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JOHN PIZZARELLI From His Living Room to Yours By Don Jay Smith

John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey


ACH WEEK, GUITARIST AND singer John Pizzarelli begins his long-running broadcast Radio Deluxe by welcoming guests to “New York’s favorite, most deluxe living room.” For the past 10 months, however, the radio show has aired “from the deluxe cabin,” the lakeside home where he and his wife, singer Jessica Molaskey, have settled during the pandemic. Since its launch in 2005, Radio Deluxe has delivered a live-radio feel with a show featuring conversations, banter and music that is warm, humorous and entertaining. John explains, “We wanted spontaneity, so we would tell guests not to speak until we turned on the mics. In the beginning we didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but we sure had some great people on.” Among the early guests were Margaret Whiting, Tony DeSare, Ann Hampton Callaway and Regis Philbin. Due to COVID restrictions, John and Jessica have taken the opportunity to further refine the radio show and build the audience. “The best part of the pandemic has been the time to really focus on Radio Deluxe,” Jessica notes. “People can listen not only through local radio stations, they also can tune in through RadioDeluxe.com or MixCloud.com.”

Each show is unscripted and can jump from songwriters to artists. For instance, in January they focused on a “Birthday Weekend” theme filled with songs and stories devoted to the shared birthdays of Jessica and Bucky Pizzarelli. They played recordings by Bucky and Jessica, and featured each of their favorites, such as works by Paul McCartney, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett and Grover Kemble, the talented New Jersey-based singer-songwriter with whom John worked in the ’80s. Much to the surprise of the musical couple, there’s a worldwide audience for Radio Deluxe. “We never thought anyone listened to the show,” Jessica admits. “But I would go to auditions and have directors tell me that they love our radio show.” John adds that they “even learned that James Taylor listens all the time at his home in Massachusetts.” John has performed with James, coproducing his 2020 Grammy-nominated studio album, American Standard, prompting Taylor to write that John is “one of those rare, very evolved and very accomplished musicians—a guitarist who can listen to anything in the American songbook and sit down and play it for you… . There are very few like him in the word today, he’s just uniquely talented.” John and Jessica have made the most of their time in isolation. In addition to the radio broadcast, they livestream a weekly performance by John highlighting audience requests and music they dub “sequestered selections.” The show, It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere: A Musical Social from a Distance, airs every Thursday at 6 p.m., on Facebook and Instagram. To view it, go to @JohnPizzarelliOfficial. John incorporates his popular storytelling ability into Radio Deluxe and his livestreamed performances. He learned the style from listening to comedy records in his early years and refined it thanks to several concerts he attended in the ’70s. “There were three shows I saw at the Brendan Byrne Arena that had a huge impact on my storytelling,” he elaborates. “They were Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen. I loved the way that they had something to say about the songs they were singing, so I began to develop stories for my act.” As if their broadcasts and livestreams were not enough to keep them busy, John and Jessica each have digital releases slated for March. Early on in the pandemicmandated seclusion, John began working on interpretations of a collection of Pat Metheny songs that he recorded as guitar solos. “The collection of Pat’s songs, called Better Days Ahead, was started not long after losing both my parents last March. The project was cathartic for me. Gaslight

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2 Allyson cover photo by Jim O’Keefe. Pizzarelli & Molaskey photo this page by Stephen Sorokoff.

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Livestreamed Performances • 4:00 p.m. Sunday, February 14 Special Valentine’s Concert with vocalist Marion Cowings Sunday, March 7 Johnathan Blake’s Pentad Sunday, March 21 John Fedchock New York Sextet

Sunday, April 25 Guest bassist Ron Naspo with the WP Latin Jazz Ensemble, directed by Chico Mendoza Sunday, May 2 The Steve LaSpina Quartet Sunday, May 9 Houston Person and Bill Charlap


Sittin’ In one hour before performance

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KARRIN ALLYSON Accentuate the Positive By Elzy Kolb SOME WAYS MUSICIANS MAY BE ItionNbetter prepared than most of the populafor dealing with the pandemic era and

developing alternative strategies for accomplishing ordinary tasks. “I’ve been doing that every day, it’s always been an unpredictable life,” muses Karrin Allyson. “I’ve had to roll with the punches all my life, but more so now. I have to be very fluid now.” Nevertheless, “even though there’s no work, at least not the kind we’re accustomed to” the singer, pianist and songwriter feels lucky. “Being creative is saving me.” For some musicians, devoting themselves to practicing has been the saving grace of the lockdown period. For Karrin, focusing on creativity of course includes her music, as the five-time Grammy-nominee channels part of her current abundance of downtime into practice sessions. But she also finds herself putting time and effort into nurturing the extensive network of relationships she’s built over the years. Karrin gathers friends wherever she goes, from her Midwestern upbringing to her Bay Area education to her current Northeastern base and numerous points in between, she’s established solid communities of people with whom she stays in regular touch. “I’m very invested in my relationships: my family, my domestic life, my friends.”

