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Rouge park unique in Canada

PEACE SHATTERED FOR FAMILY Mother of murder victim Julie Crocker learns her killer, Chris Little, transferred to medium security prison BY KIM ZARZOUR

Life had been pretty good up until that day she got the call in the grocery store.

Well, not good, exactly. Life hasn’t really been good since the day, five years ago, she learned her daughter was murdered. But life had been relatively quiet until Judy Crocker’s cellphone rang,

‘Serendipity and pain’ preceded Ottawa’s declaration

May 22, as she cruised the aisles at her local supermarket. It was Victim Services. Her daughter’s murderer had been transferred from maximum security Kingston Penitentiary to Bath,

a medium security institution. The news stunned her. Why would a man, convicted of two counts of murder, sentenced to life, See ‘HE’, page 3.

BY LAND, sea or air


Driving through what will soon be a park unique in Canada, Jim Robb recalls how he first walked through its woods as a child, but really fell in love with the land while cruising its back roads on a motorbike. For the general manager of Friends of the Rouge Watershed, the federal government’s official declaration of a national park in the Rouge River valley isn’t the end of a decades-long fight, but the beginning of a huge opportunity.

Airport land He arrives at Markham’s Bob Hunter Park armed with a huge map outlining the complicated, diverse provenance of the existing lands in Rouge Park. “The reason this is here is serendipity and pain,” Mr. Robb says. Indeed, it’s the federal government’s expropriation of land for the Pickering Airport back in the 1970s that has ensured there is so much untouched land, especially in northern York Region. Decades later, the airport’s future is still uncertain, but farmSee ROUGE, page 8.


A juvenile snapping turtle suns on a rock in the Rouge River just below Toogood Pond in Toogood Pond Park in Unionville Thursday afternoon while two mallard ducks groom on nearby rocks.

check out the best of Markham inside today’s paper Farm er’ Mark s et N


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The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 2

Church scales back plans in face of tough economy BY L.H. TIFFANY HSIEH

The proposed St. Barsaumo Syriac Orthodox Church in Markham has reduced its size significantly due to economic reasons. The revised site plan, which the town’s development services committee OK’d this week, will see the church build a two-storey place of worship on a 2.7-acre parcel at the northeast corner Markham Road and Denison Street in Armadale. Since the original approval in early 2010, the congregation determined the proposal was not feasible for economic reasons,

according to a staff report. Subsequently, the church was redesigned and scaled back to about 15,000 square feet from 28,000 square feet. The revised plan includes a main sanctuary of about 4,000 square feet, church offices, classrooms for Sunday school and nursery on the first and second floors. The church’s capacity is 296 fixed seats with 142 parking spaces. Prominent features proposed include a 40-foot dome, two 60-foot minarets and a 60-foot tower.

Participate in 40th


Participation House, Markham — a project of the Cerebral Palsy Parent Council of Toronto — is celebrating its 40th anniversary June 24. Opened in 1972, the residence is one of Ontario’s major service providers for adults with multiple disabilities. It provides services through five apartment sites located in North York, Thornhill and Markham,

as well as group homes Farintosh House and Henderson House to more than 100 individuals. The celebration will feature a barbecue, entertainment and tours of Butternut Lane Residence, the day program, Snoezelen room and the physiotherapy program. The event runs 1 to 4 p.m. at 9 Butternut Lane, at 9th Line and Church Street. Visit

Do you or someone you know have a severe allergy? Get answers about ….

The Management of Anaphylaxis (Severe Allergies) Guest Speaker:

Dr. David Hummel Allergist

Date and Time:

Wednesday June 20, 2012 7 PM to 9 PM


Delta Markham Hotel, 50 East Valhalla Drive Markham, Ontario (Hwy 404 and Hwy 7)

‘He fooled everybody’, victim’s mother says From page 1.

still not admitting guilt, be sent to a less secure facility after just 2-1/2 years in maximum security? Could it be because the Kingston jail was closing? Was this a cost-saving measure? Did the murderer fool prison officials, just like he fooled them all? And she wondered, how many other lives are going to be disrupted, now that the federal government has decided to shut down the 177-year-old jail? The Crocker and the Menendez families, both from Markham, plunged into a public nightmare in 2007 when they learned that their daughters, Julie and Paula, had been brutally killed by Julie’s estranged husband, Chris Little. They felt some peace when Mr. Little was sentenced to life and sent to Kingston. Now they have reluctantly ventured back into the spotlight because they want people to know what’s happening to inmates, that transfers are going through without victim input, without advance notice to victims and without, they say, regard for the heinousness of the crime. Amendments to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act came into effect Wednesday, giving authority to provide victims, whenever possible, advance notice when inmates are transferred to minimum security. But this does not apply to other transfers, despite a recommendation by the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime. The two families want answers. Mr. Little had been in the new location for four days when Ms Crocker got the call. She was told that transfers from maximum to medium security are sometimes made to access programs and services. “Quite frankly, I don’t think he should be eligible for more programs and services. I hope he never gets out,” Ms Crocker said in an interview at her Markham home this week. “They talk about this tough-oncrime bill, and here’s a guy that’s fooled everybody and now he’s fooling the ‘prison professionals’. If they start saying ‘he’s a nice, quiet individual, does what he is told, does not give the guards any trouble’, I don’t really care. After committing two well-planned brutal murders, he deserves to be in maximum security for the rest of his life.” Paula Menendez’ twin sister, Carolina, agreed. “I’m sorry, but you don’t get points for good behavior and get to go to a more cushy jail,” she said from her home in Connecticut. “I’ll fight tooth and nail ... for my sister’s rights and for my sister’s memory.” Neither the ombudsman office nor Correctional Service Canada


Markham resident Judy Crocker is upset after being told Chris Little, the ex-husband and convicted killer of her daughter, Julie, and for the murder of Paula Menendez, has been transferred from maximum to medium security prison.

Corrections Canada sayS ...


The Corrections and Conditional Release Act allows for the disclosure of certain information to registered victims related to temporary absences, work releases, parole or statutory release. Disclosure decisions are made based on the circumstances of each individual case and in accordance with applicable laws. The decommissioning of Kingston Penitentiary, Regional Treatment Center and Leclerc Institution will begin 2013-2014 and be completed by 2014-2015. It is too early at this stage to determine specifically where the inmates will be transferred. The placement of offenders will be assessed in due course and placement done on a case-by-case basis. Public safety is the number one consideration. Factors to be taken into account include the degree of control needed to protect the public, staff, offender and the security of the institution and availability of appropriate programs and services. Corrections Canada is adding more than 2,700 accommodation spaces to existing men’s and women’s institutions, across Canada, in the coming years. With these new spaces, there is enough room to transfer the offenders.

Amendments to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, which came into effect this week, provide a positive step forward by enhancing information provided to victims and increase offender accountability, but “there is still much more to be done and further changes to be made in order to truly address a wider scope of victims’ needs and concerns in Canada,” ombudsman Sue O’Sullivan said Wednesday. The amendments respond, in part, to some recommendations made by the ombudsman in her most recent special report, Shifting the Conversation: a Look at Refocusing Canada’s Justice System to Better Meet the Needs of Victims of Crime. The amendments do not include the report’s recommendation to “provide victims with advance notification regarding all offender transfers between institutions, where possible”. The Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime is an arms-length office that helps victims to address their needs, promotes their interests and makes recommendations to the federal government on issues that negatively impact victims.

will comment on individual cases, so they can’t provide an explanation for Mr. Little’s transfer, but the Crockers think they know why. “The people who made this decision do not have an in-depth understanding of him,” Ms Crocker says. “He presented on the surface as calm, stable, a loving husband and father, all the while planning two violent murders. He is a master at repressing his feelings; he internalizes his anger and rage.” She first met Mr. Little when he took Julie to the Markham District High School prom. “We weren’t all that fussed on him

at first, but then he grew on us. When my husband died, he was very good to me. If I needed anything done, he’d be over to help. He was an important member of our family.” But then it seemed Julie outgrew him. They separated, but kept Sundays for “family day”. That’s the thing that strikes Ms Crocker most; right up until the day he killed her, everything seemed OK. Julie, Mr. Little and their two pre-school-aged children would go to church Sunday mornings, sometimes go out for a bite to eat afterwards, dinner at Ms Crocker’s house then they’d go their separate

ways for the night. But Julie had finally told him it was over. She was seeing another man, Rick Ralph, whose marriage had also ended. She tried letting him down easy, but he wasn’t taking it well. “That Sunday he murdered them, they all went to church together. He was sitting there planning what he was going to do that night.” It was cold, snowy, after midnight, when he sliced Julie’s throat and strangled Paula, Rick’s estranged wife, making it look like Paula had killed Julie then hung

herself in the Crocker’s garage. Ms Crocker, who had just buried her mother two weeks before, didn’t hear about it until the next day. She didn’t believe quiet Chris Little could have done it. She remembers sitting in the police station that night after the kids had been interviewed, telling the police officer “when you get through interviewing Chris, tell him he can come over to my place”. But when she walked through the door, the phone was ringing with news from police that he’d been charged. What followed was a blur: media photographers hiding in the trees, having to plan a funeral, dealing with family court and Children’s Aid and fighting with Mr. Little over the house and furniture. She remembers how the judge said he deserved the harshest punishment under the law. “And then to hear, after all this, that they’ve moved him!” His new home, the Bath Institution, is an “open correctional environment” that has been criticized for its “country club” conditions. About one third of Bath inmates are serving life sentences, compared to almost half of those at Kingston, according to the Corrections Canada website. Some accommodation is residential-style, allowing inmates to prepare their own meals and the facility is designed to encourage offenders to take on greater responsibilities in day-to day-life. “Maybe it’s good for people who are in for something not so serious and they’re rehabilitating them, but when somebody’s been given a 25-year sentence for two murders, who hasn’t even admitted guilt ... He’s still behind fences and barbed wire, but he deserves more.” That’s when Ms Crocker thought, it’s time to go public. She sat down and began penning letters to her MP, the ombudsman, the minister of public safety, the wardens and the prime minister. She wants to know how inmate transfers are decided. Correctional Service Canada says there have been no transfers of offenders from Kingston to any other federal correctional facility as a result of the announcement of closures. The Crockers don’t believe it. Why else would they transfer him now? Good behaviour? Officials won’t say. The families want the transfer reversed. They realize it won’t bring Julie and Paula back, but there’s some comfort knowing he will spend his life in maximum security. “I think about Julie every minute of the day,” he mother says. “They say time heals, well it doesn’t. The hardest part is when people ask me, ‘How many kids do you have?’. I always say three but then never say anything else.”

