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WINNING SPINS DDING AN INSTRUMENT FROM A outside the standard complement of Euro-American musical fare, or creating

an ensemble sound by multitracking instruments are two ways the albums considered here achieve their exotic or esoteric sound. One of the recordings takes the familiar sax-trumpet-piano-bass-drums quintet and adds a Korean gayageum, a kora- or zither-like string instrument, to present a repertoire influenced by or based in Korean music. The other CD features a pair of musicians creating an ensemble sound by overdubbing various instruments, both melodic-harmonic and rhythmic. Jim Snidero's Project-K (Savant), finds the veteran alto saxophonist exploring the music of Korea, his wife's country of origin, with an all-star quintet comprising Dave Douglas, trumpet; Orrin Evans, piano; Linda May Han Oh, bass, and Rudy Royston, drums, plus Korean gayageum player Do Yeon Kim. The gayageum, based in a pentatonic rather than a tempered (Western) scale, brings an exotic atmosphere to several of the eight selections, six of which are Jim's originals. A ringing Korean prayer bowl is the first sound on the opening track, "Han," a Korean word/concept that Jim defines as "a sense of sorrow or incompleteness tempered by endurance and acceptance." Do Yeon and a muted Dave introduce Jim's melody, which he picks up and shares with piano and gayageum. Improvisations from the leader, Dave and Orrin eschew the proto-bop forms they are associated with, as much of this music brings out a more contemplative, meditative poise in solos that flow and ripple rather than cascade and roil. A sense of calm also pervades "Jeju," a jazz waltz celebrating a Korean island; Do Yeon layers the melody over humming horns, and Linda's orotund bass notes lead off a round of solos. There is a return to the Han theme at the end with the Korean folk song, "Han O Bak Nyun," performed by the quartet of gayageum, alto sax, bass and percussion. Not all of Jim's music here is calm or meditative. He also references scarier aspects of Korean culture, as on "Mother," dedicated to the "artistic creativity" of a horror film of the same name. Prayer bowl ringing and gayageum angular lines con-

By George K anzler

trast with horn lines until a jaunty interlude leads to swirls of strings and horns suggesting the film's horrific climax. On "DMZ," Do Yeon jangles and hard-strums strings to evoke "the scariest place on Earth" (the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas). Jim and Dave engage in short, bursting trades that lead to piano and drums before all six come together in three conflicting keys and Do Yeon plays a folk song. Jim also recasts the K-pop hit "Jenga" in swinging ž, featuring the quintet without gayageum. He puts his "Seoulful" in straight eight with volleying riffs and Do Yeon's most jazzy single-notes solo, and offers up a cozy, midtempo blues on "Goofy," featuring a compelling, long-notes alto solo. Throughout, Project-K casts a different perspective on what a post-bop modern jazz combo can accomplish. We Are the Orchestra (Manhattan Daylight Media), from the Daniel Bennett Group, consists of two musicians with these credits: Daniel Bennett, alto sax, tenor sax, flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, piano, percussion, and Mark Cocheo, electric guitar, banjo, acoustic guitar, nylonstring guitar. The pair simulate a much larger ensemble through overdubbing, and the resultant songs, either written by Daniel or, in two cases, his arrangements of Verdi opera themes, are what he calls "avant-pop." The "pop" part is obvious: the rather metronomic percussion beats percolating on most of the tracks, as well as Daniel's penchant for creating tunes that approximate ear candy. What rescues the music from pop simplicity is the often engaging improvised solos, as likely to be the product of Mark's strings as Daniel's horns. Mark even gets into a rock guitarhero mode on the closer, "Carl Finds His Way." Daniel uses clarinet, oboe and flutes mostly for arranged tonal effects, soloing most persuasively on alto sax, especially on the two Verdi themes and his own "Inside Our Pizza Oven." Mark's solos also range to acoustic guitar and, in a surprisingly jazzy turn, banjo on "I'm Not Nancy."

Jim Snidero brings his Project-K band to the Winter Jazzfest at Zinc Bar, Jan. 11. Daniel Bennett plays a release gig for We Are the Orchestra at the Blue Note’s Sunday Brunch, Jan. 12.

10 Bennett cover photo by Alexa Drew, Blue by James Brooks, Roney by Richard Ryals.

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AMERICAN LEGION POST: 248W 132nd St (bet 7th & 8th Avs). 212-283-9701. Sun, atlernative Wed & Thurs: 6:30-10:30pm Jam. BILL’S PLACE: 148W 133rd St (bet Lenox & 7th Avs). 212281-0777. Fri-Sat: 8&10pm $20 don Bill Saxton Bebop Band. CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE: 2485 Bway (bet 92nd & 93rd Sts). www.cleopatrasneedleny. com. 212-769-6969. Sets: Early (E), Late (L); Sun E 4-8pm, L 9pm-1am; Mon-Tues E 89pm, L 10pm-1am; Wed-Thurs E 7-11pm, L 11:30pm-2:30am; Fri-Sat E 8pm-12am, L 12:30-3am. Free adm/$10 min. Trios except Mon&Thurs-Fri Duos unless otherwise noted. L Jam. Residencies: Sun E Open mic w/Keith Ingham, L Benno Marmur; Mon Mark Hagan; Tues Marc Devine; Wed E Open mic w/Les Kurtz, L Nathan Brown; Thurs L Nathan Brown; Fri L Robbie Lee; Sat L T. Kash. Jan 2: Noriko Kamo; 3: Gil Schwartz; 4: Paul Special Band; 9: The Equiliprium Gp; 10: Didi Grooves; 11: Denton Darien; 16: Alan Rosenthal; 17: Dan Furman; 18: Jon Weiss Duo; 23: tba; 24: Kuni Mikami Trio; 25: Soul Gard Band; 30: tba; 31: Steve Sandberg. GINNY’S SUPPER CLUB: At Red Rooster. 310 Lenox Av (bet 125th & 126th Sts). www.ginnys 212-792-9001. Sets: 7&9pm. Thurs except 01/16: Pedro Martinez. Jan 3: Denise King; 10: Damien Escobar; 17: Johnny O’Neal; 18: Mathis Sound Orch; 25: C. Anthony Bryant; 31: Milton Suggs. LENOX SAPHIRE: 341 Lenox Av at 127th St. 212-8669700. Thurs: 8-11pm Keyed Up series w/Phil Young Oct. MINTON’S PLAYHOUSE: 206W 118th St (bet St. Nicholas Av & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd). 212-2432222. Sets: 7:30& 9:30pm. Residencies: Thurs Jazzmobile; Sat JC Hopkins Biggish Band. Jan 12: Royal Bopsters; 31: Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sxt. MIST HARLEM: 46W 116th St (bet Lenox & 5th Av). 646-738-3043. Fri: 10pm-2am $10 adm Harlem Late Night Jazz. NATIONAL JAZZ MUSEUM IN HARLEM: 58W 129th St at Malcolm X Blvd. 212-3488300. Jan 12: 2pm free adm Jazz Power Initiative’s Intergenerational Jazz Jam; 13&27: 6:309:30pm Jazz Foundation of America Jam. NY PUBLIC LIBRARY: 96th Street Branch. 112E 96th St (bet Lexington & Park Avs). 212-289-0908. Jan 16: 4:305:30pm free adm Jazz Foundation of America feat Gene Bertoncini & Roni Ben-Hur. PARIS BLUES: 2021 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd at 121st St. 347-852-2866/212-222-9878. Sets/adm: 9pm-1am, Sun + 5-9pm; free. 9:3011pm feat Al Black. Sun: 5pm Double G & the Posse, 9pm 1st&3rd Lombro, 2nd&4th Double G; Mon: Keyed Up feat John


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Cooksey Spontaneous Combustion; Tues: Antoine Dowdell Gp; Wed: Les Goodson & the Intergalactic Soul Jazz Band; Thurs: Chiemi & the Chiemistry Set; Fri: tba; Sat: 69th Street Band. PATRICK'S PLACE: 2835 Frederick Douglass Blvd at 151st St. 212-491-7800. www.patricks Jan 27: 7-10pm Whitney Marchelle & Patience Higgins. ROOM 623: Below B Squared Harlem. 271W 119th St (bet Frederick Douglass & St Nick Blvds). www. 212-280-2248. Sets/adm: Sun 3-6pm $12/$15 min; Wed 811pm $12/$10 min; Fri 10pm-1am $20. Residencies: Sun Vocal Jazz Jam by Jocelyn Medina; Wed The Harlem Jazz Session w/Peter Brainin & friends; Fri The Late Set w/Marcus Goldhaber. Jan 3: Benny Benack Trio; 10: Andy Bianco Trio; 24: Brad Whiteley Organ Trio; 31: Jordan Young & Soul Juice Organ Trio. SHOWMANS: 375W 125th St at Morningside. 212-864-8941. SHRINE: 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd (bet 133rd & 134th Sts). 212-690-7807. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E) 6-7pm, Late (L) 7-8pm. Residencies (R): Sun E-L Jam; 1st Sun 810pm The Shrine Big Band. Jan 7: 9-10pm Real Stormin Norman; 8: E-L Jeff McGregor Trio; 10: L Furmi Gomez Qrt; 16: E-L Tuomo Uusitalo; 18: 8-10pm Wack Cheddar; 23: 89pm Lizzy Ossevoor; 25: 8-9pm Gina D'Soto; 27: E-L Takeshi Otani Band; 29: L Joel Shapira. SILVANA: 300W 116th St at Frederick Douglass Blvd. 646692-4935. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E) 6-7pm, Late (L) 7-8pm. Jan 4: 10pm-12am Blu Cha Cha; 7: L Hiroko Kanna; 10: E-L Michael Sarian Acoustic Qrt; 13: L Port Mande; 15: E-L Jeff Mcgregor; 19: 8-10pm Afro Peruvian New Trends Orch; 26: 8-9pm Lizzy Ossevoor; 27: L Joel Shapira; 29: E-L Carol Morgan. SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: 2751 Bway (bet 105th & 106th Sts). 212-864-6662. Set: Early (E), Late (L); Sun-Mon&Thurs E 7&9pm, L 10:30pm; Tues 7,9&10:30pm; Wed E 7,9&10:30pm, L 11:45pm; Fri-Sat E 7,9&10:30pm, L 11:45pm &12:45am; adm/min vary. Residencies: Sun L except 01/5 Nicole Glover; Mon (R) E Vincent Herring Qrt, L The New Jam Session; Tues (R) Mike LeDonne’s Groover Qrt; Thurs L Marc Cary & The Harlem Sessions; Fri L except 01/3 Lezlie Harrison; Sat L except 01/4 Johnny O’Neal Trio. Jan 1-5: Countdown 2020 Coltrane Festival feat 01/1-2 Countdown Sxt VI w/Buster Williams & Steve Turre, L Marc Cary & The Harlem Sessions, 01/3-5 Countdown Sxt VII w/Bobby Watson & George Cables, L 01/3-4 Marc Cary & The Harlem Sessions; 6-7: R; 8: Milton Suggs Qnt, L Emmet Cohen B3 Trio; 9-12: Bill Charlap Trio; 13-14: R; 15: David Weiss Sxt; 16-19: Cyrus Chestnut Trio; 20-21: R; 22: John Farnsworth Sxt, L Emmet Cohen B3 Trio; 23-26: Al Foster; 27-28: R; 29: Cynthia Scott; 30-Feb 2: Tribute to JJ Johnson feat Steve Davis Sxt. SUGAR BAR: 254W 72nd St (bet Bway & West End Av). 212-579-0222. Sets/adm: 8pm/$10 unless otherwise noted. Residency: Thurs 9pm Open Mic w/Sugar Bar All Star Band. Jan 4: 9pm Irini Res & the Jazz Mix; 11: Rob Silverman Qrt; 17: Zamb Up; 25: 8&9:30pm $25 Mike Phillips. SYMPHONY SPACE: 2537 Bway at 95th St. 212-864-5400. Bar Thalia (BT). Jan 4: BT 9pm free adm

Louisa Poster Trio; 11: BT 9pm free Arthur Sadowsky & The Troubadours; 17 7pm & 18 8pm: $10-45 Afro Latin Jazz Orch; 19: BT 7pm free E.J. Decker; 25: BT 9pm free Miki Yokoyama. The TRIAD THEATER: 158W 72nd St (bet Bway & Columbus). 212362-2590. 2 drink/min. Jan 6: 7pm Stephanie Nakasian & Matt Baker; 7: 7pm Stephanie Sellars; 24: 9:30pm Jeanne Gies w/Jazz Masters.

