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14 '* New Face Of Bigotry


Urges Gay News Anchors to Come Out

Hidden Toxins


Groups Allegedly Promoting “Dialogue”

16 LGBT ESTATE PLANNING Attorney Jeff Marvan’s Pointers


Gay Men & Eating Disorders



Rachel Maddow

Interview with Marc Montemerlo


Lean Mean Fighting Machine



Fox News Gay Panic


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Queer Fear

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ISSUE 004 MAY 2011


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letter from the editor


If you would like to offer The Fight at your location, please call 323-297-4001 PUBLISHER Third Step, Inc. DISTRIBUTION Pride in Media The Fight Magazine is published monthly by Third Step, Inc. 611 South Catalina Street, Suite 307 Los Angeles CA 90005 Telephone 323-297-4001 Fax: 213-281-9648 E-mail The Fight Magazine LEGAL CAVEATS By listing in The Fight Magazine, advertisers acknowledge that they do business in a spirit of cooperation, fairness and service, maintaining a high level of integrity and responsibility. Providers of products or services are fully and solely responsible for providing same as advertised. The Fight Magazine assumes no liability for improper or negligent business practices by advertisers. Advertisers and their agencies assume responsibility and liability for the content of their advertisements in The Fight Magazine. Publisher assumes no liability for safekeeping or return of unsolicited art, manuscripts or other materials. The Fight Magazine reserves the right to edit all material for clarity, length and content. All contents © 2011 Third Step, Inc., all rights reserved. Content may be reproduced with permission. The Fight Magazine assumes no liability for any claims or representations contained anywhere in this magazine, and reserves the right to cancel or refuse advertising at publishers’ discretion. WWW.THEFIGHTMAG.COM

6 The Fight

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you must keep moving.” - Albert Einstein Many of us try to juggle things and endlessly search for some kind of balance in life. The question we should ask is whether we need to balance or just to be able to stand on solid ground? The thought of balance is a very appealing one, juggling all arenas of life and getting things just right in order to feel great. A good social life, healthy diet, the right amount of exercise, working hard yet getting enough down time, throw in family, and achieving balance becomes a pretty hard task. Leaving us exhausted and stressed out, making the balance we are trying to achieve to improve our health and well-being nearly impossible. The truth is we cannot walk a tight rope in life and achieve perfect balance, it is simply unattainable, too much. We need to accept who we are and the way things are, and move on from there. Once you stop fretting over making everyone happy, you will probably find that you will start living a more fulfilled life and actually achieve more of your goals. Removing the idea of perfection and living your “authentic self” will, in fact, help you attain greater results in what really matters in life. It will also cut down the bitchiness by at least half (personal experience.) At the end of the day, we might disappoint or offend others by being ourselves, but it has to be that way. Meaning that you can still do what you like and live the life you want while letting go of the perfection balancing act. Accept who you are and get on with life!

The Fight 7

to promote - then job well done.

letters WILDERNESS, ALONE Dear Editor, For years I have felt like I was walking in the wilderness, alone. Not since “ACT-UP” and “QUEER NATION” has there been a place to truly be honest with, and about ourselves. Now I can point to your magazine and say, “This is what I am talking about, how I feel, and why I do not walk to the same dance tune, as my brothers and sisters, in the “community.” Your editorials and articles point out what I see as the dangers of the “assimilation” and “tolerance” attitudes that have affected us in these past 20 or so years, to our detriment. I have always said, “I do not want you to accept me, or tolerate me, just do not get in my way. Cause if you do, I’m gonna run over you.” Better the devil I can see, than the one who cloaks him, or, herself in an attitude of, “Well I can’t do anything about you, so I will let you live.” Cody Sanders commentary, (“Over (Tole)Rated,” THE FIGHT, Issue 003) was spot on! When I run into one of Rev. Phelps’ people at the “Pride” festival, I know what I am dealing with. I have no idea what the WeHo clone party segment, walking down Santa Monica Boulevard, with me, is thinking, about me. Dr. Minwalla (“The Truth About HIV,” THE FIGHT, Issue 003) and Dr. Gallinson (Sex Drive & ADHD,” THE FIGHT, Issue 003), addressing AIDS and mental health issues from a point of view not routinely expressed, out loud, in our community, was refreshing. In closing I would like to say to the brothers Vrana (“The Elephant In The Room,” THE FIGHT, Issue 003): “Dudes, I want you two on my side, and I will stand with you, the next time a bullying basher come near.

There are so many up and coming gay artists with positive, uplifting messages for the community - it astounds me that the editors chose these two for the cover.

Name Withheld, Via the internet

I ADMIRE IAN Dear Editor, I am Transgender (specifically Gender Queer) FTM and your issue with Ian Harvie (“Manning Up,” THE FIGHT, Issue 002) was very interesting to me. It is good to see an LGBT magazine represent all facets of the community. I admire Ian for the outspoken and honest way he conducted the interview. I hope to see more Trans issues within your pages on an ongoing basis.

Dee Blanchet, Via the internet

EITHER WAY Dear Editor, OMG, your magazine is fantastic. How can I subscribe and/or help it continue? If the answer is already in every edition, then make it more visible. If it’s not, then consider including it! Either way, let me know.

Kevin Hughes, Via the internet

Get It Off Your Chest! E-mail your Letter to the Editor to: Or mail to: THE FIGHT, Letters to the Editor 611 S. Catalina St. Suite 307 Los Angeles, CA 90005

WE could kick some ass!!!”


Bruce Hobson, West Hollywood, CA

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ISSUE 004 MAY 2011

Dear Editor, Why in the world would you do a cover story on these tweaker boys (“The Elephant In The Room,” THE FIGHT, Issue 003) who, in their own words, produce songs that provoke people to do drugs and participate in orgies. Jackson and Coleman Vrana are perfect examples of everything that is lacking in our community. If that is what you were trying 8 The Fight

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Gay Couples’ Lawsuit Rejected


A judge in Montana has rejected a lawsuit seeking to give samesex couples the same legal protections as married couples. He said the benefits were precluded in part by a voter-approved constitutional amendment against marriage equality. The Associated Press reports on the lawsuit filed on behalf of the couples by the American Civil Liberties Union. The couples did not seek the right to marry, but they wanted the ability to make burial, health care, and other decisions, along with benefits including jointly filing taxes.

Obama Hints Shift On Gay Marriage President Obama’s public position has long been that he doesn’t support gay marriage. But at a fund-raising event in San Francisco last month, Obama was talking about how his work is not finished. He said it would take more than one term “for us to finish everything we need to do.” As he was talking about the unfinished work left to do, someone shouted out, “gay marriage!” Obama said--as if that person had just proved his point-- “our work is not finished.” Last December, after passage of the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, he told The Advocate that his views on same-sex marriage were “evolving.”

Mel Gibson: I Don’t Discriminate In his first interview since voice mails of him making threats against his ex-girlfriend were released to the press, Mel Gibson tells Deadline Hollywood he has been unfairly branded as a homophobe and a bigot, and he’s never discriminated against anyone. “I’ve never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion or sexuality - period,” Gibson says. “I don’t blame some people for thinking that, though, from the garbage they heard on those leaked tapes, which have been edited.”

Tune Out Trump Republican presidential contender Donald Trump might win some conservative votes by denying gays and lesbians rights, but his hotels, resorts may suffer. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is asking supporters to “Tune Out Trump” and reject his television shows and his hotels, resorts, and golf courses. GLAAD said that Trump had recently rejected the concept of civil unions and even medical benefits for same-sex partners. NOM Demanded “Crazy” Antigay Propaganda Louis Marinelli, the former National Organization for Marriage tour director who announced his opposition last month, said president Brian Brown directed him to make rival LGBT campaigners look as “crazy” as possible, even when that required distortion of the facts. Marinelli writes about the experience on his blog, where he said that NOM president Brown instructed him “to specifically take ‘crazy’ photos of gays and lesbians,” with one e-mail from July last year that said, “I need crazy pictures of our opponents.

10 The Fight

Campaign Encourages Actors to Come Out Actor-activist James Duke Mason has launched a new video campaign called Trailblazer, in which established openly gay performers encourage closeted gay and lesbian actors to come out. “If the campaign can help to encourage more and more actors to come out and express their true selves, then that will have a huge impact on the industry and in turn on America and the world. A message of equality will be heard everywhere, and change will eventually happen,” Mason told The Advocate. Mason is the 18-year-old son of singer Belinda Carlisle and former Reagan staffer Morgan Mason as well as the grandson of legendary film star James Mason. Trans Inmate Sues for Reassignment Surgery A transgender inmate who says she has been repeatedly raped since her 2003 incarceration is asking a federal court in San Francisco for a state-funded gender-reassignment surgery so she can be transferred to a women’s prison. Lyralisa Stevens, 42, who was born male but now lives as a female, is serving

50 years to life in a California prison for the shotgun murder of a San Bernardino County woman following a dispute over clothes. The 5-foot-6 Stevens, who began her prison sentence with a feminized physique - silicon-enhanced breasts and hips says she has been sexually assaulted in the all-male facility and subjected to constant harassment.



Push To Halt Deportation Against Same-Sex Spouses


Democratic New Jersey Rep. Rush D. Holt wrote to the Homeland Security Department last month to make the request on behalf of a couple who live in his district. An estimated 36,000 binational same-sex couples are in the U.S., and all have reason to be worried if deportations are not stopped, the couple’s lawyer says. The case underscores the ambiguous status of the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as the union of a heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman. This year, Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. said the government would no longer defend the law in court. But the administration continues to enforce it.



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CA Lawmakers Fight Over Gay School Bill As the battle over same-sex marriage makes its way through California’s courts, another gay rights fight is smoldering in the Legislature. Democratic lawmakers have revived a plan to require state schools to teach about the contributions of gay, lesbian and transgender Americans. The measure, proposed by state Sen. Mark D. Leno of San Francisco, would require new social science textbooks to include ‘a study of the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.’ Now, with a Democrat in the governor’s office, the lawmakers and gay rights activists are more hopeful that school curricula will be revised. Village People Cop Files Lawsuit Victor Willis, who as a founding member of the Village People wrote and sang such chart-topping hits as “Macho Man” and “Y.M.C.A.,” has filed a federal lawsuit claiming he’s owed royalties, according to the New York Post.

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Maddow Urges Closeted Gay Anchors to Come Out R

achel Maddow has sent a message to closeted gay news anchors: you have to come out.

Maddow made the comment in an interview with The Guardian last month. In it, this exchange takes place: Does she feel frustration towards an equally well-known news presenter who is widely assumed to be gay but has never come out? For the first time, Maddow pauses: “I’m sure other people in the business have considered reasons why they’re doing what they’re doing, but I do think that if you’re gay you have a responsibility to come out,” she says carefully. Maddow is one of two openly gay anchors on MSNBC, along with Thomas Roberts, a daytime anchor. She has frequently discussed her relationship with her partner, artist Susan Mikula. She has also defended herself against anti-gay critics on the air, saying, “just because you don’t like that I’m gay, it does not make what we say not true.” In a blog post after the interview was published, Maddow responded to the attention that the interview has received. She stressed that she wasn’t referring to anyone specific in her 12 The Fight

comments-adding that readers would not have to “read between the lines” if she had been directly calling anyone out-and listed what she called her “ethics of coming out:”

The MSNBC news anchor said that she “wasn’t referring to anyone specific.” 1. Gay people -- generally speaking -- have a responsibility to our own community and to future generations of gay people to come out, if and when we feel that we can. 2. We should all get to decide for ourselves the “if and when we feel that we can” part of that. 3. Closeted people should reasonably expect to be outed by other gay people if (and only if) they prey on the gay community in public, but are secretly gay themselves. She also told the paper that having the gay community look up to her “gives me joy.”


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e c a F New


14 The Fight


ilence can be disturbing - at least according to one conservative Christian group in California. Last month, when the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) sponsored its annual Day of Silence, in which students take a vow of silence “to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools,” SaveCalifornia. com staged a walkout, urging parents to protect their kids from “indoctrination” by keeping them away from school on the day of the event. While this type of clamor is expected from groups like, more troubling are the shifting discourses of other religious groups around LGBT concerns. Rather than counter the Day of Silence with walkouts, Focus on the Family attempted another tactic - the premier right-wing evangelical parachurch group sponsored last month what they called a “Day of DialogueTM.” (And yes, they claim to have trademarked the phrase.) A brief background: the Alliance Defense Fund (another antigay conservative Christian organization) started the day in 2005 with its original name, the Day of Truth, which was traditionally held on the very same day as the Day of Silence (it’s always nice to have a silent audience when you’re trying to preach the “Truth”). The Alliance Defense Fund’s purpose was to provide students the opportunity to “respectfully share a biblical perspective when issues like homosexuality are brought up and celebrated in their public school.” In 2009, Exodus International, the world’s largest “ex-gay ministry,” took over sponsorship of the Day of Truth. But curiously the event became too divisive and confrontational for Exodus, as that group shifted its focus to the practice of “biblical tolerance” in the wake of increased media attention to anti-gay bullying after a string of highly publicized gay teen suicides late last year. The Day of Truth didn’t end there, however. In 2010, Focus on the Family became the new official sponsor of the event with one major (discursive) shift: the Day of Truth became the Day of Dialogue. No longer held on the same date as the Day of Silence, the Day of Dialogue intends to “encourage peaceful, studentinitiated conversations and ensure there is a safe space for different perspectives.” Another shift in discourse around this renamed event is the increased attention to a guiding principle of “protecting others” from being harmed or bullied. But even while the language and the tone of these groups is beginning to shift, the reality is that while the language of antibullying has been adopted by these groups, the theological and ideological currents that produce the reality of anti-gay bullying remain unquestioned. This posture of unquestioning theological assumptions causes me to wonder if dialogue is even a possibility. The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), founding organization of the Day of Truth which still provides pro bono legal assistance to students engaged in the event, still holds a visible place on the website of the Day of Dialogue. The ADF page on “Marriage and the Family” provides an example of the problematic rhetoric surrounding the (im)possibility of dialogue:

‘marriage’ is accepted by law. If this happens and God’s plan for marriage is dismantled, then your religious freedom-and the God-given, constitutionally protected rights that enable you to freely live out your faith-will virtually collapse... There is no doubt that God’s plan for marriage is under an all-out, full-scale attack by advocates of same-sex ‘marriage’ and the homosexual legal agenda.”+++ Supposed “threats to religious freedom” and the language of “allout, full-scale attack” produce war-like images that serve only to demonize those with whom one is to dialogue. It becomes a bit clearer why the Day of Dialogue site offers no assistance to students who wish to listen to the views of their dialogue partners. When the (LGBT) dialogue partner is constructed as the “enemy” whose way of being in the world is fundamentally evil, corrupt, pathological or anti-Christian, there is really no need to dialogue. Since the language of “threat to freedom in America,” the corrosion of “constitutionally protected rights,” and “full-scale attack” is the language typically used when trying to justify engaging in the violence of war, one wonders if “dialogue” is just a polite cover for a more insidious intention. If we are to seriously engage in dialogue with one another about the realities of diverse sexualities and human relationships, we must do more than appeal to particular interpretations of (our) authoritative religious texts. We must speak with other human beings, face-to-face, willing to listen with rapt attention.

