18-22. Monheit photo by Kirk Stauffer.


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Early (E) 7pm, Late (L) 9:30pm. Residency (R): Tues L Annie Ross. Oct 4: L R; 5: L Stacey & Alan Schulman; 8: L Luiz Simas; 11: L R; 12: E Clairdee; 13: L Kate Chaston; 14: E Celia Berk; 15: 4pm Janice & Vinnie Zummo; 15: L Steve Washington; 18: L R; 19: E Village Jazz Alive by Greenwich Village Chamber of Commerce; 21: E Tony Corrao; 25: L R. MEZZROW: 163W 10th St (bet 7th Av & Waverly Pl). 646-4764346. Sets/adm: Early (E) 8-10:30pm except Sun 8-9pm; Late (L) 11pm-close, Sun 9:30pm-12am; adm varies. Residencies: Mon L John Merrill & friend; Tues: L Miki Yamanaka & Adi Meyerson; Wed: L Tony Hewitt & friends; Thurs L Spike Wilner w/spec guest; Fri L Johnny O'Neal. Oct 1: E Jonny King Trio, L Ehud Asherie; 2: E David Hazeltine w/Paul Gill; 3: E Larry Goldings w/Doug Weiss, L John Merrill & friends; 4: E Marilyn Kleinberg, L R; 5: E Ed Howard w/Denise Donatelli, L R; 6: E John Ellis w/Gerald Clayton, L R; 7: E Jeremy Pelt, L R; 9: Emmet Cohen; 10: E Chris Pattishall, L R; 11: E Harvey Diamond, L R; 12: E Doug MacDonald w/Bob Mamet, L R; 13: E Roberta Piket w/Steve Wilson, L R; 14: E Bruce Barth, L R; 15: E Bruce Barth; 16: Dan Cray Duo; 17: E Carolyn Leonhart, L R; 18: E Angela Roberts, L R; 19: E Randy Ingram, L R; 20: E Alex Norris Trio, L R; 21: E David Bryant, L R; 24: E Barak Mori, L R; 25: E Ethan Iverson w/Mark Turner, L R; 26: E Ehud Asherie, L R; 27: E Holly Hofmann, L R; 28: E Ray Gallon, L R; 29: E Ray Gallon; 30: 4:30-7pm Mezzrow Classical Salon w/David Oei; 31: closed. NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH: 269 Bleecker St (bet Jones & Cornelia Sts). 212-691-1770. 1st Fri: 8&9:30pm free adm All Things Project Oct 7: Hiroya Tsukamoto Trio. NEW YORK CITY BAHA’Í CENTER: 53E 11th St (bet Bway & University). 212-2225159. Tues: 8&9:30pm $10/15 adm. Oct 4: (no 9:30pm set) Dizzy Gillespie B’day concert w/Mike Longo NY State of the Art Jazz Ens feat Ira Hawkins & spec guests Jimmy Owens, Annie Ross & Tardo Hammer + free film showing; 11: Golda Solomon; 18: Nick Moran Gp; 25: Gary Morgan & Panamericana. NORTH SQUARE: At Washington Square Hotel. 103 Waverly Pl at McDougal. 212254-1200. Sun: 12:30&2:15pm free adm Jazz Brunch Trios. Oct 2: Melissa Hamilton; 9: Lynn Stein; 16: Roz Corral w/Freddie Bryant & Santi Debriano; 23: Roz Corral w/Ron Affif & Paul Gill; 30: Marty Elkins. NUYORICAN POETS CAFÉ: 236E 3rd St (bet Avs B & C). 212780-9386/212-505-8183. Sets: 9:30pm. Tues: $10adm Latin Jazz feat 1st Tues Chembo Corniel, 2nd Tues Bronx Conxión, 3rd Tues Hector Martignon, 4th Tues Willie Martinez & La Familia Sxt; 1st Wed: All That - Hip Hop Poetry & Jazz; 1st Sat: $15 adm Banana Puddin’ Jazz series feat Rome Neal + Jam. Oct 18: 7-8pm Marco Sanguinetti Trio. RUE B: 188 Ave B (bet 11th & 12th Sts). 212358-1700. Sets: 8:30, 9:30&10:45pm. Jam Mon-Thurs. Sun: Jocelyn Medina; Mon: Bobby Katz Trio; Tues: Adrian Thomas Moring Trio; Wed: Rachel Therrien & Mercedes Beckman Trio; Thurs: Andrew Forman Trio; Fri: JC Myska Trio; Sat: Sean Fyfe Trio. SANTIAGO RUBIO HALL: 229W 14th St (bet 7th & 8th Avs) 2nd Fl. Oct 28: 7:30-9:30pm $20-25 adm Richard Boukas & Quarteto Moderno.


