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Kiwi Ultra-Marathon Runner, Living Legend

MEET LISA TAMATI She is an interesting mix of humility, courage and inspiration By Mark Fantham

I first saw Lisa Tamati on facebook. Seeing an attractive looking Kiwi Woman in harsh desert conditions running, magnetically pulled me in to her page. “I have been running ultra marathons for about 18 years. Ultra marathons are anything longer than a marathon. My specialty is; I really like running in hot climates like deserts.” Lisa also goes on to say, “I am not a fast runner but I can handle running in the heat (55 degrees C). For me I am not about the win – I am about pushing myself to the limit. It’s about the journey. A journey of self-discovery.” People say to me “…but isn’t it hard?” and my reaction is… “isn’t everything worth achieving hard?”

Lisa adds, “I love the feeling of achievement. The feeling stays with me.” “I have raced in the: Moroccan Desert x2 Tunisian Desert Sahara Desert Arabian Desert Western Desert Libyan Desert Nikers Desert Jordanian Desert Agobe Desert Death Valley x2 Outback of Australia x2 Also raced in Switzerland Austria, Hungry and England. Ran the length of New Zealand (52


marathons in 42 days) The last 3 years I have been running in the Himalayas. I had a failed attempt at a World Record this year at the World’s Highest Marathon from 400 metres above Everest Base Camp and was to go over Chola Pass, when I got a chest infection at altitude. I listened to some good advice and opted out due to the life threatening conditions. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy and have always been involved in adventure sport. I just love being out in the wild environment, pushing the limits.” Lisa has also found time to write 2 books:

THOUGHTS FROM THE EDITOR In the next few pages you’ll discover some self-care secrets that are not widely known or promoted. Secrets that you can use right now to look good and feel younger. True inner beauty is a function of the food you eat, the exercise you get, the thoughts that you think, and the quality of your sleep. It has really helped me in my life to take advice from the right people. The following are experts in their field and are worth listening to - Aroha nui Mark Fantham





GUIDE CONTENTS 03 – Your Personal Beauty & Wellness Plan based on Your Own DNA Ancient Beauty Secrets for Beginners

05 – What is Teeth Whitening? And How Does it Work?

07 – Fuel Your Mind & Body with 1 Pot Hainanese Chicken Rice Cooking at Home Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated



09 – Off the Pills and On with Life!

21 – Why Women like Jewellery So Much

6 Tips to Deal with Life’s Bumps

A Passion for Opals and Natural NZ Paua Pearls

11 – Non–Surgical Tummy Tuck in 5 Minutes

23 – “C’mon, be a Man!” What Women Can Learn from Men about Style

How to Pick the Right Shapewear

The Key Difference Between Men and Women

13 – Relief from Deep Tension & Pain through Craniosacral Therapy Access Your Body’s Natural Balance and Beauty

25 – Top NZ Model about Combining Food to Increase Wellness Strength and Vitality Interview with Luna Rioumina

15 – Your Breathing Changes in Response to Stress, make sure You Change it Back 2 Tips to Restoring Breath & Health

17 – How Louise got Rid of her Anger Problem, using Homeopathy All About Louise

19 – What’s a Life Coach? And can She Really Help You Get what You want our of Life?



YOUR PERSONAL BEAUTY & WELLNESS PLAN BASED ON YOUR OWN DNA Ancient Beauty Secrets for Beginners By Mark Fantham & Rippan Ajit - Auckland

You may know your star sign or your blood type, but do you know your Dosha?

skin, mind or body react the way they do, we need to look beyond what you see in the mirror.

Understanding the concept of Ayurveda will have a major pay off. Because, if you know your Dosha (your unique genetic blueprint) then its easy to select the right health strategy for yourself.

Your Dosha should determine ‘How and ‘What’ treatment you use.

‘Know thyself’ …is good advice, however when it comes to health and beauty issues, I would understand if you are confused.

Then you can focus on what the actual problem is and not on the symptom. There will be a reason why you have dry or oily skin, and you need to find out.

When you see a break out here, a fine line there, a new crop of grey hairs… you can easily loose sight of the root cause of your beauty woes.

Ayurveda self-discovery starts with determining which of the 3 Dosha or Mind/Body types you are:

According to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, to truly understand why your 3

1. 2. 3.

Vata Pitta Kapha


Everybody is born with a combination of these 3 Dosha’s. They express particular patterns of energy - unique blends of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics.

size fits all approach’ because what works for one person, may not work for another.”

