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February 2019

Jazz at Kitano and Highlights in Jazz

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Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez

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Daryl Sherman

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Catherine Russell Birdland

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Justin Kauflin The Side Door and Jazz Forum

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WINNING SPINS HIS EDITION OF WINNING SPINS focuses two albums featuring young T pianists who share an executive producer,

Quincy Jones. The legendary producer is credited with originally signing and shepherding the careers of both Alfredo Rodriguez, who defected from Cuba in 2007, and Justin Kauflin, who was mentored earlier by the late Clark Terry, as memorably documented in the film Keep On Keepin' On. Aside from sharing Quincy as executive producer, with the attendant precise and polished production one would expect, the two pianists and albums don't have much in common. Alfredo teams up in a duo with a fellow Cuban, percussionist Pedrito Martinez, in a program heavily weighted toward the island's deep musical traditions. Justin, with the help of electronic keyboards and synths as well as acoustic piano, explores a panoply of jazzpop-rock strategies. Duologue, Alfredo Rodriguez/ Pedrito Martinez (Mack Avenue), highlights Alfredo's electric keyboard-synth as well as acoustic piano playing. But the album's opening number begins with Spanish-language vocals (possibly overdubbed through multitracking) from the twosome, over hand claps, and a continuous choral chant of the title, "Africa," throughout. The piece expands to include a smorgasbord of percussion from Pedrito, plus Alfredo's piano and keyboards. All but 3 of the CD's 11 tracks are compositions by the pair, many deeply rooted in Cuban folkloric and religious ritual traditions. Most feature vocals that comprise chants, choral-like sections and lead solo singing in the semi-improvised son Latin American style. Originals range from the chanting and delicate acoustic piano improvisations of "Estamos Llegando" to the florid ballad "Flor," with its choral vocal and rich mix of acoustic piano over electric keyboard sonic cushions. They run the gamut from the simplicity of the piano/congas "Duologue" to the aurally and atmospherically dense layering of voices, percussion and keyboards on the anthemic "Yo Volveré." Two of the covers are surprising. Besides doing the Cuban standard "El Punto Cubano" replete with traditional lead son vocal and kinetic Afro-Cuban percussion, they also do versions of Michael Jackson's signature hit "Thriller," and the theme from the video game "Super Mario Bros 3." "Thriller" displays the duo's ability to subsume a pop hit into the Afro-Latin jazz universe, while also highlighting

By George K anzler

Alfredo's virtuoso piano chops. There's a contagious, almost giggling joy to the fun the pair have with the video game jingle, including calliope-like keyboards and snare drum and bass lines into their playful elaborations. The closest the two come to Cuban pop song sensibilities is on the original "Jardin Soñador," featuring duo harmony/unison singing over gently rolling piano and hand drums. Coming Home, Justin Kauflin (Qwest), aims to "paint a picture with sound," according to Justin, who lost his sight more than a decade ago. His palette here includes synth-keyboards as well as acoustic piano and the accompaniment of electric and acoustic guitarist Alan Parker, bassist Chris Smith and drummer-percussionist Corey Fonville. Some tunes, including the title track, seem overly preoccupied with atmosphere, Justin's attempt to "paint" sonic colors overwhelming his jazz sense, creating music that is more mood than substance, more smooth jazz than real jazz. But be assured, it is pleasant enough, even the pieces most heavy on mood and keyboard EFX; some pieces, such as the sonic wind-suggesting "Pendulum" and pulsating with radio-like waves "Transition," are captivating in their own right. Of his originals or co-compositions, which account for 9 of the 13 tracks, the most successful are the least atmospheric/ impressionistic. "Country Fried," reminiscent of Oliver Nelson's "Hoe-Down," marshals country-soul rhythms from snare drums and hand clapping, around an exuberant acoustic piano centerpiece solo. "Looking Forward" employs the slow rock ballad 6/8 rhythm and backbeat behind another ardent piano solo. But Justin’s excellent covers of substantial songs are more rewarding than his own compositions. Particularly lovely is his gentle but supremely memorable solo acoustic piano version of Sufjan Stevens' "John My Beloved." His rendition of the ballad "The Carousel," by the late Mulgrew Miller (one of his teachers at William Paterson University) is heartfelt. And the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields" is treated to both a quartet with synths and acoustic piano expanded excursion and a solo piano meditation that serves as the album's coda.

Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez appear at Jazz Standard Feb. 28-March 3. Justin Kauflin leads a trio at The Side Door in the Old Lyme Inn Feb. 2 and a quartet at Jazz Forum Feb. 22-23.

10 Kauflin cover photo by Adam Hart, Russell by Sandrine Lee, Sherman by Chris Drukker.

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Souter; 3rd Sun: E Ray Anderson & Pocket Brass Band; last Wed: E Paul Jost; last Fri: E Kendra Shank. Feb 25: E Elsa Nilsson. 75 CLUB: At the Bogardus Mansion. 75 Murray St (bet W Bway & Greenwich St). 212-2681746. Sets: TuesWed 7-11pm; Thurs-Sat 8&9:30pm. Residencies: Tues: Michael Kanan Solo; Wed: Tardo Hammer Trio + Jam. Feb 1: Zaid Nasser Qrt; 2: Norman Simmons Trio; 7: Gabriele Donati Trio; 8: Tada Unno Trio; 9: Harry Allen Qrt; 14: Antoinette Montague; 15: Grant Stewart Qrt; 16: John Magnarelli Qrt; 21-23: Jazz Guitar fest w/Peter Bernstein, Paul Bollenback, Pasquale Grasso, Saul Rubin, Ed Cherry, Ilya Lushtak & John Merrill; 28: John Roche/Saul Rubin/Spike Wilner Trio. B FLAT: Basement 277 Church St (bet Franklin & White Sts). 212-219-2970. Sets: Mon 8-11pm, Wed 8:30-11:30pm, Sat 10pm-12am. Mon&Wed: Jordan Young Trio. BAHA’Í CENTER: 53E 11th St (bet Bway & University). 212-2225159. Tues: 8&9:30pm $10/15 adm. Feb 12: J. D. Paren Gp; 19: Mike Longo Trio; 26: Gene Marlow & the Heritage Ens. BAR NEXT DOOR: 129 McDougal St. 212-5295945. Sets: Sun 8&10pm, Mon-Thurs Early (E) 6:30-7:45pm, Late (L) 8:30&10:30pm, Fri-Sat 7:30,9:30& 11:30pm. Adm: $12 all night + 1 drink min/set except Fri-Sat $12/set + 1 drink min/set, E free. Trios. Mon-Thurs: E Emerging Artists series; Mon: L Vocal Mondays series. Residencies (R): Sun except 02/10 Peter Mazza; Wed L Jonathan Kreisberg. Feb 1: Ben Eunson; 3: R; 4: E Dan Pappalardo, L Beat Kaestli; 5: E Alex DeLazzari, L Daniel Eli Weiss; 6: E Jocelyn Gould, L R; 7: E Andrew Kushnir, L Mike Bono; 8: Jack Wilkins; 9: Sheryl Bailey; 10: Dan Adler; 11: E Ryan Hernandez, L Erli Perez; 12: E Will Rako, L Paul Jubong Lee; 13: E Olin Clark, L R; 14: 6,8&10pm $92 incl 5 course dinner Flavio Silva; 15: Tal Yahalom; 16: Ed Cherry; 17: Peter Mazza Solo; 18: E Stephen Boegehold, L Teri Roiger; 19: E Alec Aldred, L Kevin McNeal; 20: E Artur Akhmetov, L R; 21: E Andrew Pereira, L Kyle Nasser; 22: Tom Guarna; 23: Paul Bollenback; 24: R; 25: E Jhoe Garay, L Michelle Walker; 26: E Yuma Uesaka, L Hashem Assadullahi; 27: E Rico Jones, L R; 28: E Juan Munguia, L Vaughn Stoffey. BLUE NOTE JAZZ CLUB: 131W 3rd St at 6th Av. 212-475-8592. Sets: 8&10:30pm + Fri-Sat 12:30am Late Night Groove series, Sun 11:30am&1:30pm Sunday Brunch. Adm varies. Feb 1-3: Hypnotic Brass Ens; 4: Ron Carter; 5-8: Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah; 9-10: Ron Carter; 11: Wallace Roney Qnt; 12-17: Thundercat; 18: Wallace Roney Qnt; 19-24: David Sanborn; 25: Wallace Roney Qnt; 2627: Eric Harland & Voyager; 28: tba. Late Night Groove w/Feb 1&8: Michael Mwenso & The Shakes; 15-16: Thundercat; 22: Anu Sun. Sunday Brunch w/Feb 3: Lenny White & NYU Ens; 10: “Hot Lips” Joey Morant & Catfish Stew; 17: tba; 24: Peter & Will Anderson. CITY VINEYARD & WINE GARDEN: At Pier 26. 233 West St (bet Hubert & N Moore Sts). 212-608-0555. Sets: 8pm. Feb 4&11: Yael & Gabriel; 12: La Vie En Rose Band; 18: Maria Alejandra Rodriguez; 19: The New York Nightingales; 21: Barbara Martinez; 26: Chloé Perrier & French Heart Band.

