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November 2020 Smalls Jazz Club

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Ken Peplowski

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Ulysses Owens Jr.

Veronica Swift Smoke Jazz & Supper Club and WPU

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Where To Go & Who To See Since 1982

KEN PEPLOWSKI In the Moment By Don Jay Smith

LARINETIST KEN PEPLOWSKI lives to perform, but since March has C had very little opportunity to do so.

Like most of us, Ken has been at home– something his adorable dog, Honeypie, has enjoyed immensely. But he has missed fellow musicians and enthusiastic audiences. So while doing long-overdue work on his vast collection of music this past summer, he had an idea that he shared with pianist Glenn Zaleski, a young musician whom All About Jazz earmarks as “quickly becoming one of the most important pianists of his generation.” As Ken relates, “I was looking to come up with something a little different for an online program, and while going through my extensive files of music, it struck me that I had great material that I had either never or rarely played. So I contacted Glenn about recording a program we called ‘In the Moment.’ It gives us the opportunity to play songs that one or both of us has never played and are often unfamiliar to listeners, although the composer might be well known.” “In the Moment” premiered on August 20, and features an introduction by Ken in which he describes each selection and explains something about the composer or composers. For example, the initial series begins with “Moon Song,” written by Sam Coslow and Arthur Johnston. The two are perhaps best known for their collaborative effort “Cocktails for Two,” made popular by the likes of Bing Crosby and Spike Jones. Individually they also wrote many popular hits, including “Pennies from Heaven,” by Johnston, and “Everybody Loves Somebody,” by Coslow. “This series has been fun because I’m always looking for interesting songs and this weekly performance keeps us practicing,” Ken notes. “I select six to eight songs, which we then record in one take. People have said that they like it because it is so different. I try to find material that comes from a variety of sources: films, the Great American Songbook, and even jazz musicians such as Zoot Sims or Duke Ellington. Sometimes we play the melody straight and sometimes we use the melody as a vehicle for improvisation. But no matter what, there is a spontaneity to our performances.” The series has been so well received that Ken and Glenn plan to keep it going into December, every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, with back episodes available on YouTube. It is free, but like most musicians livestreaming during the pandemic era, the duo hopes for donations


to help with their expenses. Although the performances appear seamless, many hours of work go into each show. As Ken explains, “It’s two or three hours to find the music, at least three to four hours of research about each song, and then several hours to edit each video.” Ken is known for his extraordinary work ethic. He has recorded more than 70 CDs as a leader and some 400 as a sideman with artists as diverse as Charlie Byrd, Mel Tormé, Woody Allen, Bill Charlap, and Madonna. In normal times, Ken tours most of each year, appearing at jazz clubs, concert halls, colleges, and pops concerts. He was featured as a soloist for a program of Mozart compositions in Oregon, and is a popular performer on the Jazz Cruise. In fact, he was elected to the Jazz Cruise Hall of Fame several years ago. Fans and critics praise him. DownBeat magazine cites Ken as “brilliantly entertaining,” and the BBC’s Russell Davies regards him as “arguably the greatest living jazz clarinetist.” He has a growing list of awards including the Satchmo Award from the Sarasota Jazz Festival, the Fans Decision Jazz Award from Hot House jazz magazine, and the 2018 Creative Arts Prize from the Polish American Historical Association. For now, fans will have to tune into the clarinetist’s weekly Thursday night series and enjoy his work with Glenn, the regular pianist for Ken’s quartet. “I’m so happy to be playing with Glenn,” Ken says. “He brings youthful energy, is open to playing continued on page 12

Swift cover photo by Matt Baker and Peplowski photo on this page by Fran Kaufman.

BONS RITMOS (Good Rhythms)

Record company and production company, the best in Jazz, Brazilian music and Afro Bahian dance, and future pop. Producer, singer, song writer, percusionist, JACK JOAO POTTER. Two time Billboard World Music charting artist and incredable Afro Bahian dancer, EDI MACHADO. Producer, New York to Brazil drummer / percusionist, song writer, ANDREW SCOTT POTTER. All of these incredable Bons Ritmos records can be heard on the Bons Ritmos Youtube channel.