Spa Ayurda use their own skin care range called ‘Ayurda’ which is already catching attention in overseas market.

Each Dosha corresponds to a natural element, but one typically governs emotional and physical make up. In modern terms we speak of this blue print as your inherited genetic code or DNA, a constant factor that does not change throughout your life.

Ayurda is pure and intelligent Ayurvedic Skin Care that beautifully balances and nurtures an individual’s unique skin. Ayurda skincare promotes wellbeing at the deepest level while achieving beautiful skin and preventing the effects of premature aging… naturally.

According to Ayurveda “Beauty and Wellbeing is as unique as the individual herself.” Knowing your Dosha, and choosing your strategy will give you a chance to achieve your true genetic potential.

Thinking of some self-love? Or maybe you want the complete Ayurda experience? Try Spa Ayurda and learn about your unique body type.

Luckily, you don’t have to figure this all out by yourself. Because down at Spa Ayurda on Ponsonby Road, they have already done this for you. They are the only wellness spa I know of, whose philosophy is based on Ayurvedic Principles. Which means you get an individualised and customised approach, just for you. Rippan of Spa Ayurda further explains, “When treatments are designed specifically for your unique make up, they have a much deeper impact. Each treatment offers a skin to soul experience. We do not advocate a ‘one

Find your Dosha and spend less time treating your regular beauty concerns and more time restoring the overall harmony and balance of your skin, hair and body.

Mention this article and receive 20% off, on any 1 hour (or more) treatment available at Spa Ayurda. Rippan Ajit 0800 55 3434



INCREASE YOUR JOB PROSPECTS & YOUR INTIMATE MOMENTS WITH A BRAND NEW SMILE 4 Secret Tips on How to Keep an Enduring Bright Smile By Mark Fantham - Auckland

99.7% of all adults believe that a smile is an important social asset. 96% say that an attractive smile makes a person more sexually appealing. 74% believe that having an unattractive smile can hurt your career chances. And when surveyed about what they would like to change about their smile, most said they would like to have whiter and brighter teeth, (according to a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists.) So if you are not confident about your smile, whitening could be your first step to getting more intimacy and 5

better career prospects. When we age the enamel on our teeth, which is usually clear, becomes stained through food, drink, smoking and some medications. That is why a whiter smile makes you look more youthful and desirable. Superficial stains can be dealt with by a clean from a dentist. However, deeper discolouration is going to need a whitening process from a Registered Aesthetician. Oscar a professional himself, decided to invest in his smile... “I decided to go ahead with this because I wanted to increase my confidence at work and in social


situations. It’s important to me to feel and communicate confidence in my job as people rely on me.”

light abrasive and friendly to your gums and teeth. A couple of times a week should be good.

Oscar goes on to explain, “I was a little apprehensive at first because I thought it might hurt. There was a little sensitivity to begin with, but it went away when the 3 in 1 Patented Gel started to work.

If you think that your career prospects need a boost, or you would like to catch up on the intimate moments you have been missing out on, call a Registered Aesthetician and invest in your social leverage, through a brand new smile.

I am sooooo pleased with the results; my teeth are whiter and brighter without looking contrived or unnatural. I would easily do it done again if I needed to and I probably will in the future. After the process, Lovely Smile Tooth Whitening Registered Aesthetician JJ gave me some secret tips on keeping my new look.”

4 Secret Tips for an Enduring Bright Smile 1 - Rinse: Foods like coffee, curry, beetroot etc, will slowly darken your teeth – however, if you rinse after a meal this will typically halt that – this is my #1 strategy.

Prices start at $169 K Joshi (JJ) 0508 568 359



2 - Keep your gums healthy with flossing. If you don’t floss your gums will become diseased and you will have trouble keeping your teeth in your head let alone keeping them bright 3 - Strawberries are the best food for keeping your teeth white 4 - Brush with Baking Soda – this is a AUCKLAND WOMANS HEALTH & BEAUTY GUIDE


FUEL YOUR MIND & BODY WITH 1 POT HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE Cooking at home does not need to be too complicated By Shiryn Thein, Malaysian Cooking Coach - Auckland

Cooking at home does not need to be too complicated. All it needs is a bit of planning and knowing some basic cooking techniques. To me cooking at home is the most nourishing way to eat because then you know exactly what went into your meal. Cooking with fresh ingredients and in season produce gives the best result. I came up with Serai Kitchen to teach Malaysian food that can be easily replicated at home. I teach the ingredients that go into the dishes then the steps on how to cook it.