MID-TOWN MANHATTAN (Between 35th & 69th Street)

AMERICAN FOLK ART MUSEUM: 2 Lincoln Sq on Columbus Av (bet 65th & 66th Sts). 212-595-9533. Wed: 2-3pm free adm Bill Wurtzel Trio w/Jay Leonhart. The BEACH CAFE: 1326 2nd Av at 70th St. 212-988-7299. Fri: 9:30-11:30pm free adm Ginetta's Vendetta. BIRDLAND: 315W 44th St (bet 8th & 9th Avs). 212-581-3080. Sets: 8:30&11pm; Early (E) 5:30pm except Mon 7pm. Residencies: Sun (R) except 01/12 Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orch; Wed E except 01/1 David Ostwald’s Louis Armstrong Eternity Band; Fri E The Birdland Big Band; Sat E except 01/4&11 Eric Comstock w/Sean Smith & spec guest Barbara Fasano. Jan 1-4: The Birdland Big Band w/spec guest Nicole Zuraitis; 1: E Greg Ruvolo Big Band; 2-4: E The Birdland Big Band; 5: E Emilio Solla + R; 6: E Naama Gheber Qrt w/spec guests; 7: Frank Kimbrough Trio; 8-11: Kurt Elling; 9: E John Pizzarelli & Jessica Molaskey Duo; 11: E Sara Gazarek; 12: E Connie Han, 8:30&11pm Stacey Kent; 13 E & 14-18: Scotty Barnhart & The Legendary Count Basie Orch; 19: E Scott Reeves Jazz Orch + R; 21-25: Karrin Allyson; 23: E Rob Silverman; 26: E Adison Evans Qrt feat Sabeth + R; 28-Feb 1: The Hot Sardines; 30: E Pureum Jin. BIRDLAND THEATER: 315W 44th St (bet 8th & 9th Avs). 212-5813080. Sets: Early (E) 7pm; Late (L) 9:45pm except Mon 8:30pm. Jan1-4: E Marilyn Maye; 5: E David Ostwald's Louis Armstrong Eternity Band; 6: L Joe Alterman Trio; 8: Maucha Adnet; 9-10: Frank Catalano Qrt; 11: Veronica Swift w/Emmet Cohen Trio; 12: E Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom, L Emmet Cohen Trio; 13: L Peter Cincotti; 15-18: Clint Holmes & Billy Stritch; 19: Bill O' Connell Qrt; 20: L Senri Oe Trio; 22: David Finck; 23: Remembering John Abercrombie; 25: Davi's Way feat Robert Davi; 26: E Louis Rosen’s Large Band; 27: L Ben Paterson Trio; 29: Paul Marinaro; 30: Yoko Miwa Trio; 31: Donald Vega Trio. CARNEGIE HALL: 57th St & 7th Av. 212-2477800. Jan 9: 8pm Lisa Hilton & friends. CLUB BONAFIDE: 212E 52nd St (bet 2nd & 3rd Avs). 3rd Fl. 646-918-6189. Jan 3: 5pm Yael & Gabriel; 5: 6pm AJ Frondelli, 8pm Violette; 9: 8pm Emilie Surtees; 10: 6pm Chloé Perrier & The French Heart Band, 8pm Barbara Martinez; 11: 4pm Yael & Gabriel; 12: 7pm Markus Rutz Qnt, 8:30pm Violette; 16: 8pm Emilie Surtees; 18: 4pm Yael & Gabriel; 19: 5pm Yael Dray-Barel & Gabriel Hermida; 23: 8pm Emilie Surtees; 25: 4pm Yael & Gabriel; 26: 4pm Yael & Gabriel, 8pm The New York Nightingales & The New Retro Orch; 31: 8pm Barbara Martinez.


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DAVID RUBENSTEIN ATRIUM: At Lincoln Center. Bway at 62nd St. www.lincolncenter. org/atrium. 212-875-5350. Thurs: 7:30pm free adm Target Free Thursdays series. Jan 2: Alicia Olatuja; 30: Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber. DIZZY’S CLUB: At Jazz @ Lincoln Center. 10 Columbus Cr at 60th St. 5th Fl. 212-258-9800. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: 7:30&9:30pm, 11:30pm Late Night Sessions; Sun-Wed $35, Thurs $40, Fri-Sat $45; $10 min. Jan 1: closed; 2-5: 01/5 $40 Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio d’Été; 6: Ashley Pezzotti Qnt; 7: Ed Cherry Qrt feat Peter Bernstein; 8: Amina Figarova Sxt; 9-10: 01/10 $40 Brianna Thomas Band; 11: Russell Hall Cover; 12: Brubecks Play Brubeck; 13: Isaiah J. Thompson Qrt; 14: Christian Sands Trio; 15: The Curtis Brothers; 16: Atom String Qrt; 17-19: 01/19 $30 Walter Blanding Qrt; 20: $45 The Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orch; 21: 7:30pm Sean Mason Trio, 9:30pm Vuyo Sotashe; 22: $30 Willie Jones III feat Larry Willis, a Life in Jazz; 23-26: 01/24 $40, 01/26 $30 Benny Green Trio; 27: Benny Benack III; 28: James Morrison Qrt; 29: $40 Benito Gonzalez Trio; 30-Feb 2: 01/31 $40, 02/2 $30 Nilson Matta’s Brazilian Voyage Qnt. Late Night Sessions w/Jan 2-4: tba; 7-11: Charles Turner & Uptown Swing; 14-18: Jacob Melsha; 21-25: Carl Maraghi; 28-Feb 1: tba. FOUR SEASONS: 57E 57th St (bet Madison and Park Avs). 212758-5700. Fri: 6-10pm Acute Inflections. HILTON NEW YORK: 1335 Avenue of the Americas at 54th St. 212586-7000. Jan 11-12: APAP feat 01/11 11am Badi Assad, 11:30am Matt Baker, 01/12 11am Ken Peplowski & Diego Figueiredo, 11:30am Laila Biali, 3:30pm Toni Harris, 4pm Lisa B, 4:30pm John Gray, 5pm Ted Rosenthal, 5:30pm Ben Rosenblum, 6pm Richard Howell, 6:30pm Chip Shelton, 7pm Randy Taylor, 7:30pm Wicked Divas, 7:50pm LaKisha Jones, 8:10pm Debbie Gravitte, 8:30pm Maureen McGovern, 9pm Ryan & Ryan, 9:30pm Mads Tolling, 10pm Bryan Anthony Qrt, 10:30pm Ori Dagan, 11pm Evan Fuerst IGUANA RESTAURANT: 240W 54th St at Bway. 212-765-5454. Mon-Tues: 8-11pm except 01/6-7 Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks. The IRIDIUM: 1650 Bway at 51st St. 212-5822121. Jan 27: 8:30pm Ed Fast & Conga Bop; 28&30: 8pm Scott Henderson Trio; 31-Feb 1: 8&10pm Wayne Krantz, Keith Carlock & Tim Lefebvre. JAZZ AT KITANO: 66 Park Av at 38th St. 212885-7119. Sets/adm: Sun 12-2:30pm, Mon-Tues 8-11pm, Wed-Sat 89:15&10-11:15pm; Sun $45 buffet, Mon-Tues free/$15 min, Wed-Thurs $18/$20 min, FriSat $34/$20 min. Residencies: Sun (R) Jazz Brunch w/Tony Middleton; Mon (R) Jam by Iris Ornig; Tues Emerging Artists series. Jan 1: no jazz; 2: Michele Duda Qrt; 3-4: Jonny King Trio; 5-6: R; 7: Jakob Ebers Qnt; 8: Mamiko Watanabe Trio; 9: Ladies Day Jazz Qrt; 10: Ed Laub Trio; 11: Mark Soskin Qrt; 12-13: R; 14: Michael Shapira Qrt; 15: Sari Kessler Qrt; 16: Carl Bartlett Jr. Qrt; 17-18: Scott Robinson Qrt; 19-20: R; 21: Daisuke & Kuriko's Farewell; 22: Mark Wade Qrt; 23: Steve Swell Qrt; 24-25: Helio Alves Qrt; 2627: R; 28: Stuart Mack; 29: Erika Matsuo Qnt; 30: Taeko Fukao Qrt; 31-Feb 1: Roni Ben-Hur Qrt. JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER: 10 Columbus Cr at 60th St. 5th Fl. 212-2589800. Rose Theater (RT). Jan 10-11: 8pm RT The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orch w/Wynton


Marsalis feat Victor Goines & Chris Crenshaw; 30-Feb 1: 8pm RT Jazz at Lincoln Center Orch w/Wynton Marsalis feat Ted Nash & Glenn Close. MICHIKO STUDIOS: 149W 46th St (bet 6th & 7th Avs). 3rd Fl. 212-302-4011. www. 2nd Wed: 8-10:30pm $20/15 adm Lew Tabackin Trio. MUSEUM OF ARTS & DESIGN: 2 Columbus Cir. 212-299-7777. Jan 10: 7-8:30pm APAP feat Badi Assad. PULSE CLUB: At Marriott Vacation. 33W 37th St (bet 5th & 6th Avs). 212-448-1024. Sets: Tues-Thurs 5-8pm. Tues: Charlie Apicella & Iron City; Wed: Latin Sounds; Thurs: Peter Manes & The Keys. The RUM HOUSE: At Hotel Edison. 228W 47th St (bet Bway & 8th Av). 646-490-6924. Jan 6&20: 9:30pm Lou Caputo & Company. RUSSIAN SAMOVAR: 256W 52nd St (bet Bway & 8th Av). 212-757-0168. Sun: 3-7pm. Jan 5: Richard Shade; 12: Charles Davis Qrt feat TC III; 19: Pucci Amanda Jhones Qrt; 26: Benny Rubin Jr. Trio w/Ion McDonald & Whitney Marchelle. SAINT PETER’S CHURCH: 619 Lexington Av at 54th St. (Citicorp Bld). 212-935-2200. Sun: 6pm free adm Jazz Vespers; Wed: 1pm $10 don Midday Jazz Midtown; 1st Mon: 7:30pm $5 adm International Women in Jazz Jam. Jan 5: Adam O'Farrill + Gaya Feldheim Schorr; 8: Danny Bacher Trio; 12: Anwar Marshall; 15: Roni Ben Hur Trio; 19: Miro Sprague Trio; 22: Howard Williams Jazz Orch; 26: Melissa Stylianou & Chris Dingman; 29: Leslie Pintchik Trio. SONY HALL: 235W 46th St (bet 7th & 8th Avs). 212-997-5123. Jan 11: 11am APAP feat Stanley Jordan, BJ Thomas, Grace Kelly; 13: 7:30pm Lisa Fischer w/Ranky Tanky; 17: 8pm JD Souther; 27: 8pm The 8-Bit Big Band. SWING 46: Jazz & Supper Club. 349W 46th St (bet 8 & 9th Avs). 212262-9554. Sets/adm: Sun-Thurs 8:3011:30pm/$15; Fri-Sat 9:30pm-1am/$20. Residencies: Mon Swingadelic; Tues George Gee Swing Dance Band; Wed Stan Rubin Orch w/Joe Politi. TOMI JAZZ: 239E 53rd St (Bet 2nd & 3rd Avs). Lower level. 646-4971254. Jan 12 7-8:30pm free adm/$5 min & 16 7-9:30pm: $10/10 min Linda Presgrave Qrt. The TOWN HALL: 123W 43rd St (bet 6&7th Avs). 212-840-2824. Jan 16: 8pm $54-85 adm Winter Jazzfest feat Seu Jorge w/Rogê, Anat Cohen & Choro Aventuroso. YAMAHA ARTIST SERVICES: 689 5th Av at 54th St. 212-339-9995. Jan 9&11: APAP feat 01/9 7pm Tamir Hendelman & the Spirit of Israel Ens, 01/11 1:15pm Jeff Hamilton Trio, 1:45pm ClaytonHamilton Jazz Orch, 2:45pm Jade Solomon Curtis, 3pm Lakecia Benjamin, 3:30pm Scott Tixier/Dave Meder, 4pm Michael Olatuja, 4:30pm Brianna Thomas Band, 5pm Richie Goods, 5:30pm Don Braden.

LOWER MANHATTAN (Below 34th Street)

11TH STREET BAR: 510E 11th St (bet Av A & B). 212-982-3929. Mon: 8pm Keyed Up feat Jam w/Murray Wall. 55 BAR: 55 Christopher St (bet 6th & 7th Avs). 212-929-9883. Sets: Early

