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June 2021 Mezzrow and Jazz Forum

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Camille Thurman

George Cables

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Where To Go & Who To See Since 1982

BONS RITMOS (Good Rhythms)

Record company and production company, the best in Jazz, Brazilian music and Afro Bahian dance, and future pop. Producer, singer, song writer, percusionist, JACK JOAO POTTER. Two time Billboard World Music charting artist and incredable Afro Bahian dancer, EDI MACHADO. Producer, New York to Brazil drummer / percusionist, song writer, ANDREW SCOTT POTTER. All of these incredable Bons Ritmos records can be heard on the Bons Ritmos Youtube channel.




Drummer / percusionist, ANDREW SCOTT POTTER, working New York jazz drummer for 8 years, has lived in Brazil more than 30 years. Working with Afro Bahian dancers and drummers, and some of Brazil's top musicians, he decided to learn some of the grooves of KETU CANDOMBLE, to play Brazilian rhythms better. To his surprise , he discovered profound parallel hookups, of Ketu Candomble grooves, and the evolution of rhythms, phrasing and phrasing in compositions, with the history of Jazz and the great innovators. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClpDp25xd4RJ1t3NpVg5eLQ/videos

New York gig tapes, 78-85, Andrew Scott Potter


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywlK_XRm0H8 Bons Ritmos contact for Bons Ritmos Artist's gigs, clinics, Afro Bahian dance workshops, Ketu Candomble -Jazz workshops : aspotter@terra.com.br 2



7 & 9:30 PM SETS JUNE 4 & 5


J U N E 11 & 12


J U N E 18 & 19


J U N E 25 & 26








J U N E 13


J U N E 20


J U N E 27



Feat. David Janeway Trio (8-10 PM)


CALENDAR OF EVENTS ONLINE EVENTS ACUTE INFLECTIONS: https://www.face book.com/acuteinflections. Sun: 8pm. ALLAN HARRIS: https://www.facebook.com/ theallanharrisband. Tues 7:30pm & 1st Fri 2pm: Harlem After Dark, Unplugged feat Allan Harris. ALTERNATIVE VENUES FOR JAZZ: https://www.facebook.com/groups/altve nuesforjazz. Mon-Fri: 5pm. AN DIE MUSIK: https://andiemusiklive.com. Adm: $10. Jun 5: 3pm Bill Heid Trio, 7pm Benito Gonzalez Trio; 13: 7pm Lenny Robinson's Exploration; 16: 7pm Rick Alberico Jazz Project. ARTS FOR ART: https://www.artsforart.org/ onlinesalon. BAR BAYEUX: https://barbayeux.com. Wed: 811pm free adm Keyed Up! series. Jun 2: Adam Kolker’s Expanded Trio; 9: Harish Raghavan Qnt; 16: Jeff Watts Trio; 23: Clovis Nicolas Qrt; 30: Joe Martin Qrt. BLUES ALLEY: http://www.bluesalley.com. Sets: 8pm. BRAVE SOUND: https://bravesound.org. Jun 6: 4-5pm Marcos Varela Trio. CHAMPIAN FULTON: https://www.face book.com/champianfulton. Sun: 5pm. DIMENNA CENTER FOR CLASSICAL MUSIC: Jun 16: 7:30pm https://sonicly. com/projects/experience/661/1695 East @ 50 feat Charles Tolliver, Billy Harper, George Cables, Buster Williams, Lenny White & spec guests. DIZZY’S CLUB: https://jazzatlincolncenter. squarespace.com/dizzys-club. Tues&Thurs: 12pm A Closer Listen w/Seton Hawkins & Yunie Mojica; Thurs: 7:30pm Live From Dizzy's. EMMET COHEN: https://www.facebook.com /heyemmet. Mon: 7:30pm Live From Emmet’s feat Emmet Cohen Trio w/guests. Jun 7: Regina Carter; 14: Lea DeLaria. ERIC COMSTOCK & BARBARA FASANO: https://www.facebook.com/eric.comstock1. Sat: 5:30pm 72andsong series feat Eric Comstock & Barbara Fasano.   FLUSHING TOWN HALL: http://www.flush ingtownhall.org/events. Sets: 7pm. Jun 9: Jam w/Carol Sudhalter; 18: The Queens Jazz Orchestra Ens. GLOBAL MUSIC FOUNDATION: https:// www.gmfjazzsummit.com/concerts-online. Jun 19: 3pm Dmitry Baevsky. JACKSON ROOM: https://www.jackson room.com. Last Sat: 8:30pm $10 adm Ed Jackson & friends. JANICE FRIEDMAN: https://www.facebook. com/janicefriedmanmusic/live. Wed: 7:30pm Over the Hump w/Janice Friedman. JAY LEONHART: https://www.facebook.com /jay.leonhart.33. Daily: 7pm. JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER: https://2021. jazz.org/virtual-season#coltrane. Jun 10: 7:30pm Coltrane A Love Supreme feat The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orch w/Wynton Marsalis & spec guest Camille Thurman. JAZZ HOUSE KiDS: https://www.facebook. com/jazzhousekids.


JAZZ WAHI: https://jazzwahi.org/vocal-series. Jun 3: 8pm Jazz Wahi Vocal series. JAZZVOICE.COM: https://www.jazzvoice. com. Masterclasses. Jun 3: 3pm Benny Benack III; 7: 9pm Charles Turner; 16: 5pm Chanda Rule; 24: 9pm Nicole Zuraitis. JOHN PIZZARELLI: https://www.facebook. com/johnpizzarelliofficial. Thurs: 6pm It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere feat John Pizzarelli. KARRIN ALLYSON: https://karrin.com. 3rd Sun: 6pm. KAT EDMONSON: https://www.facebook. com/katedmonsonmusic. Sun: 7pm. KEN PEPLOWSKI: https://www.facebook. com/ken.peplowski. Thurs: 7:30pm In The Moment w/Ken Peplowski & friends. LARRY NEWCOMB: https://www.facebook. com/larrynewcombguitarmethod. Sat 2:30pm Covid Comfort & Beyond feat Larry & Jake Newcomb. MARCUS GOLDHABER: https://www.marcus goldhaber.com. Mon: 5:30-6pm Mondays with Marcus. Jun 7: Michael O’Brien; 14: Svetlana; 21: Brenda Earle Stokes. MARIANNE SOLIVAN: https://www.face book.com/groups/137384737712045. Sat: 1pm Jazz Vocal Repertoire Hang feat Marianne Solivan. MARIO ABNET: https://www.facebook.com/ mario.abneyario. Tues: 10pm Keyed Up! feat Mario Abney Qnt. METROPOLITANZOOM: https://metropolitan zoom.com. Jun 5: 8:30-11pm Mark Steven Schmidt. MUSIC WHILE WE'RE INSIDE: https://www.musicontheinside.org. Sun: 6pm hosted by Antoinette Montague w/spec guests. NATIONAL JAZZ MUSEUM IN HARLEM: https://www.jmih.org. Jun 8: 6pm Gala, 7pm Gala Afterparty w/Christian McBride; 12-13: 2pm Mutual Mentorship for Musicians feat 06/12 Michele Rosewoman & Malika Zarra + Camila Nebbia & Monnette Sudler + Ganavya Doraiswamy & Shanta Nurullah, 06/13 Cleo Reed & Richie Seivwright + Miriam Elhajli & Chloe Kim + Samantha Boshnack & Fay Victor. NICKI PARROTT: http://cheznickijams.com. Chez Nicki Jams feat Nicki Parrott. NJPAC: https://www.njpac.org. Jun 6: 7pm Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition. NUYORICAN POETS CAFÉ: https://www. nuyorican.org. 1st Sat: Rome Neal’s Banana Puddin’ Jazz series + Jam. RAMSEY LEWIS: https://www.stageit.com. Last Sat: 2pm Saturday Salon feat Ramsey Lewis. ROOM 623: https://www.facebook.com/joce lynmedinamusic. Sun: 6pm + Jam 7-9pm Sunday Vocal Jazz Jam feat Jocelyn Medina w/spec guest. Jun 6: Kris Adams; 13: Lauren Lee; 20: Sheila Jordan; 27: Andrea Wolper. ROSSANO SPORTIELLO: https://www.face book.com/RossanoSportiello. Tues: 6pm Live At The Flat in Greenwich Village feat Rossano Sportiello w/spec guest. SCULLERS JAZZ CLUB: https://scullers jazz.com. Fri-Sat: 7:30pm. SHAPESHIFTER LAB: https://www. continued on page 6

