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BONS RITMOS (Good Rhythms)

Record company and production company, the best in Jazz, Brazilian music and Afro Bahian dance, and future pop. Producer, singer, song writer, percusionist, JACK JOAO POTTER. Two time Billboard World Music charting artist and incredable Afro Bahian dancer, EDI MACHADO. Producer, New York to Brazil drummer / percusionist, song writer, ANDREW SCOTT POTTER. All of these incredable Bons Ritmos records can be heard on the Bons Ritmos Youtube channel.




Drummer / percusionist, ANDREW SCOTT POTTER, working New York jazz drummer for 8 years, has lived in Brazil more than 30 years. Working with Afro Bahian dancers and drummers, and some of Brazil's top musicians, he decided to learn some of the grooves of KETU CANDOMBLE, to play Brazilian rhythms better. To his surprise , he discovered profound parallel hookups, of Ketu Candomble grooves, and the evolution of rhythms, phrasing and phrasing in compositions, with the history of Jazz and the great innovators. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClpDp25xd4RJ1t3NpVg5eLQ/videos

New York gig tapes, 78-85, Andrew Scott Potter


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywlK_XRm0H8 Bons Ritmos contact for Bons Ritmos Artist's gigs, clinics, Afro Bahian dance workshops, Ketu Candomble -Jazz workshops : aspotter@terra.com.br 2



7 & 9:30 PM SETS J U LY 9 & 10


& T H E B R A ZI L I A N JA Z Z A L LS TA RS FE AT. M AU C H A A D N E T J U LY 16 & 17


FE AT. S T E V E A L L E E & L E N N Y W H I T E J U LY 23 & 24



J U LY 30 & 31 ( P I C T U R E D)


AU G U S T 6 & 7





J U LY 11


J U LY 18




& I NS I G H T AU G U S T 1





Feat. David Janeway Trio (8-10 PM)


CALENDAR OF EVENTS ONLINE EVENTS ACUTE INFLECTIONS: https://www.face book.com/acuteinflections. Jul 12&26: 8pm Intimately Jazzy. ALLAN HARRIS: https://www.facebook.com/ theallanharrisband. Tues 7:30pm & 1st Fri 2pm: Harlem After Dark, Unplugged feat Allan Harris. ALTERNATIVE VENUES FOR JAZZ: https://www.facebook.com/groups/altve nuesforjazz. Mon-Fri: 5pm. CHAMPIAN FULTON: https://www.face book.com/champianfulton. Sun: 5pm. DIZZY’S CLUB: https://jazzatlincolncenter. squarespace.com/dizzys-club. Tues&Thurs: 12pm A Closer Listen w/Seton Hawkins & Yunie Mojica. EMMET COHEN: https://www.facebook.com /heyemmet. Mon: 7:30pm Live From Emmet’s feat Emmet Cohen Trio w/guests. ERIC COMSTOCK & BARBARA FASANO: https://www.facebook.com/eric.comstock1. Sat: 5:30pm 72andsong series feat Eric Comstock & Barbara Fasano.   FLUSHING TOWN HALL: http://www.flush ingtownhall.org/events. Jul 14: 7pm Jam w/Carol Sudhalter. GLOBAL MUSIC FOUNDATION: https:// www.gmfjazzsummit.com/concerts-online. HARLEM JAZZ BOXX: https://harlem jazzboxx.com/virtual-jazz-concerts. Fri: 7pm $15 adm Craig Harris & Harlem Nightsongs w/guest. JACKSON ROOM: https://www.jackson room.com. Last Sat: 8:30pm $10 adm Ed Jackson & friends. JANICE FRIEDMAN: https://www.facebook. com/janicefriedmanmusic/live. Wed: 7:30pm Over the Hump w/Janice Friedman. JAZZ WAHI: https://jazzwahi.org/vocal-series. Jul 1: 7:30pm Jazz Wahi Vocal series feat Lainie Munro & Matt Wolfe. JAZZVOICE.COM: https://www.jazzvoice. com. Masterclasses. Jul 2: 9pm Gabrielle Stravelli; 10: 5pm Greta Matassa; 12: 9pm Kim Nazarian; 22: 9pm Lucy Yeghiazaryan. JOHN PIZZARELLI: https://www.facebook. com/johnpizzarelliofficial. Thurs: 6pm It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere feat John Pizzarelli. KARRIN ALLYSON: https://karrin.com. 3rd Sun: 6pm. KAT EDMONSON: https://www.facebook. com/katedmonsonmusic. Sun: 7pm. KEN PEPLOWSKI: https://www.facebook. com/ken.peplowski. Thurs: 7:30pm In The Moment w/Ken Peplowski & friends. KISMAT: https://www.facebook.com/kismat bar. Fri: 7:30pm Friday Night Jazz “at” Kismat. LARRY NEWCOMB: https://www.facebook. com/larrynewcombguitarmethod. Sat 2:30pm Covid Comfort & Beyond feat Larry & Jake Newcomb. LITCHFIELD JAZZ FESTIVAL: https://litch fieldjazzfest.com. Jul 31: 12pm Beautiful Ballads feat Albert Rivera, 1:30pm Rufus Reid Trio, 3pm Matt Wilson Qrt, 4:30pm Emmet Cohen & friends.


MARIANNE SOLIVAN: https://www.face book.com/groups/137384737712045. Sat: 1pm Jazz Vocal Repertoire Hang feat Marianne Solivan. MARIO ABNET: https://www.facebook.com/ mario.abneyario. Tues: 10pm Keyed Up! feat Mario Abney Qnt. METROPOLITANZOOM: https://metropolitan zoom.com. Jul 1: 7-8:30pm Jeff Franzel. MUSIC WHILE WE'RE INSIDE: https://www.musicontheinside.org. Sun: 6pm hosted by Antoinette Montague w/spec guests. NICKI PARROTT: http://cheznickijams.com. Chez Nicki Jams feat Nicki Parrott. ROOM 623: https://www.facebook.com/joce lynmedinamusic. Sun: 6pm + Jam 7-9pm Sunday Vocal Jazz Jam feat Jocelyn Medina w/spec guest. Jul 11: Rose Ellis; 18: Cindy Scott; 25: Beat Kaestli. ROSSANO SPORTIELLO: https://www.face book.com/rossanosportiello. Tues: 6pm Live At The Flat in Greenwich Village feat Rossano Sportiello w/spec guest. SAINT PETER’S CHURCH: https://www.saint peters.org. Sun: 5-6pm free adm Jazz Vespers. SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: https://smokejazz.com. Fri-Sat: 8pm. VILLAGE VANGUARD: https://www.village vanguard.com. Fri 8pm-Sun 8pm. WICN RADIO 90.5: https://www.wicn.org. Jun 16: 12-1pm Noah Preminger Qrt.


Subject to COVID regulations, and weather conditions for outdoors.

UPPER MANHATTAN (Above 70th Street)

92Y: 1395 Lexington Ave. at 92nd St. 212-4155500. www.92y.org. Jul 20&27: 7:30pm Jazz in July feat 07/20 Kurt Elling & Bill Charlap, 07/27 Dianne Reeves & Bill Charlap Trio. 449 LA: 449 Lenox Ave. bet. 132nd & 133rd Sts. 212-234-3298. Sun&Sat: 4-7pm. BENNET PARK: W 183rd St. at Fort Washington Ave. Mon: 4pm WaHi Jam. BILL’S PLACE: 148 W 133rd St. bet. Lenox & 7th Aves. www.billsplaceharlem.com. 212281-0777. Fri-Sat: 7&9pm Bill Saxton Bebop Band. GINNY’S SUPPER CLUB: At Red Rooster Harlem. 310 Lenox Ave. bet 125th & 126th Sts. www.ginnyssupperclub.com. 212-7929001. GRANT’S TOMB: W 122nd St. at Riverside Dr. www.jazzmobile.org. 212-866-4900. Wed: 78:30pm free adm. GREATER CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH: 55 W 124th St. bet. Malcolm X Blvd. & 5th Ave. www.harlemjazzboxx.com. 212-3486132. Fri: 7pm Harlem Jazz series feat Craig Harris & Harlem Nightsongs w/guest. Jul 2: Marty Ehrlich; 9: Don Byron; 16: Curtis Stewart; 23: Lee Odom; 30: Shanyse Strickland. KISMAT BAR: 603 Fort Washington Ave. at

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greatest masters was secured decades ago,

listeners somehow undersell BRIANNA THOMAS: allthe tooarrayoftenof material she produced. While

