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“Nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless. There is no intelligence where there is no need of change.” - H.G. Wells, The Time Machine Fellow Toastmasters, what Mr. Wells stated is a timeless applause to the very nature of our organization...


In 2008, I attended the “Aloha” conference , which was my very rst. The people I’d met, the speeches I’d heard, the educational sessions I’d attended, had such a powerful affect on me... my life has not been the same ever since. And that, my friends, is what I pray happens for you this weekend! A veritable army of creative minds and tireless members have geared together an experience Mr. Wells could only dream about. Upon your return to this era on Sunday, I believe you will suffer to nd words to describe your adventure. Until then, let’s go full steam ahead into the world of...Steampunk! - Nancy Hoehn, DTM, District 84 Director

Congratulations District 84, October Renewals Notable 9 and Incredible 20 Winners 19th Hole

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20/20 Toastmasters

Energy Speakeasy

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Everbank Innovators

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Welcome D84 to Steampunk “Steampunk cannot be explained away with one man or woman’s definition—It takes many voices to create the Steampunk community and all are worth hearing” —Dr. Grymm, “I Am Steampunk” Documentary, 2010

As Toastmasters, we are also a vibrant community, with many voices. I’m looking forward to our costume creativity on Friday with some stellar evluations, our skillful Saturday training sessions, the fun Roast, and some Funny Humerous Speeches!

It’s Time To Steampunk! Good luck to all of the contestants! Thank you to all my Toastmasters Family. If I miss you this weekend, I hope to see you at future events. Mike McLean, DTM Club Growth Director

“Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life.” H.G. Wells, The Time Machine

District 84 holds the brightest stars of leadership ever! Many thanks to a fabulous team. - Nancy Hoehn, DTM, District 84 Director

District 84 Leadership Team 2016-2017 SENIOR LEADERS (AKA “The Trio”) District 84 Director - Nancy Hoehn, DTM Program Quality Director - Robert Fischer, DTM Club Growth Director - Michael McLean, DTM DISTRICT CABINET (Voting Members) Public Relaions Manager - Scott Hoehn, DTM, PDG Administration Manager - Wanda Brown, DTM, PDG Finance Manager - DeRhone Sutton-Lambert, ACB, ALB Immediate Past District Director - Rebecca McGilton, DTM DISTRICT CABINET (Non-Voting) Parliamentarian - Beth Ramsay, DTM Logistics Manager - Manny Nunez, ACB Logistic Manager - Idalia Nunez, ACB

District 84 Leadership Team 2016-2017 DIVISION & AREA DIRECTORS (Voting Members) Division A Area 10 Area 11 Area 12 Area 13 Area 14 Area 15

Wilson Santos, DTM Jasmine Jacob, CC Sue Mills, ACG Kenny Harper, ACS Lillie Johnson, ACB Edgar Garcia Sunil Ancha, CC

Division E Area 50 Area 51 Area 52 Area 53 Area 54

Stephanie Swyers, Humberto Santiago, CC Keshia Gaines, ACB Regina Cruz, CC Shelley Paros, ACG Debbie Zimmerman, ACG

Division B Area 20 Area 21 Area 22 Area 23 Area 24

Susan Schulz, DTM Candace Anderson Barb Garofalo, ACB Tina Smith, CC Paul Edwards, ACB Terrance Burt, CC

Division F Area 60 Area 61 Area 62 Area 63 Area 64

Julie McLean, DTM Poornima Srinivasan, ACB Bharat Sanghvi, ACS Ianezka Naddaf, CC Francine Juhlin, CC Kevin Ondarza, ACB

Division C Area 30 Area 31 Area 32 Area 33 Area 34

Troy Palmer, ACG Hasheem Francis, CC Jeremy Bennett, CC Ashish Smart, ACB Lee Bailey, ACS Chi Simons, ACB

Division G Area 70 Area 71 Area 72 Area 73 Area 74

Dean Roberson Timothy WOllnger, CL Patricia Wagner, ACS Norma Cress, ACB Maxine Mann, CC Fred Bergeron, CC