GEORGE CABLES’ Jazz Visions By Eugene Holley, Jr

T TOOK A PANDEMIC TO BRING Icareer pianist George Cables’ 50 plus-year to a brief halt. Since the late ’60s,

the 76 year old has established himself on both the East and the West Coasts as a reliable and valuable sideman with Freddie Hubbard, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson, Art Pepper, Dexter Gordon and Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, as a current member of super band The Cookers and as a leader, with 49 recordings to his credit. George’s powerful blend of Thelonious Monk’s harmonic language and McCoy Tyner’s power is going to be in full effect when he takes to the stage at the Jazz Forum with a safety-protocoled, social distanced, half-capacity venue, backed by Nigerian-American artist and fellow Jazz Messengers alum, bassist Essiet Essiet, and band newcomer, drummer Jerome Jennings. “Essiet has a great beat and a great feel, and he’s always present,” says George, “so I always feel his presence and musicality. Jerome is a very fine drummer and musician; he brings enthusiasm and musicality, and we’re just getting to know each other.”

Much of the set list for the Jazz Forum engagement comes from George’s new recording—his 50th as a leader—entitled Too Close for Comfort. “[The title track] may be possible for the gig,” George reveals. “There’s a new track called ‘This is My Song’ and another new one is ‘Circle of Love.’ There’s one that’s been around for a while called ‘Klimo,’ and [the standard] ‘For All We Know’—maybe two of Bobby Hutcherson’s pieces, ‘Roses Poses’ and ‘Teddy,’ and one of Tadataka Unno’s pieces called ‘Crazy Love.”’ George has been in love with jazz for a long time. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, he was classically trained and well schooled in music theory when he first encountered jazz as a teenager. “I first heard Charlie Parker on a record when I was about 14,” he recalls. “My friend Larry Fishkin, who was a tuba player in high school, turned me on to some Thelonious Monk records, and I got very excited about that. Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’ was a big hit, and there was Art Blakey’s Drum Suite … they all really ignited my fire. I used to go to the Five Spot to see Monk and Charles Mingus. I didn’t just get to hear the music. I got to see them make the music.” George learned how to improvise with the help of another high school friend, Richard Maldonado, who was later known as Ricardo Ray of the La Playa Sextet. George graduated from the famed High School of Music and Art and attended the Mannes School of Music from 1963 to 1965 when he began gigging around New York with many artists including Max Roach and Paul Jeffrey. He formed a teenage band called The Jazz Samaritans, which featured bassist Clint Houston and drummer Billy Cobham. George also worked with Woody Shaw who, along with local jazz impresario/promoter Jim Harrison, got George into Blakey’s Jazz Messengers ensemble in 1969. Inspired by a love interest and fed up with New York’s crime and the diminishing jazz scene, George moved to California in 1971 and stayed for 20 years, living in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He worked with many West Coast-based musicians including Freddie Hubbard and Joe Henderson, but his two most influential gigs were with Art Pepper and Dexter Gordon. “Art was a very lyrical player who played beautiful ballads,” says George. “Dexter was a musical father. He came from L.A. and would sit down and talk about the history of music, the territorial bands and the influence that Lester Young had on him. So those two guys are very important.” George’s first recording as a leader Why Not was released in 1975; other significant continued on page 12

Baevsky cover photo by Capucine de Chocqueuse, Cables by Anna Yatskevitch, Thurman by Daniel Green. Cables photo this page by Anna Yatskevitch.


Listings...continued from page 4

shapeshifterlab.com. SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: https://smokejazz.com. Fri-Sat: 8pm. VILLAGE VANGUARD: https://www.village vanguard.com. Fri 8pm-Sun 8pm. WICN RADIO 90.5: https://www.wicn.org. Jun 18: 12-1pm Noah Preminger Qrt.


Subject to COVID regulations, and weather conditions for outdoors.

UPPER MANHATTAN (Above 70th Street)

449 LA: 449 Lenox Ave. (bet. 132nd & 133rd Sts.). 212-234-3298. Sun&Sat: 4-7pm. BENNET PARK: W 183rd St. at Fort Washington Ave. Mon: 4pm WaHi Jam. BILL’S PLACE: 148 W 133rd St. (bet. Lenox & 7th Aves.). www.billsplaceharlem.com. 212281-0777. Fri-Sat: 7&9pm Bill Saxton Bebop Band. CENTRAL PARK: At Summit Rock in Seneca Village. Central Park W & 83rd St. Giant Steps Arts & Keyed Up! series. Jun 2-4: Mark Turner Qrt; 6-8: Darius Jones Trio. GREATER CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH: 55 W 124th St. (bet. Malcolm X Blvd. & 5th Ave.). www.harlemjazzboxx.com. 212-3486132. Fri: 7pm Harlem Jazz series. KISMAT BAR: 603 Fort Washington Ave. at 187th St. www.facebook.com/kismatbar. 212-795-8633. Tues: 6:30pm WaHi Jam. LA FONDA: 169 E 106th St. (bet. 3rd & Lexington Aves.). www.fondaboricua.com. 212-410-7292. Thurs: 8pm Latin Jazz. MINTON’S PLAYHOUSE: 206 W 118th St. (bet. St. Nicholas Ave. & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.). www.mintonsharlem.com. 212-243-2222. Sets: 7&9pm. Residency: Thurs Jam by Vuyo Sotashe, Benny Benack III & Jenn Jade. TARTINA: 1034 Amsterdam Ave. at 111th St. 646-590-0577. www.tartina-restaurant.com. Sun: 12-3pm Jazz brunch w/Pasquale Grasso Duo. The TRIAD THEATER: 158 W 72nd St. (bet. Bway & Columbus Ave.). 212-362-2590. www.triadnyc.com. Jun 26: 7pm/$20 adm Daniel Bennett.