3, The Markham Economist & Sun, n n Saturday, June 16, 2012

JUSTICE: Ottawa changes rules to try to provide victims information when prisoners transferred

the varle y gal a

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Join the celebration of the Varley’s crystal anniversary and the official opening of its new permanent exhibition gallery, in honour of major donor, Mr. Wallace Joyce. This sophisticated gala evening will feature live music performances and delectable gourmet fare. $25/ticket

Markham’s Calvin Chan is the national winner of the 2012 Canada Day Poster Challenge, the federal government announced Friday. The 16-year-old’s poster was selected from among thousands of entries from across Canada for his “incredible representation” of this year’s theme — 1812: The Fight for Canada. “The hands in my poster represent all the different people whose bravery, loyalty and sacrifice helped to build the beautiful, golden country that is Canada today,” Mr. Chan said when asked to explain the meaning of his poster design. “The War of 1812 is an important milestone in Canada’s history because if we had lost, Canada would not be what it is today.” Mr. Chan’s design will become the official Celebrate Canada poster. As the national winner, he will

receive a laptop computer and spend one week in Ottawa with Encounters with Canada, Canada’s largest youth forum. From now to September, the winning poster, along with those of the 12 provincial and territorial

finalists, will be on display at the Canadian Children’s Museum at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Que. The winning posters can also be viewed at www.posterchallenge.

To order tickets, visit the gallery or contact: Francesca Dauphinais • 905-477-9511 ext. 3264 • Varley Art Gallery of Markham

216 Main Street, Unionville On L3R 2H1 |

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Markham’s Calvin Chan is the national winner of the 2012 Canada Day Poster Challenge.

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The Markham Economist & Sun, n n Saturday, June 16, 2012, 4

Teen wins national poster challenge

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5, The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012

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The Markham Economist & Sun, Saturday, June 16, 2012, 6

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Someday we’ll sell naming rights for Canada to developer

Find ways to thank students

Re: Sad to see ‘town’ gone, letter to the editor, June 9. Further to Mr. Fleishman’s eloquent lament on the disappearance of our beloved town, I wrote a similar letter in these pages in December 2006. It was about our architectural crown jewel the civic centre suddenly surrounded by hideous highrises. I thought cultural landmarks should have no structures overwhelming them but this was only the beginning. With the farm on the southeast corner gobbled up, our town centre will be almost invisible. I hadn’t been downtown in a while and was walking from Union Station to Harbourfront when I blinked twice in horror – the CN Tower had disappeared! Then I realized it was completely ringed by condos. The only space where it was somewhat visible had another condo going up. What does it say about us when we can no longer locate our sacred symbols? As our beautiful country continues to be relentlessly defaced, I have no doubt some developer will win naming rights to rename it from Canada to ‘Condoa.’

Re: Students run, walk to help expanding hospital, May 31. The $70,000 Markham-area schools raised for the Markham Stouffville Hospital expansion is just a portion of the charitable contribution our schools give to our local and international communities. Students and their families are asked to participate in and contribute to a wide variety of worthy charities — from holiday food drives to the Terry Fox Run to building schools in Africa or South America. Through 14 years of elementary and secondary education, how much has each student contributed to our community? When they walk across the school stage to receive their graduation diploma, how do we adequately say thank you? It is impossible to say thank you to everyone. However, it is possible to recognize those students who have worked the hardest and inspired us the most. It falls on us — corporations, businesses, professional groups, community organizations, alumni — to make sure students know their efforts are valued. Pick up the phone. Call your local school. Say, “I’d like to sponsor a student award. What have you got available?”

Michael Dias

Stephen Norton MARKHAM


Circulation Carrie Castaldi

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Realities of life create parenting dilemmas


arn, my daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday with a party. Don’t get me wrong, I, too, think turning 16 is a big deal. I, too, wanted to mark the milestone from teeny bopper to blossoming young woman ... with a pretty silver necklace and cake with 16 candles. But for many parents of teenagers, hosting a party means confronting the elephant in the room: Our under-age kids are drinking alcohol. It makes me nostalgic for the days when my biggest dilemma was what to put in the loot bags. I survived my son’s journey to legal drinking age by, admittedly, becoming a hypocrite: I cannot condone your drinking. But I know you’re doing it. So do it responsibly. (Don’t get drunk! Never drink and drive! Never get in a car with someone who has been drinking! Call me no matter what time it is if you need a ride home!) He never hid it from me and we talked about the issue of underage drinking many times. And, bless his heart, he never asked to have a party. When my daughter stood before

Debora Kelly me, blinking big blue eyes, I did what any loving but responsible parent would do. I agreed, with stipulations of no alcohol, a controlled guest list, adult supervision and music off by midnight. “Thanks, Mum!” was her delighted response, fingers flying over her phone’s keyboard before the words were out of my mouth. I was shocked into silence by the lack of bargaining that typically meets any firm stance I attempt. So, I bought plenty of pop and

chips and we created a dance floor in the basement family room. Was I kidding myself? I knew they would be drinking — I didn’t need to wait for the boys to arrive with their bulging knapsacks for confirmation. They actually made no attempt to hide it, but nobody got out of control. They turned the music off at 11:50 p.m., the last stragglers were gone by 12:15 a.m., no damage done, only a floor badly in need of a mop. Was I glad it was over. I’ve known many other parents who have made the same compromise that doesn’t sit well with our sense of right and wrong. Some even choose to provide alcohol to their teenagers, particularly girls, as it’s safer than relying on others. We compromise because we want to be involved in our teens’ lives and keep the doors of communication open. We supervise underage drinking in our homes because we think it’s safer and more controlled. It’s not appropriate justification, it’s just what it is. Bad parenting, some would say. I try hard to be a good parent and law-abiding citizen, so this is tough

for me — I have mixed feelings even writing about it. York Regional Police recently had to remind parents that permitting or providing alcohol to underage teens is illegal, following a spate of massive, out-of-control house parties in Georgina. Police there received 75 complaints May 1 to June 3 about noise, obnoxious behaviour and property damage related to parties attended by 50 to 100 kids. Not only can underage drinkers be fined $130, but knowingly supplying liquor to a person under 19 can come with a summons to court and fines in the thousands of dollars. Parents can only supply liquor to their underage teens in their home or “private place”, as defined by the Liquor Licence Act. Bottom line, adults are responsible for their party guests, even those of legal drinking age, and face charges of criminal negligence if someone gets drunk and is seriously injured after leaving. The day after the party, my daughter said thank you, twice — I think she knows and appreciates how I struggle with this one.

Steven Page September 6, 2012, 8 p.m. Flato Markham Theatre TICKETS: Prime $59, Regular $54, VIP $100

Steven page was a founding member, lead singer, guitarist, and a primary songwriter of the music group Barenaked Ladies. He left the band in 2009 to pursue a solo career, beginning with A Singer Must Die, a collaboration with the Toronto chamber music group Art of Time Ensemble and continuing with his latest solo release, Page One, with a sound that is immediately familiar but undeniably fresh. Page has also scored three plays for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in the last 5 years. Over his 10-album career with Barenaked Ladies, Steven Page has been blessed with myriad international awards and nominations while in the process selling over 12 million albums.

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Sponsors The Frank Scarpitti Charitable Foundation Inc.

For tickets, visit the Markham Theatre Box Office at 171 Town Centre Blvd. or call 905-305-7469 In support of

7, The Markham Economist & Sun, n n Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Evening With

The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 8

Rouge Park’s current borders porous at best From page 1.

ers continue to work the land, leased from Transport Canada. If not for that, it all might be a subdivision by now, Mr. Robb points out. You don’t have to look at Mr. Robb’s map to know the park is something entirely different than the vast wilderness sites that normally fall under Parks Canada’s purview. The park doesn’t have mountains soaring into the clouds, towering waterfalls or great stone cliffs that leave your jaw unhinged, but it has some of the most diverse ecology in the country and offers its own special opportunities, Mr. Robb says.

Following the Rouge River, it runs up from Toronto, along the border with Pickering, continuing through Markham and providing a crucial physical and ecological link between the Oak Ridges Moraine and Lake Ontario. For Parks Canada, the park has the potential to be a gateway not only to our natural heritage, but for urban residents to learn about the department’s larger holdings across Canada, especially following its 100th anniversary last year. The government’s commitment of $144 million to the park ensures you’ll soon see something different than what’s there today.

We’ve got them, you’ll want them, and they’re coming soon!


Driving around today, the park’s borders are porous at best. While much of the Toronto section is a forested valley, the area north of Steeles Avenue is much more a patchwork landscape. Hwy. 407, among other major roads, cuts through the park and the region’s Big Pipe is being tunnelled beneath it. Heritage homes, small communities and working farms are scattered throughout. All are reminders this is a park like no other.

ADD 5,000 ACRES Even Mr. Robb, who has fought to preserve the watershed for 27 years, occasionally loses track of when he’s on federal land, provincial land or is passing through some corner just outside the park borders. The government has committed to adding 5,000 acres of agricultural land at the north end, but Mr. Robb would also like to see included vast holdings on the Pickering side of the border now set aside as an agricultural preserve. So far, work between the various sectors has been positive and collaborative, nonprofit Ontario Farmland Trust policy director Matt Setzkorn says. “You’re really seeing a holistic vision of what the park is intended to be,” he says. Replacing farmers’ existing short-term leases with something more secure will lead

to greater crop diversity and more investment in the land, Mr. Setzkorn says, noting there is an incredible opportunity to protect some of the country’s best land for agriculture and as a buffer against development. He cites the recent unveiling of a new Greater Toronto Area Agricultural Action Committee plan, the intent of which is to strengthen connections between the agricultural sector and residents, as dovetailing well with the park initiative. The status quo isn’t going to cut it if everyone wants to see crowds of visitors coming to experience the park. “If you have a frayed quilt and 90 per cent of the patches are gone, it can’t take the weight of millions of people. You have to put back more of the patches or it will tear apart; the ecological fabric will rip,” Mr. Robb says. Practically speaking, that means re-forestation and finding a balance between agriculture, environmental needs and public access, he says. The government is committed to preserving agriculture and while Mr. Robb has no qualms with that, he’d like to see a return to more diverse, food-based farming instead of the industrial crops (largely soy and cattle corn) now dominating the land. “My first objective here is to protect the health of the watershed, the ecological integrity of the park and its cultural landscape heritage,” he says.

esome. made aw


Advertisers call 905-943-6100 to get on board.

Grade 4 students of Sam Chapman P.S. contemplate a milkweed plant, and learn it is planted by Friends of the Rouge Watershed to attract Monarch butterflies to Bob Hunter Park.

