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An Internet Phone Service Needs To Have Telecommuting-Friendly Features These days, a lot of people are considering remote work or telecommuting to be the trend. Picking the right tools for your virtual office is a must, such as your computer hardware, printer, and Internet phone service. Making sure that your business communication tools are virtual office-friendly is very important and you need to be wise in deciding which VoIP provider is the right for you. Here are some business Internet RingCentral phone services that could help make telecommuting less complicated: Outlook integration Some VoIP providers are providing Outlook integration with your business phone so you'll be able to view your e-mails from it. If you're working in a virtual office, you can make the most of the syncing capabilities of your Internet phone service to your other accounts so you can check them anywhere. Voicemail You must ensure that your RingCentral phone service features a voicemail function when you work remotely because you cannot be there all the time to answer your calls. So you can answer frequently asked questions from people who would contact you without wasting a lot of your time, some providers also offer auto-attendant features for your company phone. Mobile apps For anyone who's telecommuting, a business Internet telephone service's mobile app can be very useful. VoIP providers are now developing applications for Android, iOS and Blackberry phones so you can sync your call logs, make and get business calls and even send business SMS without your normal Internet powered telephone. Your smartphone can do these functions without having to use your business number. And because you only need to have your smartphone and net connection for your company phone to sync with your mobile app, you can now go anywhere and never miss a call. Call forwarding Just like voicemail, this is also an important feature. You cannot always depend on voicemail to make sure you know that there are calls from important customers, because most of them may have hanged up the phone upon hearing the welcome greeting from your voicemail. Call forwarding is needed if you need to receive a call on your private phone number or any other particular number when you're not around. Remote work means you are the only one who can get business calls, so you must make sure you answer as many important calls as you possibly can. Online fax In case you do not want your physical fax machine to take up a lot of your virtual office space, then maybe you need to subscribe to an Internet phone service provider with online fax features. This will help you save up on your paper usage, too, apart from the fact that you'll be able to use your company phone number as your fax number.

An Internet Phone Service Needs To Have Telecommuting-Friendly Features - a good phone service should also have these features that can greatly help your employ...

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