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(E) 7-9pm except Sun&Fri-Sat 6-9pm, Late 10pm. 1st Mon: E Sean Wayland; 1st Thurs: E Amy Cervini; 1st Sat: E Ayana lowe; 2nd Thurs: E Nicole Zuraitis; 2nd Fri: E Tessa Souter; 3rd Sun: E Ray Anderson & Pocket Brass Band; last Wed: E Paul Jost; last Fri: E Kendra Shank. ARTHUR’S TAVERN: 57 Grove St. 212-6756879. Sets: 710pm. Sun: Creole Cooking; Mon: Grove Street Stompers feat Joe Licari; Tues: Yuichi Hirakawa; Wed: Eve Silber; Thurs-Sat: Eri Yamamoto Trio. B FLAT: Basement 277 Church St (bet Franklin & White Sts). 212-219-2970. Sets: Mon 8-11pm, Wed 8:30-11:30pm, Sat 10pm-12am. Mon&Wed: Jordan Young Trio. BAHA’Í CENTER: 53E 11th St (bet Bway & University). 212-2225159. Tues: 8&9:30pm $10/15 adm. Jan 28: Dave Chamberlain Band of Bones. BAR NEXT DOOR: 129 McDougal St. 212-5295945. Sets: Sun 8&10pm, Mon-Thurs Early (E) 6:30-7:45pm, Late (L) 8:30&10:30pm, Fri-Sat 7:30,9:30& 11:30pm. Adm: $12 all night + 1 drink min/set except Fri-Sat $12/set + 1 drink min/set, E free. Trios unless otherwise noted. MonThurs: E Emerging Artists series; Mon: L Vocal Mondays series. Residency (R): Sun except 01/5 Peter Mazza. Jan 1: E Juan Munguia, L Phil Robson; 2: E tba, L Austin Becker; 3: Assaf Kehati; 4: James Silberstein; 5: Alex Goodman; 6: E Andy Bianco, L Marya Lawrence; 7: E tba, L Carol Morgan; 8: E Alec Aldred, L Olli Soikkeli; 9: E Olin Clark, L Hendrik Meurkens; 10: Rale Micic; 11: Patrick Cornelius; 12: R; 13: E Lisa Hoppe, L Aimée Allen; 14: E Helena Kay, L David Leon; 15: E Artur Akhmetov, L Brad Shepik; 16: E Adam Corderol, L Daniel Eli Weiss; 17: Craig Brann; 18: Paul Bollenback; 19: R; 20: E Panas Athanatos, L Melissa Stylianou; 21: E Owen Chen, L Mike Bono; 22: E Erich Jonhnson, L Jonathan Kreisberg; 23: E Noah Becker, L Vaughn Stoffey; 24: Tom Dempsey; 25: Mark Kleinhaut; 26: R; 27: E Lisa Hoppe, L Tammy Scheffer; 28: E Nick Marziani, L Hashem Assadullahi; 29: E Andrew Cheng, L Jonathan Kreisberg; 30: E Ryan Hernandez, L Benjamin Lapidus; 31: Ted Ludwig. The BITTER END: 147 Bleecker St (bet Thompson & LaGuardia). 212-673-7030. Jan 10-12: $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 6:45pm Kristina Koller, 8pm Sasha Masakowski as Tra$h Magnolia, 9:15pm Cousin From Another Planet, 10:30pm Michael Mayo, 11:45pm Bright Dog Red, 01/11 1am tba, 6:15pm Naissam Jalal, 7:30pm Anne Pacéo, 8:45pm Plume feat Kush Abadey, 10pm Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic feat Jaimie Branch, 11:15pm Jonathan Jurion feat Jowee Omicil, 01/12 12:30am Eym Trio. BLUE NOTE JAZZ CLUB: 131W 3rd St at 6th Av. 212-475-8592. Sets: 8&10:30pm + Fri-Sat 12:30am Late Night Groove series; Sun 11:30am&1:30pm Sunday Brunch. Adm varies. Jan 1-5: Chris Botti; 6-8: Maurice “Mobetta” Brown; 9-12: Philly Reunion; 13: Harold López-Nussa Y Amigos; 14-19: Maceo Parker; 20: Joel Ross “Good Vibes”; 21-26: Dizzy Gillespie AllStars; 27: tba; 28-29: Antonio Sanchez & Migration; 30-Feb 2: Igor Butman & The Moscow Jazz Orch. Late Night Groove w/Jan 3: Lee Pearson; 10-11: ELEW; 17: Rodney Green; 25: Aneesa Strings. Sunday Brunch w/Jan 5: Donald Vega; 12: Daniel Bennett Gp; 19: Adam Moezinia Folk Element Trio; 26: Jay Leonhart Trio.

BOWERY BALLROOM: 6 Delancey St (bet Bowery & Chrystie St). 212-533-2111. Jan 9: 7pm $2535 adm Winter Jazzfest feat Mark Guiliana Beat Music + yMusic + Taylor McFerrin. CAFÉ BOHEMIA: 15 Barrow St (bet Bleeker & West 4th Sts). 212-691-6127. Sets: 8&10pm. Residencies: Mon except 01/13 Hot Club w/Matthew “Fat Cat” Rivera; Tues except 01/14 Pasquale Grasso Solo; Thurs Cafe Bohemia Jazz Qrt feat Jon-Erik Kellso & Hot Club. Jan 3: Songevity w/Rob Duguay; 4: Jamile Staevie Ayres; 10: Bernard Purdie; 11-14: Wallace Roney Qnt; 18: Peter Maness & the Master Keys; 19: Jeff “Tain” Watts w/spec guest Fatboy Kanootch; 24: Jarien Jamanila Qrt; 26: Teri Roiger Trio. The CUTTING ROOM: 44E 32nd St (bet Madison & Park Av). 212-691-1900. www.the Jan 26: 2pm $20-25 adm Jazz Brunch w/Bill Warfield. The DANCE: 428 Lafayette St (Bet Astor Pl & E 4th St). Jan 10-12 $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 6pm Jure Pukl, 7:15pm Godwin Louis, 8:30pm Nikara & Black Wall Street, 9:45pm MAE.SUN, 11pm Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, 01/11 12:15am Jaimie Branch, 1:30am tba, 7:15pm Helen Sung, 8:30pm UNHOLY ROW, 9:45pm Susan Alcorn Qnt, 11pm CUP feat Nels Cline + Yuka C. Honda, 01/12 12:15am Anna Webber, 1:30am tba. The DJANGO: At Roxy Hotel. 2 Av of the Americas at Walker St. www.roxyhotelnyc. com. 212-519-6600. DROM: 85 Ave A (bet 5th & 6th Sts). 212-7771157. Jan 7: 7:30pm free adm Silver Arrow Band; 16: 7:30pm $20 Big Chief Donald Harrison, 10pm $15 Spontaneous Creativity w/Duane Eubanks & Company; 17: 9:30pm $15 Gregorio Uribe; 18-19: 6:30pm $20-35 Mediterranean Jazz Festival feat 01/18 Adam Maalouf + Bulgarian Voices Trio w/Angelo di Loreto + Vlada Tomova, Valentina Kvasova & Shelley Thomas + Carola Ortiz Trio feat John King, 01/19 Petros Klampanis & Kristjan Randalu w/guest Eleni Arapoglou + Panagiotis Andreou + Layale Chaker Sarafand + Christos Rafalides & Mediterranean Miles; 21: 7:30pm free Silver Arrow Band. The EAR INN: 326 Spring St (bet Greenwich & Washington Sts). 212-4319750. Sun: 8-11pm EarRegulars feat Jon-Erik Kellso & friends. FAT CAT: 75 Christopher St at 7th Av. 212-6756056. $3 adm/no min. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E), Late (L), Night (N); Sun E 6pm, L 9pm, N 1am; Mon E 6pm, L 9pm, N 12:30am; Tues-Wed E 7pm, L 9pm, N 12:30am; Thurs 7pm, L 10pm, N 1:30am; Fri 6pm, L 9pm + 10:30pm, N 1:30am; Sat E 7pm, L 10pm, N 1:30am. Residencies (R): Sun E Terry Waldo & Gotham City Band, N The Program; Mon N Billy Kaye; Tues E Saul Rubin Zebtet; Wed E except 01/1 Raphael D'Lugoff Trio + 1, N Ned Goold; Fri L The Supreme Queens; Sat N Greg Glassman. Jan 1: E Corey Wallace, L Groover Trio, N R; 2: E Willie Applewhite Qnt, L Saul Rubin Zebtet, N Will Terrill; 3: E Chris Flory, L R + Jared Gold/Dave Gibson, N Ray Parker; 4: E Ivan Renta Latin Jazz Qnt, L Raphael D'Lugoff Qnt, N R; 5: E R, 8:30pm Jade Synstelien's FCBB, N R; 6: E Ben Patterson Duo, L Ryan Berg, N R; 7: E R, L Sonora Nuyorkina, N Craig Wuepper; 8: E R, L Joe Farnsworth Trio, N R; 9: E Urban Archivers, L Greg Glassman Qnt, N Avi continued on page 18


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S P O T L GONZALO RUBALCABA DIZZY'S CLUB / JANUARY 2-5 A ferocious joie de vivre and unfettered rhythmic drive energize Cuban music. To that, pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba brings an expansive command derived from classical music as well as the Afro-Cuban rhythms of his native Cuba. His international career started there when he was discovered by Dizzy Gillespie at age 23, and began recording for Blue Note Records in 1986-'87. Gonzalo brings a pellucid technique to the piano that has garnered him accolades as one of the 20th-century's best pianists; he's a multiple Latin Grammy winner, and winner of an ASCAP Foundation award as composer and pianist. He is a rarity in that his playing is equally engaging whether it's introspective or full of the brio of Afro-Cuban rhythms. At Dizzy's, Gonzalo leads his Trio d'Été with bassist Matt Brewer and drummer Eric Harland. GK

SAUL ZEBULON RUBIN SMALLS JAZZ CLUB / JANUARY 3-4 Fans of Roy Hargrove's big band will already be familiar with guitarist Saul Zebulon Rubin's playing and arranging chops. In demand for his sensitivity and legendary listening skills, as well as his virtuosity, he's been heard alongside Sonny Rollins, Gregory Porter, Renee Fleming, Johnny O'Neal, and other titans. Known as Zeb, the multi-talented Mr. Rubin is also producer of an extensive roster of recordings; he ran a loft performance space from 2009 to 2016, which was the home of a highly regarded weekly jazz vocal series. At Smalls this time around, he’s fronting the Zebtet—trumpeter Greg Glassman, alto saxophonist Justin Robinson, tenor saxophonist Stacy Dillard, trombonist Frank Lacy, bassist Mark Lewandowski and drummer Brandon Lee Lewis—playing Zeb's own compositions and arrangements. EK

DAVID KIKOSKI SIDE DOOR / JANUARY 4 We have many brilliant pianists in the jazz world, but it's clear from his first notes and phrases how great David Kikoski is. Since his post-grad days at Berklee, working alongside Roy Haynes, Joe Henderson and Randy Brecker, David's fluid invention, two-handed ideas and fleet runs have identified his original thoughts as a perfect heir to the contemporary Tyner-Hancock-Corea legacy. The Jersey City-based pianist has graced stages and recording studios worldwide. He's won a Grammy with Roy Haynes and a nomination with the Mingus Big Band. A string of excellent CDs for the Criss Cross label preceded David's latest effort for HighNote, Phoenix Rising, a set of mostly standards taken to higher levels. At the Side Door, bassist Ed Howard and drummer Victor Lewis are urging David's ingenuity further. MGN

DAVID OSTWALD BIRDLAND THEATER / JANUARY 5 For the past two decades, tuba player David Ostwald has fronted the Louis Armstrong Eternity Band (aka the Gully Low Band). But his love of the groundbreaking New Orleans-born trumpeter stretches back even further: The first jazz album David ever bought was by the beloved jazz pioneer. He and his band continue a lengthy and popular tenure at Birdland’s early set every Wednesday, focusing on repertoire inspired by revered figures such as Bix Beiderbecke, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, as well as Armstrong and others who made their marks during the early years of jazz. Bria Skonberg, Will Anderson, Anat Cohen, Wycliffe Gordon, Ehud Asherie and others are among the lauded players who have been known to join David and the Louis Armstrong Eternity Band on stage. EK

ROYAL BOPSTERS MINTON'S PLAYHOUSE / JANUARY 12 Displaying a magic touch when it comes to swing, bop, vocalese and exciting harmonies, singers Amy London, Holli Ross, Pete McGuinness and Dylan Pramuk form the rock-solid core of this vocal quartet. Since the Royal Bopsters first came on the scene more than a dozen years back, the foursome's guests have included Mark Murphy and NEA Jazz Masters Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross, Sheila Jordan and Bob Dorough. The membership of the Royal Bopster Project's extended family now spans 30-somethings to 90-somethings. A new release, Party of Four, is on the horizon for early 2020, featuring Bopster-penned lyrics to solos by greats such as Chet Baker, Bill Evans, Wayne Shorter, Dexter Gordon and Tito Puente, as well as originals and a never-before recorded Mark Murphy composition. EK

By Ken Franckling, Seton Hawkins, Stephanie Jones, George K


Bro photo by Adam Jandrup, Chestnut by Jimmy Katz, Kikoski by Gulunara Khamatova, Ostwald by Lynn Redmile, Patton by Jo

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L I G H T TIVON PENNICOTT JAZZ STANDARD / JANUARY 12 An artist who responds to the subtlest changes in his musical environment, Tivon Pennicott creates spontaneous compositions whose melodies linger long after he's left the bandstand. The three-time Grammy Award-winning saxophone player and composer hears what others miss. His shapeshifting virtuosity has allowed him to collaborate with such like-minded artists as Esperanza Spalding, Gregory Porter and the legendary Roy Hargrove. But dauntless lyrical improvising reflects only a measure of his artistry. On his sophomore recording, Tivon Pennicott with Strings, set for release this year, the saxophonist flexes his large-ensemble mastery as a composer, arranger and conductor leading a 24-piece orchestra across an album of original works. His band features an iteration of the ensemble including Keyon Harrold, Amy Kang, Yasushi Nakamura, Joe Saylor and Yoojin Park. SJ

THE COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA BIRDLAND / JANUARY 13-18 The music of Count Basie is both rapturous and full of joy. Basie was known for his ability to command unparalleled sheer delight from the bandstand; said delight lives on today with the Count Basie Orchestra. Under the direction of bandleader, trumpeter Scotty Barnhart, Basie's music is still in full swing and the band's more active than ever, with its latest release, All About That Basie, that features collaborations from Wycliffe Gordon, Kurt Elling and Jon Faddis. The acclaimed album recently landed a Grammy nomination in the Best Large Jazz Ensemble category, the 20th nomination in the band's history. This year marks the 85th anniversary of the orchestra's inception, and it continues to ensure the Basie legacy is alive, well and swinging. EW

CYRUS CHESTNUT SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB / JANUARY 16-19 The gospel genre is embedded in pianist Cyrus Chestnut's musical psyche, whether he is leading a band, playing solo or working as a sideman. He began playing the piano at age 3, performed in his family's church in Baltimore at 7, and by 9 was promoted to church pianist. Cyrus also knows a thing or two about the art of jazz improvisation. He calls it "composition at a rapid pace with no erasers." The pianist's mastery is on full display as he performs with his trio for this four-night birthday bash, as Cyrus turns 57 on Jan. 17. Drawing some from his most recent release, 2018's Kaleidoscope, and other sources, expect to hear him add his own gospel feel to a variety of jazz classics and originals. He’s joined by Eric Wheeler on bass and Chris Beck on drums. KF

JEB PATTON MEZZROW / JANUARY 17-18 Listeners fortunate enough to check out Jeb Patton live experience an artist whose playing feels as good as it sounds. In a trio setting or leading a large ensemble, the New York-based pianist, composer, educator and published author radiates creativity and melodicism. Both in his solo improvising and his at-once expressive and receptive comping choices, Jeb engages his fellow artists in sophisticated conversation, crafting spontaneous stories with a beginning, middle and end. He has performed all over the city and across the world as a leader and a collaborator alongside Jimmy Heath, Charles McPherson, George Coleman, Roberta Gambarini, Jon Faddis, Jeremy Pelt and the late Frank Wess, among countless others. At Mezzrow, his trio features David Wong on bass and Rodney Green on drums. SJ

JAKOB BRO VILLAGE VANGUARD / JANUARY 28-FEBRUARY 2 Danish guitarist Jakob Bro is easily one of the most compelling string talents to emerge in the past decade, initially gaining acclaim for his work in Paul Motian's band as well as in the Tomasz Stanko Quintet. Jakob quickly rose as a leader in his own right, and his prolific discography provides a rich glimpse into his creative approach. Patient, meditative and richly melodic in his playing, he crafts exquisitely beautiful compositions and performances that reward listeners as the music unfurls slowly and deliberately. Jakob's ECM-released records with bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Joey Baron are a testament to the crystalline beauty in his writing and playing. Master saxophonist Mark Turner joins the threesome for a not-to-be-missed run at the Village Vanguard. SH

s, George Kanzler, Elzy Kolb, Michael G Nastos & Eric Wendell

mile, Patton by John Herr, Rubalcaba by Anna Tura, Rubin by Seth Cashman.


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continued from page 15

Rothbard; 10: E Miki Yamanaka, L R + Josh Evans Electric Band, N Ray Gallon; 11: E Rafael Monteagudo Music Connection, N R; 12: E R, L Justin Robinson, N R; 13: L Ned Goold Qrt, N R; 14: E R, L Peter Brainin & the Latin Jazz Workshop, N Alexi David; 15: E R, L Don Hahn/Mike Camacho Band, N R; 16: E Reid Taylor Qnt; 17: L R + David Weiss & Point of Departure; 18: N R; 19: E&N R; 20: L George Braith, N R; 21: E R; 22: E R, L Staford Hunter & Continuum, N R; 24: L R + David Bryant; 25: L POD, N R; 26: E&N R; 27: L Alexi David, N R; 28: E R, L Itai Kriss & Gato Gordo, N John Benitez's Latin Bop; 29: E&N R; 31: L R. FLUTE CENTER OF NEW YORK: 307 7th Av #401. 212-307-9737. Jan 8: 4pm Andrea Brachfeld & Insight. JAZZ GALLERY: 1160 Bway at 27th St. 5th Fl. 646-494-3625. Sets: 7:30&9:30pm. Jan 7-8: Darius Jones Qrt; 910: Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society; 11: Jen Shyu Solo; 14: California State University Jazz Ens feat Ben Wendel; 16: Chris Tordini Qrt; 23: Massimo Biolcati Qrt; 24-25: Becca Stevens; 29-30: Shai Maestro Qrt; 31-Feb 1: Marcus Strickland. JAZZ STANDARD: 116E 27th St (bet Park & Lexington Avs). 212576-2232. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: 7:30-8:30&9:30-10:30pm/$30; Sun 2-3pm/ free. Residencies: Sun 2pm Jazz For Kids Sunday Lunch feat Jazz Standard Youth Orch; Mon (R) Mingus Monday feat Mingus Big Band. Jan 1: $35 Regina Carter Qrt; 2-5: Sean Jones Qrt; 6: R; 7-8: Ryan Truesdell feat The Music of Bob Brookmeyer; 9: Melissa Aldana Qrt; 10-11: $35 Lizz Wright Sxt; 12: Tivon Pennicott With Strings; 13: R; 14-15: Michael Leonhart Orch 01/14 w/spec guest Anat Cohen; 16-19: David Murray Oct; 20: R; 21: tba; 22-23: Kendrick Scott Oracle; 24-26: Dave Stryker Qrt feat Warren Wolf; 27: R; 28: Brubeck Brothers Qrt; 29-Feb 1: Vijay Iyer 01/29 Solo, 01/30-31 $35 Trio, 02/1 $35 Trio + spec guest Wadada Leo Smith. JOE’S PUB: At Public Theater. 425 Lafayette St & Astor Pl. 212-967-7555. Adm varies. Jan 5: 9:30pm Tatiana Eva-Marie & the Avalon Jazz Band; 10: 7pm Kittel & Co + Gretchen Parlato; 11: 7pm Ethan Lipton Orch; 14: 6:30pm French Quarter feat Naissam Jalal, Géraldine Laurent, Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic; 23: 7pm Stephane Wrembel. KNICKERBOCKER BAR & GRILL: 33 University Pl at 9th St. 212-228-8490. Fri-Sat: 9pm-1am. (LE) POISSON ROUGE: 158 Bleecker St at Thompson St. 212-796-0741. Jan 9-13: Winter Jazzfest feat 01/9 6:30pm $25/35 adm Gilles Peterson w/Kokoroko, Moses Boyd, Poppy Ajudha, Sarathy Korwar, 01/10 $50-125 6:30pm tba, 7:45pm Steven Bernstein’s MTO@20 w/Catherine Russell, 9pm Mark Guiliana’s Jazz Qrt w/Gretchen Parlato, 10pm Curfew, 01/11 $50-125 6:30pm Becca Stevens, 7:45pm Lakecia Benjamin w/Reggie Workman, Regina Carter, 9pm Issac Delgado, 10pm Curfew, 01/12 5pm $45/55 From Detroit To The World celebrating the jazz legacy of Detroit & honoring Marcus Belgrave w/Ron Carter, Sheila Jordan, Louis Hayes, Joan Belgrave, 01/13 7:30pm $25/35 Artemis + Eubanks Evans Experience + Allison Miller Boom Tic Boom. MERCURY LOUNGE: 217E Houston St # A (bet Essex & Ludlow Sts). 212-260-4700. Jan 10-12:


$50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 6:45pm Sunny Jain’s Wild Wild East, 8pm Ikebe Shakedown, 9:15pm Gregoire Maret & Romain Collin, 10:30pm Braxton Cook, 11:45pm Butcher Brown, 01/11 1am Madison McFerrin, 6:45pm Marquis Hill, 8pm Nir Felder, 9:15pm Hypnotic Brass Ens, 10:30pm Kassa Overall, 11:45pm Theo Croker, 01/12 1am James Brandon Lewis. MEZZROW: 163W 10th St (bet 7th Av & Waverly Pl). 646-4764346. Sets/adm: 7:30-10pm, Late (L) 10:30pm-1am except Fri-Sat 10:30pm-2am, Sun + 5-7pm (PM); adm varies. Residencies (R): Sun PM Spike Wilner Solo; Mon L Pasquale Grasso; Thurs L Spike Wilner. Jan 1: Peter Bernstein Trio, L Ian Macdonald; 2: Peter Bernstein Trio, L R; 3: Melissa Aldana & Kevin Hays, L Miki Yamanaka; 4: Melissa Aldana & Kevin Hays, L Jon Davis; 5: PM R, Jamie Reynolds Trio; 6: Charlie Sigler Trio, L R; 7: Brenda Earle Stokes Trio; 8: Camille Bertault & Leo Genovese, L Tuomo Uusitalo; 9: E Rachel Z Trio, L R; 10: Ben Wolfe Trio, L Bob DeMeo; 11: Ben Wolfe Trio; 12: PM R, Randy Ingram Trio, L Chris Flory; 13: Brandon Goldberg Trio, L R; 14: Geoffrey Keezer Trio, L Vanessa Perea; 15: Geoffrey Keezer Trio, L Stefano Doglioni; 16: Roberta Piket Qrt w/Virginia Mayhew, L R; 17: Jeb Patton Trio, L Marc Devine; 18: Jeb Patton Trio, L Jon Davis; 19: PM R, Bennett Paster Trio, L Panas Athanatos; 20: A Bu Trio, L R; 21: Jesse Harris Qrt, L Vanisha Gould; 22: Tyler Blanton Trio, L Sullivan Fortner; 23: Bill Goodwin Trio, L R; 24: Aaron Diehl Solo, L Jeremy Manasia; 25: Aaron Diehl Solo, L Anthony Wonsey; 26: PM R, Tom Guarna Trio; 27: Ryan Keberle & Vic Juris, L R; 28: Nate Radley & Gary Versace, L Lucy Yeghiazaryan; 29: Vic Juris & Gary Vercase, L Isaiah Thompson; 30: Mike Longo & Paul West, L R; 31: Billy Drummond, L Greg Murphy. NATIONAL ARTS CLUB: 15 Gramercy Park South. 212-4753424. Jan 27: 9pm Fine & Mellow feat George Cables Trio. NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH: 269 Bleecker St (bet Jones & Cornelia Sts). 212-691-1770. 1st Fri: 8&9:30pm free adm All Things Project Jan 3: Marcelo Boccato Qrt. The NEW SCHOOL JAZZ PERFORMANCE SPACE: 55W 13th St, 5th Fl. 212-229-5488. Tues-Sat: 8:309:30pm The Stone at the New School. Jan 24: James Moore; 7-11: María Grand; 14-18: Ches Smith; 21-25: Jen Shyu; 28-Feb 1: Kris Davis. NORTH SQUARE: At Washington Square Hotel. 103 Waverly Pl at McDougal. 212254-1200. Sun: 12:30&2pm free adm Jazz Brunch Trios. Jan 5: Roz Corral w/Eddie Monteiro; 12: Alexis Cole; 17: Erli Perez; 26: Roz Corral w/Josh Richman. NUBLU 62: 62 Av C (bet 4th & 5th Sts). Jan 10-12: $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 7pm Angela Morris’ Skellettes, 8:15pm Nate Wooley’s Columbia Icefield, 9:30pm Mary Lattimore, 10:45pm Halvorson & Dieterich, 01/11 12am Blacks Myths, 1:15am tba, 7pm tba, 8:15pm Petros Klampanis, 9:30pm Dominique Fils Aime, 10:45pm Nite Bjuti feat Val Jeanty, Candice Hoyes & Mimi Jones, 01/12 12am Tommaso Cappellato, 1:15am Jessica Jones Qrt; 17: 6pm $10 Gordon Grdina & Nomad. continued on page 20

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AXOPHONIST RAY BLUE DESCRIbes his music as "old-school, swingin' S jazz." On his recent release, Work

(Jazzheads), he proves himself a versatile interpreter of classic tunes by the likes of Nat Adderley, Jimmy Smith, George Coleman and Matt Dennis. Ray's wellcrafted originals flow right into the mix, which includes standards such as "Teach Me Tonight," "That's All" and "Our Day Will Come." But Ray's road to developing his big, enveloping sound, warm approach and mellow repertoire is paved with a lifetime of experience with some of the most diverse masters of the genre. He cites mentors who run the gamut from the straight-up to the stratospheric, including NEA Jazz Masters Barry Harris and George Coleman, plus straight-ahead icons Benny Powell, Houston Person and Harold Mabern. Also on Ray's list: alto innovators Ornette Coleman and Arthur Blythe and the oneof-a-kind bandleader, composer and pianist known as Sun Ra. "It's important to me to be around people like this and accept the information they have to offer. These are willing givers of support and information," Ray says. "I like to connect with the older gentlemen who created this music. Their personality and spirit are important. I'm grateful to be around them and have relationships. The Creator put us together for a reason." Ray regularly revisits musicians' records and interviews, continuing to learn from what they have to say. He weaves a wealth of memories into his conversation, recalling an after-hours hang with Art Blakey that ended up with a lengthy chat at an all-night diner. The tenor man also thinks back on Arthur Blythe's unique tone, saying, "He had a special way of playing his instrument and presenting his voice. He was the only one in the world with that sound."

