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If you are looking for something to clean your home and car properly, especially if you own pets, then you can check out the Dyson DC14. They are well available in the market. There are good online stores that stock on this brand of vacuum cleaners. They can easily be found on the internet. Physical stores in towns also sell the product. One of the reasons why Dyson DC14 vacuum is an ideal cleaning solution is that it can be used on many types of floors. It can also be used to clean the inside parts of a car too. If you own pets, then it is an ideal tool to use for removing pets fur or hair from your couch, carpets, bed and floor. It is an effective cleaner as it has a motorized brush bar that effectively removes hair and fur from hard surfaces such as the floor. The same component can be switched off while cleaning soft and delicate components such as rugs, carpets, seats and inside components of a car. You can also use the vacuum cleaner to clean curtains and upholstery. It is an effective vacuum as it provides consistent suction while cleaning different components around the home. This is made possible by the Root Cyclone technology. It is important for such machines to have effective filter systems. The Dyson DC154 has two types of filters. The pre motor filter can be easily removed and washed so as to get rid of particles. It has the capability to trap particles of up to 0.1 micron. The machine has a post motor electrostatic filter which prevents the escape of carbon emissions from the motor. The post motor filter does not need to be replaced. Some vacuum cleaners make it hard to effectively clean hard to reach surfaces. This might include the bottom parts of a couch or bed, curtains, upholstery, stairs and the inside parts of a car. It has special features such as a quick draw Telescope, special edge cleaning components and intake nozzles that makes it possible to clean hard to reach surfaces. These parts of the cleaner have additional benefits. They make it easy to collect more dirt at high speed while cleaning. This is possible even when working on soft and delicate surfaces. The Dyson DC14 is also designed with an easy to use clear bin. You can monitor it as you go about cleaning which makes you know when it is time to get rid of the dirt.

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==== ==== Get your own Dyson DC14 today. ==== ====

The Dyson DC14 Boasts Powerful Features for Easy Home Cleaning