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WINNING SPINS WO MUSICIANS KNOWN FOR T intrepidly anchoring vibrant rhythm sections over the years explore other

aspects of their artistry on new albums. Both Charnett Moffett and Linda May Han Oh are bassists and the principal composers on their latest releases, but for the first time, Charnett exclusively plays fretless electric bass guitar on his. Both albums also feature violins as part of the basic ensembles. Charnett Moffett's Bright New Day (MotĂŠma), showcases the billowing, hornlike sound of his bass guitar in a hornless band. His quintet is rounded out by Jana Herzen on guitar, Scott Tixier on violin, Brian Jackson on piano and synth, and Mark Whitfield Jr., on drums. Charnett's bass is on top, or prominent in the mix, on the majority of tracks, with Jana, Scott and Brian melding and interweaving so the ensemble has a mutable, constantly evolving quality. It is most pronounced on the title track, which is inspired by Ornette Coleman's harmolodics. "Bright New Day" begins with a canon figure exchanged by Charnett and Scott, which accelerates as the others join in waves of shifting rhythms, as each instrument rises to the top in a roller-coaster of solos. A shorter harmolodic piece, "Netting," uses a riff theme to jump off into polyphonic jamming highlighted by a violin-guitar tandem. The shifting, flexible time/tempo possibilities are most formally employed on "Set It Free," a piece contrasting sections of rhythmic 6/8 with suspended time, semirubato interludes, each one introducing another 6/8-driven solo section for piano, violin and guitar. Tempo is used in an impressionistic way on "Waterfalls," as Charnett's bass begins slowly, with long tones, as if floating down a river until the beat accelerates as he's going over a falls, where he is joined by Jana and Scott bouncing answering phrases to his bass to simulate rapids below the falls. There are also two tracks in the gospel-spiritual mode. "Holy Spirits" is uplifting and celebratory, with Charnett's clarion refrain underpinning a round of solos emerging from the communal ensemble reflecting the title. "O My God Elohim" could be a traditional hymn, with Charnett's bass playing the role of lead singer. In funky contrast is "Free the Slaves," spurred by a jazz-rock beat, with solos over roiling, thick backgrounds and insistent riffs


By George K anzler

under Charnett's chant of "Free the slaves, let 'em go." Jana contributes one composition to the album, "Precious Air," a song with her own lyrics, delivered in a breathy voice and the musical textures of folk-rock. Linda May Han Oh's Aventurine (Biophilia), is what was called thirdstream music in the mid-20th century. It's a hybrid blending of elements from jazz and European classical music, with Linda adding strains of traditional Chinese music too. A string quartet is a prominent part of the ensemble, joining Linda's jazz quartet with saxophonist Greg Ward, pianist Matt Mitchell and drummer Ches Smith. The Australian vocal group Invenio appears on four of the tracks. The string quartet, with violinist Sara Caswell often in a solo jazz role, is front and center on many of the pieces. The title tune features strings and voices in soaring harmonies, along with Greg and Matt in brief solos. "Cancrizan," directly inspired by J. S. Bach's Crab Canon musical palindrome form, has Linda (pizzicato) and Matt weaving in and out of the strings. "Broome We Are Here," inspired by the signing of a deaf pearl diver, is completely string quartet gestures. Matt's piano solo opens "Rest Your Weary Head, Part 1," followed by a through-composed finale by strings and voices. Bill Evans' "Time Remembered" becomes a string quartet setting for Linda's pizzicato bass improvisation over strings and piano. While Charlie Parker's "Au Privave" is mostly disguised in a string-heavy arrangement, Linda instills other pieces, including those with Asian roots, with swing and energy. "Kirigami" has a long, winding melody delivered by sax and violin that unfolds like the title's namesake paper cutting-folding technique, and intense solos from Linda (pizzicato) and Greg. "Ebony," inspired by the wood and described by Linda as "about persistence, strength and protection," swings briskly with the jazz quartet to the fore, and "The Sirens Are Wailing" builds to dramatic peaks with strings and voices supporting jazz solos.

Charnett Moffett showcases music from Bright New Day at Jazz Forum, July 28. Linda May Han Oh plays the Village Vanguard, July 2-7, with saxophonist Ben Wendel, guitarist Matthew Stevens, keyboardist Fabian Almazon and drummer Obed Calvaire.

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92Y: 1395 Lexington Av at 92nd St. 212-4155500. Jul 16-18&23-25: 7:30pm Jazz in July feat 07/16 John Pizzarelli, Harry Allen, 07/17 The Brazilian Trio w/Maucha Adnet + The Curtis Brothers Afro-Cuban Jazz Qnt, 07/18 Cécile McLorin Salvant w/Bill Charlap Trio, 07/23 Tom Harrell, Warren Vaché, Joe Magnarelli, Veronica Swift w/Bill Charlap Trio, 07/24 Renee Rosnes & Bill Charlap w/Ken Peplowski, 07/25 Steve Wilson, Roxy Coss, Michael Dease, Sandy Stewart. 449 LA: 449 Lenox Av (bet 132nd & 133rd Sts). 212-234-3298. Sun: 1-3:30&4-7pm Patio Jazz; Thurs: 1-3:30pm Jazz & Dessert; Fri-Sat: 8:30pm. BILL’S PLACE: 148W 133rd St (bet Lenox & 7th Avs). 212-2810777. Fri-Sat: 8&10pm $20 don Bill Saxton Bebop Band. CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE: 2485 Bway (bet 92nd & 93rd Sts). www.cleopatrasneedleny. com. 212-769-6969. Sets: Early (E), Late (L); Sun E 4-8pm, L 9pm-1am; Mon-Tues E 89pm, L 10pm-1am; Wed-Thurs E 7-11pm, L 11:30pm-2:30am; Fri-Sat E 8pm-12am, L 12:30-3am. Free adm/$10 min. Trios except Mon&Thurs Duets unless otherwise noted. L Jam. Residencies: Sun E Open mic w/Keith Ingham, L Benno Marmur; Mon Mark Hagan; Tues Marc Devine; Wed E Open mic w/Les Kurtz, L Nathan Brown; Thurs L Nathan Brown; Fri L except 07/5 Robbie Lee; Sat L except 07/6 T. Kash. Jul 4: Roland Temple; 5: E-L Benno Momur; 6: E-L Jason Cloter; 11: Noriko Kamo; 12: Jon Weiss; 13: Walter Williams Band; 18: the Equilibrium Jazz Gp; 19: Steve Sandberg Duet; 20: Alan Rosenthal; 25: Marla Simpson Band; 26: Jesse Crawford; 27: Satchamo Mannan. GIN FIZZ: 308 Malcolm X Blvd at 125th St. 2nd Fl. 212-289-5550. Residency: Tues except 07/2,16&30 8&10pm Li'nards Many Moods of Soul Jazz Funk. Jul 11: 10pm Omar Edwards & the K360 Club Band; 17: 8pm Dave Fields & friends; 18: 7:30&9pm Analía Goldberg Trio. GINNY’S SUPPER CLUB: At Red Rooster. 310 Lenox Av (bet 125th & 126th Sts). 212-792-9001. Sets/adm: 7&9pm/$15-20 unless otherwise noted. Residency: Thurs except 07/18 Pedrito Martinez. Jul 5: $15 Rita; 12-13: $2025 Charenée Wade; 18: Charles Anthony Bryant; 20: $20 Delfeayo Marsalis & The Uptown Jazz Orch; 26: Corey Wallace DUBtet; 27: Johnny O'Neal. GRANT’S TOMB: Riverside Dr & W120nd St. 212-866-4900. Wed: 78:30pm free adm. Jul 10: Bill Saxton; 17: Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice Qnt feat Terri Lyne Carrington; 24: Houston Person; 31: T.K.Blue. GREATER CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH: 55W 124th St (bet Malcolm X Blvd & 5th Av). 212-348-6132.


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Tues 12pm $15 adm & Fri 7pm $20: Harlem Jazz series. Jul 5: Lonnie Plaxico; 9: Yoichi Uzeki; 12: Santi Debriano; 16: Bruce Edwards; 19: Andrea Brachfeld & Insight; 23: James Weidman; 26: Jorge Sylvester; 30: Dick Griffin. LENOX SAPHIRE: 341 Lenox Av at 127th St. 212-8669700. Thurs: 8-11pm Keyed Up series w/Phil Young Oct. MARCUS GARVEY PARK: 122nd St at Manhattan Av. 212866-4900. Fri: 7-8:15pm free adm. Jul 5: Bertha Hope; 12: Jeremy Pelt; 16: Happy Birthday Billy Taylor!; 19: Barry Harris. MEXICAN FESTIVAL RESTAURANT: 2672 Bway. 646-912-9334. Thurs: 7-10pm. Jul 11&25: tba. MINTON’S: 206W 118th St (bet St. Nicholas Av & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd). 212-243-2222. Sets: Sun 7:30&9pm, Thurs-Sat 7:30&9:30pm. Residencies: Sun Christopher McBride w/guest; Thurs Nat Adderley, Jr.; Sat Hopkins & The Biggish Band. Jul 5: Nico Sarbanes. MIST HARLEM: 46W 116th St (bet Lenox & 5th Av). 646-738-3043. Fri: 10pm-2am $10 adm Harlem Late Night Jazz. NATIONAL JAZZ MUSEUM IN HARLEM: 58W 129th St at Malcolm X Blvd. 212-3488300. 7-8:30pm $10 don. Jul 20: 1-4pm $30 Charli Persip Surprise 90th B’day Party & Benefit. NEW AMSTERDAM MUSIC ASSOCIATION: 107W 130th St (bet Lenox & Adam Clayton Powel Blvds). 347-712-8568. www.nama Mon: 7-11pm $5/15 adm Jam. PARIS BLUES: 2021 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd at 121st St. 917-257-7831. Sets/adm: Early (E) 5-9pm, Jam 9pm-1am/free. Sun: E Double G & the Possee, 9pm 1st&3rd La Banda Ramirez; Mon: Keyed Up feat John Cooksey Qrt; Tues: Tyrone Govan & Der Secret; Wed: Les Goodson & the Intergalatic Soul Jazz Band; Thurs: Chiemi & Chiemistry; Fri: tba; Sat: 69th Street Band. RENAISSANCE HARLEM: 2245 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd at 132nd St. 646-8387604. Sun 69pm & Wed 7-10pm: Duo. Jul 3: Chiemi Matsubara Elson & Radam Schwartz; 7: Boncellia Lewis; 10: Teri Leggio Wade & Takaaki Otomo; 14: Marcus Persiani; 17: Valentina Marino; 21: Whitney Marchelle; 24: Akemi Yamada; 28: Kiyoko Yamaoka Layne & Gabriel Romance; 31: TC Carney III. The RIVERTON: W135th St at Madison Av. 212-866-4900. Jul 27: 78:30pm free adm Happy Birthday Billy Taylor feat Danny Mixon. ROOM 623: At B Squared Harlem. 271W 119th St (bet Frederick Douglass & Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvds). room623. 212-280-2248. Sets/adm: Thurs 7:30pm, Fri 9pm, $10/15. Residency: Thurs except 07/4 Tyrone Govan. Jul 5: Shareef Clayton; 12: Phil Palombi Trio; 19: Chip Shelton & Peacetime Trio; 26: Adam Moezinia Trio. SHOWMANS: 375W 125th St at Morningside. 212-864-8941. SHRINE: 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd (bet 133rd & 134th Sts). 212-690-7807. Sets: Early (E) 6-7pm, Late (L) 7-8pm. Residencies (R): Sun E-L Jam w/Andrew Kushnir; 1st Sun 8-10pm The Shrine Big Band. Jul 3: E Justus Heher; 7: R; 9: L Joshua Torvi Trio; 11: L Joe Pino Qnt; 12: E H & J Qnt; 14: R; 18: E Bayo Fayemi Gp; 21: R; 26: L Furmi Gomez Qrt; 28: R.


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SILVANA: 300W 116th St at Frederick Douglass Blvd. 646692-4935. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E) 6-7pm, Late (L) 7-8pm. Jul 1: L Robinson Montmollin Trio; 5: L Rodrigo Bonelli Trio feat Guilherme Dias Gomes; 9: L H & J Qnt; 18: EL Corey Wallace; 19: E-L Arun Luthra & Andy Sugg; 25: E-L Jordan Pettay; 26: E Joe Pino Qnt, 9-10pm Youth & Vanity; 30: E Ben Morris Qnt. SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: 2751 Bway (bet 105th & 106th Sts). 212-864-6662. Set: Early (E), Late (L); Sun&Wed-Thurs E 7,9&10:30pm, L 11:30pm; Mon E 7&9pm, L 10:30pm; Tues 7,9& 10:30pm; Fri-Sat E 7,9&10:30pm, L 11:30pm &12:45am; adm/min vary. Residencies: Sun (R) E Michelle Lordi feat Matthew Parrish Trio, L Public Sound; Mon (R) E Orrin Evans & The Captain Black Big Band, L The Smoke Jam Session by Orrin Evans; Tues (R) Mike LeDonne & Groover Qrt; Wed (R) E Lezlie Harrison, L Emmet Cohen B3 Trio; Thurs L Isaiah J. Thompson Qrt; Fri L Johnny O’Neal & guests; Sat L The Harlem Sessions by Marc Cary. Jul 1-3: R; 4-6: Billy Harper Qnt w/spec guest George Cables; 710: R; 11-13: Russell Malone Qrt; 14-17: R; 18-20: Steve Turre Qnt; 21-24: R; 25: Adam Birbaum Trio; 26-27: Eric Alexander Qrt feat Al Foster; 28-31: R. SUGAR BAR: 254W 72nd St (bet Bway & West End Av). 212-579-0222. Sets: 8pm/$10 adm unless otherwise noted. Residencies: Wed except 07/3&24 Electrikana; Thurs 9pm except 07/3 Open Mic w/Sugar Bar All Star Band; Jul 5: $15 Nat Adderley, Jr. Trio; 6: 9pm Irini Res & the Jazz Mix; 24: Andre Henry. SYMPHONY SPACE: 2537 Bway at 95th St. 212-864-5400. Bar Thalia (BT). Jul 6: BT 9pm NY Jazz Flutet; 13: BT 9pm Lohninger & Fischbacher; 14: BT 7pm Liquid Math. The TRIAD THEATER: 158W 72nd St (bet Bway & Columbus). 212362-2590. 2 drink/min. Jul 1: 7pm Marianne Solivan; 19: 7pm Christine Spero Gp; 24: 7pm AS IS; 25: 7pm Audrey Silver.