Division D Area 40 Area 41 Area 42 Area 43 Area 44 Area 45

Jessica Guthrie, DTM Ted Allman, DTM Jamie Jacobs-Thomas, CC Toni Gitles, DTM Eppie Bang, ACB Bessie Hudson,CC Alexandra Balda, ACS

Division H Area 80 Area 81 Area 82 Area 83

Jason Staufer Dastagiri Mettupalli, ACB Sabrina M. Allen, CC Starla Wagner, ACS Julius Hackett, ACG

COMMITTEE CHAIRS (Non-Voting) Proxies Gavel Clubs A/V & Newsletter Editor Credentials Realignment Nomination Comm. Education Train-the-Trainer MOT Co-Chair MOT Co-Chair LOV Chair Youth Leadership District Webmaster Podcasts

Dee Melvin, DTM, PDG Manal Fakhoury, DTM Jerome Kalisz, DTM Mary Arnold, DTM Mary Carol Holbert, DTM, PDG Becky McGilton, DTM, IPDD Paula Summa, DTM Marie Loeffler, DTM Jerry Smith, DTM Brenda Smith, ACS Andrew Kokitus, DTM Delona Ashby, DTM Jim Miller, DTM, PDG Beth Ramsay, DTM

Fall Conf Co-Chair Fall Conf Co-Chair Conf. Finance Mgr Spring Conference Club Extension Club Ambassador Member/Recruit Renewals/Retent. Sponsor/Mentor Club Coaches Corporate Clubs Proclamations Social Media Speakers Bureau Spea

Steven Morgan, ATMG Susan Morgan, DTM Debi Londono, ACB Edwin Rivera, DTM Linda Sarkis, DTM Amy Hunt, CC Pim Parpart, DTM Deb Wilde, DTM Vickie Goodman, DTM Hasheem Francis, CC Lisa Franklin, DTM Paula Hickman, CTM Robert Wood, DTM Lygia Arcaro, DTM

Friday Evening Schedule Party like it’s 1899 STEAMPUNK STYLE

World Golf Village Toastmasters Welcomes District 84

Good Luck to all the Humorous Speech and Evaluation contestants

Select Distinguished 2015-2016 Meeting held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Georgia Pacific Palatka Operations

EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS All aboard! Hop on the Train as Shelley Paros starts the Engine and puts you in MOTION, while the Orderly Conduct Team helps TRAIN you in the nuances of proper parliamentary procedures. Learn how to keep you and your club on track. Be prepared to learn the difference between “privileged, ranking and main” motions, what should be included in the minutes and how not to be afraid to hop on board!

Shelley Paros & “Crew”

The Power of Effective Time Management Hasheem Francis Participants will be moved to engage more fully in life, love more fully in their personal relationships, and show more compassion and care in their professional relationships. They will learn to replace blame and complaints with responsibility and action. Participants will learn strategies for taking control of their lives plus how and when to say “NO”. This seminar is filled with tips for organizing your daily tasks, ways to take time for yourself, and how to make time for things that matter. Participants will learn:     

The 3 P’s of Time: Personal time, Productive time, and Priority time. How to create a “Get It Done” List: There is power in planning. The power in saying “No”: Your time is your greatest resource. Invest it wisely. The power of Time saving tools: Use them to increase your productivity. The keys to overcoming distraction: Do you know what and who is stealing your time?

Maria Martinez, DTM Pathways: The Golden Precursor of Things to Come Join us for an introduction to the exciting adventure that is “Pathways”, our new Educational Program! Participants will be able to go on a journey to a not so parallel universe and learn about the dogmatic ruling powers of what are in our future. Together, we’ll conspire to implement and execute strategies that will make District 84 ready to roll into the program in 2017.

Thirteen Things Your Uncle Floyd Never Taught You about Cultivating Your Creativity and Developing Your Inner Da Vinci;

or What Lincoln and Tesla, Burlap and Belly-Button Lint and Onomatopoeia can Teach You About Effective Public Speaking. Jordan Camenker We’re told by our Toastmasters cognoscenti, our icons of oratory, that a key to effective public speaking is engagement. We need to connect, but how? One great strategy is to mine our memories, to draw deeply from our wellspring of experiences. Sounds like a plan, but how do we even start that expedition? What, exactly, do we look for in there (mine is a mess) and what (short of therapy) do we do with the stuff we find? Participants in this handson, results-oriented workshop will learn effective ways to make fuller use of the creative juices, draw from their tapestry of experiences to find fascinating source material, discover the unseen connections, relate to the audience, and make a killing in burlap (well, maybe not the burlap thing). This workshop won third prize in last year’s prestigious Inter-Galactic Workshop Championship in the Aldebaran Star System, so we expect a high turnout from among the extra-terrestrial community – better grab your seat early!