Trombonist Benny Powell's supportive attitude is another happy recollection: "He told me, 'I'm a Ray Blue fan, whatever you want to be doing.' Our conversations were always meaningful. I felt real warmth from him. Benny was a cheerleader, he always knew what I was doing." A stint with Sun Ra paid unexpected dividends. A friend told Ray the eccentric bandleader was auditioning tenor players and urged him to try out. The meager pay was a turnoff, but Ray took the job. "We did rehearsals, then got to the gig and played nothing we'd rehearsed. Everyone had music in front of them, but there was no music on my stand," the saxophonist says. "Sunny came out and started moving his arms, pointing at people, saying 'Play!' I thought, Play what?" Nevertheless, "It was the most phenomenal experience in my life." The quality of the musicianship on the bandstand made a lasting impression. "John Gilmore took one solo all altissimo. He never moved his fingers, it was all embouchure. I thought, I must be blessed. It paid even less than I thought, but I was learning and paying dues." Perhaps surprisingly for someone so thoroughly grounded in jazz, although Ray was offered a music scholarship when he finished high school he instead opted to study sociology and psychology, and earned a master's degree in clinical social work. "I wanted to learn other things," he explains. "I have a passion for people and for music; which of the two comes first is interchangeable." While on the job as a social worker, Ray's employers permitted a flexible schedule so he could keep gigging. "I consider myself fortunate to have always loved what I've done to earn a living," he notes. In 2005, he founded Cross Cultural Connection, a nonprofit aiming to promote jazz culture, education and performance. The intergenerational organization "instills a sense of community, family. People of different ages learn to relate to one another and learn together. The older participants have something to offer and something to learn. Everyone works on their skills together: theory, language, ensemble playing, repertoire." Work is an appropriate title for his 2019 recording, as it's a theme that Ray brings up often. He wrote the title tune based on his experience during his first trip to South Africa. "I saw the conditions in the townships, and saw how it demoralizes a man to take away his ability to work, to take care of himself and his family," he muses. Work is also an apt description of how he's kicking off the new year, with an array of gigs in Manhattan and farther afield.

Ray Blue appears at a PJS Jazz continued on page 29


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NUBLU 151: 151 Avenue C (bet 9th & 10th Sts). Jan 12: 7:30pm $20/25 adm Winter Jazzfest feat Tin Men & The Telephone + Tineke Postma Freya + Niels Broos & Jamie Peet + Binkbeats; 20: 8:30pm Mateusz Smoczynski. NUYORICAN POETS CAFÉ: 236E 3rd St (bet Avs B & C). 212-7809386/212-505-8183. Sets: 9:30pm. Tues: $10 adm Latin Jazz feat 01/7 Chembo Corniel, 01/14 Latin Jazz Big Band Night, 01/21 Willie Martinez & La Familia Sxt; 1st Wed: $13 All That - Hip Hop Poetry & Jazz; 1st Sat: $15 Banana Puddin’ Jazz series feat Rome Neal + Jam. Jan 12: 8pm $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat Steve Dalachinsky celeb w/Daniel Carter, Dave Liebman, Matt Shipp, Ellen Christi, Lisa Sokolov, Cooper Moore, Jean Carla Rodea, Gerald Cleaver, Ingrid Laubrock, Jaimie Branch, Ka Baird, Sarah Bernstein, Kenny Wolleson, James Brandon Lewis, Shelley Hirsch, Pasquale Canginao, Samara Lubelski, Charlie Waters, Jason Kao Hwang, Tom Surgal, Lin Culberston, Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley, Baba Israel, Kris Davis, Luke Stewart, Ernie Brooks, Matt Mottel, Kevin Shea & Nicola Hein. RALPH PUCCI INTERNATIONAL: 44W 18th St (bet 5th & 6th Avs). Jan 15: 6pm $2501,000 adm Benefit for Jazz House Kids feat The Lowdown, conversation w/Christian McBride + spec guest Diana Krall. ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL: 196 Allen St at E Houston St. 212-477-4155. Thurs: 9pm-12am Ethan Eubanks & Detroit Grease. Jan 10: 8:30pm $18 adm Delfeayo Marsalis Uptown Jazz Orch; 12: 8:30pm $15 APAP feat Laila Biali; 26: 7-8pm $10 Brenda Earle Stokes. SMALLS JAZZ CLUB: 183W 10th St at 7th Av. 212-252-5091. Sets: Early (E) 7:30-10pm, Late (L) 10:30pm-1am, Night (N) 1-4am; jam following N; adm varies. Residencies: Sun N After Hours w/David Gibson 01/5&19, w/Hillel Salem 01/12&26; Mon N After-Hours w/Sean Mason 01/6&27, w/Ben Barnett 01/13&20; Tues N After-Hours w/Malik McLaurine 01/7&21, w/Jon Elbaz 01/14&28; Wed N After-Hours w/Neal Caine 01/1,15&29, w/Andrew Kushnir 01/8, w/Kyle Benford 01/22; Thurs N After-Hours w/Malick Koly 01/2,16&30, w/Davis Whitfield 01/9&23; Fri N After-Hours w/Corey Wallace DUBtet 01/3,17&31, w/Brooklyn Circle 01/10, w/Wallace Roney Jr. 01/24; Sat N Mimi Jones & The Lab Session 01/4&18, After-Hours w/Eric Wyatt 01/11, w/Brooklyn Circle 01/25. Jan 1: E Rudy Petschauer Qnt, L Todd Herbert Qrt; 2: E Chet Doxas Trio, L Pete Malinverni’s Invisible Cities; 3-4: E The Zebtet, L Mike DiRubbo Qrt; 5: E Mike Mullins Qnt, L Alex Hoffman Qnt; 6: E Ari Hoenig Trio, L Joe Farnsworth Gp; 7: E tba, L Abraham Burton Qrt; 8: E Emanuele Cisi Qrt, L Simona Premazzi Qnt; 9: E Hayes Greenfield Trio, L Joris Teepe Qrt; 10-11: E Mike Rodriguez Sxt, L Philip Dizack Qrt; 12: E Mike Karn Qrt, L Bruce Harris Qrt; 13: French Quarter Festival feat 7:30pm Géraldine Laurent, 8:35pm Anne Paceo, 9:40pm Plume, 10:45pm Jonathan Jurion, 11:50pm EYM Trio; 14: E Gerry Gibbs Gp, L Steve Nelson Qrt; 15: E Gerry Gibbs Gp, L Francisco Mela Trio; 16: E Gerald Cleaver Violet Hour Sxt, L Ameen Saleem Sxt; 17-18: E Kenny Davis Gp, L Jean-Michel Pilc Trio; 19: E Nick Hempton Gp, L JC Stylles/Steve Nelson Qnt; 20: E Sam Newsome Qrt, L Joe Farnsworth Gp; 21: E JD Allen Trio, L Frank Lacy Gp; 22: E Matt Pavolka’s Horns Band, L Tomas


Janzon Gp; 23: E Orlando Le Fleming Gp, L Stafford Hunter & Continuum; 24-25: E John Bailey Sxt, L Paul Nedzela Gp; 26: E Chris Byars Original Sxt, L Johnny O'Neal Trio; 27: E Ari Hoenig Trio, L Giveton Gelin Gp; 28: E Taru Alexander Qrt, L Steve Nelson Qrt; 29: E Ronnie Burrage & Holographic Principle, L Nicole Glover Trio; 30: E David Liebman Gp, L Tim Hegarty Gp; 31-Feb 1: E Scott Wendholt/Adam Kolker Qrt, L Joe Farnsworth Gp. SOBS: 200 Varick St. 212-2434940. Jan 10-11: $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 7pm Hypnotic Brass Ens w/The Era, 8:30pm KOKOROKO, 9:45pm Hailu Mergia, 10:45pm Curfew, 01/11 7pm Tia Fuller, 8:45pm Revelator w/Bill Laswell, 10pm Donny McCaslin w/spec guest Gail Ann Dorsey, 11pm Curfew. SUBCULTURE: 45 Bleecker St at Lafayette St. 212-533-5470. Jan 10-12: $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 6:15pm Theo Bleckmann’s Mixtape, 7:30pm Matthew Whitaker Qrt, 8:45pm Connie Han, 10pm YES! Trio, 11:15pm The Jazz Gallery Allstars, 01/11 12:30am Michael Olatuja, 1:45am tba, 6:15pm Laila Biali, 7:30pm The Cookers, 8:45pm Harold Lopez-Nussa, 10pm Kat Edmonson, 11:15pm Rene Marie’s Experiment In Truth, 01/12 12:30am Gregg August, 1:45am tba. TURNMILL: 119E 27th St (bet Park & Lexington Avs). 646524-6060. Wed: 11pm-2am Keyed Up series feat Rob Duguay & Low Key Trio + spec guests. VILLAGE VANGUARD: 178 7th Av S at 11th St. 212-255-4037. Sets: 8:30&10:30pm. Adm: $35/1 drink min. Residency (R): Mon Vanguard Jazz Orch. Jan 1-5: Chris Potter Circuits Trio; 6: R; 7-12: Scott Colley Qrt; 13: R; 14-19: Julian Lage Trio; 20: R; 21-26: Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Qnt; 27: R; 28-Feb 2: Jakob Bro Qrt. WEBSTER HALL: 125E 11th St (bet 3rd & 4th Avs). 212-353-1600. Jan 10-12: $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 7pm Joey Alexander, 8:15pm Ambrose Akinmusire, 9:30pm Makaya McCraven, 10:45pm Igmar Thomas’ Revive Big Band w/guests, 01/11 12am Karriem Riggins w/The Erratic Specialist & guests, 7pm Brandee Younger, 8:15pm Makaya McCraven, 9:30pm Terrace Martin’s Grey Matter, 10:45pm Robert Glasper, 01/12 12am Karriem Riggins w/guests. ZINC BAR: 82W 3rd St (bet Thompson & Sullivan). 212-477-8337. Sets: unless otherwise noted 7:30&9pm. Jan 1: 9pm-1am free VandoJam feat Lucas Pino; 5: 4-6:45pm $25/30 Another Sunday Serenade 917-882-9539/ feat tribute to Albert Dailey w/Mike DiRubbo, Jeremy Pelt; 6: Peter Bernstein, Ben Monder & Rale Micic; 10-12: $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 6pm Nasheet Waits By Sea, 7:15pm Jamie Baum & Short Stories, 8:30pm Kendra Shank, 9:45pm Quiana Lynell, 11pm Christian Sands, 01/11 12:15am David Kikoski Trio, 1:30am tba, 6:30pm Steve Lehman Trio + Craig Taborn, 7:45pm Samantha Boshnack, 9pm Jim Snidero, 10:15pm Pasquale Grasso, 11:30pm George Burton Band, 01/12 12:45am Axel Tosca, 1:30am tba; 24: Jerry Weldon Qrt; 27: Rodney Jones. ZURCHER STUDIO: 33 Bleecker St (bet continued on page 22

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ROM 1955 TO 1960, THE LEGF endary Café Bohemia in Greenwich Village was one of the most impactful jazz

venues of its era. Originally opened by Jimmy Garofolo in 1949, as a restaurant, stage and bar, Charlie Parker offered to play there for free in exchange for drinks. Though Parker died before he officially headlined there, he solidified its identity as a jazz club. Cannonball Adderley made his New York debut there shortly after Parker's death, and other jazz greats worked and recorded there including Kenny Dorham's 'Round About Midnight at the Café Bohemia, and The Jazz Messengers at the Café Bohemia, Vols. 1-2 by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. Miles Davis also had links to the club. His closer, "The Theme," was first heard there, along with the trio favorite "Ahmad's Blues.” So when the club reopened its doors in October, there was no greater person to represent the spirit of Miles than his protégé, Wallace Roney. "Café Bohemia was important to Miles Davis," Wallace says. "He did those Prestige recordings [Workin', Steamin', Relaxin', and Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet] while he was playing there. And the cover of his Columbia LP 'Round About Midnight was taken at the Bohemia. I wanted to play there because of the history of the club. I think it's one of the most important clubs in history." Wallace, a former member and musical director of the Jazz Messengers and mainstay of Tony Williams' band, has more than 20 recordings as a leader. He comes to the Café Bohemia with a quintet composed of 21st-century Young Lions in their teens, 20s and 30s: drummer Malick Koly (replacing Wallace's nephew Kojo Odu Roney), bassist Paul Cuffari, pianist Oscar Williams II, and tenor and soprano saxophonist Emilio Modeste. At the club, the band is going to focus on songs from Wallace's critically acclaimed CD Blue Dawn—Blue Nights (full disclosure: I wrote the liner notes). Neither guitarist Quintin Zoto nor drummer Lenny White, who perform on the album, are on the gig. The CD covers a range of styles. There are energetic tracks, including "Bookendz," Lenny White's funky “Wolfbane,” and Dave Liebman's "New Breed," and a wistful ballad, "Why Should There be Stars." A slowdrag cover of Toto's "Don't Stop Me Now" joins Oscar's mysterious "In a Dark Room," and Emilio’s maze-like tracks "Venus Rising" and "Elliptical."

Wallace is not bashful in sharing his thoughts about his band. "Malick is becoming one of the most open and forwardthinking drummers, and he's from Africa, so he adds a direct African influence to this music," the trumpeter says. "Paul continually gets a beautiful sound on the bass. Oscar is one of those people who reminds me of Thelonious Monk: He's got a different wrinkle in his playing. He loves Monk, McCoy and Keith. And Emilio is one of the best young tenor players today. He's setting standards now. That's what I think of those guys; but collectively, they are of one mind, and that's what I instill in those guys: Take your individual talents and make it collective—one mind." Those young musicians look up to Wallace as a leader in the same way the trumpeter looked up to Miles. "He said I looked at him the way he looked at Dizzy. He said me and him were like Louis Armstrong and King Oliver," Wallace says. "I definitely benefited from playing with and being around great musicians like Miles, Ornette, Art Blakey and Horace Silver." The world-renowned pianist, composer, bandleader provided Wallace with some tough-love advice. "Horace asked me to audition for his band. I was 18, and he brought me to New York," the trumpeter recalls. "I didn't make the audition, but I spent four days with him. We talked about music. Then he said 'Wallace, I could have you in my band now, but I'd be doing you a disservice: I want you to get all of the [chord] changes together.' I went home to the practice room, grabbed the hardest tune I could think of: Wayne Shorter's 'Delores,' and I went through all the changes. Ten years later, Horace heard me with Tony Williams in Denmark. And when I finished playing he jumped onto the stage and hugged me, and said, 'Wallace! Oh, man! I'm so proud of you. You're playing your booty off.' I felt that I had come full circle."