MID-TOWN MANHATTAN (Between 35th & 69th Street)

AMERICAN FOLK ART MUSEUM: 2 Lincoln Sq on Columbus Av (bet 65th & 66th Sts). 212-595-9533. Wed: 2-3pm free adm Bill Wurtzel Trio. BIRDLAND: 315W 44th St (bet 8th & 9th Avs). 212-581-3080. Sets: Early (E) 5:30pm except Mon 7pm; 8:30&11pm. Residencies: Sun (R) Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orch; Wed E David Ostwald & Louis Armstrong Eternity Band; Fri E The Birdland Big Band; Sat E except 07/6 Eric Comstock w/Sean Smith & spec guest Barbara Fasano. Jul 1: E Aisha de Haas; 2-6: Veronica Swift w/Emmet Cohen Trio; 4&6: E Emmet Cohen Trio; 7: E The Duke Ellington Center Big Band + R; 9-14: Freddy Cole Qrt; 14: E David Berger Jazz Orch + R; 15: E Benny Benack III; 16-20: Steve Smith's Groove Blue Organ Trio; 18: E Denise Reis; 21: E Ron Aprea Big Band + R; 23-27: John Pizzarelli & The Swing 7; 25: E Adam Larson Band; 28: E Terraza Big Band + R; 30-Aug 3: John Pizzarelli w/spec guest Ken Peplowski.


BIRDLAND THEATER: 315W 44th St (bet 8th & 9th Avs). 212-5813080. Sets: Earley (E) 7pm except Sun 7:30pm & Mon 8:30pm, Late (L) 9:45pm. Jul 1: E Yoko Miwa Trio; 3: Liz Rosa; 4 E & 5-6: Nancy Kelly; 8: E Steven Feifke; 10: Jazz Vocal Mania by Janis Siegel & Lauren Kinhan feat Nicole Henry; 11-13: Konrad Paszkudzki & Pasquale Grasso Duo; 15: E Joe Alterman Trio; 17: Anat Fort Trio; 18: Albert “Tootie” Heath; 1920: Lew Tabackin; 21: E Sammy Figueroa Band; 24: The Ladybugs; 25 E & 26-27: Michael Wolff Trio; 29: E Barbara Fasano; 30: E Fleur Seule; 31: E Rico Jones Qrt, L Candice Reyes Qnt. BRYANT PARK: 6th Av (bet 41st & 42nd Sts). 212-768-4242. Mon-Fri: 12:30-2:30pm except 07/18&25 2-4pm Piano in the Park. Jul 1-5: Jon Weber; 8-10&12: Bertha Hope; 15-19: Dan Manjovi; 22-26: Russ Kassoff; 29-Aug 2: Isaac ben Ayala. CARNEGIE CLUB: 156W 56th St. 212-9579676. Sat: 8:30&10:30pm $40/2 drink min Sinatra tribute feat Steve Maglio & Stan Rubin Orch. CARNEGIE HALL: 57th St & 7th Av. 212-2477800. Jul 27: 8pm $12.50-25 adm Sean Jones & NYO Jazz w/Kurt Elling. CENTER BAR: 10 Columbus Cr, 4th Fl. 212823-9482. Tues-Fri: 6-10pm Janice Friedman Solo. CLUB BONAFIDE: 212E 52nd St (bet 2nd & 3rd Avs). 3rd Fl. 646-918-6189. Jul 5: 6pm Yumi Kim Trio; 6: 4pm Andres Laprida, 6pm So French Cabaret, 8pm Barbara Martinez, 10pm Richard Miller; 7: 6pm Kirk Duplantis Qrt, 8pm Julie Eigenberg & Richard Miller; 11: 6pm Emilie Surtees, 8pm Ellynne Rey; 12: 6pm Chloé Perrier & The French Heart Band, 8pm Richard Miller; 13: 6pm So French Cabaret, 8pm Barbara Martinez; 14: 6:30pm The New York Nightingales, 8:30pm So French Cabaret; 18: 6pm Emilie Surtees, 8pm Moth to Flame; 19: 6pm Chloé Perrier & The French Heart Band, 8pm Barbara Martinez; 20: 6pm So French Cabaret; 21: 8:30pm Violette; 26: 6pm Chloé Perrier & The French Heart Band, 8pm Violette; 27: 6pm So French Cabaret; 28: 8:30pm Violette. DAMROSCH PARK: 62nd St (bet Columbus & Amsterdam Avs). 212-721-6500. www.mid Music: 7:30-10pm. $17 adm. Jul 3: Bria Skonberg & Sisterhood of Swing Seven feat Catherine Russell w/Camille Thurman, Emily Asher; 5: Joe Battaglia & The New York Big Band; 6: Charles Turner & Uptown Swing; 10: Eyal Vilner Big Band feat Brianna Thomas & Brandon Bain; 13: Harlem Renaissance Orch. DAVID RUBENSTEIN ATRIUM: At Lincoln Center. Bway at 62nd St. www.lincolncenter. org/atrium. 212-875-5350. Jul 2: 7:30pm free adm Holman Trio. DIZZY’S CLUB: At Jazz @ Lincoln Center. 10 Columbus Cr at 60th St. 5th Fl. 212-258-9800. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: 7:30&9:30pm, 11:30pm Late Night Sessions; Sun-Wed $35, Thurs-Fri $40, Sat $45; $10 min. Jul 1-8: closed; 9: Allan Harris; 10: Emoción; 11: Quiana Lynell; 12-13: Dr. Eddie Henderson Qnt; 14: Jeremy Bosch; 15: Evan Arntzen Oct feat Jon-Erik Kellso; 16: Evan Sherman Big Band; 17: 7:30pm Ken Peplowski Qnt, 9:30pm Bruce Williams Qnt; 18-21: $45 07/19 Jon Faddis Qrt; 22: $30 Andrea Motis Qnt; 23: Adrian Cox; 24: $30

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Eric Person & Bryan Carrott; 25-28: $45 07/25-26, $50 07/27 Catherine Russell; 29: Mark Gross + Strings; 30: $30 Pauline Jean; 31: Amaro Freitas Trio. Late Night Sessions w/Jul 2-6: closed; 9-13: Citizens of the Blues; 16-17: Jonathan Thomas; 20: Molly Miller & friends; 23-27: Evan Sherman Big Band. FEINSTEIN’S/54 BELOW: 254W 54th St, Cellar (bet Bway & 8th Av). 646-476-3551. Jul 19: 9:30pm Brubeck Brothers Qrt. FLÛTE MIDTOWN: 205W 54th St (bet Bway & 7th Av). 212-265-5169. Wed: 7-10pm. Jul 24: Susan Tobocman Trio. FUNKADELIC STUDIOS: 209W 40th St (bet 7th & 8th Avs). 212-696-2513. Jul 7: 11am-1pm free adm William Hooker. GUANTANAMERA: 939 8th Av. 212-262-5354. Sets: Sun-Thurs 8:30pm-12am, Fri-Sat 8:30pm-1am. TuesWed: Ariacne Trujillo Trio. IGUANA RESTAURANT: 240W 54th St at Bway. 212-765-5454. Mon-Tues: 8-11pm Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks. The IRIDIUM: 1650 Bway at 51st St. 212-5822121. JAZZ AT KITANO: 66 Park Av at 38th St. 212885-7119. Sets/adm: Sun 12-2:30pm, Mon-Tues 8-11pm, Wed-Sat 89:15&10-11:15pm; Sun $45 buffet, Mon-Tues free/$15 min, Wed-Thurs $18/$20 min, FriSat $34/$20 min. Residencies: Sun (R) Jazz Brunch w/Tony Middleton; Mon (R) Jam by Iris Ornig; Tues Emerging Artists series. Jul 1: R; 2: David Yee Qrt; 3: Melissa Hamilton Qrt; 4: no jazz; 5-6: Roni Ben-Hur Qrt; 7-8: R; 9: Elsa Nilson Qrt; 10: Akemi Yamada Qrt; 11: Nico Sarbenes Qrt; 12: Ed Laub Qrt; 13: Valerie Capers Qrt; 14-15: R; 16: Gonjo's Groove Merchant; 17: Alyssa Allgood Qrt; 18: Ben Cassara Qrt; 19: John di Martino Trio; 20: tba; 21-22: R; 23: Lauren Lee Qrt; 24: Adam Hutcheson Qnt; 25: Taeko; 26: Ben Rosenblum Trio; 27: George Colligan Trio; 28-29: R; 30: Jocelyn Gould Qrt; 31: Michika Fukumori Trio. LE RIVAGE: 340W 46th St (bet 8th & 9th Avs). 212-765-7374. Mon: 6:30pm Joe Cohn Trio; Thurs: 7pm Thursday Sessions w/Kyle Colina & friends. LOCAL 802: Associated Musicians of Greater New York Club Room. 322W 48th St (bet 8th & 9th Sts). 212-2454802. Jul 1&15: 7-9:30pm Jazz Foundation of America feat Jam. MICHIKO STUDIOS: 149W 46th St (bet 6th & 7th Avs). 3rd Fl. 212-302-4011. www. Jul 12: 8-10pm Guillermo Gregorio Ens. MORGAN LIBRARY: 225 Madison Av at 36th St. 212-685-0008. Fri: 6:30-8:30pm BeBimBop Ens. PARNELL’S: 350E 53rd St at 1st Av. 212-7531761. Jul 26: 7-10pm free adm/$25 min Scot Albertson & Ron Jackson. PIER 84: 555 12th Av at 44th St. Jul 11: 7pm Latin Music in Hell's Kitchen, a History feat Mike Freeman ZonaVibe w/spec guests Ray Mantilla & Jose Mangual, Jr. The PIERRE: 2E 61st St at 5th Av. 212-8388000. Thurs-Sat: 6:309:30pm Antonio Ciacca. RESIDENCE INN TIMES SQUARE: 1033 6th Av at 39th St. 212-768-0007. Tues: 7:3010:30pm free adm Daniel Bennett Gp.

The RUM HOUSE: 228W 47th St (bet Bway & 8th Av). 646490-6924. Jul 1&22: 9:30pm Lou Caputo & Company. RUSSIAN SAMOVAR: 256W 52nd St (bet Bway & 8th Av). 212-757-0168. Sun: 3-7pm. Jul 7: Nobuyuki Yamasaki Trio; 14: Alex Layne Trio; 21: Arlee Leonard Trio; 28: Tommy Morimoto Qrt. SAINT PETER’S CHURCH: 619 Lexington Av at 54th St. (Citicorp Bld). 212-935-2200. Sun: 6pm free adm Jazz Vespers; Wed: 1pm $10 don Midday Jazz Midtown; Jul 3: David White Jazz Orch; 7: Chris Dingman/Ike Sturm/Allan Mednard Trio; 10: Alan Broadbent Trio; 14: Chris Dingman Solo; 17: Ralph Hamperian’s Tuba D’Amore; 21: Chris Dingman 7 Zaneta Sykes; 24: Giacomo Gates Trio; 28: Chris Dingman/Ike Sturm/Allan Mednard Trio; 31: Peter Leitch New Life Orch. SCANDINAVIA HOUSE: 58 Park Av (bet 37th & 38th Sts). 212-879-9779. Jul 11: 7:30pm $15/10 adm Jostein Gulbrandsen Trio. The SOUND BITE RESTAURANT: 737 9th Av (bet 49th & 50th Sts). 917-409-5868. www.the SPOONFED NYC: 331W 51st St (bet 8th & 9th avs). 646-368-1854. Jul 14: 7pm Andrea Wolper Trio. SWING 46: Jazz & Supper Club. 349W 46th St (bet 8 & 9th Avs). 212262-9554. Sets/adm: Sun-Thurs 8:3011:30pm/$15; Fri-Sat 9:30pm-1am/$20. Residencies: Mon Swingadelic; Tues George Gee Swinging’ Dance Band; Wed Stan Rubin Orch w/Joe Politi. The TIMES CENTER: 242W 41st St. 212-5564288. Jul 20: 7:30pm Latin Music in Hell's Kitchen, a History feat Mike Freeman ZonaVibe w/spec guests Ray Mantilla & Jose Mangual, Jr. TOMI JAZZ: 239E 53rd St (Bet 2nd & 3rd Avs). Lower level. 646-4971254. Jul 7: 7-8:30pm free/$5 min Bill Stevens; 18&28: 7-9:30pm free adm/$10 min Linda Presgrave Qrt.