never seems far from a laugh, even when the topic is life in the early 2020s. “I’m lucky,” Karrin once again declares, before bursting into a hardy guffaw. “I’m lucky but I work hard at it. You have to be able to see opportunity, be open to it, be ready for it. It might not be the opportunity you’re looking for, but it may be the best one for you anyway.” One such opportunity resulted in her most recent album, Shoulder to Shoulder: Centennial Tribute to Women’s Suffrage (eOne). Released in 2019, the recording contains original and traditional music and readings relating to women’s struggle for the right to vote. The suite is performed by Karrin, an all-star sextet and string quartet, plus special guests ranging from Roberta Flack to Harry Belafonte, Rosanne Cash and Madeleine Peyroux. “Producer Kabir Sehgal called me, he thought I’d be good to front it. I became passionate about it as we went along,” says Karrin, who has a history of translating her lively interest in politics into actions such as sending postcards to voters, calling representatives and signing petitions. A disappointment of the current stayat-home era is the cancellation of concerts connected with the recording. Nevertheless, “I hope to tour with this as an oratorio-type thing. I’m working toward doing it in schools, not just jazz studies or women’s studies programs—this is interesting and identifiable and important on a broader scale. I want to keep the good word happening about what suffragettes went through, to remind us not to take voting for granted!” In the COVID-era, opportunity has come in the form of a pair of regular monthly performances. On her livestream JazzVox concert on Zoom, Karrin accompanies herself on piano. There’s a theme for each one—Valentine’s Day is a likely inspiration for the February 21 iteration— though she’s flexible in adhering to it. Karrin laughingly recalls a lifetime of band mates saying, “Sure, you’ll make a set list, but will we stick to it?” On the 15 albums she’s released so far, she’s shown her versatility, performing Broadway, bossa, blues and ballads, and taking deep dives into the repertoires of artists from John Coltrane to Mose Allison, so there’s potential for surprises at every concert. On her other regular gig, the B&K Cafe radio broadcast, Karrin teams up with her long-time significant other, Bill McGlaughlin, a classical trombonist and conductor. The pair met in Kansas City: He was conducting the Kansas City Symphony; she was playing in the jazz clubs. Each has a deep background and lively ongoing interest in the other’s music, which is on display during their monthly

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Allyson photo by Jim O’Keefe.

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A Very Special Offer From Maestro

Ken Peplowski

OK, folks, I have an exciting new venture that you may be interested in: my quartet will record three songs just for you alone that are yours to keep (you'll receive a digital version and 10 CDs): if you send us a list of about ten of your favorites, we'll try to incorporate some of them, otherwise, we'll just give you a really nice balance of music. These will be recorded at a professional studio and we'll even give you a personal greeting on the recording. These recordings will be made exclusively for you! If you're interested, please email me at kenpeps@yahoo.com. Thanks! Ken www.kenpeplowski.com


Trumpets - John Eckert & Kerry Mac Killop Trombone - Sam Burtis Tuba - Dale Turk, Alto/Flute - Geoff Burke Tenor sax - Virginia Mayhew, Piano - Don Stein Guitar -Tom De Pietra, Bass - Yas Takada Drums - Mike Campeni, Percussion - Leopoldo Fleming Vocal - Susan Diedrichson

".... pulsing organism of a band. Their charts are sophisticated complex and boy can they blow"... Don Mc Neil " Tried and true Swingers, they can take you around the block with stops in between. All of which are played to perfection"... Chris Spector

Andrew Scott Potter cracked the code of incredible parallel evolution of Afro Brazilian Ketu Candomble, and the history of Jazz innovation, related to grooves and phrases in solo and compositions. He is not an educator or scholar. He is a player, with experience touring, on stage, and in the studio, with top musicians from New York and Brazil. His discoveries were forged, in the visceral heat and fire, of the bandstand, the studio, and he can swing hard ...with ginga !

New York gig tapes, from 78-85, Steve Grossman, Alex Foster, Dr Lonnie Smith, Richie Hart, Walter Bishop Jr., Bunky Green, Sonny Sharrock, Tony Cimorosi, Bruce Whitcomb, Steve Rodby. Take no prisoners , late 70's early 80's New York Jazz playing gig tape selections from the vaults of ANDREW SCOTT POTTER contact: aspotter@terra.com.br https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywlK_XRm0H8