Drummer / percusionist, ANDREW SCOTT POTTER, working New York jazz drummer for 8 years, has lived in Brazil more than 30 years. Working with Afro Bahian dancers and drummers, and some of Brazil's top musicians, he decided to learn some of the grooves of KETU CANDOMBLE, to play Brazilian rhythms better. To his surprise, he discovered profound parallel hook ups of KETU CANDOMBLE grooves and the history and evolution of rhythms and phrasings in the history of jazz and the great innovators. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClpDp25xd4RJ1t3NpVg5eLQ/videos

New York gig tapes, 78-85, Andrew Scott Potter

STEVE GROSSMAN, ALEX FOSTER, DR LONNIE SMITH, RICHIE HART, BUNKY GREEN, WALTER BISHOP JR., SONNY SHARROK, TONY CIMOROSI, STEVE RODBY, BRUCE WHITCOMB Take no prisoners late 70's early 80's New York jazz playing gig tape selections from the vaults of ANDREW SCOTT POTTER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywlK_XRm0H8 Bons Ritmos contact for Bons Ritmos Artist's gigs, clinics, Afro Bahian dance workshops, Ketu Candomble -Jazz workshops : aspotter@terra.com.br 3

VERONICA SWIFT Challenge = Opportunity By Elzy Kolb

T TAKES MORE THAN A RAINstorm, a balky locking system, and the Iongoing travails of 2020 to dampen

Veronica Swift’s spirits. Her natural ebullience comes through loud and clear during a phone interview the vocalist squeezes into her busy schedule. She’s ducked into a shelter during a downpour, as rental agents struggle to gain entry to a house she hopes to rent. When the door finally swings open, Veronica laughs and shouts out her appreciation: “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m buying you lunch!” Finding the right house is a big deal right now. The COVID era marks the lengthiest period Veronica’s spent in one place in a very long time, a situation this seasoned road warrior doesn’t intend to duplicate. “It’s going to be the longest stretch at home for the rest of my life,” vows the Virginia-based singer, composer, dancer, actor, and filmmaker. She started the year with an enviable array of club, festival and concert appearances—including Carnegie Hall—on the docket. Veronica enthusiastically describes a September appearance in Italy’s Boboli Gardens. “That was the best gig of my life,” she declares. “I got to perform in front of 500 people with a full orchestra, and even got to dance.” The historic outdoor venue in Florence dramatically reduced its capacity, spacing out the seating for social distancing, checking temperatures at the gate, and observing other safety protocols. But most of her other engagements didn’t happen—yet! “If people do what they’re supposed to do, if they follow the [virusrelated] health and safety checklist, and if people stick to their promises, I will do the majority of the postponed concerts,” she explains. Roughly 80 percent of her planned appearances have been rescheduled. “I have to trust the universe.” In the meantime, she is delving into other projects, personal and professional. “I’m doing a lot of things I don’t have time to do in normal times,” Veronica muses. “This is a time to reflect and recenter. Time to get my social affairs in order, time to spend with friends and family.” She continues: “I’m always looking at what’s next and I definitely think the universe is telling us we have internal work to do. There have been a lot of disappointments, but this is also a time of opportunity.” Though she misses performing, Veronica accepts the necessity of making


Swift photo by Matt Baker.

adjustments for the foreseeable future, and continues to find means for self-expression, even under less than ideal circumstances. “Livestreaming is not for me, it’s really uncomfortable to play without an audience,” Veronica notes. “Twenty people is better than no people, but some audience is better than no gig.” Veronica performs virtually November 22, from William Paterson University’s Shea Center. The concert is part of its Jazz Room Series at Home. Pianist Emmet Cohen, a regular collaborator, joins her for the date along with his trio. As of midOctober she had no plans of including material from her upcoming release, This Bitter Earth (Mack Avenue). “That material requires a lot of production—synthesizer, electric bass—and we’re going for an acoustic setup this time,” she explains. “We’ll play some tunes, we’ll play what feels good, we approach a lot of gigs that way this year.” With a repertoire spanning standards, the Great American Songbook, opera, bop, pop and show tunes from the 1920s to the present, rock, originals, and more, her remote audience is sure to sample her takes on the familiar, the obscure, continued on page 12


Jazz Get Away Home of Jazz In The Poconos for over 60 years!