Evelyn Lurz, of Friends of the Rouge Watershed, leads Grade 4 students of Sam Chapman P. S. in Markham in Bob Hunter Park along 14th Avenue in Markham. See more, page 8. STAFF PHOTO/SJOERD WITTEVEEN


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9, The Markham Economist & Sun, n n Saturday, June 16, 2012

Off the beaten path

The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 10

Get digging for Seeds for Change Rapper ‘in love’ with boy’s video BY KIM ZARZOUR

A local non-profit group is challenging York Region residents to get digging — and voting — for ground-breaking change. Seeds For Change is looking for voter support to help them win $15,000 and create 2,015 gardens

CanadianAir Systems

in York Region for the 2015 Pan Am Games. The contest, Gardens for Good, will award three organic community gardening projects $15,000 to go towards empowering communities to make change from the ground up. Seeds For Change, a grassroots group that fosters community gardens, hopes to inspire residents across the region to start their own food-producing garden plots, whether they are in the family’s back yard, balcony container garden, schools, firehalls, rooftop gardens, interfaith gardens or wherever there is under-utilized land. Organizer Lynne Koss hopes the initiative will help the community learn critical life skills, share and celebrate local food, reconnect to nature, enjoy outdoor activity and help the environment. The group’s 2015 challenge has


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been made a finalist in the Nature’s Path Organic Foods contest. The winning entry will have shown a passion and vision for organic urban farming and have earned the most votes on the contest Facebook site. Prizes include technical design and production mentorship, a free organic breakfast community celebration and a donation of Nature’s Path products to help fill the pantries of a local food bank. From now until June 30, supporters can visit naturespath and add their daily vote. The 2015 challenge has already begun with the first garden plot at a Thornhill child care centre, the second at a local firehall and additional plots at a Markham group home for youth. Also planned are gardens at three York Region elementary schools, two additional community gardens, and others lined up for Richmond Hill and, through York Region Food Network, 22 plots to be added to the Newmarket community garden. A similar challenge was launched by Vancouver city council in 2006 to create 2,010 new foodproducing plots as a 2010 Olympics legacy. The city of London, England plans to add 2,012 new gardens in unused space across the capital for the 2012 summer Olympics.

your life... your life...


Rapper Nicki Minaj is in love with Markham’s Luka Mihajlovic. She said so herself in the Twitterverse this week, while posting the 10-year-old’s YouTube video of her hit single, Starships. “ok i am in love,” Ms Minaj Tweeted to Ellen DeGeneres and Perez Hiton. A Grade 4 student at Parkview Public School in Unionville, Luka submitted his clean version of Starships for a contest Ms Minaj hosted. Five winners will receive VIP tickets to one of her concerts and get to meet her. Ms Minaj’s Tweet prompted Mr. Hilton, an American blogger and TV personality, to feature Luka’s video on his website. “This kid has PIPES!” Mr. Hilton wrote. “And check out all of his HIGHlarious bloopers at the end of the clip! OBSESSED! Can’t wait to hear what else this star-in-themaking comes out with next!” Luka began singing at an early age. At 4, he would stand on top of the coffee table and perform, his mother, Monica Forti, said. Ms Forti said her son has sung at many local events such as Markham Idol and Markham’s Got Talent and recently performed with the Kindred Spirits Orchestra in a show called Broadway Kids at the Markham Theatre.

Luka Mihajlovic, a student at Parkview Public School in Unionville, plays a mean cover version of rapper Nicki Minaj’s Starships. “I love my son,” said Ms Forti, a computer engineer at IBM. “Anything he does is great for me.” Besides singing, Luka also plays the piano and has expressed interest in becoming a professional singer and actor, Ms Forti said. Contest winners have not been announced by Ms Minaj as of yesterday. However, Ms Forti said if her Luka wins, they would like to attend the rapper’s concert in Detroit next month. To check out Luka’s Starships video, go to watch?v=uPbCRCDZbMQ

Participation House Celebrates 40 years

“Being informed about my community is very important and assists me with my work.” “Being informed about my community is very important and assists me with my work. This is where I choose to live and work and I care about what is happening and will happen in this quickly growing and changing place I call home.”

your newspaper


The Board of Directors is delighted to invite you to The 40th Anniversary of Participation House, Markham! 1972 – 2012

Please join us on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at our Open House Celebration between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. (Official Program & Cake Cutting at 1:30 p.m. approx.)

at 9 Butternut Lane, Markham FESTIVITIES WILL INCLUDE: � BBQ from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. � Entertainment � Tours of 9 Butternut Lane � Official cake cutting ceremony, and lots more!

RSVP/Enquiries: (905) 294-0944 ext. 221

1, The Markham Economist & Sun, n n Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 2

New Location Grand Opening Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 From 5-8pm MainStreet Dance first opened its doors October 2001, offering a place for students to learn in an encouraging non-competitive environment. Ms. Jacqueline Gobeil (Miss Jackie) created MainStreet Dance with the vision that Every ‘Body’ Can Dance. Nurturing in her students a love for the art of dance, focus is placed on performance and exams, not winning trophies or awards. Students develop their skills and abilities as performers while gaining confidence and having fun. The studio ran for the first year out of her house and the first recital had only 15 dancers at a local community theatre. More than 10 years later the studio has grown to five rooms, three locations and showcased its 11th annual recital with over 150 students at the Markham Theatre. This year we have expanded to include our John St. Studio The new studio is over 3000 square feet, with two studios, a student room, a waiting area, air-conditioning and sprung floors. The grand opening is on Wednesday June 20th from 5-8pm and will include performances, prizes, games and more. The new studio is located at 2800 John Street Unit 6. We hope to see you there! For more information: Phone: 905-943-9009, e-mail:, web:

New and elegantly designed suites available soon UPTOWN MARKHAM, TIMES GROUP CORP’S new premier development, at Hwy. 7 and Warden Ave. RIVER PARK, Phase 1 was a tremendous success with 83% sold in a few months. It’s now under construction with completion for October 2013. Now, TIMES GROUP CORP proudly announces the continuation with Phase II, to be released soon with the high quality Phase II ‘RIVER WALK East’. 504 elegantlydesigned suites on the Rouge River Valley site located in the heart of Markham with its most exciting future growth potential! It will feature 80% 1 Bed and 1 Bed-plus and 20% 2 Bed and 2 Bed-plus suites. Their 95 floor plans are now online at Occupancy is scheduled for August 2015. With sales release to registrants end June 2012.. They expect RIVER WALK to sell out even faster than RIVER PARK!! Prices are truly competitive and UPTOWN MARKHAM is recognized as “THE BEST LOCATION TO BE”! Watch for details! The Sales Centre for RIVER WALK will open soon to the public!

COMING COMING SOON! PARKSIDE RESIDENCES ALONG THE ROUGE RIVER VALLEY Phase One of Uptown Markham – River Park -- sold out within weeks. Now Times Group Corporation proudly launches Phase Two with River Walk East. Overlooking the community’s urban park with pathways to the Rouge River Valley. Condominiums in a family-friendly master planned community. LEED® Gold energy-efficient design throughout.

Special Promotions for a limited time.

Luxury Condominium Suites from $236,000 plus parking

REGISTER TODAY! Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. E. & O.E. Rendering is artist’s concept.

AIO Financial (All in One Financial) is a Canadian corporation based in Markham, we have been mentoring and educating agents, professionals and individuals achieve real estate success in York Region and the GTA for many years. We are proud to present this once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in the distressed Florida real estate market. Resort style luxury condos available in Orlando, Jacksonville and St. Petersburg, Florida. We offer turnkey investment properties that provide regular cash flow to Canadian investors, with significant potential for capital appreciation. The properties being sold are all rented to long-term tenants. You earn income from your investment beginning on the day you close. Property prices are competitive with other regular sales prices in the communities where the properties are located, and we provide a number of valueadded services that you can’t get when you go through a local or international agent.

Learn how to take advantage of the lowest Florida Real Estate prices in a generation! Buy a condo for the price of a car!

Canadians are buying U.S properties at unprecedented rates and it’s hard to turn your back on what may be the deals of a lifetime! However, buying property in the U.S can pose all sorts of unexpected challenges and pitfalls if you do not have a professional expert to guide you throughout the full process. Learn the right way to purchase US Properties at our free information Seminar at the Downtown Markham Monte Carlo Inn at 7pm on June 27, 2012 This opportunity has been brought to you by: AIO Financial Solutions, 7393 Markham Rd, Unit 88, Markham, On L3S 0B5, tel: 416.838.7019 / 416.731.8478

ASIF KHAN & Associates

A Markham-Unionville boy at heart, Asif Khan lives, works and plays in the town he loves and grew up in since 1979. Asif states that his familiarity with the Town and it’s surrounding areas is a key in being able to provide his clients with the expertise they need in maximizing return on their real estate transactions.

On his personal time Asif is no stranger to the community. A dedicated hockey dad, he coaches 3 local hockey teams, sponsors the Markham-Stouffville Stars’ girls’ Novice B team and the Toronto Marlies of the AHL. He is an active member of many community organizations, serves on School Council and sponsors local events in and around town.

Monte Carlo Inn June 27th - 7PM 7255 Warden Ave Markham ON High Canadian Dollar + Low U.S. Real Estate Prices = The Best Time for Canadians to Invest in Florida

Topics will include: State of the Florida real estate market Auctions, short sales and foreclosures Cross-border taxation Property management considerations Finance options for Canadians Finding the best property deals Learn about HOT Florida condo investments ON SALE NOW!!!

Let Team Khan take the stress out of your next Real Estate transaction. Call today 905-888-6222 or 416-985-5426, Re/Max All-Stars Realty Inc. Asif Khan, Sales Representative Member of Re/Max Hall of Fame




Expect Exceptional

Text “Open House” to 58888 to get listing and team information We Helped 75 Families Buy and Sell Last Year


All-Stars Realty Inc. Brokerage Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

* Sales Representative


• Asif Khan & Associates - ALL your Real Estate Needs in one call: 416-985-5426 • Full service Buyer Representation • Full service Seller Representation • Investment Properties • Vacation Properties • Commercial Properties, Sales and Leasing • Property Management • Contractors • Legal Assistance • Financial Assistance & Planning • Interior Design • Home Inspections • Insurance Brokerage • Market Value Evaluations and Appraisals

905.888.6222 (DIR) 416.985.KHAN (5426)





Asif takes great pride of being recognized as one Markham-Unionville’s top Realtors. With a clear vision to provide Real Estate Solutions, as an Accredited Buyer Representative with vast experience in Commercial, Investment and Residential Real Estate, Asif’s tenure as a RE/MAX All-Star has seen him achieve many elite sales levels. His awards include the Chairman’s Club, 100% Club, Platinum, and the coveted RE/MAX Hall of Fame Awards. Asif was selected as the Canadian Realtor featured at the International RE/MAX R4 Conference in 2012, an honour he takes great pride in. By selecting service-minded teammates, Asif has put together a dream team of Realtors under

the banner TEAM KHAN. The team’s Mission is to exceed your expectations and take the stress out of your Real Estate transactions while utilizing cutting edge technology that sets the standard for today’s Real Estate Professionals.