Ella in Mind

By Seton Hawkins

HILE ANY PERFORMANCE BY the master vocalist Brianna W Thomas is cause for celebration, her July

2 appearance at the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts feels particularly joyous. Back to the stage following the yearlong absence that the COVID-19 crisis wrought, arriving on the heels of her critically beloved sophomore release Everybody Knows (2020) and bringing her band to Caramoor in an Ella Fitzgerald-inspired set, Brianna’s return for New York audiences could not feel more exciting. Helming the superb Brianna Thomas Band, she presents to Caramoor listeners With Ella in Mind, a set that offers a unique and far-reaching take on the sheer breadth of Ella’s genius. For Brianna, properly paying tribute to Ella Fitzgerald requires truly diving in and exploring the full scope of Ella’s artistic output and range. “Ella sang literally anything and everything: Stevie Wonder, Jobim, Ellington, Rodgers and Hart, anything you can think of,” she explains. “She was always relevant, singing blues, singing spirituals, her voice could handle it.” For Brianna, who grew up in a musicloving household that exposed her to many musical styles, Ella’s work feels particularly close. First encountering Ella’s music by hearing a CD of her singing ballads alongside pianist Ellis Larkin, Brianna was transfixed. “I was 10 when I first heard her, and it shaped me,” she recalls. “She was one of the first vocalists that made me fall in love with lyrics.” Indeed, to talk with Brianna about Ella is to fall in love with Ella’s music all over again, and to look at Ella’s musical output through Brianna’s eyes can be an exciting and revelatory experience. After all, while Ella’s position in the pantheon of jazz’s

her songbook recordings and her albums with Louis Armstrong are rightly lauded as timeless classics, Ella’s singing on records like These Are the Blues (Verve, 1963) and Ella Abraça Jobim (Pablo, 1981) is frequently ignored. For Brianna, it is high time the world reassess its perception of Ella’s artistic legacy. “When she sings the blues, you hear that she’s a blues singer; when she sings jazz, you hear her as a jazz singer; and if she’s singing Stevie Wonder, then you’re hearing her handling that, too” Brianna notes. “She could bring a beautiful silky tone, her instrument was impeccable, and her sense of how to deliver a song—any song—was impeccable.” This love of Ella’s versatility and musical breadth is not simply lip service: on Everybody Knows, Brianna’s latest album, listeners are treated to an intoxicating romp through multiple styles and moods. From the sultry slow burn of “Ain’t Got Nothin’ But the Blues” to the heart wrenching pathos of “My Foolish Heart” to the winking up-tempo shuffle of “My Stove’s in Good Condition,” Brianna and her ensemble traverse some extraordinary ground. “When I think of tunes and arrangements, I think first of the people I play with,” she says. “For the album, the songs we chose came from our repertoire book and were the ones that had been speaking to us, the music we had been playing a lot recently. I think the music we chose is relevant for the time we’re in.” While pulling from a wide range of materials and styles can be a risk, the ensemble pulls off the gambit perfectly, creating an effortless and joyous flow from track to track, highlighting a relaxed camaraderie and a shared musical vision that defies easy genre categorization. At Caramoor, this ensemble makes a long-overdue return to New York, as Brianna joins up with bandmates Marvin Sewell on guitar, Conun Pappas on piano, Ryan Berg on bass, Fernando Saci on percussion and band newcomer Jeremy “Bean” Clemons on drums. As they present their set With Ella in Mind, Brianna plans for a diverse program, pulling everything from Ella’s ballad work to her pop material, from her hard-swinging works to her blues songs. “To me, Ella was a jazz singer yes, but she was also a singer’s singer with how she approached life with her instrument,” says Brianna. “I want to share with people how I envision her as an artist, and how she inspires me.” The Brianna Thomas Band featuring Marvin Sewell, Conun Pappas, Ryan Berg, Fernando Saci and Jeremy Clemons performs With Ella in Mind at the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts on July 2.

Cohen cover photo by Taili Song Roth, Minnock by Leslie Farinacci.


Listings...continued from page 4

187th St. www.facebook.com/kismatbar. 212-795-8633. Tues: 6:30pm WaHi Jam. LA FONDA: 169 E 106th St. bet. 3rd & Lexington Aves. www.fondaboricua.com. 212-410-7292. Thurs: 8pm Latin Jazz. MARCUS GARVEY PARK: 122nd St. at Manhattan Ave. www.jazzmobile.org. 212866-4900. Fri: 7-8:15pm free adm. MINTON’S PLAYHOUSE: 206 W 118th St. bet. St. Nicholas Ave. & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. www.mintonsharlem.com. 212-2432222. Sets: 7&9pm. Residency: Thurs Jam by Vuyo Sotashe, Benny Benack III & Jenn Jade. Jul 2: Norman Edwards Jr. & KIAI; 3: Jonathan Michel; 10: Benny Benack III Qrt; 11: Irvin Hall Organ Trio; 14: Jenn Jade Ledesna Qrt; 16: Joe Dyson Qnt; 17: Kennedy; 18: Hector Martignon Qrt; 21: Steve Carrington Qrt; 23: Tamir Shmerling Qrt; 24: Denise King Qnt; 25: The BAMF  Collective; 28: Jerome Gillespie, Jr Trio; 30: Curtis Nowosad Qrt; 31: Ted Nash Trio. PATRICK'S PLACE: 2835 Frederick Douglass Blvd. at 151st St. www.patricksplaceharlem. com. 212-491-7800. Fri: 8-11pm Jam. RUMSEY PLAYFIELD: At Central Park. E 71st St. at 5th Ave. www.summerstage.org. 21212-360-2756. Jul 11: 2:30&7:30pm Blue Note Jazz Festival feat Galactic w/Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph & MonoNeon; 24: 7pm Sun Ra Arkestra. SHOWMANS: 375 W 125th St. at Morningside. 212-864-8941. SUGAR BAR: 254 W 72nd St. bet. Bway & West End Ave. www.sugarbarnyc.com. 212-579-0222. Thurs: 9pm $10 adm Open Mic w/Sugar Bar All Star Band. TARTINA: 1034 Amsterdam Ave. at 111th St. 646-590-0577. www.tartina-restaurant.com. Sun: 12-3pm Jazz brunch w/Pasquale Grasso Duo.

MID-TOWN MANHATTAN (Between 35th & 59th Street)

BIRDLAND: 315 W 44th St. bet. 8th & 9th Aves. 212-581-3080. www.birdlandjazz.com. Sets: Sun&Wed-Thurs 7pm; Fri-Sat 7&9:30pm. Residencies: Sun Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Ens; Wed except 07/7 David Ostwald's Louis Armstrong Eternity Band. Jul 1-3: Emmet Cohen Trio; 7: Matt Munisteri w/Jon-Erik Kellso & The EarRegulars; 15-16: Delfeayo Marsalis Qnt; 17: Ken Peplowski Qrt; 22-24: Joe Alterman Trio; 29-Orrin Evans Qrt feat Immanuel Wilkins. BIRDLAND THEATER: 315 W 44th St. bet. 8th & 9th Aves. www.birdlandjazz.com. 212581-3080. Jul 8-9: 8:30pm Allan Harris Spt. BROADWAY PLAZA: Bway bet. 43rd & 44th Sts. www.timessquarenyc.org/jazz. Thurs: 7-8pm. Jul 8: Etienne Charles. BRYANT PARK: 6th Ave. bet. 41st & 42nd Sts. www.bryantpark.org. 212-768-4242. Mon-Fri: 12:30-2:30pm Piano in the Park. Jul 1-2: Daryl Sherman; 5-9: Charlie Judkins; 12-16: Joel Forrester; 19-23: Dan Manjovi; 26-30: Russ Kassoff. CARNEGIE CLUB: 156 W 56th St. bet. 6th & 7th Aves. 212-957-9676. www.hospitality holdings.com. Sat: except 07/3&10 8&10:30pm Steve Maglio & Stan Rubin Orch. DON’T TELL MAMA: 343 W 46th St. bet. 8th & 9th Aves. www.donttellmamanyc.com. 212757-0788. Jul 28: 7-8:30pm $20 adm Acute Inflections. FEINSTEIN’S/54 BELOW: 254 W 54th St. bet. Bway & 8th Ave. Lower level. 646-476-3551. www.54below.com. Jul 29: 9:45pm John


Minnock w/spec guest Dave Liebman. The RUM HOUSE: At Hotel Edison. 228 W 47th St. bet. Bway & 8th Ave. 646-490-6924. www.therumhousenyc.com. Jul 8,17&28: 811pm Lou Caputo & Co. SWING 46 JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: 349 W 46th St. bet. 8 & 9th Aves. 212-262-9554. www.swing46.nyc.com. Sets: Sun 12pm Brunch, 5:30&8:30pm; Wed-Thurs 5:30& 8:30pm; Fri-Sat 5&8:30pm. TOMI JAZZ: 239 E 53rd St. bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves. Lower level. www.tomijazz.com. 646497-1254. WEST BANK CAFE: 407 W 42nd St. bet. 9th & 10th Aves. www.westbankcafe.com. 212695-6909. Sets: 8-10pm. Fri: The Jazz Bandits; Sat: 8-10pm Gabrielle Stravelli Trio.