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Season of Perspective By Stephanie Jones FTER ONE OF HIS FIRST HITS A with Roy Haynes, saxophonist-composer Jaleel Shaw joined the master drum-

mer and bandleader backstage to hear what would become words of staggering resonance: “He said to me, ‘Hey man, don’t you wanna play?’ I said, ‘Yeah,’ and he said, ‘Then why are you taking these short solos? This is the moment. When the spirit comes, you gotta play. You gotta let it out. This is the time, right now.’” Now—15 years later, and in the midst of a global shutdown—Jaleel is finding new perspective on those words that have meant so much to him as an artist and a compassionate being. “What it’s really about is letting the music go where it wants to go, with us supporting each other,” he says. Over countless performances with the Fountain of Youth band, as well as myriad other collaborations and gigs as a leader—most recently, studio dates with Joey Alexander and Sasha Berliner, and a Vanguard hit with Dave Holland—the Philadelphia-born artist has internalized Roy’s advice. He seeks to impart the same wisdom to his students at MSM and The New School, a connection that allows him to gather motivation and maintain focus during the global pandemic. “Teaching is something that’s really kept me inspired, and supported me, as well,” says Jaleel, who holds a dual degree in Performance and Music Education from Berklee College of Music. His non-saxophone students, many of them rhythm players curious about how—and why—he puts a particular band together, have prompted Jaleel to gain new perspective on how he listens, and how he’s been listening. Concurrently, life away from the road has offered him something rare and precious: time. These circumstances combined have compelled him to return to such beloved and enduring recordings as Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil, as well as check out relatively obscure albums he’d never heard, including releases from Sam Rivers, Jackie McLean and John Jenkins. “Going back and finding these records, it just gives me a different perspective on how I approach playing,” Jaleel says. “You


usually approach playing based off what’s inspired you. And you kind of stay within that realm of artists or genres; you don’t really go outside that. So I’ve been trying to explore that more.” With students at the front of his mind, Jaleel sought ways to engage and describe the practice of deep listening as he explored those recordings. While the practice always has been part of his expression, that critical awareness has recently gained new momentum. “I was listening to how the pianist comped and considering those qualities that I liked about comping,” he says. “The rhythmic techniques a pianist or guitarist might use, their sense of dynamics, their sense of harmony—those are the things that I started to listen to in these recordings. I also started listening to the band interaction more.” Placing renewed focus on interplay with and among his fellow artists, Jaleel’s looking forward to projects he’s poised to release next year, in particular a duo with Japan-based koto artist and composer Asuka (Yoshizaki). He had intended to record with koto for some time when his good friend, singer, composer and producer Monday Michiru, introduced him to Asuka. “As soon as Asuka came into town, we met up and just played,” Jaleel notes. “It was like, ‘Yeah. Let’s do it.’” The two artists planned to record a combination of scripted and spontaneous music this past fall for release later this year, but the pandemic prevented Asuka from coming to town. So they improvised. A virtual recording Jaleel released online opened up new possibilities for the continued on page 10

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS 7:30pm Harlem After Dark, Unplugged feat Allan Harris https://www.facebook.com/theallanharrisband

recurrent online events

DAILY Mark Morganelli https://www.facebook.com/mark.morganelli

8:30pm Newvelle Online Listening Session https://mailchi.mp/newvelle-records/listeningses sion?mc_cid=5b67c68e33&mc_eid=cdda309883

7pm Jay Leonhart https://www.facebook.com/jay.leonhart.33



7:30pm Over the Hump w/Janice Friedman https://www.facebook.com/janicefriedmanmusic/ live

5pm Alternative Venues For Jazz https://www.facebook.com/groups/altvenuesfor jazz

8pm WaHi Wednesday Jazz Hang https://www.facebook.com/mark.kross.3

6pm Jazz in the Afternoon w/Mike Greensill https://www.facebook.com/mike.greensill

WEEKLY Sundays 2:30pm The Songbook Sessions w/Glenn Crytzer Qrt https://www.glenncrytzer.com/livestream 5pm Champian Fulton https://www.facebook.com/champianfulton Rossano Sportiello’s Live at the Flat in Greenwich Village w/spec guest https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000130 14915972 6pm Music on the Inside feat Music While We're Inside hosted by Antoinette Montague w/spec guests https://www.musicontheinside.org 7pm Kat Edmonson https://www.facebook.com/katedmonsonmusic

Mondays From

Tuesdays 12pm A Closer Listen w/Seton Hawkins & Yunie Mojica https://www.facebook.com/dizzysclub 6pm Ginetta Vendetta https://www.facebook.com/ginetta.silvi

12pm A Closer Listen w/Seton Hawkins & Yunie Mojica https://www.facebook.com/jalcjazzacademy 6pm It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere w/John Pizzarelli https://www.facebook.com/johnpizzarelliofficial 7pm In The Moment series Peplowski & Glenn Zaleski https://www.facebook.com/ken.peplowski


7:30pm Live From Dizzy’s Club https://www.facebook.com/dizzysclub

Fridays 6pm Ginetta Vendetta https://www.facebook.com/ginetta.silvi 7:30pm Friday Night Jazz “at” Kismat https://www.facebook.com/kismatbar

