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Dr Shuba Dharmana Crowned “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2012� Beta Launch great deals, newfriends

PartySplitter launches an online party planner

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Asia’s Biggest 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2012

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Maharashtra Governor K. Shankanarayanan crowned & Conferred Dr Shuba Dharmana as ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2012’ at a starstudded glittering Award Night ceremony with full state honour & she was declared Winner for the coveted title beating heavyweight contenders on account of her tremendous fan-following.

Asia’s Biggest & Prestigious title Pharmaleaders’s 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2012 held in the commercial capital of India Mumbai on Friday, 21st September at Hotel Hilton, Mumbai International Airport, India witnessed the emergence of a dynamic force in its new avatar that’s set to transform the way women are going to look at their grooming. Dr Shuba Dharmana is the first Dermatologist to have been invited in this international platform from the southern belt to address on a very complex talk on “Innovative Trends In Facial Aesthetics-indian Challenges With Global Experiments”. Dr. Shuba Dharmana stunned the power-packed 250 odd audience that comprised of creme de la creme of the Healthcare & Biotech Industry, High Profile Specialists, Super Specialists & Owners of dozen of Country’s Best known Hospitals, Ministers, Policy Makers, Overseas Companies & Diplomats.

The Event was held in association with the Ministry of Commerce, Pharmexcil, India Brand Equity Foundation & host of other leading trade bodies under the theme : “Brand India”, Beyond Generics - Leading with Resilience - Coming Back from Challenge and Heading towards Super-power Status. Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders said in response to a media query “2012 Pharmaceutical Business Leadership Award Nominations has been carefully selected in 31 categories with several new entrants making it to the top category & big league on account of their rising market presence" 1 | MARKETPRESSRELEASE.COM | November 2012

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Online Deals

Find Great Deals

r e a tde a l s , ne wf r i e nds Bi z S pe a k i ng . c om-g Searching online and getting the same results for 'Halloween costumes' or 'ideal Christmas gifts' and seeing the same 10 results on Google's front page can soon get a little irritating. This is where comes in. is the Pinterest for deals. Since its beta launch just a few months ago, has been making waves in the social media world. Users consider it to be a Facebook-like website focused on things that can be bought and sold. In a way, it's likean amalgamation of Reddit and Facebook where whenever the deal is shared or viewed; it instantly grows in popularity so users can see what the most popular deals are before even having to follow anyone. Jerry Ji is proud to announce the actual launch of this week when it will finally be made available to the public. Customers can go to to find new and cool websites where other people have found interesting Halloween items as well as gifts for their family and friends. Or perhaps a customer finds a really neat Halloween site with some really great deals and wants a place to share their find. is the place to go. Anyone who has ever shopped online understands how much of a pain it can be to find good deals. Sometimes it can take hours of searching. With, customers no longer have to hunt down good deals on their own; there are already thousands of users on who can help anyone find a great deal on whatever they need. will also be launching a mobile app in the near future for customers to use on the go, anywhere in the world.


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F orBui l di ngaS uc c e s s f ul Hi T e c hS t a r t up “Startup is a euphemism for discovery and learning.” In other words, it takes more than a great idea to create a viable success business. What does this mean? As defined by Geoffrey Moore in “Crossing The Chasm”, startups are generally founded by a technician, i.e., a hands-on individual, such as a programmer, a florist, a chef, a painter, a mechanic, etc. The founder, most of the time, has no experience starting, running and growing a company which means everything is new to them, they are learning on the job. It’s no wonder most startups fail. One of the ways to circumvent this is to hire a business coach. Another way is to build a team consisting of skills that the founder doesn’t have. A third option is to read as many business books as possible, and a fourth option is to outsource the necessary skills. The fact is, the founder needs to do all of the above simultaneously to be successful. Thus, the skill needed by the founder is to be able to identify which option to employ at any given time. This sounds really tricky, but when you know the solution, you find that not only is it not tricky, the decision is often made for you. The solution is ‘networking’, or ‘social networking’ to be precise; the building of a network of people that can help you now or in the future. The way to think about it is six degrees of separation, i.e., anyone you know now is only 5 people away from someone that can help you. This is why social networking sites such as LinkedIn are doing so well. But don’t rely on these sites to do your networking for you, you still need to talk and to meet people. Never lose site of the fact that social networking sites are simply tools or vehicles to reach the people you need to reach. Finally, never lose sight of the quality and value of your product or service, marketing and business development strategies and sales, i.e., the conversion of leads to money. All other aspects of the business are very important, but they become irrelevant if a) no one wants the product or service, b) no one knows about the product or service and c) leads are not converted to sales!


James Naylor CEO, KENOVA Technologies, LLC 973-459-4714 (USA)

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Information Technology

It’s Party Time!

P a r t yPl a nni ngMa deE a s y Wi t hpa r t y s pl ie r . c om The company PartySplitter launched their online party planning software that makes party planning easier by helping people take inventory of their guests

An online party planning software was launched by the company PartySplitter and by offering the possibility to allow guests to invite their friends to the party and by helping people take inventory of their guests and sending professional invitations, it makes party planning easier. With PartySplitter’s budget calculator, which is offered as a part of the online party planning process, people can also estimate the budget really well apart from knowing exactly who will come to their party. Apart from knowing at all times what still needs to be done for the organization of their event with their task list, PartySplitter’s budget calculator also keeps the costs of the party clear. Once people they sign up for an account, they can log in to their personal account and start using PartySplitter to plan a party, create a new party/event, and add people to their guest list. With, an online party planner, guests will receive an email and with a single mouse click, they can either decline or accept the invitation. This online party planner helps organize both private as well as public parties. To enhance the experience of planning a party online, the company is currently working on a new tool for the PartySplitter, called the Interest checker.


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