Jazz-Dinner-Lodging Packages for 2 starting at $189 Call 570.424.2000 or visit www.deerheadinn.com 5 Main Street, Delaware Water Gap, PA


356 Graham Ave. Brooklyn, NY 718-782-9659 www.carmineandsonspizza.com Outdoor and 25% indoor seating available. Weather permitting. ".... pulsing organism of a band. Their charts are sophisticated complex and boy can they blow"... Don Mc Neil " Tried and true Swingers, they can take you around the block with stops in between. All of which are played to perfection"... Chris Spector

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ULYSSES OWENS JR. Disruptive Entrepreneurship By Seton Hawkins

A FIELD DEFINED BY LIVE how do jazz musicians naviIgateNinteraction, the industry collapse accompanying

the COVID-19 epidemic? How might artists apply practical tools to tackle what may well be their most painful professional and personal challenges yet? As we begin to claw back from the brink, what changes does the music industry need to make and what shortcomings must it reckon with? Enter drummer Ulysses Owens Jr. As the COVID-19 crisis began to hit America, Ulysses was midway through work with Skyhorse Publishing to release his latest book, The Musician’s Career Guide: Turning Your Talent into Sustained Success. With the pandemic’s arrival, the nearly 15-year project found itself taking one more pre-publication detour as Ulysses prepared a brand-new chapter to address the current reality. The book, now due out in March 2021, emerged as the germ of an idea in 2006 while Ulysses studied at Juilliard. Though he took two music business courses there— one focusing on the needs of classical musicians, another that discussed the thenimpending implosion of the recording industry—Ulysses identified a missing element in the business classes: entrepreneurial action. “I felt like nobody was talking about the elephant in the room, which back then was that you had to be entrepreneurial,” he reveals. “So I started journal-


ing: important things people said on the bandstand, things I noticed while on the road, I wrote it all down and I built this journal.” After nearly a decade of building his business journal, Ulysses approached Chamber Music America, sharing his work and insights. “I showed them this, and I said, ‘This is what I wish people would have taught me and told me about,’” he says. “It was everything from branding to playing to taxes.” With encouragement from CMA, first Ulysses developed the journal into a lecture and workshop, and later into a blog. As the project grew, so too did industry interest, with Skyhorse ultimately signing on to release a book. As March 2020 unfolded and Ulysses submitted his book, he found himself with a new dilemma: Proceed as planned with the written text, or delay release in order to address the pandemic in the text? Ultimately, the decision was clear, and the release was pushed back to ensure an additional chapter could be included. “I think this will be the only music business book that actually has a section about the pandemic!” he declares. To that end, Ulysses identifies several key considerations for creative professionals during the crisis, contemplating practical steps as well as long-term health. “First, you have to be making music with a purpose,” he advises. “Right now, people need music to feel better, to heal. We need to make sure our art is relevant. Second, we need to create the art with a basis in reality. The reality is that we can’t tour right now, so everything we do now needs to have a realistic edge, and we need to accept and embrace the virtual world.” Indeed, he argues, to embrace that reality now is paramount, since once the crisis abates the world will not return to the prepandemic status quo. Third, and perhaps most crucial, Ulysses highlights the importance of artists maintaining mental health during this time. “We are all fighting the same devil,” he explains. “And we need to guard our mental health as we accept that the industry has changed, and that some things are gone.” As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, artists and industry support staff are also presented with the opportunity to rebuild the arts world, perhaps even fixing the structural and systemic flaws that have dogged it for years. “In jazz, we have a generational issue,” he points out. “If we want it to stay alive and be relevant, we’ve got to let this thing go through the generations, and promote the generations equally. There needs to be a space for each tier, for the forefathers and matriarchs, yes, but also the new generacontinued on page 13