SMALLS JAZZ CLUB: 183W 10th St at 7th Av. 212-252-5091. Sets: Afternoon (PM), Early (E), Late (L), Night (N); PM 4:30-7pm Sun, 4-7pm Fri-Sat; E 7:3010pm; L 10:30pm-1am; N 1-4am; jam following N; adm varies. Residencies (R): Sun 1pm Vocal masterclass by Marion Cowings, E except 10/23 Johnny O'Neal Trio, N Hillel Salem; Mon L except 10/3&31 Ari Hoenig, N 10/3,24&31 Jonathan Barber, 10/10&17 Jonathan Michel; Tues E except 10/18 Spike Wilner Trio, N 10/4&18 Jovan Alexander, 10/11&25 DeLancey/Nowosad Qrt; Wed N 10/5&19 Sanah Kadoura, 10/12&26 Aaron Seeber; Thurs N 10/6&20 Sarah Slonim, 10/13&27 Joel Ross; Fri PM Jam 10/7&21 w/Tuomo Uusitalo, 10/14&28 w/Andrew Forman; Sat PM Jam 10/1,15&29 w/Jonathan Thomas Trio, 10/8&22 w/Robert Edwards, N 10/1,15&29 Philip Harper, 10/8&22 Brooklyn Circle. Oct 1: PM R, E The Eddie Allen Qrt, L Jean-Michel Pilc Qnt, N R; 2: 1pm-E R, L Charles Owens Qrt, N R; 3: E Jeremy Siskind Trio, L Ricardo Grilli Qrt, N R; 4: E R, L Steve Nelson Gp, N R; 5: E Michael Blake & Reharmageddon, L Tatum Greenblatt Qrt, N R; 6: E Phil Markowitz/Zach Brock Qrt, L Willie Jones III Qrt, N R; 7: PM R, E Steve LaSpina Qrt, L Allyn Johnson Qnt, N Eric Wyatt; 8: PM R, E Hal Galper Trio, L Allyn Johnson Qnt, N R; 9: 1pm-E R, L Bruce Harris Gp, N R; 10: E Joonsam Lee, L-N R; 11: E R, L Marquis Hill Qnt, N R; 12: E Wayne Escoffery & Tenor Traditions, L Roxy Coss Qnt, N R; 13: E Wayne Escoffery & Tenor Traditions, L Ken Fowser Qnt, N R; 14: PM R, E David Schnitter Qrt, L Jack Walrath Qnt, N Corey Wallace DUBtet; 15: PM R, E Teodross Avery Qrt, L Jack Walrath Qnt, N R; 16: 1pm-E R, L Joe Magnarelli Qrt, N R; 17: E Ben van Gelder Qnt, L-N R; 18: E Greg Murphy Qnt, L Lucas Pino Nnt, N R; 19: E Alan Ferber Nnt, L Harold Mabern Trio, N R; 20: E Joris Teepe Qrt, L Nick Hempton Band, N R; 21: PM R, E Tardo Hammer Trio, L Mike Boone Qrt, N Joe Farnsworth; 22: PM R, E Fukushi Tainaka Qnt, L Mike Boone Qrt, N R; 23: 1pm R, E tba, L Lezlie Harrison Gp, N R; 24: E Jarrett Cherner Trio, L-N R; 25: E R, L Frank Lacy Gp, N R; 26: E Jordan Young Organ Trio, L tba, N R; 27: E Frank Kimbrough Trio, L Carlos Abadie Qnt, N R; 28: PM R, E Ralph Lalama & Bop-Juice, L Tim Armacost Qrt, N Corey Wallace DUBtet; 29: PM R, E Joey “G-Clef” Cavaseno Qrt, L Tim Armacost Qrt, N R; 30: 1pm-E R, L The Flail, N R; 31: E tba, L The Flail, N R. The STONE: 2nd St at Av C. www.thestone Adm varies. Sun&Tues-Sat: 8&10pm weekly residencies. Oct 1-2: Ches Smith; 3: 8pm Duck Baker; 4-9: David Krakauer; 11-16: Brian Marsella; 18-23: Brian Chase; 25-30: Ava Mendoza. SUBROSA: 63 Gansevoort St (bet Washington & Greenwich Sts). 212-997-4555. Residencies: Tues (R) 7&9pm Pedrito Martinez, Sat 12am Habana Nights. Oct 1: 9&11pm Lena Burke; 4: R; 6: 8&10pm Jean Pierre Magnet & Manongo Mujica; 7 7:30&9:30pm, 8 9&11pm: Jorge Vercillos; 10: 7-11:30pm Marco Sanguinetti; 11: R; 13: 8:30pm Obrien Luna; 14: 8&10pm Grupo Arcano; 15: 8&10pm Roy Tavare Y El Clan De La Furia; 17: 8&10pm Doug-Beavers Gp; 18: R; 20: 9pm-2am Cumbancha; 22: 8&10pm Ola Fresca; 25: R; 29: 9pm-2am FuLaSo. VILLAGE VANGUARD: 178 7th Av S at 11th St. 212-255-4037. Sets: 8:30&10:30pm. Adm: Mon-Thurs $30/1 drink min. Residency (R): Mon except 10/24 Vanguard Jazz Orch. Oct 1-2: Henry Threadgill & Zooid; 3: R; 4-9: Ravi Coltrane Qrt; 9: 3pm John Zorn/Milford Graves Duo; 10: R; 11-16; continued on page 24

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NEW JERSEY JAZZ Gary Walker, “Morning Jazz Host”, WBGO, 88.3 FM/ VINCE ECTOR DUKE'S SOUTHERN TABLE / OCTOBER 8 Drummer Vince Ector's talents have taken the rhythm master on the road and into the studio with Freddie Hubbard, Jimmy Heath, Charles Earland, Grover Washington Jr., Ben E. King, Randy Weston and Lou Donaldson, among countless others. Described as "giving the dynamism of a big band to a small group setting," Vince's skills are passed along as instructor of jazz percussion at Princeton University and as director of the non-profit Art for Kids. Vince's diversity is apparent on numerous recordings as sideman and three as leader. Vince's latest, Organatomy (American Showplace) is a fiery mix of tunes covering Ellington, Jobim, Dizzy, Joe Henderson and organ great Don Patterson, played alongside inventive originals from the leader. You can expect a world of rhythms from Vince's Organatomy band. BOBBY SANABRIA CLEMENT'S PLACE / OCTOBER 14 To celebrate both Hispanic Heritage Month and the 350th anniversary of Newark's founding, drummer, percussionist and educator Bobby Sanabria is a perfect fit. The diversity that built Newark is also what informs Bobby's masterful display of rhythms, from South America to Mario Bauza and Machito, fashioning a connection to jazz, funk, R&B, hip-hop and New Orleans second line. Bobby has driven his own large ensembles as well as Mario Bauza's Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra, both receiving Grammy nominations along the way. Bobby's spirit moves the next generation too, as documented on Kenya Revisited Live (Jazzheads), recorded with students from the Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Orchestra. In Newark, Bobby scales down the size but not the spirit of the Afro-American/Latin jazz style with his Quarteto Ache'. FRANK VIGNOLA BICKFORD THEATRE / OCTOBER 24 Guitar icon Les Paul once told The Wall Street Journal that Frank Vignola was one of his five most admired guitarists. A Long Island native, Frank developed his fastfingered technique working in the worlds of jazz, classical, rock, R&B and pop. Frank has played and toured in diverse styles with Paul, Wynton Marsalis and Queen Latifah. His Hot Club of France tributes brought to life the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. Teaming up with fellow guitarist Vinnie Raniolo showed supreme skill and affinity for music from Beethoven and Bach to The Beatles and Sting. Hear for yourself why Guitar Player Magazine called Frank "one of the most vicious tremolo-pickers on the scene" when Frank and his trio are joined by guest trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso. BENNY GOLSON TRUMPET'S / OCTOBER 29 His new autobiography is titled Whisper Not (Temple University Press). It couldn't be any other way when describing NEA Jazz Master, saxophonist Benny Golson. From Benny's early days in Philadelphia, forming a teenage band with John Coltrane and pianist Ray Bryant, taking in Minton's to see Hot Lips Page and Thelonious Monk playing stride piano, to becoming a world class jazz messenger with Art Blakey, Benny has graced the jazz world with his always fresh playing, giving others evergreens to develop on like "Killer Joe," "I Remember Clifford," "Five Spot After Dark" and "Whisper Not." Almost looked upon as another career are Benny's arranging for Basie, Coltrane, Miles, Ella and Dizzy, in addition to his extensive work for television and film. A true jazz legend, Benny's Quintet features violinist Vitali Imereli.