Saturdays 1pm Jazz Vocal Repertoire Hang w/Marianne Solivan https://www.facebook.com/groups/1373847377120 45

8pm Acute Inflections https://www.facebook.com/acuteinflections

7:30pm Emmet Cohen Trio Live Emmet’s https://www.facebook.com/heyemmet


2:30pm Covid Comfort & Beyond concert series w/Larry & Jake Newcomb https://www.facebook.com/larrynewcombgui tarmethod 5pm Monika Herzig https://fb.me/e/2WnKop52d 5:30pm 72andsong series w/Eric Comstock & Barbara Fasano  https://www.facebook.com/eric.comstock1 9pm Tamir Hendelman http://www.tamirhendelman.com


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FEBRUARY LISTINGS *outdoor weather permitting **indoor subject to COVID regulations AN DIE MUSIK: https://andiemusiklive.com. 7pm: livestream. Feb 10: Imani-Grace Cooper; 13: Ellington Carthan & Ekep Nkwelle; 14: Phil Ravita Gp; 16: Sol-Fuhl Collective; 17: Gavin Horning Trio. BAR BAYEUX: https://barbayeux.com. Wed: 811pm livestream free adm Keyed Up series. Feb 3: Otis Brown III Qrt; 10: Peter Bernstein/Steve Cardenas Qrt; 17: Jaleel Shaw Trio; 24: Jeremy Pelt Qrt. *BODEGUITA: 6 Suydam St. Brooklyn. www.bodeguitabar.com. Thurs: 6-9pm Gotham Yardbird Sanctuary feat Rie Yamaguchi-Borden (except 02/11 feat Lamy Istrefi Jr.) w/guests. Feb 4: Adam Frumkin & Reid Taylor; 11: Josh Evans & Neal Caine; 18: Ned Goold & Matt Clifford; 25: Julia Banholzer & Dezron Douglas. **The FALCON: 1348 Rte 9 W. Marlboro, NY. www.liveatthefalcon.com. 845-236-7970. FLUSHING TOWN HALL: http://www.flush ingtownhall.org/all-virtual-events. Feb 10: 7pm online Jam w/Carol Sudhalter. FRIDAYS AT FIVE: https://www.sfjazz.org/fri daysatfive. Fri: 5pm online. Feb 5: Christian McBride; 12: SFJazz Collective; 19: Kenny Barron; 26: Paula West. HARLEM AFTER DARK, UNPLUGGED FEAT ALLAN HARRIS: https://www.face book.com/theallanharrisband. 1st Fri: 2pm online. HARTFORD JAZZ SOCIETY: http://hartford jazzsociety.com/events. Sun 3-4pm: online. Feb 7: Medusa; 14: John Kordalewski Trio; 26: 7:30-9:30pm Chad LB Qrt. JACKSON ROOM: https://www.jackson room.com. Last Sat: 8:30pm $10 adm livestream Ed Jackson Qrt. JAMAICA CENTER FOR ARTS AND LEARNING: https://www.jcal.org/thursdaynight-jazz. Feb 11: 7pm livestream Samora Pinderhughes. JAZZ FORUM @ HOME: https://www.face book.com/jazzforumclub/live. Thurs: 77:30pm livestream. Feb 4: Mike Clark Trio; 11: Monty Alexander & Caterina Zapponi; 14: 7-8pm $15 adm Valentine's Day feat Ann Hampton Callaway; 18: Chien Chien Lu & Richie Goods; 20: 8-9:30pm $15 Brazilian Jazz Carnaval feat Mark Morganelli & The Jazz Forum All-Stars; 25: Peter Bernstein & friends. The JAZZ GALLERY: https://www.jazz gallery.org. Sets: Mon 6pm online Lockdown Sessions; Thurs 7:30&9:30pm livestream. Feb 1: Mike Rodriguez, Marta Sanchez, Giveton Gelin, Taylor Ho Bynum; 4: Gilad Hekselman Qrt; 8: In conversation with Miguel Zenón feat Joe Lovano; 11: Jeff “Tain” Watts, James Francies, Paul Bollenback; 15: Gerald Clayton, Kassa Overall & Sullivan Fortner, Kevin Sun; 18: Jason Lindner; 25: tba. JAZZ HOUSE KiDS: https://www.facebook. com/jazzhousekids. Feb 4 5pm & 16 8pm: livestream Ralph Pucci Annual Jazz Set feat conversation with Christian McBride w/guest Wynton Marsalis. JAZZ A ID LIVE: At the Banyan Bowl. https://jazzaid.eduvision.tv/liveevents. 8pm: livestream. Feb 13: Wycliffe Gordon; 27: Grace Kelly. JAZZTOPAD FESTIVAL: https://www.face book.com/jazztopadnyc. 2pm: livestream. Feb 13: Radek Nowicki Qrt; 19: Maniucha & Ksawery.


