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Quality Health & Safety Value Engineering Outstanding Proposals Luxurious Designs COMPANY PROFILE George Karas & Associates Architects Civil Engineers L.L.C was originally founded in 1994 in Paralimni - Cyprus and currently is a well-established team of architects and engineers striving to deliver a high quality outcome in multiple fields of the construction industry. Successful schemes arise from careful consideration of the clients’ requirements in conjunction with our specialised input in regards to architectural design and structures. The firm is primarily involved with extensive works in the hospitality industry; including hotels, hotel apartments and resorts. Hospitality projects comprise of renovations and upgrades of existing units as well as design-led new buildings.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

COMPANY PROFILE Challenges that have emerged in managing hospitality projects the past 25 years have only enhanced our mechanisms in dealing strategically with matters regarding the planning and local authorities, the construction process as well as the overall management of the particular schemes. However, the expertise of the company extends beyond a single building typology and spans through a greater scope of works including residential, industrial, commercial, education, sports and conservationrestoration developments. The office is further actively involved in construction site management, building controls and anti-seismic upgrades in existing units. We build long lasting relationships with our customers, who appreciate the thorough approach towards design and value greatly our technical input in every aspect of the construction process. Consistency during design and construction has engaged for us a wide spectrum of clientele including public sector bodies, quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations, tourist organisations, construction companies, private companies and more. As a firm, we continuously seek to design buildings that enhance the experience and safety of the occupants and concurrently demonstrate a sustainable behaviour towards the immediate and wider context.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

121 Rooms 2016 - 2018 Blue Ivy, has been a well-established beach resort located in the heart of Protaras for a few decades now. The property initially consisted of 53 rooms. As part their â‚Ź 5 000 000 programme of expansion and renovation, G. Karas & Associates were instructed by the owner to act as a lead consultant in the delivery of architectural and structural studies. The prominent location of the property acted as a catalyst to expand, counting today 121 fully renovated rooms and 3-star hotel facilities as restaurants, gym, spa etc. To capture the countless blue frames of the Mediterranean, the newly renovated hotel features lavish exteriors with two pools and a pool bar.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Herbal Hotel

105 Rooms 2014 - today G. Karas & Associates was commissioned to renovate and reconfigure what used to be a block of apartments, previously named Platomare, into a 3-star beach hotel and resort. This renovation is the first significant intervention since its establishment in the early 90s with a capacity of 45 self-catered rooms. The hotel will undergo a full revamp to feature a unique concept; showcasing the philosophy of healing powers from local herbs and plants. As the concept requires, the new hotel premises will focus on physical and mental wellness, integrating gym and well as extended spa facilities with an indoor swimming pool offering various medical and cosmetic treatments. Due to the holistic upgrade and extension works, the project includes additional underground structures to connect the independent blocks and facilitate the appropriate systems for smooth operation.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Mare Village Hotel

377 Rooms 2017 - 2019 For several years now, Atlantica Mare Village has been a leading resort in the hospitality industry spreading across 93 000 m2 of land along the magnificent coastline of Ayia Napa. The resort, which initially was operating as hotel apartments, underwent an extensive refurbishment along with significant additions that now form a spectacular 4-star village hotel, gazing nothing but the sea ahead. The capacity of the resort expanded from 154 to 377 rooms that are utterly luxurious, some of which have swim-up and private pools. Among others, a dedicated spa building, is an imperative addition to the hotel’s range of facilities as it houses an indoor swimming pool, hairdressing room, gym, spa, dance studios, multipurpose rooms etc. Apart from indoor spaces, the village expanded its outdoor facilities hosting new pools and a new waterpark. Apart from the countless activities the guests can engage in the water, the new restaurant lying on the pool’s edge can offer an exceptional dining experience. The breathtaking size of Atlantica Mare Village is served smoothly as new underground and over ground structures ensure that all operations have sufficient spaces to store, process and deliver.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Sungardens Hotel