The Wallace Roney Quintet performs at Café Bohemia Jan. 11-14, during Winter Jazzfest. He also performs at The Falcon on Jan. 19. Roney photo by Richard Ryals.


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Lafayette & Bowery). 212-777-0790. Jan 10-11: $50-125 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/10 7:30pm Kalia Vandever, 8:45pm Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci, 10pm Ted Poor, 11:15pm Todd Sickafoose, 01/11 7:15pm Sara Serpa, 8:30pm Laraaji, 9:45pm Alan Braufman w/Cooper Moore, 11pm Uri Caine.

BRONX MAMAJUANA CAFE: 3233 East Tremont Av. 718-8248400. Tues: 8-9&10-11pm Steven Oquendo Latin Jazz Band.

BROOKLYN BALBOA: 1655 Bedford Av. 718-467-3765. BAR BAYEUX: 1066 Nostrand Av. 347-5337845. Sets: 8-11pm free adm. Wed: Keyed Up series; Thurs: Grassroots Jazz Effort. Jan 8: Robin Verheyen Qrt; 15: Jonathan Finlayson Qrt; 22: Adam Birnbaum Trio; 29: Jerome Sabbagh Qrt. BAR CHORD: 1008 Cortelyou Rd. 347-2406033. Sun: 9pm Cortelyou Jam. BAR LUNÀTICO: 486 Halsey St. 718-513-0339. Sun: 2-5pm Keyed Up feat Gospel Brunch. Jan 15: 9-11pm Gabi Hartmann. BARBÈS: 376 9th St at 6th Av. Park Slope. 718-965-9177. Residencies: Sun 9pm Stephane Wrembel; Mon 7pm Brain Cloud; Tues 9pm Slavic Soul Party; Wed 10pm Mandingo Ambassadors. BELL HOUSE: 149 7th St. 718-643-6510. Jan 13: 8:30pm $20/25 adm Winter Jazzfest feat Nate Smith + Van Hunt & spec guests. BLUEBIRD BROOKLYN: 504 Flatbush Av. 718-484-9494. Wed: 9pm-12am Keyed Up feat Noah Garibedian + Jam. BROOKLYN BOWL: 61 Wythe Av. 718-9633369. Jan 9,12,1618: Winter Jazzfest feat 01/9 8pm $25 adm Lee Fields & The Expressions, 01/12 8pm The Bogie Band w/Joe Russo + HOOTEROLL? + PLUS!, 01/16 11:30pm $10 Talib Kweli feat BowlTrane, 01/17 $30-55 7:30pm Kendra Morris, 8:45pm Felix Pastorius & Hipster Assassins, 10pm Kung Fu, 01/18 12:15am Dj Logic + Friends feat Billy Martin + Shanir Blumenkranz. The COPPER POT: 347 Van Brunt St. 929-2763330. Wed: 7:3010:30pm Keyed Up series. COUNTING ROOM: 44 Berry St. 718-599-1860. Sun: 4-7pm Keyed Up feat The Cafe Society. HALYARDS: 406 3rd Av. 718-532-8787. Tues: 8-9:30pm, Late (L) 10-11pm. $10 adm/1 drink min. Jan 7: Frank Carlberg Qnt, L Max Light Trio; 14: Tim Berne Trio, L Ben Monder Trio; 21: James Carney Qrt, L Bruce Barth Trio; 28: Ralph Alessi Gp, L Jon Cowherd Trio. HOUSE OF YES: 2 Wyckoff Av. 646-838-4937. Jan 17: $30-55 adm


Winter Jazzfest feat 6:30pm HUCK, 7:30pm People’s Champs, 8:30pm Mwenso & the Shakes. IBEAM: 168 7th St. IL PORTO: 37 Washington Av. 718-624-0954. Thurs-Sat: 710pm Keyed Up feat Charlie Apicella & Iron City. JAZZ 966: 966 Fulton St. 917-593-9776. Fri: 8& 9:45pm $15 don. Jan 24: Whitney Marchelle Qnt feat Patience Higgins. MADE IN NEW YORK: 155 5th Av. 718-6407000. Sets: Sun 6&8pm; Fri-Sat 7&9pm. Jan 3-5&10-12: Lenny White Bands. NATIONAL SAWDUST: 80N 6th St. 646-7798455. Jan 17-18: $30-55 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/17 10:30pm Sasha Berliner, 11:30pm Sphere Ens feat Meshell Ndegeocello, Elio Villafrance, Chris Bruce, 01/18 12:30am Quantic. ROUGH TRADE NYC: 64 N 9th St. www.rough Jan 17-18: $30-55 adm Winter Jazzfest www.winterjazzfest. com feat 01/17 6:45pm Keyon Harrold, 7:45pm Aneesa Strings, 8:45pm Taali, 9:45pm Ben Williams, 10:45pm José James, 01/18 12am J. Hoard. ROULETTE: 509 Atlantic Av at 3rd Av. 917-267-0363. set/adm: 8pm/$18. Jan 5: Allen Lowe Oct feat Marc Ribot; 10: William Parker; 22: Jason McMahon. SHAPESHIFTER LAB: 18 Whitwell Pl. 646-820-9452. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: Early (E) 7pm, Late (L) 8:15pm, Night (N) 9:30pm/$10. Residency: Wed except 01/1 E-L Take Off Collective. Jan 12: 8pm Rodger Fox Big Band; 13: E&8pm Sebastian Rios Julliard All Stars + Anthony Hervey Band; 16: 7-7:15pm Gulli Björnsson, 7:30-8:15pm Dollshot, 8:309:15pm Matt McBane + Build; 19: Brunch w/Phil Hamilton; 30: E JC Sanford Qrt, L Triocracy; 31: E $15 Against Method, 8:30pm Rodrigo Nassif. SISTAS’ PLACE: 456 Nostrand Av at Jefferson Av. 718-398-1766. Sat: 9&10:30pm $30/25 adm. Jan 4: Jazzical; 11: Reggie Woods Qrt; 18: Brandon Sanders; 25: Nat Adderly Jr. SOAPBOX GALLERY: 636 Dean St. Sets: 7:30-8:30pm Jan 13: Alex Conde Trio Piano Flamenco; 21: David Berkman Trio; 22: Jeb Patton; 23: Hayes Ggreenfield; 24: 8-9pm Randy Ingram & Aubrey Johnson; 25: 8-9:30pm Billy Lester; 29: Gib Veconi Solo. The SULTAN ROOM: At The Turk's Inn. 234 Starr St. 718-2150025. Jan 11-14,17-18: Winter Jazzfest feat 01/11 8pm $25/30 adm James “Blood” Ulmer + Harriet Tubman, 01/12 7:30pm $20/25 Harish Raghavan’s Calls for Action + Kris Davis' Diatom Ribbons w/Terri Lyne Carrington & Val Jeanty w/spec guests Tony Malaby & Trevor Dunn, 01/13 8pm $25/30 Mark Guiliana w/spec guest + Golden Valley Is Now, 01/14 7:30pm $20/25 Mark Guiliana & Billy Martin + Soul Gnawa & spec guest Jason Lindner, 01/17 $30-55 6:15pm Big Terminal w/Tim Berne, David Torn, Aurora Nealand, 7:30pm Jessica Pavone, 8:45pm Wayne Horvitz & Sara Schoenbeck Duo, 10pm Dan Weiss Starebaby, 11:15pm Salami Rose Joe Louis, 01/18 12:30am Chris Lightcap. continued on page 24

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-", Ê 9Ê



By Don Jay Smith

MARIA RAQUEL SHANGHAI JAZZ / JANUARY 4 Colombia-born singer Maria Raquel has made a name for herself in Latin music not only for her powerful voice, but also for her exuberant stylings of Colombian Cumbia and salsa. An international favorite, she has toured from South America to Europe and is now based in New York City where she leads her own trio and quartet. In the Latin jazz community, she is known for her critically acclaimed collaborations with La Cumbiambi eNeYé, LaMar NYC, La Pachamambo and the Samuel Torres Band. She has won scores of fans through her appearances at festivals such as the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, the Bryant Park Dance Party, Festival ColorEs Colombia and the Primavera Fest. For this New Jersey concert, Maria is joined by drummer Pablo Bencid and pianist Cesar Orozco.

CHARLIE SIGLER TAVERN ON GEORGE / JANUARY 8 Guitarist Charlie Sigler grew up in Baltimore, where he was surrounded by music and heavily influenced by his guitar-playing father. Now based in New Jersey, he performs often in the metropolitan area at festivals like the Litchfield Jazz Festival and the Berks Jazz Festival, as well as at clubs such as Dizzy's, Toshi's and Fat Cat Kitchen. A graduate of the jazz program at William Paterson University, he is a superb musician earning gigs with Winard Harper, Harold Mabern, Eric Alexander, Pat Bianchi and Dave Stryker, among others. Not only is he capturing a well-deserved reputation as a great player, he is devoted to education, giving private lessons and working at renowned programs like Jazz House Kids. His trio consists of bassist Adrian Moring and drummer Alvester Garnett. LARRY McKENNA DEER HEAD INN / JANUARY 18 The widely acclaimed tenor saxophonist Larry McKenna has built his international reputation over six decades thanks to his gorgeous sound, his beautiful ballads and superbly masterful improvisations. He has recorded and performed with a long list of jazz greats including Tony Bennett, Woody Herman, Clark Terry, Buddy DeFranco, Barry Harris, Rosemary Clooney, Jimmy Heath, Jon Faddis, Bill Charlap, Wynton Marsalis, Frank Sinatra and many others. He released three CDs as a leader, all of which received high praise. In recent years, Larry has earned well-deserved recognition, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of the Arts, and the Making a Difference Award from the Jazz Bridge project. Appearing with Larry are Eliot Zigmund on drums, Tony Miceli on vibes and Justin Sekewski on bass.

LEW TABACKIN THE GREEK ON MAIN / JANUARY 26 Whether playing flute or tenor sax, Lew Tabackin has solidified his place as an important artist in both live performances and on recordings. The winner of many DownBeat critics' and readers' polls on flute, he also possesses a sax style that has been compared to legends like Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins. In his early years, he played with greats such as Tal Farlow, Maynard Ferguson, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis and Elvin Jones. Lew's life changed in 1968, when he met and married Toshiko Akiyoshi. The two formed the award-winning Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra, a topnotch ensemble drawing on Ellington-influenced arrangements and compositions. As critic Scott Yanow rightfully observes, "Tabackin is one of the few jazz musicians who has been able to develop completely different personalities on two instruments."

McKenna photo by Maxwell Killian, Sigler by Alexis Rotter, Tabackin by Paul Wood.


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VELVET LOUNGE: 174 Bway. 718-302-4427. Tues: 9pm-12am Key Up series feat 1st Tues Sivan Arbel; last Tues Rob Duguay & Low Key Trio. WILLIAMSBURG MUSIC CENTER: 367 Bedford Av. 718-3841654. $10 adm. Residency: Sat 10pm Jam w/Gerry Eastman & friends. Jan 17-18: $3055 adm Winter Jazzfest feat 01/17 7pm QNA, 8:15pm L’Rain, 9:30pm Phony Ppl, 10:45pm Kneebody + Mark Guiliana, 01/18 12am Shigeto, 1:15am Daedelus; 31: 8:30-9:30pm Tomer Cohen Trio.

CONNECTICUT MOCA WESTPORT: 51 Riverside Av. Westport. 203-2227070. Jan 11: 8pm $50 adm Kenny Barron. The SIDE DOOR JAZZ CLUB: At Old Lyme Inn. 85 Lyme St. Old Lyme. 860-434-0886. Sets: 8:30-11pm. Jan 3: Vincent Ector's Organatomy Trio; 4: David Kikoski Trio; 10: Tamir Hendelman Trio; 11: Delfeayo Marsalis Uptown Jazz Orch; 17: Corcoran Holt Qnt; 18: Ulysses Owens Jr. III & Generation Y; 24: George Garzone Gp; 25: Larry Fuller Trio; 31: Rick Germanson Trio.

LONG ISLAND GRASSO’S: 134 Main St. Cold Spring Harbor. 631-367-6060. TREME: 553 Main St. Islip. 631-277-2008.

NEW JERSEY BERGEN BERRIE CENTER: Sharp Theater. 505 Ramapo Valley Rd. Mahwah. 201-684-7844. Jan 25: 810pm $8-32 adm Brubeck Brothers Qrt. HACKENSACK PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 102 State St. Hackensack. 201-8203007. Jan 11: 8-10pm Gregorio Uribe. PUFFIN CULTURAL FORUM: 20 Puffin Way. Teaneck. 201836-8923. Jan 11: 8pm/$10 adm Joris Teepe Qrt. ESSEX BETHANY BAPTIST CHURCH: 275W Market St. Newark. 973623-8161. Jan 4: 6-7:30pm Jazz Vespers feat Steve Turre & the Eulipion All Stars w/spec guests James Carter & Vincent Herring. CLEMENT’S PLACE: At Rutgers University. 15 Washington St. Newark. Sets unless otherwise noted: 7:30pm. jazz973. 3rd Thurs: 5:30-7pm Wells Fargo Jazz for Teens, 7:30-9:30pm Jam by James Austin, Jr. The FOX & FALCON: 19 Valley St. South Orange. 973419-6773. 2nd Thurs: 7:30pm. GATEWAY CENTER PLAZA 4: 100 Mulberry St. Newark. 973-624-8880.