LOWER MANHATTAN (Below 34th Street) 11TH STREET BAR: 510E 11th St (bet Av A & B). 212-982-3929. Mon: 8pm Keyed Up feat Jam w/Murray Wall. 55 BAR: 55 Christopher St (bet 6th & 7th Avs). 212-929-9883. Sets: Early (E) 7-9pm except Sun&Fri-Sat 6-9pm, Late 10pm. 1st Mon: E Sean Wayland; 1st Thurs: E Amy Cervini; 1st Sat: E Ayana lowe; 2nd Thurs: E Nicole Zuraitis; 2nd Fri: E Tessa Souter; 3rd Sun: E Ray Anderson & Pocket Brass Band; last Wed: E Paul Jost; last Fri: E Kendra Shank. 75 CLUB: At the Bogardus Mansion. 75 Murray St (bet W Bway & Greenwich St). 212-2681746. Sets: Wed 711pm; Thurs-Sat 8&9:30pm. Residencies: Wed Tardo Hammer Trio + Jam; Thurs Andy Bey. Jul 4-5: Trombone festival feat Frank Lacy, Dick Griffin, Craig Harris & Kiani Kwani; 12: Warren Vaché Qrt; 13: Gary Smulyan w/Tardo Hamner Trio; 19: Harry Allen Qrt; 20: Ehud Asherie Trio feat Ken Peplowski; 27: Sheila Jordan w/the Royal Bobsters feat Jerry Weldon; 28: Frank Perowsky Big Band.


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ARTHUR’S TAVERN: 57 Grove St. 212-6756879. Sets: 710pm. Sun: Creole Cooking; Mon: Grove Street Stompers feat Joe Licari; Tues: Yuichi Hirakawa; Wed: Eve Silber; Thurs-Sat: Eri Yamamoto Trio. B FLAT: Basement 277 Church St (bet Franklin & White Sts). 212-219-2970. Sets: Mon 8-11pm, Wed 8:30-11:30pm, Sat 10pm-12am. Mon&Wed: Jordan Young Trio. Jul 20: Dwayne Clemons Trio. BAHA’Í CENTER: 53E 11th St (bet Bway & University). 212-2225159. Tues: 8&9:30pm $10/15 adm. Jul 9: Claire Daly Gp; 16: Corina Bartra Afro/Peruvian Jazz Ens; 23: Jabbo Ware & the We, Me and Them Orch. BAR NEXT DOOR: 129 McDougal St. 212-5295945. Sets: Sun 8&10pm, Mon-Thurs Early (E) 6:30-7:45pm, Late (L) 8:30&10:30pm, Fri-Sat 7:30,9:30& 11:30pm. Adm: $12 all night + 1 drink min/set except Fri-Sat $12/set + 1 drink min/set, E free. Trios unless otherwise noted. MonThurs: E Emerging Artists series; Mon: L Vocal Mondays series. Residencies (R): Sun Peter Mazza; Wed L Jonathan Kreisberg. Jul 1: E Jocelyn Gould, L Alma Micic; 2: E Alex DeLazzari, L Mike Bono; 3: E Juan Munguia, L R; 4: E Matt Setzler, L Craig Brann; 5: Ed Cherry; 6: Tobias Meinhart; 7: R; 8: E Ryan Hernandez, L Rose Ellis; 9: E Andrew Cheng, L Jon Irabagon; 10: E Nick Marziani, L R; 11: E Adam Cordero, L Vaughn Stoffey; 12: Jeff Barone; 13: Jeff Miles; 14: Peter Mazza & Benny Benack; 15: E Jake Richter, L Brenda Earle; 16: E Niklas Lukassen, L Nadav Remez; 17: E Andrew Cheng, L R; 18: E Lisa Hoppe, L Kevin Clark; 19: Uri Gurvich; 20: Paul Bollenback; 21: R; 22: E Nick Marziani, L Nora McCarthy; 23: E tba, L Jonathan Saraga; 24: E Juan Munguia, L R; 25: E Andrew Pereira, L Tom Beckham; 26: “Microcorgi”; 27: Leandro Pellegrino; 28: R; 29: E Chris Parker, L Carlota Gurascier; 30: E Yuma Uesaka, L Stephen Boegehold; 31: E Alec Aldred, L R. The BLACK DOOR: 127W 26th St (bet 6th & 7th Avs). 212-6450215. Mon: 11pm-2am Terry Waldo & Gotham City Band. BLUE NOTE JAZZ CLUB: 131W 3rd St at 6th Av. 212-475-8592. Sets: 8&10:30pm + Fri-Sat 12:30am Late Night Groove series, Sun 11:30am&1:30pm Sunday Brunch. Adm varies. Jul 1: Maurice “Mobetta” Brown & friends; 2-7: Dirty Dozen Brass Band; 8: Gratitude Members of Earth Wind Fire; 9-14: Ron Carter Qrt; 15-17: James Carter; 18-21: Life Cycles; 22-24: Victor Wooten; 25-28: Meshell Ndegeocello; 29-31: Keyon Harrold. Late Night Groove w/Jul 27: Gideon King & City Blog. Sunday Brunch w/Jul 7: Combo Nuvo w/Tom Scott; 14: Fleur Seule; 21: 3D Jazz Trio; 28: Stephane Wrembel & friends. The CELL: 338W 23rd St (bet 8th & 9th Avs). 646-861-2253. Jul 13: 8pm Jamie Baum & Short Stories. CITY WINERY: 155 Varick St (bet Spring & Vandam Sts). 212-6080555. Jul 1: 7:30pm $39-19 adm Michael Dutra feat Strictly Sinatra; 3: 6:30pm $15/20 Melody Rose Band + Melissa Gardiner's MG3 feat Ingrid Jensen; 24: 8pm $25 The Showdown Kids. The CUTTING ROOM: 44E 32nd St (bet Madison & Park Av). 212-691-1900. www.the Jul 6: 7-9pm Richard Howell.


The DJANGO: At Roxy Hotel. 2 Av of the Americas at Walker St. www.roxyhotelnyc. com. 212-519-6600. DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY: 13 Monroe St (bet Market & Catherine Sts). 212-4730043. Sun: 6pm In-Store shows. DROM: 85 Ave A (bet 5th & 6th Sts). 212-7771157. Jul 18: 7:30pm $12/25 adm The Funky Knuckles w/Adam Ahuja; 23: 7:30pm free Silver Arrow Band. The EAR INN: 326 Spring St (bet Greenwich & Washington Sts). 212-4319750. Sun: 8-11pm EarRegulars feat Jon-Erik Kellso & friends. FAT CAT: 75 Christopher St at 7th Av. 212-6756056. $3 adm/no min. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E), Late (L), Night (N); Sun E 6pm, L 9pm, N 1am; Mon E 6pm, L 9pm, N 12:30am; Tues-Wed E 7pm, L 9pm, N 12:30am; Thurs 7pm, L 10pm, N 1:30am; Fri 6pm, L 9pm + 10:30pm, N 1:30am; Sat E 7pm, L 10pm, N 1:30am. Residencies (R): Sun E Terry Waldo & Gotham City Band, N The Program; Mon N Billy Kaye; Tues E except 07/2 Saul Rubin Zebtet; Wed E except 07/3 Raphael D'Lugoff Trio + 1, N Ned Goold; Fri L The Supreme Queens; Sat N Greg Glassman. Jul 1: E Osso String Qrt, L Peter Brainin & the Latin Jazz Workshop, N R; 2: E Dimitry Kolesnik, L David Oquendo & Havana 3, N Tadataka Unno; 3: E La Descarga, N R; 4: E Jefery Miller, L Saul Rubin Zebtet, N Paul Nowinski; 5: E Groover Trio, L R + Jared Gold/Dave Gibson, N Ray Parker; 6: E Miki Yamanaka, L Raphael D'Lugoff Qnt, N R; 7: E R, 8:30pm Jade Synstelien's FCBB, N R; 8: E Ben Patterson Duo, L Ned Goold Qrt, N R; 9: E R, L John Benitez, N Ray Gallon; 10: E R, L Harold Mabern Trio, N R; 11: E Behn Gillece, L Greg Glassman Qnt, N Todd Herbert; 12: E Andrew Latona, L R, N Craig Wuepper; 13: E Sin Fronteras, L Rodney Green, N R; 14: E R, L Asaf Yuria, N R; 15: L George Braith, N R; 16: E R; 17: E R, L The Don Hahn/Mike Camacho Band, N R; 18: E Tyler Blanton; 19: L R; 20: L POD, N R; 21: E&N R; 22: N R; 23: E R; 24: E&N R; 26: L R + David Weiss & Point of departure; 27: E Steve Blum Trio, N R; 28: E&N R; 29: N R; 30: E R, L Itai Kriss & Gato Gordo, N John Benitez's Latin Bop; 31: E&N R. JAZZ GALLERY: 1160 Bway at 27th St. 5th Fl. 646-494-3625. Sets/ adm: 7:30&9:30pm $10, $25/15 Fri-Sat. Jul 12: Jihye Lee Orch; 13: Nir Felder; 18: Lesley Mok; 19: Nerissa Campbell Band; 20: Morgan Guerin; 25: Miho Hazama; 26-27: Tim Berne. JAZZ STANDARD: 116E 27th St (bet Park & Lexington Avs). 212576-2232. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: 7:30-8:30&9:30-10:30pm/$30. Residency (R): Mon Mingus Monday feat Mingus Big Band. Jul 1: R; 2-7: $35 Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio 07/24, Oct 07/5-7; 8: R; 9: Ari Hoenig Qrt; 10: Ulysses Owens Jr.; 11-14: $35 Billy Childs; 15: R; 16: Michael Leonhart Orch; 17: Ryan Keberle & Catharsis; 18-21: Buster Williams Qrt; 22: R; 23: Connie Han Trio; 24: Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead; 25-28: $35 George Coleman Qnt; 29: R; 30-31: $40 Maria Schneider Orch. JOE’S PUB: At Public Theater. 425 Lafayette St & Astor Pl. 212-967-7555. Jul 9: 7pm $20/25 adm Jeff Franzel; 10: 9:30pm $30 Elba Ramalho; 18: 7pm $15 continued on page 20

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YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING OUR music. You play Bach and Mozart and "Beethoven, and you don't play our music."

Hurtling from the mouth of a beloved younger brother, those words routinely rang in Dr. Valerie Capers' ears. As a child growing up in the Bronx, the pianist, composer, author and educator—who felt equally passionate about Tchaikovsky and Teddy Wilson—struggled to assert her individualism and find her voice. Nevertheless, she persisted. Today, Valerie holds bachelor's and master's degrees from the Juilliard School of Music, and honorary doctorates from Susquehanna University, Lehman College at CUNY, and multiple other institutions where she teaches and lectures. She has performed across the country and throughout the world, and her compositions resonate from some of the music's most famed stages, including at Carnegie Hall and the Smithsonian Institution. Still, Valerie remembers the challenges she faced mastering her craft. "For some of us, it doesn't come as quickly as others," she says, speaking as an improviser. "It takes time to really find yourself. The main thing is to find your own voice, and to be focused and disciplined in what you do." While discipline surrounding music always seemed to come naturally to Valerie, who lost her sight at age 6, she found other facets of the craft did not. As a high school student, she'd throw herself into solo piano compositions and orchestral masterpieces she learned at the New York Institute for the Education of the Blind (NYIEB) in the Bronx. As she matured as an artist, Valerie found she could captivate listeners with lush interpretations of Schumann's etudes and variations, but she struggled with spontaneous composition—in particular, playing lines. "That was one of the hardest things for me," she says. "The mentors in playing this music were not the people; they were the albums, the LPs. I was listening to all the pianists, and to Dizzy and to Bird—the music was so great and I have a good ear, but I couldn't

pick it up. Everything was so complicated. I couldn't get it." As the young pianist struggled to imitate her favorite recordings, a friend offered an epiphany. "Artie Jenkins saved my life," she says. He began showing her not only the different voicings on the piano, but also how to slow down the LPs to 16¼ so she could hear and digest every blistering horn line. "The notes were in the same key but a couple of octaves lower," Valerie says. "You didn't even have to think about transposing." But before she could even work out the lines, she had to seek out the recordings, which admittedly took her a while to do. Throughout her childhood, into her adolescence, she describes her studies as "very largely Eurocentric." "I knew I wanted to play Mozart and Beethoven," Valerie says, "but as I got to be a teenager, I became very interested in hearing other kinds of music." She recalls growing up with Nat Cole and Duke Ellington, but those teen years ushered in an era of "something else" entirely. "That was the bebop period," she says. "I was very interested in that, and really wanted to play it." As a junior in high school, Valerie enrolled in John Mehegan's Saturday jazz improvisation course at Juilliard's extension division. "Mr. Mehegan was so wonderful to me," she says, noting the scholarship he awarded her for private lessons after the course had ended. But in the midst of encouragement and enlightenment, she also encountered resistance. "I didn't get anywhere [with my practicing]," Valerie says. Her teacher at NYIEB wanted her to play a certain music in a certain way. "She was grooming me,

continued on page 29


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S P O T L NANCY KELLY BIRDLAND THEATER / JULY 4-6 Nancy Kelly's way with a song is cool and swinging, using time and phrasing to keep the message fresh and make it her own. That talent serves her well on her latest project, featuring material from her exquisite sixth CD, Remembering Mark Murphy. While a generation apart, these singers were born and raised in upstate New York, shared some geographic touch points and admired each other's vocal prowess. While Mark dug deep to find his own rhythmic and melodic facets in a song, Nancy's exploration of that same material feels more smoky and subtle. Mark, who died in 2015, wouldn't have cared for mere imitation. Nancy's band includes John di Martino on piano, Yoshi Waki on bass, Vince Cherico on drums and Aaron Heick on reeds. KF MARK SOSKIN MEZZROW / JULY 5-6 Even among New York City's plethora of post-bop practitioners, pianist Mark Soskin's melodic expertise and dedication to jazz are a cut above. Whether leading his own band, appearing alongside titans of jazz such as Sonny Rollins or serving his students at the Manhattan School of Music, Mark's diligence in continuing to expand jazz as an art form is exceptional. On his latest album, 2018's Upper West Side Stories (Steeplechase), Mark's interpretations of blue-chip standards invite the listener to join him on a journey in jazz history. Bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Adam Nussbaum, his Upper West Side Stories rhythm section, join Mark at Mezzrow for performances that are bound to be both animated and riveting. EW MICHELLE WALKER THE SIDE DOOR / JULY 5 A singer who draws in the listener from the moment she enters the room, Michelle Walker is as much a song interpreter as she is a seasoned vocalist. Her strong presence embraces a kind of vulnerability that elevates her connection to the music. Often conversational, her phrasing invites spontaneity and dialogue. And while sometimes she may whisper in the listener's ear, she always has a strong statement to make. Michelle has released multiple recordings to both critical acclaim and peer acknowledgement, and has toured all over the country and internationally as a leader. She has collaborated with a range of distinctive artists, including Dan Tepfer, Helen Sung and Ben Monder. Her Side Door performance features Sean Fitzpatrick on piano, Michael O'Brien on bass and Sean Dixon on drums. SJ ALAN BROADBENT SAINT PETER'S CHURCH / JULY 10 Alan Broadbent is known as a skilled arranger, conductor and composer, though he is deserving of greater recognition as a brilliant pianist. A gifted player in a variety of settings, the New Zealand native's trio work is especially spontaneous and filled with surprises, along with superb interplay. Even the most familiar standards always sound fresh in his hands. Alan's recently released Savant CD, New York Notes, is a trio session that he recorded in his home studio. While it focuses on bop, a lot of it has a relaxed air and doesn't attempt to overwhelm the listener. Alan's bandmates from the CD, bassist Harvie S and drummer Billy Mintz, join him for his midday set at Saint Peter’s. KD EYAL VILNER DAMROSCH PARK / JULY 10 Bandleader, multi-instrumentalist (alto sax, clarinet, flute) and arranger Eyal Vilner's aesthetic is pure swing era. He's built a big band of top Big Apple musicians dedicated to playing swinging jazz for dancers. He's really serious about that goal, having recorded his latest album, Swing Out!, in a studio with dancers. The self-produced CD also includes BPM's (beats per minute) for the dozen tunes, which range from New Orleans staples to Count Basie and Benny Goodman band numbers. As a plus, Eyal's band includes vocalist Brianna Thomas, who adds a vocalese solo to trombonist Trummy Young's solo with Basie on Duke Ellington's "In a Mellow Tone." This outdoor gig at Lincoln Center is perfect for Eyal's ensemble, as it includes a dance floor. GK

By Ken Dryden, Ken Franckling, Seton Hawkins, Stephanie


Broadbent photo by Yngve Froyen, Childs by Raj Naik, Duchess by Shervin Lainez, Vilner by Nina Galicheva.

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L I G H T BILLY CHILDS JAZZ STANDARD / JULY 11-14 Billy Childs hears on an astral level. He stretches music in new directions whenever he sits at the piano. One of the era's most accomplished composers, Billy interprets ideas spontaneously with the same degree of nuance and creativity he uses when he puts pen to page. In live performance, he engages listeners in virtuosic conversation, always seeming to have something new to say. As a young artist on the L.A. scene, he began touring with Freddie Hubbard, going on to form associations with some of the music's most pivotal figures. His commission credits include Esa-Pekka Salonen and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Kronos Quartet and the LCJO, among many others. His current band features singers Alicia Olatuja and Kate McGarry, saxophonist Steve Wilson, harpist Carol Robbins, guitarist Adam Rogers, bassist Hans Glawischnig and drummer Ulysses Owens, Jr. SJ

EVAN ARNTZEN DIZZY'S CLUB / JULY 15 Given its almost mythic levels of importance in shaping the sounds of both New Orleans jazz bands and the ensembles of the swing era, the jazz clarinet has received shameful levels of neglect in recent decades. It is high time for that to change, and artists like Evan Arntzen represent a new generation of musicians exploring the instrument's possibilities. A mainstay of New York ensembles like the Nighthawks and the EarRegulars, Evan presents an effortlessly fluid and lyrical approach in his playing that could convince even the most ardent hard-bop enthusiast to reappraise the sounds of Jimmie Noone or Buster Bailey. At Dizzy's, Evan celebrates the release of his latest album, Jazz Crush, a joint effort with trumpet master and frequent collaborator Jon-Erik Kellso. SH MARQUIS HILL CARAMOOR / JULY 20 A trumpeter who grew up on the South Side of Chicago and currently resides in Harlem, Marquis Hill has risen to be one of the more promising and original new voices on his instrument. He already has a passel of interesting credits. He's played alongside Chicagoans Makaya McCraven and Caroline Davis, and been mentored by Windy City heavyweights including the late Malachi Thompson, Fred Anderson and Von Freeman. He's also landed first place in the Thelonious Monk Competition, and released a handful of CDs as a leader. Marquis' bolder post-bop inventions as an instrumentalist cross stylistically between the progressive jazz of his teachers and current hip-hop poetry/protest. His group the Blacktet showcases music from his recent effort, Modern Flows. Here his quartet features drummer Jonathan Pinson, bassist Chris Smith and a TBD pianist. MGN ADAM BIRNBAUM SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB / JULY 25 Adam Birnbaum has been hailed for years as a rising star of the piano. But his stellar career, extraordinary artistry, and two decades of outstanding achievement suggest that it is long overdue to simply recognize him for what he is: Adam Birnbaum is, bar none, one of jazz's most formidable piano talents on the scene today. Boasting an astonishing technique that never overrides his impeccable taste, Adam presents a vision for the piano that certainly reflects the lessons of elder masters like Kenny Barron or Fred Hersch while nevertheless still offering a pianistic voice refreshingly his own. A highly versatile artist in any setting, Adam has often favored the trio, and he consistently works wonders with the format. Bassist Ed Howard and drummer Al Foster join Adam at Smoke, and also at Mezzrow on July 12-13. SH DUCHESS GUNNERY SCHOOL FOR LITCHFIELD JAZZ FESTIVAL / JULY 27 Listeners fortunate enough to discover the vocal elasticity of Duchess should get ready for a good time. Comprising veteran artists Amy Cervini, Hilary Gardner and Melissa Stylianou, Duchess offers concertgoers an ears-wide-open experience that fuses sophisticated harmony and improvisation with bandstand banter, parody lyrics and the power of storytelling. Together, the frontwomen of Duchess offer original interpretations, paying homage to those who have come before them while pushing the music in new directions. While each artist brings to the band an extensive rĂŠsumĂŠ of collaborations, recordings and tour dates, together they're garnering critical acclaim and fan fame as Duchess. This performance features pianist Oded Lev-Ari, bassist Matt Aronoff and drummer Paul Wells. SJ

nie Jones, George Kanzler, Michael G Nastos & Eric Wendell


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LISTINGS...continued from page 16

BONOMO; 20: 9:30pm $20 Woong San; 25: 9:30pm $20 Floxy Bee; 28: 7pm $15/20 Fishman & Farhang. JUKE BAR: 196 2nd Av (bet 12th & 13th Sts) Downstairs. 212-2287464. Sun: 6:30-10:30pm free adm Jam by Albert Ahlf. (LE) POISSON ROUGE: 158 Bleecker St at Thompson St. 212-796-0741. Adm varies. Jul 2: 7pm BuJazzO; 11: 8:30pm Real People Not Actors. MEZZROW: 163W 10th St (bet 7th Av & Waverly Pl). 646-4764346. Sets/adm: 8-10:30pm, Late (L) 11pm1am except Fri-Sat 11pm-2am, Sun + 4:307pm; adm varies. Residencies: Sun 5pm Spike Wilner Solo; Mon L Pasquale Grasso; Thurs L Spike Wilner & Pasquale Grasso. Jul 1: Dred Scott Trio; 2: Daniel Meron Qrt, L Joy Brown; 3: Steve Slagle & Bruce Barth, L Michael Bond; 4: Glenn Zaleski & Will Vinson; 5: Mark Soskin Trio, L Miki Yamanaka; 6: Mark Soskin Trio, L Jon Davis; 7: Emmet Cohen Trio, L John Merrill & friends; 8: Kyoko Oyobe Trio; 9: Jay Clayton Trio, L Naama Gheber; 10: Sam Yahel, L Corin Stiggall Trio; 11: Mike Longo & Paul West; 12: Adam Birnbaum Trio feat Al Foster, L Neal Caine; 13: Adam Birnbaum Trio feat Al Foster, L Jeremy Manasia; 14: Nate Radley & Gary Versace, L Panas Athanatos; 15: Hendrik Meurkens Trio; 16: Carolyn Leonhart & Helen Sung, L Vanessa Perea; 17: Bob DeVos & Andy Laverne, L Isaiah J. Thompson; 18: William Anderson Trio; 19: Vanessa Rubin Qrt, L Tardo Hammer; 20: Vanessa Rubin Qrt, L Jon Davis; 21: Johnny O'Neal Trio, L John Merrill & friends; 22: Alberto Pibiri & James Cammack; 23: Marianne Solivan Trio, L Lucy Yeghiazaryan; 24: Mike Hashim Trio, L Nick Masters; 25: Ed Cherry Trio; 26: Peter Zak Trio, L Victor Gould; 27: Peter Zak Trio, L Anthony Wonsey; 28: Rob Schneiderman & Brian Lynch, L Chris Flory; 29: Richie Vitale Trio; 30: Harvey Diamond & Cameron Brown, L Vanisha Gould; 31: Jill McCarron, L Tony Hewitt. NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH: 269 Bleecker St (bet Jones & Cornelia Sts). 212-691-1770. 1st Fri: 8&9:30pm free adm All Things Project Jul 5: Noah Garabedian Qrt. The NEW SCHOOL JAZZ PERFORMANCE SPACE: 55W 13th St, 5th Fl. 212-229-5488. Tues-Sat: 8:309:30pm The Stone at the New School. Jul 913: Pauline Kim; 16-20: Aaron Novik; 18-21: workshops & masterclass feat 07/18 12-6pm Steve Bernstein, 07/19 12-6pm Chris Corsano, 07/20 12m-6pm Matana Roberts, 07/21 8pm concert feat Karl Berger, Ingrid Sertso; 23-27: Adam Rudolph; 30-Aug 3: William Parker. NORTH SQUARE: At Washington Square Hotel. 103 Waverly Pl at McDougal. 212254-1200. Sun: 12:30&2pm free adm Jazz Brunch Trios. Jul 7: Roz Corral w/Bill Wurtzel & Alex Gressel; 14: Judi Silvano. NUYORICAN POETS CAFÉ: 236E 3rd St (bet Avs B & C). 212-7809386/212-505-8183. Sets: 9:30pm. Tues: $10 adm Latin Jazz feat 07/2 Chembo Corniel, 07/9 Bronx Conexión, 07/16 Willie Martinez & La Familia Sxt; 1st Wed: $13 All That - Hip Hop Poetry & Jazz; 1st Sat: $15 Banana Puddin’ Jazz series feat Rome Neal + Jam.


