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Mark Groves 4a Woodbridge Road Moseley Village B13 8EY Birmingham Telephone: 07811 562 999 PROFILE My name is Mark Groves. I am 22 years old and have just completed my 4th year studying Marketing at Aston University. I have gained work experience in different countries and in different industries focusing on Corporate Communications, Marketing and PR for start up businesses, small business and Multinational Corporations. I am organized, thrive under pressure, and produce to deadlines. I am able to analyze and interpret data and to exercise good judgment and sound reasoning. I pride myself on my honesty and my ability to quickly learn and adapt myself to new situations.


Business Director and Co-Founders, Skrapbook Ltd, Birmingham 2010Managing Director,, Birmingham 2010Corporate Communications, Goodrich Corporation, Birmingham - 2008-2009 As part of my Degree I partook in a placement year within the corporate communications department of a Fortune 500 company working in the Aerospace and Defense industry. My responsibilities ranged from website content creation and management, planning and implementation of Advertising campaigns, event management, to working with sensitive and classified information. The job included a varied exposure to both B2B and B2C which has proven invaluable in getting a broad understanding of the functions and benefits of Marketing.

e-Marketing Assistant, Groves Studios, Hamburg, Germany — 2006 It was my responsibility to find new ways of marketing the studios Sound Branding section on the internet on a small budget. This included extensive research of competitors’ methods and outbidding them using tools such as search engine marketing. I was also a part of blogging on marketing websites globally attempting to raise awareness of the company and the services it offered. Working under my own initiative, I began to include the company on sites such as Wikipedia and other encyclopedia sites to take advantage of search result placements.

Marketing Intern, Millfield School, Street, Somerset — 2005-2006 I was apart of a team of 6 students whose responsibility it was to create a brochure for prospective students, called the “Students View”. This would be sent out to each applicant to give a view of the

school from the students’ perspective. It was my particular responsibility to do the market research for the brochure, interviewing students from different demographics, as well as briefing an external design company to the desired specifications and appearance of the brochure.

E D U C AT I O N University Aston University, Birmingham —Bsc (Hons) in Marketing, 2006-2010 Core Modules: 1st Year- Introduction to Marketing, Introduction to Management Accounting, Economic Environment of Business, Quantitative techniques, English legal method and Contract law. 2nd Year- Business Policy, E-Marketing, Marketing Psychology, Marketing Management, Services Marketing, Strategic Finance, Business to Business Marketing Final Year- Strategic Management, International Marketing, Distribution and Retailing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communications, Marketing for Non-Profit Making Organizations, Services Marketing Management, Advanced Marketing Communications

GCE A - L e v e l s Davies, Laing and Dick College, Marylebone, London, 2005 ComputingMathematics -


Millfield Senior School, Street, Somerset — 2003-2005 Business Studies- A

CXC O - L e v e l s

(Caribbean Equivalent of GCSE’s)

Belair High School, Mandeville, Jamaica, 1999-2003 English LanguageMathematicsInformation Technology- 1 English LiteratureIntegrated SciencePrinciples of BusinessCaribbean HistoryPhysics3

1 1 2 2 2 3

Please note that results range from 1-Highest to 6- lowest.


I am bilingual speaking German and English but consider English to be my first language. I have grown up around the world including countries within Europe, the United States and the Caribbean, which has allowed me to learn important interpersonal skills especially related to cultures, which has improved my ability to communicate effectively. I was chosen to be the Head of House at my boarding school in Somerset, a position which requires organizational skill, being able to handle responsibility and authority and has taught me the importance of motivation. The jobs handled included organizing events, liaising with other heads of houses, head of departments and the headmaster, negotiating discounts and time management. This position has given me the opportunity to meet business leaders such as Lord Ian MacLaurin; Chairman of Vodafone and former Chairman and Chief Executive of Tesco. I have studied computing at both A-level and O-level which has allowed me to learn and develop advanced computer and internet skills. I am very comfortable with the Microsoft Office package, Programming languages such as Visual Basic and VBA, and Image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. I am considered to be a quick learner and to have a flexible approach to changing situations. I have recently become more involved with start-up businesses, starting 2 of my own; Skrapbook and Beginners Pluck. The processes involved in starting and operating my own businesses has greatly improved my proficiency in areas such as: Accounting, HR, HMRC, Law and Insurance, Pitching and business development. These key skills, when combined with my university education have set a broad foundation to my business knowledge. _________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCES Christoph Gross-Fengels Assistant Manager, Groves Studios Isekai 20, Eppendorf, 20249 Hamburg Germany, Email: Richard Bowler Creative Director, Skrapbook Ltd Faraday Wharf, Holt Street B7 4BB Birmingham Email:

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