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Air Filters Market Is Expected To Have A Growth At A Fast Pace Due To Rising Health-Consciousness Among People By 2022

“The dominant segments in the air filter market are the HVAC, HEPA automotive and bag-house air filters. The continuous demand for HVAC air filters are attributed to increasing commercialization and increased disposable income leading to better lifestyles and thus increasing the demand for air filters in the residential sector.’’

With increasing Air pollution and people becoming health-conscious, the air filter market is expected to have a growth at a fast pace. Air Filters are multi-layered devices used to purify air and are made up of polyester, cotton, paper or synthetic or organic material. Air filter Manufacturing firms are expected to meet specific industry standards with respect to air contaminants. Air filters have various applications like heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, locomotive air filtration for cabin and engine intake of air, gas turbines and industrial sector. Based on these applications, they are categorized as HVAC air filters, clean room air filters, gas turbine Air Filters and bag-house air filters. Browse Full Research Report @ The dominant segments in the air filter market are the HVAC, HEPA automotive and bag-house air filters. The continuous demand for HVAC air filters are attributed to increasing commercialization and increased disposable income leading to better lifestyles and thus increasing the demand for air filters in the residential sector. High

efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) have applications in medical, automobiles, aircraft and home. They are specifically designed to block minutest of the particles. HEPA filter play a crucial role in the medical field because of their ability to prevent harmful air-borne virus and bacteria from spreading infections. Automotive air filter market is expected to have a positive impact because of the growth in the demand for automotive production. Consumer awareness spread by environmental associations like EPA and CCC regarding health hazards and disorders associated to increased air pollutants can be a major driving force in the automotive air-filter market. Bag-house filters are devices used to clear air particulates that pollute the environment. The causes can be due to release of gases from combustion or from commercial processes. Emission of air pollutants can be controlled by using bag-house filters and are used across various industries like power plants, steel mills, food manufacturers, chemical producers. These filters have the capability to filter out the minutest of particles with 99% efficiency. There are different ways to use bag houses depending on the type and size of cloth used. Different approaches can also be adopted to use various designs in the system like depth filtration, surface filtration and compact cartridge filtration etc. Predominantly used in Europe and Asia, where specific cloth is used for specific applications, BagHouse air-filtrations expected to have an increasing growth in this segment. Over half of the total market share in 2012 was taken over by Cabin air filters which are the largest automotive air-filter products. Inbuilt cabin filters in automobiles attributed to a major change in pattern and innovation which led to a growth in the demand for cabin air-filters. Get a Sample Copy of This Report @ OEM and Aftermarket are prominent automotive air-filter industries which account for a major share of automotive air filter market owing to increased demand for replacement intake air filters. Various manufacturing stages lead to infecting the environment with air-borne contaminants. Industrial air filters are used to remove these contaminants and hence provide a safe and controlled environment. Market growth of Industrial Air filters can be attributed to regulations and standards put forward by the government. Effectively utilizing industrial air filters reduces consumption of energy in various applications which result in better processes and faster supply. In addition to maintaining quality indoor air quality, air filters also reduce operating costs. Technological advances focus on pressure drop and removal of contaminants in the filter. Processes like injection molding are employed by firms. These processes, although complex result in stable and light weight equipment’s that have a better cost advantage due to less raw material and lower manufacturing steps. The advantage in air filter technologies is different media types can be employed with different environment. It ranges from standard to sub-micron media types. Filter capacity, life and performance can be substantially improved by employing the right fiber size, fiber spacing, shape, pore size and paper thickness. Special resins, hot melt bonding and urethane seals are potential materials that can protect the air-filter media and ensure a longer life. Owing to these standard specifications, there is a scope of inventing new designs. Direct flow technology that is attributed to versatility and performance is a segment where new innovations can be expected. Direct Flow media technology provides improved efficiency, design flexibility and better performance. Multiple outlet configurations,

mounting and installation methods provide different options and easier workaround time. Also dust holding capacity is one more important parameter that contributes to the quality of air filter. Higher the resistance at a particular air flow, better is the performance and design. One drawback with air filters is assessing the of performance. Since the environment is dynamic, it is difficult to comprehend and test the results. There are various methods developed to forecast the performance of in-use air filters and compare different designs. Dump/ scrap from other processes can be utilized to reduce waste and can be re-used in manufacturing thus lower costs further. The customer base for air filters usually include sophisticated and niche end users for that emphasize on quality products which can drive market growth, profits and sustainability in the air filter market. There is an opportunity for suppliers who have innovative and products with superior technology to enter this market on account of consumer's willingness to experiment with innovative products that can drive demand and build integrated systems. Major players in the Air filter market include technologically advanced regions in USA, Europe, China and Japan. The most prominent market for air-filters is the Asia-Pacific Region owing to the end user segments and their wide usage. Increase in the number of construction projects and renovation projects is one of the drivers for growth of mediumefficiency filters. Besides the construction industry, the presence and entry of pharmaceutical players aim at catering to domestic and export requirements. This industry thus demands for Cleanroom applications and HVAC systems. China and India are expected to be potential users of automotive air filters as they heavily rely on two-wheeler and light and heavy weight transportation. Other industries that can be potential users of Air-Filter technology are semiconductor industry, steel industry, electronics, power and cement industry. Key competitors in air filter market are Sogefi Group, Freudenberg Filtration Technology, Camfil, Donaldson, Flanders, CLANCOR, 3M, FLSmidth and manym more. See More Reports of This Category by Million Insights @ Geographically, this report is segmented into several key Regions, with production, consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of Air Filters in these regions, from 2012 to 2022 (forecast), covering • North America • EU • China • Japan • Southeast Asia • India • South America

• Middle East and Africa On the basis of product, the Air Filters market is primarily split into • Pre Filters • Sub-HEPA Filters • Secondary Filters • HEPA & ULPA Filters • Others On the basis on the end users/applications, this report covers • Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems • Residential Air Cleaners • General Industrial • Semiconductors • Pharmaceuticals • Others Browse Full Research Report @

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Air filters market is expected to have a growth at a fast pace due to rising health consciousness am  
Air filters market is expected to have a growth at a fast pace due to rising health consciousness am