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Nov 12: 7pm Melissa Aldana Trio. JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER: https://www. jazz.org. Nov 14: 7pm online Ella - Forever the First Lady of Song feat JALCO w/Wynton Marsalis hosted by Harry Connick, Jr. & spec guests Renée Fleming, Roberta Gambarini, Diana Krall, Marilyn Maye, Audra McDonald, Cécile McLorin Salvant in duo w/Sullivan Fortner, Camille Thurman &  Kenny Washington. JAZZ FORUM @ HOME: https://www.face book.com/jazzforumclub/live. Thurs: 7pm online. Nov 5: Melanie Scholtz & Brian Charette; 12: Eric Alexander Qrt; 19: Benny Green; 26: no show. JAZZ HOUSE KiDS: https://jazzhousekids. thinkific.com/collections. Wed: 6:30-8pm online Masterclass series. Nov 4: The World According to Christian McBride w/spec guest Christian McBride; 11: Female Voices of the 1960s w/Ashley Kahn & Melissa Walker; 18: John Coltrane’s Giant Steps at 60 - The Balance of Science + Soul w/Ashley Kahn. JAZZ A ID LIVE: At the Banyan Bowl. https://jazzaid.eduvision.tv/liveevents. Nov 14: 8pm online Dee Dee Bridgewater. The JAZZ GALLERY: https://www.jazz gallery.org. Online. Sets: Mon 6-7pm Happy Hour Hang; Thurs 7:30&9:30pm Livestream; Sat 7-8:30pm Online Lockdown Sessions. Nov 5: Yosvany Terry; 12: Joel Ross. JAZZVOICE.COM: https://www.jazzvoice. com. Online masterclasses. Nov 2: 9pm Jane Monheit; 8: 2pm Miles Griffith; 18: 9pm Kate McGarry; 28: 9pm Roberta Gambarini. **KEYSTONE KORNER BALTIMORE: 1350 Lancaster St. Baltimore, MD. 410-946-6726. www.keystonekornerbaltimore.com. Sets/ adm: Sun 5&7:30pm; Fri-Sat 7:30&10pm; $15-35. Also livestream. Nov 6-7: Christian Sands Trio; 12-14: 7:30pm Freda Payne; 2021: Bill Charlap Trio; 27-28: T.K. Blue/Billy Harper Qnt. LIVING JAZZ: https://www.livingjazz.org/callresponse. 4pm: online Call & Response. Nov 8: Wynton Marsalis moderated by Andre Kimo Stone Guess; 22: Kurt Elling moderated by Kate McGarry & Keith Ganz. *LYDIA’S CAFE: 7 Old US Hwy 209. Stone Ridge, NY. www.lydias-cafe.com. 845-6876373. Sat: 6-9pm Music on the Patio. *MANHATTAN PLAZA: 400 & 484 W 43rd St. NYC. Sat: 5-7pm The Manhattan Plaza Crew feat Jamie Baum, Alex Norris, Sebastian Noelle, Boris Kozlov & Jeff Hirshfield. **MARTINSVILLE TAVERN: 1979 Washington Valley Rd. Martinsville, NJ. 732-563-1717. www.martinsvilletavern.com. Wed: 5:30pm Chris DeVito & Greg Grispart. METROPOLITANZOOM: https://metropolitan zoom.com. Livestream. Nov 13: 7pm Danny Bacher; 15: 7:30pm Helena B w/Jacob Elder; 20: 7pm Jeff Franzel. *MILEA ESTATE VINEYARD: 450 Hollow Rd. Staatsburg, NY. 845-266-0384. www.mileaes tatevineyard.com. Nov 14&21: 4-6pm Acute Inflections. NJPAC: https://www.njpac.org. 7:30pm: online. Nov 10: conversation w/Maria Schneider & Donny McCaslin; 13: Chris Thile & Madison Cunningham. PEREZ: https://www.facebook.com/events/ 626126964691765. Nov 1: 2:15pm online Perez Trio. PITT JAZZ: https://www.youtube.com/chan nel/UCzhaYWy3kDp19c8mskKBMlg/videos. Nov 2-7: online seminar & concert celebrating Dr. Nathan Davis & Geri Allen feat 11/02 12pm “Dr. Nathan Davis: Musician, Innovator and Educator”, 11/04 7pm “Jazz