MID-TOWN MANHATTAN (Between 35th & 59th Street) BRYANT PARK: 6th Ave. (bet. 41st & 42nd Sts.). www.bryantpark.org. 212-768-4242. Mon-Fri: 12:30-2:30pm Piano in the Park. Jun 1-4: Todd Robbins; 7-11: Armen Donelian; 14-18: Larry Ham; 21-25: Deanna Witkowski; 28-Jul 2: Daryl Sherman. SONY HALL: 235 W 46th St. (bet. 7th & 8th Aves.). www.sonyhall.com. 212-997-5123. Jun 11&19: Blue Note Jazz festival feat 06/11 Fabrizio Sotti w/Ice T & M1, 06/19 8& 10:30pm Chris Botti. SWING 46 JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: 349 W 46th St. (bet. 8 & 9th Aves.). 212-262-9554. www.swing46.nyc.com. Sets: Sun 12pm Brunch, 5:30&8:30pm; Wed-Thurs 5:30& 8:30pm; Fri-Sat 5&8:30pm. TOMI JAZZ: 239 E 53rd St. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.). Lower level. 8pm ww.tomijazz.com. 646-497-1254. WEST BANK CAFE: 407 W 42nd St. (bet. 9th

& 10th Sts.). www.westbankcafe.com. 212695-6909. Sat: 7-9pm Gabrielle Stravelli Trio.

LOWER MANHATTAN (Below 34th Street)

11TH STREET BAR: 510 E 11th St. (bet Avenue A & B). www.11thstbar.com. 212982-3929. Mon: 7pm Keyed Up! feat Richard Clements & Murray Wall. 55 BAR: 55 Christopher St. (bet. 6th & 7th Aves.). 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com. BLUE NOTE: 131 W 3rd St. at 6th Ave. 212475-8592. www.bluenotejazz.com. Sets: 8& 10:30pm. Jun 15-20: Robert Glasper; 21: Jacob Collier & friends; 22-23; Ghost-Note; 24-26: Ravi Coltrane; 28: Joel Ross; 29-Jul 1: Eric Krasno Trio. The CUTTING ROOM: 44 E 32nd St. (bet. Madison & Park Aves.). 212-691-1900. www.thecuttingroomnyc.com. Jun 6: 1pm $25/30 adm Peter Fish Gp; 13: 4pm $30 Another Sunday Serenade feat Billy Harper Qnt. The DJANGO: At Roxy Hotel. 2 Avenue of the Americas at Walker St. Lower level. 212-5196600. www.thedjangonyc.com/events. Sets: Early (E) 7pm, Late (L) 9pm. Jun 2: E Mar Vilaseca, L Charles Turner; 3: E Ed Cherry Trio, L Freddy DeBoe; 4: E David Gibson Qrt, L Ken Fowser Qnt; 5: E Aaron Kimmel Trio, L Evan Sherman Qnt; 9: E Lucy Yeghiazaryan, L Vanisha Gould; 10: E Andrew Latona Trio, L Bruce Harris; 11: E Joe Saylor Qrt, L Ken Fowser Qnt; 12: E Jerry Weldon Trio, L Emmet Cohen; 16: E Champian Fulton, L Johnny O'Neal; 17: E Sean Mason Trio, L Ian Hendrickson-Smith; 18: E Joe Magnarelli Qrt, L Ken Fowser Qnt; 19: E David Hazeltine Trio, L Danny Jonokuchi & The Revisionists; 23: E Tahira Clayton, L Sasha Dobson; 24: E Mike Ledonne Trio, L Mark Whitfield; 25: E Anthony Wonsey Trio, L Ken Fowser Qnt; 26: E Joshua Bruneau Qrt, L Joe Farnsworth. DROM: 85 Avenue A (bet. 5th & 6th Sts.). 212777-1157. www.dromnyc.com. Jun 6: 7:30pm The Django Experiment. The EAR INN: 326 Spring St. (bet. Greenwich & Washington Sts.). www.facebook.com/ earinn. 212-431-9750. Sun: 1-3pm EarRegulars feat Jon-Erik Kellso & friends. The FLATIRON ROOM: 37 W 26th St. (bet. 6th Ave. & Bway.). 212-725-3860. www.the flatironroom.com. Sets: Sun&Tues-Thurs 69pm; Fri-Sat 6-10pm. Sun: “King” Solomon Hicks; Tues: Brandi Disterheft Duo; Wed: Susan Tobocman Duo; Thurs: Miss Maybell & The Jazz Age; Fri: Yael Dray Trio; Sat: The Blicker Blues Band. HERMANA NYC: 349 E 13th St. (bet. 1st & 2nd Aves.). www.hermananyc.com. 917-2658234. Sets: Tues-Sun Early (E) 6pm; Late (L) 8pm. Residencies: Sun L BIG SHINanigans Sunday; Tues L Keyed Up! feat Aida Brandes; Sat E Claudia Tebar, L Arcoiris Sandoval & Marty Kenney. Jun 2: L Jon Elbaz; 3: L Adi Meyerson; 4: L Jonathan Michel; 9: L Yuval Amihai & Dave Kikoski; 10: L Jon Davis; 11: L Benny Benack III; 16: L Vinicíus Gomes & Jon Cowerd; 17: L Barry Stephenson; 18: L Endea Owens; 23: L Richard Cortez; 24: L Ricardo Grilli; 25: L Johnny O’Neal. The JAZZ GALLERY: 1160 Bway at 27th St. 5th Fl. www.jazzgallery.org. 646-494-3625. Sets: Thurs-Sat: 7:30&9:30pm. Jun 3: Trina Basu & Arun Ramamurthy; 4: Tide Pools; 5: Or Bareket Qrt; 10: Lex Korten; 11: Victor Gould continued on page 8


Close Listening with


S JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER A wraps up its virtual programming of the 2020-21 season, it is perhaps only nat-

ural to close out the run with a celebration of the life and works of John Coltrane. Indeed, his music’s intense spiritual journey—one marked by struggle, constant reflection, growth and triumph—is perhaps most acutely instructive during these times. As a result, June 10 finds the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra (JLCO) returning to the well of Trane’s music in a show that is also marked by the return of a special guest: saxophonist and vocalist Camille Thurman. Camille is far from a stranger to the orchestra, having enjoyed a lengthy and highly acclaimed tenure in the band’s tenor saxophone section in previous seasons. Her return for this show is a welcome one: Camille’s profound virtuosity has vaulted her into the ranks of today’s greatest young artists in jazz, and the intensity of her musical insight situates her perfectly for an inspiring exploration of Coltrane’s legacy. “When you check out his recordings and see the progression of his career, you can see his search for personal and spiritual fulfillment,” Camille explains. “You hear it in his music: his spiritual journey, as well as his desire to use music to uplift and spread love.” While close listening to Coltrane at any point can be a profound experience, Camille has found that the recent months in quarantine have inspired her to approach music listening differently, moving away from a focus on the purely techni-