Ector photo by David Kelly, Golson by Ken Franckling.


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Tom Harrell & Something Gold, Something Blue; 17: R; 18-23: Tom Harrell & Trip; 24: closed; 25-30: Enrico Pieranunzi & New Spring Qrt. ZINC BAR: 82W 3rd St (bet Thompson & Sullivan). 212-477-8337. Sets: Early (E) 7pm except Sat 8pm + 9,11pm&12:30am except Fri 8pm, Mon + 2am. Adm varies. Residencies: Sun 9pm12am Tango w/Jaurena-Solla-Aslan Band; Mon 10pm-2am Ron Affif Trio; Tues 11pm $10 Evolution Jam by Revive Music; Thurs 11pm&12am $15 Roman Diaz Midnight Rumba; Sat 10,11:30pm&1am Monika Oliveira & The Brasilians. Oct 3: 10pm-2am VandoJam w/Kris Allen; 14: 10pm Valery Ponomarev & Our Father Who Art Blakey Big Band; 24: 7:30pm Aubrey Johnson Sxt.

BRONX AN BEAL BOCHT CAFÉ: 445W 238th St. 718-884-7127. 1st Wed: 8&9:30pm $15/set, $25/two sets, $10 students adm Linda's Jazz Nights. Oct 5: celeb Don Friedman feat Phil Palombi, Matthew Fries.

BROOKLYN BAMCAFÉ: 30 Lafayette Av. 718-636-4100. Oct 19: 9pm Omara Portuondo w/spec guests Roberto Fonseca, Anat Cohen & Regina Carter. BARBÈS: 376 9th St at 6th Av. Park Slope. 718-965-9177. Residencies: Sun 9pm Stephane Wrembel; Mon 7pm Brain Cloud; Tues 9pm Slavic Soul Party; Wed 10pm Mandingo Ambassadors. Oct 5: 8pm $10 adm Andy Statman; 7: 10pm Big Lazy; 11: 7pm Nevermind Orch; 12: 8pm Voyagers; 14: 10pm Bill Carney & JugAddicts; 15: 8pm Sanda Weigl; 19: 8pm Stephan Crump & Rosetta Trio; 20: 8pm Pedro Giraudo Tango Qrt; 21: 8pm Justin Mullens Oct; 22: 4pm Triple Paste; 25: 7pm Hank Roberts Trio; 26: 8pm Joel Forrester Qrt; 27: 8pm Johnny Iguana & the Claudettes; 29: 8pm Lucian Ban & Mat Maneri. BRIC ARTS: 647 Fulton St. 718-683-5600. Oct 11: 7pm Raga Jazz Messengers; 12: 7pm Edmar Castañeda; 13-15: 7:30pm JazzFest Marathon feat 10/13 David Murray Infinity Qrt, Ben Allison & Think Free, Taylor McFerrin & Marcus Gilmore, Krystle Warren, Jason Marshall, Inyang Bassey w/spec guest Binky Griptite, Michael Leonhart Orch, Kenyatta Beasley, Bria Skonberg, 10/14 Eddie Palmieri Latin Jazz Spt, Kandace Springs, Big Yuki, Lakecia Benjamin & Soulsquad, Harold López-Nussa Trio, Sofia Rei, Terri Lyne Carrington Band, James Francies & Kinetic, Michael Olatuja & Lagos Pepper Soup, 10/15 Terrace Martin, Julian Lage feat Scott Colley & Kenny Wollesen, Los Hacheros, Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton, Yosvany Terry Qnt, Marc Cary & Maurice "Mobetta" Brown, Marc Ribot Trio, Etsuko Tajima, Liberty Ellman & Supercell. BROOKLYN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC: 58 7th Av. 718-622-3300. Oct 22: 8pm $10 adm Brooklyn Jazz Wide Open series feat Sarah Elizabeth Charles & Lonnie Plaxico w/WORKS.