Call to Register NOW! (416) 838-7019

3 The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012

AIO Financial Solutions

The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 4


MARKHAM! Summerhill’s nofrills

John’s nofrills

5762 Hwy. 7 / Galsworthy Dr.

8601 Warden Ave. / Hwy. 7

Leo’s nofrills 9305 Markham Rd. / 16th Ave.

Voted 1 Grocery Store #

3 Markham locations to serve you better!

Over the years that nofrills® has been in our community, it has become a trusted destination for LOW prices. The route of the nofrills® vision has always been the ability to pass on savings to customers by keeping their operating costs low while, all the time, maintaining convenient bright and clean stores and a commitment in providing exceptional fresh product. Today, the owners of our local nofrills® proudly put their names out front, from John’s nofrills® on Warden to Summerhill’s nofrills® on Hwy 7 to Leo’s nofrills® on Hwy 48. A lot has changed over three decades. That first prototype store has grown into more than 200 franchise locations across Canada. While the first stores had only a few hundred items, today’s nofrills® has thousands to choose from, including fresh produce, meat and the very popular President’s Choice®, as well as no name® line of products. But with all that has changed over the years, the nofrills® concept remains the same: Commitment to community, provide great meat and produce, and to save Customer’s money with trusted low prices. nofrills® also WON’T BE BEAT®. If you do find an item cheaper at any of their major competitors, simply show them and they will match it. And that’s why nofrills® was voted by the Readers as BEST of Markham.

K&K Dance Dreamz

K&K Dance Dreamz, under the co-direction of owners Kyla Dixon and Kim Majid, has earned a reputation for excellent training in a positive atmosphere where each student is given the attention they deserve. The “K&K” team of Kim and Kyla has been recognized time and time again by the Community, Competition Directors / Adjudicators and also by parents for bringing out the best in their students. The Directors are involved in all aspects of the studio from training the tiniest recreational beginners to the most advanced competitive students. Supported as well by their talented teachers and choreographers, Kim & Kyla are implementing their vision of establishing K&K Dance Dreamz as one of the top studios in the region. K&K offers classes for boys and girls (age 2 ½ to adult) in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Acro, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary and Song & Dance. The limited class sizes, age appropriate choreography/costuming, and outstanding organization have all contributed to the growth and success of K&K Dance Dreamz. Summer camps are available in August for Recreational and Competitive students as well as technique classes for competitive students. Register before the end of June for Fall classes and receive special discounts! Come help us celebrate our 10th anniversary! Call Kim or Kyla now to inquire, 905 201 8909.

Best Kitchens & Renovations For complete kitchen design, installation and renovations, the team at Best Kitchens & Renovations is the proven leader in this area. Before work beings, Roslyn Best, will visit your home for a consulation. During the visit, Roslyn will discuss your vision, lifestyle needs and budget. She will bring samples of materials to custom finish your new kitchen or bathroom. After the consultation a three-dimensional computerized drawing is prepared for you to visualize your new project. Clients are always impressed with her ability to provide numerous options and design alternatives to suit today’s busy

min erfor e in P

905-472-6804 or stop in for the latest design trends.

From Conception to Completion, We Service All Your Renovation Needs!




To book an appointment call




s Ed g Art

lifestyles. Best Kitchens pays attention to detail and as result most of its business is referrals. The company has been in business 21 years and has been located at 172 Bullock Dr., Unit 18 in Markham for the past 16 years. Hours are Monday to Tuesday 10 5pm, Wednesday 10 - 4pm, Thursday 12 6pm and Saturday 10 - 3pm. Other times by appointment only.

Modern Designs, Old Fashioned Service!

K&K DANCE DREAMZ INC. REGISTER NOW AND SAVE! June 19-21, 26-28 (5-8 pm) Sat. June 30 (1-4 pm)

SUMMER CAMPS Recreational Aug. 13-17 Competitive Aug. 20-24

905-201-8909 5762 Hwy 7 (One light West of Markham Rd.)


In-Home A

After t ppointments Available • Refferals Available Upon Reques

172 Bullock Drive, Unit 18, Markham


5, The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summerhill’s nofrills®

The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 6

Sunrise Senior Living Sunrise Senior Living has devoted more than 30 years in many communities to refining our resident-centered senior care and building passionate and skilled care teams who get to know our residents. Sunrise of Unionville offers care from Assisted Living to our specialized team for Memory Care, which allows our residents to age in place. That alone makes a big difference. Sunrise of Unionville is committed to providing a nurturing environment focused on preserving dignity, engaging in meaningful activities and offering ongoing support to seniors and their families. Visit Sunrise of Unionville for a personal tour today and see the difference we make in the lives of seniors! 38 Swansea Road, Markham 905-947-4566

THE TOOTH SHOPPE DENTURE CLINIC Denturist Fernando Crupi, founder of The Tooth Shoppe Denture Clinic in Markham, says; “If your denture is more than five years old it may need replacing. A lot of people think dentures will last 20 years but, on average, they are being replaced every five years or so. “Everyone is different – I’ve seen some that are 10 years old and look almost as good as new and, of course, I’ve also seen the reverse.” As we age, our mouth changes, gums shrink and bone recedes. When it comes to replacing dentures, people are understandably worried about making the transition. They’re worried new dentures may not be comfortable and they’re also

concerned about their appearance. New dentures will be designed and made taking into consideration the shape and contours of your face and mouth; the shade, shape, colour and size of the new teeth that are now suitable to your face, mouth and age. Your bite will be realigned to enable and ease eating and chewing, restoring the relationship between jaw and face. New dentures have the effect of making you look as good as possible, improving your self-esteem and confidence. “The best way to know if you need replacement dentures is to come in for a free, no-obligation exam,” says Fernando. The Tooth Shoppe Denture Clinic is located at 5990 16th Avenue, Unit 212. Call 905-471-3381 for an appointment.

Join us us for greatevents! events! Join for three two great at Sunrise of Unionville 38 Swansea Road, Markham, Ontario

th Annual FATHER’S DADAY Y BBQ 11TH11ANNUAL FATHER’S & Anniversar y Par ty ANNIVERSARY BBQ Per formance by: Mar ty Oakes Vegas Per formance Featuring & Performance by PARTY “Elvis Presley & Marilyn Munroe” Date: Sunday, June 17, 2012 Marty Oakes

Time: 11:00am—2:00pm Location: Sensor y Garden

CASINO Date: GAMES Saturday&, JVEGAS une 23,STYLE 2012 PERFORMANCE Featuring Time: 11:00am—3:00pm “Elvis LocPresley ation: Bis&troMarilyn Monroe”

Date: Sunday, June 17, 2012 Time: 11am - 2pm Location: Garden at (905) Date: Saturday, June 23, 2012 RSVPSensory to confirm 947-4566 Time: 11am - 3pm 38 Swansea Road, Markham, Ontario Location: Bistro

11th Annual FATHER’S DAY BBQ CLASSIC& CAR SHOWAn&nivBBQ ersar y Par ty

PFeaturing er formance bentertainment y: Mar ty Oakes Vegas Per formance Featuring by the Sparklettes “Elvis Presley & Marilyn Munroe” Date: Sunday, June 17, 2012 Time: 1Sunday, 1:00am—July 2:00p22, m 2012 Date: Location: Sensor y Garden Time: 11am - 2pm

Date: Saturday, June 23, 2012 Time: 11:00am—3:00pm L o c a t i o n : Bi s t r o

RSVPtoto confirm at (905) 947-4566 RSVP confirm at (905) 947-4566

Specializing In All Denture Services Including Complete & Partial Dentures, Implant Dentures, Repairs & Relines While You Wait.

Call for a FREE, No Obligation Denture Consultation

905-471-3381 NEW PATIENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! Creating Beautiful Smiles Since 1993 Denture and Implant Solutions


Fernando Crupi, DD and Associates

See us on S

5990 16th Ave., Unit 212, Markham In Plaza at Northwest Corner of 16th Ave. & Hwy. 48 (Beside Global Pet foods)

19th Ave. Farmers Market

If you are reading this Best of Markham section, chances are the famed 19th Ave. Farmers Market is now officially open for business. This area delight for all your farm fresh fruits and vegetables always opens when the strawberries are ripe and ready!

The 19th Ave. Farmers Market is a division of Top Tomato Foods who has been proudly growing fruits and vegetables in Markham since 1963 on 600+ acre farm. They are quality growers, packers and shippers of a vast majority of produce from Cauliflower to Broccoli, and are also the premier grower of Ontario Artichokes.

This family-owned and family-operated business provides home-grown, farm fresh produce to stores across Ontario and to our surrounding communities. They are happy to provide a vast selection of home grown produce such as Artichokes, Eggplants, Tomatoes, Squash, Peaches and Apples to meet all your needs – from daily consumption to preserves and winter storage.

Located at the corner of 19th Avenue and Woodbine Avenue, the 19th Ave. Farmers Market is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for your convenience and is now open with ready pick and u-pick strawberries. It runs until Halloween, when they sell their magnificent pumpkins.

For more on the 19th Ave. Farmers Market, check out Or Email farmersmarket@ or Call: 905-887-8954. Follow us on twitter @ 19thfarmmarket to find out when our product is being picked and delivered! Like us on Facebook @ 19th Avenue Farmers Market to view photos of the 2011 Season! See you at the ‘market’!

A division of Top Tomato Foods Ltd.

NEW Look! NEW Programs! Same GREAT Studio!! Voted #1 Dance Studio in Markham! Owners/Directors: Courtney Drake & Jo-Ann Ko

Farm er Mark ’s et N


Strawberries Ready Pick or U-Pick


Buy 2 Classes & Receive the 3rd Class FREE! (subject to availability, R.A.D. Ballet excluded)

All New Students receive a FREE KICKS T-shirt!! • Boys and Girls • Ages 2 and up • Beginners to Advanced • Recreational and Competitive • Professional Instructors



NEW Baby Classes!

“Tippy Toes”

Ages 12 mos-24 mos


905-887-8954 ext 2

Rd. Ave.

Elgin e dbin Woo

50 Bullock Drive Markham 905-294-2618







r Ma


Like us on : 19th Avenue Farmers Market Follow us on : 19thfarmmarket

7, The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kicks Dance Studio

Thank-you for voting KICKS the #1 Dance Studio in Markham! Studio Directors, Jo-Ann Ko and her daughter, Courtney Drake are proud of all the wonderful accomplishments the studio has achieved over the past 28 years! They pride themselves in offering quality dance classes to all students, boys and girls, recreational and competitive, from ages 3 to adult. All students have the opportunity to perform in a year end performance at the Markham Theatre! KICKS is also the “home studio” of the Toronto Raptors Jr Dance Pak! The team rehearses new routines choreographed and taught by Studio Dance Director, Courtney Drake. The Winter Olympics was a big event for the Town of Markham! They invited Courtney to choreograph a 10 min tap and percussive routine for the Olympic Torch Relay!! The studio’s foundation is built from a very talented, versatile team of dance educators, building self-esteem, confidence, musical appreciation along with teaching excellent technique. Classes are offered in mini dance, ballet, jazz, tap, acro, hip hop, musical theatre, lyrical, contemporary, technique and conditioning. KICKS prides itself in offering R.A.D. Ballet Exams, grades through to vocational, including Advanced 2! The Competitive Dance Team wins numerous awards and scholarships consistently, at both provincial and national levels!! KICKS plays an important part in the community by supporting many fundraising events. The studio has participated and performed for the Sick Kids Foundation, York Regional Police “Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day”, Markham Hospice, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Markham and Unionville BIA, and the Markham Milliken Children’s Festival to name a few. KICKS has a dance class for you...why not try a FREE class!! Dance at KICKS! Where Kids Love to DANCE!! For further information, drop by the studio or visit the website: 50 Bullock Drive, Markham 905-294-2618

The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 8


CALL US FOR A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION Unionville Office • 147 Main Street • Unionville, ON L3R 2G8

Dr. Harold Stein Dr. Albert Cheskes Dr. Raymond Stein

905.470.2020 •

The Official Laser and Eye Centre of the Toronto Blue Jays

Trinity Montessori School 9211 Woodbine Avenue, Markham 905-948-8993 • Accredited Montessori Casa Program (2 1/2 to 6 years)

Montessori Based Elementary Program (Grade 1 to 6)

• Preschool to SK • Montessori Curriculum • Morning and Afternoon Snacks provided • Math, Language, Geography, Science, Music, Art • Daily French Lesson • Phys. Ed. Program including: swimming, skating • Hot lunch available

• Enriched academic program, following both Ontario and Montessori curriculum • Excellent EQAO and Canadian Achievement Test Results • Dedicated teaching staff • Excellent teacher-student ratio • Participate in various language, math, music and art contests • Participate in prestigious Montessori Model United Nations in New York

After-School Extra-Curricular Activities including weekly Chess Program (instructed by Chess Master Michael McArthur), Dance, French, Piano, Voice, Art, Mandarin Lessons, etc. Toddler Program available

BOCHNER EYE INSTITUTE Over the past 20 years, thousands of Canadians have benefited from laser vision correction. If you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, and want to eliminate your dependency on contact lenses or eye glasses, you may want to set your sights on laser vision correction. The Bochner Eye Institute, founded in 1929, is Canada’s longest established laser centre. The LASIK procedure at the Bochner Eye Institute is performed using the most advanced, state of the art equipment, offering all-laser Custom LASIK. It is the safest, most precise laser treatment. The surgeons, Drs’ Harold Stein, Albert Cheskes and Raymond Stein are graduates of the prestigious Mayo Clinic, professors at the University of Toronto, hold the position of “chief of ophthalmology” at local hospitals and have authored numerous text books. They are amongst the first in North America to perform Laser

Eye Surgery. Together, they have 100+ years of combined experience and have performed over 250,000 Laser procedures. Drs’ Stein and Cheskes provide their patients surgical expertise you can trust The Bochner Eye Institute has 3 locations, including Main Street Unionville. Clinical staff will provide a comprehensive, no-obligation evaluation to assess candidacy, answer all your questions about laser vision correction and coordinate your treatment. The Bochner Eye Institute is the official laser and eye centre for the Toronto Blue Jays. The Bochner Eye Institute has an office located at 147 Main Street in Unionville. For more information and to set up your free consultation, call 905-470-2020. Or visit their web site at

Bheda Yoga




YOGA for 2 months

Bheda Yoga is the realization of a dream and the culmination of years of work and life experience, educational choices, tears and laughter, hard lessons learned, deep emotional pain overcome, a commitment to lifelong learning, the engagement of family and friends. “Bheda” means differentiation or difference in Sanskrit and we chose this name because we wanted to bring difference together inside a likeminded pursuit – the strengthening of body and mind. I’m thrilled to say that the vision we had of seeding and growing a community is galvanizing into a sanctuary that welcomes, strengthens and nurtures all. We’ll push you hard and we’ll work together to unearth the diamond inside you that’s willing and ready to explode with health, confidence, peace and self pride. There are two things I say regularly in class, “be your own hero” and “yoga won’t come to you, you need to come to yoga.” Both mean the same thing: no matter what you come to hot yoga to find; a healthier body, stronger mind, some inner peace, freedom from pain, new friends, a new and challenging exercise, it’s all here. Why are we the best in Markham? As one of my students said, “Bheda Yoga didn’t save my life, it GAVE me life by making a difference.”

July 1 is our 37th ANNIVERSARY!

Trinity Montessori School Kimberly H. Reflects on her years at Trinity Montessori School I really enjoyed my years at Trinity Montessori School. I joined the school at the age of 3, and stayed there for 9 years. Under my teachers’ guidance and care, I’ve grown physically, intellectually and emotionally. They not only taught me the curriculum, but supported me with any of my academic or personal struggles. Though the school is small, we still did a lot of fun activities like jogging around the neighbourhood, attending track meets, going on field trips, learning different sports at the local community center and participating in

various inter-school competitions. I even got the opportunity to attend the Montessori Model United Nations in New York a few years ago, which was an eye-opening experience. Another year, we visited the culturally-rich city of Montreal and had a wonderful time. Aside from the fun stuff, I still had to remain devoted to my studies because the curriculum was quite advanced and vigorous. However, because our class size was small, I received a lot of attention from my teachers which helped me learn better and get good results. I will miss Trinity Montessori and all the teachers there.

Gut and Psychology (GAPSTM) It was Hippocrates, thousands of years ago, who first acknowledge the link between our digestive system and our health noting that “all disease begins in the gut” and that “food be thy medicine”. Unfortunately, though our modern medical information is indeed valuable, it seems that food and nutrition as a source for healing is often overlooked and the power of food to heal, or harm, is terribly underestimated. Katalin Brown, a certified GAPSTM Practitioner and Paedeiatric Dental Hygienist, fully understands the power of food as she sees the evidence of poor nutrition clearly on the teeth of her young patients. Common oral issues, such as grinding and enamel erosion, are linked to poor nutrition and gut dysbiosis. However, with the intervention of the GAPSTM diet protocol, the effects of gut dysbiosis, in the mouth and elsewhere in the body, can successfully be reversed. Katalin, with her endless stream of energy, is helping her patients eat their way back to health by focusing on traditional whole foods that heal the gut and allow for vitality and health. Let Katalin teach you how traditional and nutritious foods can be your body’s perfect medicine.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS ): TM

What’s your gut got to do with it? What’s GAPS™? Developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, GAPSTM is a nutritional protocol which is based on the premise that a healthy gut equates to a healthy and nourished body. To achieve a healthy gut, GAPSTM focuses on eating foods that are easy to digest. This allows for the gut to rest, recover, and restore the correct balance of intestinal bacteria.

More and more area motorists and fleets managers are realizing the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance in terms of improved reliability, increased fuel economy, family safety and effects on the environment. A well maintained vehicle is safer, lasts longer and demands higher resale and trade-in value. If you have never taken your car to Sandy’s Auto Service Ltd., then the next time you need service or have a problem, go see Sandy and find out why he has earned the nickname “The Doctor”. Sandy and his wife, Sharon opened the family business in 1975. They have proudly sponsored T ball, hockey and soccer teams in the community, educated and lent guidance to their co-op students. Most customers are first impressed by the modern, comfortable reception area where fresh coffee is always on and then by the clean and well equipped service department. Customers appreciate the personalized service and attention to detail provided by Sandy’s Auto Service Ltd. For the past 36 years, Sandy has been committed to providing the best in vehicle maintenance and repairs to most makes and models. They know if they replace only what is required and make every effort to do the job right the first time, they will retain loyal customers who will be happy to refer family and friends. The shop is dedicated to honest and dependable service. Customers are always called to verify any repairs before any work commences. Honesty, fairness and respect for all customers are the foundations of the business. Our goal is to make your automotive repair experience friendly and successful. Whether it’s a simple lube, oil and filter or troubleshooting those intermittent problems that are difficult to pinpoint, Sandy’s Auto Service Ltd. can cover your needs. They perform tune-ups and diagnostics, fuel-

Interested in Learning More? Katalin Brown can help. Having trained under Dr. Natasha CampbellMcBride, Katalin is a certified GAPSTM Practitioner that is fully capable of guiding you through the diet by providing both direction and support. Katalin has prepared a seminar in which she will present the details of the GAPSTM protocol for those who are interested in learning more. You can also find a wealth of information online at

Seminar Details The event will take place at theVandorf Community Centre on September 15th and 16th.This information packed session will have keynote speakers on September 15th and cooking presentations on September 16th. Cost $285.

For info, contact Katalin at 905-841-1636, 647-267-4409 or

Sandy’s Auto Service Ltd. 176 Bullock Dr. Unit 8 Markham, Ontario












• Inspect AC Drive Belts • Test High & Low Pressures • Inspect for Leaks • Test Vent Temperatures ALL FOR • Test Cooling Fan Operation $ 95 • Inspect Cabin Filters Exp. July 31/12

• Purge & Recharge your System – parts extra.









$ Katalin enjoying some time in the sun after a GAPSTM visit with Alana and Matthew. Their big smiles a testament of their happier tummies.

injection work, expert service for 4 wheel disc brakes and anti-lock braking systems. Complete suspension services, shocks, struts, steering, M.O.T. Certification inspections and Ontario Drive Clean test and repair services. We also repair engines, transmissions, clutches & differentials. All replacement parts meet or exceed the specifications of the manufacturer to ensure new car warranty requirements are met. Sandy’s business hours are 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Weekends are reserved for the family. If you need a vehicle while yours in for repairs, we will supply you a car for the day at no expense to you, our valued customer. We also test emissions from 8:30 am to 5 pm every half hour by appointment. This way there is no waiting. You’re in and out in 20 minutes. You will receive a coupon for 25% off labour on any job for your next visit as a thank-you for bringing your car to us for emissions testing. We look forward to serving you.