As summer is upon us, I would like to share one refreshing yet simple recipe. This is a perfect picnic meal to take with you and also to impress your friends. Here is a short cut recipe of cooking Hainanese Chicken rice. It can be prepared and ready to eat in about 45 minutes. But with a bit of practice you can complete the dish in about half an hour.

Malaysian dishes use a lot of spices and it is important to know the types and properties of the ingredients, as it’s easy to overpower the dish with some spices.



Serves 2 Time: 45 minutes

Ingredients 4 chicken thighs 2 cups of jasmine long grain rice 2 1/2 - 3 cups of water 1 cucumber, sliced 1 bunch of fresh coriander, sliced 2 fresh chilles 6 cloves of garlic, chopped 1 cms thick of fresh ginger, julienne 1 lemon 5 tablespoon of canola oil Salt to taste

Method Clean the chicken thighs, rub with salt and set aside. Wash the rice until the water is clear. This will take about 4 washes. The reason is to wash away the starch and clean the rice. It is easier to cook this in a rice cooker. If not please use a non-stick pot. Heat the pot with some oil. Once the oil is hot add half of the chopped garlic and half of the julienne ginger. Fry till fragrant than add the washed rice. Stir the rice until well coated with oil. Place the chicken thighs on top of the rice. Slowly pour cold water onto the rice, enough to almost cover the chicken. While the chicken is cooking some stock/juice will be released and this extra stock/juice will cook the rice. So

you don’t need the full 3 cups to cook the rice. But, check if you need more as you go. Before covering the pot, place the remaining julienne ginger onto the chicken, then cover. While the rice and chicken is cooking, it is time to prepare the fresh chilli sauce. Mince the 2 fresh chillies with the remaining garlic, add the juice of half a lemon, and add a pinch of salt to taste. It is important that the chicken is cooked before serving. To check that the chicken is cooked, pierce to see if there is any blood, if there is than it still needs more cooking. Serve the chicken rice onto a plate and garnish with sliced cucumber and coriander as in the picture above. The chilli sauce will be on the side. If you are interested in learning more simple Malaysian dishes that you can easily cook at home, Serai Kitchen is promoting 30% off the normal $79 to either the Curry class or Noodles class. Email me at and mention this article. Shiryn Thein 021 276 3468



OFF THE PILLS, AND ON WITH LIFE 6 Tips To Deal With Lifes Bumps By Raewyn James, Personal Trainer Auckland

Last year it finally dawned on me – I was living to work. Surely I was supposed to be working to live? I was sandwiched between a demanding job, and the needs of my family. I loved my job but I was exhausted and felt that I was no longer giving it my best. Throw in a few life hazards such as Menopause, sick parents and a dose of empty-nest syndrome, and I was suddenly barely coping. At aged 52 I found myself on pills. With remarkably little consultation, Doctors had given me prescriptions for depression and anxiety, pills for menopause, migraine pills, and I won’t start on the ‘healthy supplements’ that I popped each day! I was basically a healthy middle-aged female, yet I was strung like a piano wire and living on pills! I stopped and tried to work out when 9

I had been ‘truly happy’ that year. There was a definite pattern to my best moments – and none of them were at work. I had been happiest when outside doing something physical, when I was helping someone and when I was out of my comfort zone. So surely it was a ‘logical step’ to quit my job and enrol in a ‘Personal Trainers’ course?! Working with gorgeous fit young Trainers in their 20’s certainly took me out of my comfort zone! But it was wonderful to finally put the years of exercise practice into a knowledgeable framework and put health first in my life. Sure enough, as my fitness increased, my stress levels started dropping (along with that little excess weight) until I was finally off the pills.


I still have to watch for the insidious creep of depression, but I now recognise that these are times when I must get outside into the fresh air, and do something physical. Don’t get me wrong, pills are vital for serious illness. But I strongly suspect, that there are many of us with minor issues being dosed unnecessarily. According to the Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Researchers, nearly 70% of Americans are on at least 1 prescription drug per day and more than half of the population takes 2 or more pills. Nearly 1 in 4 women aged 50 – 64 are on an antidepressant. I fear New Zealand women are not far behind. Rather than pop the pills, consider trying some of these 6 steps: 1. Don’t be afraid to be alone. Take time to nurture yourself. (Instead of TV, try a course, learn a new skill, read thought-provoking books, get creative and crafty, meet new people). 2. Examine your lifestyle balance. Have a plan and prioritise. Actually book in your exercise time – you will cope better with everything else if you do. 3. Plan an adventure that takes you out of your usual routine. (Climb a flippin’ great hill, camp out overnight and use a long-drop)