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S P O T L BRIAN CHARETTE SMALLS JAZZ CLUB / FEBRUARY 1-2 Brian Charette's versatile, aggressive approach to organ playing has helped make him one of the most in-demand players of his generation. Brian's CDs are wide ranging, as he writes diverse originals and specializes in reimagining standards and pop songs in unique settings. His latest, Groovin’ With Big G (SteepleChase), features George Coleman. He brings new life to the usual jazz organ trio, thanks to his willingness to experiment with his sound and varied influences (Lennie Tristano, Bill Evans, J. S. Bach and Keith Emerson), and blending genres. Drummer Ari Hoenig and guitarist Yotam Silberstein join Brian. He is also at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola Feb. 13 for his "Music For Organ Sextette" show with alto saxophonist Mike DiRubbo, flautist Itai Kriss, trumpeter Kenny Brooks, bass clarinetist Karel Ruzicka and drummer Jochen Rueckert. KD

ALEXIS MORRAST PJS JAZZ SOCIETY at FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH / FEBRUARY 10 Seldom do listeners have the opportunity to hear young artists who contain the depth of Alexis Morrast. The singer and composer captivates audiences with her warmth. Often dealing in sophisticated restraint, Alexis' seeming innate command of phrasing reflects what many musicians spend whole lives striving to master. Every note matters, and every lyric resonates. A 2017 recipient of Hot House Jazz Guide's Best Up and Coming Young Artist award, and recent winner of Showtime at the Apollo, Alexis has graced iconic bandstands from the Kennedy Center to Lincoln Center and shows no signs of slowing her tempo. New Jersey residents will have a chance to hear her at SOPAC in March 15. SJ

TUTU PUOANE DIZZY'S CLUB COCA-COLA / FEBRUARY 11-12 Many jazz fans' knowledge of South Africa's vocalists begins and ends with Miriam Makeba. But this month New Yorkers have a wonderful opportunity to encounter a master vocalist from South Africa's younger generation: Tutu Puoane. A jaw-dropping talent whose voice can swoop from spine-tingling forcefulness to intoxicating sweetness with seeming effortlessness, Tutu brings her formidable skills to bear on an astonishing range of material that cuts across many styles. Indeed, for her United States appearance, Tutu—now based in Belgium—joins the Brussels Jazz Orchestra and presents their collaborative project We Have a Dream. Drawing on material ranging from Joni Mitchell to Nina Simone to Letta Mbulu, and highlighting themes of struggle and change, the band's evenings at Dizzy's are not to be missed. SH

MARK ELF MEZZROW / FEBRUARY 11 Inspiration from horn players bubbles through guitarist Mark Elf's biting, single-note hard-bop style and his fluid melodic lines. He solidified his chops playing and recording with dozens of jazz greats through the years. That journeyman work included stints on the soul-jazz circuit backing organists and saxophonists. Mark has flourished in his small group settings like this one—Gerald Cannon on bass and Chris Beck on drums—where he shares some fresh originals, as well as gems from the 11 CDs he's recorded since the late 1980s. The most recent studio project, Mark Elf Returns, 2014 (Jen Bay), signaled that he was back on track from dealing with other challenges, after 2012's Hurricane Sandy destroyed his East Rockaway home and disrupted his life. KF PAULETTE MCWILLIAMS SMOKE JAZZ & SUPPER CLUB / FEBRUARY 14-16 By any measure, vocalist Paulette McWilliams has incredible versatility. Per of performing anything from the works of Luther Vandross to the music of Billy Idol, Paulette can also traverse music that calls on deep-hued contralto range all the way up to high soprano with astonishing ease. That effortless flexibility and control of her instrument have made her into a favorite artist of and collaborator with legendary figures like Quincy Jones, Johnny Mathis and Marvin Gaye, and also sets her up as a perfect lead for a Nancy Wilson tribute. Indeed, Paulette honors the late legend by teaming up with altoist Vincent Herring in a celebration of the utterly iconic Nancy Wilson-Cannonball Adderley collaboration. Drummer Joris Dudli, bassist Kenny Davis and pianist Nat Adderley Jr., join Paulette and Vincent for the occasion. SH

By Ken Dryden, Ken Franckling, Seton Hawkins, S


Charette photo by Anna Yatskevic, Corral by Steven Goldberg, Puoane by Hugo Van Beveren.

L I G H T DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER 92Y / FEBRUARY 14 Listening to Dee Dee Bridgewater is to hear decades of rooted lineage branching out in all directions. Hearing her perform live is to experience a presence of mind, body and spirit pulsing through the music. From wild improvised phrases to poignant interpretation to hard-swinging get-down, the singer and NEA Jazz Master's soul-drenched prerogatives serve the music and the moment. A longtime producer and three-time Grammy Award winner, in 2017 Dee Dee co-produced and released Memphis… Yes, I'm Ready (OKeh) to critical acclaim. She continues reimaging repertoire that touches every corner of the music, defying genre demarcations and bridging perceived distances between one type of music and the next. Her Valentine's Day trio features Carmen Staaf, Tabari Lake and Tyson Jackson. SJ

SUMI TONOOKA LOST JAZZ SHRINES at TRIBECA PAC / FEBRUARY 16 Among the ranks of highly skilled, enjoyable, contemporary modernistic or modal jazz pianists and original composers, Sumi Tonooka remains a brilliant but publicly underappreciated performer. Since her early days of mentoring by Detroit legend Marcus Belgrave, her sparse but potent discography displays reliability and unlimited potential. Far from lightweight, she prefers a direct approach capable of tender musings. A multimedia-level award winner in jazz and symphonic music, Sumi has a small but potent discography. Her latest collective CD, Adventures in Time and Space, with the Alchemy Sound Project, features saxophonists Salim Washington and Erica Lindsay. This concert dedicated to Cobi Narita has Sumi as a bandleader performing with a quartet of Erica on tenor, bassist Rufus Reid and drummer Victor Lewis. MGN

STEVE SANDBERG JAZZ FORUM / FEBRUARY 17 Pianist Steve Sandberg is the perfect blend of classical, jazz and world music spices. With sharp cultural acumen at his fingertips, Steve easily traverses genres with every composition. Such talent keeps him in demand, whether performing with Latin jazz instrumentalist Mario Rivera or pop music stalwart David Byrne, or being the music director of the hit children's television programs "Dora The Explorer" and "Go, Diego, Go!", Steve's skills can serve any musical situation. Critics are quick to note his genreblending style, as evidenced on his most recent release, 2017's Alaya. In a glowing review, All About Jazz called the album "an alluring admixture that delights all the way through." Steve's quartet, featuring the wonderful talents of violinist Zach Brock, joins him at the Jazz Forum. EW

ROB BARGAD KNICKERBOCKER BAR & GRILL / FEBRUARY 22-23 Sporting credits from high-level bandleaders as an accompanist, Rob Bargad has not received due praise as a top-notch post-bop, melody-stretching pianist. A student of Kenny Barron, a decade as a member of Nat Adderley's band, and stints with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, the late Roy Hargrove, and the Heath and Harper brothers' bands, Rob still racks up enviable associations. It's due to his chops and sensitive ears, as he plows through angular inventions. He's lived in Europe (Germany and Austria); recorded for the Criss Cross, Sunnyside and Alfa Jazz labels; is owner-operator of Barnette Records, concentrating on young talent; and recently documented his Reunion Septet. He even plays Hammond B3 organ on occasion. Bassist Mike Karn and percussionist Daniel Sadownick are slated to join Rob on this gig. MGN

ROZ CORRAL SAINT PETER'S CHURCH / FEBRUARY 27 Even in a city filled with exceptional jazz vocal talents, Roz Corral shines as a uniquely wonderful singer. A consummate storyteller in music with a particularly lovely lower register, Roz brings her dusky and warm voice to bear in gorgeous interpretations of songs. Intelligently choosing an array of Great American Songbook chestnuts as well as lesser-known material, Roz performs them with an emotional maturity and clarity that seems almost deceptively simple. While her Saint Peter's Church concert—featuring pianist Bruce Barth and bassist Paul Gill—is a particular highlight, Roz also opens February with two jazz brunch performances at North Square on Feb. 3 and 10. While she may not be a household name in jazz vocals, Roz Corral is essential listening for fans of the genre. SH

Stephanie Jones, Michael G Nastos & Eric Wendell


DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY: 13 Monroe St (bet Market & Catherine Sts). 212-4730043. Sun: 6pm In-Store shows. Feb 3: 6pm Jesse Dulman Qrt, 7pm The Beyond Gp; 10: 6pm Xander Naylor/Ryan Dugre, 7pm Outside World; 17: 6pm Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio. The EAR INN: 326 Spring St (bet Greenwich & Washington Sts). 212-4319750. Sun: 8-11pm EarRegulars feat Jon-Erik Kellso & friends. FAT CAT: 75 Christopher St at 7th Av. 212-6756056. $3 adm/no min. Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E), Late (L), Night (N); Sun E 6pm, L 9pm, N 1am; Mon E 6pm, L 9pm, N 12:30am; Tues E 7pm, L 9pm, N 12:30am; Wed 7pm, L 9pm, N 12:30am; Thurs 7pm, L 10pm, N 1:30am; Fri 6pm, L 9pm + 10:30pm, N 1:30am; Sat E 7pm, L 10pm, N 1:30am. Residencies (R): Sun E Terry Waldo & Gotham City Band, N The Program; Mon N Billy Kaye; Tues E except 02/5 Saul Rubin Zebtet; Wed E Raphael D'Lugoff Trio + 1, N Ned Goold; Fri L The Supreme Queens; Sat N Greg Glassman. Feb 1: E Jure Pukl, L R + Jared Gold/Dave Gibson, N Will Terrill; 2: E Michael Wang, L Raphael D'Lugoff Qnt, N R; 3: E R, 8:30pm Jade Synstelien & FCBB, N R; 4: E Ben Patterson Duo, L Ivan Renta, N R; 5: E Ai Murakami, L Jainardo y su Kumbakin, N Craig Wuepper; 6: E R, L Behn Gillece, N R; 7: E The Horne Electric Band, L Saul Rubin Zebtet, N Pablo Bencid; 8: E T.W. Sample, L R + Mark Whitfield, N Ray Parker; 9: E Steve Carrington, L David Bryant, N R; 10: E R, L Greg Murphy & The Murphtet, N R; 11: L Ned Goold Qrt, N R; 12: E R, L Peter Brainin & the Latin Jazz Workshop; 13: E R, L Harold Mabern Trio, N R; 14: L Greg Glassman Qnt; 15: E Groover Trio, L R; 16: E Steve Blum Trio, N R; 17: E&N R; 18: L George Braith, N R; 19: E R; 20: E R, L Don Hahn/Mike Camacho Band, N R; 21: L POD; 22: L R; 23: N R; 24: E&N R; 25: N R; 26: E R, L Itai Kriss & Gato Gordo, N John Benitez & Latin Bop; 27: E&N R. GREENWICH HOUSE: 46 Barrow St (bet 7th Av S & W 4th St). www.greenwichhouse. org. 212-242-4770. Sound It Out series: 7:30pm. Feb 9: $20 adm Frank Kimbrough/Masa Kamaguchi + Megumi Yonezawa Trio; 16: Caroline Davis & Alula + Michael Dessen Trio w/spec guest Fay Victor. JAZZ GALLERY: 1160 Bway at 27th St. 5th Fl. 646-494-3625. Sets: 7:30&9:30pm/adm varies. Feb 1: Fima Ephron Gp; 2: Immanuel Wilkins; 7: Jasper Dutz; 8: Julius Rodriguez Qnt; 9: Tivon Pennicott Qrt; 14: Kassa Overall w/Aaron Parks; 15-16: Morgan Guerin Qnt; 21: Steve Williams; 22: Tom Rainey; 23: Melismetiq; 26: Nick Dunston; 28: Arta Jekabsone. JAZZ STANDARD: 116E 27th St (bet Park & Lexington Avs). 212576-2232. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: 7:30-8:30&9:30-10:30pm/$30; Sun 2-3pm/ free. Residencies: Sun except 02/3 2pm Jazz For Kids Sunday Lunch feat Jazz Standard Youth Orch; Mon (R) Mingus Monday feat Mingus Big Band, except 02/18 Orch. Feb 13: $35 02/1-2 Jimmy Cobb 90th B’day celeb; 4: R; 5-10: $35 The Clayton Brothers Qnt; 11: R; 12: Michael Leonhart Orch; 13-14: $35 Tierney Sutton & Kate McGarry; 15-17: Mingus Big Band; 18: R; 19: Godwin Louis; 20: $40 Brandford Marsalis; 21-24: $35 Spanish Harlem Orch; 25: R; 26: Steve Slagle & A.M. Band; 27: Joey DeFrancesco; Trio; 28Mar 3: Alfredo Rodriguez/Pedrito Martinez. continued from page 15