PUBLIC HOTEL NEW YORK: 215 Chrystie St. 212-735-6000. Wed: 7:30-10:30pm Endea Owens Trio. ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL: 196 Allen St at E Houston St. 212-477-4155. Thurs: 9pm-12am Ethan Eubanks & Detroit Grease. Jul 7: 7pm Rita Figueiredo & Benji Kaplan. RUE B: 188 Ave B (bet 11th & 12th Sts). 212358-1700. Sets: 9pm12am. Sun: Kazu Pf Yokoshima Qrt feat Frank Sr.; Mon: Paul Bollenback Trio; Tues: Miss Maybell & friends; Wed: Sam Barrios Qrt feat Andrea Chavarro; Thurs: Gregg Robbins Trio. RUSS & DAUGHTERS CAFE: 127 Orchard St (bet Delancey & Rivington Sts). 212-4754880. Last Thurs: 8pm free adm The Stone at Russ & Daughters Cafe. Jul 25: Will Epstein. SMALLS JAZZ CLUB: 183W 10th St at 7th Av. 212-252-5091. Sets: Early (E) 7:30-10pm, Late (L) 10:30pm-1am, Night (N) 1-4am; jam following N; adm varies. Residencies (R): Sun-Tues N After-hours Jazz; Wed N except 07/10&24 Charles Blenzig; Thurs N 07/4&18 Malick Koly, 07/11&25 Mimi Jones & The Lab Session; Sat N 07/6&20 Philip Harper, 07/13 Brooklyn Circle, 07/27 Eric Wyatt. Jul 1: E Jonathan Michel Qrt, L Joe Farnsworth Trio, N R; 2: E Robert Edwards Qnt, L Buzz Donald & friends, N R; 3: E Tuomo Uusitalo Trio feat Chris Cheek, L Francisco Mela & MPT Trio, N R; 4: E Gilad Hekselman Gp, L Luke Sellick Gp, N R; 5: E Marshall McDonald Jazz Project, L Wayne Escoffery & Tenor Traditions, N Corey Wallace; 6: E Billy Mintz Band, L Wayne Escoffery & Tenor Traditions, N R; 7: E Tad Shull Qrt, L David Gibson Qnt, N R; 8: E Joel Frahm Trio, L Rodney Green Qrt, N R; 9: E Justin Robinson Qrt, L Abraham Burton Qrt, N R; 10: E Josh Lawrence Color Theory, L Jay Rodriguez Qrt; 11: E Chip White Gp, L Asaf Yuria Exorcisms Sxt, N R; 12: E Sylvia Cuenca Qrt, L E.J. Strickland Qnt w/Aimée Allen, N Wallace Roney, Jr.; 13: E Sylvia Cuenca Qrt, L E.J. Strickland Qnt w/Aimée Allen, N R; 14: E Grant Stewart Qrt, L Nick Hempton Band, N R; 15: E Jorge Glem Band, L Lucas Pino Nnt, N R; 16: E Steve Nelson Qrt, L tba, N R; 17: E Jim Greene Gp, L Harold Mabern Trio, N R; 18: E John Bailey Sxt, L Craig Brann Qnt, N R; 19: E John Ellis Gp, L Randy Johnston Trio, N Corey Wallace; 20: E John Ellis Gp, L Randy Johnston Trio, N R; 21: E Aaron Seeber Qrt, L Jon Beshay Qrt, N R; 22: E Johannes Weidenmueller Trio, L Charles Owens Trio, N R; 23: E Ian HendricksonSmith Qrt, L Josh Evans Qnt, N R; 24: E Wayne Tucker Qnt, L Lucine Yeghiazaryan Qrt; 25: E Danton Boller Qnt, L Reggie Watkins Qnt, N R; 26: E Amanda Sedgwick Qnt, L Brandon Lee Qnt, N JD Allen; 27: E Amanda Sedgwick Qnt, L Brandon Lee Qnt, N R; 28: E Chris Byars Original Sxt, L JC Stylles Qrt, N R; 29: E Sean Smith & Humanity Qrt, L Joe Farnsworth Trio, N R; 30: E Sean Smith & Humanity Qrt, L Frank Lacy's Tromboniverse, N R; 31: E Pat Bianchi Trio, L Darrian Douglas Unity Band, N R. TURNMILL: 119E 27th St (bet Park & Lexington Avs). 646524-6060. Wed: 11pm-2am Keyed Up series feat Rob Duguay & Low Key Trio + spec guests. VILLAGE VANGUARD: 178 7th Av S at 11th continued on page 22

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ARRY ALLEN IS IN THE TRADItion of tenor saxophonists who improH vise on time-tested melodies, though he's

much more than simply a mainstream interpreter. Harry's father, a former big band drummer, immersed his son in jazz by playing records for him before school each day. "I was listening to Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, so I learned to love the music at an early age," the saxophonist recalls. Accordion was Harry's first instrument. He began clarinet at 11, then tenor saxophone—which was always his goal—at 12. "We were living in Rhode Island and there weren't many students who could play jazz. I played in the school big band, orchestra and the symphonic band." Ellington sideman Paul Gonsalves was one of Harry's first major influences, then he was turned onto Scott Hamilton. "I bought an LP and thought it was a beautiful sound, that's how I wanted to play saxophone. I bought other recordings and found out when he was playing in the area. I realized that he had heroes and checked them out: Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Flip Phillips and Illinois Jacquet." Duke Ellington is one of Harry's major inspirations. "I love his music like no other. Like Ravel, he had the greatest combination of inside and outside. He was such a musical genius," he notes. Many active musicians shared their knowledge with the saxophonist. "Oliver Jackson taught me a lot. I toured with him in my early 20s and

learned most of what I know about the music business and music from him." He also worked with Scott Hamilton, Bucky Pizzarelli, Warren Vaché and Major Holley. Harry blossomed during his years at Rutgers, where several jazz faculty members left their mark. "Bill Fielder was a trumpet player and I had a lot of courses with him. Ted Dunbar, the great guitarist, taught a harmony and improvisation class. We had different saxophone instructors every year, Mark Kirk, Horace Young, then two you would know, Sahib Shihab and Bob Mintzer. All four very different to study with. I learned a lot from Bob Mintzer, we talked more about his approach to improvisation," he says. "Getting to play with Kenny Barron and hear him talk about music was unbelievably valuable." Kenny hired Harry for his first record date, which thrilled the young man. The saxophonist also honed his craft during jam sessions in New York City. Harry is a prolific composer and has frequently included an original or two on his CDs. "For years I was the most happy with 'I Can See Forever,' and there wasn't a lyric. Then I started working with (pianist/ vocalist) Judy Carmichael and I asked her if she had ever written lyrics and she said yes. She gave a shot at 'I Can See Forever' and it was the first lyric I liked. We ended up writing quite a few songs together and did a CD of them (Can You Love Me Once More?). I also started writing with a guy named Greg Oppenheimer, we're getting ready to do a CD of those songs." In recent years, the saxophonist has put more emphasis on arranging. "I am very interested in the great arrangers, Nelson Riddle, Billy May, Neal Hefti and Johnny Mandel," he says. "I tell my students, 'Listen to how they get through the chord changes to the song, then improvise like that, because all of the leading tones that they use are what you want to use when you're improvising.' I want to be logical but unpredictable. So when you hear my playing or arranging, people will say that it makes perfect sense, but it's not what they expected. I've done a bunch of big arrangements and I've just started my first orchestral arrangement last week. Hopefully, I can get them performed somewhere." Harry is enthusiastic about his newest CD, Rhode Island Is Famous For You. "It includes one of the most underrated pianists out there, Mike Renzi, his knowledge of harmony is unsurpassed." Harry, Mike and bassist Paul Del Nero have connections to the state, and drummer Rodney Green joined them in the studio there. "We recorded it at Vanderbilt Stables, in the town near Newport. We decided on a Rhode Island theme, so we recorded two Rhode Island songs, 'Rhode Island Is

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LISTINGS...continued from page 20

St. 212-255-4037. Sets: 8:30&10:30pm. Adm: $35/1 drink min. Residency (R): Mon except 07/8 Vanguard Jazz Orch. Jul 1: R; 2-7: Linda May Han Oh; 8-14: closed; 15: R; 16-21: Vijay Iyer; 22: R; 23-28: Fred Hersch Trio; 30-Aug 4: Harold Mabern Trio. WALKER’S: 16N Moore St at Varick. 212-9410142. Sun: 8-11pm Duos. ZINC BAR: 82W 3rd St (bet Thompson & Sullivan). 212-477-8337. Sets: unless otherwise noted 7:30&9pm. Jul 1: Tsutomu Nakai Qrt; 3: 9pm-1am VandoJam feat Mark Gross; 8: Pasquale Grasso Trio; 12: Harry Allen Qrt; 13: Carl Allen Qrt; 14: 46:45pm $25 Another Sunday Serenade tribute to Frank Morgan feat Mark Gross; 15: Greg Skaff Trio; 20: Billy Drummond Qrt; 29: David Stern Qrt.

BRONX LEHMAN CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS: At Lehman College. 250 Bedford Park Blvd W. 718-960-8833. www.lehmancen Jul 17-18: 9:30am-5pm Jazz Power Institute class. VAN CORTLANDT PARK: 80 Van Cortlandt Park S. 7D-1. 718-601-7399. Jul 7: 2pm Deanna Kirk & Victoria Ortiz. VINMONT VETERAN PARK: W254 St (bet Riverdale & Mosholu Avs). Jul 17: 6pm Native Soul; 24: 6pm Peter Brainin & the Latin Jazz Workshop. WAVE HILL: 675W 252nd St. 718-549-3200. Wed: 7-8pm Sunset Wednesdays. Jul 17: Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers; 24: Yasser Tejeda & Palotré.

BROOKLYN 500 BLOCK ASSOCIATION: MacDonough St (bet Ralph & Patchen Sts). 212-866-4900. Jul 13: 4-5:30pm free adm Antoinette Montague. BAR BAYEUX: 1066 Nostrand Av. 347-5337845. Wed: 8-11pm free adm Keyed Up series. Jul 3: Adam Kolker Trio; 10: George Schuller’s Circle Wide w/Peter Apfelbaum; 17&24: tba; 31: Andrew Schiller’s Jogger Knot. BAR CHORD: 1008 Cortelyou Rd. 347-2406033. Sun: 9pm Cortelyou Jam. BAR LUNÀTICO: 486 Halsey St. 718-513-0339. Sun: 2-5pm Keyed Up feat Gospel Brunch. BARBÈS: 376 9th St at 6th Av. Park Slope. 718-965-9177. Residencies: Sun 9pm Stephane Wrembel; Mon 7pm Brain Cloud; Tues 9pm Slavic Soul Party; Wed 10pm Mandingo Ambassadors. BLUEBIRD BROOKLYN: 504 Flatbush Av. 718-484-9494. Wed: 9pm-12am Keyed Up feat Noah Garibedian + Jam. BROWNSTONE JAZZ: 107 Macon St at Nostrand Av. 917-704-9237. https://www. Fri-Sat: 9pm-12:30am Jazz Fish Fry fest. BROWNSVILLE HERITAGE HOUSE: 581


Mother Gaston Blvd. www.brownsvill 718-385-1111. 3rd Sat: 3-6pm free adm The Word on the Street Ens. The COPPER POT: 347 Van Brunt St. 929-2763330. Wed: 7:3010:30pm Keyed Up series. COUNTING ROOM: 44 Berry St. 718-599-1860. Sun: 4-7pm Keyed Up feat The Cafe Society. HALYARDS: 406 3rd Av. 718-532-8787. Tues: 8-9:30pm $10 adm/1 drink min. Jul 2: Marta Sanchez Qrt; 9: Randy Ingram Qrt; 16: Dan Weiss/Miles Okazaki Duo; 23: Billy Mintz Sxt; 30: James Carney Qrt. IBEAM: 168 7th St. Sets: 8pm. Jul 3: Mara Rosenbloom Trio; 19: Judi Silvano/Bruce Arnold’s Sonic-Twist Duo. IL PORTO: 37 Washington Av. 718-624-0954. Thurs-Sat: 710pm Keyed Up feat Charlie Apicella & Iron City. NATIONAL SAWDUST: 80N 6th St. 646-7798455. Jul 31: 7pm $25 adm Zeena Parkins & Ursula Scherrer. ON STAGE AT KINGSBOROUGH: At Kingsborough Community College. 2001 Oriental Blvd. 718-368-5596. www.onstage Sat: 8pm. Jul 6: George Gee Swing Orch w/spec guest John Dokes; 13: Fantine & The French Horn Collective; 20: Davina & The Vagabond; 27: Nicole Zuraitis & Dan Pugach Nnt. SHAPESHIFTER LAB: 18 Whitwell Pl. 646-820-9452. VELVET LOUNGE: 174 Bway. 718-302-4427. Tues: 9pm-12am Key Up series feat 1st Tues Sivan Arbel; last Tues Rob Duguay & Low Key Trio. WILLIAMSBURG MUSIC CENTER: 367 Bedford Av. 718-3841654. $10 adm. Residency: Sat 10pm Jam w/Gerry Eastman & friends. Jul 5: 8:309:30pm Extraordinary friends; 7: 9-11pm Decatur Street Jinx; 11: 10:30-11:30pm Rishav Acharya; 18: 9-10pm Jana DeBusk.