4. Above all, get outside and catch some serious Vitamin D. Reconnect with nature and the simple things. 5. Foster good friendships and let them see that you are imperfect, but loveable. Laugh! Be wary of the cynical or negative people that drag you down. 6. Above all - exercise! All those endorphins from the exercise buzz really do lower your stress hormones and help you to deal with life’s bumps. I am now working as a Personal Trainer and I love helping clients to make change happen. I am passionate about the role of exercise and the importance of health, as we age. Who wants to live long and old if we don’t have the strength to have some fun? Being middle aged myself, I know what a challenge it is to approach gyms, and I also know how hard it is to be trained by the young and perfect. So I have started a small private Studio, with a not-so-perfect Trainer! Through gradual change to diet and exercise, my clients form new lifestyle habits that they can maintain. I encourage my Clients to live fully in the present, without the pills! Raewyn James 0210 236 1585



NON–SURGICAL TUMMY TUCK IN 5 MINUTES How to Pick the Right Shapewear By Lorraine West, Shapewear and Swimwear Specialist - Auckland

It’s been a celebrity secret for years, keeping A-listers looking firm, smooth and red carpet ready at all times… but now in just one simple step you can look and feel your very best.

target different areas and different problems.” There is not one miracle item that solves everyone’s problem areas – we have an online guide that helps identify your area and your degree of firmness required which helps point you to the right product. Your store consultant can also help you.

Shapewear is an essential product for every woman’s wardrobe, giving you a sleek and sexy figure, whilst smoothing out those lumps and bumps, eliminating panty lines and giving you that extra boost of confidence. NG_MUFFIN_S&C_Stand_600x1270.indd 1

27/11/13 9:16 AM

“We hear from women all the time that tell us the tummy and hips are the areas that they are most unhappy with” explains Nancy Ganz head designer, Janine Anggara. Anggara also goes on to say, “There are a wide variety of shaping solutions that 11

There are also styles suited to different outfits, like Strapless and Bodycon dressing. Invest in good quality shapewear that will last. It’s really a quick and easy fix. A non-surgical tummy tuck! Anggara notes, “The average size today is a 14, and 10 years ago it was a 12. Nancy Ganz helps women feel great about themselves. It smooths, it


controls, and so it doesn't really matter if you are a size 8 or a 16, everyone needs a little bit of confidence.”

3. Shapewear is a wardrobe investment so choose wisely, get professionally fitted and buy pieces, which target the area’s where you need some extra help. 4. Shapewear is also available in cotton - so your skin breathes and it is cooler to wear. 5. Shapewear is constantly evolving with laser cut edging and cotton fabrics, so update your shapewear wardrobe every season, to ensure you have the smoothest silhouette in town. 6. Buy the correct size - shapewear should be snug but you should also be able to breathe - Don’t down size, that is a Myth - buy your dress size. 7. Get into your shapewear by stepping into it and pulling up, otherwise you could be stuck in the change room for hours!

Janine shares her top tips for picking the right Shapewear 1. Banish the thoughts of Granny undies - Go for new shapewear innovations featuring luxurious lace and satin look fabrications for a sexier feel in your shapewear. 2. The hottest shapewear piece for the party season is the underbust slip dress, which allows you to wear your own bra and is available in nude and black.

8. Get beach ready with Shaping Swimwear, yes you can now get the same results in Swimwear. By choosing wisely, and using support underwear to its best effect, you really can look younger, feel fitter, and give off a confident image. Lorraine West 09 215 2368



RELIEF FROM DEEP TENSION & PAIN WITH CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Access Your Body’s Natural Balance and Beauty Interview with Sandra Lundgren-Tennant, Craniosacral Therapist - Auckland

1. What is (Biodynamic) Craniosacral Therapy or CST as it is sometimes called?

our brain and spinal cord and it’s surrounding fluid that is referred to as the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid protects and supports the cord and the brain, from any damage, which can have an impact on the rest of your body.

Because the body is a completely integrated system, physical trauma can lead to emotional dysfunction, just as emotional trauma can lead to physical ailments.

In your daily life you experience stress on different levels. Stress has the effect of tightening your tissues and nervous system, which can then create disruptions, which have a detrimental impact on our health and wellbeing.