Talk” w/Nicole Mitchell, 11/05 9:30am-5:30pm “Feed the Fire: A Cyber Symposium in Honor of Geri Allen", 11/06 7pm “Reminiscing Eminence” w/Terri Lyne Carrington, Vijay Iyer, Nicole Mitchell & Dwayne Dolphin, 11/07 7pm Nicole Mitchell, Kenneth Powell, Yoko Suzuki, Ralph Guzzi, Aaron Johnson, Mark Strickland, Frank Cunimondo, James Johnson Jr., Irene Monteverde, Jeffrey Mangone, James Johnson III, Sandra Dowe & Kathy Humphrey. RADIO FREE BIRDLAND: https://www.bird landjazz.com. 7pm: livestream. Nov 12: Aisha de Haas. *RIVERSIDE PARK: Riverside at W 84th St. NYC. Thurs 4pm&Sat-Sun 2pm: David Ostwald's Louis Armstrong Eternity Band. ROULETTE: https://www.roulette.org. 8pm: online. Nov 2: Darius Jones - We Can Change the Country; 6-7: Jazzfest Berlin feat 11/06 10am Lakecia Benjamin, 10:45am Lina Allemano’s Ohrenschmaus, 1pm Anna Webber Spt, 1:45pm John Dieterich & Işl Karataş, 4pm Craig Taborn’s New Trio, 4:45pm Y-Otis, 11/07 10am Joel Ross’s Good Vibe, 10:45am MEOW!, 1pm Tomeka Reid Qrt, 1:45pm Jim Black Trio, 4pm Tomas Fujiwara’s Triple Double, 4:45pm Potsa Lotsa XL; 17: Max Johnson; 30: Bill Ware. *SHANGHAI JAZZ: 24 Main St. Madison, NJ. www.shanghaijazz.com. 973-822-2899. **SMALLSLIVE JAZZ CLUB: 183 W 10th St (bet 7th Ave & W 4th St.) Basement. NYC. 212-252-5091. https://www.smallslive.com. 5&7pm: also livestream. Nov 1: Victor Lewis Gp; 2: Rodney Green Gp; 3: Saul Rubin Trio; 4: Francisco Mela MPT Trio; 5: Akiko Tsuruga Qrt; 6: Carlos Abdadie Qnt; 7: Marcus Strickland Gp; 8: Arcoiris Sandoval Gp; 9: Lucas Pino Nnt; 10: Warren Wolf Trio; 11: Helio Alves Qrt; 12: Ken Peplowski Trio; 13: Mike LeDonne Trio; 14: Miki Yamanaka Qrt; 15: Joe Magnarelli Qnt; 16: Joe Farnsworth Gp; 17: Frank Lacy Gp; 18: Sheila Jordan Gp; 19: tba; 20: Melissa Aldana Gp; 21: Joel Ross; 22: Steve Nelson; 23: Ari Hoenig; 24: Spike Wilner; 25: Dezron Douglas; 26: closed; 27: Tim Armacost; 28: Philip Harper; 29: Johnny O'Neal. SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: https://smokejazz.com. Fri-Sat: 8pm livestream Smoke Screens. Nov 6-7: George Coleman Qrt; 13-14: Veronica Swift w/Joe Farnsworth Qrt; 20-21: Eddie Henderson Qrt; 27-28: Ron Carter w/Mike LeDonne Trio. SOAPBOX GALLERY: https://www.soapbox gallery.org. 8pm: livestream. Nov 1: E.J. Strickland Qnt; 5: Tessa Souter & Yasushi Nakamura; 6: Misha Piatigorsky w/spec guest Emily Braden 7: Jay Rodriguez-Sierra & Arturo O’Farrill; 10: Paul Jost; 12: Jim Campilongo & Luca Benedetti; 15: Glenn Zaleski & Tomoko Omura; 18: Jim Ridl; 19: Paul Socolow; 20: Jay Clayton & Ed Neumeister w/guest Gary Versace; 21: Paul Socolow; 22: Brian Charette & Melanie Scholtz; 27: Hayes Green; 28: Thomas Piercy & Emilio Teubal. SOPAC: https://www.sopacnow.org. Nov 5: 7:30pm online Mark Murphy, Jon Cowherd, Larry Grenadier & Dayna Stephens. *TAVERN ON GEORGE: 361 George St. New Brunswick, NJ. www.tavernongeorge.com. 732-545-6205. Sun Early (E) 1-4pm & Late (L) 5-8pm, Thurs 7-10pm, Fri 12:30-2:30pm: free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ www.nbjp.org. Sun E & Fri: Emerging artists series. Nov 1: 3-6pm Swingadelic Little Big Band; 5: Antoine Drye Trio; 8: L Hendrik Meurkens Trio; 12: Nat Adderley Jr. Qrt; 15: L Corey Rawls Trio; 19: Dave Schumacher/ Jerry Weldon Qrt; 22: L Spike Wilner Qrt; 29:


*TOMI JAZZ: 239 E 53rd St (bet 2nd & 3rd Aves.) Lower level. NYC. 646-497-1254. www.tomijazz.com. The UNITED STATES ARMY FIELD BAND: https://www.youtube.com/user/US ArmyFieldBand. Nov 8: 7pm online The Jazz Ambassadors. VOCAL JAZZ JAM: https://www.facebook. com/jocelynmedinamusic. Sun: 6-9pm online. Vocal Jazz Jam by Jocelyn Medina w/spec guest + 7pm jam. Nov 1: Erli Perez; 8: Bogna Kicinska; 15: Amy Cervini; 22: Dylan Pramuk; 29: tba. *WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK: NYC. Sun: 2:30-5:30pm Eyal Vilner Big Band. WE’RE SO COOL: https://www.weresocool. org/thursday. Thurs: 1pm online WereSoCool Lunch Concert series. Nov 5: Tomoko Omura; 12: Jacquelyn West; 19: Pablo Eluchans; 26: tba. WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY: https://www.wpunj.edu. 4pm: livestream. Nov 1: Steve Nelson; 8: 100th B’day Tribute to Clark Terry; 22: Veronica Swift. **The WOODLAND: 60 Woodland Rd. Maplewood, NJ. www.thewoodlandnj.com. 973-843-7157. Nov 19-21: 8pm Django A Gogo 2020 feat 11/19 Stephane Wrembel Band w/Thor Jensen, 11/20 The Django Experiment w/Stephane Wrembel, Thor Jensen, Daisy Castro, Nick Driscoll, 11/21 Django A Gogo All Stars 2020 w/Stephane Wrembel, Thor Jensen, Daisy Castro, Nick

Hot House is not responsible for any errors in the listings which may have occured from late changes. Please check websites for up to date calendars.