CONNECTICUT GUNNERY SCHOOL: 22 Kirby Rd. Washington. Jul 26-28: Litchfield Jazz Festival 860-3616285 feat 07/26 7:30pm The Litchfield Jazz Orch feat Alexis Cole, 07/27 1pm Duchess, 2:30pm Randy Brecker & The Chad LB Qrt, 5:30pm Carmen Staaf, 7pm Mike Stern Band, 07/28 11am Antoinette Montague & Don Braden Band, 1pm Wycliffe Gordon & friends, 2:45pm Mike Stern Band. INFINITY HALL: 32 Front St. Hartford. 860560-7757. Jul 14: 8pm Spyro Gyra. The JUDY BLACK MEMORIAL PARK & GARDENS: 1 Green Hill Rd. Washington Depot. Jul 26: 5:30pm Litchfield Jazz Festival 860-361-6285 Opening Night gala. LITCHFIELD FESTIVAL: 860-361-6285. Check Gunnery School and The Judy Black Memorial Park & Gardens. PALACE THEATER/POLI CLUB: 100 East Main St. Waterbury. 203-346-2000. www. Fri: 8-9:30pm Summer continued on page 24

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-", ĂŠ 9ĂŠ



By Don Jay Smith

ANDREA BRACHFELD HYATT REGENCY / JULY 11 Flutist and composer Andrea Brachfeld consistently earns critical acclaim from musicians and from the jazz press: The legendary Hubert Laws declares that her "marvelous tone and technique are astonishing," and Downbeat magazine dubs her "one of the finest jazz flutists around." Andrea, a Manhattan School of Music graduate, originally made her reputation in Latin jazz, winning two Latin New York Music Awards, the Chico O'Farrill Lifetime Achievement Award and the Pionero Award. Andrea's three straight-ahead jazz CDs received rave reviews, and she was named Favorite Flutist in the 2015 Hot House Jazz Awards. Always in demand, she has played with many greats including Tito Puente, Wallace Roney, Paquito D'Rivera, Bill O'Connell and Wycliffe Gordon. Guitarist Roni Ben-Hur, bassist Harvie S and drummer Sylvia Cuenca join Andrea for the New Brunswick Jazz Project.

SKIP WILKINS DEER HEAD INN / JULY 14 For almost 20 years, pianist Skip Wilkins has led a trio with bassist Scott Lee and drummer Jeff Hirshfield, with whom he recorded two CDs: I Concentrate on You and After. In 2012, he added his son Daniel on sax and recorded Father & Son. Overall, Skip has 13 albums, including his newly released Czech Wishes. Dan, Scott and Jeff join Skip at the Deer Head Inn, to play a mixture of selections drawn from his long career, including original compositions and material from the new CD. Skip, who splits his time between the United States and Europe, has a home in Pennsylvania, where he is an associate professor of music at Lafayette College, teaches at Moravian College, and continues to write and perform.

FRANK NOVIELLO SOUTH ORANGE GAZEBO FOR JAZZ ON SLOAN / JULY 19 Vocalist Frank Noviello is truly a jazz singer who approaches each song with a creativity and spontaneity that make his performances special. He began singing at a very young age, playing Carnegie Hall at age 7, and appearing in musical theater. A graduate of the William Paterson University jazz program, Frank studied with Rufus Reid and Norman Simmons. He has appeared at the metropolitan area's top venues, including Shanghai Jazz, Birdland, the Village Gate and the Blue Note. For the South Orange date, Frank performs with his regular pianist, Tomoko Ohno, with whom he recorded his CD Jilted, on which "Noviello's singular sound and inventive phrasing are wonderfully complimented by Ohno's imaginative accompaniment," according to reviewer Joe Lang. Frank also plays the Englewood Public Library, July 11.

DANNY BACHER COLLEGE OF SAINT ELIZABETH / JULY 25 Singer Danny Bacher not only has an engaging voice, he swings and scats with great control, plays a fiery soprano sax, and punctuates his shows with entertaining humor and storytelling. His just-released CD, Still Happy, certainly describes his perspective. Danny draws on talents beyond music: With a theater degree from NJCU, he is also an actor, comedian and educator. In June, he received the American Songbook Association's Margaret Whiting Award, and in May headlined a celebration of the music of Jerome Kern at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall. His repertoire pays tribute to Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima as well as the Great American Songbook. His band includes saxophonist Harry Allen, trumpeter Charlie Caranicas, pianist Jason Teborek, bassist Dean Johnson and drummer Alvester Garnett.

Brachfeld photo by Maureen Plainfield.


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LISTINGS...continued from page 22

City; 19: Jeff Fuller. RIDGEFIELD PLAYHOUSE: 80 East Ridge. Ridgefield. 203-438-5795. Jul 12 8pm & 13 1pm: Bernie Williams All Star Band. The SIDE DOOR JAZZ CLUB: At Old Lyme Inn. 85 Lyme St. Old Lyme. 860-434-0886. Sets: 8:30-11pm. Jul 5: Michelle Walker; 6: Joe Locke; 12: Alexis Cole; 13: Pat Bianchi; 19: Emmet Cohen Trio feat Albert “Tootie” Heath; 20: Dave Stryker; 26: Davina & the Vagabonds; 27: Josean Jacobo.

LONG ISLAND AMERICAN HOTEL: 49 Main St. Sag Harbor. 631-725-3535. Tues-Sun: 6:30-10:30pm Lee Glantz. The GIG SHACK: 782 Main St. Montauk. 631668-2727. Wed: 79:30pm. Jul 3: Kirk Knuffke/Iris Ornig Trio; 10: Perry Smith Duo; 17: Kevin Kuhn Duo; 24: Will Sellenfreed Duo; 31: Caleb Wheeler Curtis/Marta Sanchez Trio. GRASSO’S: 134 Main St. Cold Spring Harbor. 631-367-6060. The JAZZ LOFT: 275 Christian Av. Stony Brook. 631-751-1895. Sets: 7-9:30pm. Jul 11: The Jazz Loft Big Band w/Tom Manuel & Max McBride; 18: The Bad Little Big Band; 19: Iris Onig Qnt; 25: Interplay Jazz Orch. MONTAUK LIBRARY: 871 Montauk Hwy. Montauk. 631-6683377. Jul 10: 7-10pm Bill O' Connell Trio. PATCHOGUE THEATRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS: 71 E Main St. Patchogue. 631-207-1313. Jul 23: 8pm $20 adm Judy Carmichael Trio feat Harry Allen. TREME: 553 Main St. Islip. 631-277-2008. Sets: Sun&Wed 711pm; Thurs-Sat 8pm-12am. Jul 5: Sabori; 14: Lepley/Cammack/Bellucci; 21: Jim Cammack; 28: Jam w/Lepley/Cammack/ Bellucci Trio. UNION CANTINA: 40 Bowden Sq. Southampton. 621377-3500. Thurs: 79pm Keyed Up series.

NEW JERSEY BERGEN ENGLEWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY: 31 Engle St. Englewood. 201-568-2215. Thurs: 7:30pm Outdoor concerts. Jul 4: Darryl Yokley Qnt; 11: Frank Noviello; 18: Vince Ector Gp; 25: Bill Saxton. PUFFIN CULTURAL FORUM: 20 Puffin Way. Teaneck. 201836-8923. Jul 26: 7pm $10 adm Audrey Martells. ESSEX The CASSIDY BAR + KITCHEN: 160 Maplewood Av. Maplewood. 973-762-5433. Sun: 12-3pm Jazz Brunch. Jul 7: Maurício de Souza & Bossa Brasil®. GATEWAY CENTER PLAZA 4: 100 Mulberry St. Newark. 973-624-8880. Jul 10: 12-1pm Steven Kroon Latin Jazz Sxt. JAZZ HOUSE KIDS: 14 S Park St. Montclair. 973-744-2258


NEWARK MUSEUM: 49 Washington St. Newark. 973-5966550. Thurs: 12:15-1:45pm Jazz in the Garden series. Jul 18: Akiko Tsuruga; 25: Chembo Corniel. SOUTH ORANGE GAZEBO: 17 Sloan St. South Orange. Fri: 7-10pm Jazz on Sloan. Jul 5: Whitney Jackson; 19: Frank Noviello & Tomoko Ohno; 26: NJPAC Jam w/James Austin Jr. SPIOTTA PARK: 20-32 Village Plaza. South Orange. Fri: 7-10pm Jazz on Sloan. Jul 12: Ed Palermo. SUZYQUE’S BBQ & BAR: 34 S Valley Rd. West Orange. 973-7367899. Free adm. Sun: 2-5pm Brunch w/Curtis Lundy Ens; Mon: 8pm-12am John Lee & friends. Jul 8&22: 8-10pm Glenn Franke's BigBand. HUDSON The BRIGHTSIDE TAVERN: 141 Bright St. Jersey City. 201435-1234. Mon: 8pm Keyed Up feat Brightside Tavern Trio. PORT IMPERIAL: 55 Riverwalk Pl. West New York. Thurs: 6-8pm Sunset Music series. Jul 11: Karl Latham, Mark Peterson & Oscar Perez + Erik Lawrence, Mala Waldron & Hanan Rubenstein + Alan Bates Steel Pan Island Breeze; 25: Pete Levin & Jeff Chiampa + Erik Lawrence, Mala Waldron & Hanan Rubenstein + Alan Bates Steel Pan Island Breeze. MERCER 1867 SANCTUARY AT EWING: 101 Scotch Rd. Ewing. jazz. 609-392-6409. Jul 13: 8pm Steve Sandberg & Rob Thomas; 19: 8pm Jay Daniels; 20: 8pm Mike Lorenz Trio; 21: 2pm Pete Inverso, 7:30pm Carrie Jackson Trio; 25: 8pm Penny Weather Qrt; 28: 2pm Hot Club of Philadelphia. CANDLELIGHT LOUNGE: 24 Passaic St. Trenton. 609695-9612. Sat: 3:30-7:30pm free adm/$10 min. MIDDLESEX CHAMBER 43: 427 Raritan Av. Highland Park. 732-317-9427. Jul 20: 12:30-3pm Brunch with Joe Magnarelli & Akiko Tsuruga. DELTA’S RESTAURANT: 19 Dennis St. New Brunswick. 732249-1515. Jul 13: 6:30-10:30pm Maurício de Souza & Bossa Brasil® w/Andrew Beals. DUE MARI: 78 Albany St. New Brunswick. 732-296-1600. Fri: 6:309:30pm free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Jul 12: Mike Bond Duo; 19: Emma Larsson Duo; 26: Jackie Jones Duo. GEORGE STREET ALE HOUSE: 378 George St. New Brunswick. 732-543-2408. The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Tues: 8-11pm Emerging Artists + Jam. Jul 9: Saul Dautch Gp; 16: Gabriel Bar-Cohen Qrt; 23: Jonathan Kirschner Qrt; 30: Wes Whitelock Gp w/spec guest Mike Lee. HYATT REGENCY: 2 Albany St. New Brunswick. 732-873-1234. Thurs: 8-11pm free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Jul 11: Andrea Brachfeld Qrt; 18: Adam Brenner Qrt; 25: Brian Landrus Qrt. continued on page 26

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It's a natural INGER ELLYNNE REY LIKES spending time outside, watching birds and photographing the flora and fauna. A close encounter with a snowy owl not only kicked up her interest in nature a few notches, it provided the inspiration for her brand-new self-produced album, The Birdsongs Project. "Snowy owls are large birds with huge gold eyes. They watch you too; they don't move. It was not like anything I can describe," she explains. "The experience of coming face to face with this unbelievable creature transformed me."

Ellynne Rey, Club Bonafide

It's rare to spot these Arctic owls in Ellynne's home state of Connecticut. The sighting made quite an impression, and motivated the vocalist to find a way to meld her love of birds with her passion for music. The result can be heard on her new recording, featuring a dozen tunes focusing on nature's fine feathered friends, including Ellynne's new composition, "Conversation with a Snowy Owl." In addition to originals, The Birdsongs Project includes material by the likes of Blossom Dearie, Joni Mitchell, Abbey Lincoln, Hoagy Carmichael, the Beatles, and, of course, Charlie Parker. Ellynne even included "The Crow," by Franz Schubert, for which she penned new lyrics. She had sung the original German words in a classical setting, but was inspired to write her own words in English to communicate with more listeners. "That was a little risky, but it was fun to do," she observes. Most of the songs reveal their avian connections in their titles, the one exception being "The Shadow of Your Smile." Written by Johnny Mandel, it landed the Academy Award for best tune in 1965, when it debuted in the film The Sandpiper. "I never knew what the movie was about until I saw it on TCM recently and I started getting chills. The stars, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, find a bird on the beach with a wing that needs mend-

By Elzy Kolb

ing," a plot point revealed in the verse of the tune. "I love songs from movies, and seeing them in context gives a frame of reference; it fills in some puzzle pieces," Ellynne notes. In planning The Birdsongs Project, "I wanted more than a standards record. I wanted a mix so there's more than one feel," she muses. "I start with a vision and a process and it always ends up a little different from what I intended. I did tunes in unexpected ways; I explored." She points to Joni Mitchell's "Song to a Seagull" as an example of developing a unique approach to a familiar song. As Ellynne worked on the tune she was surprised by the feelings of anger the lyrics evoked. "It made me think of humans and their connection to nature. There are so many people who work at jobs they don't like, to pay for things they may not need. There's the push-pull of life in the city and the call of nature, the conundrum between earning a living and doing what you want. It's so easy to get sucked in, to be part of another world that's not a natural place for you to be." Join Ellynne at Club Bonafide on July 11 when she celebrates the release of The Birdsongs Project, along with her band including pianist Bennett Paster, bassist Marcus McLaurine, trumpeter Alex Norris, and drummer Joe Strasser. Though the musicians all appear on the CD, it’s their first time playing the arrangements live, as well as the world premiere for some of Ellynne's originals. Go big or go home

Edward Perez & Michael Thomas, Birdland

Saxophonist and composer Michael Thomas heard a lot of big band music while he was growing up, so it seemed natural to him to start up one of his own. For the past four years he has co-led the Terraza Big Band with co-founder, bassist and composer Edward Perez. "As you compose more, you realize the possibilcontinued on page 26