These dysfunctions in the body can appear immediately or it can take years to manifest, you may have forgotten about an incident… however, the memory of this event can be held in the body tissue and prevent the physical healing process.

Disruptions can manifest in many different ways, such as pain, migraine, insomnia, fatigue, emotional anxiety and an abundance of other physical and emotional problems.

The central nervous system includes 13


2. How long have you been practising Craniosacral Therapy? Since 2009

3. Why did you choose to do Craniosacral Therapy? I was introduced to CST when my daughter started to walk and she happened to fall over quite often and hit her head. It helped to release the pressure around the head and she was more settled and confident after that. I decided to try CST myself and I had a great experience with a range of changes, first on a physical level. I also had no more problems and pain in my knees or lower back that was restricting me from certain outdoor activities. At the same time I noticed how my digestive system started to function better and my food sensitivity settled. It also helped me to feel calmer within myself.

4. What types of illnesses should people come and see you about?

pain and discomfort from restricted movement. CST can reduce stress in daily life that is affecting your sleep, your ability to think clearly and your decision-making ability.

5. Of all the therapy choices a person has, why should they come and see you for CST? In most cases we have all experienced to a level, emotional stresses and physical complaints. Not only do these hold us back, but they also keep us from living our full potential in life. These stressors will also have an affect on how we look, our energy levels and our posture. Working with CST allows a person to access their natural balance and beauty. I would say that CST could be the top therapy to improve a person’s self-awareness and self worth. Sandra Lundgren-Tennant 021 100 5709

This therapy is very gentle and therefore it is suitable for people of any age. There is a wide range of things CST can help with, to minimize and relieve any AUCKLAND WOMANS HEALTH & BEAUTY GUIDE


YOUR BREATHING CHANGES IN RESPONSE TO STRESS - MAKE SURE TO CHANGE IT BACK 2 Tips to Restoring Breath and Health Pilar Cerezo Gomez, BradCliff® Practitioner and Physiotherapist (NZRPT) - Auckland

Breathing is one of the essential body functions. It happens day and night in a rhythmic motion bringing oxygen into your lungs and body and then it takes away carbon dioxide and in so doing allowing the body to work efficiently. Breathing happens naturally, spontaneously and normally we give little thought to this important function… Yet this beautiful and simple process, which is essential for life, can be easily upset. We experience many different emotions during the course of a day. Happiness, excitement, sadness, fear… each one of 15

these has the potential to change our breathing pattern. Whilst most of the time we are able to revert to a normal pattern, stress and our busy lives can interfere with this. Normal breathing rate is between 10 to 14 breaths per minute. Any higher we risk upsetting the fine balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Disrupting this balance results in Hyperventilation or Breathing Pattern Disorders (BPD). In New Zealand it is estimated that 1 in 10 people may suffer from it, whilst figures in Europe show that as many as 40% of patients sitting in a


GP waiting room maybe suffering from the effect of Hyperventilation, which symptoms can include: Poor concentration Dizzy spells* Fatigue Upset stomach Sleep disruption Muscle and joint pain Racing heart* Chest pains* Feeling confused *if you experience any of these talk to your doctor The moment that you start thinking about your breathing, your breathing pattern will change. However, to make longer lasting changes that will be beneficial, you may need help from a professional who can guide you through the process.

2 Tips to Restoring Breath and Health

chin in. Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Bring your focus to your nostrils. Feel the air coming in and out of your nostrils. Follow the air as it travels through your nose, throat and into your lungs. Feel your belly expand as the air fills your lungs and contract as the air leaves your lungs. Watch this process over the next few minutes. Did you find this helpful? Would you like some more help?

Call me to make an appointment for a 1st consultation and a follow up and receive a 20% discount. Pilar Cerezo Gomez 021 0475 427

1 Most people experiencing Breathing Pattern Disorders will have too much air in their chest and will need to create space for fresh air to come in. Try: If in Doubt Breath Out 2 Becoming aware of the physical process of healthy breathing is the first step in changing your pattern and re-establishing the balance. Try: Breathing Awareness: Sit in a quiet place with your back straight and feet supported. Rest your hands in your lap and gently tuck your AUCKLAND WOMANS HEALTH & BEAUTY GUIDE


HOW LOUISE GOT RID OF HER ANGER PROBLEM USING HOMEOPATHY Understanding Homeopathy By Trudi Gourdie, Homeopath - Auckland

Louise* a vivacious and attractive woman in her early 30s, came to see me for help with her anger issues. Louise was married with two young sons and had recently embarked upon further study. Louise was adopted soon after birth by loving and supportive parents and brought up in a very different culture from that which she was born into. She was subjected to racism throughout her younger life. Coming from two cultures, she often felt misunderstood throughout her life. She felt frustrated and irritable that her voice was not heard, by those close to her.