cal aspects of recording and instead looking for broader insights and an in-depth understanding of the art’s context. “We grew up being told to listen for very specific things, trying to understand the melody and chord changes,” Camille notes. “But lately, I’ve found myself like a student, revisiting the recordings as though it’s the first time. Hearing Trane, the way he’s phrasing his ideas—he sings through his horn, giving a sermon.” While approaching any recording with fresh and open ears is always desirable, the need to listen from the mindset of a student has become even more significant for Camille, as the pandemic led to a dramatic increase in her teaching. Virtual classes, private students, courses with Jazz at Lincoln Center and a teaching post with the University of Northern Colorado have all filled out her extremely busy workload in recent months. However, with the extensive teaching came opportunity to apply her close listening and impart it to a wide range of students, from casual listeners to aspiring artists. “In teaching the students, I went back to the records and also learned everything around the music,” she notes. “In dealing with Bessie Smith’s music for Swing University [at Jazz at Lincoln Center], I researched the time period, making connections with the music and how it served a purpose at that point in time.” Indeed, delving into not only the music, but the world and environment that inspired its creation was, for Camille, a revelatory means to instill an even vaster love for the art form within her students. “We often look at music from the lens of ‘these are the records, and this was great, and this is part of the lineage,’ but we don’t dive into what was happening socially, what the world was like for the artists, what made the moment special,” she explains. “Being able to see through that context gives us a deeper appreciation and understanding.” While the return to performing, live teaching and gathering slowly ramps up, the virtual performance by the JLCO on June 10 offers a chance in the meantime to dive into the rich spiritual realm of Coltrane’s music, engaging in precisely the deep listening that Camille describes. The repertoire, ranging from early Coltrane works to his vaunted masterpiece A Love Supreme, charts the intensely personal journey of this legendary artist. “This opportunity to perform Trane’s music allows us to share with the world how much Trane means to us,” Camille notes, “not just as a musician, but as one of the greatest contributors to this world, connecting humanity as one and uplifting all.” Camille Thurman performs Coltrane: A Love Supreme at a virtual Jazz At Lincoln Center event with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra on June 10.


Listings...continued from page 6

Trio; 12: Nicola Caminiti; 17: Dezron Douglas Qrt; 18: Angelica Sanchez Trio; 19: Fujiwara/Halvorson/Bynum; 24: Being & Becoming; 25-26: Kris Davis. MEZZROW: 163 W 10th St. (bet. 7th Ave. &  Waverly Pl.). Lower level. 212-252-5091. www.smallslive.com. Sets/adm: 7:30&9pm, Late (L) 10:30pm-11:30pm. Residencies: Sun L Pasquale Grasso; Wed L Saul Rubin; Thurs E except 06/17 Spike Wilner, L Panas Athanatos; Fri L Jon Davis. Jun 1: Jamile Trio; 2: Ray Gallon; 4: Alan Broadbent; 5: Peter Zak; 8: Naama Gheber; 9: Cyrille Aimée; 11-12: Ken Peplowski; 15: Lucy Wijnands; 16: Tardo Hammer; 17: Joel Frahm; 18: George Cables; 19: Mark Soskin; 22: Samara Joy; 23: Greg Murphy; 25: Luke Carlos O'Reilly; 26: Laurence Fields; 29: Vanessa Perea. ROXY HOTEL: 2 6th Ave. at Walker St. www.roxyhotelnyc.com. 212-519-6600. Jun 12: 8-9&9:30-10:30pm Tony Middleton Qrt. SMALLS JAZZ CLUB: 183 W 10th St. (bet. 7th Ave. & W 4th St.). Lower level. 212-252-5091. www.smallslive.com. Sets: Early 6pm livestream, 7:30pm livestream & in-person, Late (L) 9&10:30pm. Residencies L: Sun Aaron Johnson Qrt; Mon Miki Yamanaka Trio; Tues Evan Sherman Qrt; Wed Benny Benack Qnt; Thurs Carlos Abadie Qrt; Fri Russell Hall Trio; Sat Stacy Dillard Qrt. Jun 1: Davis Gibson; 2: Mike Clark; 4: Wayne Escoffery; 5: Behn Gellice; 6: Chris Byars; 10: Alex Norris; 11: Jared Gold; 12: Palladium; 13: Bruce Harris; 14: Ari Hoenig; 15: Eric Alexander; 17: Roberta Piket; 19: JD  Allen; 20: Joe Magnarelli; 21: Joe Farnsworth; 22: Steve Nelson; 23: Akiko Tsuruga; 24: Lew Tabakin; 25: Joel Frahm; 26: David Weiss; 27: Charles Ruggiero; 28: Victor Lewis; 30: Isiah Collier. TRE RESTAURANT: 173 Ludlow St. (bet. E Houston & Stanton Sts.). 212-353-3353. www.trenewyork.com. Tues&Thurs: 6:309:30pm Keyed Up! feat Pasquale Grasso Solo.

BROOKLYN BAR BAYEUX: 1066 Nostrand Ave. 347-5337845. ww.barbayeux.com. Tues: 7pm Keyed Up! feat Diego Voglino Jam Session. BARBÈS: 376 9th St. at 6th Ave. 347-422-0248. www.barbesbrooklyn.com. Sets: 7-10:30pm. Residencies: Sun except 06/6 7-8pm Stéphane Wrembel; Tues Slavic Soul Party!. Jun 2: Sandcatchers; 5: Arnie & His Rhythm; 10: Michaël Attias’ Lumisong Qrt. BODEGUITA: 6 Suydam St. www.bodeguita bar.com. Thurs: 8pm + Jam 9:45-11pm feat Rie Yamaguchi-Borden (except 06/3 Renaud Penant) w/guests. Jun 3: Sacha Perry & Daniel Duke; 10: Richie Vitale, Rafi D’Lugoff & Paul Gill; 17: Julia Banholzer, Reid Taylor & Peter Bernstein; 24: Ned Goold & Matt Clifford. IL PORTO: 37 Washington Ave. 718-624-0954. www.ilportobrooklyn.com. Fri-Sat: 7-10pm Keyed Up! feat Charlie Apicella & Iron City. JALOPY: 315 Columbia St. www.jalopy.biz. 718-395-3214. Jun 6: 5:30&7:30pm Andy Statman w/Brooklyn Raga Massive. NOSTRAND SOCIAL: 706 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn. www.nostrandsocial.com. 718576-6781. Thurs: 6-9pm Jam w/Derrick Barker Qrt. ROULETTE: 509 Atlantic Ave. at 3rd Ave. www.roulette.org. 917-267-0363. Sets: 8pm. Jun 10: Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones; 18: Jaimie Branch; 25: Sonya Belaya.


SISTAS’ PLACE: 456 Nostrand Ave. at Jefferson Ave. www.sistasplace.org. 718398-1766. SOAPBOX GALLERY: 636 Dean St. www.soap boxgallery.org. Sets: 8-9pm. Jun 1: Benji Kaplan; 2: Luba Mason w/Sean Harksongs & Samuel Torres; 3: Steve Sandberg; 4: Bruce Barth Trio; 5: Claudia Acuña & Jon Cowherd; 8: Ben Allison, Ted Nash & Steve Cardenas; 9: Peter Slavov Trio; 10: Lorin Cohen Trio; 12: Tracey Yarad; 13: Jorge Glem & César Orozco; 15: Paul Jost Qrt; 16: Jim Ridl; 17: Roseanna Vitro; 18: Hayes Greenfield & Dean Johnson Duo; 19: Ari Hoenig & Chris Potter Duo; 20: Heberer/Fonda/Hertenstein; 22: Spin Cycle; 23: Zach Brock Qrt; 24: Elisabeth Lohninger & Walter Fischbacher Duo; 26: Jamie Baum Trio; 29: JD Walter Trio; 30: Lauren Henderson Trio. WILD BIRDS: 951 Dean St. 347-896-5056. www.wildbirdsbk.com. Wed: 8-11pm Keyed Up! feat Dave Linhard & Wayne Tucker; Thurs: 5-7pm Alex Asher Qrt. WILLIAMSBURG MUSIC CENTER: 367 Bedford Ave. www.wmcjazz.org. 718-3841654. Fri: 9pm Keyed Up! feat Gerry Eastman & Greg Lewis, 10pm Jam w/Gerry Eastman & friends.