LOWER MANHATTAN (Below 34th Street) 11TH STREET BAR: 510 E 11th St. bet. Avenue A & B. www.11thstbar.com. 212-9823929. Mon: 7pm Keyed Up! feat Richard Clements & Murray Wall. 55 BAR: 55 Christopher St. bet. 6th & 7th Aves. 212-929-9883. www.55bar.com. BLUE NOTE: 131 W 3rd St. at 6th Ave. 212475-8592. www.bluenotejazz.com. Sets: 8& 10:30pm. Jul 1: Eric Krasno Trio; 2-3: Brasstracks; 4-5: Eddie Palmieri; 6-7: Maurice “Mobetta” Brown; 8-11: John Scofield; 12-15: Keyon Harrold; 16-18: Talib Kweli; 19: Eddie Palmieri; 20-21: James Carter Qrt; 22-24: Ms. Lisa Fischer; 25: tba; 26: Michel Camilo; 27: Judith Hill; 28-29: Joe Lovano Qrt; 30-Aug 1: Al Di Meola. The CLEMENTE: 107 Suffolk St. bet. Rivington & Delancey Sts. 212-260-4080. www.theclementecenter.org. Jul 24-25&31: Vision Festival www.artsforart.org/vision feat 07/24 5pm Creative Vision Youth Ens, 6pm Composers Workshop Ens, 7pm ElectroFLUTTER, 8pm Tracie Morris, 8:30pm Joe Morris & Tomas Fujiwara, 9:30pm Tony Malaby's Sabino Qrt, 07/25 6pm Whit Dickey Trio, 7pm Pheeroan akLaff Liberation Unit, 8pm Raymond Nat Turner, 8:30pm Third Landing, 9:30pm James Blood Ulmer, 07/31 6pm Andrew Cyrille, 7pm Joe McPhee Oct, 8pm Shahzad Ismaily, 8:15pm John Zorn, 8:30pm Tribute to Milford Graves feat William Parker, Lee Mixashawn Rozie, DD Jackson, William Hooker & Francisco Mela, 9:30pm Drum, Horn & Dance Finale. The CUTTING ROOM: 44 E 32nd St. bet. Madison & Park Aves. 212-691-1900. www.thecuttingroomnyc.com. Jul 17: 7pm Louis Prima Jr. & the Witnesses; 18: 4pm George Coleman & friends. The DJANGO: At Roxy Hotel. 2 Avenue of the Americas at Walker St. www.roxyhotelnyc. com. 212-519-6600. Sets: Early (E) 7-8:30pm, Late (L) 9-11:30pm. Residency (R): Fri L Ken Fowser Qnt. Jul 1: E Misha Piatigorsky Trio, L Etienne Charles; 2: E Dan Aran Band, L R; 3: E Ed Cherry, L Jerry Weldon Sxt; 7: E Naama Gheber, L Vuyo Sotashe; 8: E David Kikoski, L Django Allstars; 9: E Answar Marshall, L R; 10: E David Gibson Qrt, L Mike LeDonne; 14: E Vanessa Perea, L Richard Cortez; 15: E Akiko Tsuruga, L Ian Hendrickson-Smith; 16: E Stacy Dillard, L R; 17: E Joe Saylor, L Barry Stephenson Qnt; 21: E Hilary Gardner, L Ashel Pezzotti; 22: E Nir Felder, L Mark Whitfield; 23: E Ray Gallon Trio, L R; 24: E Aaron Kimmel, L Joe Farnsworth; 28: E Emily Braden, L Alexa Barchini; 29: E Nick Hempton, L Freddy continued on page 8

EMMET COHEN and the Healing Power of Jazz By Eugene Holley, Jr.

LESSED WITH A FLUID AND FORmidable pianism that is both classic B and modern, pianist and bandleader

Emmet Cohen reopens Birdland to the public with his trio, featuring bassist Russell Hall and drummer Kyle Poole. A graduate of the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, Emmet burst on the scene winning both the Phillips Piano Competition in 2011, and the 2014 American Jazz Pianists Competition. He’s worked and recorded with a number of jazz icons such as Ron Carter, Benny Golson, George Coleman and Jimmy Heath, and released nine recordings as a leader including his latest CD Future Stride (Mack Avenue, 2021). Emmet and company’s reopening of Birdland comes after the loss of live music from clubs and festivals, and from the multitude of jazz musicians who died due to COVID-19. Emmet and his triad come to the stage with a setlist that is invigorating, expansive and uplifting. “We’ve been a band for over five years, and we have a vast repertoire,” Emmet says. “Whether we’re playing like Willie the Lion Smith or something from Wynton Marsalis or Cedar Walton or a classical piece, we’ll draw from all kinds of influences, feel the energy in the room and try to put some positivity and some soulfulness in the world.” For more than a year, that positivity and soulfulness was on digital display at Live From Emmet’s Place, Emmet’s series of pandemic livestreams from his New York City apartment that featured such contemporaries as vocalists Jazzmeia Horn, Cyrille Aimée and Veronica Swift, and guitarist Pasquale Grasso, and veterans like saxophonist Joe Lovano, pianist/vocalist Johnny O’Neal and trumpeter Warren Vaché. With their laid-back friendly vibes, Emmet’s streaming concerts are seen as a kind of 21st Century version of those Harlem Renaissance-era rent parties, where Black tenants hired musicians to play in their apartments to pay the rent, creating swinging jazz and blues in the process. But Emmet recalls a more recent origin of his video venue. “I got a call from Derek Kwan, one of our promoter friends in Lawrence, Kansas,” Emmet recalls, “and he said, ‘You guys are supposed to play here on March 23, 2020. If you guys play, [we’ll stream the concert], we’ll give you the full fee for the night and help support the musicians.’ We had just come back off the road from Winnipeg, and so we were already togeth-

er, so we decided to do it.” Buoyed by that positive reception in Kansas, Emmet installed video cameras in his apartment, and the rest is history. Some of Emmet’s livestreams have featured the music of Bud Powell, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis and John Lewis. Although anyone can view sessions via YouTube, Emmet also instituted an exclusive membership program for paying subscribers that features unreleased concert recordings, and the pianist’s own personal commentaries and observations. At a time when jazz venues were dormant and, in some cases, closed, Emmet’s livestreams provided the kind of cohesion that the jazz community needed. “It wasn’t only about the music,” adds Emmet, whose series had streamed 59 performances at the time of his interview, “it was a place where people could come and come together like a real community that people were missing in that time, especially with all the uncertainty that was going on, and it was something that the world needed. People loved it so much they donated, and it became a Monday night series. [A recent] one we did was with Houston Person, who swung with us and had a great time.” continued on page 14 Cohen photo by Taili Song Roth.