She related her ready frustration and anger to the rejection associated with her adoption and found herself very quick to anger, easily exploding with fear of entering into a fight especially in situations where she perceived it to be unjust. Louise felt hypersensitive to other people’s energies and held onto what other’s said about her. She liked to help people, particularly children whom she viewed as in need of protection. Louise was also sensitive to noise, and had a fear of running waterways and of being deserted. She was a very light sleeper and had very vivid and disturbing dreams often concerning death and disaster, which were sometimes prophetic.


A person of high energy, Louise needed to exercise regularly to avoid feeling irritable. She liked the house to be tidy. She particularly enjoyed dancing. Her relationship with food she described as being good but she had a severe milk allergy and sensitivity to sugar.

as are oversensitivity to criticism and protection of children.

She was chronically constipated and suffered from eczema until she was 20 years old when she made the connection between milk and the skin eruption. Subsequently she removed milk products from her diet.

This remedy matched well the overall symptom picture presented by Louise.

There is a need for movement, dance and exercise. There is also a high degree of inner excitation and enthusiasm.

Homeopathy is based upon the Law of Similars – like cures like

In the weeks following the remedy, Louise felt much calmer in response to situations, which would have previously triggered an angry outburst. She felt more relaxed generally with respect to housework and other aspects of her life.

Homeopathic remedies work in a gentle manner to help the body bring itself back into balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

She found that her memory was sharper, that she understood more when reading.

The strong aggravation to milk in association with issues around lack of bonding, nurturing and abandonment in this case suggests a remedy from one of the lac family of homeopathic remedies. These remedies are made from the milk of specific animals.

The remedy Lac lupinum (milk from the wolf) in particular has strong feelings of abandonment, of being different, an outsider or being left out and misunderstood. This remedy may also have feelings of being under constant threat, with sharpened senses, of being ready to fight. Sleep is often light and easily disturbed. Clairvoyance, dreams of water and a fear of water are features of this remedy

Louise felt like ‘things were changing’ and that she could speak up and voice herself more. Her dreams were less disturbing. Before the remedy she had felt exhausted in the evenings. She was also less constipated and this continued to improve. *not her real name Trudi Gourdie 027 360 1668



WHAT'S A LIFE COACH? Can She Really Help You to Get what You Want out of Life? Interview with: Deborah Barclay, Life Coach - Auckland

What is a Life Coach? A life coach helps you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go. It’s someone that supports you, motivates you, and holds you accountable to achieving your goals for yourself. A life coach helps you: 1. Get really clear on what it is you really want in life 2. Explore the boundaries that hold you back from achieving your goals 3. Develop a plan of action to ensure you are successful in attaining your goals 4. Be accountable! This is achieved through engaging in meaningful conversations and the use of effective tools & strategies. 19

Who goes to a Life Coach? Almost anybody who wants to create a new pathway in life or explore their options to achieve a more fulfilling life.

In your experience as a Life Coach, what are people's greatest barriers/challenges to achieving what they want? Their lack of self-confidence. Many people have a script going on in their head that goes something like … ’I’m not good enough’. When someone is coming from a loving


and authentic place, they naturally exude a positive energy. The other barrier I see often, is people’s inability to stay committed and focused on a goal. They start off with a hiss and a roar and after a few weeks they lose momentum and the goal fizzles out. Getting what you want in life requires an investment of your time, commitment, dedication and most importantly …ACTION!

What are some key strategies you would suggest that would support someone in creating changes that might lead them to living a more fulfilled life? Self Care: While the idea of making one’s self care a priority might seem indulgent, doing so actually allows us to make our greatest contributions to the world. We cannot keep giving to others without giving to ourselves first. Nothing will ever compensate you for ignoring your own needs. Managing Time: If your mantra is “I never have enough time” you may need to reassess where your energy is going. We have the ability to create the time we need for the activities we want to prioritise.