JAZZVOICE.COM: https://www.jazzvoice. com. Online masterclasses. Feb 6: 2pm Darmon Meader; 11: 9pm Peter Eldridge; 19: 9pm Paul Jost; 27: 2pm Cyrille Aimée. KARRIN ALLYSON: https://karrin.com. 3rd Sun: 4pm online. **KEYSTONE KORNER BALTIMORE: 1350 Lancaster St. Baltimore, MD. 410-946-6726. www.keystonekornerbaltimore.com. Also livestream. Feb 12-13 7pm & 14 6:30pm: Jean Carn; 18: 7pm Ronnie Burrage & Holographic Principle. LIVING JAZZ: https://www.livingjazz.org/callresponse. 4pm: online Call & Response. **MARTINSVILLE TAVERN: 1979 Washington Valley Rd. Martinsville, NJ. 732-5631717. www.martinsvilletavern.com. Wed: 5:30pm Chris DeVito & Greg Grispart. **MAUREEN’S JAZZ CELLAR: 2 N Bway. Nyack, NY. www.maureensjazzcellar.com. 845-535-3143. **MAYO PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 100 South St. Morristown, NJ. www.mayoarts. org. 973-539-8008. Feb 13: 7:30pm $29-49 adm also livestream Acute Inflections. METROPOLITANZOOM: https://metropolitan zoom.com. Feb 26: 7-8:30pm livestream Jeff Franzel. MEZZROW: https://www.smallslive.com. Sat: 5&7pm livestream. The NATIONAL ARTS CLUB: http://www.nationalartsclub.org. Feb 19: 3pm online Kristen Lee Sergeant. RAMSEY LEWIS: https://www.stageit.com. Last Sat: 2pm online Ramsey Lewis presents Saturday Salon. ROULETTE: https://www.roulette.org. 8pm: livestream. Feb 11: Fay Victor’s SoundNoiseFUNK; 20: William Hooker. SHAPESHIFTER LAB: https://www. shapeshifterlab.com. Livestream. SMALLSLIVE JAZZ CLUB: https://www.smalls live.com. 5&7pm: livestream. Feb 1: Omer Avital; 2: Eric McPherson; 3: Ken Peplowski; 4: Scott Wendholt/Adam Kolker; 5: E.J. Strickland; 6: Palladium; 7: Ehud Asherie Trio; 8: Gilad Hekselman; 9: Josh Evans; 10: Felix Lemerle; 11: Tim Hegarty; 12: Darrel Green; 13: Kiyoshi Kitagawa; 14: Ian Hendrickson Smith; 15: Joe Farnsworth; 16: Frank Lacy; 17: Tim Ferguson; 18: Alex Goodman; 20: Philip Harper; 21: Behn Gelice; 22: Ari Hoenig; 23: Steve Nelson; 24: Nir Felder; 25: Melanie Charles; 26-27: UCF Orlando Jazz Festival; 28: Aaron Parks. SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB: https://smokejazz.com. Fri-Sat: 8pm livestream. SOAPBOX GALLERY: https://www.soapbox gallery.org. 8-9pm: livestream. Feb 3: Ammann/Bloch/Brown/Sarin; 6: Bixler, Boccato, Cowherd & Sturm; 9: Paul Jost Qrt; 10: Ourida; 13: Francisco Mela; 14: Emily Braden; 16: Willy Rodriguez Qnt; 17: Jim Ridl Solo; 18: Gabrielle Stravelli; 19: Lafayette Harris; 20: Arkadiy Figlin Solo; 23: Marcos Varela; 24: Zach Brock; 25: Paul Socolow; 26: Hayes Greenfield & Dean Johnson Duo; 27: Randal Despommier Qrt. SONGBOOK WATCH PARTY: https://song bookwatchparty.com. Feb 14: 7:30pm livestream Veronica Swift Band. *TAVERN ON GEORGE: 361 George St. New Brunswick, NJ. www.tavernongeorge.com. 732-545-6205. Sun 1-4pm & Thurs 7-10pm: free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ www.nbjp.org. Sun: emerging artists & open jam. Feb 4: Lance Bryant Qrt; 7: Ilan Eisenzweig Trio; 11: Nick Hempton Qrt; 14: Liam Sutcliffe Trio; 18: Winard Harper & Jeli Posse; 21: Jackson Grundt Trio; 25: David