SOPAC: 1 SOPAC Way. South Orange. 973-3132787. Jan 19: 7pm Carrie Jackson. SUZYQUE’S BBQ & BAR: 34 S Valley Rd. West Orange. 973-7367899. Free adm. Sun: 2-5pm Brunch w/Curtis Lundy Ens; Mon: 8pm-12am John Lee & friends. Jan 6&20: 8-10pm Glenn Franke's BigBand. The WOODLAND: 60 Woodland Rd. Maplewood. 973-763-4202. www.njjs. Jan 5: 1pm $35 adm The Chicken Fat Ball feat JonErik Kellso, Ken Peplowski, Randy Reinhart, Harry Allen. HUDSON The BRIGHTSIDE TAVERN: 141 Bright St. Jersey City. 201435-1234. Mon: 8pm Keyed Up feat Brightside Tavern Trio. HEADROOM BAR & SOCIAL: 150 Bay St. Jersey City. 201963-4565. Sun 3-7pm All-Female Jam feat Andrea Brachfeld. HUNTERDON FLEMINGTON DIY: 90 Main St. Flemington. Jan 25: 7:30pm/$15 adm Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio. MERCER 1867 SANCTUARY AT EWING: 101 Scotch Rd. Ewing. jazz. 609-392-6409. Jan 4: 2pm Danny Tobias w/Strings; 10: 8pm Rick Fiori Qrt; 26: 2pm Alex Hiele Paris Jazz Qrt. CANDLELIGHT LOUNGE: 24 Passaic St. Trenton. 609695-9612. Sat: 3:30-7:30pm free adm/$10 min. Jan 4: Josh Lee; 11: James Stewart; 18: Daryl Yokley; 25: Farid Baron. HOPEWELL VALLEY BISTRO & INN: 15 East Broad St. Hopewell. 609-466-9889. Thurs: 6-9pm $15/5 don Jazz On Broad. Jan 9: The Blue Skies Qrt; 16: Joe Plowman & His Philadelphians; 23: Jon Elbaz & James Robbins Duo; 30: Alex Hiele's Paris Jazz Combo. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: Fine Hall. 304 Washington Rd. Princeton. 609-258-4200. Jan 10: 7:30pm Matthew Parrish & Jazz Small Gp X. MIDDLESEX DELTA’S RESTAURANT: 19 Dennis St. New Brunswick. 732249-1515. Jan 25: 6:30-10:30pm free adm Bossa Brasil®. GEORGE STREET ALE HOUSE: 378 George St. New Brunswick. 732-543-2408. The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Tues: 8-11pm Emerging Artists + Jam. Jan 7: Ilan Eisenzweig; 14: Jem Seidel; 21: Jackson Grundt; 28: Saul Dautch. The GREEK ON MAIN: 419 Main St. Metuchen. 732515-9457. Jan 26: 11:30am $50 adm Lew Tabackin Trio. OLD FRANKLIN SCHOOLHOUSE: 491 Middlesex Av (RT 27). Metuchen. 862-3682202. First Sun: 3-5:15 pm $15 adm CornerstoneJazz series. Jan 5: Akiko Tsuruga Organ Qrt. TAVERN ON GEORGE: 361 George St. New Brunswick. 732545-6205. Wed-Thurs: 8-11pm free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Jan 2: Carrie Jackson Qrt; 8: Charlie Sigler Trio; 9: Isaiah J. Thompson Qrt; 15: Radam continued on page 28

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Miracle in August HAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT A multitude of the most acclaimed jazz musicians on Earth would all be in New York—and available for a recording session—in the middle of summer festival and touring season? Alto saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin achieved the unbelievable last August by recruiting close to three dozen players from across the generations to record the music of John and Alice Coltrane during two marathon 12-hour days.

Lakecia Benjamin, (Le) Poisson Rouge

Accompanied by players from their 20s to their 90s, Lakecia recorded 14 compositions, split 50-50 between the two Coltranes. "This is what a jazz power couple looks like," she observes. "I racked my brain like crazy to decide on material. All the ones I chose are songs I fell in love with the first time I heard them," including "Syeeda's Song Flute," "Central Park West," "Acknowledgement," "Pursuance," "Om Shanti," "Going Home," and "Turiya and Ramakrishna." She continues, "I picked guests based on the way they inspired me. Some worked with John or Alice, and influenced me. Some are my teachers, others are peers. Many are band leaders, innovators who are following the tradition while moving jazz forward." Among those on hand for the project were Reggie Workman, Ron Carter, Bertha Hope, Gary Bartz, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Greg Osby, Brandee Younger, Jazzmeia Horn, Steve Wilson, Marcus Gilmore, Marc Carey, Meshell Ndegeocello and Rootstock Republic strings. "Reggie was the only person who was all-in from the start. He's like a godfather to me and I recruited him to help me find people." She tracked down veteran musicians through friends and on social media. In some cases, they had never heard of Lakecia, and she had to use her powers of persuasion to get them to sign on for the project. She aimed to be as respectful and accommodating as possible, even making

By Elzy Kolb

sure to have their favorite kinds of tea available for them at the session. "I was thrilled I was able to get this group of people together." Lakecia had a camera crew in each room to film the action and conduct interviews. "We recorded everything—there was too much going on to miss any of it. They were telling stories and having fun, they were happy to be there. It was a huge hang and history lesson. I can always keep playing and make more money, but I can't make more memories like this." The Coltrane tribute album is likely to be viewed as a change of pace for Lakecia, who is known for putting on high-energy, genre-crossing shows with her Soul Squad band. "People in the jazz world don't understand the multiple sides of me," she acknowledges. Respecting the music as well as the players was a priority. "I can take a song anywhere, but I was mindful in paying tribute to these jazz legends. There are no gimmicks, we're not taking it out of the jazz box." While she was still in her teens, a friend turned Lakecia on to Alice Coltrane's music. Later, the alto saxophonist met Alice and visited her ashram. "I'm more familiar with Alice than John, though the rest of the world is not. She has an esoteric, spiritual vibe. Alice meant so much to me; I knew her music before I knew John's. I saw John's name in the liner notes of her albums and wondered, Who is that?" Among the many instrumentalists she brought together, there is not a single tenor or soprano saxophonist, a conscious decision on Lakecia's part. "There are so many Coltrane tribute albums, and as soon as you hear the tenor you immediately start comparing. But there are probably six alto players—alto doesn't get enough play anyway," she notes with her characteristic dry humor. She performed some of the Coltrane material while on tour in China in December. "It's physically challenging to play this music, it's very taxing. With Alice's music, you have to be all-in, believing every note, every word, it's really intense." Lakecia notes that there were other players on her wish list, including Coltrane alumni, whom she wasn't able to contact or who had scheduling conflicts. Might there be a chance of a second volume? She laughs, but doesn't rule it out. "It's pure luck this all came together. I was so naïve at the beginning, I had no idea how much

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ANOTHER REASON... continued from page 25

work would be involved. I didn't even know what the pieces were. This was very heavy, very taxing. I should do a light person next—maybe the music of Elvis!" The saxophonist previews some of the material she recorded for her upcoming Coltrane tribute album during Winter Jazzfest when she presents "Pursuance: The Music of the Coltranes" at (Le) Poisson Rouge Jan. 11. Special guests include Reggie Workman, Greg Osby, Regina Carter and Marcus Strickland, along with a TBD singer. "I really don't like to play without a vocalist, it breaks up the intensity of the wall-to-wall in-yourface saxophone sound," Lakecia points out. "Dee Dee Bridgewater wrote some words to 'A Love Supreme,' and magic stuff happened." The official release gig for the Coltrane album is set for March 11-12 at Jazz at Lincoln Center. You can also catch Lakecia in action this month at Jazz Standard with the David Murray Octet Jan. 16-19.

We are family This year marks the 15th anniversary of trumpeter, arranger, composer, bandleader Gabriel Alegria's Afro-Peruvian Sextet. In explaining the ensemble's longevity, he recalls words of wisdom he heard from Russell Ferrante, the pianist of another long-running band, the Yellowjackets. "You don't get rid of your family. You don't get rid of your band."

Gabriel Alegria's Afro-Peruvian Sextet, Minton’s

Band members evolving into family "either happens naturally or not at all," Gabriel muses. "You fight, you stay together, there's music and movement." The sextet has had the same four core members ever since its 2005 inception, and even the subs have staying power. Playing several nights a week during a nearly three-year residency at Tutuma, "We had a lot of opportunities to need other players," some of whom appeared with the band dozens of times. Ron Carter, Essiet Essiet, Melissa Aldana, Camille Thurman and Camila Meza were among those joining the sextet on stage. "They become honorary members, part of the extended family. Some of them who were just starting out then are jazz-famous now," the trumpeter says. "At the very beginning we were in experimental mode, our attitude was, let's


Alegria's Afro-Peruvian Sextet photo by Bex Wade.

try this and see what happens. Now, we think of our music as a language we share in common," Gabriel explains. "Over 15 years it's become a language for jazz based on Afro-Peruvian principles. We realized we're onto something that needs to be heard and experienced by more people. It's not intimidating, we have fun on stage. The music is complicated, but it feels like a party." The band celebrates its anniversary Jan. 31 at Minton's Playhouse, an apt location, according to Gabriel. "Roots are important to us, this is a landmark place, with a historical connection to the music. We have high respect for the music and tradition, for Harlem and for Minton's. It's inspiring and important to me. We're a very progressive band with very progressive ideas and it's fitting to present them in this historical landmark." Gabriel has thrown out an open invitation to everyone who has ever played with the Afro-Peruvian Sextet to show up and join in the fun at the anniversary gig. He expects some Peru-based musicians, such as drummer Hugo Alcazar, to contribute to the festivities on screen. For the first time ever, a singer is scheduled to join the Afro-Peruvian ensemble at Minton's, when Abigail (yes, she's going the single-name route like Cher and BeyoncĂŠ) performs some brand-new material. "I have lyrics for all my music, but we usually play instrumentals. Introducing a vocalist into the mix is a big deal for us. We'll see how it evolves," Gabriel says. In the audience are likely to be some out of towners who are very good friends of the band. In addition to the musicians, the Afro-Peruvian Sextet's extended family includes alumni of its Tour Peru program. Each year, a dozen or so music lovers accompany the band to Peru for 10 days of travel, gigs, workshops, cultural immersion and fun. "They're living life on the road, seeing the country through the eyes of the musicians, getting a look behind the scenes. People come from all over the world, they share their stories, it's life changing for the band and for the fans," Gabriel says. Tour Peru activities may include visits to museums and cultural centers to deepen the travelers' understanding of what they'll see and hear in their time together. They could also have hands-on percussion basics tutorials, a talk with a shaman providing insights on local rituals, cooking lessons, visits to Cusco and Machu Picchu, and opportunities to get to know local people. Besides marking an anniversary very few bands ever reach, Gabriel also views the Minton's gig as an occasion to celebrate and imagine the next 15 years. He hopes the band will record in the new year, and wonders, "What are we gonna come up with next?"

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By Seton Hawkins

Benny Benack III: A Lot of Livin' to Do LOT OF LIVIN' TO DO, THE SOPHomore release of trumpeter and vocalist Benny Benack III, highlights the incredible artistic development of this exceptional artist, and represents the arrival of one of New York's most charismatic virtuosos. Indeed, as a kick-off to the new year (the new decade, even) A Lot of Livin' to Do portends a busy and promising new chapter in Benny's career.


Benny Benack III

Central to shaping the album was drummer Ulysses Owens Jr., who took on producer's duties as well. "He's been a big mentor of mine, and the synthesis of the record came together with Ulysses as producer," Benny notes. "Creatively, the goal was to rein in the focus. My first album showed the different styles I have an affinity for, but here I wanted to dial in both the singing and playing in music where those two things serve each other." To be sure, the album offers a clear and exciting vision. Drawing inspiration from classics like Chet Baker's 1974 comeback album She Was too Good to Me, Benny's work successfully threads the needle of exciting swing and exceptional playing with some tasteful and welcome nods to pop sensibilities. He's backed by a veritable dreamteam rhythm section of Takeshi Ohbayashi on piano and Christian McBride on bass.