Managing Technology: We are bombarded with noise and information all day from a number of sources. I encourage clients to be consciously aware of the information they’re receiving and to find small segments in their day to take a moment to quiet their mind. Count Your Wins! Make a list of everything you have ever accomplished and anything you have been proud of. It is a great reminder of how capable you have been in the past and is a quick ‘go to’ that can give you the boost you need to move forward.

Given all of the options people have available to them, why would they choose to see a Life Coach like you? Coaching is a fun, engaging and powerful experience. I absolutely love what I do and see it as a huge privilege to work with people from all walks of life, assisting them in creating their dreams.

If you would like to see if Life Coaching is for you, come along for a free 30 minute session! Deborah Barclay 021 899 303



WHY WOMEN LOVE JEWELLERY SO MUCH A Passion for Opals and Natural NZ Paua Pearls By Lisa Tamati, Jeweller and Kiwi Ultra-Marathon Living Legend New Plymouth

I had a fascination since I was a child of things that came out of the earth like gem stones, crystals and precious metals that are used in jewellery. Jewellery to me has many layers of value, not just it’s intrinsic beauty but also the story of how that stone came to be in my possession and of course the meaning that is behind the jewellery, given to it by the person wearing the piece.

Gorgeous stones that have vibrant colours tend to pick me up and make me feel excited, and I think that happens with most women. 21

Take my International Opal Ring for instance… The Opal is such a fascinating stone. Every Opal is a unique work of art from nature: Its silica that has been compressed and solidified. They can come in any colour from bright red to bright blue, incredible greens and oranges and all through the spectrum. The beauty of Opals is that they have a fire that moves with the light. A good Opal can have what we call a rolling flash. In certain lights it just has this flash that comes at you. It’s terrific and can be very strong.


Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia 18 Carat Gold Ring with waves 1 Emerald, 2 Rubies, 3 Tanzanite’s

competition. Then I came back to NZ and opened a 2nd shop in New Plymouth.

Single Earring –Traditional Maori Style and follows the line of a woman’s jaw. Set in 14 carat white gold

It’s a very feminine piece and I wear it when I want something really special, ethnic and different. Another thing I am really passionate about is Natural Paua Pearls. New Zealand doesn’t have a lot of precious stones but we do have the Paua Pearl. Just like the Paua shell it has brilliant colours, like blues and greens and beautiful mauves and silver. I first started out exporting Paua Pearls to Europe and Japan when I lived in Vienna. It was really special to be able to exhibit such a unique range. It was then that I decided to get into making jewellery and I started my jewellers’ apprenticeship.

If you need to brighten up your outlook and make yourself feel special, give Lisa a call or visit her website. Lisa Tamati 06 769 6375

About 15 years ago I opened a shop in Vienna and came 3rd in an international Tahitian Pearl AUCKLAND WOMANS HEALTH & BEAUTY GUIDE


"C’MON BE A MAN!"...WHAT WOMEN CAN LEARN FROM MEN ABOUT STYLE The Key Difference Between Men and Women By Jackie O’Fee, Style Consultant - Auckland

The key difference between shopping with men and shopping with women is that men are usually far more pragmatic with their style than women.

A bloke will take a “this is who I am, make me look good and make this easy” approach, making a shopping trip an exercise in getting what he needs and what works for him. This extends to garment choices too, with a bloke usually only purchasing something he feels comfortable in. Nowhere is this more evident than in a shoe shop, where if the shoes don’t feel 23

like slippers – he’s not buying them. We women however will expect our footwear to ‘soften up’, ‘stretch’ and become more comfortable after we ‘break them in’ – a completely foreign concept to a male. Contrast this with so many women who start their shopping experience by giving themselves a completely un-even playing field. They do this by comparing themselves to other women and an idealised view of what we should look like. Even worse, those other women are often unattainable stereotypes fed to us via the media. Ever told yourself you “can’t wear skinny jeans” or that your “arms are too old for sleeveless tops”? These are some of the things I am talking about.


At Signature Style our job is to teach the ‘Science behind Style’ – the way to dress yourself that is completely unique to you. Using Colour Analysis you can discover which colours make your eyes simply pop. With an in-depth Body-shape Analysis you’ll discover all the ‘tricks’ to flatter your shape like elongating your legs, minimising your hips (or whatever) and working with what God gave you, to look as amazing as only you can. Although we make women look and feel amazing, often we can be working against constant self-criticism. We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients have a fabulous time while getting the results they want. While the outcome is usually a more than delighted client, in the process of getting there we sometimes have to discard some truly fabulous outfits. Due to the internal ‘spin’ they are feeding themselves, many women simply don’t believe they look good and that is a real shame.

not nearly as bad as you imagine. Those thighs you think are disproportionately large? People see the whole of you – not just your thighs, and on balance they are not bad at all.