The Perfect Fourth A New Jazz Noir Novel By Grammy Nominated Big Band Leader

J C Hopkins www.noirnation.com/books Book and the new Biggish Band album package.


BACKSTAGE PASS JAZZ ANECDOTE BY BILL CROW Bill Crow's books "Jazz Anecdotes" and "From Birdland to Broadway" can be found at your favorite bookstore, and at www.billcrowbass.com along with many interesting photos and links. Gene Perla posted this story on Facebook. He got it from saxophonist John Clay, who said: “I was playing a week-long engagement at Fat Tuesdays in NYC with Zoot Sims, Jimmy Rowles and Michael Moore. On a break, we were all hanging out talking, when a man approached Zoot. He said that Frank Sinatra was shooting a movie down on the lower east side and Frank would like for Zoot to drop over and say hi. Zoot paused for a moment and then said, ‘Nah... tell him to come over here.’ We all about lost it. “The next night there was a table directly to my left of the stage that was set up for about eight people with a bottle of champagne in the middle. In came Frank with his entourage, and they sat down and enjoyed the set. Zoot took the microphone and said, ‘I'd like to acknowledge a great musician, Mr. Frank Sinatra.’ I was told later that night that Zoot having introduced him as a great musician instead of as a great singer was greatly appreciated by Frank.” PEPLOWSKI...continued from page 2 anything, and is a genuinely nice guy. Those qualities are so important. Life is short and we have to relish every performance.” Unfortunately, like most musicians around the world, Ken currently has very few live performances, although he is appearing at Smalls Jazz Club November 12, with Rossano Sportiello on piano and Kevin Dorn on drums. Because of COVID restrictions, the club has limited seating, so reservations are encouraged. The clarinetist continues to find new ways to challenge himself, and music fans benefit from his resourcefulness. Ken Peplowski appears every Thursday through November with pianist Glenn Zaleski on Facebook Live. He performs at Smalls Jazz Club with pianist Rossano Sportiello and drummer Kevin Dorn on Nov. 12.

SWIFT...continued from page 4 and the unexpected. The idea for This Bitter Earth, set for early 2021 release, has been simmering on Veronica’s busy back burner for five years. It comprises a thought-provoking re-examination of material ranging from standards to witty offerings by the likes of Dave Frishberg and Bob Dorough to Broadway show tunes that must have sounded very different in the mid-20th century. She brings an almost country-inflected ache to the newly released first single, the title track, which was a hit for Dinah Washington circa 1961. Almost guaranteed to fuel heated discussions is the inclusion of a pop number that was controversial even at the time of its original release: “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss).” Written by legendary tunesmiths Carole King and Gerry Goffin, the song was inspired by a remark made in defense of an abusive boyfriend by Little

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A Moment You Missed by Fran Kaufman Hot House Contributing Photographer Who is that masked man? One of the rare joys of the coronavirus lockdown is the burgeoning outdoor music scene. During a recent walk in Central Park with a friend, we came across a trio: two youngsters and an older drummer. I stopped in my tracks when I heard the magnificent brushwork coming from the sole drum. Despite the mask, the hat, and the distance, it could only be—yes, it was!—the great Matt Wilson! We were so surprised and glad to see each other, we broke the virus rules and had a big, happy hug!


SWIFT...continued from page 12 Eva, who was King’s babysitter as well as a vocalist who charted with the dance tune “The Loco-Motion.” Even Phil Spector’s lavish Wall of Sound production for the Crystals in 1962 couldn’t redeem the cringe-inducing lyrics. Swift, who has written and acted in films produced by Darkstone Entertainment, is currently working on a movie touching on similarly provocative topics, and how people deal with such situations and the emotions they evoke. Veronica Swift joins a Smoke Screens livestream Nov. 13-14, celebrating the release of drummer Joe Farnsworth’s new Time to Swing (Smoke Sessions). The vocalist performs with the Emmet Cohen Trio, from William Paterson University’s Shea Center, Nov. 22 at 4 p.m.; a meetthe artist session begins at 3 p.m. Go to www.wpunj.edu for tickets and information. Submit questions for Veronica in advance to: jazz room@wpunj.edu. OWENS...continued from page 6 tions. The new generations are the ones who will keep the audiences loving what we do.” Ulysses also makes a case for the need for disruptive innovation within the industry. “In jazz, we’re musicians who are wait-