JOE’S PUB: At Public Theater. 425 Lafayette St & Astor Pl. 212-967-7555. Adm varies. Feb 1: 9:30pm Sofía Tosello + Pedro Giraudo Tango Qrt; 2: 7pm Emeline Michel; 6: 9:30pm Pete Muller & friends; 16: 7pm House of Waters. KNICKERBOCKER BAR & GRILL: 33 University Pl at 9th St. 212-228-8490. Fri-Sat: 9pm-1am. Feb 1-2: Pete Malinverni/Doug Weiss; 8-9: Ehud Asherie/David Wong; 15-16: Ronny Whyte/Boots Maleson; 22-23: Rob Bargad Trio. (LE) POISSON ROUGE: 158 Bleecker St at Thompson St. 212-796-0741. Adm varies. Feb 12: 7:30& 10:30pm $40-125 adm Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orch; 25: 8pm $10-20 Brittany Anjou Trio. MEZZROW: 163W 10th St (bet 7th Av & Waverly Pl). 646-4764346. Sets/adm: 8-10:30pm, Late (L) 11pm1am except Fri-Sat 11pm-2am, Sun + 4:307pm; adm varies. Residencies: Sun 4:30pm Spike Wilner Solo except 02/24 David Oei, L 02/3&17 Panas Athanatos & friends, 02/10&24 John Merrill & friends; Mon L Pasquale Grasso; Wed 02/6&13 Sullivan Fortner, 02/20&27 Isaiah J. Thompson, Thurs L Spike Wilner w/spec guest; Sat L except 02/23 Jon Davis. Feb 1: Ted Rosenthal Trio, L Steve Ash; 2: Ted Rosenthal Trio; 3: Alan Broadbent Trio; 4: Justin Kauflin/Ken Peplowski; 5: Tom Beckham Trio; 6: Tarik Shah Trio; 7: Steve LaSpina Trio; 8: Ken Peplowski Trio, L Benny Benack III; 9: Ken Peplowski Trio; 10: Gene Bertoncini/Josh Marcum; 11: Mark Elf Trio; 12: Barbara Rosene/Rock Werhmann; 13: Jim Ridl Trio; 14: Hilary Gardner/Chris Byars Qrt; 15: Monte Croft Trio, L Miki Yamanaka; 16: Monte Croft Trio; 17: Ben Waltzer Trio; 18: Neal Miner Trio; 19: Jay Leonhart Trio; 20: Brian Marsella Trio; 21: Orlando Le Fleming Trio; 22-23: David Bryant Trio; 24: Richie Vitale Trio; 25: tba; 26: Charlie Sigler Trio; 27: Aruan Ortiz/Don Byron; 28: Greg Skaff Trio. NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH: 269 Bleecker St (bet Jones & Cornelia Sts). 212-691-1770. 1st Fri: 8&9:30pm free adm All Things Project Feb 1: Marta Sanchez Qnt. The NEW SCHOOL JAZZ PERFORMANCE SPACE: 55W 13th St, 5th Fl. 212-229-5488. Tues-Sat: 8:30pm The Stone at the New School. Feb 1-2: Yarn/ Wir; 5-9: Billy Martin; 12-16: Vicky Chow; 1923: Jeff Zeigler; 26-Mar 3: Jim Black. NORTH SQUARE: At Washington Square Hotel. 103 Waverly Pl at McDougal. 212254-1200. Sun: 12:30&2pm free adm Jazz Brunch Trios. Feb 3: Roz Corral w/Ron Affif & Chris Berger; 10: Roz Corral w/Jim Ridl & Marcos Varela; 17: Jane Irving; 24: Ronny Whyte. NUBLU 62: 62 Av C (bet 4th & 5th Sts). 212375-1500. Feb 22: 10pm Annie Chen Qnt. NUBLU 151: 151 Avenue C (bet 9th & 10th Sts). Feb 2: 9pm Flavia Bittencourt; 6: 9pm Eivind Opsvik Overseas; 7: 8pm Maybird/Star Rover & Hanna Epperson; 8: 8pm BOYFRIENDS; 12: 10:30pm Laura Taglialatela; 13: 9pm Itamar Borochov; 15: 11pm Hugo Candelario/Bahia Trio; 20: 8pm Explorations in Sound and Rhythm; 28: 9pm Tahira Clayton. PORCHLIGHT BAR: 271 11th Av (bet 27th & 28th Sts). 212-981continued on page 20

HE CONTEMPORARY FEMALE vocal jazz contingent is chock-full of T singers who either push the boundaries

with original music, or sing stock standards in a rather easygoing, indistinct way. Catherine Russell stands out with her mix of jazz and blues that not only is creative and uplifting as she draws from family tradition, but goes to another height few have attained in recent years. She has taken her time in achieving her level of acumen while learning and teaching along the way, building a reputation few can match. She is the logical extension of legends like Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter, Maxine Sullivan, Ruth Brown, Etta Jones and Abbey Lincoln. Highly educated (including at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts), trained and seasoned, Catherine has garnered not only Grammy awards and nominations, but lofty critical and public acclaim for her seven CD projects and her vibrant performances. This month you can catch her at one of the Big Apple's preeminent clubs, or at a fund-raiser for an organization that helps at-risk youths through the rehabilitative power of music. Catherine is undeniably part of a continuing lineage and legacy of classic African-American musicians, starting with her parents. Her father, Luis Russell, was a big band leader known for his long association with Louis Armstrong. Her mother, bassist Carline Ray, whose countless credits include the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, was also highly influential. "My mother, Carline Ray, was also my mentor. She understood jazz, blues and classical music, and infused all of these styles into her singing," Catherine says. The New York native recalls, "I used to go to The Cookery to see Alberta Hunter, and my mom played bass with Ruth Brown, so I saw many of her shows as well. These ladies were my main influences for straddling jazz and blues, and they put on

great shows every time I saw them. I've also seen Carmen McRae, Betty Carter, Abbey Lincoln, Dakota Staton, Nancy Wilson, Etta James, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and on and on, so many iconic influences. These among other great artists, including Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith and Dinah Washington, I consider my musical mentors." While breaking ground may be in vogue, Catherine is dedicated to her heritage, and sees it as requiring preservation. "I'm committed to what I feel is good music that sounds good to me. My father's music is some of the first music I ever heard in my life. It sounded like fun for the musicians to play, and it made me dance as a little kid. My mother used to tell me how she'd put the records on, and I started smiling and dancing to the music in our living room." She continues, "Of course, I'd love to see our traditional music supported more in schools, and traditional repertoire more integrated into the live concert experience without being marginalized. The music is fun and people seem to like it when they hear it. The songs are also timeless. Perhaps that is what keeps the music old and new at the same time." In addition to performing, Catherine has done her fair share of instructing. "I taught in the voice department at Berklee College of Music many years ago. My teaching did include an acting improvisation class, but that was for voice students. I've kept in touch with some of my students till this day. I did a recording session with one of my students years ago. She is such a wonderful gospel soprano and our voices really complemented each other. She went on to tour with Ledisi and Ziggy Marley, among others. I have private students these days, and I've done some master classes in my travels. I am inspired by my students, they give me hope." Sporting a lovely voice with no grind or grit, one wonders how she keeps it in shape, retaining its fluid, supple quality. "To maintain my vocal health I have an exercise regimen that I do every day before I sing or speak in public. I also have a yoga regimen that I've been doing for 15 years. I used to skip days, but I've done it every morning for the past few years." With so many impressive accomplishments under her belt, her career continues to rise. "I feel so fortunate and blessed with the way things have gone in my life, I give thanks every day. Folks have many choices of what to do for entertainment, so I'm so happy when they come see us! I give thanks for my musical and business collaborators. New projects are always being discussed, so I'm excited." Her latest news is signing with the Dot Time label, after recordings with the World Village and Jazz Village labels. "Ricky

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Russell photo by Sandrine Lee.