QUEENS TERRAZA 7: 40-19 Gleane St. Queens. 718803-9602. www.terraza7.com. Residency: Sun 8:30-11pm Jam by Manuel Valera Trio.

LONG ISLAND GRASSO’S: 134 Main St. Cold Spring Harbor. www.grassosrestaurant.com. 631-367-6060.

BRONX BRONX RIVER ARTS CENTER: 1087 E Tremont Ave. www.bronxriverart.org. 718589-5819. Jun 5-19: Bronx River Sounds feat 06/5 4-5:15pm Anton Kot & friends, 7-8:15pm Ed Cherry Trio, 06/12 4-5:15pm Global Praise & Deliverance, 7-8:15pm Alegba & friends, 06/19 4-5:15pm Jerome Harris Qrt, 7-8:15pm Wayne Tucker & the Bad Mothas.

WESTCHESTER CARAMOOR CENTER FOR THE ARTS: 149 Girdle Ridge Rd. Katonah. 914-232-1252. www.caramoor.org. Jun 19: 6pm Gala feat Jazz at Lincoln Center Orch w/Wynton Marsalis. JAZZ AT THE LODGE: 118 Croton Ave. Ossining. www.jazzatthelodge.com. 917488-7187. Thurs: 7-10pm Organ Groove by Paul Connors. JAZZ FORUM: 1 Dixon Ln. Tarrytown. 914631-1000. www.jazzforumarts.org. Sets/ adm: Sun 4&6pm/$20; Fri-Sat 7&9:30pm/ $35. June 4-5: Monty Alexander Trio; 6: Cesar Garabini Qrt; 11-12: Christian Sands Trio; 13: Hendrik Meurkens Brazilian Qrt; 1819: Bill Charlap Trio; 20: Debora Watts; 2526: George Cables Trio; 27: Tamuz Nissim.

NEW YORK STATE DARYL’S HOUSE: 130 Rte 22. Pawling. 845289-0185. www.darylshouseclub.com. Jun 5: brunch feat La Pompe Attack! w/Doug continued on page 10

DMITRY BAEVSKY: A Tale of Three Cities By George Kanzler ELEASING R Soundtrack Talent), alto

HIS NEW ALBUM (Fresh Sound New saxophonist Dmitry Baevsky writes in the liner notes, “… the music I’ve chosen could be the soundtrack of my life and it’s my hope that in listening you just might catch a glimpse of my story.” The story, according to Dmitry—who talked on the phone from his home in Paris—is a tale of three cities: St. Petersburg, New York and Paris. All three, according to Dmitry, have left “an enduring mark” on the person he is and the music he plays. Dmitry spent the first 19 years of his life in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia. He was 15 when the Soviet Union dissolved, and remembers a time of hardship and shortages in the first years of post-Soviet Russia. It was about the same time, at age 14, that Dmitry ended up with an alto saxophone. “I went to try out for my school band with my guitar,” he says, “but they said they needed saxophonists and I picked an alto sax.” During those years, he remembers, there were still no CDs in Russia, so music like jazz circulated on reproduced cassette tapes. “When I first heard John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps,’” he says, “there was no bass on the cassette because it was probably the hundredth duplicate copy.” He also recalls hearing some Duke Ellington records, especially ones featuring alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges, who remains one of his influences today. But what really converted Dmitry to jazz was hearing Charlie Parker. “When I heard Parker, I was blown away,” he says. “It made me want to be a jazz musician.” He still counts Parker, and tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins, among his most important influences. Ann and Bob Hamilton, two Americans Dmitry met when they attended a concert at the Jazz Philharmonic Hall in St. Petersburg, offered to help him go to the United States for a two-week jazz workshop. They arranged a visa for him and he ended up staying with them for six months. During that time, Ann sent tapes of his playing to jazz schools. “I was granted a full scholarship to The New School in New York City,” says Dmitry, who was 19 when he first landed in the U.S. in 1995.

After living in New York for a decade and a half, Dmitry moved to Paris, where he now lives with his French wife and their son. Soundtrack traces his journey from St. Petersburg to New York to Paris, through music. On the album, he is incisively accompanied by Jeb Patton on piano, David Wong on bass and Pete Van Nostrand on drums. The St. Petersburg years are represented by a Russian tune “Evening Song,” a samba that Dmitry played in those years “Yamos Nessa” and an original “Baltiyskaya.” The next seven tracks represent Dmitry’s time in New York, which he remembers at the turn of the 21st Century as “a stimulating jazz scene full of living legends playing, talking, hanging out.” Included are tunes by favorites Sonny Rollins (“Grand Street”) and Dexter Gordon (“Le Coiffeur”) as well as Horace Silver’s boogaloo “The Jody Grand” and an early Ornette Coleman tune, “Invisible,” that Dmitry admires for “going beyond bebop harmonies and conventions.” Also included is Vernon Duke’s “Autumn in New York.” The final three songs invoke Paris, beginning with “Stranger in Paradise,” a song that also invokes Russia in its borrowed Borodin melody. Ahmad Jamal’s “Tranquility” suggests Dmitry’s feelings about living in Paris, while album closer, John Lewis’ “Afternoon in Paris” is a tune Dmitry has been playing for more than two decades. Throughout the album, Dmitry plays with a rich, resonant tone and an approach that incorporates bebop and post-bop strategies as well as influences of earlier musicians he admires, such as Johnny Hodges and Coleman Hawkins. It all makes Dmitry’s jazz voice utterly distinctive. Dmitry Baevsky performs a livestream for Global Music Foundation on June 19.


Listings...continued from page 8

Munro & spec guest Vinny Raniolo; 6: 12pm brunch feat Joe North Qrt. The FALCON: 1348 Rte 9 West. Marlboro. www.liveatthefalcon.com. 845-236-7970. HUDSON HALL: 327 Warren St. Hudson. www.hudsonhall.org. 518-822-1438. Jun 5 7pm & 6 5pm: Marcus Strickland Qrt. LYDIA’S CAFE: 7 Old US Hwy 209. Stone Ridge. www.lydias-cafe.com. 845-687-6373. Jun 5: 6pm Dan Blake. MAUREEN’S JAZZ CELLAR: 2 N Bway. Nyack. www.maureensjazzcellar.com. 845535-3143. Sets: 8pm/$20 adm. Jun 4: Mike LeDonne Trio, 9:45pm $10 Jam w/Freddie Jacobs & friends; 5: Chris Pasin & Ornettquette; 6: 1-8pm David Budway Qrt; 11: Andrea Brachfeld & The Women of Jazz; 12: Peter Furlan Qnt; 19: Ed Laub Trio; 25: Rufus Reid/Don Aliquo Qrt. ORIGINAL VINYL RECORDS: 314 State Rte 94 S. #7. Warwick. www.originalvinyl records.com. 845-987-3131.