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DeBoe; 30: E Jason Tiemann, L R; 31: E  Victor Gould Trio, L Michael Arenalla Qnt. DROM: 85 Avenue A bet. 5th & 6th Sts. 212-7771157. www.dromnyc.com. Jul 9: 7:30pm Pedrito Martinez; 28: 8pm Mars; 29: 7:30pm Mingus Big Band; 30: 7:30pm Greg Osby Qrt w/Oran Etkin Trio; 31: 8pm Groove Collective. The EAR INN: 326 Spring St. bet. Greenwich & Washington Sts. www.earinn.com. 212431-9750. Sun: 1-3pm EarRegulars feat JonErik Kellso & friends. The FLATIRON ROOM: 37 W 26th St. bet. 6th Ave. & Bway. 212-725-3860. www.the flatironroom.com. Sets: Sun&Tues-Thurs 69pm; Fri-Sat Early (E) 5-8pm, Late (L) 8:3011:30pm. Sun: tba; Tues: Susan Tobocman Duo; Wed: Brandi Disterheft Duo; Thurs: Cait & the Critters; Fri: E Jase & Stace, L Kelly Green Trio; Sat: E Ben & friends, L The Blicker Blues Band. HERMANA NYC: 349 E 13th St. bet. 1st & 2nd Aves. 917-265-8234. www.hermananyc.com. Sets: Tues-Sun Early (E) 6pm; Late (L) 8pm. Residencies: Sun L BIG SHINanigans Sunday; Tues L Keyed Up! feat Aida Brandes; Sat E Claudia Tebar, L Arcoiris Sandoval & Marty Kenney. Jul 1: L Saul Zebulon Rubin; 2: L Axel Tosca; 7: L Sean Fyfe; 8: L Gianluca Renzi; 9: L Alex Claffy; 14: L Mark Lewandowski; 15: L Kalí Rodriguez; 16: L Corcoran Holt; 21: L Willerm Delisfort; 22: L Mark Devine; 23: L tba; 28: L Neal Caine; 29: L Luis Perdomo; 30: L Stacy Dillard. The JAZZ GALLERY: 1160 Bway at 27th St. 5th Fl. www.jazzgallery.org. 646-494-3625. Sets: Thurs-Sat: 7:30&9:30pm. Jul 1-3: closed; 8: Gilad Hekselman; 9: Cobalt; 10: Noah Becker's Underthought; 15: Samara Joy & Pasquale Grasso Trio; 16-17: Morgan Guerin; 22: David Virelles Trio; 23-24: Tivon Pennicott; 29: Joe Dyson; 30: Sachal Vasandani; 31: Vanisha Gould. KNICKERBOCKER BAR & GRILL: 33 University Pl. at 9th St. 212-228-8490. www.knickerbockerbarandgrill.com. MEZZROW: 163 W 10th St. bet. 7th Ave. &  Waverly Pl. Lower level. 646-476-4346. www.smallslive.com. Sets: 7:30&9pm, Late (L) 10:30pm-11:30pm. Residencies: Sun L Pasquale Grasso; Tues L John Merrill; Wed L Saul Rubin; Thurs E Spike Wilner, L Panas Athanatos; Fri L Jon Davis. Jul 2: Steve Slage & Bruce Barth; 3: Uri Caine Trio; 6: Naama Gheber Trio; 7: Ehud Asherie Trio; 9: Ed Cherry Trio; 10: Jonny King Trio; 13: Vanisha Gould Trio; 16: Aaron Diehl; 17: Brandon McCune; 20: Marianne Sollivan Trio; 23: Ben Paterson Trio; 27: Jamile Trio; 28: Richie Vitale Trio. PANGEA: 178 2nd Ave. bet. 11th & 12th Sts. 212-995-0900. www.pangeanyc.com. Wed: 6pm Pangea Jazz Series. 2nd Sun: 12-3pm Open Mic & Jazz Brunch w/Sue Matsuki & Gregory Toroian. Jul 7: Sheila Jordan; 14: Kate Baker; 21: Tessa Souter; 28: Alex Leonard. ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL: 196 Allen St. at E Houston St. www.rockwoodmusichall.com. 212-477-4155. Jul 3: 10pm Georgia Weber & The Sleeved Hearts; 7: 7pm Jocelyn Medina Qrt. SMALLS JAZZ CLUB: 183 W 10th St. bet. 7th Ave. & W 4th St. Lower level. 212-252-5091. www.smallslive.com. Sets: Early 7&8:30pm; Late (L) 10-11pm; Night (N) 11:30pm-1am Jam. Residencies L&N: Sun Aaron Johnson; Mon Miki Yamanaka; Tues Evan Sherman; Wed Benny Benack; Thurs Carlos Abadie; Fri Philip Harper; Sat Stacy Dillard. Jul 1: Tim Hegarty Qrt; 2: Aaron Seeber Qnt; 3: Adam Larson Qrt; 4: Stefano Doglioni Qrt; 5:


Rodney Green “Jackson Miller”; 6: Josh Evans Qnt; 7: Michael Blake Qrt; 8: Paul Sikivie Sxt; 9: Jared Gold Trio; 10: Tommy Campbell & Vocal-Eyes; 11: Bruce Harris Qnt; 12: Ari Hoenig Trio; 13: Jerry Weldon Sxt; 14: Roni Ben-Hur Qrt; 15: Virginia Mayhew Qrt; 16: Sylvia Cuenca Qnt; 17: EJ Strickland Qnt; 18: Joe Magnarelli Qnt; 19: Joe Farnsworth Qrt; 20: Abraham Burton Qrt; 21: Pete Zimmer Qnt; 22: Brian Charette Trio; 23: Valery Panomarev Alto Madness Sxt; 24: Mike LeDonne Trio; 25: Ralph Lalama & Bop-Juice; 29: Alex Claffy Trio; 31: Rachel Z Inventions & Dimensions. SOUR MOUSE NYC: 110 Delancey St. Lower level. www.sourmousenyc.com. 646-4767407. Sun: 3-7pm Jam w/Jorei Jazz & Co. VISION FESTIVAL: www.artsforart.org. 212254-5420. Jul 22-31: Vision Festival.

BROOKLYN BAR BAYEUX: 1066 Nostrand Ave. 347-5337845. ww.barbayeux.com. Sets: 8&9:30pm. Tues: 8-11pm Keyed Up! feat Jam w/Diego Voglino. Jul 7: George Garzone Trio; 14: Emilio Modeste Trio; 21: Vanisha Gould Trio; 28: Randy Ingram Trio. BARBÈS: 376 9th St. at 6th Ave. 347-422-0248. www.barbesbrooklyn.com. Sun: 9pm Stéphane Wrembel; Tues: 9pm Slavic Soul Party!. Jul 1: 8-9:30pm Andy Statman Trio; 3: 8-9:30pm Pedro Giraudo Tango Qrt. BODEGUITA: 6 Suydam St. www.bodeguita bar.com. Thurs: 8pm + Jam 9:45-11pm. Jul 1: Leroy Williams w/Pasquale Grasso & Ari Roland; 8: Ai Murakami w/Zaid Nasser, Lee Hudson & Tardo Hammer; 15: Charles Goold w/Saul Rubin & Mark Lewandowski; 22: Lamy Istrefi Jr. w/Josh Evans, Dezron Douglas & James Hurt; 29: Rie YamaguchiBorden w/Julia Banholzer & Neal Caine. BUSHWICK PUBLIC HOUSE: 1288 Myrtle Ave. www.gaucimusic.com/bushwick-series. Mon: $10 don Buschwick Improvised Music series. Jul 12: 7pm The Why, 8pm Juan Pablo Carletti’s Biggish Ens, 9pm Bushwick Series House Band, 10pm Tony Malaby’s Floor Show, 11pm Sean Conly/Michaël Attias/Francisco Mela; 19: 7pm David Leon/ Yuma Uesaka Qrt, 8pm Jonathan Millberger Trio, 9pm Bushwick Series House Band, 10pm Wendy Eisenberg/Gabby Fluke Mogul/ Nick Neuberg, 11pm Elijah Shiffer/Dan Lehner Qrt. CARMINE & SONS PIZZERIA: 356 Graham Ave. www.carmineandsonspizza.com. 718782-9659. Fri: 7-10pm Lou Caputo & Co. FLYING LOBSTER: 144 Union St. 718-8552633. www.flying-lobster.com. Wed-Thurs 69pm & Fri-Sat 7-10pm: Keyed-up! series. IL PORTO: 37 Washington Ave. 718-624-0954. www.ilportobrooklyn.com. Fri-Sat: 7-10pm Keyed Up! feat Charlie Apicella & Iron City. LUNÀTICO: 486 Halsey St. 718-513-0339. www.barlunatico.com. NOSTRAND SOCIAL: 706 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn. www.nostrandsocial.com. 718576-6781. Thurs: 6-9pm Jam w/Derrick Barker Qrt. PIONEER WORKS: 159 Pioneer St. www.pio neerworks.org. Jul 22-23&29-30: Vision Festival www.artsforart.org/vision feat 07/22 6pm William Parker Band w/Patricia Nicholson, Jean Carla Rodea, 7pm Dave Sewelson's Music for a Free World Spt, 8pm Cooper-Moore Solo, 8:45pm Dave Burrell & Darius Jones, 9:45pm Matthew Shipp String Trio, 07/23 6:30pm Amina Claudine Myers Voice Oct, 7:30pm Tyehimba Jess, 8pm Generation IV, 9pm documentary film continued on page 10