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6188. Mon: 6-9pm free adm Keyed Up series. ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL: 196 Allen St at E Houston St. 212-477-4155. Thurs: 9pm-12am Ethan Eubanks & Detroit Grease. Feb 9: 11:30pm $10 adm David Stern Qrt; 24: 7pm $10/15 Lior Milliger Qrt. SMALLS JAZZ CLUB: 183W 10th St at 7th Av. 212-252-5091. Sets: Afternoon (PM) Sun 4:30-7pm, Sat 4-7pm, Early (E) 7:30-10pm, Late (L) 10:30pm-1am, Night (N) 1-4am; jam following N; adm varies. Residencies (R): Sun 1-3pm Vocal masterclass by Marion Cowings. Feb 1: E Brian Charette Trio, L Steve Davis Qnt, N Corey Wallace; 2: E Brian Charette Trio, L Steve Davis Qnt, N Brooklyn Circle; 3: 1pm R, L Tardo Hammer Trio, N Ralph Lalama & BopJuice; 4: E Ari Hoenig Trio, L Seamus Blake Qrt; 5: E Steve Nelson Qrt, L Seamus Blake Qrt; 6: Lage Lund Qrt, L Asaf Yuria Sxt; 7: E Lage Lund Qrt, L Carlos Abadie Qnt; 8: E Adam Birnbaum Qrt, L Darrell Green Qnt; 9: PM Dave Meder Trio, E Adam Birnbaum Qrt, L Darrell Green Qnt; 10: 1pm R, E Brandon Sanders Qnt, L Nick Hempton Band; 11: Ronnie Burrage & Holographic Principle, L Jonathan Barber Qrt; 12; E Spike Wilner, L Abraham Burton Qrt; 13: E John Stetch & Vulneraville, L Dave Pietro Qnt; 14: E Chris Byars Original Sxt, L Phil Stewart Qrt; 15: E Michael Weiss Qrt, L Alexander Claffy Qnt, N Corey Wallace; 16: E Michael Weiss Qrt, L Alexander Claffy Qnt; 17: 1pm R, PM Emanuele Tozzi Qnt, E Bill Goodwin Trio, L Joe Magnarelli Gp; 18: E Ari Hoenig Trio, L Joel Frahm Trio; 19: E Steve Nelson Qrt, L Frank Lacy & Tromboniverse; 20: E Rob Bargad & Reunion 7tet, L Harold Mabern Trio; 21: E Rob Bargad & Reunion 7tet, L Oleg Butman/Natalia Smirnova Qrt; 22-23: E Santi Debriano & Flash of the Spirit, L Alex Sipiagin Qnt; 24: 1pm R, E Claire Daly Qrt, L Charles Owens Trio; 25: E Lucas Pino Nnt; 26: L Abraham Burton Qrt; 27: E Michael Stephans & Quartette Oblique, L Amos Hoffman Trio; 28: E Brandi Disterheft Qrt, L Amos Hoffman Trio. TRIBECA PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 199 Chambers St. 212220-1460. Feb 16: 8:30pm $30/20 adm Lost Jazz Shrines honoring Cobi Narita feat Sumi Tonooka Qrt w/spec guest Erica Lindsay; 28: 8pm $45/50 adm Highlights in Jazz series feat Daryl Sherman, Houston Person, Warren Vaché, Ken Peplowski, Norman Simmons, Boots Maleson, James Chirillo. TURNMILL: 119E 27th St (bet Park & Lexington Avs). 646524-6060. Wed: 11pm-2am Keyed Up series feat Rob Duguay & Low Key Trio + spec guests. VILLAGE VANGUARD: 178 7th Av S at 11th St. 212-255-4037. Sets: 8:30&10:30pm. Adm: $35/1 drink min. Residency (R): Mon Vanguard Jazz Orch. Feb 1-3: Billy Hart Qrt; 4: R; 5-10: George Cables; 11: R; 12-17: Vanguard Jazz Orch; 18: R; 1924: Dayna Stephens Qrt; 25: R; 26-Mar 3: Terell Stafford Qnt. ZINC BAR: 82W 3rd St (bet Thompson & Sullivan). 212-477-8337. Sets unless otherwise noted: 7:30&9pm. Residency: Sun 9pm Zinc Tango Trio. Feb 2: Donald Edwards Qnt; 4: Peter Bernstein/ Lage Lund/Rale Micic; 6: 9pm-1am VandoJam feat Albert Rivera; 8: Eric Alexander Qrt; 11: Dave Stryker Trio; 13: 7:30&9:30pm Lauren Kinhan & Theo Bleckmann feat Michael Mayo; 15: David Kikoski Trio; 17: 4-6:45pm Another Sunday Serenade 917-882-9539/


$25 adm feat David Hazeltine Qrt w/spec guest Eddie Henderson; 20: Kirk Knuffke Trio; 22: Andy LaVerne Trio; 25: Rodney Jones Trio; 28: Luques Curtis.

BRONX AN BEAL BOCHT CAFÉ: 445W 238th St. 718884-7127. 1st Wed: 8&9:30pm $30-10 adm Linda's Jazz Nights. Feb 6: Vanisha Gould Qrt.

BROOKLYN 440 GALLERY: 440 Sixth Av. 718-499-3844. Feb 17: 4:40pm $10 don Me, Myself and Eye feat Neil Murgai. BAR LUNÀTICO: 486 Halsey St. 718-513-0339. Sun: 2pm Keyed Up feat Gospel Brunch. Feb 2: 9-11:30pm Tyler Blanton/Helio Alves Gp; 5: 8:30-11:30pm David Gilmore Unified Presence Trio; 15: 911:30pm Itai Kriss & Telavana; 20: 9-11pm John Ellis & Double Wide. BARBÈS: 376 9th St at 6th Av. Park Slope. 718-965-9177. Residencies: Sun 9pm Stephane Wrembel; Mon 7pm Brain Cloud; Tues 9pm Slavic Soul Party; Wed 10pm Mandingo Ambassadors. Feb 9: 8pm Pedro Giraudo Tango Qrt. BROOKLYN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC: 58 7th Av. 718-622-3300. Feb 8: 6:40-7pm Lyndol Descant Trio. BUSHWICK PUBLIC HOUSE: 1288 Myrtle Av. Mon: $10 don Buschwick Improvised Music series. Feb 4: 7pm Max Kutner Trio, 8pm Stephen Gauci Trio, 9pm William Hooker Trio, 9:45pm Brian Groder Qrt, 10:45pm Aron Namenwirth Sxt, 11:30pm Elias Meister/ Vasko Dukovski; 11: 7pm Alec Goldfarb Trio, 8pm Stephen Gauci Trio, 9pm Lewis Porter Trio, 9:45pm Dave Treut Qrt, 10:45pm Jason Mears Qrt, 11:30pm Prawit Siriwat/Pravin Thompson; 18: 7pm Faye Cosmo Ens, 8pm Stephen Gauci Trio, 9pm Paul Austerlitz Sxt, 10:45pm Nick Fraser Qrt, 11:30pm David Meier Ens; 25: 7pm Patricio Jijon Qrt, 8pm Stephen Gauci Trio, 9pm Lena Bloch Qrt, 9:45pm John Loggia Qrt, 10:45pm Chris Stromquist Trio, 11:30pm Brian Kastan/Juini Booth. IBEAM: 168 7th St. Sets: 8:30pm $15 don. Feb 2: Fujiwara/ Dunston/Leon; 6: 8pm Russ Lossing Trio, 9pm Adam Kolker/Russ Lossing Qrt; 8: 910pm Novoa/Kamaguchi/Cleaver; 9: 8-10pm Tom Swafford Solo + Tom Swafford/Zach Swanson + Leonor Falcon/Sana Nagano + Tom Swafford/Zachary Swanson/Leonor Falcon/Sana Nagano; 23: 8-10pm Haeun Joo Trio. IL PORTO: 37 Washington Av. 718-624-0954. Thurs-Sat: 710pm Keyed Up feat Charlie Apicella & Iron City. JAZZ 966: 966 Fulton St. 917-593-9776. Fri: 8& 9:45pmn. KINGSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE: 2001 Oriental Blvd. 718-368-5596. Feb 15: 7pm $40-42 adm Allan Harris. NATIONAL SAWDUST: 80N 6th St. 646-7798455. Feb 27: 7pm $25 adm Peter Evans. ROULETTE: 509 Atlantic Av at 3rd Av. 917-267-0363. Feb 7: 8pm continued on page 22

EST KNOWN AS A SINGER-PIAnist with a voracious appetite for B exploring the hidden crannies of the

American Popular Songbook since the mid-1970s, Daryl Sherman lately has been developing another side of her musical talent. "I particularly like playing in duo with a horn player rather than a bassist," she says. "I've done a lot of solo playing accompanying my own singing, and am used to playing more of the bass line, so I can do that. Certain horn players like certain things, so I don't have to play that bass line all the time, I can imply it, and with horn players there's also a lot of give and take." Daryl is looking forward to doing Jack Kleinsinger's Highlights in Jazz 46th Anniversary Gala on Feb. 28, since Jack has booked some of her favorite horn duo partners, including tenor saxophonist Houston Person, clarinetist-saxophonist Ken Peplowski and trumpeter Warren Vaché. Daryl's career—mostly centered in Manhattan—has straddled the worlds of jazz and café society/cabaret. Besides playing at jazz clubs like the Knickerbocker, she's enjoyed long stints at hotels, including a 14-year run playing Cole Porter's piano at the Waldorf-Astoria, and appearing at the Sheraton Center's French Quarter piano lounge, where she led a trio. "It was at the Knickerbocker I started doing duos with horns," Daryl recalls, "and of all the people I started duetting with, one of the first was [baritone saxophonist] Joe Temperley." She says that duetting with horns "forced me to play piano more; it's different from accompanying a singer, even yourself." Her affinity with horn players is undoubtedly influenced by her upbringing: Daryl's father, Sammy Sherman, was a trombone player in the big band era, and inculcated a familiarity with jazz in his daughter at a young age. "I grew up listening to a lot of brass albums, Jay [J.J. Johnson] and Kai [Winding, both trombonists who co-led a quintet] were favorites of my father. It's said that I could sing before I could talk, and I grew up on standards. We had a piano in our house in Woonsocket [Rhode Island] and I started

playing it at around 5, and taking classical lessons when I was 7. We had moved back to Rhode Island so that my dad could join the family restaurant business, but he continued to play gigs locally on weekends with a small combo, and beginning on my 13th birthday I began singing with them." She remembers that her dad was "a tough taskmaster. He would call a musical key and I would have to know it, and how to modulate to it. It was great training though, and after high school I began getting my own gigs playing piano and singing at local bars and clubs." Daryl's love of and—to paraphrase fellow singer Carol Sloane's comments— archaeological interest in the standards songbook was also her strategy as a blossoming singer-pianist. "I was always exploring fake books [collections of songs with their lead sheets], and since they were not usually organize in any logical way, I was always finding new, often obscure songs." She continues her deep mining of the American Songbook on her latest album, Lost in a Crowded Place (Audiofile). The title song is from legendary café society/jazz pianist Barbara Carroll, with lyrics by Irving Caesar. The album also includes "If We Never Meet Again," a gentle ballad written and recorded by Louis Armstrong in the mid-1930s, and only the third recording ever of "Azalea," a tune and lyrics penned by Duke Ellington for his 1960's sessions with Louis. Daryl encounters songs in the most unexpected places. She recently returned from a two-week tour of Japan, where she played "a lot of quirky, smaller clubs, all with great pianos by the way; one of them

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$18 Stephan Crump & Elemental. SCHOLES STREET STUDIO: 375 Lorimer St. 718-9648763. Feb 3: 7:30pm Lena Bloch & Feathery. SHAPESHIFTER LAB: 18 Whitwell Pl. 646-820-9452. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: Early (E) 7pm, Late (L) 8:15pm, Night (N) 9:30pm/$10. Feb 1: E Alea 4, L Zerlina Dev Gp, N $15 Prihasti/Vardanega Qrt feat Drew Gress; 2: E&8pm Niu Raza, Ajda Stina Turek & Mirella Costa, 9pm $15 Maciek Schejbal & AfroPolka, 10pm Leni Stern & African Trio; 7: N free Diego Pinera Trio; 8: E $15 Jessica Jones Qrt + Pitch, Rhythm & Consciousness Qrt; 9: 7-8:30pm Liberty Styles & friends; 10: 7:30pm $20 Lisboa à Solta; 12: $15 E Carla Campopiano Trio; 13: N Trifecta; 15: E,8&9pm Moppa Elliott Bands; 21: E Griffin Brown/Alec Goldfarb, L Petar, N Justin Clark & The Tranzient Ens; 22: E Dan Arcamone. SISTAS’ PLACE: 456 Nostrand Av at Jefferson Av. 718-398-1766. Sat: 9&10:30pm $30/25 adm. Feb 2: Sharp Radway; 9: Andrae Murchison; 16: Reggie Workman Qrt; 23: T.K. Blue. The SLOPE LOUNGE: 837 Union St. 347-889-5005. Mon: 8-11pm Big Band Jazz. VELVET LOUNGE: 174 Bway. 718-302-4427. Tues: 9pm-12am Key Up series Jam. WILLIAMSBURG MUSIC CENTER: 367 Bedford Av. 718-3841654. $10 adm. Residency: Sat 10pm Jam w/Gerry Eastman & friends. Feb 1: 8:30pm Marlon Martinez; 2: 10pm Vid Jamnik & Urgent Detergent; 10: 9pm Minji Kim Qrt; 14: 9pm Aimée Allen; 15: 8:30pm Agustin Grasso; 16: 11:30pm Mozayik; 17: 9pm Rina Yamazaki Trio; 22: 8:30pm Francesca Prihasti; 23: 10pm Ronnie Burrage; 24: 9pm Ryan Sands; 28: 9pm Artful Soul Band.

CONNECTICUT SARAH’S WINE BAR: At Bernard’s. 20 West Ln. (Route 35). Ridgefield. 203-438-8282. Feb 24: 6:30pm $27.50/$20 min Wycliffe Gordon Qrt. The SIDE DOOR JAZZ CLUB: At Old Lyme Inn. 85 Lyme St. Old Lyme. 860-434-0886. Sets: 8:30-11pm. Feb 1: Newport Sound Collective; 2: Justin Kauflin Trio; 8: Nate Reeves w/spec guest Kate Rushin; 9: David DeJesus & Drive; 15: Veronica Swift; 16: Dayna Stephens; 22: Alicia Olatuja; 23: Steve Davis. BAY BURGER: 1742 Sag Harbor Tpke. Sag Harbor. LONG ISLAND 631-899-3915.

BAY BURGER: 1742 Sag Harbor Tpke. Sag Harbor. 631-899-3915. Thurs: 7-9pm Keyed Up series Jam. GRASSO’S: 134 Main St. Cold Spring Harbor. 631-367-6060. Sets: Sun 12-3pm Brunch (B) + 6-9pm; Mon 6-9pm; Wed&Fri-Sat 7-11pm; Thurs 6:3010:30pm. Residencies: Sun B Danny Marx Duo; Mon Robert LePley; Wed Wayne Sabella. Feb 3: Jen & Larry; 7: Joe Tranchina Duo; 14: Jen & Larry; 16: Noriko Ueda Duo; 21: Jen & Larry; 22: Paula Atherton Trio; 23: Noriko Ueda Duo; 28: Gail Storm. The JAZZ LOFT: 275 Christian Av. Stony Brook. 631-751-1895.


Sets: 7-9:30pm. Feb 1: Ray Anderson; 15: Vanessa Trouble; 16: Warren Vaché. LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY-POST: 720 Northern Blvd. Brookville. 516-299-2895. Feb 9: 8pm $83-53 adm Jazz at Lincoln Center Orch w/Wynton Marsalis. BAY BURGER: 1742 Sag Harbor Tpke. Sag N915. NEW JERSEYThurs: 7-9pm

BERGEN BERGEN PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 30 N Van Brunt St. Englewood. 201-227-1030. Feb 9: 8pm $129-59 adm Herbie Hancock. BERRIE CENTER: Sharp Theater. 505 Ramapo Valley Rd. Mahwah. 201-684-7844. Feb 16: 810pm $30-24 adm Bill Frisell; 23: 8-10pm $38-20 BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet. VILLA AMALFI: 793 Palisade Av. Cliffside Park. 201-886-8626. Sat: 7:30-11:30pm Lou Volpe. ESSEX BETHANY BAPTIST CHURCH: 275W Market St. Newark. 973623-8161. Feb 2: 6-7:30pm Jazz Vespers feat Oliver Lake. CLEMENT’S PLACE: At Rutgers University. 15 Washington St. Newark. 3rd Thurs: 5:30-7pm Wells Fargo Jazz for Teens, 7:30-9:30pm Jam by James Austin, Jr. GATEWAY CENTER 2: 2 Gateway Center. 283299 Market St. Newark. 973-624-8880. Feb 6: 12-1pm JD Allen. NEW JERSEY PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 1 Center St. Newark. 888-466-5722. Feb 16: 3&7pm $59/69 adm Maurice Hines w/The DIVA Jazz Orch. SOPAC: 1 SOPAC Way. South Orange. 973-3132787. Feb 17: 7pm $20 adm Greg Bufford. SUZYQUE’S BBQ & BAR: 34 S Valley Rd. West Orange. 973-7367899. Free adm. Sun: 2-5pm Brunch w/Curtis Lundy Ens; Thurs: 8pm-12am John Lee & friends. Feb 4&18: 8-10pm Glenn Franke's BigBand. TRUMPETS: 6 Depot Square. Montclair. 973744-2600. HUDSON The BRIGHTSIDE TAVERN: 141 Bright St. Jersey City. 201435-1234. Mon: 8pm Keyed Up feat Brightside Tavern Trio. MOORE’S LOUNGE: 189 Monticello Av. Jersey City. 201-332-4309. Sun: 6:30pm Keyed Up feat Meet the artist series. HUNTERDON FLEMINGTON DIY: 90 Main St. Flemington. Feb 23: 7:30pm/$15 adm Victor Gould Qrt. MERCER 1867 SANCTUARY AT EWING: 101 Scotch Rd. Ewing. jazz. 609-392-6409. Feb 2: 8pm Pyrenesia; 3: 3pm Gloria Galante; 6: 7:30pm Nate Phillips; 15: 8pm Lorens Chuno. ALEXANDER HALL: At Princeton University. 68 Nassau St. Princeton. 609-258-5000. Feb 16: 8pm Jazz Vocal Collective w/Nnenna Freelon. CANDLELIGHT LOUNGE: 24 Passaic St. Trenton. 609695-9612. Sat: 3:30-7:30pm free adm/$10 min. Feb 2: Mike Lee; 9: Tony & Glenn Williams; 16: Andrae continued on page 24