February Hot House_Layout 1 1/26/2021 8:22 AM Page 9

Kikowski Duo; 28: Mike Noordzy Trio. *TERRAZA 7: 40-19 Gleane St. Queens. 718803-9602. www.terraza7.com. *TOMI JAZZ: 239 E 53rd St (bet 2nd & 3rd Aves.). Lower level. NYC. 646-497-1254. www.tomijazz.com. VILLAGE VANGUARD ONLINE: https: //www.villagevanguard.com. Fri-Sat: 9pm livestream. VOCAL JAZZ JAM: https://www.facebook. com/jocelynmedinamusic. Sun: 6-9pm online. Vocal Jazz Jam by Jocelyn Medina w/spec guest + 7pm jam. Feb 7: Tierney Sutton; 14: Stephanie Nakasian. WE’RE SO COOL: https://www.weresocool. org/thursday. Thurs: 1pm online WereSoCool Lunch Concert series. Feb 11: Annie Booth. WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY: https://www.wpunj.edu. Feb 14: $25-10 adm online Jazz Room Series at Home. feat Marion Cowings. WINTER JAZZ FEST: https://www.winterjazz fest.com. Feb 10: 7pm Fertile Grounds feat Cecily Bumbray & Tsedaye Makonnen; 11: 7pm Jazz & Gender Talk s

Hot House is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the listings which may have occured from late changes or pandemic related closures. Please check websites for up to date calendars.

PIZZARELLI...continued from page 2 Records, the same folks who put out my salute to Nat King Cole last year, For Centennial Reasons, will handle the release. In addition to ‘Better Days Ahead,’ I play several of Pat’s compositions including ‘Phase Dance,’ ‘Last Train Home’ and ‘September Fifteenth.’ Jessica did the artwork for the cover.” Jessica is planning a rerelease of her solo CD from 20 years ago, Pentimento. It is a collection of Depression-era songs that seems appropriate right now and features a great band comprising John, Bucky, Martin Pizzarelli, Ray Kennedy, Ken Peplowski and Johnny Frigo. The twosome may be sequestered in their New York State lake cabin, but they continue to entertain fans with their radio show, livestreams and an outpouring of great music. It’s a deluxe cabin indeed. John Pizzarelli livestreams It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere on Facebook and Instagram @JohnPizzarelliOfficial every Thursday. Radio Deluxe broadcasts every week on more than 60 stations and online at JohnPizzarelli. com, RadioDeluxe.com and Mixcloud. com/radiodeluxe.

The Perfect Fourth A New Jazz Noir Novel By Grammy Nominated Big Band Leader

JC Hopkins www.noirnation.com/books Book and the new Biggish Band album package.


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BACKSTAGE PASS JAZZ ANECDOTE BY BILL CROW Bill Crow's books "Jazz Anecdotes" and "From Birdland to Broadway" can be found at your favorite bookstore, and at www.billcrowbass.com along with many interesting photos and links. On Facebook, Sal Lozano told about a party he once played with the Ray Anthony band at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Marshal Royal was the lead alto player, and Sal watched him get a glass of vodka with a large olive in it just before they were to go on stage. Then a lady came up and told them there were to be no drinks on the bandstand. Marshal turned his back to her, pulled the olive out of his drink and gulped it down whole. He then asked the lady, “How about water?” “Water’s fine,” she said, and Marshal took his place with his glass of “water.”

ALLYSON...continued from page 4 radio show, as they play and discuss music and their experiences. Karrin also continues to teach private lessons and master classes virtually, through her website and through jazz voice.com. “I’ve met some really cool people and become friends with many of them,” she notes. Despite her humor and optimism, Karrin is open that now—just like in the before times—not every day is a great one. “Sometimes I feel motivated and sometimes I want to crawl into bed in a fetal position,” she admits with her characteristic laugh. “I miss the camaraderie of playing with other musicians. And I cannot describe in words what you’re missing, that live intangible thing that music offers.” Karrin Allyson and Bill McGlaughlin present this month’s B&K Cafe Feb. 12 at wwfm.org; Karrin sings and plays piano Feb. 21 at her monthly Zoom live concert https://jaz zvox.com/shows/karrin/.

SHAW...continued from page 6 project. “Nothing was notated,” he reveals. “There was no real plan.” The remote recording experience persuaded Jaleel to consider a looser environment for the duo. “At some point, maybe we can do something that’s a little more improvised than what we’d originally planned,” he says. “I’m still learning the instrument, and I think it’s easier for me when she’s right there so we can talk through things.” Since March, Jaleel has enjoyed series of suspended moments—moments to listen, moments to teach and, perhaps most salient, moments to reaffirm his love for the live hit. Citing his reaction when he got the call from Dave Holland, he exhales before speaking. “We look forward to these gigs,” he says. “That’s one thing that motivates us. It’s inspiring. It motivates you to pick up your horn.” The Jaleel Shaw Trio featuring Ben Street on bass and Joe Dyson on drums livestreams from Bar Bayeux on Feb. 17.

A Moment You Missed by Fran Kaufman Hot House Contributing Photographer During a recent brisk morning walk in Central Park, as I approached 79th Street I heard such outstanding music I was certain the Delacorte Theater was playing recorded big band jazz through its sound system. When I got closer, I saw a group of jazz musicians busking. My reaction? OMG, there’s Dan Levinson, and oh, there’s Dan Bloch! A large audience—including some dancers—formed to enjoy the sounds. What a wonderful, upbeat interlude during these trying times.