ing on a club, waiting on a label, waiting on a booking agent, waiting on a manager, waiting on seven or eight entities to do something,” he muses. “If we take the tech industry, someone created a new phone and now we do everything on that phone. Amazon created a website, and now everyone shops on that. In jazz, we need to figure out how we’re going to create disruptive innovation that keeps our genre relevant. We may think individualistically, but it’s not me against you. It’s us against the world, and if we don’t figure out how to employ technology the way other genres have, we will become irrelevant.” Indeed, contemplating the array of projects Ulysses has undertaken of late—a scene-building jam session launched in Jacksonville, Florida, to try to re-establish artistic and community connections; a forthcoming multigenerational big band album due out next year on the Outside in Music label; as well as the drumming guide Jazz Brushes for the Modern Drummer released earlier this year—one can see that his broad vision is one he fully intends to embody. “We are going to get through this,” he affirms. Ulysses Owens Jr. and his band Generation Y are part of the Thursday online Live from Dizzy’s Club series Nov. 12.


STAY-IN TUNES Fall New CD Releases

Angelica Sanchez & Marilyn Crispell How to Turn the Moon (Pyroclastic Records, October 2nd) Angelica Sanchez & Marilyn Crispell, piano.

Pasquale Grasso Solo Standards (Sony Masterworks, October 9th) Pasquale Grasso, guitar.

Simon Moullier Spirit Song (Outside in Music, October 9th) Simon Moullier, vibes; Morgan Guerin & Dayna Stephens, sax; Luca Alemanno, bass; Jongkuk Kim, drums; Isaac Wilson, piano.

Edward Simon 25 Years (SMP, October 9th) Mark Turner, tenor sax; David Binney & Miguel Zenón, alto sax; David Sánchez, tenor sax & percussion; Shane Endsley & Sean Jones, trumpet; Jesse Newman, Alan Ferber & Robin Eubans, trombone; Toyin Spellman-Diaz, oboe; Mark Dover, clarinet; Monica Ellis, bassoon; Jeff Scott, French horn; Scott Colley, John Patitucci, Ben Street, Larry Grenadier, Avishai Cohen, Joe Martin, Roberto Koch & Matt Penman, bass; Adam Rogers & John Ellis, guitar; Marcos Granados & Valery Coleman, flute; Jorge Glem, cuatro; Edmar Castañeda, harp; Brian Blade, Eric Harland & Obed Calvaire, drums; Adam Cruz, drums, percussion & steel drum; Warren Wolf, vibes; Pernell Saturnino, Luis Quintero & Rogerio Boccato, percussion; Luciana Souza, Genevieve Artadi, Lucía Pulido & Gretchen Parlato, vocals; Edward Simon, piano & keyboards.


Josh Sinton What Happens in a Year (FiP Recordings, October 9th) Josh Sinton, baritone sax & bass clarinet; Todd Neufeld, guitar; Giacomo Merega, bass.

Max Haymer Whirlwind: Live at Sam First (October 15th) Max Haymer, piano; David Robaire, bass; Dan Schnelle, drums.

Chad McCullough Forward (Outside in Music, October 16th) Chad McCullough, trumpet; Rob Clearfield, piano; Jon Deitemyer, drums; Matt Ulery, bass.

Mara Rosenbloom Trio Respiration (Fresh Sound/New Talent, October 23rd) Mara Rosenbloom, piano; Sean Conly, bass; Chad Taylor, drums.

Kasperi Sarkikoski 3+1 (Outside in Music, October 23rd) Kasperi Sarkikoski, trombone; Simรณn Willson, bass; Francesco Ciniglio, drums, Christian Li, piano.


Chicago Soul Jazz Collective It Takes a Spark to Start a Fire (J-Marq Records, October 30th) Marques Carroll & Nicholas Payton, trumpet; John Fournier, tenor sax; Amr Fahmy, Fender Rhodes & piano; Larry Brown, Jr., guitar; Andrew Vogt, bass; Keith Brooks II, drums; Raul Midรณn, vocals & guitar.