I-BEAM: 168 7th St. Sets: 8:30pm $15 don. Oct 27: 8:30pm Adam Hopkins Sxt feat Anna Webber, Ed Rosenberg III, Josh Sinton. KORZO RESTAURANT & BAR: 667 5th Av (bet 19th & 20th Sts). 718-499-1199. Tues: 9&10:30pm $10 don/$10 min Konceptions Music series by James Carney. Oct 4: Mike McGinnis, 10:30pm Brian Drye; 11: Jon Cowherd, 10:30pm James Carney Qrt w/Stephanie Richards; 18: Adam Schneit, 10:30pm Jure Pukl w/Darius Jones; 25: Ryan Meagher w/Nicole Glover, 10:30pm Jeremy Udden & Njoi Qrt. NATIONAL SAWDUST: 80N 6th St. 646-7798455. Oct 2: 7pm Darcy James Argue & Secret Society; 4-6: 10pm Bebel Gilberto; 6: 7pm Magos Herrera feat Gregoire Maret; 22: 4&7:30pm Erik Friedlander Duo & Kris Davis Qrt; 29: 7pm Slavic Soul Party. SNUG HARBOR CULTURAL CENTER: 1000 Richmond Ter. Staten Island. 718-273-5610. Oct 15: 2-7pm $20-10 adm Jazz Festival feat Amiet Bluiett, Winard Harper, Danny Mixon, Leopoldo Fleming. ROULETTE: 509 Atlantic Av at 3rd Av. 917-267-0363. Sets: 8pm. Oct 2: Kris Davis/Craig Taborn Duo; 4: Vinny Golia Qrt feat Tim Berne; 16-17: Passin’ Thru Music Festival feat 10/16 Oliver Lake Big Band & Josh Evans Qnt, 10/17 Trio 3 & 10^32K; 18: The Westerlies. SHAPESHIFTER LAB: 18 Whitwell Pl. 646-820-9452. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: Early (E) 7pm, Late (L) 8:15pm, Night (N) 9:30pm; $10 adm. Oct 2: 6:30-8pm Digital and Acoustic Sessions free workshop, 8:30-11pm performance; 3: E EnRah, L Ryan Carraher Gp; 9: 6pm $15 Kojima Chieko w/Kaoru Watanabe Ens; 10: E $8 Daniel Arthur Trio, L Tony Grey/Galactic Duo feat Ian Maciak; 13: L $15 Jihye Lee Orch; 14: Broca's Area, Royal Khaoz, The Vibe Theor; 16: 9pm Rob Reddy's Bechet; 17: L $8 I Can Do All Things; 18: E Bob Gingery Gp, L $12 Echo Chamber, N Peter Lenz & Lithium; 19: E Aaron Irwin Trio, L Jon Irabagon/Julien Labro Duo; 20-21: Progressive Chamber Music Festival feat 10/20 7-7:40pm Unanimity Music Collective, 8-8:40pm Pauline Kim Harris of String Noise, 9-9:40pm RighteousGIRLS, 10-10:40pm Suns, 10/21 7-7:40pm Cruche Trio, 8-8:40pm Warp Trio, 9-9:40pm Mark Feldman/Sylvie Couvoisier, 10-10:40pm Sirius Qrt; 23: E Benjamin Sutin & Big String Band, L J.etzine; 26: E Ole Mathisen & Floating Points, L $8 Kerr/Dunston/Webber/Thomas; 27: E Vinegar Mother & Cherry Circus; 28: E Christian Artmann Qrt; 30: E-L $15 Mary Holvorson Oct w/Brandon Seabrook; 31: E Halloween party. SISTAS’ PLACE: 456 Nostrand Av at Jefferson Av. 718-398-1766. Sat: 9&10:30pm $30/25 adm. Oct 1: Bluiett; 8: Rene McLean; 15: Fostina Dixon; 22: tba; 29: Ahmed Abdullah & Diaspora. WILLIAMSBURG MUSIC CENTER: 367 Bedford Av. 718-3841654. $10 adm except Fri free. Fri: 10pm-2am Gerry Eastman Qnt w/spec guests + Jam. Oct 1: 10pm Ian Buss, 11:30pm KOi4; 2: 8pm Eleanor Tallie; 6: 9pm Psychaudio, 10:30pm Owen Dudley “Up and Orange”; 8: 10pm Dilema Stonauta, 11:30pm Manu Sija w/Franco Pinna; 9: 9pm Leala Cyr Group, 10:30pm Laura Camara; 13: 9pm Jacinta continued on page 29

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ANOTHER REASON TO CELEBRATE By Elzy Kolb Time is on his side Ibrahim Maalouf was already a highly accomplished trumpeter experienced in playing classical, baroque and various other genres before he first discovered jazz, at age 17, in the form of Miles Davis. His interest piqued, Ibrahim quickly saw similarities between jazz and the traditional Arabic music that he heard at home from his earliest years. "The definition of Arab music is freedom and improvisation; these are values shared with jazz," he explains. The musician, who plays a four-valve quarter-tone trumpet, points out that besides being common in Arabic music, quarter-tones play an important role in blues and jazz. "They're called blue notes in English, and that's not only a label— they’re used to bring your soul to a specific place. The use of quarter-tones in jazz, blues and Arab music is a use of their African heritage." The Lebanon-born, Paris-based trumpeter is perhaps best known in the U.S. for his 2015 recording Kalthoum (Impulse!), a tribute to the Egyptian vocalist Oum Kalthoum, who is revered throughout the Arab world. The idea for the project germinated for several years, as Ibrahim wasn't immediately comfortable with the idea or sure that he was ready for such a task. "It's a big thing for an Arab to play her music differently. The main challenge was not to do something that people who know the music would reject as not good or not worthy. Of course, it would not be as good as what Kalthoum did, but some would say: 'You should not have worked on this.'" There were practical considerations, too. Kalthoum's songs take about an hour to unfold, longer than the designated time for some club sets and concerts. Switching from a vocal to instrumental rendition, and presenting it in a way that's true to the original intent was also a consideration. "The music was composed for someone to sing. My instrument had to sing or you would lose the main voice of it." Eventually Ibrahim undertook the painstaking process of transcribing one of his favorite Kalthoum songs, "Alf Leila Wa Leila" ("1,001 Nights"). "Transcribing the Arabic music, the quarter-tones, the drums to a language Western people who enjoy jazz would like was not easy. It was like doing a language translation—it's not always the words but the idea. Sometimes you have to use different words to say the same thing."

Ibrahim Maalouf, Jazz at Lincoln Center

Pianist Frank Woeste, bassist Scott Colley, saxophonist Rick Margitza and drummer Clarence Penn join Ibrahim in presenting the results of his efforts at JALC's Appel Room Sept. 30-Oct. 1. "A concert is where I express myself most, the stage is the place I feel most comfortable. Music connects me with people," he says. The trumpeter also finds a higher purpose in sharing Kalthoum's music. "People who might be interested in how can we find common points in Western and Arab cultures may find common points in music. Some people may think Western and Arab cultures cannot co-exist, but they're wrong. There are many similarities between Arab and Western cultures, and music may be the best ambassador for this message." Though Ibrahim says that it's an enormous pleasure to do a tribute to Kalthoum, he acknowledges that so far he has no plans to incorporate more of her material into his repertoire. "I wouldn't have the same pleasure in repeating the same thing," he muses. Besides establishing his bona fides in classical, jazz, and world music, Ibrahim has collaborated with singers and has written an extensive body of original compositions, including several film soundtracks. He's eager to continue exploring and broadening his horizons. Next up on his schedule? The U.S. release of Red & Black Light (Impulse!), a recording of mostly original material along with a cover of Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)." Full circle One of Jane Bunnett's goals is to transport people to different places with her music, and for the past quarter of a century that musical journey has involved Cuba. Years before the Buena Vista Social Club ensconced the sounds of the Caribbean island on everyone's playlist, the Canadian flutist/saxophonist and her continued on page 26 Maalouf photo by Denis Rouvre.


ANOTHER REASON...continued from page 25

her husband, trumpeter Larry Cramer, recorded the groundbreaking album Spirits of Havana with local musicians.

Jane Bunnett with Maqueque, Birdland and Deer Head Inn

Her ongoing involvement with Cuban music has surprised Jane. She points out that before her first trip to the island her focus was collaborating and recording with jazz innovators such as Don Pullen, Paul Bley, Sheila Jordan, Dewey Redman, Billy Hart, Jeanne Lee and others. "After we recorded Spirits of Havana I never imagined I'd still be making Cuban records 20 CDs later, but as I started delving deeper and deeper into Cuban music it became a lifelong passion," she says. "Not many people were mixing up jazz and folkloric music at that time. Opportunities hit as we traveled throughout Cuba. We'd go to a different province and discover a whole new kind of music. We were on the frontier of the music because as Canadians we were able to go into Cuba and access the music. That opportunity fueled our artistic vision and creativity, and we wanted to see what we could do with it." Her most recent foray into the AfroCuban sound is a new CD, Oddara (Linus Entertainment), the second release for Jane and her five youthful female Cuban cohorts in the band Maqueque. The album title is an Afro-Cuban word meaning "strong, positive, and happy—that's a thumbnail description of the band," Jane says. Some of Oddara's 11 tunes have traditional roots melded with contemporary lyrics, such as Tres Golpes, based on a classic Cuban piece by Ignacio Cervantes from the 1920s, combined with an original AfroCuban chant penned by Maqueque's pianist, Dánae Olano. Leon Russell's "Song for You" is another kind of classic that got a Maqueque update. Larry Cramer always loved the song and kept lobbying for the band to add it to their repertoire. They did, with the original melody and lyrics augmented by another Afro-Cuban chant. Percussionist Magdelys Savigne "stepped up to the plate to sing," Jane points out. "Chagui Guaso" is based on the changui style, a blues-like form that goes back


more than a century in Cuba's Guantanamo province. "There's a strong link between R&B and Cuban music; you can especially hear it in the bass figures." Since winning a Juno award (Canadian Grammy) for their first album, Maqueque's band members have been writing up a storm, resulting in an embarrassment of musical riches to choose from for the new release. "There are plenty of leftovers. I'm like a cook who always over-caters, so there's plenty of backup," Jane says with a laugh. The sextet's name translates as "the energy of a young girl's spirit," and tristate club-goers will have a chance to feel that energy when Maqueque celebrates the release of Oddara at Birdland on Oct. 25 and at the Deer Head Inn on Oct. 28. Jane credits the force of that energy with keeping her fired up on the road. "Those girls can't wait to get on stage. Some people I've gigged with have a cool factor, a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-towork attitude. But these girls are champing at the bit to play for an audience that wants to hear them strut their stuff." The power of the island's music continues to exert a strong pull for both the musicians and listeners, as evidenced by the recent 25th anniversary reissue of Spirits of Havana (Linus), augmented with some previously unreleased material and a book with a history of the band and the players. "When we did our first big Cuban show in 1990, people thought we were crazy, it was so foreign then. But now people have more understanding of what the music is about and they think it's amazing."


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he receives from his role models empowers him not only to continue his journey as a composer, but to stretch his sensibilities as a player in 2016. Preparing to play with his quartet for the first time at "a major club" in New York, Rufus looks forward to spending four nights with his trio and his special guest Yosvanny Terry, with whom Rufus has played in the past. "He's really a wonderful, creative individual," he says. Whether his background as an improviser is informing his energy as a writer, or his work as a composer is informing his articulation with players on the bandstand, Rufus will continue to evolve as an artist. "I'm trying to pay attention to those things that require honing—if I can get those kinds of things clear, then the music may have a chance to speak on its own." The Rufus Reid Quartet, with Duduka Da Fonseca, Steve Allee and special guest Yosvanny Terry, is at Jazz Standard Oct. 6-9.

HOT FLASHES By Seton Hawkins Musician-Educator Corner While any artist today needs to rely on good luck, the truly successful artists always find a way to maximize the opportunities that present themselves, building and shaping them into unique and sustainable work that can advance careers in unexpected but profound directions. Such is the case with David Schroeder, a multi-reed player, composer, teacher, writer, and Director of Jazz Studies at NYU. A remarkable figure with an equally noteworthy career, David enjoys a unique ability to find new possibilities, link disparate ideas together, and maximize opportunities as he discovers them, all while working to impart that same ethic into his students.

David Schroeder

"When I moved to New York, I found there were many things that could be developed, but nobody was doing anything about it," he notes. "So I wanted to find a way to use the resources that the city had to offer." Coming to New York from Iowa to pursue higher education, Schroeder ended up at NYU, and soon began to see means by which the school could better serve its jazz students and set them on the path to quality careers. "There's a famous Woody Allen quote that New York is filled with overachieving out-of-towners!" he laughs. "I wanted my students to understand all the aspects of

the music industry as they moved forward, which I was able to do when I became Director of Jazz Studies." Soon, he began to quickly harness New York's resources in his teaching, finding means to build upon the classroom lessons with practical performance and work possibilities for students. "I became the director in 2003, and at that point a lot of businesses were trying to get back into shape after 9-11," he recalls. "I went to jazz clubs to see if we could do workshops and masterclasses there with my students, and then open them to the public. I started doing Sunday Brunch gigs with my students and faculty at the Blue Note, and I also found weekly gigs for students at a number of clubs. I was also the education director for some record labels, and got my students internships with them so they could see that side of the industry." This diligence and investment in his pupils led to unique new developments for David and the department, ultimately giving rise to the NYU Jazz Interview Series. The seeds of the series were sown in 2009, when a chance call from Barnes and Noble led to the opportunity to work with the retail giant. "One of my students applied for a job at their record department, and I was listed as a reference; when I was called for the reference, we began discussing the manager's love for jazz," David remembers. "I suggested starting a jazz interview series at their flagship store, and one conversation later I was in!" That popular series ran for three years resulting in remarkable interviews with 80 luminaries; inspired its successor, the NYU Jazz Interview Series; and most recently led to a book deal for David to transcribe the discussions. It stands as a remarkable confluence of events, but one that other artists might not have parlayed into such a tremendous succession. While David's work as an artist has ably informed his efforts to advance his students' budding careers, his role at NYU has also enabled him to engage his own performance efforts in unique and musically satisfying avenues. As the leader of Combo Nuvo, David founded an ensemble featuring many other faculty members that provided an open canvas for new musical projects. "I wanted to create a group that combined the many styles and influences of its continued on page 28 Schroeder photo by Bruce Katz.


FRESH TAKES By Nathan Kamal, student at The New School TRUMPETER RACHEL THERRIEN IS savoring the recent release of her new record, Pensamiento: Proyecto Colombia, all the while planning ahead for her next journey. Pensamiento, Rachel's third CD as a leader, was a spontaneous product of her 2014 Colombian tour as a sidewoman. "I was touring with a big 30-piece Gypsy band, and I used the opportunity to create my own music throughout the tour," she says. "I found all the musicians I wanted to work with, and ended up staying in Colombia longer to record!" Regarding her compositional practices, Rachel says, "since my career started at age 17, there have always been African influences. I am interested in Afro-rhythms from different cultures, and when I compose I often start with rhythmic concepts in percussion." Her rhythmic disposition is particularly evident in Pensamiento, where booming Colombian drum sounds provide a HOT FLASHES... continued from page 27

members," David explains. "We wanted to play instruments we had been working on, and compositions we had been developing, and so we would workshop them during weekly gigs at cafes. When I became director at NYU, I started hiring my faculty, and began involving the jazz students and even the orchestra. It was a great way to get everyone involved, and has helped me to stay involved creatively as an artist." For more information on David Schroeder and Combo Nuvo, visit Memorials, New Releases, Celebrations 50 Years at the Village Vanguard is now available for pre-orders. Offering the first comprehensive view of the Thad JonesMel Lewis Orchestra, the book by Dave Lisik and Eric Allen contains a rich array of photographs, interviews, memorabilia, a discography, and artist biographies and features. Visit to pre-order a copy. The masterful and beloved saxophonist Bob Kindred, who passed away in August, will be remembered at a special event on Oct. 2 at CafĂŠ Loup, where he had played regularly. Leading the performance will be the Steve LaSpina Trio; more details can be found at


Therrien photo by Jean-Pierre Dube.

rich foundation for her shimmering horn melodies. Rachel, a vanguard of the Montreal jazz scene, recently migrated to New York where she is developing her next project: a Latin jazz small ensemble comprising New York-based players. A prolific composer, Rachel premieres new compositions, standards, and older works with her new band at Club Bonafide this October. The Rachel Therrien Latin Jazz Quartet plays Club Bonafide on Oct. 26. When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in 2012, drummer Tony Moreno lost his entire musical life: his instruments, possessions, the library of his compositions and treasured, archival possessions bequeathed by his mother, a famous harpist. He'll be celebrating his musical recovery, and the people who helped him, with a CD release party at 55 Bar on Oct. 8. Saint Peter's Church continues its popular All Nite Soul series on Oct. 9. Music begins at 5 p.m. and runs until 1 a.m., featuring the talents of Ike Sturm, Rudy Royston, Lauren Sevian, Helen Sung, Billy Hart and more. For tickets, visit Legendary Bill Evans is remembered and his music explored in Time Remembered, a new documentary produced by Bruce Spiegel. Following eight years of preparation, interviews, and research, the work was released this year and will be screened on Oct. 26 at the Manhattan School of Music. Learn more at The Jazz Foundation of America hosts its 15th annual gala A Great Night in Harlem at the Apollo Theater on Oct. 27. Dr. John, Robert Cray, John Mayer, Robert Randolph, Bruce Willis and more will appear as part of the benefit. Tickets and details can be found at

B A C K S T A G E PA S S JAZZ ANECDOTE BY BILL CROW Bill Crow's books " Jazz Anecdotes" and " From Birdland to Broadway" can be found at your favorite bookstore, and at along with many interesting photos and links. Bassist Jerry Bruno told me about a gig he was once playing with Bob Rosengarden's band. He said Bob made a beckoning gesture to him while they were playing. Jerry asked, "Do you want it louder?" Bob replied, with a straight face, "Better." Don Stein told me about a band whose leader often romanced young women by offering them a chance to sing a tune with the band. Often they weren't very good singers. After one of them gave a fairly dreadful performance, sax man Lou Caputo deadpanned: "Next, we’re doing our Peter Pan medley. You're not afraid of heights, are you?" LISTINGS... continued from page 24

Eleni Juna, 10:30pm Patricia Brennan Triptyk; 15: 10pm Rebecca Sullivan & Free Country, 11:30pm CHAMA; 16: 9pm Alejandro Zorrilla, 10:30pm Tomás Latorre; 20: 8pm The Liberté Big Band; 23: 9pm Hailey Niswanger & MaeSun; 27: 9pm Zem Audu, 10:30pm No Small Money Brass Band; 30: 9pm Thiago Wojtowicz.

CONNECTICUT The 9th NOTE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: 15 Bank St. Stamford. 203-504-8828. Sat: 6:30pm free adm Kelly Green Solo. Oct 1: 9pm $15 Champian Fulton; 7: Russ Nolan Qrt; 8: 9pm $15 David DeJesus & Drive; 9: 8pm $20 Hal Galper Trio. FIREHOUSE 12: 47 Crown St. New Haven. 203-785-0468. Fri: 8:30pm $20 adm, 10pm $15. Oct 7: John Raymond; 14: John Schott Actual Trio; 21: The Claudia Qnt; 28: Matt Mitchell Qrt. RIDGEFIELD PLAYHOUSE: 80 East Ridge. Ridgefield. 203-438-5795. Oct 12: 7:30pm Take 6 Meets The Manhattan Transfer; 18: 8pm Chris Botti; 19: 8pm Boney James. The SIDE DOOR JAZZ CLUB: At Old Lyme Inn. 85 Lyme St. Old Lyme. 860-434-0886. Sets: 8:30pm. Oct 1: The New Jeremy Pelt Qnt; 7: Tom Tallitsch Qrt; 8: Willie Jones III Qnt; 13:

Harold Lopez-Nussa Trio; 14: Myron Walden & Momentum; 15: Louis Hayes & The Cannonball Legacy Band; 21: Oscar Penas; 22: Samuel Torres Sxt; 28-29: Javon Jackson w/spec guests.

LONG ISLAND LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY-POST: 720 Northern Blvd. Brookville. 516-299-2895. Oct 9: 2:15pm $40 adm Jimmy Heath Qrt; 14: 8pm $43-73 Omara Portuondo w/spec guests Roberto Fonseca, Anat Cohen & Regina Carter.

NEW JERSEY BERGEN BERGEN PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 30 N Van Brunt St. Englewood. 201-2271030. Oct 13: 8pm $8939 adm Manhattan Transfer Meets Take 6. PUFFIN CULTURAL FORUM: 20 Puffin Way. Teaneck. 201836-8923. Oct 15: 8pm Joshua Breakstone Cello Qrt. ESSEX BETHANY BAPTIST CHURCH: 275W Market St. Newark. 973623-8161. Oct 1: 6-7:30pm Jazz Vespers. continued on page 30

A Moment You Missed by Fran Kaufman Hot House Contributing Photographer At the fourth annual Hot House/ Metropolitan Room Fans Decision Jazz Awards on Sept. 19, the Metropolitan Room in Manhattan was filled with the luminaries of the jazz world. Before the presentation, the indomitable Bucky Pizzarelli—who's just celebrated his 90th birthday and was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award— schmoozes with recording ingineer Jim Czak and winner of the 2016 award for Baritone Saxophonist, Claire Daly.


FTER 14 YEARS IN NEW YORK City, Bogota native Samuel Torres still A moves crowds with his genius and frenzied rhythmical combinations. The percussionist is always evolving, just like the city: "In all aspects, New York is constantly developing: in housing, with the roads…and that's how the music develops." In late December, Samuel assembled a sextet for a monthly residency at Club Bonafide. The band featured trumpeter Alex Norris, guitarist Tom Guarna, pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Ricky Rodriguez and drummer Pablo Bencid. "The idea for me is to have the Latin jazz ensemble explore different sonorities from Latin America," he explains. Samuel's approach is to use AfroCaribbean sounds along with South American and, in particular, traditional Colombian sounds. Club Bonafide has been "the factory where we have developed as a band," he explains.

Prior to his Latin jazz exploration with his new sextet, Samuel was in Richard Bona's band for many years, but he also toured with Arturo Sandoval. Among the percussionist's various mentors, two stand out. First, his uncle, Eddy Martínez, an accomplished piano player with more than 40 years of experience in New York and who performed with Tito Puente and Mongo Santamaria. Second, Ray Barretto, a Latin jazz veteran who dedicated his life to music. Samuel admired Barretto for his band leadership and his passion for jazz. "He understood jazz; he understood difcontinued on page 34

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CLEMENT’S PLACE: At Rutgers University. 15 Washington St. Newark. Oct 14: 6-8pm Bobby Sanabria & Quarteto Aché. DUKE’S SOUTHERN TABLE: 11 Clinton St. Newark. 862-7635757. Sun: 1-4pm; Fri-Sat: 7:30-11:30pm. Oct 1: Matt Kane; 2: Carrie Jackson; 7: Jonathon Peretz; 8: Vince Ector; 15: Bruce Jackson; 16: tba; 21: Pat Van Dyke; 22: Brianne Ford; 23: Charlie Apicella & Iron City; 28: Craig Yaremko; 29: Pat Van Dyke; 30: Champian Fulton. LUNA STAGE: 555 Valley Rd. West Orange. 973-395-5551. Oct 25: 7pm $18/20 adm Charlie Apicella & Iron City. NEW JERSEY PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 1 Center St. Newark. 888-466-5722. Oct 9: 3pm $49.50 adm The Hot Sardine; 15: 8pm $39.50-89.50 Omara Portuondo & spec guests Roberto Fonseca, Anat Cohen & Regina Carter. SOPAC: 1 SOPAC Way. South Orange. 973313-2787. Oct 9: 7:30pm $42-60 adm Maceo Parker. TRUMPETS: 6 Depot Square. Montclair. 973744-2600. Sets: unless otherwise noted 7:30&9pm, Fri-Sat 8&10pm, closed Mon-Tues. Adm varies. Oct 1: Ty Stephens & SoulJaazz w/spec guests; 7: Vinnie Cutro Qrt; 14: Claudio Roditi Qrt; 15: Don Braden/Karl Latham & Big Fun(k); 16: 4-6pm Carlo Aonzo Trio; 23: 4-7pm The Dalton Gang; 26: 8-10:30pm Diane Moser & continued on page 32


Torres photo by Adriana Mateo.