NEW JERSEY AMERICANA KITCHEN & BAR: 359 US Hwy 130. East Windsor. 609-448-4477. www. americanakitchenandbar.com. Sets: Sun 11am-3pm Jazz brunch; Thurs 5:30-8:30pm; Fri-Sat 6-9pm. Residency: Thurs Mark Sganga. Jun 6: Meant To Be Jazz Qrt; 12: Jon Krischner; 13: Moon Alley Trio; 20: Bianculli Trio; 25: Jon Krischner; 27: Bianculli Trio. The BRIGHTSIDE TAVERN: 141 Bright St.

Jazz Get Away Home of Jazz In The Poconos for over 60 years!

Jersey City. 201-435-1234. www.thebright sidetavernnj.com. Mon: 6pm Keyed Up! feat Noel Sagerman Trio + jam. MARTINSVILLE TAVERN: 1979 Washington Valley Rd. Martinsville. 732-563-1717. www.martinsvilletavern.com. Wed: 6-9pm Chris DeVito & Greg Grispart. MORRIS MUSEUM: 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown. www.morrismuseum.org. 973971-3706. Sets: 8pm. Jun 3: rain date 06/5 Empire Wild; 10: rain date 06/11 Colin Hancock’s Red Hot Eight; 17: rain date 06/18 Evan Arntzen & Jon-Erik Kellso; 24: rain date 06/25 Bria Skonberg. ON THE GREEN: At Palmer Square. 40 Nassau St. Princeton. www.palmersquare. com. Jun 20: 4pm McCarter Concerts in the Square feat Ritmo Caliente. PORT IMPERIAL: 55 Riverwalk Pl. West New York. Thurs: 6-8pm Sunset Music series. Jun 10: The Curley Lamb Nu-Soul-Jaz-Trio + Mala Waldron & Reggie Pittman + Soular Rhythm Caribbean Steel Pan Trio; 24: Karl Latham Trio + Kate Baker w/Rachel Z + Jonathan Scales Trio. SHANGHAI JAZZ: 24 Main St. Madison. 973822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com. Residency: Tues 6:30pm John Korba. Jun 6: 6pm 3 Divas Jazz Trio; 10: 6:30pm Trilateral Project; 13: 6pm Sarah Partridge & Tomoko Ohno; 27: 6pm Stephanie Nakasian. SOUTH ORANGE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 1 SOPAC Way. South Orange. 973-313-2787. www.sopacnow.org. Jun 19: 7&9:30pm The Dizzy Gillespie Afro-Latin Experience w/spec guest Paquito D’Rivera. TAVERN ON GEORGE: 361 George St. New continued on page 12


".... pulsing organism of a band. Their charts are sophisticated complex and boy can they blow"... Don Mc Neil

" Tried and true Swingers, they can take you around the block with stops in between. All of which are played to perfection"... Chris Spector


Jazz-Dinner-Lodging Packages for 2 starting at $189 Call 570.424.2000 or visit www.deerheadinn.com 5 Main Street, Delaware Water Gap, PA

Trumpets - John Eckert & Kerry Mac Killop, Trombone - Sam Burtis, Tuba - Dale Turk, Alto/Flute - Geoff Burke, Tenor sax - Virginia Mayhew, Piano - Don Stein, Guitar -Tom De Pietra, Bass - Yas Takada, Drums - Mike Campeni, Percussion - Leopoldo Fleming. Vocal - Susan Diedrichson

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SPOTLIGHT By Ken Dryden, Ken Frankling, Michael G Nastos, Addie Vogt ED CHERRY THE DJANGO / JUNE 3; BRONX RIVER ARTS CENTER / JUNE 5 Guitarist Ed Cherry leads his three piece at the BRAC, as part of a series of showcases dedicated to social justice and post-COVID revival of live jazz. The native of Connecticut and longtime resident of the Bronx is best known for a 15-year association with Dizzy Gillespie, but has also worked with Paquito D’Rivera, Henry Threadgill, Big John Patton and Roy Hargrove. His style is rooted in bluesy funk, but is not far apart from modern guitarists or even Wes Montgomery and George Benson. A sparse discography as a leader belies his importance as a figurehead, albeit underappreciated, and an important voice as a leader and composer of contemporary jazz. Joining him in the trio is DownBeat Critics Poll top ten Rising Star Hammond B-3 organist Kyle Koehler, and drummers Anwar Marshall at the BRAC, and McClentry Hunter at the Django. MGN JARED GOLD SMALLS JAZZ CLUB / JUNE 11 Hammond B-3 organist Jared Gold has been on the fast track as a rising jazz star over the past two decades and is still moving upwards. Still young yet experienced, his time as a sideman is wide ranging through his background with guitarists like the more swinging Randy Napoleon to the late fusioneer John Abercrombie. Listeners may expect him to play soulful and groove-filled music, but there’s an inventive aspect of his sound that goes beyond standard fare. He credits influences Kahlid Yasin (also known as Larry Young) and Jack McDuff. He studied at William Paterson, won a Governor’s Award in 1988 and has collaborated with Benny Golson and the late Ralph Peterson, Jr., and recorded for Posi-Tone records. His trio comprises drummer Quincy Davis and guitarist Dave Stryker. MGN GREG ABATE DEER HEAD INN / JUNE 19 Have saxophones, will travel. That summed up Greg Abate’s globetrotting career as a hard bop ambassador—until the pandemic hit. This gig is just his fifth date outside his Southern New England home base since last spring. But Greg used the down time to great advantage. He recorded Magic Dance: the Music of Kenny Barron (Whaling City Sound, 2021) last September at Van Gelder Studio. Best known for his alto sax intensity, Greg added tenor, soprano and baritone saxes and flute to this project, revealing rich new facets in the 14 selected tunes in ways that underscore Kenny’s compositional prowess. Greg showcases music from that two-CD release at Deer Head, with support from pianist James Weidman, bassist Harvie S and drummer Vincent Ector. KF BRIA SKONBERG MORRIS MUSEUM / JUNE 24 Since her New York arrival in 2010, BC-born trumpeter, singer and songwriter Bria Skonberg has been combining vast experience with New Orleans-style hot jazz trumpet playing with her effortless vocals and songwriting. Playing covers of classic hot jazz tunes, her historically informed compositions and New Orleans-style covers of current popular songs, the six-time DownBeat Critics Poll Rising Star walks the line between preserving jazz roots and building upon them to make something new. “I play jazz because it’s the closest I can get to flying … spreading joy, relating the human experience, and putting good into the world to counteract the negative,” she quotes on her website. In the spirit of Louis Armstrong, Bria’s music is exactly what the world needs right now: joyful. AV RUFUS REID MAUREEN’S JAZZ CELLAR / JUNE 25 Rufus Reid has long been an in-demand bassist due to his creative improvising and flawless technique. In recent years, Rufus has focused more on leading his own groups, frequently trio, though he led an all-star big band playing his compositions at Dizzy’s Club in 2019. He recently traveled to Cologne, Germany and recorded eight originals with the WDR big band, tentatively to be issued on CD within the next year. While Maureen’s lists the date as featuring the Rufus Reid/Don Aliquo Quartet, Rufus contends the group was assembled by the tenor saxophonist, with pianist Dave Budway and drummer Chris Smith. The music is most likely to include songs from Don’s 2016 release Sun & Shield, which features Rufus and Jim McNeely, along with other selections. KD Abate photo by Judith Potter, Gold by Chris Drukker, Reid by John Abbott, Skonberg by Krista Stucchio.