Patrick Cornelius Acadia: Way of the Cairns (Whirlwind Recordings, October 30th) Patrick Cornelius, alto sax; Kristjan Randalu, piano; Michael Janisch, double bass; Paul Wiltgen, drums.

Andrew Gutauskas The Kingpin (Outside in Music, October 30th) Andrew Gutauskas, sax; Josh Paris, bass; Chris Smith, drums; with guests Robert Edwards & Willie Applewhite, trombone.

Keith Jarrett Budapest Concert (ECM Records, October 30th) Keith Jarrett, piano.

Chris Hopkins Meets the Jazz Kangaroos Live! Vol. 1 (November 1st) George Washingmachine, violin & vocals; Chris Hopkins, piano; David Blenkhorn, guitar; Mark Elton, bass.


Douglas Olsen 2¢ (November 1st) Douglas Olsen, trumpet & flugelhorn; Dino Govoni, tenor & alto sax; Angel Subero, trombone & guiro; Yaure Muniz, trumpet; Tucker Antell, tenor sax; Tim Ray, piano; Dave Zinno, bass; Mark Walker, drums; Ernesto Diaz, congas. Chip Shelton PeaceTime Ensemble Mentors (CCM Records, November 3rd) Chip Shelton, tenor & soprano sax, flute, vocals & percussion; Marcus Mclaurine, bass; Jon Davis, piano & organ; Dwayne Cook Broadnax, drums; Lou Volpe, guitar; Daoud David Williams, percussion.

Fred Hersch Songs From Home (Palmetto, November 6th) Fred Hersch, piano.

Dean Tsur Moments of Inspiration (Outside in Music, November 6th) Dan Tsur, sax; Jaehun Kang, Alon Tayar & Jack Glottman, piano; Dan Chmielinski, Avri Borochov, Russell Hall & Dan Stein, bass; Andrew Wangemann, Noam Israeli, Charles Goold & Ben Zweig, drums; string orchestra.

Alex Wintz Live to Tape (Outside in Music, November 6th) Alex Wintz, guitar; Dave Baron, bass; Jimmy Macbride, drums.


Juliet Kurtzman + Pete Malinverni Candlelight – Love in the Time of Cholera (Saranac Records, November 13th) Juliet Kurtzman, violin; Pete Malinverni, piano.

The Royal Bopsters Party of Four (Motéma Music, November 13th) Amy London, Dylan Pramuk, Pete McGuinness & Holli Ross, vocals; with guests Sheila Jordan & Bob Dorough, vocals; Christian McBride, bass.

Tani Tabbal Trio Now Then (Tao Forms, November 13th) Tani Tabbal, drums; Michael Bisio, bass; Adam Siegel, alto sax.

Papo Vázquez Mighty Pirates Troubadours Chapter 10: Breaking Cover (Picaro Records, November 13th) Papo Vázquez, trombone, vocals, gogo bell & keyboard; Ivan Renta, tenor & soprano sax; Rick Germanson, piano; Ariel Robles, bass & chorus; Alvester Garnett, drums; Carlos Maldonado, barril de bomba, congas, pandero de plena, bongos & minor percussion; Reinaldo DeJesus, barril de bomba, congas, pandero de plena & minor percussion; with guests Jose Mangual Jr., vocals, chorus & bongo; Sherman Irby, alto sax; Antoine Drye, trumpet; Antonio Caraballo, guitar; Dezron Douglas, bass.


Stanley Cowell Live at Keystone Korner Baltimore (SteepleChase, November 15th) Stanley Cowell, piano; Freddie Hendrix, trumpet; Bruce Williams, alto sax; Tom DiCarlo, bass; Vince Ector, drums; Sunny Cowell, vocals.

The George Coleman Quintet The George Coleman Quintet In Baltimore (Reel to Real, November 27th) George Coleman, tenor sax; Danny Moore, trumpet; Albert Dailey, piano; Larry Ridley, bass; Harold White, drums.

Guy Mintus Trio A Gershwin Playground (Enja Records, November 27th) Guy Mintus, piano & vocals; Omri Hadani, bass; Yonatan Rosen, drums.

Eric Reed For Such a Time as This (Smoke Sessions Records, November 27th) Eric Reed, piano; Alex Boneham, bass; Kevin Kanner, drums; Chris Lewis, tenor & soprano sax; featuring Henry Jackson, vocals.

Kristiana Roemer House of Mirrors (Sunnyside Records, November 27th) Kristiana Roemer, vocals; Addison Frei, piano; Alex Claffy, bass; Adam Arruda, drums.


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Hot House Jazz Guide | November 2020  

Hot House Jazz Guide | November 2020