How can GAPS™ help you? Here is a brief list of some of the symptoms and disorders, related to the gut, which have been overcome by the GAPSTM diet: ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, asthma, bed wetting, thrush, feeding difficulties, malnourishment, flatulence, bloating, chronic ear infections, MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes, chronic cystitis, colic, eczema, IBS, Chrohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, constipation, and diarrhea.

July 1st is our 37th Anniversary serving Markham, Unionville and Stouffville. Here are some specials to say thank you for 36 great years!


95 • Reg. $129.95



Exp. July 31/12

Exp. July 31/12

SPECIAL • Lube, Oil & Filter • Up to 5L of Quality Oil • 140 pt. Service ALL FOR JUST Inspection $ 95





Offer good for anything not already on special.

MOST CARS Exp. July 31/12

Exp. July 31/12


• Front Brake Replacement • Rear Brake Replacement

Exp. July 31/12








We can make your daily commute




• Pressure Test • Install Antifreeze • Check Belts & Hoses



Exp. July 31/12

95 + PARTS & TAX

Change all injectors, air intake plenum & service throttle body. Decarbonize internal engine. Reg. $149.95 (Pistons, valves, etc.) $ 95 reset to specs.


Exp. July 31/12 MOST CARS



and save your tires from premature wear with a 4 wheel computer balance. While it’s here, we will inspect your brakes and suspension for FREE. Steel Wheel Balance


Alum. Mag. Balance


3000 Reg. $50.00 4000 Reg. $60.00

Exp. July 31/12

9, The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012


The Markham Economist & Sun, n n Saturday, June 16, 2012, 10

Unionville Skating Club

proudly recognizes the outstanding achievements of the following skaters in Skate Canada’s STARSkate Test Stream!

Alexandra (Lexie) Recalis

Emily Teehan

Skating with the Unionville Skating Club since the age of 5, Lexie certainly has no shortage of skating achievements to her name. In 2010, Lexie achieved Quadruple Gold status in Freeskate, Dance, Skills and Interpretive skating. She is a two-time medalist at the Central Ontario Championships, taking home the bronze medal in 2010 in Jr. Silver Freeskate and a silver medal the following year in Sr. Silver Freeskate. As a testament to her achievements, Lexie was also awarded the Club’s Jean Haag Award and the 2011 Skate Canada-Central Ontario STARSkate Athlete of the Year. Lexie trains under the direction of head coach, mentor and friend, Beth Tapscott and coaches, Stephanie Klein, Brett Schrader, Danny Sorley and Mark Batka from the Richmond Training Centre. She is grateful to all of her coaches and especially to her long time friend, Makayla for their constant encouragement and support! Her years at USC will always be treasured. Lexie is an Honours student in Grade 10 at Unionville HS where she is a member of the schools’ soccer, volleyball, field hockey and track teams.

Eleven years of age at the time of her accomplishment, Emily made history at the Unionville Skating Club as the youngest skater to achieve Triple and then, Quadruple Gold status in Freeskate, Dance, Skills and Interpretive skating. Emily joined the Club at the age of 3 and inspired by CanSkate Supervisor, Janice Pickering, was quickly hooked on the sport. A Juvenile competitor in Skate Canada’s Competitive stream, Emily currently trains at both Unionville Skating Club and 8 Points Centre of Excellence under the direction of head coach, Sandra Osbaldeston and coaches, Danny Sorley and Stephanie Klein. Emily is a grade 6 student at Unionville PS where is she a member of the school’s volleyball, track & field, basketball and cross country teams. Emily is grateful to Sandy and all of her coaches, and all of the wonderful families at USC for their encouragement and support! Most of all, Emily would like to thank and congratulate her best friend, Christine.“I am so glad we are on this journey together. You make all of the hard work, the bumps and the bruises, fun that will last a lifetime!”

Makayla Stone In 2010 at the age of 13, Makayla achieved Quadruple Gold in Freeskate, Dance, Skills and Interpretive skating! She is also a proud recipient of the Unionville Skating Club’s Jean Haag Award for sportsmanship. A member of the Club for almost 15 years, Makayla is coached by Beth Tapscott, Danny Sorley and Stephanie Klein. Now a grade 10 Honours student at Bill Crothers SS, Makayla is not only a formidable competitor on the ice, but she is also a wonderful role model for up and coming skaters – continuing to volunteer her time as she has for the past 5 years, as a Program Assistant. “ Figure Skating has been a huge part of my life. My mother, who has also been my coach, is a constant source of encouragement and together we share a passion for this sport. My best friend, Lexie has always challenged and supported me and we have attained many of our goals together. I know that skating will always be part of my life, and that I will always think of USC as a second home.”

Christine Cash

Melissa Pulenzas

A member of the Unionville Skating Club since the age of 4, Christine is now the 2011 Skate Ontario Trillium silver medalist in Sr. Bronze STARSkate, a Pre-Novice competitor in Skate Canada’s Competitive stream and as of last February, a Triple Gold skater in Freeskate, Skills and Interpretive skating. Christine currently trains at both Unionville Skating Club and 8 Points Centre of Excellence under the direction of head coach Sandra Osbaldeston and coaches Danny Sorley and Judy Chantler. Her goals for the upcoming year include landing her double axel and completing her Gold dances. Christine will be graduating from William Berczy PS in June and is looking forward to new challenges at Bill Crothers SS this Fall. When not training at an ice arena, Christine can be found in an arena of a different sort - pursuing her other passion, equestrian riding! Christine would like to thank her friend, Lexie for her beautiful dress and congratulates her best friend and training buddy, Emily T. on her accomplishments!

Following in the footsteps of her two older sisters, Melissa attained her Triple Gold status earlier this year achieving Gold in Dance, Skills and Interpretive skating - making the Pulenzas family, triple “Triple Gold”! Melissa has been a member of the Unionville Skating Club for 12 years and is coached by Stephanie Klein and Danny Sorley. Complementing her singles skating, Melissa also skates on Leaside Synergy’s Junior Synchronized Skating team and hopes to represent Canada at the Junior Worlds in Helsinki, Finland in 2013. Melissa is an Honours student in Grade 10 at St. Augustine CHS and plays on the school’s rugby and field hockey teams. Never too far from an arena, Melissa is also a coach with the Town of Markham’s learn to skate program and hopes to share her love of skating with the children that she teaches. “I love to skate and this gives me the motivation needed to deal with injuries, tiredness and other setbacks that block my progress and at the same time, to keep my school marks up. I always look forward to skating.”

Sandra Stainton

Sandra Stainton, a Grade 10 Honours student at Bill Crothers SS recently attained Triple Gold in Dance, Skills and Interpretive skating. Sandra has been a member of the Unionville Skating Club for 12 years and was awarded the BMO “Spirit of Skating” for CanSkate when she was 6 years old. Sandra would like to express her warmest thanks to her supportive coaches, Sandra Osbaldeston, Danny Sorley and Stephanie Klein for their motivation and encouragement. She plans to continue working on her Freeskate tests. Sandra volunteers with the skating club as a Program Assistant with the Pre-School children and enjoys seeing their enthusiasm as they start out figure skating. Outside of the arena, Sandra finds time to enjoy playing competitive soccer.

Jennifer Yin Jennifer achieved her Triple Gold status in Dance, Skills and Interpretive skating in March 2011 and is the recipient of Unionville Skating Club’s Jean Haag and Fern Birk Awards. She was also the Club’s nominee for the Skate Canada-Central Ontario Program Assistant Award. A long-standing member of the Unionville Skating Club, Jennifer is coached by Sandra Osbaldeston, Stephanie Klein and Danny Sorley. Off the ice, Jennifer can always be relied upon to volunteer her time and energy at the many events run by the Club. “Figure skating is a huge passion of mine. I enjoy every minute I spend gliding on the ice surface. I appreciate all the contributions from my coaches and parents which have made it possible to have reached these achievements. Thanks also to all the other skaters who have inspired and motivated me, and made skating such a joy! Thanks so much to USC for all of the opportunities!!” Now 16, Jennifer is a grade 11 student at Markham District HS and is a member of the school’s volleyball and track teams.

(No cost extended care 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.)

Montessori Pre-School Summer Fun Camp, commences at 2 years of age with or without toilet training. The pre-school offers attendance 3 to 5 full days or half days per week. The program includes Montessori teaching, Sports, Music, Art, Water Splash Fun, Theme Days, and Trips and Visitors. Elementary Summer Fun Camp, for grades 1 to 8 incorporates Sports, Science, Performing Arts, Computer Craze, Art, and an Academic program of Mathematics and Language. Campers also participate in Recreational Swimming, Trips, Workshops, and Theme Days. High School Prep Camp for Grade 7 and 8 offers a morning Academic Camp including Mathematics, English, and Science, and an afternoon session of either Sports Camp or Theatre Arts Camp. Students can register for the half day program or combine the Academic Camp with either Sports Camp or Theatre Arts Camp for a full day experience. Grade 9 to 12 Full Credit Courses for Grade 9 Geography, Grade 10 Media Arts, Grade 11 World History and Environmental Science, Grade 12 Biology and Advanced Functions, and ESL. All Courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education. For more information visit

New Wave Hair Salon & Day Spa New Wave Hair Salon & Day Spa, conveniently located in historic Unionville, has been creating a ‘New You’ with their clients for more than 30 years, drawing rave review after rave review. You simply can’t have a ‘Best of Markham’ section without mentioning New Wave Hair & Day Spa! They offer exceptional service, top stylists and are committed to community efforts. The New Wave philosophy is about creating a look that is yours…that suits not only your facial features and coloring but also suits your lifestyle. Their goal is that you leave the salon looking fabulous and you can maintain your look on your own…something that is easy to manage. Their team is passionate about their profession. The Spa offers a complete range of services including facial and body treatments, hand and foot care and hair removal.

