The Mill Magazine Edition 7 No. 1 Green-ology

Page 20

The Beginner's Guide to Going GREEN Te x t

by B.H.


HOW TO INCORPORATE GREEN PRINCIPLES INTO YOUR LIFE Going green is all the rage, and for many very good reasons. Once the knowledge of just how many chemicals make up the ingredients of common household items, people began to seek out natural solutions. Indeed, many of our cleaning products, cosmetics, body-care, and even foods contain high levels of virtually untested chemicals. A lack of conclusive research does not indicate safety, and though most chemicals used in cleaning products or lotions might not harm you outright, the absence of long term studies on their effects leaves much to be desired. There is a lot of information out there about living ecofriendly lifestyles, much of which is designed to simply advertise products. Rather than suggest the latest fad products for those who are interested in eco-friendly living just because it’s trendy, this guide is designed to help even those who know very little about going eco-friendly to make healthier, more impactful choices.