-", Ê 9Ê



By Don Jay Smith

LOU VOLPE VILLA AMALFI / SATURDAYS IN FEBRUARY For most of his highly touted career, guitarist Lou Volpe has been a go-to sideman for many music greats including Herbie Mann, Peggy Lee, David "Fathead" Newman, Chet Baker, Phoebe Snow, the Manhattan Transfer … the list goes on and on. George Benson called him "a great guitarist," and impresario Sid Bernstein praised "his artistry and supreme gift." The native New Yorker is comfortable both as a soloist and in a small group, and his regular Saturday evening appearances at this popular, upscale Italian restaurant in Cliffside Park are a special treat for jazz fans. With a lyrical, warm style he makes each tune his own, drawing from an extensive repertoire which incorporates the Great American Songbook as well as salutes to pop stars such as Sting or Michael Jackson. OLIVER LAKE BETHANY BAPTIST CHURCH / FEBRUARY 2 For the past half century, Oliver Lake has excelled as a saxophonist, composer, painter and poet, beginning in St. Louis with the Black Artists Group. As a cofounder of the internationally known World Saxophone Quartet—with David Murray, Julius Hemphill, and Hamiet Bluiett—he solidified his reputation as a jazz musician. He has also collaborated with a variety of artists from Reggie Workman to Lou Reed and from Anthony Braxton to the Brooklyn Philharmonic. He has been awarded commissions from the Library of Congress, the Rockefeller Foundation and ASCAP among others, and in 2014 he received the prestigious Doris Duke Arts Award. Oliver appears with trumpeter Freddie Hendrix, organist Jared Gould and drummer Chris Beck. GREG BUFFORD SOPAC / FEBRUARY 17 Drummer Greg Bufford catches your attention, which is what inspired his mentor and teacher, the great Philly Joe Jones, to take him on as a student in the '70s. The versatile musician, composer and producer has worked with many great artists, including Dee Dee Bridgewater, Randy Weston, Freda Payne, Sonny Stitt, Barney Kessel and Sun Ra. His sophisticated, polyrhythmic style of drumming is mesmerizing, and his brushwork harks to an era when drummers tastefully guided a band without overpowering other players. Jazz critic David Orthmann called Greg "an exceptional musician with a personal sound, conception and feeling for jazz." Scheduled to join Greg for this tribute to Billie Holiday are vocalist Doris Spears, saxophonist Lance Bryant, pianist Dave Braham and bassist Beiden Bullock.

ALEXIS COLE GREEK ON MAIN / FEBRUARY 24 Alexis Cole really deserves to be much better known than she is in the jazz world. Possessing a smooth, rich, distinctive voice, she has been compared with Sarah Vaughan and Anita O'Day. Radio personality Jonathan Schwartz called her "one of the great voices of today." A Sarah Vaughan Competition finalist, Alexis has won Jazzmobile and Montreux Jazz Festival vocal competitions. Her seven years fronting West Point's prestigious Jazz Knights big band honed her chops, enabling Alexis to give new life to jazz standards. Her critically praised recordings include wonderful musicians such as Fred Hersch, Eric Alexander, Don Braden, Bucky Pizzarelli, Anat Cohen, Nicki Parrott and Pat LaBarbera. A Sunday regular at Smoke, this event is an opportunity to catch Alexis’ fine trio in New Jersey, with David Finck on bass and Kenny Hassler on drums.


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Mutchison; 23: Michele Lordi. MCCARTER THEATRE: 91 University Pl. Princeton. 609-258-2787. Feb 13: 7:30pm Dianne Reeves. MIDDLESEX DUE MARI: 78 Albany St. New Brunswick. 732-296-1600. Fri: 6:309:30pm free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Feb 1: Kate Curran Duo; 8: Jackie Jones Duo; 15: Michael Bond Duo; 22: Emma Larsson. GEORGE STREET ALE HOUSE: 378 George St. New Brunswick. 732-543-2408. The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Tues: 8-11pm Emerging Artists + Jam. Feb 5: Ben Weise Gp; 12: Saul Dautch Gp; 19: Dave Mosko Gp; 26: Jon Kirschner. The GREEK ON MAIN: 419 Main St. Metuchen. 732515-9457. Feb 24: 11:30am $50 adm Brunch w/Alexis Cole Trio. HYATT HOTEL: 2 Albany St. New Brunswick. 732-8731234. Thurs: 8-11pm free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Feb 7: Brian Landrus Qrt; 14: Lainie Cooke Qrt; 21: Josh Evans Qrt; 28: Bruce Harris Qrt. TAVERN ON GEORGE: 361 George St. New Brunswick. 732545-6205. Wed: 8-11pm free adm The New Brunswick Jazz Project/ Feb 6: Mark Gross Trio; 13: Roberta Piket Trio; 20: Pat Bianchi; 27: Nat Adderley, Jr. Trio. MORRIS BICKFORD THEATRE: 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown. 973-971-3706. www.morris Feb 4: 7:309pm Herb Gardner's Groundhog Jam feat Fred Vigorito, Joe Licari. SHANGHAI JAZZ: 24 Main St. Madison. 973822-2899. Free adm. Sets: Sun 6-8:30pm, Tues 6:30-9pm, WedThurs 7-9:30pm, Fri 6:30&8:45pm, Sat 6:15&8:45pm. Closed Mon. Tues: John Korba Trio. Feb 1-2: Steve Turre; 3: closed; 6: Adrian Cunningham Trio; 7: Harry Allen Trio; 8-9: Russell Malone; 10: Jan Findlay Qrt; 13: Oscar Perez Trio; 16: Jasia Ries; 20: Jerry Bruno. PASSAIC WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY: 300 Pompton Rd. Wayne. 973720-2371. Sets: 4pm. Feb 10: Steve Davis Qnt; 24: Jaimeo Brown Transcendance. WARREN RUTHERFURD HALL: 1686 Rte 517. Allamuchy. 908-852-1894. www.rutherfurd Feb 17: 3-5pm $25/20 adm Jazz at the Rutherfurd feat David Ostwald & Louis Armstrong Eternity Band.

NEW YORK STATE The FALCON: 1348 Rte 9 West. Marlboro. 845-236-7970. Sets/adm: 8pm, Sun 11am Brunch (B); $20 don suggested. Falcon Underground (FU). Feb 10: Eliot Zigmund Qrt; 13: FU 7pm Jazz Sessions w/Doug Weiss; 24: B Saints of Swing, 8pm Nate Wood & fOUR. LYDIA’S CAFE: 7 Old US Hwy 209. Stone Ridge. 845-687-6373. Sets: 7-10pm. Feb 2: Hudson Valley Jazz Ens; 9: Teri Roiger Qrt w/George De Leon; 21: Ron Horton Qnt; 23: Ben Perowsky Trio w/Don Byron. MAUREEN’S JAZZ CELLAR: 2 N Bway.


Nyack. 845535-3143. Sets/adm: unless otherwise noted Sun 6pm/$15, Fri-Sat 8&9:30pm/$20. Feb 1: Mark Patterson Qrt; 2: Roni Ben-Hur Trio; 8: Nussbaum/Azzolina/Anderson; 10: Michelle Lordi; 13: 8pm $15 Bergen Catholic High School Jazz Band; 15: $15 Tanya Garzia; 16: Andy Milne Trio; 22: Yunior Terry Qrt; 23: Billy Drummond Gp; 24: $25 Sheila Jordan/ Cameron Brown. TURNING POINT CAFÉ: 468 Piermont Av. Piermont. 845359-1089. Mon: 8-11:30pm $5 adm Monday Jam by John Richmond.

PENNSYLVANIA DEER HEAD INN: 5 Main St. Delaware Water Gap, PA. 570-4242000. Sets: Sun 5-8pm, Thurs 8-11pm, Fri-Sat 7-11pm. Adm varies. Residency (R): Thurs Jam w/Bill Washer & friends. Feb 1: Matt Vashlishan Qrt; 2: Nancy & Spencer Reed w/Bill Goodwin; 3: Bill Charlap Solo; 7: R; 8: Carolyn Leonhart; 9: Paul Meyers Trio; 10: Deer Head Inn Qnt; 14: 7-9pm Nancy Reed, 911pm R; 15: Rich Jenkins & friends; 16: Paul Jost Qnt; 17: Joanie Samra; 21: R; 22: Spencer Reed Qrt; 23: Tony Maceli Qrt; 24: Bill Warfield; 25: 7:30-10:30pm Matt Vashlishan by The Water Gap Jazz Orch; 28: R.

QUEENS AIRTRAIN JAMAICA STATION: 93-02 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica. www.theairtrainjazz Thurs: 5-7pm. Feb 7: Freddy Dugard & Hit Squad feat LALA; 14: Napoleon Revels-Bey; 21: Agustin Grasso Organ Trio; 28: Doug Richardson & Urban Rebellion. DOMINIES: 34-07 30th Av. Long Island City. 718-728-1834. Sun: 9pm Keyed Up feat Trampleman. FLUSHING TOWN HALL: 137-35 Northern Blvd. Flushing. 718-463-7700. 1st Wed: 7pm $10 adm Jam w/Carol Sudhalter. Feb 1: 8pm Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks; 16: 12:302:30pm Jazz Listening Session by Ben Young; 22: 8pm Alphonso Horne & The Gotham Kings. LOUIS ARMSTRONG HOUSE MUSEUM: 3456 107th St. Corona. 718-478-8274. Sun&Sat 125pm, Tues-Fri 10am-5pm: $10 adm Guided Tours of Louis Armstrong House. The SANDWICH BAR: 33-01 Ditmars Blvd. Astoria. 718-777-1078. Tues: 7pm Keyed Up feat Sam Trapchak/Matt Smith. TERRAZA 7: 40-19 Gleane St. Elmhurst. 718-803-9602. Sun: 9:30pm-2am $7 adm Jam w/John Benitez Trio. Feb 1: 9:30-11:30pm $15 Alex Conde & Antonio Lizana; 7: 8:30-11:30pm $15 The Terraza Big Band; 8: 10pm-1am $15 Supermambo; 20: 9-11:30pm $12 Ari Hoenig Trio; 21: 9-11:30pm $12 Pedro Giraudo Tango Orch; 22: 10pm-1am $15 Festejation.