When the (LGBT) dialogue partner is constructed as the “enemy” whose way of being in the world is fundamentally evil, corrupt, pathological or anti-Christian, there is really no need to dialogue. We must commit ourselves to speaking about our views and about those who hold different views in ways that do not employ transcendent trump cards. And we must hold the life of the other with a greater sense of sacredness than we hold our ever-shifting perspectives and opinions. Dialogue is, after all, not just about increasing our understanding of “issues” or trying to hear all of the relevant voices and perspectives. Above all, dialogue - genuine human conversation - is about our ability to live with one another without resorting to violence. Our very ability to exist in the world may depend on it. Cody J. Sanders is a Baptist minister and Ph.D. student in Pastoral Theology and Counseling at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, TX.

+++”The homosexual legal agenda is one of the greatest threats to religious freedom in America today... Christian views on marriage and human sexuality will be challenged if same-sex The Fight 15


LGBT Estate Planning A PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED ESTATE PLAN FOR LGBT COUPLES MUST ADDRESS THE UNFORTUNATE LEGAL REALITIES BY JEFF MARVAN This is the first of a three part series written by Jeff Marvan of The Law Office of Jeff Marvan, a boutique probate and estate planning firm located in Los Angeles, California. This three part series addresses a few of the specific legal issues that members of the LGBT should consider when planning for their future. The first part of the series will briefly discuss estate planning for the LGBT community. At this juncture, estate planning law for the LGBT community is quite dynamic. As I write this, State and Federal Courts are interpreting and addressing newly created laws of the legislature and the propositions of the community at large. Just recently, the Internal Revenue Service issued a decision that requires certain LGBT couples to include community property income for their individually filed federal income taxes. All this is occurring while

16 The Fight

the President, Congress, and, potentially, the Supreme Court of the United States wrestles with the legality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Needless to say, the issue of equal protection for the LGBT community has become a major issue with respect to estate planning for LGBT individuals. Before addressing the specific issues LGBT individuals face when creating an estate plan, it is first necessary to discuss what constitutes an estate plan. A properly drafted estate plan seamlessly addresses the personal and economic affairs of an individual or couple while they are living and after they have passed away. Such an estate plan minimizes court intervention while, at the same time, guarantees that the wishes and needs of the person or couple are assured. For a single person a comprehensive estate plan includes a revocable living trust, a last will and testament and

testament, a general power of attorney for property management, an advanced health care directive, a living will, and other supporting legal documents. For a couple a comprehensive estate plan generally includes the same documents that are specifically tailored to each of the partnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wishes and desires. In the end, a properly drafted estate plan avoids the significant costs and time consuming aggravations of court intervention while at the same time protecting the needs and wishes of the individual or couple. In the LGBT community, the drafting of an estate plan is more nuanced. A properly constructed estate plan for LGBT couples must address the unfortunate legal reality that, at this juncture, the federal government does not recognize same sex couplesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; right to claim the estate tax benefits of a heterosexual married couple. There are, additionally, state and county tax considerations that are specific to LGBT individuals and couples. Besides the tax issues unique to LGBT individuals, there are familial dynamics that should be addressed in a LGBT estate plan. Specifically, a LGBT estate plan should consider the often regrettable reality that the family of a LGBT individual may not recognize the individualâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s partner or specific wishes of their LGBT family member. Finally, it is important to assess the economic and legal implications of being registered domestic partners and/or same sex marriage. It is, therefore, imperative that before constructing an estate plan a LGBT individual or couple should consult with an attorney who is knowledgeable with the intricacies of estate planning for the LGBT community. DISCLAIMER The information discussed above should not be considered legal advice and cannot be relied upon solely. Anyone considering creating an estate plan should consult with a legal professional knowledgeable of the unique issues that present themselves in a LGBT estate plan. Make sure to contact a qualified LGBT estate planning attorney such as The Law Office of Jeff Marvan before you create your estate plan. The Law Office of Jeff Marvan has been open since 2006. Since opening, The Law Office of Jeff Marvan has been serving the LGBT community of greater Los Angeles. Jeff is a member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and is a member of the Probate Volunteer Panel. Jeff has lectured before the probate court and is a nonserving elder at West Hollywood Presbyterian Church. For more information about Jeff Marvan see or www. The Law Office of Jeff Marvan 3055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 630 Los Angeles, CA, 90010 Tel: (213) 386-5988 Email:

Gay-AfďŹ rmative Counseling As a therapist and psychologist for over 25 years, with her broad background in the treatment of mental health issues, Dr. Patricia Ziegler deals effectively with a wide range of problems. She has taught and lectured in such diverse areas as addictive disorders, creating balance, and issues facing gay and lesbian singles and couples. Dr. Patâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s specialties include: t "MDPIPMBOE%SVH"CVTF XPSLTJODPOKVODtion with your recovery program) t %FQSFTTJPO t "OYJFUZ t -POFMJOFTT t .FOXIPIBWFEJGmDVMUZJOGPSNJOHPS sustaining intimate relationships t 1FPQMF-JWJOH8JUIPSIBWFQBSUOFST with - HIV/AIDS, or other life threatening illnesses. t 8JEPXFSTXIPBSFEFBMJOHXJUIUIFEFBUI of their partner %S 1BU PGGFST HBZBGmSNBUJWF DPVOTFMJOH 5IJT NFBOTUIBUJOTUFBEPGWJFXJOHIPNPTFYVBMJUZ CJTFYVBMJUZ BOEPUIFSWBSJBUJPOTJOTFYVBMPSJFOUBUJPO BTQSPCMFNT ZPVSTFYVBMJEFOUJUZJTTVQQPSUFE Patricia Ziegler Psy.D. (PSY19102) Cedars-Sinai Medical Tower 8635 W. Third Street Suite 1065 West Los Angeles, CA 90048

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e all want to look our best, especially when socializing or courting that cute boy, but preoccupation with our bodies can lead to several damaging eating disorders, preoccupation with a perceived defect in appearance called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), steroid use, muscle dysmorphia (where men believe their muscles are too small), and mananorexia. 5% to 10% of people with eating disorders are men. And according to recent study findings, 20% of those men are gay. “It is not clear why gay men have high rates of eating disorders,” says Ilan H. Meyer, PhD, associate professor of clinical Sociomedical Sciences at the Mailman School of Public Health. “One theory is that the values and norms in the gay men’s community promote a body-centered focus and high expectations about physical appearance, so that, similar to what has been theorized about heterosexual women, they may feel pressure to maintain an ideal body image.” To assess this theory, the investigators studied whether gay and bisexual men with greater connection and affiliation with the gay community are more likely to have eating disorders than those who are not affiliated with the gay community. Despite slightly elevated eating disorders among men who were active in gay recreational groups, men who said they felt closely

18 The Fight

connected to the gay community and who participated in a range of gay and bisexual organizations did not have higher rates of eating disorders than men who were not as closely affiliated with the community. “Even gay and bisexual men who participate in gay gyms, where body-focus and community values regarding attractiveness would be heightened, did not have higher rates of eating disorders than those gay and bisexual men who participated in non-gay gyms or who did not participate in a gym at all,” observes Dr. Meyer. “This suggests that factors other than values and norms in the gay community are related to the higher rates of eating disorder among these men.” Rates of eating disorders of lesbian/bisexual women did not differ significntly from gay/bisexual men. “This shows that there needs to be greater awareness of these problems among gay and bisexual men and women alike, as well as specific interventions to address the issues in this population,” the researchers conclude. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call The National Eating Disorders Association’s confidential helpline at 1-800-931-2237, M-F, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. For more information on this topic: www.nationaleatingdisorders. org





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5GTXKPIVJG4GEQXGT[%QOOWPKV[ MY 12 STEP STORE 8730 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood CA 90069