ACUTE INFLECTIONS: A Different Sort of Duo By Don Jay Smith

CUTE INFLECTIONS IS A UNIQUE jazz duo featuring singer/songwriter A Elasea Douglas and upright bassist Sadiki

Pierre. They met in 2012 after one of Elasea’s shows and the attraction was instant. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that they realized they had an opportunity to turn their mutual love of music into a business. “It started by accident,” Sadiki explains. “We didn’t originally plan to perform only as a duo. Elasea saw it first and pushed both of us into it.” Like many singers, Elasea began in church. She attended Bayside High School Academy of Music where she received classical vocal training and studied dance and theater. She loved jazz but listened to all musical styles influenced by singers from all genres: Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Idina Menzel and Heather Headley, among others. After attending Hunter College, she performed in several off-Broadway shows including Dreamgirls. It was during a Broadway appearance as part of the original cast of Tony Award-winning show FELA! that she met Sadiki. At the time, Sadiki was pursuing his passion for aviation but after a brief courtship, Elasea saw his talent. As he says, “Elasea deserves all the credit for dragging me out of retirement.” But it helped that the young bassist had soaked up all kinds of styles including European classical and jazz. The two biggest influences on his music were Ron Carter and Marcus Miller, although he has since developed his own style. In fact, it is their personal approach that endeared them to pre-pandemic audiences and primed them for livestream performances this past year. With a voice compared to Sade’s, Nigerian-British singer of international fame, Elasea brings a sultry jazzy style to the percussive bass work of Sadiki that has enabled the duo to succeed in jazz clubs, for private parties and for weddings where they also serve as hosts. “A couple of our mentors told us that the private event and wedding world was going to eat up what we were doing,” says Sadiki, “but like most musicians, we were resistant. At the same time, jazz club owners didn’t want to hire a bass and voice duo. Getting a better response from private events, we used it as an opportunity to work and to grow musically.”

Elasea adds, “The private events have helped to get us out of the starving artist concept and enabled us to elevate our craft. Because we work to make our audience happy, we have been forced to constantly learn new material. We keep our setlist fluid and are always reading the crowd.” When the pandemic hit, the couple was just about to launch their first tour. Instead, they put their energy and passion into a virtual show and, as they explained, “The response was amazing, which led us to do more.” Entitled Intimately Jazzy, it airs twice a month. The July schedule is for 8 p.m. on July 12 and 26; the free shows can be viewed on the duo’s website at www.acuteinflections.com/intimately jazzy. Also, they are hard at work putting together their new show Beauty in the Bass which premieres in the theater district on July 28. The program draws on many different styles but, like most of their music, shows their jazz chops. Elasea and Sadiki are reluctant to discuss details, but they reveal that they plan to perform material from Hamilton, Les Mis and Rent. “It surprises people that we can do songs from those shows with only voice and bass,” says the couple. But it works. “Before the pandemic, we were working on a song from Hamilton when we played a private party. So we tried out our material on them, not realizing there were cast members in the audience,” they continued. “After we finished, they raced over to us and said it was the coolest version of the song they have ever heard.” Acute Inflections performs a wide range of material with a style and joie de vivre that comes from the joy of two people whose lives are totally intertwined. After all, jazz is a reflection of the cultural diversity and individualism of America which is what can be heard in the performances of this popular vocal/bass duo. Acute Inflections premieres Beauty in the Bass on July 28 at don’t tell mama. Their livestream show Intimately Jazzy broadcasts through their website July 12 and 26.


S P OT L EDDIE PALMIERI BLUE NOTE / JULY 4-5 & 19 In the rich tradition of Latin jazz, pianist Eddie Palmieri has amassed a wholly original sound that has kept him at the forefront of an entire genre. Through his seamless combining of the bebop language with the rhythms of Puerto Rico, Eddie created a voice that has influenced an entire generation. Since the late 1950s, the NEA Jazz Master has graced many recordings and stages both as a leader and as a sideman with bandleaders Eddie Forrester and Tito Rodriguez, to name a few. Accolades include numerous GRAMMY Awards, a Eubie Blake Award and the Jay McShann Lifetime Achievement Award. For his performances at the Blue Note, Eddie brings his quintessential sound to adoring crowds that are ready to experience live music once again. EW MIKE LEDONNE THE DJANGO / JULY 10; SMALLS JAZZ CLUB / JULY 24 Mike LeDonne is a two-for-one jazz keyboardist, equally adept at the piano and the Hammond B3 organ. Breaking onto the Big Apple jazz scene in the 1980s as a pianist, Mike enjoyed a richly varied musical life, playing with swing legends like Roy Eldridge and even touring with veteran swing drummer Panama Francis. He toured with Benny Goodman, but also had the opportunity to work as a sideman with such modern masters as Art Farmer, Sonny Rollins and Bobby Hutcherson. Mike was with vibraphonist Milt Jackson’s Quartet from 1988-1992. In the ’90s, he also began playing regularly at Smoke on his B3 organ, which he eventually kept at the club—his Groover Quartet has held down the Tuesday night slot for 14 years. Mike debuted on record as an organist in 2003. Since then, he’s become prominent as both organist and pianist. His latest album, It’s All Your Fault (Savant), came out last month, featuring his B3 with a big band and Groover Quartet, with Eric Alexander, tenor sax; Peter Bernstein, guitar; and Joe Farnsworth, drums. GK JOE MAGNARELLI PIERSON PARK / JULY 16; SMALLS JAZZ CLUB / JULY 18 Joe Magnarelli has stayed busy since arriving in New York City in the mid-1980s. A bop-inspired trumpeter, Joe’s distinctive sound and gift for improvising has led to many record dates, though he is now focused on composing and leading his own band. Joe enjoys woodshedding at the piano prior to a soundcheck or fleshing out an idea while commuting, often finishing a new piece on the spot. Joining him for this free concert are organist Akiko Tsuruga, saxophonist Stacy Dillard and drummer Jason Tiemann. For his July 18 performance at Smalls, the personnel is “… up in the air, depending on who is out of town,” according to the bandleader. The probable lineup includes saxophonist Stacy Dillard, bassist Paul Sikivie, guitarist Charlie Sigler and drummer Willie Jones III. KD

by By Ken Dryden, Ken Franckling, Seton Hawkins Listings...continued from page 8

Reflections: A Portrait of Amina Claudine Myers, 9:30pm Amina Claudine Myers Trio, 07/29 6pm Elder Ones, 7pm James Brandon Lewis Qrt, 8pm Rock Paper Twister, 8:45pm Mara Rosenbloom, 9:45pm Trio 3 + spec guest, 07/30 6pm López Trio, 7pm Ingrid Laubrock's Monochromes, 8pm fly or die, 9pm Moten/Lopez/Cleaver, 9:30pm David Murray Oct Revival. SAN PEDRO INN: 320 Van Brunt St. Red Hook. www.sanpedroinn.com. 718-576-3916. ThursSat 8pm: Keyed-up! series. SEEDS: 617 Vanderbilt Ave. www.seedsbrook lyn.org. Sets: 8:30&10pm. SHAPESHIFTER LAB: 18 Whitwell Pl. www.shapeshifterlab.com. 646-820-9452. SOAPBOX GALLERY: 636 Dean St. www.soap boxgallery.org. Sets: 8-9pm. Jul 1: Sheila Jordan & Cameron Brown; 2: Bixler, Boccato, Cowherd & Sturm; 3: Ethan Iverson & Ingrid Jensen; 7: Toru Dodo Solo; 8: The Rob Garcia 4; 9: Ralph Alessi & Angelica Sanchez; 10: Pete Rodriguez Qnt; 13: Paul Jost Qrt; 14:

Vinicius Gomes Qnt; 15: Anne Cowherd w/Jon Cowherd & Paul Brandenburg; 16: Hayes Greenfield & Dean Johnson Duo; 17: Steve Sandberg & Jay Rodriguez; 20: Lee Tomboulian Trio; 21: Jim Ridl; 22: Erli Perez Qrt; 23: Jason Walker; 27: Lawrence Fields; 28: Zach Brock; 29: Benjamin Furman; 31: Jason Yeager. WILD BIRDS: 951 Dean St. 347-896-5056. www.wildbirdsbk.com. Wed: 8-11pm Keyed Up! feat Dave Linhard & Wayne Tucker; Thurs: 57pm Alex Asher Qrt. WILLIAMSBURG MUSIC CENTER: 367 Bedford Ave. www.wmcjazz.org. 718-384-1654. Fri: 9pm Keyed Up! feat Gerry Eastman & Greg Lewis, 10pm Jam w/Gerry Eastman & friends.

QUEENS TERRAZA 7: 40-19 Gleane St. 718-803-9602. www.terraza7.com. Residency: Sun 8:30-10pm Jam by Manuel Valera Trio.

10 Cuenca photo by Chris Drukker, Greene by Jimmy Katz, Jones by Peter Gannushkin, Palmieri by Anna Madden

LIGHT SYLVIA CUENCA QUARTET WATERFRONT PARK / JULY 21; WPU / JULY 23 Drummer Sylvia Cuenca is a powerful performer, presence and educator. A native of Northern California San Jose, she’s a longtime resident of NYC. She studied with Victor Lewis and Adam Nussbaum, and earned a BA from Empire State University. She performed with Joe Henderson for four years and Clark Terry for 17. With two leader CDs to her credit, Exit 13 (2002) and The Crossing (1998), she’s a fierce drummer in the post bop, contemporary and Latin jazz areas. Teaching credits include the San Francisco Conservatory and Columbia University, as well as many workshops, and extensive touring in Europe. Joining Sylvia for the Jazz Forum Summer concert series are Craig Handy, saxophone/flute; David Kikoski, piano; and Essiet Okon Essiet, bass. They also perform at Tavern on George on July 15 and Smalls the 16th. MGN DARIUS JONES PIONEER WORKS / JULY 22 Easily one of the most distinct and singularly captivating alto saxophonists in the music today, Darius Jones has for nearly two decades carved out a truly inspiring niche within New York’s jazz scene. Hearing Darius’ playing is an extraordinary experience, as his full-bodied and vibrato-rich alto sound travels from richly dark textures to ecstatic altissimo declamations. While early solo albums of Darius’ highlight his sterling work as an improviser, more recent projects like The Oversoul Manual (2014) and Le bébé de Brigitte (Lost in Translation) (2015) have offered tantalizing glimpses into his ambitious and romantic work as a composer. At this year’s Vision Festival, Darius appears in a duo setting, performing alongside iconic pianist Dave Burrell in what is undoubtedly going to be a scintillating set of music. SH JIMMY GREENE QUARTET JAZZ FORUM / JULY 30-31 Saxophonist Jimmy Greene remembers the date well. March 12, 2020 was the last time he played before a live audience, thanks to the pandemic lockdown. So these two nights are special. Jimmy is likely to present music from While Looking Up (Mack Avenue, 2020), the latest showcase for a warm, often robust, sound balanced with poignancy and gospel-tinged emotion. Its title notes where he looks for solace and strength. This recording is the third of his projects reflecting the impact of Jimmy’s 6year-old daughter’s murder in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, and celebrating the innocent beauty of her life. His playing and new compositions are fueled by Ana Grace’s engaging spirit and creativity. Jimmy’s rhythm section includes pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Otis Brown III. KF

s, G George Kanzler, Michael G Nastos & Eric Wendell


LONG ISLAND BARON'S COVE: 31 W Water St. Sag Harbor. www.caperesorts.com/barons-cove. 844-2276672. www.hamptonsjazzfest.com/Hamptons Jazz Fest. Jul 7: 6-7pm John Ludlow & Dennis Raffelock Duo. CULTURE LAB LIC: 5-25 46th Ave. Long Island City. Jul 11: 6:30-8:30pm Queens Jazz OverGround. GRASSO’S: 134 Main St. Cold Spring Harbor. www.grassosrestaurant.com. 631-367-6060. Sets: 6:30-10pm except Sun 5-8pm. HAYGROUND SCHOOL: 151 Mitchell Ln. Bridgehampton. www.hayground.org. 631-5377068. www.hamptonsjazzfest.com/Hamptons Jazz Fest. Jul 15: 5:30-7:30pm Santi Debriano & Flash of the Spirit. PARRISH ART MUSEUM: 279 Montauk Hwy. Water Mill. www.parrishart.org. 631-283-2118. www.hamptonsjazzfest.com/ Hamptons Jazz Fest. Jul 16: 6-7:30pm Morris Goldberg &

SafroJazz. SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER: 25 Jobs Ln. Southampton. www.southamptonarts center.org. 631-283-0967. Hamptons Jazz Fest/www.hamptons jazzfest.com. Jul 31: 121pm Bill O’Connell Latin Jazz All Stars w/spec guest Paquito D’Rivera. TILLES CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS: At Long Island University Post. 720 Northern Blvd. Brookville. 516-299-3100. www.tillescenter.org. Jul 11: 6:30pm Swingtime Big Band; 16: 8pm That Jazz Show feat John Tendy & friends.

WESTCHESTER BEANRUNNER CAFÉ: 201 S Division St. Peekskill. www.beanrunnercafe.com. 914-7371701. Sets: 6-8pm. Jul 3: Ahlfabet Jazz Band; 10: Abel Mireles; 17: Clifton Anderson Sxt; 24: Roni Ben-Hur Qrt; 31: Marion Cowings Qrt. continued on page 12


Listings...continued from page 11

CARAMOOR CENTER FOR THE ARTS: 149 Girdle Ridge Rd. Katonah. 914-232-1252. www.caramoor.org. Jul 2: 8pm Brianna Thomas Band; 31: 1:30pm Jazz festival feat Sean Jones’ Dizzy Spellz feat Brinae Ali + Larry Grenadier + Endea Owens & The Cookout + Alexa Tarantino Qrt + Brandon Goldberg Trio + Godwin Louis Duo feat Jonathan Barber + Jeremy Bosch & friends. HENRY GOURDINE PARK: 3 Westerly Rd. Ossining. www.jazzforumarts.org. 914-6311000. Mon: 6:30-8:30pm free adm. Jul 12: Hiroshi Yamazaki Qrt; 26: Leonieke Scheuble Generations of Jazz Qnt feat Bill Crow. JAZZ AT THE LODGE: 118 Croton Ave. Ossining. www.jazzatthelodge.com. 917488-7187. Thurs: 7-10pm Organ Groove by Paul Connors. JAZZ FORUM: 1 Dixon Ln. Tarrytown. 914631-1000. www.jazzforumarts.org. Sets/ adm: Sun 4&6pm/$20; Fri-Sat 7&9:30pm/ $30. Jul 2-3: Karrin Allyson Trio; 4: closed; 9-10: Duduka Da Fonseca & The Brazilian Jazz All-Stars feat Maucha Adnet; 11: Kenia Ashby; 16-17: Rufus Reid Trio; 18: Roger Davidson Brazilian Qrt; 23-24: Geoff Keezer Qrt feat Gillian Margot; 25: Andrea Brachfeld Brazilian Qrt; 30-31: Jimmy Greene Qrt. LYNDHURST ESTATE: 635 S Bway. Tarrytown. www.jazzforumarts.org. 914-6311000. Thurs: 6-8:30pm free adm Sunset Concerts. Jul 8: Ed Cherry T-Man Trio; 15: Kristen Lee Sergeant Qrt feat Ted Nash; 22: Justin Robinson Qrt; 29: Mayra Casales & Cocomama. PIERSON PARK: 238 W Main St. & Hudson River. Tarrytown. www.jazzforumarts.org. 914-631-1000. Fri: 6:30-8pm free adm. Jul 9: Neal Spitzer & friends; 16: Joe Magnarelli Qrt feat Akiko Tsuruga; 23: Ashley Pezzotti Qrt; 30: Matt Buttermann Qrt feat Ceron Yasaroglu. SPEAKEASY: At Divino Cucina Italiana. 524 Warburton Ave. Hastings-On-Hudson. www.divinohastings.com. 914-274-8501. Thurs: 8-10pm. Jul 1: Tamuz Nassim & Marc Devine; 8: Dylan Pramuk & Robert Nissim. WATERFRONT PARK: Hight St. Dobbs Ferry. 914-631-1000. www.jazzforumarts.org. Wed: 6:30-8pm free adm. Jul 7: Marion Cowings Qrt; 14: Dave Stryker, Charlie Apicella & Greg Skaff; 21: Sylvia Cuenca Qrt; 28: Ed Bettinelli & The Hudson River Cats.