New Wave

It’s also home to the elaborate Dresscode! Dresscode puts a whole new spin on the term “one-stop shop”. Partnered with New Wave Hair Studio, the convenience of having a top salon and clothing studio under one roof is like a dream come true for busy schedules. Carrying international and Canadian designers, Dresscode is the cornerstone of Unionville’s retail fashion scene. Johana Schneider, image consultant and style guru is the visionary behind Dresscode. Johana knows women. New Wave Hair Salon & Day Spa 548 Carlton Rd., Unionville (Bridle Post Plaza) Call 905-477-5014 ( Dresscode Fashion & Accessories 905-477-5014 or e-mail: (


At Smash Kitchen and Bar, we provide an upscale casual atmosphere accompanied by comfort cuisine. We are proud to become part of the Unionville/Markham community. Please visit us for a business lunch, family get together or a night out with friends. We are open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, late night dining and Weekend Brunch. At Smash, you will always feel like you are dining in style with friendly and efficient service. Our chef and his kitchen staff prepare quality food made with the freshest ingredients. Our eclectic menu features such signature items as Coal Fired Oven Pizza, BBQ Ribs, Brick Chicken, Smash Burgers and Steak & Seafood. Our signature desserts include Smashed S’mores, Apple Smash and Homemade Mini Donuts. Enjoy The Lounge while watching the latest sports events on our flat screen TVs. Our Lounge offers our full menu and service, featuring Craft Beers on Tap & Signature Cocktails. Join us on our outdoor patio, a great place to enjoy your meal in a relaxing environment. We also have a variety of private dining rooms, each one suited to host your next company event or private function. Join us at Smash for wonderful food and our welcoming atmosphere! Smash Kitchen & Bar, 4261 Highway 7 East, Unionville, (formerly Bluestone Bistro) (905) 940220



Hair & Day Spa

NOW OPEN for Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Brunch • Coal Fired Pizzas • Smash Burgers • Donuts

• Brick Chicken • BBQ Ribs • Steak & Seafood

Outdoor Patio • Private Dining Rooms

4261 Hwy 7 East, Unionville


Hwy. 7 14th Ave.


Smash Kitchen & Bar


New Wave Hair & Day Spa 548 Carlton Road, Unit 109, Unionville (905) 477.5014 |


Come check out our hair care line from L.A. called “UNITE”. Unite is an exclusive line loved by models and actors because of its ability to transform tresses easily, quickly and to last through gruelling photo shoots! It’s fabulous for every day but the results are extraordinary for galas and proms!

Bring this ad and receive one


when you order any entree (one per table)

11, The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012

Town Centre Montessori Private Schools’ Summer Programs

The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 12

Montessori Pre-School

Private Elementary School

Private High School

Ages 2 to 6

Grades 1 to 8

Grades 9 to 12 and University Prep

Program Includes:

Program Includes:

Program Includes:

• • • •

• • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Enrolment Year Round 3 to 5 Half Days or Full Days Low Student to Teacher Ratio Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, French, Computer studies, and Orff Music program

After School Courses: Sports with Jay, Seneca Tae Kwon-Do, Creative Dance, Ballet, Whimz Animals™, Choir, Piano, Mad Science®, and more.

Enrolment Year Round 2 Teachers Per Class Grade 8 Reach Ahead High School Credit Course Homework Study Hall (4:00 to 5:00 p.m.) Instrumental Band (Grades 4 to 8) Grade 7 and 8 Overnight Trips

Extracurricular Activities: Student Activity Council, Competitive Sports Teams (SSAF), Computer Club, Tutorials, Chess Club, Sports with Jay, Seneca Tae Kwon-Do, Fine Arts, Piano, and more.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program Pre-AP Program starting in Grade 9 Small Classes 100% University Acceptance Individualized Academic Guidance ESL (International Student Program) Grade 9 Outdoor Leadership Trip Instrumental Band

Extracurricular Activities: Student Activity Council, Tutorials, House League Activities, Varsity Sports, Photography and Yearbook Clubs, School Play, International Trips, and more.

French, Computer studies, Music and Physical Education taught by Specialist Teachers

Pre-School starts at 2 years (with or without toilet training)

For more info on our High School Program:

Summer Camps and Credit Courses

Pre-School Summer Fun Camp Ages 2 to 6

Elementary Summer Fun Camp Grades 1 to 8

High School Prep Camp for Grades 7 and 8

July 3 to August 24

July 3 to August 24

July 3 to July 27

Register from 1 to 8 weeks

Register from 1 to 8 weeks

Register from 1 to 4 weeks

• • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

Morning Session: 8:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Academic Camp

3 to 5 Half Days or Full Days Montessori Program Water Splash Fun Special Theme Days Trips and Visitors After School Courses

Pre-School starts at 2 years (with or without toilet training)

Recreational Swimming Super Star Sports Computer Craze Performing Arts Fun Science Art Adventures Academics Theme Days Field Trips Special Workshops

Air Conditioned Facilities

Private High School Grades 9 to 12 Credit Courses

Sports Camp helps promote physical fitness and sharpens athletic skills. Theatre Arts Camp introduces drama and performance techniques.

July 3 to July 27

The Academic Camp is Students can register for the an ideal preparation for morning or afternoon session your secondary education. or those students looking Afternoon Session: for a full day experience can 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. combine the Academic Sports or Camp with either the Sports Theatre Arts Camp Camp or Theatre Arts Camp.

• • • • • • •

4 Week Program

Grade 9 Geography Grade 10 Media Arts Grade 11 World History Grade 11 Environmental Science Grade 12 Biology Grade 12 Advanced Functions English as a Second Language

Extended care is offered at no extra cost from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Summer Camp starts July 3rd!

Amarillo Campus – 33,000 sq ft

Main Campus – 80,000 square ft

Proudly celebrating 25 years! Pre-School to Grade 1 Amarillo Campus 76 Amarillo Avenue, Markham

Grades 2 to 12 Main Campus 155 Clayton Drive, Markham




Inserts for Sat., June 16, 2012 REAL ESTATE*

UHS ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATED ARTFULLY Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti helps unveil a commemorative bronze sculpture designed by students on Thursday at Unionville High School, part of Arts York’s 25th anniversary celebrations. Above, Kaitlin Nuecherlein puts on a dance performance. The arts-focused high school has a number of graduates who have gone on to successful careers in a variety of artistic endeavours.

To advertise in FOCUS ON BUSINESS call 905-943-6100 ����� ����

� �������� ������� ����� � � ��������� � ������������ � ����� ������� � �������������� �����

����� �������� Showroom: ��� 80 Bullock ��������� �������Dr., ���� Unit �� 5, ������� Markham ���� STAFF PHOTOS/NICK IWANYSHYN

11, The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012

AlmiraFine Furniture


To find out more about how to reach your target market and get the same great response from your flyer distributions as these customers, call us today! *Selected areas only





Stuff Dad



$100 To enter, visit our facebook page at


The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 12




0 0 0 1CASH!

Simply scan for your chance to win!

Find up to 6 more shopping bags in today’s newspaper for extra ballots!

Win a grand prize of $1000. Prize Details: How to enter: Enter by scanning the QR Code OR Enter online at:

Enter up to 6 ballots per person in our Newspaper Shopping Bag Hunt each week. Plus Up to 6 ballots in our Online Shopping Bag Hunt. Go to for full details.

You may enter up to 6 times per week. Each weekly ballot will be entered into a weekly draw for $250 cash. Each ballot will be eligible for the grand prize of $1000 cash. For full contest details go to

The Economist & Sun distribution department encouraged carriers to write about why their dads are special for a ‘bragging about dad’ Father’s Day contest. Roman won a $50 Canadian Tire gift card, while Sujha, Nicholas and Aneesa each won a Cineplex night out at the movies.

My Dad, George, is the coolest and funniest dad in the world. He is a Local 27 carpenter and he builds or fixes hospitals. He goes to work at 4 a.m. every day and even though I know he’s real tired he always finds time to help me with my route or play with me and my sister. He lets us chase him which always makes us laugh or he’ll make jokes, like when we have fish he’ll say “just for the halibut” or “Cod it out”. We are always laughing when dad’s around. On weekends when he’s doing stuff around the house, he shows me about tools and sometimes even lets me do stuff. Which is so cool.

Roman J. Dad, I have entered you in the bragging competition And I think you are the perfect competitor: You hide many talents inside of yourself That will be expressed through this song Leading our family on By working from morning ‘til dawn Dad, as support you’re always there Giving us lots of love and care We know that your street smarts can beat our book smarts Since you’ve travelled from place to place, from Asia, Europe to North America Handling the stove, seems to be one of your favourites As the second best chef in one of the most popular restaurants in Swiss We all laugh to the many jokes you play Especially the funny faces on our camera display You do not care about getting embarrassed And we all know that you just want to have fun I’ve heard the many stories of the fun times you had with me as your eldest child From the nicknames you gave, the games you played and even the bottle feeding This is for sure not enough bragging since there are thousands more As for now, I hope you enjoy the memories and know that I love you Leading our family on By working from morning ‘til dawn Dad, as support you’re always there Giving us lots of love and care.

Sujha P. My dad is the best dad in the entire land Whenever I need help with my homework he lends a hand He might not be home often but he is absolutely fine He’s adventurous like Tarzan swinging on a vine He helps me with my bike and helps me with my best sport He’s a really great dad and he never comes up short He does anything to make sure I do what is right I thank him for what he does and we are really tight.

Nicholas J. My dad is the coolest dad ever because he teaches me how to do many things. He taught me how to swim, skate, ride a bike, play tennis, and much more! He also helps me with my homework. He also is very brave. I don’t know what he isn’t scared of. He is funny because he makes funny jokes and makes me laugh. I don’t know any other person as smart as him but he is smart. He proves very reasonable points and can easily find a way to anything. Nothing is impossible for him. This is why my dad is the best.

Aneesa A.