(310) 623-1702

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n the course of a diverse 17-year career in all aspects of health and fitness development South African born, currently L.A. based, Marc Montemerlo has proven to be a skilled fitness professional, visionary entrepreneur and an adroit trouble shooter and fitness expert. He has worked with the South African Defense force serving as a training officer in charge of development of skills, reaction and survival tactics; managed and part owned a personal training center in Johannesburg, South Africa, Extreme Fitness Inc., and served as a Reebok Master Trainer for Reebok. In an interview with THE FIGHT Montemerlo talks about his reaction to the gay lifestyle in Los Angeles, the gay community’s approach to fitness and the difference between a trainer and a coach. Do you find there is a difference in the approach to fitness in Los Angeles as opposed to Johannesburg? “Fitness in Johannesburg is more driven towards the ‘gym environment’ as it’s the safer option for people to workout in. Fitness is also more focused on sport performance as South Africa is a country that plays a lot of sport... Fitness in Los Angeles is explosive. People are exposed to so many fitness options from outdoor fitness camps to power Pilates classes, even to dance celebration type classes. It can be overwhelming. You can achieve anything you want to in this city. The top of the top trainers all live here in L.A. and keep the industry interesting and competitive. This is a good thing as it keeps everyone on their toes. There is a lot of individualism in training techniques and philosophies, which is great! Do you find there is a difference in the gay community’s approach to fitness as opposed to the straight community? “Interesting question. Everyone wants to always look better and feel better

about their bodies. I would say that most focus in the gay community is on aesthetics. ‘I want a bigger chest, biceps and ass by the time pool season hits full swing.’ But it all depends on the age group. The younger guys want the bodies, the more mature guys want the bodies and the flexibility as well as the ‘anti aging’ benefits of exercise... I would say that the straight guys in L.A. who are more metro-sexual are definitely into leaner and meaner bodies. All in all, everyone wants to look good in a bathing suit.” On your site you talk about the integration of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle modification techniques. Can you briefly describe your method? “My approach to fitness training is four fold. Nutrition is key to any successful training program, followed by strength, cardio and coaching. It’s easy today to find a trainer but not so easy to find a coach. I am that coach. When a client initially approaches me for training we go through an intense 90 minute ‘meet and greet’ session where I ask probing questions about their lifestyle, eating habits, training habits and even sleeping and sexual habits. It’s my wholeness approach. If I do not know what makes you tick, I surely cannot fix the time you are set to live by. We then meet for a second session - at the gym - conducting an assessment to create our starting point. After I’ve completed the entire assessment and coaching session - I create a suitable program and design a plan that will get my client to reach their goals, without injury; just plain old fashioned SWEAT!”

excel in high school where I was swim captain and did gymnastics.” Was the fact that you’re gay play into your choice of profession? “Definitely no. Was it easier? Yes and yes again. I became an aerobics instructor after leaving the military which put me into an environment that was gay friendly. I believe that no matter what your sexuality - it has nothing to do with your success. Your drive and your passion is what counts.” What do you think, in general, of the gay lifestyle in Los Angeles? “It’s great. There is such a diverse melting pot of everything in this city that one could never be bored or ever feel left out. It may seem that we only have West Hollywood, but the entire city is gay or gay friendly! I really love living here.” Are there any upcoming projects you would like to share with our readers? “I have created a new training program called the M-Band workout. It’s a simple piece of rubber band that kicks your butt in no time. I’m busy shooting a 6 part series training DVDs at the moment and they will soon be on a home shopping network for purchase. The workout series is simple and easy to use, covering cardio, upper and lower body, yoga, core and abs, with a bonus DVD for sport conditioning.” To learn more about Marc Montemerlo and his fitness plans visit:

Were you a fitness minded kid? “Not really. My dad bought me a pair of soccer boots when I was 8 years old so I could one day follow in his footsteps (crazy Italian father who played loads of soccer), but I sold them at school the following day and bought chocolate instead. He was not really happy about that. I did however,

The Fight 21

rostow report

FOR EQUALITY, OR AGAINST EQUALITY. PERIOD. I usually don’t cover polls, because poll headlines, like “51 percent of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage” are meaningless unless you know the exact question asked, the number of respondents, and the way the poll was conducted. But when poll analyst extraordinaire Nate Silver writes an assessment of the latest marriage surveys, that’s news. Silver, who crunches numbers on all matters of political life, reports that the increase in support for same-sex marriage has risen from about one to two points a year, to four points a year in each of the last two years. Four credible polls in the last eight months show a slim majority now in favor of same-sex marriage, a slim minority opposed, and only a small percentage undecided. The trend lines of marriage polling over the last two decades show a steady and solid improvement that seems to lead inexorably to a popular

Ann Rostow

consensus in favor of marriage equality. This is great, of course. But one thing polls don’t show is the intensity of the response. And this is why marriage remains a political third rail even as we add to our support. The fact is that the hard line conservatives who oppose same-sex marriage hate us with such a passion that they can overwhelm the people who sort of like us but don’t really care. We have passion on our side too. But we’re five percent of the population, and the violently antigay crowd is maybe 20 or 25 percent. I’m not sure. Until our allies pump up the volume and more people on their side decide it’s not worth the fuss, we’ll still have trouble getting a Presidential nominee to come out in favor of marriage equality. To me, by the way, that will be the signal that the 22 The Fight

popular sentiment has really shifted--when the Democratic party nominee comes in favor of equality, period. Not civil unions and not “the rights of marriage” blah blah blah. But marriage equality. The other noteworthy aspect of the poll story is the ongoing collapse of the middle ground as people realize that either they have to be for equality or against it. The idea that civil unions could ever be a permanent compromise is less and less credible. And although some embrace it as a stepping stone or an incremental move towards progress, it doesn’t seem as if many fence sitters see it as a long term institution.

CYBER CENSORS JUMP THE SHARK Now let’s examine the mindset of the gatekeepers at YouTube and Facebook, who both removed gay content because, I suppose, someone had clicked on

snuff films or racist tirades befouling our cyberspace. But still! I imagine that most of the things flagged down by puritanical or homophobic users fall into the category of objectionable objections. How did these images fall through the cracks and get deleted by an actual employee?

BAYOU BABY GETS BUMPED There’s a lot of news out of the states, but I don’t feel like covering it! (Cue: loud noise of moaning crowd.) Delaware sent a civil union bill to the governor. Yay! Arizona and Virginia are attacking gay adoptive parents. Hiss. Hawaii passed a trans workplace bill. Yay! And there’s much talk about a push for marriage equality in New York this summer. I’m not sure how Governor Cuomo plans to strong arm the GOP leaders in the legislature, but I wish everyone luck. But you know, we don’t have much space

• On why our allies need to pump up the volume • On facebook’s & youtube’s censorship fiasco • On state registrars withholding birth certificates

the button that indicates they found it offensive. YouTube deleted an excellent, compelling video, posted by GLBT Apple employees as part of the “It Gets Better” project. The video urged teens to tough it out, and remember that they’re not alone. After a few hours, the site put the video back up and apologized. Likewise, Facebook removed a photo of two men kissing, for reasons unclear. The photo was reposted, also with an apology, but not before quite a few people had posted their own gay kissing shots to make a point. Clearly, the censors at YouTube and Facebook have a lot on their plates, and rightly so. We don’t want animal

families or singles. But, hey! It’s not as if the registrar undid the adoption. In fact, the registrar even offered to put one of the father’s names on the birth certificate! Heads or tails? Tell that to the father who’s name would not appear on his son’s birth certificate. Tell that to the bureaucrats and passport officers and school authorities and everyone else who will be relying on this paperwork over the next 80 years or so, assuming the five-year-old has a long life. As for the Full Faith and Credit Clause, Article IV of the Constitution which requires that states respect the public acts, records and judgments of sister states, the court ruled that individuals can’t sue state actors in federal court under the Clause. Their only option is to sue in state court for the withheld recognition, and then appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if they lose. That’s simply not the case! And no amount of citations to pre-war (and even 19th century) precedent will make it true. To be clear, Louisiana law requires the state to issue a revised birth certificate, listing the names of the legal parents of a child born in the state and later adopted. There’s no gay exception. There’s no public policy exception. It is mandatory.

to devote to arcane state legislative machinations now, do we?