Pim Parpart, DTM Creative Ways to Bring New Members to Your Club

Steam Forward: A Journey from Competent to Confident Many individuals struggle with the idea they can change their reality by changing their mindset. George’s strength lies in his ability to convey the evolving but consistent relationship between thought and action. His very life is the blueprint for talking the talk and walking the walk. He believes it is his divine mission to challenge himself as well as others to look within and find the confidence needed to succeed.

George Casey, DTM

Manal Fakhoury, DTM TED TALKS – From Toastmaster to TED Speaker Have you ever wondered how Toastmasters can help you become a TED speaker? Do you have an idea that you are excited to share with the global community? Would you like to accelerate your path to the TED stage? Dr. Manal Fakhoury is passionate about Toastmasters International and TED Talks. She will share the intersectionality between the two organizations and deliver her insight on how and why you want to be a TED speaker. Her session will give you her top tips to make it on the red dot (the red carpet) that has become iconic for TED speakers to deliver their talks on.

Debi Jo Londono Time Travel Technology Did you know that when you feel remorse or grief, your mind has traveled to the past? When you worry or are anxious, your mind has traveled to the future. In this workshop we will JOURNEY to the present together. While in the present, YOU will experience the richness of the present moment, UN-FRACTURED. There will be NO breathing exercises, NO stretching and bending and NO chanting. You will experience a simple yet effective method of focusing your awareness on the present moment. YOU will learn how to let go of the meanings we assign to the circumstances of our lives. You will create an anchor that gently brings you back to the peaceful PRESENT when you drift away. By the end of this workshop, you will have tools to let go of limitations and create a life of love and peace with joy and ease.

District 84 2016-2017 Smedly Award Winning Clubs 7 New Members Orlando Conquerors Toastmasters Club Voices of Lawtey Toastmasters 6 New Members Early Bird Club New Beginnings Toastmasters SHFB Toastmasters Stick To The Script! Weekend Toastmasters 5 New Members Clermont Toastmasters Orlando International Club

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Beth Ramsay, DTM Privilege. Power. Play.

Giving Yourself Permission to be Brilliant on Stage

Beth Ramsay, DTM, has been tearing up the stage as a professional speaker for over a decade. Recipient of numerous awards, Beth has served as Dean of the Speaker's Academy as well as President of the National Speakers Association-Central Florida in 2012. Beth will be brutally honest about her struggle to throw off self-doubt, fear and hesitation, and to finally give herself permission to be brilliant on stage! Beth will share what she learned to do and what NOT to do, along with a few of the crazy things that have happened to her along the way! Please also join Beth for her Educational Session on Saturday morning! She will be sharing her knowledge (and humor) with you in an Open Forum session that will certainly keep you on your toes!


Adecco Toastmasters

Proud to join the Toastmasters family. Charter Date: March 22, 2016

Becky McGilton, DTM Gearing Up For Club Success Do you remember your first Toastmasters meeting? I do and my first impression was so awesome that I knew immediately that this was something I needed in my life. Not only could I learn communication but leadership skills as well. Best of all I could learn these skills from and a group of people I wanted to get to know better. This “First Impression” inspired my passion for the Moments of Truth program as I can truly see the benefits a club can receive when they not only do the assessment but create a plan and act on it. Come learn how To “Gear Up Your Club for Success” and as a bonus participate as I demonstrate how to effectively do the Moments of Truth Module in 20 minutes.