The influence of the Baker album is immediately clear. Nevertheless, the overriding joy and accessibility of this outing suggest that the impact of Louis Armstrong is also ever-present—if not in direct musical reference, then certainly in spirit. "The way Pops conveyed his music and made it inclusive for everyone is important to me," Benny explains. "If I had a mission statement, it would be something like that. Jazz isn't elitist, and I wanted to make an album that mom could cook to in the kitchen, but also that jazz musicians could check out and get something out of. I'm really happy with how it came out." The spirit of inclusion and fun informs Benny's album release party at Dizzy's Club, where he is joined by Ulysses as well as frequent collaborators like bassist Yasushi Nakamura and pianist Keelan Dimick. Additionally, guest appearances by Veronica Swift and Alita Moses—each of whom duets with Benny on the album— as well as by Benny's father, saxophonist Benny Benack Jr., promise a particularly special evening. The new album and busy month—in January Benny tours the Midwest, moderates a panel on audience development at Jazz Congress, and kicks off a lengthy run at Café Carlyle with vocalist Isaac Mizrahi—portend an exciting year. "I want to continue to develop and grow the audience and get to new places in the country I haven't yet toured," he notes. "That's my goal for this year." Benny Benack III celebrates the release of A Lot of Livin' to Do at Dizzy's Club Jan. 27. He also performs at Room 623 Jan. 3. To learn more about Benny, visit APAP NYC, Jazz Congress and Winter Jazzfest. The beginning of January is famously packed with the simultaneous occurrences of the APAP conference, Jazz Congress and Winter Jazzfest. Running Jan. 10-14, the APAP NYC conference assembles a global mix of presenters, artists and advocates, and offers a wide array of panel discussions and networking opportunities. Plenary sessions this year have a particular focus on risk-taking and on sustainability concerns in the arts. For a full schedule, visit

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FRESH TAKES SAIAH J. THOMPSON IS NOT A NEW face on the New York City jazz scene. He Igrew up in nearby West Orange, N.J.,

started piano lessons at a young age, and from there, quickly began playing with Jazz House Kids and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra. Now a student at the Juilliard School, he has played with musicians such as Christian McBride, Joe Farnsworth and Buster Williams. Isaiah regularly appears at venues around town including Dizzy's Club, where he presents his original music this month alongside saxophonist Julian Lee, bassist Philip Norris and drummer Domo Branch. Citing Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Cedar Walton and Stevie Wonder as his favorite composers, Isaiah honors the jazz tradition in his writing, while pulling from his own life experience as a young musician today. He has been writing consistently over the past few years, and when speaking of his upcoming show, says, "Most of the compositions will be originals of mine talking about the human experience HOT FLASHES...

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The third annual Jazz Congress at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Jan. 13-14, balances practical business discussion panels with deeper-dive looks into the state of the industry. Panels have a particular focus on representation and inclusivity, as well as examinations of ways to develop and improve the health of the performance and recording industries. For more information, visit While the conferences run, the inimitable Winter Jazzfest takes place Jan. 818 at venues throughout the city. Particular highlights include performances by Artemis, Seu Jorge and James " Blood" Ulmer, in addition to the music marathons the festival is famed for. To see a full schedule, visit www.winterjazzfest. com. LISTINGS... continued from page 24

Schwartz Trio; 16: Nick Hempton Qrt; 22: Ray Blue Trio; 23: Marianne Solivan Qrt; 29: Nat Adderley, Jr. Qrt; 30: Chris Beck Qrt. MONMOUTH COUNT BASIE THEATRE: 99 Monmouth St. Red Bank. 732842-9000. Jan 28-29: 8pm $129-39 adm Tedeschi & Trucks.


Thompson photo by Zach Grullon.

By Addie Vogt

through the music. I'm a strong advocate for humanity and I believe that I'm a person first and a musician second." This viewpoint along with his skillful piano playing mark Isaiah as a force on the scene and certainly one to watch.

Isaiah J. Thompson and his quartet play Dizzy's Club Jan. 13.

MORRIS BICKFORD THEATRE: 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown. 973-971-3706. www.morris Jan 20: 7:309pm Mariel Bildsten Spt. SHANGHAI JAZZ: 24 Main St. Madison. 973822-2899. Free adm. Sets: Sun 6-8:30pm; Tues 6:30-9pm; WedThurs 7-9:30pm; Fri-Sat 6:15&8:45pm. Closed Mon. Jan 3: “King” Solomon Hicks; 4: Maria Raquel Trio; 9: Deep Groove Jazz Trio; 11: Nat Adderley Jr. Trio; 18: Saron Crenshaw Qrt; 19: 2:30-5pm New Jersey Jazz Society Monthly Social. SOMERSET WATCHUNG ARTS CENTER: 18 Stirling Rd. Watchung. 908-7530190. Jan 18: 8pm Tony Trischka. WARREN RUTHERFURD HALL: 1686 Rte 517. Allamuchy. 908-852-1894. www.rutherfurd Jan 26: 3-5pm $25/20 adm Jazz at the Rutherfurd feat Nick Scheuble Qrt.

NEW YORK STATE The FALCON: 1348 Rte 9 West. Marlboro. 845-236-7970. Sets/adm: 8pm, Sun 11am Brunch (B); $20 don suggested. Falcon Underground (FU). Jan 5: Tisziji Muñoz Qrt w/Paul Shaffer; 8: FU 7pm Jazz Sessions w/Doug Weiss; 12: Pablo Lanouguere Qnt; 18: Lindsey Webster; 19: Wallace Roney Qnt; 25: 12pm continued on page 29

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B A C K S T A G E PA S S JAZZ ANECDOTE BY BILL CROW Bill Crow's books " Jazz Anecdotes" and " From Birdland to Broadway" can be found at your favorite bookstore, and at along with many interesting photos and links. Guitarist Steve Herberman told me about a night in Boston when he went to a jazz club to hear Herb Ellis and Barney Kessel play a duo gig. Steve sat close to the bandstand so he could enjoy the music more. At the end of the gig, an old friend of Herb and Barney's came up to the bandstand for a chat. Steve said the guy had some serious body odor. The friends spoke for a while, and when the guy said goodbye, Herb said to him, "Straight ahead, and strive for tone." As the guy left the room, Barney said softly to Herb, "Straight ahead, and strive for soap!" BLUE...

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Society concert held at the First Presbyterian Church in Mount Vernon Jan. 12, with pianist Sharp Radway, bassist Essiet Okon Essiet and drummer Alvester Garnett. For the event, Ray expects to focus on tunes from Work, as well as material he's developing for a planned 2020 album, and to debut at least two brand-new originals. Ray also appears Jan. 22 at Tavern on George in New Brunswick.

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Hudson Valley Youth Jazz Orch; 26: B Saints of Swing, 8pm Chico Freeman & Co. LYDIA’S CAFE: 7 Old US Hwy 209. Stone Ridge. 845-687-6373. Sets: 7-10pm. Jan 11: Vinnie & Katie Martucci; 18: Joel Harrison & Pete McCann Trio; 25: Tim Regusis/Ron Horton Qrt. MAUREEN’S JAZZ CELLAR: 2 N Bway. Nyack. 845535-3143. Jan 31: 8-9:30pm Russ Kassoff Trio.


Gap, PA. 570-4242000. Sets: Sun 5-8pm, Thurs 8-11pm, FriSat 7-11pm. Adm varies. Residency (R): Thurs Jam w/Bill Washer & friends. Jan 115: closed; 16: R; 17: Spencer Reed Gp; 18: Larry McKenna & Eliot Zigmund; 19: Marvin Stamm Qrt; 23: R; 24: Vicki Doney & friends w/spec guest Alberto de Almar; 25: Paul Jost Qnt; 26: Neil Wetzel & the Moravian College Jazz Ens; 27: 7:30-10:30pm Matt Vashlishan & The Water Gap Jazz Orch; 30: R; 31: Stoffey/Baird/Anderson/Froman.

QUEENS AIRTRAIN JAMAICA STATION: 93-02 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica. www.theairtrainjazz Thurs: 5-7pm. Jan 2: The Jazz Collective; 9: John Gray; 16: Agustin Grasso Qrt; 23: Corey Garcia; 30: Bobby Sexton. DOMINIES: 34-07 30th Av. Long Island City. 718-728-1834. Sun: 9pm-12am Keyed Up feat Christian Coleman’s Trample Man. FLUSHING TOWN HALL: 137-35 Northern Blvd. Flushing. 718-463-7700. 1st Wed: 7pm $10 adm Jam w/Carol Sudhalter. JAMAICA CENTER OF ARTS & LEARNING: 161-04 Jamaica Av. Jamaica. 718-658-7400. 2nd Thurs: 8pm $10 adm Thursday Night Jazz series. Jan 9: Jeremy Dutton. continued on page 31

A Moment You Missed by Fran Kaufman Hot House Contributing Photographer Bassist David Wong (left) and drummer Rudy Royston backstage at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem before the “Music and Our Memories” gig with pianist Helen Sung. In addition to being a sensational drummer, Rudy is an ardent photographer. A partnership of the museum, the Zuckerman Institute at Columbia University and Arts & Minds—an organization providing experiences in the arts to individuals with dementia and other memory problems—sponsored the event.


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HE WORD INVENTOR FEATURES prominently on Emilio Solla's webT site. Arnold Schoenberg once used the

same word to describe John Cage saying, "He's not a composer, he's an inventor—of genius." The latter became infamous for using the prepared piano, among many other sonic inventions, musical gestures and devices, in his work. But Emilio's genius stems from being a different kind of inventor. His inventions dwell in a more traditional realm and he uses the 88 keys of the piano as if they were brushes with which to paint musical canvases. Furthermore he finishes off his lapidary work employing a full palette of brass, reeds, percussion and strings to shape his inventions, magnifying and ornamenting them exponentially. "I'm realistic about my capabilities as a pianist," he says diffidently. "If you look around there are scores of pianists just like me. But once I'm done with orchestrating a piece, I like to think that my own voice emerges." Emilio is Argentine by birth, but thanks to an itinerant soul he has traversed continents. His extraordinary music is steeped in the traditions that span those continents. Yet while tradition, his music seems to say, is a wonderful reality, the inner dynamic of tradition always remains innovation. And so, often by throwing overboard melodic, structural and harmonic hooks that have become expressively blunted from overuse, Emilio builds from what might—or mightn't—be left. For instance, the tango might be evoked in a piece, but its rhythm actually lives and breathes in its visceral emotion rather than in its tempo. This he swathes in the diaphanous and dense tone-textures of wafting bandoneons, accordions, piano, brass and reeds, palpitating in myriad percussion colors and grounded in bass. Out of such an enormous musical canvas, the


song's narratives are painted by the soloing instruments. In Buenos Aires, the inebriation of Astor Piazzolla's nuevo tango once hung heavily in the air and fired up his musical imagination. "But like someone too intoxicated by love, I had to leave," Emilio explains. "I ended up in Barcelona almost accidentally and fell in love again," spending 1996 to 2006 in Spain. "I think I found my second wind there. I also met a fantastic group of musicians, bonded immediately, and my music began to flow." This music flows from expertly manipulated brushstrokes that Emilio uses with sublime mastery. And they have unfolded beautifully with his nonet La Orquestable and several smaller ensembles, leading up to today's Tango Jazz Orchestra. Emilio's eight discs as leader might sometimes seem dwarfed by his enormous contributions as composer and orchestrator on the celebrated recordings of other musicians. But they include Suite Piazzollana (2001), Bien Sur! (2009), the Grammy-nominated Second Half (2014) and Puertos (2019), and songs such as "Llegará, Llegará, Llegará" and "La Novena"—all masterpieces by the singular inventor who lives to paint with sound.

Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra performs at Birdland Jan. 5.

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LISTINGS...continued from page 29

LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOUSE MUSEUM: 34-56 107th St. Corona. 718-478-8274. Sun&Sat 12-5pm, Tues-Fri 10am-5pm: $10 adm Guided Tours of Louis Armstrong House. TERRAZA 7: 40-19 Gleane St. Elmhurst. 718-803-9602. Sun: 9:30pm-2am $7 adm Jam w/John Benitez Trio; 2nd&4th Wed: 9pm TR7 Jam w/John Yao & Peter Brendler. Jan 17: 8-10pm Basilio Georges & Flamenco Latino.


JAZZ FORUM: 1 Dixon Ln. Tarrytown. 914-6311000. Sets/adm: Sun 4pm $15/20; Fri-Sat 7&9:30pm $20/25. Jan 3-4: Eddie Palmieri Trio; 5: Vanessa Falabella, 8-10pm Jam feat David Janeway Trio; 10-11: Camille Bertault feat 01/10 Leo Genovese, 01/11 Diego Figueiredo; 12: Maurício de Souza & Bossa Brasil®; 17-18: Willie Jones III Qnt; 19: Valtinho Anastocio; 24-25: Joey Alexander Trio; 26: Nanny Assis Gp feat Daniel Assis; 31-Feb 1: Christian Sands Trio. Hot House is not responsible for any errors in the listings which may have occured from late changes or incorrect information supplied to us. Please call the venues or check websites for up to date calendars.

ALVIN & FRIENDS: 14 Memorial Hwy. New Rochelle. www.alvinandfriendsrestaurant. com. 914-654-6549. Sets/adm: Fri 7pm, Sat 7:30pm/free. Jan 3: Dinah Vero; 4: Rocky Middleton Trio; 10: Alexander McCabe MPulse; 11: Leslie Pintchik Trio; 17: Jazmyn; 18: The Brazilwood Trio; 24: Ken Dircks Trio; 25: Leslie Pintchik Trio. BEANRUNNER CAFÉ: 201 S Division & Esther St. Peekskill. 914-737-1701. Fri-Sat: 810:30pm $15 adm. Jan 3: Carlos Jimenez Mambo Qnt; 4: Mala Waldron Qrt; 11: Alex Smith Organ Trio; 17: Alexis Cole Ens; 18: Bradford Hayes Qrt; 25: Abel Mireles Qrt. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: 199N Columbus Av at E Lincoln Av. Mount Vernon. 914-636-4977. 2nd Sun: 5:15-9pm $25 adm Second Sunday Jazz series. Jan 12: Ray Blue.


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