Now what? Lambda Legal Defense is presumably considering an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. If they appeal, I bet the High Court would accept the case.

But we do have some space to devote to the crazy U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which ruled, insanely, that the Louisiana state registrar had every right to withhold a corrected birth certificate from the adopted son of two gay men from out of state.

Ann Rostow writes news analysis columns for THE FIGHT and other gay publications across the country. Rostow formerly wrote about LGBT issues for the now defunct FAB! Los Angeles. Rostow can be reached at:

Woah there Fifth Circuit! Don’t you have to recognize all judgments, including adoptions, from sister state? Well, yes. But according to the 16-member full court, that was not the issue. Of course Louisiana “recognized” the adoption! It’s just that the registrar didn’t want to put both fathers’ names on this little certificate thingy because Louisiana prefers adoptions by married The Fight 23



he Fight Magazine recently sat down with renowned Beverly Hills liposculpture surgeon, Dr. David Amron to discuss his philosophy and views on male liposculpture surgery. For over 16 years, patients from around the world have sought out his mastery and specialized approach to liposculpture and revision liposuction surgery and he has been featured in countless local and national television and print stories. How common is liposuction for men and what are the commonly treated areas? The percentage of my liposculpture patients that are men has steadily grown over the years and it is currently about 30 percent. The common areas are: 1. Abdomen 2. Flanks (love handles) 3. Chest (gynecomastia) and 4) Neck. What is different about liposuction for men? In general, men tend to have more fibrous tissue in their subcutaneous fat layer. This is one main reason why it is important to properly prepare the area first by loosening the connective tissue with the tumescent local anesthetic (hydro dissect) prior to liposculpting. What is the role of diet and exercise? My role as a liposculpture surgeon is to make a disproportionate patient proportionate. Liposuction is not a procedure to lose weight or to tone muscle. This is the patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s responsibility with proper diet and exercise. In a very fit, toned patient, my role in getting them to the next level may be 100%. If they are out of shape and overweight my role is to target stubborn areas but they still have to do their part. Who is a good candidate for liposculpture? Liposculpture is a balancing, shaping and contouring procedure to target genetically disproportionate areas. This is true whether one is underweight, normal weight or overweight. What is your specialized approach? I strongly prefer the approach of purely local tumescent anesthesia over general anesthesia for 3 reasons: 1) Local is far safer. 2) Faster and easier recovery. 3) Most importantly the ability to precisely position the patient during the procedure to accurately sculpt each area without ever jabbing the muscle (leading to bleeding and increased bruising) or jabbing the skin (leading to irregularities). With regard to how I sculpt, I have a very specific approach and philosophy to each area of the body which I have perfected over the years as it is a very artistic and technique dependent procedure.

24 The Fight

GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE! Certified Personal Trainer Adrian Morales Knows Everyone Is Different, Creating Custom Workouts to Achieve Your Fitness Goals. AWARD WINNING BODY BUILDER MR. CAL STATE LA 1993 KINESIOLOGY, B.S. EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST BOXING/KICKBOXING CORE TRAINING “My one hour training sessions build muscle, burn calories, increase cardiovascular fitness and improve flexibility. All you need is DEDICATION, DESIRE and DISCIPLINE.”

How do you feel about newer surgical and non-surgical liposuction technologies? I am not a strong advocate of the newer surgical approaches such as lasers or ultrasound. I feel it is much more about the eyes, hand, judgment and skill of the surgeon. Too many people trust these aggressively marketed machines to guarantee a great result and forget that it is more about the surgeon. A great painting is not about the paint brush. Are the benefits of liposuction permanent? There are two benefits to properly done liposculpture. Short term the contour is greatly improved but longer term not only does the fat not return - it helps prevent the tissue from dropping as time goes on. This is very true in a gravitationally prone area such as the neck and can greatly delay or prevent the need for a face and neck lift in a man.

Body by Adrian 818 288 5512 Serving Studio City, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks and the San Fernando Valley for More Than 20 Years!

Adrian Morales Personal Trainer 818 288 5512

What are your thoughts on ab-sculpting? Ab-sculpting is a technique to artificially create a “six-pack” by purposefully getting the skin to retract in lines and leave areas in between to look like muscle bulges. I think it looks unnatural and I am not a proponent. It makes more sense to me to sculpt the fat layer down evenly as much as I choose to and have the natural musculature show through as being more defined. David Amron, MD is widely regarded as an expert in liposuction surgery. He can be reached at 310.275.2467 or via email: info@ For more info visit:

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ast month Fox’s Houston affiliate ran a news segment about Glee, asking “Is TV Too Gay?” Now what exactly is that supposed to mean? Let’s find out!

Fox anchor Damali Keith reported that so-called family values groups have taken issue with the show because it “delves too much into homosexual relationships.” First of all, these groups are not about “family values”, and to describe them as such is to be complicit in that facade. The values they stand for aren’t generous enough to include families with gay parents or families with gay children. To them, a family is something for straight people only. So when they talk about “too much” homosexuality, their idea of “too much” is anything more than none whatsoever. Those are their “family values”. To represent these groups, Fox decided to solicit the opinion of Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. If you aren’t familiar with Bryan Fischer, he’s the one who called gay people domestic terrorists who are responsible for the Holocaust and shouldn’t be able to hold public office. Even the AFA does their best to keep him out of public view after 26 The Fight

he said Native Americans deserved to be conquered because they weren’t Christian. The fact that Fox would see no problem with inviting such a person to share his views is really quite staggering. Fischer is concerned that shows like Glee are “glamorizing homosexual behavior”, which is supposedly “presented in a way that makes it idealistic.” But just what is this “homosexual behavior” he’s talking about? Nothing that straight people aren’t doing. So what makes this something that’s being idealized? To people like Fischer, any depiction of gay people that doesn’t portray them as criminals, murder victims or AIDS patients must be a promotion of some sort. By their standards, even completely normal gay people who are no different from anyone else are somehow “glamorizing” this. And that’s exactly what they don’t want to see. Remarkably, Damali Keith goes along with this, hinting that it’s some kind of “product placement:” “You throw a soda in a movie and within a few seconds, everybody in the theater is thirsty for that particular brand.” As if gay people’s lives are

one’s watching? According to Bryan Fischer’s reasoning, which is almost too ridiculous to be offensive, people can contract AIDS from drug use and from gay sex - so gay sex is just as bad as drug use. Because, as we all know, straight people never get AIDS, and certainly not from straight sex. When your only argument relies on stereotyping gay people as diseased vermin, you might want to think twice before dazzling us with your cleverness. So, is TV too gay? Well, just what is “too gay”? Has the overwhelming majority of straight people on TV suddenly become insufficient? For Bryan Fischer and his “family values” brigade, even a handful of gay characters is “too gay”. Why? Because it means that straight people no longer have a monopoly on normalcy. And what was this manufactured controversy about? An episode that featured “two same-sex couples in high school.” Two! Clearly no high school could have not one, but two gay couples. For the kids who are watching this show, it’s simply unrealistic to pretend that gay people don’t exist. They know gay people. They have gay friends who are just like them. They understand that gay people aren’t just some fictional construction. They’re actual human beings. The reason these groups want television to be for straights only is because they want the world to be for straights only. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to ignore the fact that gay people do exist. We are not a species apart from straight people. We are not some hidden shame within society. We have the same struggles and triumphs as everyone else, and nothing can erase us.