Marie Loeffler, DTM Maneuvering Adroitly through Times of Transition Change is inevitable; how we handle it is a choice. It is 2016 and we are partying like its 1899!! A lot has changed. We all face changes in one form or another during our lives. We can either deal with it up front, or end up experiencing double the angst later on. Why is change so difficult to accept? How can we deal with it effectively? Explore the answers to these questions, gain insight into what change is, why the process can be so tricky, and discover how a small shift in your perspective can help you navigate through future transitions with composure and confidence.

Congratulations to the 130 Clubs Who Have Completed the Initial Qualificaitons for the Run For The Roses Incentives

Run For T he Roses

Your Club Success Plan is Your Key To Success Look for and complete the January Updates to Continue Towards Your Award

Visit Strange Lands and Strange Times Become a District 84 Club Ambassador Ask a Current Ambassador How They Did It! 2016-2017 Club Ambassadors To-Date Eppie Bang Wanda Brown Ellen Huey Edwin Mercado-Rivera Kevin Ondarza Jason Pronsky

Or Contact: Club Ambassador Program Chair Amy Hunt •

Werner Schulz Tracey Searcy Felicia Shorter Ed Siarkowicz Lea Tran Warren Winters

Greg Wise, DTM Gearing up for Motivation and Inspiration Imagine yourself needing Inspiration or Motivation to get through your busy day. Dealing with family, friends, co-workers or employees. Your inspiration or motivation sets them at ease that will continue to be a source of refreshing‌ moments of reflection. When the tools call for Gears to mesh together to run the machine, your style just might be the fuel the helps drive the engine and creates the horsepower to make it happen. Be a part of the presentation and share some thoughts on how you can become a better Gear Head to turn the machine.

Welcome New Clubs to District 84 Club # Date



5640030 Aug 2

SHFB Toastmasters



Sept 6

Health First Toastmasters



Sept 13 Give Kids The World Toastmasters



Sept 30 LMF Speech Masters

Lake Mary


Oct 16


Florida Surplus Lines Service Office

Don’t Forget Your Goggles; Steam Technology May Cause Injury! Thank You From CEC, Linda Sarkis & CGD, Mike McLean

Kenny Harper

7 Profitable Techniques to Sell from the Stage Like a Steampunk Ninja This interactive workshop is aimed to be fun, refreshing and inspiring! Those attending will learn some techniques to monetize their speaking opportunities and sell from the stage. There are many Toastmasters working on developing their communication skills and could value learning some “Ninja” techniques to increase the value of their speaking opportunities. Participants will walk away with clear actions to take to gain more value from their speaking engagements and HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Unleashing the Steam of Your Club’s Website! Scott Hoehn, DTM This will be an educational experience for all members to take advantage of the free club websites, made available on In addition to the basics, attendees will gain tips on increasing their club’s visibility in search engines, while promoting greater public relations. Many of the secrets discussed are easily transferrable to business and personal websites, as well. After all… the true power of steam only comes from when it’s released!


Wanda Brown District 84 Ambassador of the Year 2015-2016

No school, college, or university can teach the wisdom given to me by the best teacher in the world my mother Thank you to our moms for all their love and support. We are the people we are today because of you. All Our Love, Your Distinguished Toastmasters Julie & Mike

Seandrea Earls

H ow to Enhance Your Brand with Music! Did you know adding a simple chorus could give your next speech a unique brand? Adding a song paired with a dramatic or humorous speech will leave your audiences wanting more. With a little planning, preparing and practice the perfect tune could move you into the winners circle! And you don’t have to swing like Sinatra or sing like Whitney Houston to give your speech a music touch. Learn how to use music to bring your storytelling to life. Win the crowd with interactive songs for your next keynote speech or presentation. In this session you will learn the techniques and tools used to develop your story, brand and song.

Foster Leadership through Mentoring Ram Nayar, Ph.D. Toastmasters are a diverse group of professionals many of whom are leaders in their own niche. Leadership takes many forms and is calibrated using different measures. But deep down, all leaders have one common denominator – they all have a Mentor. In this highly interactive educational session, Toastmasters at all levels of achievement will hear the ingredients that lead one to be a successful leader, no matter what their profession is. The audience will get answers to why some mentor-mentee relationships succeed while others fail to achieve the desired goals.

The dogmatic ruling powers of the future stand no chance as we position ourselves to conspire to execute strategies to get our district ready for roll out.