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STAY-IN TUNES Winter New CD Releases

Hendrik Meurkens Manhattan Samba (January 4) Hendrik Meurkens, harmonica; Helio Alves, piano; Gustavo Amarante & Fernando Huergo, bass; Portinho, drums.

We Six Vivid Dreams (Blujazz, January 4) Eric Jacobson, trumpet; Eric Schoor, tenor sax; Paul Silbergleit, guitar; Mark Davis, piano; Jeff Hamann, bass; Dave Bayles, drums.

Jane Ira Bloom and Mark Helias Some Kind of Tomorrow (January 7) Jane Ira Bloom, soprano sax; Mark Helias, bass.

Russ Lossing Metamorphism (Sunnyside Records, January 8) Russ Lossing, piano; Loren Stillman, alto & soprano sax; John HĂŠbert, bass; Michael Sarin, drums.


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Leon Lee Dorsey Thank You Mr. Mabern (Jazz Avenue, January 20) Harold Mabern, piano; Leon Lee Dorsey, bass; Mike Clark, drums.

Joseph Herbst This Is Our Environment (Outside in Music, January 22) Evan Taylor, trumpet & flugelhorn; Joseph Herbst, alto & soprano sax; Liany Mateo, bass; Luther S. Allison, piano & Rhodes; Peter Martin, guitar; Zach McKinney, drums; with guests Aubrey Johnson, vocals; Dasan Ahanu, Cynthia “THiA” Sharpe, Yexandra “Yex” Diaz & RaShad Eas, spoken word. Ethan Iverson and Umbria Jazz Orchestra Bud Powell In The 21st Century (Sunnyside Records, January 29) Ingrid Jensen, trumpet; Dayna Stephens, tenor sax; Ethan Iverson, piano; Ben Street, bass; Lewis Nash, drums; Umbria Jazz Orchestra with Giovanni Hoffer, French horn; Daniele Tittarelli & Manuele Morbidini, alto sax; Pedro Spallati, tenor sax; Rossano Emili, baritone sax; Mirco Rubegni, Francesco Lento & Francesco Fratini, trumpet; Massimo Morganti, Roberto Rossi & Federico Pierantoni, trombone; Rosario Liberti, bass trombone.

Franco Ambrosetti Lost Within You (Unit Records, January 29) Franco Ambrosetti, trumpet & flugelhorn; John Scofield, guitar; Renee Rosnes & Uri Caine, piano; Scott Colley, bass; Jack DeJohnette, drums.


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The Generation Quartet Invitation (January 29) Dave Liebman, tenor & soprano sax; Billy Test, piano; Evan Gregor, bass; Ian Froman, drums.

Larry Newcomb Quartet Love, Dad (Essential Messenger Records, February 5) Larry Newcomb, guitar; Thomas Royal, piano; Jake Newcomb, bass; Dave Marsh, drums.

Peter Kronreif and Wayfarers Aeronautic (Fresh Sound New Talent Records, February 5) Andrew Gould, alto sax; Lucas Pino, tenor sax; Addison Frei, piano; Martin Nevin, bass; Matthias “Pedals” Loescher & Alex Wintz, guitar; Peter Kronreif, drums.

Randal Despommier Dio C’è (Outside in Music, February 5) Randal Despommier, alto sax; Jason Yeager, keyboards; Aaron Holthus & Jimmy Haslip, bass; Rodrigo Recabarren, drums; Aubrey Johnson, vocals; Oskar Stenmark, flugelhorn; Ben Monder, guitar; Allegra Levy, Tomás Cruz & Patrick Laslie, chorus.


February Hot House_Layout 1 1/26/2021 8:22 AM Page 14

Rick Margitza Sacred Hearts (Le Coq Records, February 5) Rick Margitza, tenor & soprano sax; Alex Acuña, percussion; Jake Langley, guitar; Manuel Rocheman, piano; Peter Giron, bass & vocals; Jeff Boudreaux, drums; Olivier Louvel, guitar & banjo; Xavier Desandre Navarre, percussion; Chloe Cailleton, Pierre De Bethmann, vocals; with adult & kids hand claps & vocals. Allan Harris Kate's Soulfood (Love Productions Records, February 12) Allan Harris, vocals & guitar; Arcoiris Sandoval, piano & Hammond B3; Marty Kenney, bass; Shirazette Tinnin, drums; Jhair Sala, percussion; Carolyn Leonhart, background vocals; with Nimrod Speaks, bass; Grégoire Maret, harmonica; David Castañeda, percussion; Curtis Taylor, trumpet; Alex Budman, alto sax; Keith Fiddmont, tenor sax; Ondre J Pivec, organ; Tonga Ross-M’au, guitar; Daneen, Jordan & Whitley Wilburn, background voices; Angela, James & David Whitley & Micah Whitley, Jr., children’s voices. Greg Murphy Cool Water (Whaling City Sound, February 12) Greg Murphy piano & keyboards; Eric Wheeler, bass; Jeff “Tain” Watts, drums; with guests T. K. Blue, flute; Marc Cary, synthesizer; Bruce Ayanyemi Jackson, percussion; David Kikoski, keyboards & synths; Ku-umba Frank Lacy, vocals & trombone; Kaïssa Doumbe Moulongo, vocals; Bill Ware, vibes.