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ANOTHER REASON... continued from page 25

ities of different combinations of instruments. I did gigs in configurations from piano duo to septet. A big band offers all that at once; nothing else offers as much," Michael explains. The ensemble is named for Terraza 7, the Queens club where it's performed monthly since 2015. At the time their first gig was confirmed, Michael and Edward had completed only two big band compositions each, and scrambled to write enough music for a full set in one week. Their debut performance went so well that they were immediately booked for the next three months. "For the first eight or nine months, we each made an effort to add one new piece for each gig," Michael recalls. "That way the music was always fresh for the band, there was always something they hadn't done before." In recruiting members for the 18-piece band, Michael and Edward aimed high. "It's not worth it to do it if the band isn't the best it could be. We called the people who would be the best choice in a perfect world, and this being New York made it possible: Music is the reason they're here. We created a community around the ideal," Michael says. The personnel varies according to the players' schedules, and the saxophonist estimates he has a pool to draw from roughly the size of two big bands. The lineup often includes tenor saxophonists Troy Roberts and John Ellis, trumpeter Alex Norris, trombonist John Fedchock, bass trombonist Jennifer Wharton, pianist Luis Perdomo and other mainstays of the Big Apple jazz scene. "They're all first-call players. Even if we get a last-minute sub they're still playing at an extremely high level, it never feels like they're struggling to play the music." The first Terraza Big Band album came out recently, One Day Wonder (Outside In Music), featuring four compositions each by Michael and Edward, plus the Troy Roberts-penned title track, which Michael arranged. "Troy is an integral part of the band, a great section guy and soloist. This is a great feature for him, Alex and drummer Jimmy Macbride. And it's interesting for everyone else, the band has a lot to do on this one." The title One Day Wonder could also apply to how long it took to record the CD—a single day. Michael credits conductor Miho Hazama with helping the session go smoothly. The Terraza Big Band hadn't used a conductor before, though Edward and Michael had worked with Miho in the past. They saw plenty of advantages to having her on hand in the studio, including allowing the co-leaders to focus on their playing instead of cuing the band. "We didn't have to set up in some weird way so everyone could see us," Michael says. "Miho is very intuitive and we trust her.


She took the pressure off us and streamlined the process. She made it easier for us to stay on track." When the Terraza Big Band plays Birdland July 28, they’re going to focus on a mix of material, with selections from One Day Wonder along with some brandnew pieces. "We're premiering new things all the time," Michael notes. "And we have such a great depth of soloists, we want to take advantage of this situation and feature everyone as much as possible. We can mix the intricacy of a large ensemble with the freedom of a small band. We're aiming for a 50-50 split between orchestrations and solos. We have such good players, it's silly not to have them do their thing." LISTINGS... continued from page 24

OLD FRANKLIN SCHOOLHOUSE: 491 Middlesex Av (RT 27). Metuchen. 862-3682202. First Sun: 3-5:15 pm CornerstoneJazz series. Jun 7: Winard Harper & Jeli Posse. TAVERN ON GEORGE: 361 George St. New Brunswick. 732545-6205. Wed: 8-11pm free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Jul 3: Lou Watson Trio; 10: Akiko Tsuruga Trio; 17: Victor North Trio; 24: Orrin Evans Trio; 31: Lucy Yeghiazaryan Trio. MONMOUTH RIVERSIDE GARDENS PARK: West Front St. Red Bank. Thurs: 7pm Jazz in the Park. Jul 11: Radam Shwartz & Jazz Exchange; 18: Valerie Ponomarev Qnt; 25: Bruce Williams Solid Jazz. TWO RIVER THEATER: 21 Bridge Av. Red Bank. 732-3451400. Fri-Sat: 8pm Summer Jazz Café. Jul 56: Mimi Jones Band; 12-13: Champian Fulton Qrt; 19-20: Sherrie Maricle Trio; 26-27: Tia Fuller Qrt. MORRIS BICKFORD THEATRE: 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown. 973-971-3706. www.morris Thurs: 7:309pm Summer Jazzfest. Jul 11: Evan Sherman Big Band; 18: Dan Levinson; 25: Amani. COLLEGE OF SAINT ELIZABETH: At Dolan Hall. 2 Convent Rd. Morristown. 973-2904000. Hot Jazz series: 7:30pm. Jul 10: Louis Prima Jr. & The Witnesses; 17: Nicki Parrott; 25: Danny Bacher All-Star Band. SHANGHAI JAZZ: 24 Main St. Madison. 973822-2899. Free adm. Sets: Sun 6-8:30pm, Tues 6:30-9pm, WedThurs 7-9:30pm, Fri 6:30&8:45pm, Sat 6:15&8:45pm. Closed Mon. Jul 1-8: closed; 9: John Korba Trio; 10: Rosanno Sportiello; 12: Brynn Stanley Qrt; 13: Eric Mintel Qrt; 26-27: Steve Turre Qrt. PASSAIC WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY: 300 Pompton Rd. Wayne. 973720-2371. Sets: 7:30pm. Jul 15: The Summer Jazz Workshop Faculty & Staff; 16: The Anderson Twins; 17: Vanessa Rubin & Big Beat; 18: Nilson Matta’s Brazilian Voyage; 19: Rufus Reid & friends. UNION 16 PROSPECT WINE BAR & BISTRO: 16 continued on page 30

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HOT FLASHES Artists Talk Inspirations: Mark Gross

HILE IT MAY BE A CLICHÉ TO say it, one should expect the unexW pected when listening to the music of Mark Gross. A saxophonist who unquestionably draws from the school of Cannonball Adderley, Mark also consistently stretches his playing into new and exciting possibilities, testing himself on a wide range of musical projects. His fans have certainly heard him working wonders in the ensembles of Buster Williams, Dave Holland, Stefon Harris and others. Mark has pushed himself even further with solo projects like Riddle of the Sphinx and Blackside, both highly distinctive and genre-hopping albums that reflect a questing artist seeking out challenges.

Mark Gross

Indeed, with the launch of his own label, MGQ Records, Mark extends his musical reach even further with its inaugural release + Strings, uniting a jazz quintet with a string quartet in an unusual repertoire. "I love that sound, and I think it's every alto player's dream to do an album with strings," he explains. "I wanted to get the string players to really dig in

By Seton Hawkins

and get their hands dirty, playing something through-composed that wasn't just whole notes. That way, they were fully involved in the sound of the ensemble." Drawing on underrepresented song choices, Mark developed a truly remarkable project, with heartfelt renditions of "Beatrice" and "Cinema Paradiso" particularly outstanding examples of his approach. As he gears up for the label's sophomore release, Mark prepares to tackle an even more daunting composing and arranging task. Titled The Gospel According to Mark, the album will again unite Mark's quintet with strings, but now enlarged to a 10-person string section and augmented with spoken word and choir in a musical representation of the Book of Mark. It's a risky task, but also an exciting one. "It will be a melting pot of straight-ahead, gospel, hiphop, all melted together," he explains. "It's going to tell a musical story of Christ's journey based on the Book of Mark." This fusing of the sacred with jazz certainly enjoys a deep history in the genre, from the spiritual recordings of Louis Armstrong to the large-scale sacred works of Duke Ellington and Mary Lou Williams to the ecstatic spirituality of John Coltrane's playing. For Mark, these two worlds have always been linked. "Thinking of how I grew up, my father was a pastor and my mother was very devout," he recalls. "I was in church every Sunday and through the week. I'd hear Mahalia Jackson and the Reverend C.L. Franklin before I got hip to jazz." Encouraged by his mother to become a gospel saxophonist, Mark also found his preacher father surreptitiously slipping him records by Ben Webster, Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins! Mark kicks off the month with two appearances at Zinc, on July 3 leading the VandoJam, and on July 14 as the featured artist for Another Sunday Serenade's tribute to Frank Morgan. For those hoping for a glimpse of The Gospel According to Mark, the opportunity presents itself July 29 at Dizzy's Club, when Mark offers material from the forthcoming album. "The challenge in a project like this is in the orchestration," he notes. "The last six months, I've been rereading and trying to figure out how to tell the story so that anybody can listen to and appreciate it." If

continued on page 28


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FRESH TAKES RUMMER LESLEY MOK IS OF the generation of young instrumentalD ists who, in addition to their studies and performances, are also carving out their paths as composers and bandleaders. This month she brings her ensemble the Living Collection to the Jazz Gallery, a venue especially known for supporting younger bandleaders. "The Living Collection is a newly formed sextet that brings together musicians with diverse backgrounds and distinct musical vocabularies," Lesley says. "While the project began as a foray into compositional study, the focus of this group is in the collective personalities of the band; the written material is a mere framework for improvisational dialogue." Through her ensemble, Lesley carries ambitious, yet clear intentions: "The Living Collection aims to build an ecosystem, one in which each member activates compositional material, learns to find a center within multiple relationships, and creates new forms and cycles as it unfolds." HOT FLASHES...

continued from page 27

his previous outings are any indicator, Mark is more than up for the challenge. To learn more about Mark Gross, visit

Charli Persip

Education, Residencies Dozens of world-class high school jazz


Persip photo by Alex Bandoni.

By Nick Dunston At the Jazz Gallery, the band features David Leon on alto saxophone and flute, Yuma Uesaka on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Kalun Leung on trombone, Sonya Belaya on piano and Steve Williams on bass.

Lesley Mok performs at the Jazz Gallery, July 18.

musicians travel to Bard College July 1528 for Jazz at Lincoln Center's Summer Jazz Academy. Featuring instruction from some of the music's top performers and educators, including members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, the Summer Jazz Academy offers a two-week intensive camp for outstanding young musicians, culminating in a series of public performances by students and faculty members. Visit to learn more. A birthday party and fund-raiser celebrating the 90th birthday of legendary drummer Charli Persip takes place at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, July 20. Performances and discussions from an array of jazz luminaries are scheduled throughout the afternoon, which also raises funds to help Charli as he faces medical challenges. Visit http://jazzmuseumin harlem. org to find out more. Master percussionist Adam Rudolph holds down a residency at The Stone at the New School July 23-27. Uniting an astonishing array of percussion instruments and instrumentalists, the residency concludes with a particular highlight, as Adam and fellow musical visionary Tyshawn Sorey offer two nights of percussion duets. Learn more by visiting

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B A C K S T A G E PA S S JAZZ ANECDOTE BY BILL CROW Bill Crow's books " Jazz Anecdotes" and " From Birdland to Broadway" can be found at your favorite bookstore, and at along with many interesting photos and links.

Some years ago, at a rehearsal for an outdoor ballroom in Washington DC, piano man Sammy Marks found the upright piano to be out of tune and badly out of shape. He complained to the then local contractor Meyer Davis, demanding a replacement piano. Davis replied, "Okay Sammy, order a replacement, but we'll split the expense." Sammy was quite a gagster, so at the end of the season he had a guy come in and saw the piano in half. Then he had one half lugged up to the Davis office with a big note attached that read, "Dear Meyer, here's your half." CAPERS...

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and she didn't like jazz. She didn't like the idea of me playing it, so I couldn't prepare myself for each Saturday class. From there on in, it was a struggle; my development in playing the music came much later." Fortunately for the pianist, her perseverance outlasted her teen years. After earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees at Juilliard, she began teaching, and, finally, practicing the way she wanted to practice, which allowed her to get inside the music and create a lasting career as both an improviser and a pen-to-page composer. She has been leading her band at the Kitano for the past five years, and considers her association with the club a bona fide love affair. "It's one of those places where I thoroughly enjoy playing," she says. "Even though it's a place where people are eating and drinking, it's a place where people go to listen. And that's a real joy." Though she credits her baby brother, saxophonist and flutist Bobby Capers— and countless other artists and friends—as having an immeasurable impact on her artistry, Valerie reveals the driving force behind her achievements as her passion for the music. "I wanted to do it," she says. "I had these tools like my intelligence and

my enthusiasm that helped push me along, but it was the passion and the real desire to play."

Valerie Capers' Quartet, featuring bassist John Robinson, drummer Doug Richardson and saxophonist Alan Givens, plays Jazz at Kitano, July 13.


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Famous For You' and 'Poor Little Rhode Island.'" With his professional career now in its fourth decade, Harry has had numerous opportunities to collaborate with some of his favorite players and continues to expand his horizons. "I'm open to any project of any sort, I'm composing a tune right now for an upcoming record date that's more in a pop vein. I love music, composing, playing and arranging, I'm going to do as many different things as I can."

Harry Allen performs with pianist Rossano Sportiello, bassist Mike Karn and drummer Rodney Green at Zinc, July 12, and at 75 Club, July 19. He appears with Bill Charlap and John Pizzarelli at the 92nd Street Y, July 16. A Moment You Missed by Fran Kaufman Hot House Contributing Photographer Say what? Pianist Ehud Asherie and man-with-a-horn Jon-Erik Kellso share a laugh before their first sold-out set at Mezzrow. I’d heard and admired them both, but never heard the combination of the two before. It’s one of the joys of Mezzrow—a marvelous listening room featuring outstanding musicians in innovative pairings.


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LISTINGS...continued from page 26

Prospect St. Westfield. 908-232-7320. Tues: 8pm free adm Arturo or Carrie Jackson & the Jazz All Stars. DOWNTOWN WESTFIELD: Westfield. 908789-9444. Tues: 7-9pm free adm Sweet Sounds Downtown Jazz Festival. VAN GOGH’S EAR CAFÉ: 1017 Stuyvesant Av. Union. 908810-1844. Sun: 8-11pm $4 adm. Jul 21: Motion 3; 28: Komeda Project. WARREN RUTHERFURD HALL: 1686 Rte 517. Allamuchy. 908-852-1894. www.rutherfurd Jul 19: 7:30-9:30pm $22.50/27.50 adm Rio Clement Trio.