Here we come: 2017

Gear On! District 84 Pathways Ambassadors, thank you for your contributions to our new educational program!

Maria Martinez, District 84 Pathways Chief Ambassador and District 84 TRIO

Be Strong Enough to Stand Alone, Smart Enough to Know When You Need Help, and Brave Enough to Ask For a Hand District 84 Club Coach Program - Contact


to all the clubs in Area 61 who participated in the Humorous Speech and Evaluations Contests. Southside Toastmasters First Coast Speakers Advanced Toastmasters New Horizons Toastmasters CIT Toastmasters Adecco Toastmasters Visit us on Facebook at

Serving Jax Heros Bringing Home Savings to Heros

Serving Jax Heros was founded to help our heros who are Active Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Teachers, First Responders, and Medical Professionals save money not only when buying or selling a home but for all aspects of day to day life . Does your business want to grow by giving back to heros? Service Jax Heros is always looking to grow our vendor base with businesses who have a focus on community. They are also looking for small donations for their weekly goodie baskets they deliver to the heros. For more information, please visit

!! Congraulations !! Hats ON To Distinguised Toastmaster Julie McLean I Love You and I’m Proud of You! Mike


Congratulations to our EDS Leaders Chatoya Fowler Sri Challapalli William Aguiar, CC And our first Distinguished Toastmaster Debi Wilson, DTM Southeastern Grocers


To My Friends and Fellow Members of Florida Blue Toastmasters Thank You FOr Lighting My Way

Mike McLean, DTM

Division A Division F and District 84 Thank CFC for all their support

Some Things...Gourmet Cecilia Lluberes 904-434-3140 “We Cater To Your Needs� P.O. Box 66015 Orange Park, FL 32065

In Loving Memory

Elena Martinez Cajarville

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasurer.

8/18/1930 to 3/29/16

Love you Always, Ianezka



Giving Yourself P

Keynote Speaker Beth Ramsay, DTM, has been tearing up th

Beth Ramsay

for over a decade. Recipient of numerous the Speaker's Academy as well as Preside Association-Central Florida in 2012. Beth Distinguished Toastmaster struggle to throw off self-doubt, fear and h permission to be brilliant on stage! Beth w and what NOT to do, along with a few of th to her along the way!

PRIVILEGE POWER Please also joinP3 Beth for her Educational PLAY

will be sharing her knowledge (and humor you on yo


Thank You For Supporting our Division D and Division F Contests Miller’s Ale House I-Drive

Miller’s Ale House Mandarin

8963 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

11112 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32223

(407) 370-6688

(904) 292-0003

…to enjoy higher levels of vibrant health, deep love, time freedom and financial abundance? …experience the freedom and confidence of knowing you can accomplish anything you want? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you are in the right place, because I can help you create that life.

Call Elin Mayer Life and Business Mastery Coach

For a complimentary Discovery Session to start living a life you love!! Member of Downtown Ocala Toastmasters and The Villages Voices Toastmasters


Early Bird Club

Congratulations Area 23 Harris Communicators, Advance Communicators, Harbor City Toastmasters and Collins Club: YOU ARE ALL DOING A GREAT JOB, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT, I ENJOY SERVING YOU. PLEASE KEEP GROWING Special mention that the Division B contests were both won by members from AREA 23 WELL DONE GUYS. PAUL EDWARDS AREA DIRECTOR

WHAT CAN AN ADVANCED CLUB DO FOR YOU? Do you want feedback from experienced members? Do you need a forum for longer advanced speeches? Do you need to complete your training project for your DTM? Are you competing in a contest and need help preparing? JOIN FIRST COAST SPEAKERS ADVANCED TOASTMASTERS We meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM Nova Southeastern University 6675 Corporate Center Pkwy. Jacksonville FL Visit us at:

District 84 Fall Conference 2016  

Conference guide of the 2016 Fall Conference of District 84 - Toastmasters International. Steampunk was the theme for the weekend. Special f...

District 84 Fall Conference 2016  

Conference guide of the 2016 Fall Conference of District 84 - Toastmasters International. Steampunk was the theme for the weekend. Special f...