Out To Dinner Play On (Posi-Tone Records, February 12) Nicole Glover, sax; Giveton Gelin, trumpet; Behn Gillece, vibes; Boris Kozlov, bass; Donald Edwards, drums.


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Roseanna Vitro Listen Here (Skyline Records, February 12) Roseanna Vitro, vocals; Kenny Barron, piano; Buster Williams, bass; Ben Riley, drums; Arnett Cobb, sax; Bliss Rodriguez, piano; Scott Hardy, guitar; Duduka Da Fonseca, percussion.

Yoko Miwa Trio Songs of Joy (Ubuntu Music, February 12) Yoko Miwa, piano; Will Slater & Brad Barrett, bass; Scott Goulding, drums.

John Patitucci, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bill Cunliffe Trio (Le Coq Records, February 19) John Patitucci, bass; Bill Cunliffe, piano; Vinnie Colaiuta, drums.

Kari Kirkland Wild Is the Wind (Slea Head Records, February 26) Kevin Axt, bass; Shelly Berg, piano & organ; John Daversa, trumpet; Gregg Field, drums; Roy Hargrove, trumpet & flugelhorn; Brian Kilgore, percussion; Kari Kirkland, vocals; Dean Parks, guitar; Budapest sessions orchestra, symphony.


February Hot House_Layout 1 1/26/2021 8:22 AM Page 16

Michael Dease Give It All You Got (Posi-Tone Records, February 26) Michael Dease, trombone; Greg Tardy, tenor sax; Sharel Cassity, alto sax; Anthony Stanco, trumpet; Randy Napoleon, guitar; Jim Alfredson, organ; Ulysses Owens Jr. & Luther Allison, drums; Gwendolyn Dease, percussion.

Monder . Malaby . Rainey Live at the 55 Bar (Sunnyside Records, February 26) Ben Monder, guitar; Tony Malaby, saxophone; Tom Rainey, drums.


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IT'S TIME FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT IN HOW WE PERCEIVE THE HISTORY AND ORIGINS OF JAZZ Afro Brazilian Ketu Candomble has powerful parallel evolution to grooves, phrasings in solos and compositions in Jazz history. This is one more reason to go back and look again, at the master innovators, and understand where they were coming from, and the concepts they were working with. “The splang a lang cymbal jazz ride can be found embedded in BRAVUM. That is the whole swing era ...” Andrew Scott Potter

Katatau Olodum

The late Bira Reis , Pelorinho icon and mentor to Bons Ritmos about Ketu Candomble

Jack Joao Potter Bons Ritmos Artist

Joplin, Jelly Roll, Louis Armstrong's Hot Fives, Ellington, Tatum,James P. Johnson, Basie, Miles, Trane, Wayne and many more, all can be found in the Jazket series. youtube search: "Jazket, Andrew Scott Potter, All Chapters Combined" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo7NNuHGa_M&t=982s “ BATA (not Cuban "Bata” ) can go inside any good jazz ballad that has some kind of groove ...” Andrew Scott Potter No one has gone this deep into the connections of Ketu Candomble and the history of Jazz, and you can never listen to Jazz the same way again if you perceive the reality of what Andrew Scott Potter has discovered. “You could fit a Ketu Candomble rhythm to all the cuts on "Kind Of Blue" by Miles Davis “... Andrew Scott Potter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26i3bVsz508 For any name Jazz musician, the sidemen who back them up, the working jazz players and students, this will inform you of things that are already in you that you have been playing. It will solidify concepts you are dealing with. For listeners, critics and promoters, it will give you a fundimental understanding of the blue print of the foundations of jazz, and blues, funk, rock and hip hop. “ Louis Armstrong used a cadence that is very much like OPANIJE on much of the phrasings in his soloing on his classic “Hot Fives” records ..." Andrew Scott Potter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdlvgrjRwtI&t=679s The CD, from the Bons Ritmos Youtube channel, Jazz Standards / Afro Brazilian Rhythms, is a great example of how these cadences fit with jazz standards, the grooves, the phrases in solos and phrases in compositions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzu6KOrvFTM&t=88s For shows featuring jazz standards with Ketu Candomble, clinics about Ketu rhythms as foundation to jazz grooves, Afro Brazilian dance, contact aspotter@terra.com.br

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Hot House Jazz Guide | February 2021  

Hot House Jazz Guide | February 2021