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AN AFTERNOON WITH SAATCHI & SAATCHI’S DEREK LOCKWOOD One hundred and fifty local business people attended a sold out seminar by Derek Lockwood last month. Market South and Hospice Southland hosted the afternoon with the Worldwide Director of Design for Saatchi & Saatchi Design, and Market South Marketing Manager Carla Forbes said she has received nothing but positive feedback since. “The number of notable business people who attended the event alone was testament to having someone of Derek’s calibre here. Tickets sold out within days and we are still receiving great feedback. To hear that everyone got something out of it is just fantastic, and really beneficial for the business community,” Ms Forbes said. Hospice Southland Promotions Officer Melanie Luke was delighted to be involved in the event and grateful for the chance to offer something back to the local business community. “As a charity we ask for a lot from our community - time, money, goods and services - so we saw this as an opportunity to give something back to the business community, a chance to connect with them and say thank you,” Ms Luke said. Derek Lockwood is an expert in brand strategy, storytelling, Idea Visualisation®, visual thinking, event creation, conceptual product design and creation of brand experiences in retail or corporate

environments. He spends most of his time travelling and experiencing the world’s best design, practices, creations and activities and working with Saatchi & Saatchi’s clients and people worldwide. Some of his clients include Lexus, BNZ, KPMG, Contact Energy, Telecom, Trelise Cooper and Jay Jays, and that is to name just a few because it when it comes to advertising and marketing, it doesn’t get much bigger than Saatchi & Saatchi. The global advertising agency was founded in London in 1970 and has grown to now have 140 offices in 76 countries, with more than 6,500 staff and a headquarters in New York. Famous for renaming ‘brands’ to ‘Lovemarks,’ Saatchi & Saatchi are in the business of getting people to fall in love with their clients’ products and services. The Lovemarks concept is designed to put

DEREK LOCKWOOD'S TOP TIPS FOR MARKETING 1. Stand for something 2. Visualise everything 3. Make it personal 4. Share stories 5. Keep it short and sweet 6. Create the complete picture 7. Make it beautiful

the recipient at the heart of all marketing activity, force business owners and marketers to think from a consumer point of view and ensure output that resonates with, engages and makes people feel something - creating connections through storytelling. Derek’s ‘The New Language of Business’ seminar discussed how changing attitudes, desires, expectations and practices for communicating are impacting on business communication. He talked about how technology has changed the world of communication, how we are processing the new world of information, how we communicate and why businesses need to reevaluate the way they present and sell their stories. His key message was that effective marketing campaigns are made up of messages that are clear, concise and visual. It sounds so simple but, as summed up nicely in the famous literary quote, “I’m sorry this is so long. I didn’t have time to make it shorter,” simplicity can often be the hardest task of all. We live in a fast paced, ever changing ‘headline world’ and free choice, consumer driven society. People want convenience, they want to be able to relate and they want to feel something. To connect with people you need to be clear and meaningful with your message - use images instead of text, use graphics instead of numbers, share stories instead of facts and be personal. Executing these tips correctly as part of an effective marketing strategy will help you to grow your business and get the results you desire.  Talk to Market South about developing effective marketing and advertising campaigns for your business. Phone 03 214 4455, email or check out to find out more.


Market South and Hospice Southland hosted the afternoon with the Worldwide Director of Design for Saatchi & Saatchi Design last month