Class EA for Regional Services for the Central Pickering Development Plan


June 12, 2012


The Study The Regional Municipality of Durham is currently undertaking a study for the provision of Regional services, including water, wastewater, transportation, transit and service facility infrastructure, to service the lands identified as the Central Pickering Development Plan (CPDP) Area. The CPDP was completed by the Province in May 2006 and requires the Region to proceed with planning the infrastructure works required for the area. In order to meet this requirement, a study is underway to meet the environmental assessment (EA) requirements, by developing a servicing plan based on environmental considerations, as well as technical and financial efficiencies. The Study consists of three projects: 1. Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (e.g. watermains, sewers, pumping stations, reservoirs); 2. Transportation (e.g. roads, bridges, cycling paths/lanes and sidewalks in Regional road rights-of-way) and Transit Infrastructure; and 3. Service facilities (e.g. works yard). The study is being conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Engineer s Association’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) document (October 2000, as amended in 2007). The Environmental Assessment for the Study will also be fulfilling the requirements of both the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). The three projects that form part of the Study must meet different Schedules under the Class EA process, as follows: 1. Schedule B – Water and wastewater infrastructure 2. & 3. Schedule C – Transportation infrastructure, and service facilities Ontario Infrastructure & Lands Corporation (OILC) Class EA OILC, formerly Ontario Realty Corp. (ORC), has landholdings within the study area; these landholdings are identified on the key map (locations are approximate). These lands may be considered for disposition (e.g., easements or transfers for the construction of infrastructure) based on the preferred solution(s) recommended in the Class EA Study. The portion of the projects proposed within OILC lands are also being assessed in accordance with the requirements of the OILC Class EA Process for Realty (Non-Electricity Projects). Public Information Centre (PIC) No. 2 All interested stakeholders are invited to provide input pertaining to the three projects. PIC No. 2 will provide an opportunity for interested stakeholders to review an evaluation of the alternatives, the recommended alternatives (alignments, sites), and next steps, and to provide feedback concerning the study. The PIC will consist of an informal drop-in centre with display boards. Representatives from both the Region of Durham and the consultant, GENIVAR, will be present to answer questions and discuss the study progression to date. Project information can be viewed on the Durham Region website,, or the City of Pickering’s Seaton Community website, DATE: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 TIME: 4 to 8 p.m. LOCATION: The Pickering Recreation Complex (Banquet Hall - West Salon), 1867 Valley Farm Rd., Pickering We are interested in hearing any comments or concerns you may have related to this Class EA. Comments will be maintained for reference throughout the project and will become part of the public record. Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Environmental Assessment Act, unless otherwise stated in the submission, any personal information such as name, address, telephone number and property location included in a submission will become part of the public record files for this matter and will be released, if requested, to any person. For further information, or if you are unable to attend the public information centre and wish to provide your comments, please contact one of the following:

Mr. Donald Yu, P. Eng. Project Manager, The Regional Municipality of Durham 605 Rossland Rd. E., Level 5, P.O. Box 623 Whitby, ON L1N 6A3 Phone: 1-800-372-1102 ext. 3567 Fax: 905-668-2051 E-mail:

Mr. John Bourrie, P. Eng. Project Manager, GENIVAR 600 Cochrane Dr., Suite 500 Markham, ON L3R 5K3 Phone: 905-475-8727 ext. 18232 Fax: 905-475-5994 E-mail:

If this information is required in an accessible format, please contact 1-800-372-1102 Ext. 3371.

The Regional Municipality of Durham Works Department 605 Rossland Rd. E., Whitby ON L1N 6A3 Telephone 905-668-4113 or 1-800-372-1102

13, The Markham Economist & Sun, n n Saturday, June 16, 2012

E&S carriers praise their dads

The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012, 14

NBA making stop in Markham next month A stop by the National Basketball Association in Markham won’t involve any NBA games being played. What the league will be bringing though, is a new marquee grassroots program known as NBA 3X. Making six stops across Canada, the Markham Civic Centre will serve as one of the stops July 13 to 15. NBA 3Xi is a free, interactive fan experience celebrating basketball and culture. In addition to a three-on-three tournament at each stop, on-court action includes basketball clinics, slam-dunk competitions, and threepoint contests. Off the court, NBA 3X will feature urban lifestyle and music elements, such as live DJs, graffiti artists and


freestyle dancers. NBA players, legends, dancers and mascots will also make appearances in select markets. “NBA3X reinforces the league’s commitment to providing Canadian players and fans alike the opportunity to showcase their basketball skills and experience the excitement of the NBA in their back yards,” Dan MacKenzie, NBA Canada vice-president and general manager said in a news release. “Basketball participation continues to grow in Canada from the beginner level all the way to the NBA, as there are a record six Canadian players currently in the NBA. With the country represented so well at elite levels, it will be fun to see what Canada’s youth players can bring to the courts.” The three-on-three event is open to players 13 and older with competitions for various gender and age group divisions. All players will receive an NBA 3X shirt and a minimum of two games refereed by an official. All divisions will be played in a double elimination format. Registration is now open at

The Markham men’s firsts though, remained winless after suffering a 24-16 loss to Waterloo County. Byron Boville and Jesse Lofthouse each recorded one try. Matt Raguseo booted two penRugby Club women’s firsts record- alty goals for Markham, now 0-3. ed their first win over the Ontario Women’s League season with a Waxers coach joins 38-7 win over the Yeoman Lions at Canada East Fletcher’s Field Saturday. Megan Gibbs scored three tries Jason Nobili has been added to for Markham, now 1-3. the Canada East coaching staff for Emily Belchos scored one try and 2012 World Junior A Challenge. booted four converts while Megan For Nobili, 38, this marks the Howatt and Lauren Cranfield each second time he has been part of had one try. the Canada East squad with the In the seconds match, the Yeo- first being last year, during which men Lions defeated Markham the team skated off with the silver 14-10. medal. Lauren Cranfield and Charity Joining Nobili on the Canada East Williams each had one try. coaching staff are head coach Greg The Markham men had the week- Walters, who is also general manend off, but the seconds recorded ager and head coach of the Georgetheir first win of the Ontario Rugby town Raiders and Sheldon Keefe, Union Marshall Division season general manager and head coach of with a 30-21 win over Waterloo the Pembroke Lumber Kings of the County at Austin Park June 2. Central Canadian Hockey League. Tony Felix, Ryan Ye, Dale FitzgerPrior to being named Waxers ald, Doug McCabe and Connor head coach, Nobili spent two seaFitzsimmons each had one try for sons as head coach of the Toronto Men tackle split Markham, now 1-2 on the season. Jr. Canadiens and one season at the Josh Madely booted one convert helm of the Oakville Blades. The Markham Irish Canadian and one penalty goal. Nobili has also spent time coach-



ing in the ECHL Prior to his time in the ECHL, Nobili was an assistant coach with the Owen Sound Attack of the OHL. The 2012 World Junior A Challenge is in Yarmouth, N.S. Nov. 5 to 11.

U15 Red girls kick up storm The Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club Red under-15 girls captured their division title at the recent Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club’s 2012 Challenge Cup Tournament with a 1-0 win over their UnionvilleMilliken Soccer Club White team. Eleanor Knight scored the game’s lone marker. In reaching the final, the Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club Reds battled their White counterparts to a 0-0 tie in their opening game. Facing Pickering in their second match, Unionville-Milliken received goals from Beauty Johnson, Aliya Romuldo, Sara Ventura and Michelle Blumberg in a 4-0 win. The Unionville-Milliken entry gained a berth in the final after defeating Cataraqui Clippers 3-0. Knight scored two goals while Katrina Giantsopoulos, the final’s Most Valuable Player, added one. — Michael Hayakawa

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Brooklea Golf and Country Club: Option 1: 65 for 18 Holes of Golf for 2 Walking and 2 Large Buckets of Range Balls (Fri, Sat, Sun & Holidays after 11am) Option 2: $72 for 18 Holes of Golf for 2 Including a Cart and 2 Large Buckets of Range Balls (Mon-Thurs) $65



$49 for 18 Holes of Golf for 2 with Power Cart and a $10 Food Voucher at Southern Pines Golf & Country Club (a $112 Value) $49

$53 for 18 Holes of Golf for 2 including Cart Valid Monday to Thursday after 11am + 2 Large Buckets of Range Balls at The Links at New England in Wasaga Beach (a $106.20 Value)


To advertise your course or for more info please call 905-727-0819 ext 224

15, The Markham Economist & Sun, ■ ■ Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Markham Economist & Sun, n n Saturday, June 16, 2012, 16

Passionate coaches pitch field hockey to youth BY MICHAEL HAYAKAWA

Canada isn’t exactly a world powerhouse in the sport of field hockey. But given time, Joseph Fernando and Louis Mendonca remain optimistic it can happen. As one means of reaching that objective, the York Region residents cited it’s imperative to get players indoctrinated into the sport at an early age. Just recently, Fernando, a Markham resident and former player who represented Sri Lanka at the Junior World Games in 1974, and Mendonca, a Thornhill resident who has coached the Canadian men’s and women’s national teams, began a program visiting York Region ele-


mentary schools to teach students about the game. Making their program debut at William Armstrong Public School, Fernando and Mendonca conducted 12 sessions as part of a physical education curriculum to Grades 7 and 8 students at the Markham school. Assisting the pair was former women’s national team goalkeeper Azelia Liu. With Fernando and Mendonca supplying the sticks, balls and goalkeepers equipment to about 80 youngsters, the program was a success, said Kelvin Lee, a physical education and homeroom teacher at the school. “It was a world-class experience like no other,” he said. “In fact, it’s an experience that would fit a university physical education class. But for intermediate classes? “All the intermediate students had the opportunity to learn a sport from Day One. Unlike ice hockey or soccer, for example, it was fair and inclusive in the sense that most of the students never played this sport before.” “It (field hockey) was an awesome experience,” said student Nicole Pahl. “Being able to learn a new sport with a national level coach was unforgettable. It was one

of the best parts of my Grade 8 year. I am very exited to join the camp this summer with Louis (Mendonca) and Azelia (Liu). “From starting with the basics, to learning awesome new tricks, the more time we spent practising, the better I got and the more fun it was. Having the opportunity to try new sports at school is fantastic, without having Mr. Lee incorporating field hockey into our gym class, I would have never tried field hockey and would not have realized what a great sport it is.” “Kids at that age like to try different things,” added Fernando. “There were a number of good athletes who took part, who play other sports, like ice hockey, but they have the tools to be good field hockey players with good hand-eye co-ordination. They even had so much fun they didn’t want to go back to class.” In launching his elementary school program, Fernando said it stemmed through a connection that he had on his Titans club team in which one of his players had a parent who taught at William Armstrong. The parent then made contact with the school’s administration and physical education department, who were enthusiastic in getting students involved. Acknowledging that not all stu-

Coach Louis Mendonca watches Grade 7 students Amanda Dilucia and Jessica Feliz practise ball control skills during a field hockey workshop at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. STAFF PHOTO/STEVE SOMERVILLE

dents will want to continue their pursuit of field hockey, Fernando felt if they can wet the appetite of just some, that would be deemed a success. “What we’re trying to do is to make inroads in the game.” “If we can get 10 per cent of that group further interested in the game to continue playing, that’s what we want,” added Mendonca. Lee also felt it’s imperative for schools to work in conjunction with community groups, such as the one run by Fernando and Mendonca. “In the big picture, it is important for our schools to work with the community groups and organi-

zations to provide an opportunity to play a great sport and to learn the skills to live lifelong healthy lifestyles,” he said. While intending to continue with their program when school resumes in the fall, Fernando said any students wanting to learn more about the game during the summer, can do so at a camp he will run with Mendonca at St. Robert Catholic High School Aug. 7 to 10. For more camp information or for any elementary schools seeking to introduce field hockey to their students, contact Fernando at 416568-8793 or e-mail him at shavit@


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