WESTCHESTER ALVIN & FRIENDS: 14 Memorial Hwy. New Rochelle. www.alvinandfriendsrestaurant. com. 914-654-6549. Sets: Sun 11:30am3:30pm Brunch; Fri 7-10:30pm; Sat 7:30continued on page 31

ANOTHER REASON TO CELEBRATE One world, one journey


Itamar Borochov, Nublu

HEN TRUMPETER ITAMAR Borochov was in third grade, he was puzzled when a teacher wanted to know what genre of music interested him. He asked, "What's genre?" The radio was always on at home, and Itamar was familiar with a sound spectrum that included Prince, Weather Report, classical, regional varieties from across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, and more. He describes his home town, Jaffa, Israel, as "a mixed city, with people of three religions living together in relative peace and relative poverty, and all of our music was extremely similar." For him, "It was just music," not an array of separate categories. Itamar's simple query—"What's genre?"—could be his mantra to this day, as evidenced by his playing and composing on his brand-new recording, Blue Nights (Laborie). "I still, internally, don't divide music into different genres." He could hear connections from the start: "It was all melding organically in me." Even amid the rich daily mix of sounds, certain discoveries made lasting impressions, such as hearing a Louis Armstrong recording of "Summertime," in first grade. Itamar muses, "I remember it as something really great, I was so drawn to it. Even his name sounded so great, like an Indian name: arm strong. I thought he must be a superhero." As a youngster, Itamar studied classical piano, and switched to guitar when his older brother Avri recruited him into his rock band. "It was like Art Blakey asked me to join the Jazz Messengers, I thought it was the greatest opportunity ever," he recalls. A fan of The Blues Brothers movie, Itamar pictured himself in the footsteps of greats like B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, and others he'd seen in the film. "Something in me recognized it as the source of the rock stuff I heard on the radio."

By Elzy Kolb

Eventually he picked up the trumpet, inspired by a growing interest in counterpoint. "I fell in love with the trumpet and it took up all of my time. I discovered jazz through the trumpet, but was already familiar with the idea through the blues," he says. "For a while, I was so into bebop and post-bop. That was all I wanted to do, all I wanted to study." Itamar traveled to the U.S. in 2003 and during a hang at Smalls met Arnie Lawrence, who became his mentor when he returned to Israel. "I was Arnie's last student, he meant a lot to me." While taking part in Betty Carter's Jazz Ahead program at Kennedy Center, "Something there made me be true to myself. Everyone's compositions were so original that I got sick of it. I thought: Let's play some standards! I just want to swing," Itamar notes. After moving to New York in 2007, "The blend came to me, to just let out whatever comes to me without thinking about it, with no divide. The rhythmic, the harmonic, the melodic—these principles are eternal—there are a lot of similarities." Listeners can hear the results of Itamar's musical journey as he celebrates the release of Blue Nights Feb. 13 at Nublu, with special guests Innov Gnawa. International ears

Brittany Anjou, (Le) Poisson Rouge

Pianist Brittany Anjou divides her time between her Brooklyn home and a longterm gig in Kuwait, where she teaches jazz theory and more to kids and adults. "The students are hungry for jazz, and want to understand theory. Any time I travel and play abroad, people are really listening, it's like you're valued more there," she says. "In Kuwait, the people are focused on the melody. At house concerts, people care in a different way" than in other locales and venues. One listener worried that Brittany's music might be too avant-garde for

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Anjou photo by Jeff Chase, Borochov by Jaka Vinsek.


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Kuwait. He urged her to stick to straightahead renderings for fear that the audience would think she didn't know the tunes. His comment inspired her "try a little gentle social work to open minds and ears" by organizing the musicians in the audience into a New York-style open improv vocal jam. The participants hesitated at first, trying to bow out because of tired voices and the like. But they soon got the hang of it and had a great time. "This is the true spirit of jazz," enthused one happy participant—the same guy who had shared his concerns earlier. Brittany has been active on the New York jazz scene since moving here from Seattle 16 years ago. Her new recording, Enamigo Reciprokataj (Origin), is her first release leading a jazz ensemble. The album title is in Esperanto, a constructed international language developed in the late 19th century by creators hoping to forge an international means of communication that could be used among people of all nationalities. Translated as "Reciprocal Love," the album's original compositions reflect Brittany's love of mainstream jazz piano giants such as McCoy Tyner, Oscar Peterson, Red Garland and Ahmad Jamal, presented from her own unique musical point of view. Stravinsky was a further inspiration for the five-movement title suite. "I care about the layout of the record, I'm not with the digital trend these days," Brittany notes with a laugh. "I only ever wanted to make a CD. It has to be 60 minutes long or people aren't getting their money's worth." She's looking forward to the release gig at (Le) Poisson Rouge on Feb. 25, with bassist Gregory Chudzik and drummer Shirazette Tinnin. "I'll focus on music from the album, I want to give the music a chance to live and breathe, to share that with people in a big way." There's a chance they’re going to mix in new music Brittany's working on in Kuwait, and possibly a vocal composition, "How Many Women Are In Your Band." In addition to English and Esperanto, Brittany knows a mix of other languages including German, Czech, Spanish, and Arabic. She could also be considered fluent in a range of musical languages in addition to jazz. "In New York, you wind up doing a million things," she notes, including working with the cult band The Shaggs. "They were the grandmothers of punk, it was such a gift to work with them." The controversial band, originally founded in 1967, was a favorite of Frank Zappa; the members continue to reunite periodically, to the delight of an extremely dedicated fan base. "You could call their music a train wreck or you could call it glorious. There's such a deep sense of belonging and community around their music. I have all the songs in my head."


Aimée photo by Noé Cugny.

Setting a standard

Cyrille Aimée, Birdland

Vocalist Cyrille Aimée knows the Great American Songbook inside and out, and by extension the Broadway repertoire that figures so prominently in the collection. The timeless compositions—a mainstay for many jazz mavens—fueled this self-described songbook super fan's desire to move to the U.S. But even with such a thorough immersion in show tunes, the France-born Cyrille didn't discover Stephen Sondheim till 2013, when she costarred in a City Center tribute concert with Broadway icon Bernadette Peters, backed by Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. Exploring Sondheim's diverse and challenging body of work delighted the singer, and on opening night at City Center, the composer sought her out to declare, "You made me laugh; you made me cry." Cyrille included his "Live Alone and Like It" on her 2018 Live album. When it came time to plan a new recording project, "I thought: Let me concentrate on this Sondheim guy," Cyrille recalls. She celebrates the result, her brand-new release, Move On: A Sondheim Adventure (Mack Avenue), at Birdland Feb. 26 through March 2. "I'm only doing what jazz has done forever—turning show tunes into standards," she says. His lyrics for West Side Story elevated Sondheim to musical theater superstar status, but his compositions have rarely reached the jazz world in recent decades; Cyrille also notes that he is not well known in France. She hopes her new recording will open ears among jazz musicians, as well as introduce Sondheim to listeners in her native land. "There's so much meat on the harmonies, on the melodies. There's so much to have fun with," she muses. "He breaks all the rules, pushes boundaries, he's so contemporary. You expect his lyrics to have a certain rhyme, but he doesn't go where you think he would go. Learning Sondheim has been a slap in the face. He woke me up. He inspires me as a songwriter." Move On came together at a time of personal and professional change, which saw Cyrille quitting her band of five years, breaking up with her boyfriend and relocating to New Orleans. She found comfort continued on page 29


By Seton Hawkins


Musicians Talk Inspirations EARING BARITONE SAXOPHONist Claire Daly in performance is always a joy. Wielding a rich and luscious tone, she brings to her playing a wonderful blend of romanticism and bite. While her exquisite sound and chops have made her a vital member of many ensembles, Claire truly shines as a bandleader, where her creativity in unusual song choices and versatile genre-crossing ideas have developed some truly innovative and fascinating projects. Through it all, Claire has made a truly compelling case for the baritone saxophone's role as a lead instrument.

The influence of Rahsaan Roland Kirk can certainly be heard in Claire's own work, in which thorough reworkings of Thelonious Monk's music can give way to heartfelt homages to Motown hits. "That inclusion of many styles that Rahsaan did opened the door to me; it showed me that you can do just about anything in a jazz context," Claire notes. That versatility and spirit of exploration is on full display Feb. 24 at Smalls Jazz Club—her first time at the club as a band leader—as Claire celebrates her birthday with a quartet performance alongside pianist Bruce Barth, bassist Marcus McLaurine and drummer Peter Grant, plus some special guests. Featuring repertoire drawn from an array of Claire's projects, the evening serves as a superb treat to current fans, and an excellent introduction to her work for newcomers. "It's a very tasty band," she notes. "It's going to be a great night of music." CD Release Events Celebrating the release of a new album, 5 Miles from Town, the Ebony Hillbillies offers a series of education activities and performances at Town Hall Feb. 6-7. Find out more about the album and shows at Pianist Matthew Shipp appears at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola Feb. 25 alongside bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Newman Taylor Baker, playing selections from the trio's latest offering, Signature. Make a reservation online at dizzys.

Claire Daly

Perhaps then it is not surprising that Claire cites the patron saint of saxophone iconoclasts—Rahsaan Roland Kirk—as an influence, singling out his 1976 masterpiece The Return of the 5000 Lb. Man as a particular inspiration. "I heard it when I was pretty young, and I was so touched by Rahsaan," she explains. "There's a lot of variety on the album that reached out to me. Rahsaan allowed himself to use pop tunes as a vehicle for himself, sure, but he put them alongside 'Giant Steps!'"