NEW YORK STATE CAFFE LENA: 47 Phila St. Saratoga Springs. www.caffelena.org. 518-583-0022. Jul 1: 78:30pm James Francies Trio; 17: 5:309:30pm Rachael & Vilray; 18: 7-9pm The Quebe Sisters. The FALCON: 1348 Rte 9 W. Marlboro. www.liveatthefalcon.com. 845-236-7970. LYDIA’S CAFE: 7 Old US Hwy 209. Stone Ridge. www.lydias-cafe.com. 845-687-6373. Sets: 7-10pm. Jul 3: Katie & Vinnie Martucci Qrt; 10: Peggy Stern Trio. MAUREEN’S JAZZ CELLAR: 2 N Bway. Nyack. www.maureensjazzcellar.com. 845535-3143. Sets/adm: 8pm/$20. Jul 9: The Brazilwood Trio w/guest Barbara Lewin; 16: Marvin Stamm/Mike Holober; 17: Scott Reeves Qnt; 30: 7:30&9:30pm/$30 Joe Locke Qrt; 31: 7:30&9:30pm/$30 Mike Stern Qrt. ORIGINAL VINYL RECORDS: 314 State Rte 94 S. #7. Warwick. www.originalvinyl records.com. 845-987-3131.


RIDGEFIELD PLAYHOUSE: 80 E Ridge Rd. Ridgefield. www.ridgefieldplayhouse.org. CONNECTICUT RIDGEFIELD PLAYHOUSE: 80 E Ridge Rd. Ridgefield. www.ridgefieldplayhouse.org. 203-438-5795. Jul 7:30pm Rachael & Vilray. RIDGEFIELD PLAYHOUSE: 80 E Ridge Rd. NEW JERSEY Ridgefield. www.ridgefieldplayhouse.org. BERGEN BROTHER’S SMOKEHOUSE: 900 Rte 17. North Ramsey. www.brotherssmokehouse nj.com. 551-264-9073. ESSEX LACKAWANNA PLAZA: 294 Bloomfield Ave. Montclair. www.jazzhousekids.org. Jul 8&22: 5:30-9pm Jazz House Kids feat Soundcheck Series. HUDSON The BRIGHTSIDE TAVERN: 141 Bright St. Jersey City. 201-435-1234. www.thebright sidetavernnj.com. Mon: 6pm Keyed Up! feat Noel Sagerman Trio + jam. PORT IMPERIAL: 55 Riverwalk Pl. West New York. Thurs: 6-8pm Sunset Music series. Jul 8: Christine Spero & Elliot Spero + Chris Pasin & Dave Stryker + Jonathan Scales/ Steel Pan w/Ignacio Rivas-Bixio; 22: Marya Lawrence & Erik Lawrence Trio + Mark Sganga Trio + Jonathan Scales/Steel Pan w/Ignacio Rivas-Bixio. MERCER AMERICANA KITCHEN & BAR: 359 US Hwy 130. East Windsor. 609-448-4477. www. americanakitchenandbar.com. Sets: Sun 11am-3pm Jazz brunch; Thurs 5:30-8:30pm; Fri-Sat 6-9pm. Residency: Thurs Mark Sganga. Jul 18: Keith Franklin Gp. CANDLELIGHT LOUNGE: 24 Passaic St. Trenton. www.candlelightevents.way.to. 609-695-9612. Sat: 3:30-7:30pm $15 adm/ $10 min. www.jazztrenton.com. Jul 3: Rob Landham; 10: Mike Bond; 17: Jerry Weldon. HOPEWELL VALLEY VINEYARDS: 46 Yard Rd. Pennington. 609-737-4465. www. hopewellvalleyvineyards.com. Sets: Sun 1:30-4:30pm; Thurs 5:30-8:30pm. Free adm. Jul 8: Eric Mintel Duo; 11: Darla & Rich; 15: Jim Slagle; 18: Blue Jersey Band; 22: Mark Feingold Gp; 25: HVV Jazz Band; 29: McMillian & Co. MIDDLESEX TAVERN ON GEORGE: 361 George St. New Brunswick. www.tavernongeorge.com. 732545-6205. Sun 1-4pm & Thurs 7-10pm: free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ www.nbjp.org. Sun: Emerging Artists Trio. Jul 1: Jerry Weldon Sxt; 8: Don Braden Qrt; 11: Matt Renzo; 15: Sylvia Cuenca Qrt; 18: Jem Seidel; 22: Leonieke Scheuble; 25: Gabriel Bar-Cohen; 29: John Lee Qrt. MORRIS MORRIS MUSEUM: 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown. www.morrismuseum.org/jazz. 973-971-3706. Sets: 8pm. Jul 1: rain date 07/2 Dan Levinson; 8: rain date 07/9 Martin Pizzarelli Qrt; 15: rain date 07/16 The NYChillharmonic; 22: rain date 07/23 Mariel Bildsten. SHANGHAI JAZZ: 24 Main St. Madison. 973822-2899. www.shanghaijazz.com. Jul 1: 6pm Russell Malone; 10: 5pm Nat Adderley Jr.; 31: 5:30pm Champian Fulton. PASSAIC WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY: 300 Pompton Rd. Wayne. www.wpunj.edu. 973continued on page 15


Much Needed Perspective By Don Jay Smith OHN MINNOCK IS BOTH EXCITED and nervous about his return to in-perJ son performing on July 29 at New York

City’s famed nightclub Feinstein’s/54 Below which requires vaccinations for its summer shows. “I’m thrilled to return to performing, but after no live gigs for more than a year, there may be a few mistakes which makes me nervous” John espouses. “However, I’m sure our audience will be forgiving because [they’ll be] so happy to get out for an evening and enjoy some live music.” The recipient of the 2019 Hot House/Jazzmobile NYC Readers Best Male Vocalist Jazz Award, John has invited his good friend, NEA Jazz Master and GRAMMY-nominated saxophonist Dave Liebman to join him and his trio for an evening of reimagined standards and original songs, many from his most recent CD Herring Cove (Dot Time Records, 2020), released in the midst of the pandemic. “We had already started working on this album when COVID shut everything down,” John explains, “so even though we couldn’t support it with live performances, we were really able to devote time to making it the best we could.” The July performance allows John to celebrate the release of Herring Cove, a critically-acclaimed exploration of the contemporary gay experience told from the perspective of a gay man who is an active, proud member of the LGBTQ community. “But my hope,” says John, “is that there is some generality to the extent that others can find meaning. Much of it is transferable.” Downbeat critic Aaron Cohen praises how “Minnock’s phrasing seamlessly veers from romantic to lighthearted and acerbic.” Broadway World lauds “great vocals, astonishing flair, and credible style,” calling Herring Cove an album “for jazz lovers and for people wanting to know more about jazz… and the life of a contemporary gay man.” John is a classically-trained musician who earned a degree in music from Boston University and still lives in Beantown. A master storyteller, he navigates the fine line between cabaret and jazz, his wide repertoire spanning artists such as B. B.

King, Maureen McGovern and Ruth Brown. “I went to see Ruth Brown right after she won a Tony Award for Black and Blue back in the ’90s. Seeing the blues performed in a Cabaret setting was spectacular. It got me thinking that cabaret audiences were open to all kinds of music. “Telling a story can be very personal. A great technique is to use more than one demeanor. Sometimes I speak to the whole audience, but then sometimes I talk to one person, which makes it more intimate. It adds richness and underscores the story.” When asked how, with such a diverse background, he started working with Dave Liebman, John explains their collaboration came about because he needed a jazz saxophonist for a song on his second album; a colleague suggested Dave. “I guess the recording went really well,” says John, “because after we finished, Dave said to me that we had to gig together sometime. I had a hard time processing that this jazz master wanted to gig with me. I mean he had played with Miles Davis. It took me 24 hours to realize the implications, and we’ve become great friends.” In the Herring Cove liner notes, John tells the story of each song, many of which were composed by his good friend Erick Holmberg, including the title song about continued on page 14

Minnock photos by Leslie Farinacci.


