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multi style yoga teacher training India is the birthplace of yoga and spirituality. With the ancient tradition and culture, the sacred knowledge of yoga and its philosophy is still maintained by yoga masters of India. This has been passed over to the generations through ages. Yoga is being taught in several reputed institutions all over India. The course is offered as training programmes, workshops, retreats, etc. Most of the institutions teach multi-style yoga courses certified by the Yoga Alliance, USA. These schools are also registered under the government. Being the birthplace of yogis, India is rich with ashrams and yogashalas catering the needs of sincere yoga seekers. If the instructor is one is born and brought up in India and who has learned yoga in India with yogic masters from the childhood itself, then it is an excellent opportunity for the student to learn and practice yoga under the master's able guidance and observation. Another benefit of doing course in India is, the course contents are supplemented with the principles of spiritual values. The structure of the courses is in such a way that it is supported with the principles and theory. With the spiritual atmosphere maintained by the ancient temples and ashrams, and being the birth place of several yogis and masters, India is the best choice to learn yoga. For any Indian yoga master, it is easy to relate each yoga practice with its subtle spiritual benefits. For the past several centuries, India has been spreading the knowledge of yoga and spirituality throughout the world. You can choose the best time according to the weather to learn yoga, along with a good holiday package which will give you rich experiences from India. Most of the places in India where yoga courses are offered is in close proximity to airports, railway stations. Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training •Qualification is not a barrier to join yoga teacher training course •After the course, part time teaching assistance is possible to generate additional income •Yoga teacher and pupil is benefitted equally through the course and teaching •Best way to keep the body and mind healthy and well being •Once teaching or assistance starts, practice happens without extra effort •Through demonstration, practice happens automatically •Life becomes more valuable, ethical rooted with yogic principles About Patanjali Yoga Stura School Patanjali Yoga Sutra School, located in Goa, western state in India follows the ancient yogic philosophy and is blessed with experienced yoga teachers from the families with ancient yogic tradition and culture. They impart this sacred yoga knowledge without losing the importance. They motivate the students by sharing their experiences in their yogic life. Personal attention, analysis, assessment and observation of the students and correction of the mistakes during the practice rooted with spiritual values is yet another advantage for the students who choose this school for starting their yoga life. The teachers here are not just the instructors, but regular practitioners leading the yogic way of life. The school is well known among the international students for its teaching methodologies and the facilities provided during the training period. Comfortable stay with essential modern amenities without distracting the yogic way of life is ensured for all the students to make it a memorable moment while learning yoga. Upcoming yoga teacher training course in Goa Dates 01st Aug, 2013 to 28th Aug 2013

09th Sept.2013 to 06th Oct. 2013 Upcoming yoga teacher training course in Dhramsala Dates 22nd Oct. to 20th Nov. 2013 25th Nov. to 23rd Dec. 2013 6th Jan. to 3rd Feb. 2014 10th Feb. to 10th March. 2014 Company Name: Patanjali Yoga Sutra Contact Person: Swami Shiva Girish Email: Send Email Phone: +919272198500 Address:Patanjali School Upper Bhagsu McLoead Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India City: Himachal Pradesh Country: India

multi style yoga teacher training in india  

Patanjali Yoga Sutra School A registered yoga alliance accredited yoga school offers weekly yoga meidtation retreats workshops along with fo...

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