BACKSTAGE PASS JAZZ ANECDOTE BY BILL CROW Bill Crow's books "Jazz Anecdotes" and "From Birdland to Broadway" can be found at your favorite bookstore, and at www.billcrowbass.com along with many interesting photos and links. Tom Samuels posted this on Facebook. It is from a column written by Tim Marks for the January 6, 1934 issue of the Brooklyn Times Union. Trapped Drummer Almost Bites Dog: If the percussion section of Isham Jones’ Orchestra seemed to miss a beat or two during a recent broadcast of “The Big Show,” don’t think badly of the drummer, please. Gertrude Niesen’s bulldog, Big Boy, was the cause of it all. Gertrude brought the diminutive brindle bull pup to the studio that evening and tied him up to the leg of a chair. He remained there, apparently quite contented, and not a bit interested in the hurry and bustle preparatory to putting “The Big Show” on the air, until the orchestra launched into the opening fanfare. At the first blast, Big Boy gave a tug at his tether, yanked himself loose, bounded across the studio and up onto the snare drum to play “catch” with the flying drum sticks. He tumbled off the snare drum onto the kettle drum and, from there, bounced off onto the floor. Gertrude, with a flying tackle, scooped him up and whisked him through the door just in time to catch her cue to start singing. CABLES...continued from page 5

albums include Cables Vision (Contemporary, 1979), which features the radiofriendly tracks “Morning Song” and “Inner Glow,” and showcases Cables on electric piano; By George (Contemporary, 1987), his tribute to George Gershwin; and The George Cables Songbook (HighNote, 2016). George moved back to New York in 1991. “There’s a certain drive and energy that’s here in New York,” he remarks. Today, George Cables still draws on that energy. “I was able to write some new pieces and record a new CD,” he reports, referencing an album with Roni Ben-Hur and with the Cookers, as well as his new piano songbook. “When you write music, you’re discovering something about yourself. So, I'm looking forward to discovering more about myself.” George Cables performs with Essiet Essiet and Jerome Jennings at Jazz Forum June 25-26; and with Ed Howard on bass at Mezzrow June 18.

Listings...continued from page 10

Brunswick. www.tavernongeorge.com. 732545-6205. Sun 1-4pm & Thurs 7-10pm: free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ www.nbjp.org. Sun: Emerging Artist Trios. Jun 3: 3 Divas; 6: Carter Vames; 10: Nat Adderley, Jr. Qrt; 13: Liam Sutcliffe; 17: Emily Braden Qrt; 20: Charlie Barber; 24: Benito Gonzalez Trio; 27: Jackson Grundt. The WOODLAND: 60 Woodland Rd. Maplewood. www.thewoodlandnj.com. 973843-7157. Jun 3-5: 8pm Django A Gogo Festival feat 06/3 Stéphane Wrembel & Michael Sheridan, 06/4 Stéphane Wrembel, Thor Jensen, Daisy Castro, Nick Driscoll, 06/5 Django A Gogo All-Stars.

PENNSYLVANIA CHRIS’ JAZZ CAFE: 1421 Sansom St. Philadelphia. www.chrisjazzcafe.com. 215568-3131. Sets: 8pm. Jun 19: Steve Davis & Steve Wilson w/Philly All Star Trio. DEER HEAD INN: 5 Main St. Delaware Water Gap. www.deerheadinn.com. 570-424-2000. Sets/adm: Sun 5-7:30pm/$12; Fri-Sat 710pm/$15; $20/min. Jun 4: Clarence Spady Band; 5: Jazz on Tap in the Gap w/3D Jazz Trio & spec guest John Manzari; 6: Joanie continued on page 14

A Moment You Missed by Fran Kaufman Hot House Contributing Photographer I stopped by pianist Rossano Sportiello’s studio to see where he’d been streaming his popular Sunday “Live at the Flat in Greenwich Village” concerts for 33 Sunday evenings—moved to Tuesdays starting June 1. Ever the Italian gentleman, Rossano showed me around, let me see how he enlists his computer to serve as the audience during the streams, and made me a home brewed cup of espresso. A happy afternoon for me after a year of pandemic lockdown.


Spring/Summer 2021 Festival & Outdoor Concert Guide PIANO IN THE PARK


MAY 3-OCTOBER 6 Bryant Park: bet 40th & 42nd Sts. and 5th & 6th Aves., New York, NY www.bryantpark.org/calendar. Mon-Fri, 12-2:30pm: Armen Donelian, Ayako Shirasaki, Bertha Hope, Charlie Judkins, Dan Manjovi, Danny Mixon, Daryl Sherman, Deanna Witkowski, Frank Owens, Isaac ben Ayala, Joel Forrester, Jon Weber, Kuni Mikami, Larry Ham, Luiz Simas, Roy Eaton, Russ Kassoff, Sue Maskaleris, Terry Waldo, Todd Robbins, Victor Lin, Yuka Aikawa.

JUNE 26-27 Saratoga Springs, NY www.spac.org. 12pm: Al Di Meola, Artemis, Cécile McLorin Salvant, Christian McBride’s New Jawn, Dianne Reeves, Garland Nelson’s Joyful Noise, Hot Club of Saratoga, Joey Alexander.

SUNSET MUSIC SERIES JUNE 10 & 24, JULY 8 & 24, AUGUST 5 & 19 Port Imperial: 55 Riverwalk Pl., West New York, NJ www.facebook.com/portimperialsunsetmusicseries. Thurs, 6-8pm: Chris Pasin & David Stryker, Christine Spero & Elliot Spero, Curley Lamb Nu-Soul-Jaz-Trio, Fran Tokarz Trio, Jonathan Scales/Steel Pan, Karl Latham Trio, Kate Baker & Rachel Z, Mala Waldron & Reggie Pittman, Mark Sganga Trio, Marya Lawrence & Erik Lawrence Trio, Scott Petito & Leslie Ritter, Soular Rhythm Caribbean Steel Pan Trio. BLUE NOTE JAZZ FESTIVAL JUNE 15-AUGUST 15 Blue Note, Central Park, Sony Hall: New York, NY www.bluenotejazzfest.com. Al Di Meola, Brasstracks, Chris Botti, Digable Planets, Eddie Palmieri, Eric Krasno Trio, Galactic, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Ghost-Note, Isaiah Sharkey, Jacob Collier & friends, James Carter Qrt, Joe Lovano Qrt, Joel Ross, John Pizzarelli, John Scofield, Johnathan Blake, Judith Hill, Keyon Harrold, Lisa Fischer, Maurice “Mobetta” Brown, Michel Camilo, Ravi Coltrane Trio, Robert Glasper, Ron Carter Qrt, Talib Kweli.

