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DENNY MARCH - EXCERPT - "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU" Copyright 2002 Mark George ************************************************************

INT. HUMIDITY (TABLE) - NIGHT Lola sits at a small table by the kitchen door, perusing the menu. Denny walks up. He looks upset. DENNY The waiter said you changed tables. Lola looks up at him and coolly extends her hand. LOLA Hi, Denny. I’m Lola Valentine. Great to finally meet you. Denny absently shakes her hand. DENNY I asked for that table over there. By the window. LOLA Really? So did I, but as soon as I mentioned your name, he seated us here. Denny looks back at the maitre ’d. DENNY But, he said LOLA - It must be hard. A few bad starts and the fans turn on you. They lose respect. You go from the best table in the house to the one nobody wants. Next to the kitchen... The clang of pots and pans. The smell of grease and dishwater... You don’t ask for the table with the wobbly leg, Denny. It just kind of happens to you, right?

Denny’s expression is that of a shell-shocked man. He slowly sits down. Lola indicates the BASEBALL in his hand. LOLA (cheery) What’s that? Denny looks at it as if trying to remember its purpose. DENNY It’s a present. For you. It’s autographed. LOLA How nice. She sets it on the table then leans forward. LOLA What happened to you? Denny is looking around the restaurant as if he is expecting to find someone. DENNY (absently) I wish I knew. Last year I was everybody’s hero... Now I get the table by the kitchen. LOLA There are no heroes. Only disappointments. Denny turns to her. DENNY What was that? Nothing.

LOLA Let’s order.

Denny March - Excerpt - 'What Happened to You'  

Copyright 2002 Mark George ************************************************************ DENNY MARCH - EXCERPT - "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU"