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District 84 2017 Fall Conference

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November 17-18 World Golf Village


Have a Roaring Good Time Jay Gatsby had a grand vision for his life and showed that vision with opulent, over-thetop parties. My Grand Vision as your host for District 84’s Final Fall Conference is to uphold the amazing fun we have had over the years, and end the Fall Conferences with a Party of a Lifetime. So enjoy the weekend, old sport. Learn something. Network with people, and have fun doing it. Julie McLean, DTM Fall Conference Chair

Congratulations Bob Fischer, DTM 2016-2017 Excellence in Program Quality Recipient

Gatsby believed in the green light… Believed In A Grand Vision… As District 84 we continue to reach for our green light, stretching ourselves farther as we learn, grow, and we each achieve our grand vision. Welcome to Gatsby, our Final Fall Conference in which we celebrate our Grand Visions. As you go through the weekend, think about how Toastmasters and your club can help you achieve your Grand Vision. As YOUR Program Quality Director, I’m here to help your club provide a member experience that will help you. Please let me know how I can serve you!

Thank you to all my Toastmasters Family. If I miss you this weekend, I hope to see you at future events. Mike McLean, DTM Program Quality Director

welcome "And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

So happy to see you here! Raise your glass and revel in the creativity, the talent and the friendships found in District 84, for they are like none other.

Relax and enjoy yourself at our magical and glitzy weekend party! Welcome.

Beth Ramsay, DTM Club Growth Director

Congratulations To The Clubs That


A “Beat the Clock” ribbon for your club’s banner A Special discount code for 10% off your next TI order A $25.00 TI gift certificate from District 84 Division A

Lillian R. Bradley Toastmasters Club Toast to DB New Beginnings Toastmasters Rising Stars Toastmasters Voices of Lawtey Toastmasters

Division B

Advanced Communicators Club Toast-Stars Club

Division C

You Talkin’ to Me? Toastmasters

Division D

Apopka Foliage, Club 840 Central Florida Facilitators

Division E

Winter Haven Toastmasters Club 2104

Division F

Coastmasters of Palm Coast CIT Toastmasters

Division G

Ocala Noon Toastmasters Club Lake Toasters Ormond SpeechMasters The Golden Triangle Toastmasters Toastmasters at Twelve Port Orange Toastmasters Downtown Ocala Toastmasters Toasting Ocala

Division H

Tallahassee Real Talkers Highway Safety Club Leadership Toastmasters

Thank You For Your Membership Building Efforts Mike McLean, Club Growth Director, 2016-2017

Six time Presidents Distinguished world golf village toastmasters Welcomes you to

Gatsby District 84’s

Final Fall Conference Home of Conference Chair Julie McLean, DTM Area 61 Director Iani Naddaf, ACB Program Quality Director Mike McLean, DTM

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Bringing Out Your Brilliance

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Come Join First Coast Speakers Advanced Toastmasters for our 20th Anniversary Celebration! Thursday, December 14, 2017 6:30 PM Small Business Administration 7825 Baymeadows Way Suite 100B (entrance door left, back) Jacksonville, FL 32256 We Offer: Help from experienced Toastmasters as you work to complete your Distinguished Toastmaster Award A platform to complete the required training project for your Advanced Communicator Gold More time for your longer advanced speech projects Guidance on your contest speech to help make it a winning speech Advanced, detailed feedback from experienced members

Saturday Breakfast

Sponsored by Division F Please join us on Saturday Morning in the

Gatsby Mansion 7 am - 9 am

(while supplies last)

Eggs Bacon Sausage Gravy & Biscuits Country Gravy & Biscuits (gluten Free) Yogurt Bar w/Fruit & Granola Coffee Tea Orange Juice

Cranberry Juice


racing to the finish club success plans Tallahassee Toastmasters Club First Coast Speakers Advanced Toastmasters Early Bird Club Y Toastmasters World Golf Village Toastmasters Jacksonville Bullmasters New Beginnings Toastmasters CrossWay Toastmasters Club Gator Club Gainesville Toastmasters Windermere Toastmasters The Reliable Speakers Toastmasters Club Top O' The Rock Toastmasters Club Toast-Stars Club Advanced Communicators Club Beaches Area Toastmasters Club Medtronic Communication Leaders Vistana Toastmasters Adecco Toastmasters Darden Toastmasters Club St. Mark AME Text Talkers Twilite Club UU & PI Toastmasters Club Club Orange

Hospitality Toastmasters At UCF Rosen College Florida Blue Toastmasters Club Celebration Speak Easy Toastmasters Club Let's Make A Racquet USTA Toastmasters Toastmasters on the Halifax Club Driven by Destiny Toastmasters Florida Southern College Club Post Toasters Club Trailblazers Toastmasters Club Bristol West Toastmasters Coastmasters of Palm Coast FDLE Toastmasters Orlando Toastmasters Club Lake Mary Toastmasters Toast to DB West Volusia Toastmasters Orlando Advanced Toastmasters Winter Park Toastmasters Club Uptown Toastmasters Toastmasters at UF & Shands C.I.A. Toastmasters Mayflower Toastmasters Club Orange Park Toastmasters Club Deerwood Toastmasters Club Southwood Club

racing to the finish club success plans Peace Talkers Vero Beach Toastmasters Club Metro Palm Bay Toastmasters Florida International Talkers LMF Speech Masters Daytona Beach Toastmasters Club Plant City Toastmasters Villa Toastmasters Club You Talkin' to Me? Toastmasters Radiant Ridge Toastmasters Omni Toastmasters Club 6861 Beachsiders Club Wyndham Easy Speakers Toastmasters at JEA Charles Schwab & Co. Dunnellon Toastmasters Club FIS Orlando Toasting Ocala Triple Crown Club Toast To YSA Power Up Crystal River Toastmasters Bartow Toastmasters Club Eagle Toastmasters Talk of Tallahassee Talk of the World Downtown Ocala Toastmasters

Clermont Toastmasters Suwannee River Toastmasters Central Florida Facilitators Melbourne FL Toastmasters Club Collins Club JAX of All Trades Winter Haven Toastmasters Club 2104 Harbor City Toastmasters Club Highway Safety Club Toastmasters at Twelve Seminole Toastmasters Club Westwood Club Ocala Noon Toastmasters Club Speak Up America Club Accelerated Pacesetters Lillian R. Bradley Toastmasters Club Heartland Talk of the Town Leadership Toastmasters Tallahassee Real Talkers Podemos Hablar Toastmasters Club Weekend Toastmasters Port Orange Toastmasters Winn-Dixie Toastmasters Garnet & Gold Toastmasters Club Mandarin Toastmasters Marion United Toastmasters

Friday Evening East Egg PreCon Area West Egg Ballroom St Augustine C&D Gatsby Mansion Troon Saturday Morning Alhambra Ballroom St Augustine F

Club Harlem St Augustine G

Cotton Club Legends 1

Apollo Theater Legends 2




Registration Open 3:00pm-8:00pm

6pm Banner lineup 6:15pm Doors open

Evening Events Banner Parade Dinner Speech Evaluation Contest Keynote Speaker

Hospitality and Networking





Mark Gai Mark Gai V. Grace Singer Sheryl Roush Energize Your Energize Your Evaluations: The Sparkle When You Productivity: Step by Productivity: Step by Champagne at the Speak! Step Tools for Step Tools for Inspired Toastmasters Party VIP Session Inspired Results Results Jordan Camenker Jordan Camenker East Egg or West Egg, East Egg or West Egg, Jerry Smith Kim Shivler Your Omelette Your Omelette GASP, Can it Truly BE? Like the Roaring 20's Shouldn't Stick, But Shouldn't Stick, But I can Write and Tell You've Got Style Your Ideas Should: Your Ideas Should: a Great Story! Here's What to Do Here's What to Do Bonnie Maidak Marie Loeffler Johnny Campbell Louise Maitland Johnny Campbell The Leadership A Grammarian's Becoming the Agent Becoming the Agent Journey- Discovering Pursuit for Happiness - of Change of Change Your Unique Impact! How to be Jazzy!

First Timer’s

Minton’s Playhouse Legends 3

Gatsby Mansion Troon

BREAKFAST 6:00am – 9:00am While Supplies Last

Saturday Afternoon



Edward Zoller Allison LyleHow to Avoid Gatsby's Vickie Goodman Donaldson Fate: 9 Tips to Do a The Glitz & Glamour How to Make Your Better Presentation: of Club Coaching Life Match Your Vision Concept to Execution Stephanie Thomas Debunking the Myth: Nandha Thesingh James Skinner How to Break Free of Step Aside and Let The Bullet Journal Unrealistic Societal Them Learn Expectations




Evening Events

West Egg Ballroom St Augustine C&D

Lunch and Hall of Fame

Business Meeting

Gatsby Mansion Troon

Dignitary Walk Dinner Humorous Speech Contest DTM Walk

Hospitality and Networking


St Augustine C&D





Valley of Ashes Storage

West Egg Ballroom

Pre Conference Area

Gatsby Mansion Troon

Educational Sessions

Ready to connect better with others? More authentically? Want to be more engaging? Or just have more FUN speaking? Whether you are speaking for as brief as 5 minutes or as long as 50 minutes, to 4 people or 400, you need to enroll, engage, and educate your listeners. Based on top research from the fields of teaching, you will learn these simple adult-learning theory techniques that you will be apply in your life immediately – in speaking, training, leading, managing, interviewing, networking (and even parenting!). Take the communication skills assessment to understand your preferences, as how best to connect with 100% of your listeners, in a genuine manner! (Just watching the facilitator in action will raise your bar for presentations!) In this lively and interactive session, you will discover how to: • Instantly grab and retain audience attention • Reach all types of listeners in any audience, and • Craft any type of presentation faster, more effectively and easier!

Mark Gai

Energize Your Productivity: Step by Step Tools for Inspired Results Are you obsessed with productivity? That’s ok if you are. Productivity is the primary engine that keeps us moving forward. If most of your efforts produce little or no discernable progress towards your goals, it’s time to understand and clarify. In this session, we’ll examine how to manage energy first, then time second. We’ll uncover how to increase outputs that matter.

It’s time to decide, change course and move forward!

V. Grace Singer

Evaluations: The Champagne at the Toastmasters Party In most personal or professional interactions, honest constructive criticism can be hard to find, even when requested! This valuable resource is offered at every Toastmasters meeting, however, giving a

strong evaluation is often an overlooked topic, especially when initiating a new member. This session will be hands on, with all participants joining to evaluate multiple test speakers. Learn how to sharpen your skill and take back the power of strong evaluations to your clubs!

Jordan Camenker

East Egg or West Egg, Your Omelette Shouldn’t Stick, But Your Ideas Should: Here’s What to Do

One hallmark of a great speech is that people remember it. A competently delivered speech in a

neatly packaged message isn’t enough. Although it may elicit a smile and an honest applause, it

still may be largely forgotten within days. Join Jordan in this fun, interactive session where he will provide strategies on how to make our message stick!

Kim Shivler

Like the Roaring 20’s You’ve Got Style Explore how successful communication and understanding communication

styles leads to products that sell, projects that are successful, and teams that are

effective. In this workshop, we will look at the different communication styles and learn how to be sure your message is received and understood.

James Skinner

The Bullet Journal What is The Bullet Journal? It’s an analog system for the digital age that

will help you Track the Past, Organize the Present and Plan for the Future! It’s a system designed in a notebook that YOU set up. Learn more about The Bullet Journal, its creation and its use. This is definitely a session you don’t want to miss!

A Grammarian’s Pursuit for Happiness – How to be Jazzy! Fun meetings encourage member retention, foster creativity and

more member involvement. Learn three different ways that the

Grammarian role can add interest and fun to your club meetings! Bonnie Maidak & Louise Maitland

Johnny Campbell

Becoming the Agent of Change Are the changes in today’s world, your club and your life, opportunities for success or a pain in the neck? When it comes to change, there are many challenges. In this entertaining and informative session, Johnny will discuss the most effective ways for leaders to Lead Change, Stay Inspired and Achieve More Success in life.

The Leadership Journey – Discovering Your Unique Impact! Jay Gatsby influenced those around him using his effervescent style & contagious smile. Whether you know it or not, you too are a highly influential leader.

Join Marie in this interactive workshop to discover your natural leadership style, when to use it to influence those around you, and what you can do to be a stronger, more effective leader.

Marie Loeffler

Vickie Goodman The Glitz & Glamour of Club Coaching Don’t let clubs in your area fizzle and die when you can help them sizzle and give their

meetings pizazz! Find out what’s in it for you, and perhaps more importantly, how you can renew your club’s spirit, as well as your own. Discover tips, tools and techniques that you make you an all-star club coach!

How to Make Your Life Match Your Vision Participants will gain a fresh perspective on pursuing their vision with purpose through a fun and exciting atmosphere. Time spent in the session will include a Vision Discovery activity that will breathe life into your vision, interactive group dynamics to uncover vision blockers, and creative focus on specific strategies for making your life match your vision.

Allison Lyle-Donaldson

How to Avoid Gatsby’s Fate: 9 Tips to do a Better Presentation: Concept to Execution Learn the basic building blocks of a presentation, whether for a Toastmasters speech or a special report to your Board of Directors. Learn how to differentiate your presentation, step by step.

Edward Zoller

Stephanie Thomas

Debunking the Myth: How to Break Free of Unrealistic Societal Expectations Americans have become weight obsessed, they are either going on a diet, getting off a diet or in the midst of one. Often times, unrealistic expectations in pursuit of external approval leaves people empty, depressed or

frustrated. It’s time to break the cycle! If you are struggling with beginning or maintaining a truly sustainable healthy lifestyle in EVERY area of life, then this workshop is one you don’t want to miss!

Nandha Thesingh

Impart With a Jazzy Twist Today’s training is full of lectures. As long as learners are passively sitting and listening to us talk, they are not learning much. In this workshop, we will learn new techniques on

how to enhance our training sessions.

Raise a glass of champagne to our newest clubs: CrossWay Toastmasters Club - Div H ADP Orlando Toastmasters - Div D Winter Springs Toastmasters Club - Div D

Because A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish Congratulations to the Clubs That Submitted Their Club Success Plan and Qualified for the Run For The Roses Incentives!

Toast to DB Florida Blue Toastmasters Top O’ The Rock Toastmasters Lillian R. Bradley Toastmasters Toastmasters at UF & Shands

Global Leaders Advanced Toastmasters Winn-Dixie Toastmasters New Beginnings Toastmasters Medtronic Communication Leaders Toast-Stars Club Melbourne FL Toastmasters Harris Communicators Advanced Communicators Harbor City Toastmasters

Darden Toastmasters Club Vista Toastmasters Southwest Orlando Clermont Toastmasters Windermere Toastmasters Villa Toastmasters Club Bartow Toastmasters Club Heartland Talk of the Town Lakeland Toastmasters

Collins Club Vero Beach Toastmasters Sebastian Fellsmere Toastmasters Metro Palm Bay Toastmasters Florida International Talkers Florida Hospital Toastmasters Safe Words You Talkin’ to Me? Toastmasters Twilite Club St. Mark AME Text Talkers SHFB Toastmasters Post Toasters Club Trailblazers Toastmasters Club Weekend Toastmasters ACE Advanced Toastmasters Club Winter Park Toastmasters Club Technically Speaking Lake Mary Toastmasters Omni Toastmasters Club 6861 Oscar Toastmasters 19th Hole Toasters World Toasters Westwood Club

Gator Club Talking Gators First Coast Speakers Advanced Toastmasters Toast of Jax Club Speak Up America Club World Golf Village Toastmasters Coastmasters of Palm Coast Horizon Stars Bristol West Toastmasters Dunnellon Toastmasters Club Radiant Ridge Toastmasters Ocala Noon Toastmasters Club Talk of the World Downtown Ocala Toastmasters Y Toastmasters Triple Crown Club Marion United Toastmasters Toasting Ocala C.I.A . Toastmasters Toastmasters on the Halifax Club Toastmasters at Twelve West Volusia Toastmasters Port Orange Toastmasters Leadership Toastmasters Early Bird Club Podemos Hablar Toastmasters Talk of Tallahassee Seminole Toastmasters Club Tallahassee Real Talkers

Achievement Comes from Executing The Plan By Qualifying for Run For the Roses, working the plan, and achieving goals, the following clubs earned incentives!

Net Gain of Six Members $25 TI Gift Certificate Harris Communicators Club ACE Advanced Toastmasters Club Darden Toastmasters Club Windermere Toastmasters Heartland Talk of the Town Radiant Ridge Toastmasters Named Member Retention (90% of Base) $100 TI Gift Certificate Harris Communicators Club Safe Words Twilite Club St. Mark AME Text Talkers Trailblazers Toastmasters Club ACE Advanced Toastmasters Club First Coast Speakers Advanced Toastmasters Radiant Ridge Toastmasters

Hello! Florida


Florida Blue is a th e prou d spon sor o f ct is t ri To a st ma ster s D ce. 84 Fall C on fe re n




These products have limitations and exclusions. The amount of benefits provided depends upon the plan selected and the premium may vary with the amount of benefits selected. Florida Blue is a trade name of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc., an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. 85405-1015

85405-1015 Toastmasters ad1.indd 1

10/23/15 3:47 PM


Copaiba! by doTERRA

Copaiba can help with neurological issues, pain and more by indirectly interacting with CB2 receptors in the body. Reports of benefits include pain relief, reduced anxiety, effective against cancer, treats seizures and other neurological issues, prevention of diabetes through lower insulin levels and promotes cardiovascular health. To find out if Copaiba is right for you, speak with your doTERRA representative today:

Francine Juhlin (904) 219-8483

Faith For Freedom Thanks Global Leaders Advanced Toastmasters for going above and beyond to serve our members both behind and beyond the bars through our Correctional Community Clubs.

Frances Powers,DTM Area 15 Director, Club Sponsor Jerod Powers,DTM and the members of: New Beginnings Toastmasters Club #04069732 Division A Director Debi Wilson, DTM Club Mentor Nikos Toastmasters Club #06039246 Immediate Past Division A Director Wilson Santos, DTM Club Mentor Rising Stars Toastmasters Club #05501933 Past Division A Director Linda Sarkis, DTM Club Liaison Voices of Lawtey Toastmasters Club # 05589640 Area 13 Director Shari Triplet, ACB,ALB Club Mentor Past Area 13 Director Scott Gammon, DTM Club Sponsor Past Division A Governor George Casey, DTM

Cool,Calm. Decidedly Continental

N Hwy. 441 | Ocala, FL For Exceptional Service Contact Steve Hollosi at 321-388-7109

Melbourne Toastmaster’s Club members would like to welcome Ken Audit and Frank Ripley as our newest members. WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!,

Congratulations to District 84’s Newest Distinguished Toastmasters

As Of October, 15 2017

Christine Langley, June 24, 2016 Brent Hartsfield, June 26, 2017 Julie McLean, July 1, 2017 Richard Hoar, July 1, 2017 Patricia Wagner, July 1, 2017 James Fawthrop, July 18, 2017 Sue Mills, July 24, 2017 Lana Tatom, July 24, 2017 Scott Keller, August 7, 2017 Debbie Zimmerman, August 8, 2017 Alexandra Balda, August 9, 2017 Chi Simons, August 19, 2017 Kenny Harper, August 21, 2017 James Fyffe, September 20, 2017 Linda Sarkis, October 6, 2017

John Bracey, CTM Immediate Past President Thank you for your leadership and dedication as the Downtown Jax Toastmasters Club’s First President.

Downtown Jax Toastmasters-5584694 Meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month at the Jacksonville Public Library—Main Branch

DISTRICT 84, AREA 83 | CLUB #3771

TUESDAYS from 6:30 – 7:30 PM Genesis Group (Conference Room)

2507 Callaway Rd # 100, Tallahassee, FL 32303

Area 63

Proudly lead by Area Director Michael Carroll, CC Jax of All Trades Orange Park Toastmasters River’s Edge Toastmasters The Vystar Toastmasters

Thank You!

Villa Toastmasters Club 2001 to 2017

Serving our members and Toastmasters for 16 years


Saturday, April 14th, 2018 9:00am- 3:00pm FREE ADMISSION Family fun day of events to honor and thank Veterans and all those in support. * Clay County Cruisers Car Show * VA Representatives and Informational Booths * Legion Riders Motorcycle Show * U.S. Small Business Administration * All Day Free Kids Activities MUCH MORE! If interested in participating or volunteering to be a musical act in this event please contact the Clay County Veterans Services Office at 904-2696326 or visit:

In Loving Memory Of

John Ryan, DTM Co-Founder, Mentor and Friend With

Lynda Ryan, DTM, co-Founder

Dunnellon Toastmasters Club #1176

Division B Where Leaders Are Made

Jack Jamba, Past District 47 Governor Val Croskey, Past District 47 Governor Loretta Sandy, Past District 47 Governor Ron Parpart, Past District 84 Governor Dee Melvin, Past District 84 Governor Becky McGilton, Past District 84 Director Judd Spitzer, DTM Area 20 Director Titusville Toastmasters KSC Toastmasters Viera/Suntree Toastmasters Girl Talk Toastmasters

Tina Smith, CC Area 21 Director Merritt Moonliters Club Harris Toastmasters Beachside Broadcasters Peace Talkers

Steven King, ACS Area 22 Director Harris Speakez Club Toast-Stars Melbourne FL Toastmasters South Beach Toastmasters Health First Toastmasters

Mary Jane Catacutan, CC Area 23 Director Harris Communicators Advanced Communicators Harbor City Toastmasters Collins Club

Victor Theocharides, ACS Area 24 Director Vero Beach Toastmasters Club Beachsiders Sebastian Fellsmere Metro Palm Bay Toastmasters Florida International Talkers

Division B Working the President's Distinguished Legacy



321-337-9432 我们讲中文

Cynthia Johnson, ACG, ALB On your achievements We are very proud of you!

With Love from your Daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth

United Engineering Consultants 214 Loomis Avenue Daytona Beach, FL 32114 (386) 256-7684 Contact: Robert A. Fitzpatrick, P.E., Senior Engineer Email:

The Leader in Coastal Structures Restoration & Corrosion Control

Plan One Today!

Division B Area 20 Titusville Viera/Suntree Girl Talk KSC

Join one of these great Clubs Today



FREE Samples just like & follow Dave & Kathy Bazzel’s Journey before close of Fall Conference

Division F and District 84 Thank CFC for all their support

United Engineering Consultants 214 Loomis Avenue Daytona Beach, FL 32114 (386) 256-7684 Contact: Robert A. Fitzpatrick, P.E., Senior Engineer Email:

The Leader in Coastal Structures

Restoration & Corrosion Control

Building The Best Team Starts with


Peace of mind through a detailed inspection and report To schedule an inspection

call 407-900-9880 For information on what we can do for your business

Call Fernando at 407-697-3751

Thank You To The Following Organizations Who Helped Sponsor Our Conference GCJ Productions, Inc. Oar Electric, Inc.

Thank you

Thank you

Comcast Toastmasters River City Toastmasters

Medtronic Communicators

Area 10 Director Cynthia Johnson

Area 10 Director Cynthia Johnson

Toasting 601

entertainment & arts >> community storytelling

“Toastmasters gives me an opportunity to grow as a communicator, leader and team player. I love Early Bird Toastmasters Club 3651!” — NICOLE E. Early Bird Toastmasters (Club 3651)

Where leaders are made Saturdays at 8:15a - Golden Corral (N Monroe St)

Area 52 contest = Terry Fellinger director, contest

chair, Donald Kahrer Orlando International, Joseph Shaw Celebration Speakeasy, Scott Brown Vista

Toastmasters, Regina Cruz Contest Master Clermont. Honorable mention Lynn Ramsey contest assistant. Oscar Kaalstad World Toasters Rafße winner. Thanks to St. Andrews for our venue

Division D Director Gail Hill Smith We are the Big Cheese in D84! We don’t get the heebie-Jeebies when we talk about our swanky clubs! Have a swell time reading about Division D!

Area 42 Director Jerry Smith

Area 42 knows their onions! This area is no Mrs. Grundy because they like whoopee and have a good time! They are berries and darb!

Area 40 Director Sherry Fitzpatrick Area 40 is zozzled with our newly chartered ADP Orlando and the other outstanding clubs “Sherry Fitzpatrick says she is nerts about the “energetic, professional leaders” and speech crafters!”

Area 41 Director Niloofar Ghazi-Moghaddam AREA 41 HAS ALL

THE FUN! We are keen to be challenged to new heights and develop spiffy relationships all around town from Winter Park, Orlando, & St. Cloud! Thank you

Area 43 AD43 welcomes you to visit these 6 Director hotsy-totsy amazing Sandesh Telang clubs in the heart of central Florida. See what the cat’s meow is all about! Area 44 Director Steven Morgan Area 44’s clubs must serve giggle water because they are intoxicating! Just ask the members of Winter Park Toastmasters who have been coming back for 54 years!

Gamma Cynthia Johnson, ACG, ALB on completing your HPL project.

With Love, Ariana Catherine

Stueben Press... Will add copy once the booklet is in their hands.

Thank you To all the Division Directors and their teams for all your hard work to make this conference a success. Division A - Decorations Division B - Processionals Division C - A/V Division D - Facilitators Division E - Registration Division F - Breakfast Division G - First Timers Division H - Hospitality Division I - Raffle & 50/50


Profile for Market Wise Consulting

2017 d84 final online book  

2017 Fall Conference Program Booklet District 84 Toastmaster

2017 d84 final online book  

2017 Fall Conference Program Booklet District 84 Toastmaster