For Bryan Fischer and his “family values” brigade, even a handful of gay characters is “too gay.” Why? Because it means that straight people no longer have a monopoly on normalcy. of no more import than a Pepsi ad. Would she be reducing straight people to nothing but a marketing ploy? Or are we the only ones whose mere presence on TV is inherently suspect? What kind of “product placement” does she think this is? I don’t know if anyone ever told her this, but it doesn’t work that way. That’s like saying that watching the Olympics is going to turn people into figure skaters. Sure, some people might find that it really speaks to who they are and go on to live a more fulfilled life, and that’s wonderful. But most people know they’re just not cut out for being gay. Television isn’t going to make people any more gay than they were before, and we are not just some kind of “product”.

Damali Keith needs to realize that gay people aren’t going away, we aren’t going to be segregated from heterosexuals, and we won’t be reduced to a “product.” It’s easy to understand when you stop attributing some nefarious intent to our mere existence, and start seeing us as people. Read more commentary by Zinnia Jones at:

Keith then asks if having the show on at 7 is “too early”, which of course Bryan Fischer agrees with. So what time is appropriate? Are gay people condemned to share the midnight hours with Jerry Springer reruns and Girls Gone Wild commercials? Since when are straight people the only ones who get to see the light of day? What is it that makes this so intolerably different, it can only be aired when no The Fight 27

Erasing Under Eye Bags

Restoring Youth To Your Eyes

Under Eye Rejuvenation With The Stem Cell Lift®

One of the first areas to show signs of aging is the under eyes. Our eyes are the focus of our face. As we age our eyebrows droop, our eyelids wrinkle and fall, and we develop “bags” and dark circles under our eyes. These changes result in an undesirably tired, aged and sad look. Fortunately, advances in medicine and cosmetic surgery can now reverse much of this aged look with little to no down time, with nominal discomfort, without scars, without the need for general anesthesia and with minimal risk. Below, I will discuss the options available in eye rejuvenation.

The most natural and logical way to correct the undesired effects of volume loss due to fat shrinkage and deflation is to replace the volume with what was there before, with fat. Under local anesthesia, the fat can be taken from any part of our body and injected into other areas (eyes, face, nose, hands, calves, buttocks, etc.) to sculpt the area and to fill it and restore volume. The fat contains the most concentration of adult tissue stem cells of any organ in the body. These mesenchymal stem cells have tremendous regenerative and rejuvenative capacities and are essential in correcting and maintaining the needed volume under the eyes. The Stem Cell Lift® procedure entails removing fat from the body using mini liposuction techniques; separating, concentrating and activating the stem cells found in the collected fat and preparing them for injection into the under eye and cheek areas. The stem cell rich fat restores the youthful volume, corrects the under eye bags and becomes part of its surrounding tissues. The Stem Cell Lift® gives a scar free and natural appearing look with long term benefits and with minimal risk.

What Causes Under Eye Bags?

The sagging of the eyebrows, upper eyelids are from a combination of the natural aging process and our lifestyle. As we age, the fat in our face starts to shrink and reduce in volume. The cheek fat under the eyes also deflates and the veins become visible through the thin skin giving us the appearance of dark circles. As a result of this volume loss in the cheeks, the support fat that the eyeball sits upon may also become visible and appear to bulge as bags under the eyes giving a tired and aged look.

28 The Fight

BEFORE TREATMENT Advances In Lower Eye Lid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is the eyelid surgery done to get rid of the excess skin on the eyelids and to remove the bags under the eyes. In the past all the fat under the eye was removed which resulted in a more hollowed and therefore older appearance. Today, the fat is not removed but rather repositioned to fill the hollowed area under the eye. The amount of fat removed is to provide natural look and not a hollow, sunken or pulled look, as was done in the past. The lower eyelid fat is reached from inside the eyelid, leaving no visible scar on the face. This procedure does not require general anesthesia and is indicated in hypertrophic under eye fat pads.

AFTER TREATMENT Dr Nathan Newman is a world renowned cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills and the innovator of the Stem Cell Lift(r). Dr. Newman works in collaboration with finest specialists to provide the most comprehensive and individualized medical treatment for his patients. To learn more about Dr. Newman and his advanced cosmetic surgery procedures please visit or To schedule a private consultation with Dr. Newman, please call 310-273-3344.


Advanced cosmetic surgery techniques offer better, safer and more natural treatment methods to correct under eye bags. A face-to-face consultation is essential to establish individualized treatment plans that will optimally give you your desired cosmetic results.

GAY OWNED & OPERATED • One Stop Shopping/ Free In-Home Estimates • Quality Workmanship Guaranteed!

213 232 4783 CA Lic #B7150043 • “Look at my website and see the difference!”

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pets EVACUATING PET IF DISASTER STRIKES A veterinarian at Kansas State Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s College of Veterinary Medicine has advice for pet owners who want to consider how pets fit into their own household emergency plans -- especially if that includes evacuating. Dr. Marjory Artzer, professor of clinical sciences, suggests thinking about the supplies youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d ordinarily have on hand at home but may not have access to if forced to evacuate. This includes pet food, which can be bagged in easy to handle amounts, as well as bottled water, a leash, a pet carrier and an adequate amount of any medications your pet regularly takes. Artzer said heartworm medications and flea/tick preventatives are essential. Pet owners also may want to include bandaging material for wounds. Owners of pets not of the canine or feline variety should think about a safe means of transport and a way for environmental temperature control. GOOD FOR US, BAD FOR FIDO Many conscientious dog owners wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think of giving their canine a tasty but dangerous chocolate bar. But they may not know that giving a dog a handful of fruit or nuts can be just as risky. Seemingly harmless foods like fruits and nuts that have health benefits for people can be dangerous to dogs, said Ken Harkin, associate professor of clinical sciences at Kansas State Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s College of Veterinary Medicine. Harkin recommends a good quality commercial dog or cat food as the staple in a petâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diet. Harkin says donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t offer too many table scraps or other treats, as pets could develop a picky appetite and not eat their nutritionally balanced diet. SAN FRANCISCO MOST HUMANE CITY An abundance of pet-friendly hotels, off-leash dog parks and vegetarian restaurants helped San Francisco becomes Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top city on an animals rights groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s list of Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most humane cities. Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Washington, D.C.; and San Diego followed San Francisco in the Humane Society of the United Statesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; inaugural index, which the organization compiled using state-level and national data.

Euphuria Pet Salon

The Ultimate Spa for Your Pet

At Euphuria Pet Salon, we are committed to providing the most luxurious and beneficial wellness and beauty services available for your pets. We combine traditional beauty services that promote relaxation and well being with the most advanced grooming products and treatments available. All services are provided by our highly qualified professional staff. We deliver visible results while giving your pet the attention it deserves. Pampering our Communityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pets for OVer a Decade Voted Best in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine

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Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat: 9 am to 6 pm Thurs: 7 am to 7 pm

Under new management/ ownership Mention this add and receive 30% off your initial exam. 2 Great Permanent Doctors and 1 New Doctor coming soon!!! Offers an array of services including well-care for all life stages, dentistry, surgery, digital x-rays, hospitalization and much more... Our goal is to keep your pet partner safe, happy and healthy with a gentle loving touch. (OURS-& PMs4UES 4HURS Ps3AT Ps3UN#,/3%$


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sports LOS ANGELES POOL LEAGUE Founded in 1974, the Los Angeles Pool League is one of the oldest gay sporting Leagues in the United States. Come join one of their friendly and competitive Billiard teams. The League plays at various venues throughout the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. All skill levels are welcome! For more information please visit:

GAY & LESBIAN BOWLING LEAGUE The Tavern Guild Invitational is a predominately gay and lesbian bowling league in Studio City. It was founded in 1997 and is a friendly non-competitive organization that encourages bowlers of all ages and abilities. They meet on Monday evenings at Pinz Bowling Center.

SAGA LA A non-profit, volunteer-run organization, one of the first gay-centered sports organizations in the United States. Their most popular trips are the Mammoth bus trips, complete with meals, cocktails and films en route and group meals in the Condos. As a nonprofit organization, their ski and snowboard trips are reasonably priced and tailored to the desires and preferences of their members.