When I say to cultivate your inner bloke I mean, be kinder to yourself. It is so utterly unlikely you will ever hear of a man sitting on his bed and crying “I can’t go, I look terrible in these shorts!” ...that is laughable, but many, many women will play out this scene in bedrooms all around the world. Yes, style is working with what God gave you, playing up the good bits and playing down the not so good, but true style comes with confidence, and disliking yourself will undermine that. Let’s give ourselves a break and try a little love. Jackie O’Fee 09 529 5115

When I speak to groups of women I will implore them to “cultivate your inner bloke”. No, I don’t mean it’s time to take a more androgynous approach to fashion, what I mean is to stop obsessing about what doesn’t look so great, and start accepting yourself more. Those arms you hate? They are AUCKLAND WOMANS HEALTH & BEAUTY GUIDE


TOP NZ MODEL TALKS ABOUT FOOD COMBINING TO INCREASE WELLNESS STRENGTH AND VITALITY Interview with Luna Rioumina By Luna Rioumina, Kiwi International Model, Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher - Auckland

Luna Rioumina is 28, a Russian born full time Photographic Model, Actor and Author, living in Auckland. She has studied Yoga, Ayurveda Cooking and Medicine in India. She also serves in a volunteer capacity with a number of charities including helping out young women with eating disorders.

Please tell us about how you got to learn about Food Combining? As a kid I suffered from frequent stomach pain. My mum took me to doctors and they prescribed various medication that did not work. I grew older but my stomach pain did not go away. It got worse. At the time, I was eating what I thought 25

was a healthy diet of mainly toast, lots of dairy (sweetened yoghurt) and fruit with some veggies, however I would still experience excruciating stomach pain, bloatedness and acid reflux and even got admitted to hospital a couple of times and put on very strong pain relief. So I decided to take responsibility and do my own research and testing. Turned out I was gluten intolerant. So I started my journey to health by cutting gluten out altogether. Then systematically eliminating dairy and red meat. By doing a lot of research, trial and error, I found out that combining meat and bread together was wrong for me. You see, basically the breakdown of


protein requires an acidic environment and the digestion of protein dense foods requires high levels of hydrochloric acid. Since the digestion of carbohydrate dense foods requires an alkaline environment in order to be broken down, high carbohydrate foods (grains or bread for example) that have been mixed with high protein foods will not digest properly but will sit there fermenting and the outcome for someone sensitive like me is likely to be bloating, gas and indigestion. Another example of food I used to eat a lot that is traditionally considered to be “healthy� is Sushi. As soon as I stopped eating it, I started feeling so much better! You see, the starchy rice, sugar and protein together is not an optimum mix. The sugar in sushi turns the environment acidic and because of that the saliva contains none of the enzymes needed to digest the starch. As a result, the rice will sit in the digestive tract like a sack of bricks, fermenting and producing noxious gases. At one time the traditional Japanese way of making Sushi might have been good for you but I doubt it is now, especially as the commercial way is to routinely add sugar to Sushi ingredients and even deep-fry it.

We know that you studied Yoga and Ayurveda in India. Please tell us what you like about Ayurveda in particular? I really appreciate Ayurveda because it is a philosophy that teaches its followers

to prevent disease through a whole way of living. When you go to an Ayurvedic Doctor, a typical consultation can take a couple of hours. Their approach is holistic where they will ask you about the environment you live in, your lifestyle, your mental state even before they get to the actual reason why you came in. Such a contrast with the western model where you talk for 2 minutes and walk out with a pharmaceutical prescription.

So with all this elimination what is it that you do eat? I usually start my day with freshly squeezed lemon juice in room temperature water. Then later I would have some cooked porridge with coconut milk and Celtic Salt, LSA and maybe a banana. At lunchtime I would have a salad with leafy green vegetables and then add either steamed Fish or Lentils or Organic Eggs or Quinoa or Buckweat Pancakes with Avocado or Coconut oil, Nori and Alfalfa sprouts. I use lots of herbs, some spices and my imagination. Dinner would consist of fish or beans or lentils or eggs with a big salad of various fresh vegetables and herbs and avocado or soups or green smoothies. I try to eat organic, local and seasonal produce from the local farmers market, when I can. Luna Rioumina



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