LISTINGS...contiued from page 30

Composers Big Band; 28: Dave Stryker Organ Trio w/spec guest; 29: 8-10pm Benny Golson Qnt feat Vitali Imereli. MERCER CANDLELIGHT LOUNGE: 24 Passaic St. Trenton. 609695-9612. Sat: 3:30-7:30pm free adm/$10 min. Oct 1: Carl Bartlett; 8: Landom Brothers; 15: Joe Ford; 22: Claire Daly; 29: Vince Ector. MCCARTER THEATRE: 91 University Pl. Princeton. 609-258-2787. Oct 1: 8pm Centennial B’days of Dizzy, Ella, Mongo & Monk celeb w/Danilo Pérez, Lizz Wright, Chris Potter, Avishai Cohen, Wycliffe Gordon; 21: 8pm Vijay Iyer; 22: Catherine Russell. MIDDLESEX THE NEW BRUNSWICK JAZZ PROJECT: MONMOUTH HERB ECKERT AUDITORIUM: At Senior Center South Brunswick Municipal Complex. 540 Rte 522. Monmouth Junction. 732-329-4000X 7635. Oct 7: 8-10pm $6 adm Eric Mintel Qrt. MORRIS BICKFORD THEATRE: 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown. 973-971-3706. Concerts 89:30pm. $15/18 adm. Oct 10: Paris Washboard; 24: Frank Vignola Trio w/Jon-Erik Kellso. MAYO PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 100 South St. Morristown. 973-539-8008. Oct 8: $59-29 adm Esperanza Spalding. SHANGHAI JAZZ: 24 Main St. Madison. 973822-2899. Free adm. Sets: Sun 6-8:30pm, Tues 6:30-9pm, WedThurs 7-9:30pm, Fri 6:30&8:30pm, Sat 6:30&8:45pm. Closed Mon. Tues: John Korba. Oct 1: Pablo Bencid; 5: Bucky Pizzarelli Trio; 7: Bernard “Pretty” Perdie Trio; 8: SaRon Crenshaw Qrt; 13: Todd Collins Trio; 14: Jerry Vivino Qrt; 15: Nat Adderley Jr; 16: Marlene VerPlanck Trio; 21: Brynn Stanley Qrt; 28: Emmet Cohen Trio. OCEAN OCEAN COUNTY COLLEGE: College Dr. Toms River. 732-255-0500. Oct 19: 8-9:30pm $18/22 adm Bria Skonberg. PASSAIC WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY: 300 Pompton Rd. Wayne. 973720-2371. Oct 1: 8pm Rez Abbasi; 16: 4pm The Royal Bopsters w/Bob Dorough; 23: 4pm Dick Hyman. WARREN RUTHERFURD HALL: 1686-R Rte 517. Allamuchy. 908-852-1894. www.rutherfurd Oct 16: 3-5pm $25 adm Jazz at the Rutherfurd feat Houston Person w/David Leonhardt Trio.

NEW YORK STATE 76 HOUSE: 110 Main St. Tappan. 845-359-5476. Wed: 8-11pm free adm Quintets w/Mark Hagan & feat artists + Jam.


BARD COLLEGE: 60 Manor Av. Annandale-onHudson. 845758-7900. Oct 8: 8pm $25-50 adm Jeremy Siskind, Justin Kauflin & Brianna Thomas. FALCON ARTS: 1348 Rte 9 West. Marlboro. 845-236-7970. $20 don suggested. Sets: 7pm, if opening act (Op) 8pm main act; Sun 10am-2pm Brunch (B). Oct 2: Jean-Michel Pilc Solo; 9: B Saints of Swing, 7pm Sheila Jordan & Cameron Brown; 12: Jam @ The Falcon Underground; 16: Wolff & Clark Expedition w/John Abercrombie; 22: Fleurine w/the Boys from Brazil, Op Attila Vural; 23: B John Simon & The Jazz; 30: B Saints of Swing. TURNING POINT CAFÉ: 468 Piermont Av. Piermont. 845359-1089. Mon: 8-11:30pm $5 adm Monday Jam by John Richmond.

PENNSYLVANIA DEER HEAD INN: 5 Main St. Delaware Water Gap, PA. 570-4242000. Sets: Sun 5-8pm, Thurs 8-11pm, FriSat 7-11pm. Adm varies. Residency (R): Thurs Jam w/Bill Washer & friends. Oct 1: Michael Stephans & the Autumn All Stars; 2: Luiz Simas & Su Terry; 6: R; 7: Barry Green & Paul Rostock; 8: Nellie McKay; 9: Phil Markowitz & Zach Brock; 13: R; 14: Marianne Solivan Qrt; 15: Roberta Piket; 16: Bill Mays; 20: R; 21: Hailey Nisewanger & PDX Soul; 22: Nancy & Spencer Reed; 23: Joanie Samra Trio; 24: 7:30-10:30pm Deer Head Inn Jazz Orch; 27: R; 28: Jane Bunnett & Maqueque; 29: Houston Person & the David Leonhardt Trio; 30: Bill Charlap Solo.

QUEENS FLUSHING TOWN HALL: 137-35 Northern Blvd. Flushing. 718-463-7700. 1st Wed: 7pm Jam feat Carol Sudhalter. Oct 28: 8pm Mark Wade Trio. JACKSON ROOM: 192-07 Linden Blvd. St Albans. 718-5252387. Last Sat: 8&10pm $15 adm incl snacks/beverage feat Ed Jackson Qrt. LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOUSE MUSEUM: 34-56 107th St. Corona. 718-478-8274. Sun&Sat 125pm, Tues-Fri 10am-5pm: $10 adm Guided Tours of Louis Armstrong House. YORK COLLEGE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 94-20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. Jamaica. tutes/performing-arts. 718-262-2000. Oct 15: 7pm $20 adm Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orch.

WESTCHESTER FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: 199N Columbus Av at E Lincoln Av. Mount Vernon. 914-636-4977. Oct 9: 6-9pm $25/17 adm Second Sunday Jazz series feat Larry Ridley Legacy Band.

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LATIN...continued from page 30 ferent kinds of music," Samuel says. "That's why his band was so special. When I heard his music, the energy and the complexity of his arrangements, I really wanted to be like him." Eddy and Ray were instrumental to Samuel's musical growth ... Samuel Torres performs with his band at The Side Door Jazz Club on Oct. 22 and at Club Bonafide on Oct. 27. For the complete interview visit



Hot House Jazz Guide | October 2016  
Hot House Jazz Guide | October 2016