NEW YORK STATE ATLAS STUDIOS: 11 Spring St. Newburgh. 845-391-8855. Jul 27: 8pm &25/20 adm Jazz at Atlas series feat Darius Jones' Shades of Black. BARD COLLEGE: 60 Manor Av. Annandale-onHudson. 845758-7900. Thurs: 8-9:30pm. Jul 18: Benny Benack III; 25: Michela Marino Lerman. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN PIZZA COMPANY: 51 Mill Hill Rd. Woodstock. 845-679-7969. Wed: 9pm. The FALCON: 1348 Rte 9 West. Marlboro. 845-236-7970. Sets/adm: 8pm, Sun 11am Brunch (B); $20 don suggested. Falcon Underground (FU). Jul 5: Yunior Terry & Son de Altura; 7: Roland Vazquez Sxt; 10: FU 7pm Jazz Sessions w/Joe Carozza; 11: Don Byron Qrt; 14: B Paparozzi/Levin/Tropea/Finkelstein, 8pm Tisziji Muñoz & Marilyn Crispell; 18: Nancy Ostrovsy & Patrick Cress; 19: FU Neil Alexander & NAIL; 21: Anat Fort Trio; 28: B Saints of Swing, 8pm Brian Charette & Melanie Scholtz. LYDIA’S CAFE: 7 Old US Hwy 209. Stone Ridge. 845-687-6373. Sets: 7-10pm. Jul 19: Bob Shaut/Ron Horton Qrt; 26: Chris Pasin Qrt; 27: Matt Finck & friends. MAUREEN’S JAZZ CELLAR: 2 N Bway. Nyack. 845535-3143. Sets/adm: unless otherwise noted Sun 6pm, Fri-Sat 8&9:30pm/$20. Jul 12: Roger Humphries Qnt; 13: $20 Nelson Riveros; 19: $25 Joe Locke/David Budway Qrt; 20: $20 Mike Longo Trio; 21: $20 Lisa Viggiano & Monroe Quinn; 26: Michael Rabinowitz Qrt; 28: Shirley Crabbe & David Budway ORIGINAL VINYL RECORDS: 314 State Rte 94 S #7. Warwick. www.originalvinyl 845-987-3131. PS21 CHATHAM: 2980 Route 66. Chatham. Fri: 8-9:30pm. Jul 5: Ehud Asherie feat JonErik Kellso; 12: Aaron Johnson. SUFFERN FREE LIBRARY: 210 Lafayette Av. Suffern. 845-3571237. Jul 13: 2:30pm Vincent Venezia Trio.

PENNSYLVANIA DEER HEAD INN: 5 Main St. Delaware Water Gap, PA. 570-4242000. Sets: Sun 5-8pm, Wed 7:30-10:30pm, Thurs 8-11pm, Fri-Sat 7-11pm. Adm varies. Residency (R): Thurs Jam w/Bill Washer & friends. Jul 4: R; 5: Mike Collins Qrt; 6: Minas


Qrt; 7: Dave & Marti Lantz; 11: R; 12: Walt Bibinger & Roy Cumming; 13: Roseanna Vitro Qrt; 14: Skip & Dan Wilkins Qrt; 18: R; 19: Erin McClelland Band; 20: Paul Jost Qnt; 21: Lynette Sheard Qnt; 25: R; 26: Vinny Bianchi's La Cuchina; 27: Carolyn Leonhart; 28: Luiz Simas & Wesley Amorim; 29: 7:3010:30pm Matt Vashlishan & The Water Gap Jazz Orch.

QUEENS DOMINIES: 34-07 30th Av. Long Island City. 718-728-1834. Sun: 9pm-12am Keyed Up feat Christian Coleman’s Trample Man. ESPRESSO 77: 35-57 77th St. Jackson Heights. 718-4241077. Jul 11-13: 8pm Jackson Heights Jazz Festival feat 07/11 9pm Javier Arau, 07/12 9pm The Cold Club of Queens, 07/13 6pm Kim Clarke Trio. FLUSHING TOWN HALL: 137-35 Northern Blvd. Flushing. 718-463-7700. 1st Wed: 7pm $10 adm Jam w/Carol Sudhalter. Jul 26: 7pm $16/10 Svetlana & The Delancey Five. GANTRY STATE PLAZA PARK: 4-09 47th Rd. Long Island City. Sets: 7pm. Jul 16: Claudia Valentina; 30: The Cold Club of Queens. JAMAICA CENTER OF ARTS & LEARNING: 161-04 Jamaica Av. Jamaica. 718-658-7400. Jul 12-14: Downtown Jazz Festival downtown-jazz-festival feat 07/12 5pm $10 adm Screening of The Full Mantis, 8pm $20 Jason Moran & Tyshawn Sorey, 07/13 2pm free Camille Thurman w/Darrell Green Trio, 3pm free Giveton Gelin, 4pm free Simona Premazzi, 5pm free Jonathan Finlayson, 07/14 3pm free Chris Morrissey, 4pm free Jarawa Brian Gray, 5pm free Flamenco Latino, 6pm free Roopa Mahadevan, 7pm free Pheeroan akLaff. JAMAICA PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 153-10 Jamaica Av. Jamaica. 718-658-7400. Jul 13-14: Downtown Jazz Festival val feat 07/13 12pm $10 Screening of The Amazing Grace, Aretha Franklin, 07/13 3pm free Secret Mall, 5pm free Kendra Shank, 7pm $30 Milford Graves, 8pm $30 Don Byron, 9pm $30 Alchemy Sound Project, 07/14 2pm free Tomoko Omura. KING MANOR MUSEUM: 150-03 Jamaica Av. Jamaica. 718-206-0545. Jul 13: free adm Downtown Jazz Festival feat 3pm Napoleon Revels-beys, 5pm Morgan Guerin. LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOUSE MUSEUM: 3456 107th St. Corona. 718-478-8274. Sun&Sat 125pm, Tues-Fri 10am-5pm: $10 adm Guided Tours of Louis Armstrong House. Jul 10,17&24: 7pm Jazzmobile Block Party. QUEENS LIBRARY CENTRAL BRANCH: 8911 Merrick Blvd. Jamaica. 718-990-0700. Jul 12-13: free adm Downtown Jazz Festival downtown-jazz-festival feat 07/12 2pm Keith Jordan, 07/13 4pm York College Alumni Combo. The QUEENSBORO: 80-02 Northern Blvd. Jackson Heights. 929-296-0038. Jul 7&14: 8pm Jackson Heights Jazz Festival feat 07/4 George Papageorge Trio, 07/14 Ed Fuqua Trio. continued on page 32

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T IS OFTEN SAID THAT MOST MUsicians spend years paying their dues Ibefore they find their voices. But the

Brazilian composer-pianist Amaro Freitas seems to be among the latest exceptions to that unwritten rule. In 2018 he released his sophomore recording Rasif (Far Out Recordings) and a new voice in Brazilian music appeared, fully formed. The words o malandro do dedo spring to mind, for he is truly "a finger trickster," clothed in the garb of a melodic and harmonic pianist. Listening to Amaro play is always a breathtaking experience. On the surface, his right hand seems to caress black and white keys into intriguing melodies, seducing his left hand into diaphanous accompanying harmonies. But beneath this something else is simmering: Each finger and thumb becomes its own drum creating a volcano of polyrhythms that, together, erupt into music. Amaro appeared seemingly fully formed out of the musical tradition of the Brazilian north—to be precise, from Recife, in the state of Pernambuco—which just happens to be the home of the great Brazilian composer, bandleader and woodwinds player Moacir Santos. But somewhat unlike his famous forebear, Amaro cut his musical teeth in church. "As a youngster, I attended the Pentecostal Evangelical Church of God congregation," he says. "While our service was based on the European music system, which is a binary one based on the Christian harp, the music ministry of our Pentecostal churches was strongly influenced by traditional rhythms of the Brazilian northeast and other popular Brazilian and gospel music." This collision of church and state developed into and emerged in a deeply spiritual musical voice, one that comes from traipsing across the rhythmic world of the unique sertão (hinterland) of Pernambuco

that rises in the Brazilian northeast and falls into the rugged coastline along the deep-blue Atlantic Ocean. Here, following a push from his father, Amaro pursued formal piano studies. Despite having to practice on a bare tabletop at home as he was too poor to afford a piano, the music imagined only in his mind began to flow from his fingers. This lonely pursuit in his formative years has followed through in his music and has been instrumental in creating his unique pianistic voice. "My music comes from a place of inner contemplation. The ecstasy of worship also translates into a connection to dance but one that resides in the inner rather than the outer body. I convey a sense of the body's cells moving through my blood; a kind of dissonance in symmetry," he explains. When it all emerges, each finger beats its own drum; the resulting polyrhythms convey what's happening on the inside. All of this emerges majestically on Rasif. The title is a play on the colloquial spelling of his hometown. "I am painting a picture of seas breaking on the rocks simulating ebb and flow of the sea through frevo and maracatu, music that's pure Pernambuco, Brazil," says Amaro, unveiling his deep, musical secret.

Amaro Freitas Quartet performs at Henry Gourdine Park, in Ossining, July 29, part of the Jazz Forum Arts Summer Series; and Dizzy's, July 31.


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LISTINGS...continued from page 30

TERRAZA 7: 40-19 Gleane St. Elmhurst. 718-803-9602. Sun: 9:30pm-2am $7 adm Jam w/John Benitez Trio. TRAVERS PARK: 76-9 34th Av. Jackson Heights. Jul 7&14: 6pm Jackson Heights Jazz Festival feat 07/7 Brian Charette Trio, 07/14 Vanessa Rubin.

WESTCHESTER ALVIN & FRIENDS: 14 Memorial Hwy. New Rochelle. www.alvinandfriendsrestaurant. com. BEANRUNNER CAFÉ: 201 S Division & Esther St. Peekskill. 914-737-1701. Fri-Sat: 810:30pm $15 adm. Jul 6: Alexis Cole Trio; 12: Ed Croft; 20: Clifton Anderson Sxt. CARAMOOR CENTER FOR THE ARTS: 149 Girdle Ridge Rd. Katonah. 914-232-5035. Jul 20: Caramoor Jazz Festival feat 12pm Etienne Charles & Creole Soul, Willie Jones III Qnt, Sammy Miller & Congregation, Marquis Hill Qrt, Brianna Thomas & Danny Mixon, Lakecia Benjamin Qrt, Andrea Motis Qnt, Michela Marino Lerman’s Love Movement, Isaiah J. Thompson Qrt, Cedric Easton, Andrew Renfroe, Jorge Glem, Sean Mason Trio, Abdias Armenteros Trio, 8pm Eddie Palmieri Salsa Orch. HENRY GOURDINE PARK: 3 Westerly Rd. Joseph G. Caputo Community Center if rain. Ossining. 914-6311000. Mon: 6:30-8:30pm free adm. Jul 1: Matt King & Monk In Brazil; 15: Roni Ben-Hur Qrt; 29: Amaro Freitas Qrt. JAZZ FORUM: 1 Dixon Ln. Tarrytown. 914-6311000. Sets/adm: Sun Early (E) 4&6pm $15/20, Late (L) 8-10pm; FriSat 7&9:30pm $20/25. Jul 5-6: Duduka Da Fonseca & Brazilian Jazz All-Stars; 7: Roseanna Vitro & the David Janeway Trio; 12-13: Carmen Lundy; 14: Michael Formanek Qrt; 19-20: Jason Marsalis & the 21st Century Trad Band; 21: Nanny Assis Gp feat Daniel Assis; 26-27: Sherma Andrews; 28: Charnett Moffett Qrt. LYNDHURST ESTATE: At Hudson River. 635 S Bway. Tarrytown. 914-631-1000. Thurs: 6-8:30pm free adm Sunset Concerts. Jul 11: Pablo Mayor Qnt; 18: Jason Miles–Kind Of New–Electric Qrt; 25: Jenie Thai. PIERSON PARK: W Main St & Hudson River. Senior Center if rain. Tarrytown. 914-6311000. Fri: 6:30-8pm free adm. Jul 5: Billy Drummond Freedom of Ideas Qrt; 12: Kristina Koller; 19: Roland Vazquez Sxt; 26: Kirk MacDonald Qrt. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF MOUNT KISCO: 605 Millwood Rd (Rte 133) Mount Kisco. 914-666-7001. Jul 19: 7:30pm Gerard Carelli Qrt. WATERFRONT PARK: Dobbs Ferry. Hudson Social if rain. 914-631-1000. Free adm. Wed: 6:30-8pm. Jul 3: Rodrigo Bonelli Brasil Trio + Guilherme Dias Gomes; 10: Sylvia Cuenca Organ Qnt; 17: Victor Jones Qrt; 24: Giscar Smith & Ianbassa; 31: Vic Juris, Dave Stryker & Charlie Apicella. Hot House is not responsible for any errors in the listings which may have occured from late changes or incorrect information supplied to us. Please call the venues or check websites for up to date calendars.


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