BACKSTAGE PASS JAZZ ANECDOTE BY BILL CROW Bill Crow's books "Jazz Anecdotes" and "From Birdland to Broadway" can be found at your favorite bookstore, and at www.billcrowbass.com along with many interesting photos and links. Buzz Brauner was subbing on a last minute outdoor gig in the Borscht belt. As the musicians arrived, they saw two or three rows of old Jewish ladies sitting in lawn chairs. One of the women exclaimed excitedly, “The show is here!!” The musicians looked at each other in confusion because there was not a singer in sight. Not wanting to disappoint, they decided to put together an impromptu cabaret act, with each member of the combo performing a solo. As a gag, they decided after a long drum solo, the musicians would remove parts of his drum set, until there was nothing left but his sticks. The schtick worked beautifully, and at the end of the set, one of the ladies exclaimed “Wonderful show, boys! And you did the right thing about that drummer… he was much too loud!” COHEN...continued from page 7

Emmet brings a broad range of musical experiences to the bandstand. He was classically-trained from the ages of 3 to 18, but it was a gig featuring pianist Monty Alexander that turned him on to jazz. “I was amazed at his feeling, his playing and the sense of swing, and just everything that he had to offer,” Emmet says. “I just thought, wow… I want to do that. I want that feeling. I want to play piano like that.” Emmet looks to release a compilation CD of the best performances from Live from Emmet’s Place. And as one will hear from the Birdland stage, making music from his base has had a positive effect on him, and his trio. “I think we’ve evolved tremendously,” Emmet notes, “it’s contributed a great amount to my musical growth. We’ve played with established guest artists each week, and have had a chance to communicate with so many people around the world.” The Emmet Cohen Trio featuring Russell Hall and Kyle Poole performs at Birdland on July 1-3.

MINNOCK...continued from page 13

the loss of a partner to AIDS. One tune he is sure to perform is “After All These Years,” an original song written for the album by legendary composer David Shire who is responsible for two songs that appear on the CD. And listeners can count on John paying tribute to Judy Garland with his lively version of “Get Happy.” “In Herring Cove, we laid it on the line,” says John. “But I don’t think we did anything that jazz musicians don’t do all the time, and that is draw from my background.” And draw from his background he does. John is an outgoing entertainer, an engaging raconteur, a talented singer and a vibrant personality. He successfully brings jazz and blues into a cabaret setting and audiences are ready for it. John Minnock’s band featuring pianist Sean Mason, bassist Carlos Mena, drummer Pablo Eluchans and special guest saxophonist Dave Leibman appears at Feinstein’s/54 Below on July 29.

A Moment You Missed by Fran Kaufman Hot House Contributing Photographer As COVID-19 restrictions began to be lifted and clubs started to welcome back musicians and limited numbers of attendees, life began to inch toward normal. Duchess played its first gig at 55 Bar on May 27, and the ladies rehearsed on the previous Monday at Amy Cervini’s apartment. I’m here to report that the marvelous music and ebullient personalities Duchess brings to the bandstand are the real deal. Here’s Duchess, left to right: Amy Cervini, Hilary Gardner and Melissa Stylianou.


Listings...continued from page 12

720-2371. Sets: 7:30pm. Jul 19: Dave Stryker Qrt w/Warren Wolf; 20: The AVQ feat John Allred & Warren Vaché; 21: Samara Joy Qrt; 22: Frank Lacy’s Tromboniverse; 23: Sylvia Cuenca Gp. SOMERSET MARTINSVILLE TAVERN: 1979 Washington Valley Rd. Martinsville. 732-563-1717. www.martinsvilletavern.com. Wed: 6-9pm Chris DeVito & Greg Grispart. Hot House is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the listings which may have occured from late changes or COVID regulations. Please check websites for up to date calendars.

LOU CAPUTO & COMPANY will be appearing at

CARMINE & SONS PIZZERIA 356 Graham Ave., Brooklyn NY 11211

Every Friday in July 7pm till 10pm Outdoor indoor seating available

THE RUM HOUSE at the Hotel Edison 228 W.47th St. NYC 10036

July 8th, 17th & 28th 8pm till 11pm ".... pulsing organism of a band. Their charts are sophisticated complex and boy can they blow"... Don Mc Neil " Tried and true Swingers, they can take you around the block with stops in between. All of which are played to perfection"... Chris Spector

Jazz Get Away

28th Annual


Home of Jazz In The Poconos for over 60 years!

WELCOME BACK TO Monday, July 19


Jazz-Dinner-Lodging Packages for 2 starting at $189 Call 570.424.2000 or visit www.deerheadinn.com 5 Main Street, Delaware Water Gap, PA

The Dave Stryker Quartet with Warren Wolf Tuesday, July 20

The AVQ (John Allred with Warren Vaché)


Wednesday, July 21

The Samara Joy Quartet Frank Lacy’s Tromboniverse


Friday, July 23

973.720.2371 WP-PRESENTS.ORG

Thursday, July 22

The Sylvia Cuenca Group


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BONS RITMOS (Good Rhythms) Record company and production company, the best in Jazz, Brazilian music and Afro Bahian dance, and future pop. Producer, singer, song writer, percusionist, JACK JOAO POTTER. Two time Billboard World Music charting artist and incredable Afro Bahian dancer, EDI MACHADO. Producer, New York to Brazil drummer / percusionist, song writer, ANDREW SCOTT POTTER. All of these incredable Bons Ritmos records can be heard on the Bons Ritmos Youtube channel. BONS NS RI RITM TMOS OS YOU OUT TUBE CH CHA ANNEL BO https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4qH4HR_Dsdpc45CphwUwQ/videos JAZKET YOUTUBE CHANNeL Drummer / percusionist, ANDREW SCOTT POTTER, working New York jazz drummer for 8 years, has lived in Brazil more than 30 years. Working with Afro Bahian dancers and drummers, and some of Brazil's top musicians, he decided to learn some of the grooves of KETU CANDOMBLE, to play Brazilian rhythms better. To his surprise , he discovered profound parallel hookups, of Ketu Candomble grooves, and the evolution of rhythms, phrasing and phrasing in compositions, with the history of Jazz and the great innovators. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClpDp25xd4RJ1t3NpVg5eLQ/videos MC-7499_JIJ_HotHouseJazzAd.pdf



1:19 PM

NYC’s most celebrated summer jazz festival is back!

Over 50 Shows Legends and Rising Stars JULY 20 & IN PERSON & LIVESTRE AM

27 ED




GET TICKETS 92y.org/jazzinjuly


Southampton to Montauk Various Stages July - September Artists include: Bill O'Connell Latin Jazz All-Stars featuring Paquito D'Rivera Randy Brecker/Ada Rovatti Quintet Andrew Renfroe/Luke Selleck Duo Yacouba Sissoko World Collective Hector Martignon Banda Grande Ravi Coltrane Quartet Morris Goldberg SafroJazz featuring Diego Urcola and Bakithi Kumalo Benny Benack Quintet Santi Debriano Flash of the Spirit Orchestra


Katonah, NY

Classical / Roots / Jazz / World / Family Fun 2021 SUMMER SEASON

Full Calendar & Tickets: caramoor.org / 914.232.1252 Tick ets s


g fa st!

July 31 / Jazz Festival: Sean Jones

WITH ELLA IN MIND July 2 / The Brianna Thomas Band

POWER TO THE PEOPLE August 27 / Shenel Johns

Mayor Tim Dougherty & the Town of Morristown Present


Nonstop Music On The Green In Morristown

Saturday September 18th 12:00 PM Bring Your Lawn Chairs & Blankets

www.MorristownJazzandBlues.org 17



MIAMI • ARUBA • CURACAO Celebrity Millenium Class Ship

More than 100 World-Class Musicians Completely Renovated Ship Sailing to Aruba & Curacao ALREADY MORE THAN 85% RESERVED! FEATURING


WHERE STARS SHINE, NIGHT & DAY. US & CANADA toll free +888.852.9987 INTERNATIONAL toll free +800.852.99872


TJC22.ad.hothouse.5.5x8.5.indd 1

thejazzcruise.com 3/4/21 3:56 PM

chris botti Fri, Nov 12 @ 8PM The perfect concert for date night — the smooth and romantic sounds of jazz trumpeter Chris Botti and his all-star revue.

dianne reeves & artemis Sat, Nov 13 @ 8PM A jaw-dropping, headbopping, toe-tapping evening with the extraordinary women of jazz: Dianne Reeves and Artemis!

gregory porter sep 24

salsa meets jazz Sat, Sep 25 @ 8PM Starring a spectacular all-star lineup including Tito Nieves, Arturo O'Farrill Big Band and Eddie Palmieri Salsa Orchestra.

chaka khan Sat, Nov 6 @ 8PM You know it’s going to be a party when Chaka Khan hits the stage! Join us for an evening of fun and funk at NJPAC.

enter now Sun, Nov 14 @ 3PM Solo vocalists have the chance to win cash prizes! Celebrity judges include Jazzmeia Horn, John Pizzarelli, Sheila Jordan and Steve Williams.

Visit njpac.org or call 1.888.GO.NJPAC For full jazz lineup visit njpac.org/moodyjazz New Jersey Performing Arts Center • One Center Street • Newark, NJ NJPAC_ad_hothouse_jul.indd 1


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