V.O.I.L.A. Open gym play for novice-advanced players, tournaments and socials.

GREAT OUTDOORS The largest gay outdoor recreational organization in Southern California.

GAY AND LESBIAN SIERRANS gls/ Wide range of events for gays, lesbians and their friends and family.

32 The Fight

CHEER LA Performances raise funds for local charities. For more info call: 310-393-0207.

LA ROWING Rowing in Marina Del Rey.

DIFFERENT SPOKES Rides start in various locations in the greater Los Angeles area.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BLADES It is never too late to join the action on the ice.

LOS ANGELES FRONTRUNNERS Running and walking club.

WEST HOLLYWOOD SOCCER CLUB Comfortable, supportive environment for learning and playing the world’s most popular game.

LOS ANGELES GAY SCUBA CLUB The world’s first and largest gay & lesbian scuba club.

LOS ANGELES GAY ROCK CLIMBING Indoor climbing weekly, and outdoor climbing biweekly.

WEST HOLLYWOOD AQUATICS Professionally coached workouts and seasonal clinics with 180 athletes. Gay Games participants.


GEORGIO’S CUCINA REINVENTION AND WORLD CLASS ITALIAN COOKING COME TOGETHER IN STUDIO CITY Formerly, known as Georgio’s Pizza and Pasta, longtime owner Therese Smith partners up with chef Jeffrey Nimer and the result is a miraculous melding of fine dining, ultra-cool décor complemented by an amazing wine list, lip smacking sideboard and a menu that’s equal parts gourmet Italian and rock star chef-alicious. We skipped the octopus salad and tuna tartar, though from the sounds of the couple next to us, it’s a fast track to nirvana. Try the arancini. The crisp risotto with an infusion of truffled pecorino and basil aioli will satisfy as will the just out of the oven bread with house special marinated olives. It makes the beet salad with burrata cheese even more taste tempting. There’s also an orgy of flatbreads that are as memorable as the old joint’s thin crust pizza was and twice as tasty. Entrees are where this place shines. The filet mignon’s Roquefort crusted excellence comes with a knockout potato puree and asparagus in a perfectly paired red wine reduction, but the strozzapreti won all-around taste honors. The heady mix of Moroccan lamb sausage with tomato, escarole and pecorino Romano is, in a word, amazing. The pappardelle pasta al granchio is a mouth-watering meld of fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, chiles, mushrooms and red cow Parmesan dusted with just picked oregano. Yum! Vegetarians can make a meal out of the tasty side dishes. Three Sides for $18.00 is a deal and we inhaled the signature Truffle Parmesan French Fries, roasted wild mushrooms with fresh herbs and the broccolini with toasted garlic olive oil and red chili. We had a taste of the pumpkin gnocchi and will definitely be going back for that as well as the osso bucco, which we also finagled a taste from some friends spotted across the room. Then, We opted for the flourless chocolate cake and found it the perfect sweet ending to a perfect meal. Miracles do happen in mini-malls, Georgio’s Cucina proves it! Open six days (closed Monday) for dinner from 5pm - 10pm and open till 11:30pm on the weekend. Reservations are recommended. Georgio’s Cucina, 11992 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. (818)985-1072.

Traveling Notary 24 HOURS / 7 DAYS

Affidavits • Acknowledgements We come to you nights, weekends, or whenever you need professional Notary services.

Yvette D. Rios Se Habla Español

YDB Bookeeping (818) 640-5732 License #1824739 The Fight 33

arts & culture See and be seen! MONTHLY / MAY 5-7 ART ON THE GO Docent led free Metro tours are offered the first Thursday, Saturday and Sunday of every month. The tours are roundtrip and last approximately 2 hours. Check the website for times and meeting locations visit A massive mural installation found at the Universal Metro about/art/or call 213.922.4ART. Station. Metro has received numerous design and artistic excellence awards and is renowned for its unparalleled interdisciplinary approach to melding art and the transit experience. SATURDAY / MAY 7 NEW OLD SCHOOL ART Opening reception Saturday, May 7, 8-11pm. Exhibit runs till June 4. SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS, 1331 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. Tel: 213.213.0078. For more info: www. The group exhibition, “New Master” focuses on Artist, Ann Marshall’s, “Beige”, will be part today’s leading contemporary artists of the group show at Subliminal Projects. and their approach to the classical figure. These exceptional artists are considered the “New Masters” of today’s figure painters, printers and sculptors, invoking the feeling of the “Old Master’s” technical virtuosity with a contemporary approach. FRIDAY / MAY 13 IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS Opening reception Friday, May 13, 7 – 10 pm. Exhibit runs till June 18. WWA Gallery, 9517 Culver Blvd., Culver City. Tel: 310.836.4992. For more info: . Get lost in the details of six incredible artists’ work at the WWA Gallery with the Industrial Squid curated “All the Sordid Little Details”. Contributing artists David Ball, Dan Barry, William Buzzell, Ken Garduno, Jesse Hotchkiss, and Jacob Livengood all craft meticulously Part of the whimsical group show at WWA Gallery. detailed artwork that, due the painstaking methods and techniques used, allows for an insight into the hearts and minds of the artists themselves. 34 The Fight

FRIDAY / MAY 13 THROUGH MAY 22 DRAG YOURSELF OUT FOR THIS Performances are May 13-22 on Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 7 pm. Tickets are $25. THE RENBERG THEATRE at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 N. McCadden Pl., Los Angeles. Call 323.860.7300 or purchase online: The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Lily Tomlin/ Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center proudly announces the return of the celebrated monologist/singer/actor-actress Miss Coco The one and only Coco Peru takes the Peru in an all-new, cabaret-style evening of stage at The Renberg Theatre. stories, songs, lots of laughs, and a surprise or two! “There Comes a Time” is written and performed by the multiple-award winner Clinton Leupp (aka Miss Coco). THURSDAY / MAY 19 A PITCH PERFECT EVENING

Gay singer and songwriter, Matt Alber, will be performing at the Hotel Café.

Thursday, May 19. Doors at 7:30 pm, show at 8 pm. Tickets are $12. Hotel Café,1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles. For info and tickets: tickets/?s=events_view&id=882. Seattlebased gay singer/songwriter Matt Alber returns to The Hotel Café. Alber’s first full-length album, “Hide Nothing,” does just that. Alber’s songs, while keeping the pronouns honest, seep deeply into the heart of any listener who’s ever wondered if things were going to work out.


The wacky fun from The Red Bull Soapbox Race in 2009.

On May 21, from 11 am to 3:15 pm, the race will take place downtown Los Angeles from Grand Avenue, onto 5th Street, and crossing the finish line right in front of Pershing Square. For more info: www. The Red Bull Soapbox Race will have approximately 40 teams competing in this non-motorized racing event, which encourages gear heads and adrenaline junkies alike to break out their toolboxes and build outrageous humanpowered vehicles. Let the good times roll!

WEEKEND / MAY 21 & 22 AN OUTDOOR AFFAIRE TO REMEMBER The free show runs the weekend of May 21 & 22, 10am to 6pm. The Art Show is located at Beverly Garden located along Santa Monica Blvd., from Rodeo Drive to Rexford Drive. Tel: 310.285.6830. For more info: artshow. The Affaire In The Gardens The Affaire In The Gardens is always a lovely Beverly Hills Art Show features a wide afternoon stroll. range of art by more than 250 exhibitors from around the nation. There will also be food vendors, a wine garden, art tours, and live music. FRIDAY, MAY 27 & SATURDAY, MAY 28 TRY TO CONTAIN YOUR GLEE Concerts are Friday, May 27 in Anaheim at The Honda Center and Saturday, May 28 in Los Angeles at The Staples Center. Get tickets at or call 800.745.3000. For more info: ”www. “Glee Live! In Concert!” will star 13 members of the television show’s cast of the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning show. It will be a unique The cast from the hit T.V. show “Glee” hit concert experience that will include live the stage for a live concert. performances of some of the show’s most memorable musical numbers.