DUPONT CLIFFORD BROWN JAZZ FESTIVAL JUNE 19-22 Rodney Square: 1100 N Market St., Wilmington, DE www.cliffordbrownjazzfest.com. Lineup unavailable at press time. SUMMERSTAGE FINAL DATES TBA Central Park, Tompkin Square Park: New York, NY www.summerstage.org. Partial lineup available at press time: Chris Botti, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. MONTCLAIR JAZZ FESTIVAL JUNE 24-SEPTEMBER 26 Montclair, NJ www.montclairjazzfestival.org. June 24, July 8 & 22, 5:30-9pm; August 7 & 14, 1-9pm: Soundcheck Series. September 24-26: Downtown Jamboree. Lineup unavailable at press time.

JAZZMOBILE SUMMERFEST www.jazzmobile.org. Details unavailable at press time. JAZZ FORUM ARTS JULY 7-AUGUST 27 Dobbs Ferry, Ossining, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, NY www.jazzforumarts.org. 6:30-8pm: Alicia Renee, Anita Brown Orch, Ashley Pezzotti Qrt, Austin Day & B-Side Five, Chien Chien Lu Qrt, Christine Chanel & The Roster, Dave Stryker/Charlie Apicella/Greg Skaff, Ed Bettinelli & The Hudson River Cats, Ed Cherry T-Man Trio, Gilberto “Pulpo” Colon, Jr., Hiroshi Yamazaki Qrt, Jay Hoggard Qrt, Joe Magnarelli Qrt feat Akiko Tsuruga, Justin Robinson Qrt, Kristen Lee Sergeant Qrt feat Ted Nash, Leonieke Scheuble Generations of Jazz Qnt feat Bill Crow, Marion Cowings Qrt, Mark Morganelli & Jazz Forum All-Stars feat Eddie Monteiro & Nanny Assis, Matt Buttermann Qrt feat Ceron Yasaroglu, Mayra Casales & Cocomama, Nanny Assis, Natalie Forteza Trio, Neal Spitzer & friends, Scott Robinson Qrt, Seth Kibel Kleztet, Steve Sandberg Qrt feat Zach Brock, Sylvia Cuenca Qrt, Vince Ector Qrt, Vinnie Zummo Trio.

GREATER HARTFORD FESTIVAL OF JAZZ JULY 16-18 Bushnell Park: Hartford, CT www.hartfordjazz.com. Lineup unavailable at press time. VISION FESTIVAL JULY 22-31 The Clemente, New York, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY www.artsforart.org/vision. Amina Claudine Myers, Andrew Cyrille, Brandon Lopez Trio, Composers Workshop Ens, Cooper-Moore, Creative Vision Youth Ens, Dave Burrell & Darius Jones Duo, David Murray Oct Revival, Elder Ones, ElectroFLUTTER, fly or die, Generation IV, Ingrid Laubrock’s Monochromes, James Blood Ulmer, James Brandon Lewis Qrt, Joe McPhee Oct, Joe Morris & Tomas Fujiwara, John Zorn, Julie Ezelle Patton Rock Paper Twister, Mara Rosenbloom, Matthew Shipp String Trio, Morris/Smith, Moten/Lopez/ Cleaver, Music for a Free World Spt, Pheeroan akLaff Liberation Unit, Raymond Nat Turner, Shahzad Ismaily, Third Landing, Tony Malaby’s Sabino Qrt, Trio 3, Whit Dickey Trio. NEWPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL JULY 30-AUGUST 1


Newport, RI www.newportjazz.org. Lineup unavailable at press time. BRIC CELEBRATE BROOKLYN! JULY 31 Prospect Park Bandshell: Brooklyn, NY www.bricartsmedia.org. Final dates and lineup unavailable at press time. CARAMOOR JAZZ FESTIVAL JULY 31 Katonah, NY www.caramoor.org/events/jazz-festival. Alexa Tarantino Qrt, Brandon Goldberg Trio, Endea Owens & The Cookout, Godwin Louis Duo feat Jonathan Barber, Jeremy Bosch & friends, Larry Grenadier, Sean Jones. LITCHFIELD JAZZ VIRTUAL FESTIVAL JULY 31 Online at www.litchfieldjazzfest.org www.litchfieldjazzfest.org. Beautiful Ballads, Emmet Cohen & friends, Matt Wilson Qrt, Rufus Reid Trio. HUDSON VALLEY JAZZ FESTIVAL AUGUST 12-15 Sugar Loaf, Walden, Warwick, NY www.hudsonvalleyjazzfest.org. Partial lineup at press time: The Altered 9, Eric Person Qrt, The Hudson Valley Jazz Ens, Skye Jazz. Listings...continued from page 12

Samra & friends; 11: Eric Mintel Qrt; 12: Carrie Jackson’s Jazzin’ All Stars; 13: B.D. Lenz Qrt; 14: 7-9pm $15 COTA at the Deer Head Inn feat Dave Stryker Trio; 18: Peter & Will Anderson Trio; 19: Greg Abate Qrt; 20: Ron Bogart Qrt; 25: Davey Lantz IV Gp; 26: Amani; 27: Horizons Qrt. SOUTH: 600 N Broad St. Philadelphia. 215600-0220. www.southjazzkitchen.com. Sets: Sun 6:30&8:30pm; Thurs-Sat 7&9:30pm. Jun 5-6: Allan Harris.

MARYLAND KEYSTONE KORNER BALTIMORE: 1350 Lancaster St. Baltimore. 410-946-6726. www.keystonekornerbaltimore.com. Sets: Sun 5&7:30pm; Thurs 7:30pm; Fri-Sat 7:30& 9:30pm. Jun 3: Brian Lenair & BlacMarkit; 45: Lisa Fischer feat Taylor Eigsti; 6: Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio; 11-13: Kenny Barron Trio; 18-19: Ravi Coltrane Qrt; 20: Benny Benack Qrt feat Emmet Cohen; 25-27: Kenny Garrett Qrt.

Hot House is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the listings which may have occured from late changes or pandemic related closures. Please check websites for up to date calendars. 14

Saturday, June 26 | 12–6pm

Dianne Reeves Christian McBrideʼs New Jawn Joey Alexander Hot Club of Saratoga presented by Caffè Lena

Sunday, June 27 | 12–6pm

Cécile McLorin Salvant Artemis

presented by Skidmore Jazz Institute

Al Di Meola Garland Nelson's Joyful Noise presented by Caffè Lena For tickets and more information visit SPAC.org

Katonah, NY Classical / Roots / Jazz / World / Family Fun 2021 SUMMER SEASON

Full Calendar & Tickets: caramoor.org / 914.232.1252 Tick ets s ellin g



July 31 / Jazz Festival: Sean Jones

WITH ELLA IN MIND July 2 / The Brianna Thomas Band

POWER TO THE PEOPLE August 27 / Shenel Johns

Mayor Tim Dougherty & the Town of Morristown Present


Nonstop Music On The Green In Morristown

Saturday September 18th 12:00 PM Bring Your Lawn Chairs & Blankets

www.MorristownJazzandBlues.org 15

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Hot Huse Jazz Guide | June 2021  

Hot Huse Jazz Guide | June 2021  


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