324 Rooms 2014 - today Atlantica Sungarden Beach is located on a prime piece of land, that is essentially the edge of a cliff offering nothing but the best to its guest since it was established 30 years ago. Operating as a complex of small and larger units, the resort now features 8 new rooms, all of which have swim-up infinity pools, capturing the true essence of the location. Atlantica Sungarden is scheduled to expand further next year adding further 59 new rooms. Other than adding new rooms and refurbishing the existing, the hotel counts various newly constructed communal facilities such as restaurant, multipurpose room, gym etc. The guests can now enjoy phenomenal sunsets from the pool, due to the recently constructed wooden pool deck which spans 90 m, high up across the coastline offering uninterrupted views.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Amarande Hotel

177 Rooms 2012 - today G. Karas is currently leading a multi-million refurbishment of one of the most iconic hospitality establishments in Ayia Napa, with a modern twist that will faithfully retain the breathtaking views of the sea ahead. Located on what is probably one of the highest spots of the area, Amarande expands majestically on a sloping site offering multiple levels. Due to its challenging location, Amarande was a challenge that the office successfully overcame in fruitful conversation between demanding structural requirements and modern architectural design. The original frame of the hotel was accommodating 124 rooms where after renovation Amarande will have an additional room floor and in total 177 fully renovated rooms including super luxurious suites, upgrading the hotel into a 4-star property. The extension works include grand pampering facilities that will offer the guests spa treatments, gym access and entry into an interior swimming pool. Due to the position of the hotel, the new outdoor pool will offer infinity views and outdoor bar amenities to amplify the experience of the guests on the island.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Mermaid Hotel

150 Rooms 2006 - 2012 Napa Mermaid, 3-star hotel currently, is considered as one of the most successful hospitality enterprises in Ayia Napa located on a privileged location of the area offering luxurious experiences to its guests. The property initially consisted of 126 rooms, where during renovation a new wing of 24 rooms was added. Uniformly modern and comfortable rooms were constructed to amplify the living experience to its peak. The public spaces were also fully renovated, further incorporating a new exterior pool reforming the outdoors completely.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Napa Prince Hotel

73 Rooms 2012 - today The family-owned Napa Prince Hotel since its establishment in 1988 is situated in the hills of Ayia Napa promising to be the ultimate destination with a predominant Cypriot style. What used to be a hotel apartment complex will now be transformed into a must destination hotel that will ultimately portray the essence of the island. G. Karas & Associates has been developing the project in careful consideration to the clients’ brief for Napa Prince to boost its presence in the always cosmopolitan Ayia Napa. The property is to expand drastically as it will now feature 38 new more rooms (including family and suites) and various amenities to serve the hotel as new kitchen and restaurant facilities, spa, gym etc. A new large pool will be constructed centrally to accommodate the additional guests. The existing semi-basement will facilitate all operational spaces as mechanical rooms, storage, and kitchen preparations. Structurally, the hotel was a great challenge to overcome as proposed structures had to be positioned strategically to not affect the existing stream crossing the plot.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Livas Hotel Apts

58 Rooms 2015 - 2019 The family owned Livas Hotel, has been recently completed, expanding and renovating the existing property in the heart of Pernera, Protaras. As a block of hotel apartments, the resort was comprised out of 42 self-catered apartments where now they are fully renovated and the existing building bears an additional wing and 16 new rooms. All communal amenities have undergone a drastic revamp.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Infinity Blu Hotel

50 Rooms 2015 - 2017 Infinity Blu Hotel, is located on Pernera’s beachfront doing justice to its name at it gazes the endless blue. What used to be a block of hotel apartments of 35 rooms now is a fully renovated 2-star hotel that features stunning interiors and relaxing outdoors. Extensive renovations had been done on basement level, to allow for additional storage / mechanical rooms.

George Karas & Associates | Architects - Civil Engineers L.L.C.

Contact Details Chimaras 6, 5312 Famagusta, Cyprus 23 811755 gkaras@cytanet.com.cy www.gkaras.com.cy

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