3314 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA (866)742-8869 TO ADVERTISE IN

THE FIGHT CALL 323-297-4001

SHOWING MAY 29 THROUGH OCTOBER 31 INSIDE TIM BURTON’S HEAD On view from May 29 till October 31. “Tim Burton” is a specially ticketed exhibition. General Admission is $20. You must purchase tickets for a specific date and time. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. Tel: 323.857.6000. For more A glimpse of last year’s show and sale, this info: year will again feature a range of highquality 20th Century furnishings, decorative aspx LACMA will present “Tim Burton”, arts, and fine arts in room-setting vignettes.. a major retrospective exploring the full range of Tim Burton’s creative work. The exhibition will bring together more than 700 drawings, paintings, photographs, film and video works, storyboards, puppets, concept artworks, maquettes, costumes, and cinematic ephemera.

3 PACK Uprite XXL Sweeten 69 Explosion


Artist, Glenn Barr will have a show and book signing at La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

Glenn Barr “Faces”, Exhibition & Book Release. Opening Reception Friday, June 3rd, 8-11 pm. Exhibit runs till June 26. La Luz de Jesus Gallery, 4633 Hollywood Blvd., Tel: 323.666.7667. For more info: www. jpg. Artist, Glenn Barr’s favorite themes include striking femmes fatales, seedy strip joints and decrepit buildings found within the setting of a surreal carnival funhouse. The Fight 35


MICHAEL MANGIA MICHAEL MANGIA FOUNDED THE PREMIER GAY SPEED-DATING GROUP, L.A. LORDS, IN 2009 AND LOVES PLAYING CUPID. Where did you get the idea? I was having dinner with a friend and we were both brainstorming things that could generate an income, but not feel like a “job” job. It was random to think about speed dating for the gay community and turned into a big gay vacuum. I found that there was a want and need for this in our community. What can gay singles expect? Every group I do has it’s own energy and 99% of the time there’s a good communal feeling where I receive positive comments and remarks throughout the night. The event is laid out very systematically so that everyone has the chance to meet everyone else without it being a crazy free for all. Well it’s a lot more fun! With gay speed dating, you get to date every man there (always in groups of 15-26 men) with faster “quick dates” so your chances of making a connection are much greater. I would say just don’t come with a preconceived idea of the exact prototype of man you have been looking for your whole life. How many people have you matched? I would say on average that about 75-85% of people make a match, whether that be a friend or date match. Do think dating in L.A. is difficult? I think any large city is difficult just for the mere numbers. Unfortunately dating has become disposable, but I think it’s the hope that keeps people trying! It’s cliché to say but I really do believe when you are happy with yourself you will find another person to compliment and add to your life. You can find out more about L.A. Lords at - (Rick Wilkinson)

36 The Fight

Matthew was a

gay hate crime victim Tim, a former

neo-Nazi, was his victimizer Both share their amazing story of

reconciliation and forgiveness the first Sunday of every month 3:00 PM at the MUSEUM OF TOLERANCE at

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Freaks and Revelations,â&#x20AC;? a novel by Davida Wills Hurwin, is based on their story

The Fight 37


LONG BEACH LESBIAN & GAY PRIDE May 21 & 22, 2011 from 11 am - 10 pm along Shoreline Drive. For more info: Over the past several years, the Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Celebration has become one of the premiere Pride events nationwide now attracting over 80,000 participants over two days. The Festival Celebration includes seven large dance areas. The Long Beach Pride Parade kicks off on Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. The parade hot spot kicks off an hour early at 9:30 a.m. located on Cherry Ave. and Ocean Blvd. at Bixby Park, the location provides plenty of shade and a community gathering spot for anyone watching the parade.

SPRING OF HOPE MCINTYRE HOUSE FUNDRAISER Saturday, May 21, 6pm. 1041 N. Formosa Ave., West Hollywood. For more info: McIntyre House offers a unique rehabilitative experience for men seeking recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

GAY DAY AT HURRICANE HARBOR WATER PARK SIX FLAGS Sunday May 15, 2011 in Los Angeles - 9:30am to 5pm. For more info: www. Brought to you from the producers of the annual Six Flags Magic Mountain event Out On The Mountain! The party is closed to the general public for this special gay and gayfriendly event! All ages. Doors open 10:30am6pm.

“CAUGHT:” AID FOR AIDS BENEFIT Now through May 15th, A smash-hit play on same-sex marriage and the challenges LGBT family members face, has teamed up with Aid For AIDS! 25% of your ticket will be donated to benefit Aid For AIDS. CAUGHT has received RAVE reviews and has also garnered the distinction of ‘Ovation Recommended’ (Ovation Awards are LA’s equivalent to the Tony Awards). TV actor Mackenzie Astin (son of legendary actors Patty Duke and John Astin) has recently joined the cast. Now entering its 6th month, CAUGHT is not to be missed! Help support Aid For AIDS, and enjoy an evening at the theatre! Visit for tickets 38 The Fight

and more information. Playing now through May 15th, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

THERE COMES A TIME May 12-22, Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays; 8pm. Sundays: 7pm. The Renberg Theater, Los Angeles. For more info call: 323-860-7300. Drag Star Miss Coco Peru one woman show fearlessly explores all facets of human nature.

BI-OSPHERE P.O.V. Every 2nd Wednesday, 8-9:30pm. The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 N McCadden Place, Los Angeles. For more information, call 323-860-7302 M-F between 6-9pm. Topic-driven discussion for women and men who identify as, or are exploring bisexuality.

TRANSGENDER PERCEPTIONS Every Friday, 8pm. The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 N McCadden Place, Los Angeles. For more information, call 323-860-7302 M-F between 6-9pm. Social networking group offers a safe and welcoming opportunity for people of any age and gender identity to learn from others and to share experiences.

GET CENTERED MEDITATION Every Saturday, 10-11am. $10. Gay & Lesbian Center, 1625 N Schrader Blvd. Los Angeles. For more information, call 323-860-7300

SENIORS SERVICES Ongoing, The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 N McCadden Place, Los Angeles. For more information, call 323-860-7359.

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Seniors Services department provides a broad array of social, educational and support services to LGBT seniors and Baby Boomers, all of which are free or low-cost.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SUPPORT Ongoing, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, 1625 N Schrader Blvd. Los Angeles. For more information, call 323-860-5806. If your partner is abusive or if you are abusive to your partner, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s STOP Domestic Violence services can help you

12-STEP GROUPS The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 N McCadden Place, Los Angeles. For information, call 323-860-7302 M-F between 6-9pm. • Alcoholics Anonymous Mondays, 6:10-7:10 p.m. • Crystal Meth Anonymous Saturdays, 9:10-10:10 a.m. • Debtors Anonymous Tuesdays, 8-9 p.m. • Marijuana Anonymous Wednesdays, 8:15-9:45 p.m. Saturdays, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. • Overeaters Anonymous Wednesdays, 7-8 p.m. • Sexual Compulsives Anonymous Mondays, 8-9 p.m. Tuesdays, 8-9 p.m. Wednesdays, 8-9 p.m. Thursdays, 8:15-9:15 p.m. Saturdays, 12:15-1:45 p.m. • Women’s Narcotics Anonymous Saturdays, Noon-1 p.m.

The Fight 39







• No cutting • No scars • No stitches • No general anesthesia • Minimal discomfort • Minimal downtime • More youthful, natural look • Volumizes and lifts • Long Lasting • Lower cost

Innovated by Dr. Nathan Newman Use your own fat and stem cells to safely and naturally volumize, lift and sculpt the face and body.

310-273-3344 | info@NathanNewmanMD.Com | 9301 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 303, Beverly Hills, CA 902100



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