Valentine's Day Shows Vocalist Kim Nalley performs love songs at Dizzy’s on Valentine's Day, with the venue offering a special prix fixe menu for the occasion. Reserve at At Jazz Standard, listeners can celebrate the day with vocalists Tierney Sutton and Kate McGarry, performing with their respective partners Serge Merlaud and Keith Ganz. Find out more at The 92Y hosts a special Valentine's Day performance by vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater; tickets are available at Gregory Porter headlines a special show at the Beacon Theatre, with tickets online at Kitano and Birdland both host vocalists on

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FRESH TAKES ANISHA GOULD IS A COMPELling vocalist and songwriter who is V more than worthy of any music lover's attention. In addition, she is diligent about creating her own opportunities. Her quartet—with pianist Chris McCarthy, bassist Dean Torrey and drummer Jongkuk Kim— features a healthy blend of original compositions and jazz standards. On what sets apart her upcoming An Beal Bocht Café gig, Vanisha says, "I think the magic for me is the fact that this performance will be more collaborative than past shows. I'm used to composing alone and then presenting new material to the band. But I've recently discovered they have much more to offer than simply being able to deliver it beautifully. They have incredible ideas that have drastically transformed the music I put in front of them." She continues, "Besides them being easy to be around and lead, the three of them have a family-style chemistry and it transRUSSELL...

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Riccardi, the great Louis Armstrong historian, introduced us to Jo Bickhardt and Jerry Roche at the label. Dot Time had worked with Ricky releasing a series of great Armstrong live recordings from Louis Armstrong's personal archive." For Catherine's new release, Alone Together, "We were fortunate to reunite the team behind our most recent albums, including Harlem on My Mind (2016). The new album was again recorded and mixed by Katherine Miller. I was grateful to have my regular musicians and the core of my road band on this album, including Matt Munisteri (guitar, musical director), Mark Shane (piano), Tal Ronen (bass), and Mark McLean (drums), along with Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet), Evan Arntzen (reeds), and John Allred (trombone), all of whom are in my band at Birdland this month. I love recording and performing with these amazing musicians." As to how she feels about her place as a logical extension of legends like Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter, Maxine Sullivan, Ruth Brown, Etta Jones and Abbey Lincoln, she's clearly humbled at the thought. "Wow…If I'm an extension of any of these great ladies, I'm grateful. They will always be my teachers. They also represent fun music to me. In these days and


By Nick Dunston

lates through the music. They are intuitive and gentle while accompanying me, and very attentive in regard to my lyrics, making sure every word is heard."

Vanisha Gould performs at An Beal Bocht Café Feb. 6, part of the Linda's Jazz Nights series.

times—and any days and times—we can get relief from just having some fun."

Catherine Russell performs her annual Valentine's week show " Nothing But Love Songs" at Birdland Feb. 12-16.


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Valentine's Day, with Alyssa Allgood leading her quartet at Kitano, while Catherine Russell fronts a septet at Birdland. Tickets are available at and www.birdlandjazz. com. A special evening is in store at Smoke, as Paulette McWilliams and Vincent Herring pay homage to the iconic vocalsaxophone pairing of Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley. Find out more at Master vocalist Antoinette Montague hosts a Valentine's Day show at the 75 Club—check details online at www.the75club. com—while R&B crooner Bobby Harden headlines at Minton's Playhouse. Find out more at At the Iridium, living legend Marilyn Maye leads a special Valentine's Day performance. Make a reservation online at Up in Westchester, Melissa Stylianou leads a trio at the Jazz Forum; reservations are available at

B A C K S T A G E PA S S JAZZ ANECDOTE BY BILL CROW Bill Crow's books " Jazz Anecdotes" and " From Birdland to Broadway" can be found at your favorite bookstore, and at along with many interesting photos and links.

A friend of Rick Faulkner's, an older pianist, told him about a solo piano gig he was playing in a bar. A gentleman with a British accent requested a couple of fairly obscure standards. At a break, the pianist went over and started a conversation with the man, saying, "I'm surprised that you're familiar with those songs. Are you a musician?" The man answered, "Me and my mates had a band back in the UK." After he left, the waitress said, "You know who that was, right?" It was Paul McCartney. SHERMAN...

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was Mam'selle." The owner had dedicated the club to that titular song, which first appeared in the Tyrone Power film The Razor's Edge in 1947. "I always thought of it as a guy's song," Daryl says, "but I started singing it there and liked it." Another song she recently added to her repertoire is "Santa Claus Came in the Spring," with words and music by Johnny Mercer. "I sang it on Christmas day at Mezzrow," she says, "and hope to do it at the Birdland Theatre in the spring." That gig will also feature horn player Art Baron, on what was also her father's instrument, the trombone.

Daryl Sherman appears in duo with bassist Boots Maleson at Jazz at Kitano Feb. 13, and is part of Jack Kleinsinger's Highlights in Jazz 46 Anniversary Gala at Tribeca Performing Arts Center Feb. 28.

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and catharsis in the music. "The order of the songs on Move On tells the story from meeting my boyfriend through the breakup and move. I was

depressed and working on this saved me. As I got more connected, the more I felt the songs were about me, the more I was in tune with the story they told," she reveals. "That's the job of an artist—to let people in." In choosing songs for Move On, Cyrille read through several volumes of Sondheim lyrics, marking the ones she could most relate to, then repeated the process with the music. "I got so passionate about it, it's very intimate and personal." She avoided seeing any of the plays in which the tunes originated until after recording, to keep her vision pure. "I didn't look up the context, I didn't want to be influenced. I wanted to make the songs my own and turn them into standards." Arranging was challenging, as Cyrille aimed for a lyric-based focus rather than band-based sound, and wanted to vary the instrumentation to fit each song. "I wanted to take the listener for a ride." Once again, her efforts have earned the Sondheim seal of approval: Cyrille reports that after hearing the recording, the Broadway giant dropped her a note via snail mail, describing Move On as "thrilling." Her Sondheim adventure is clearly not over: Cyrille recently hit the studio to record "Losing My Mind," from his show Follies. A Moment You Missed by Fran Kaufman Hot House Contributing Photographer The jazz world is full of multitalented people, and pianist/composer/teacher Ted Rosenthal goes to the head of the class with his full-length jazz opera, Dear Eric. The project is based on letters his grandmother sent from Nazi Germany to his father. The New York City Opera produced Dear Eric in January. At the Jan.13 matinee, the audience included many jazz musicians and luminaries from the arts. Here, Ted (left) with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Matthew Rushing (center) and New York City Opera's general director, Michael Capasso.


OFIA TOSELLO KNOWS SHE WAS born to sing. "I always saw myself as S performing on a big stage," she says,

laughing as she thinks back on her early years. "When I was young, I had no concept that you had to begin somewhere. I suppose I have to thank my parents for encouraging me to the extent that I always believed that anything was possible, even though I was really just a kid in Córdoba, Argentina." She was only 8 years old when she made her professional debut, performing a full set of tangos in her hometown. Sofia's dream that she could actually be part of a fairy tale began even earlier, and she credits her niñera (babysitter) for fostering that dream. "She used to sing tangos to me while I was going to bed," Sofia says. "My mum and dad also had a profound love for all music and introduced me to jazz. As a teenager I also developed a love for American films, and I became convinced that I had to come to the United States. In fact—don't laugh—I had this dream that I would one day sing in a Disney movie. Sometimes when you make plans for life, life makes other plans for you!" After landing in New York in 1999, Sofia enrolled in City College, and the fairy tale began to become reality. She met and was mesmerized by the legendary jazz vocalist and storyteller Sheila Jordan, who told her, "Sing yourself… reach right into your musical heart and the stories will come." "And she was right," Sofia muses, recalling how her first album, Alma y Luna (Sunnyside, 2009), unfolded. On each of the songs, her voice is edgy, graceful and brimming with seduction. But she also swings hard as she digs deep into Argentine rhythms and delivers lyrics with ravishing sensuality. Thereafter Sofia made a deep dive into her South American heritage. The recording Un Instante: Homenaje a Jorge Luis


Borges (JS Records, 2012) is an unheralded classic made with Julio Santillan, on which Sofia's instrument is lustrous, sultry and precise. Her musicianship is fierce as she plumbs the expression of each word, giving every phrase a special grace. This magical artistry continued through Tangolandó (Kijada, 2012), made with her husband, guitarist and composer Yuri Juárez, on which she melded Argentine tango and Afro-Peruvian landó forms with jazz improvisation. In 2018 Sofia returned to the purest form of tango with Lluvia Fue (Chamber Tango) a celebrated independent venture produced by the Grammy Award-winning Fernando Otero, who also played piano, along with Yuri and 2018 Latin Grammywinner Pedro Giraudo on bass. Sofia's latest release is a mystical duet, Chuño (Tucumana) with percussion colorist and bombo ligüero innovator Franco Pinna, a disc to die for, one that will take Sofia to music's rarefied realm.

Sofia Tosello and Ensemble present Lluvia Fue at Joe's Pub, Feb. 1, sharing the bill with the Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet.

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11pm. Feb 1: Dinah Vero; 2: Rocky Middleton Trio; 8: The Brazilwood Trio; 9: Leslie Pintchik Trio; 16: Peter Hand Trio; 22: Victor LaGamma Trio; 23: Leslie Pintchik Trio. BEANRUNNER CAFÉ: 201 S Division & Esther St. Peekskill. 914-737-1701. Fri-Sat: 810:30pm $15 adm. Feb 1: Chico Alvarez/ Mauricio Smith w/Ran Kan Kan; 2: Jazz Sunday Collective; 9: Zem Audu Qrt; 16: Steve Sandberg Qrt; 23: Aimée Allen Qrt. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: 199N Columbus Av at E Lincoln Av. Mount Vernon. 914-636-4977. 2nd Sun: 5:15-9pm $25 adm Second Sunday Jazz series. Feb 10: Alexis Morrast. JAZZ FORUM: 1 Dixon Ln. Tarrytown. 914-6311000. Sets/ adm: Sun 4&6pm/$20; Fri-Sat 7&9:30pm. Feb 1-2: $20/25 Julius Rodriguez Qnt; 3: closed; 8-9: $20/25 Matt Wilson’s Honey & Salt; 10: Michael Weiss Trio; 14: 7pm $20 Bertoncini/Stylianou Trio; 15-16: $25/30 T.S. Monk Sxt; 17: Steve Sandberg Qrt feat Zach Brock; 22-23: $25 Justin Kauflin Qrt; 24: Mark Morganelli & The Jazz Forum All-Stars.

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