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List Building Made Easy By Ryan Parenti

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This list building secret is easy! The strategies, advice & simple tips for email marketing will build your list and make you more money online. So let’s get started with a little overview of what I’m going to talk about. Co-Registration – How to get more people on your list, through co-registration. (They sign up for something else, and can choose to opt into your list). I’ll tell you the tricks to getting more opt-ins, and give you some warnings! Ad Swaps / Solo Ads – How to use other people’s lists, to help build your own list. (Yes, it can be done for free, and yes you can pay as well)

Co-Registration – An Easy List Building Secret For those wondering, Co-Registration, which is known as “co-reg” basically, means that someone will opt in to one list, and have the option (many times, a check box) to opt into other lists as well. This can occur on the thank you page, for someone opting in to another list, or on the main page, with a check box you can select to also get something from you, and opt into your list. If done right, co-registration can therefore bring in targeted leads (new opt-ins), below is my example of how I would promote with co-reg. Let’s say I am in the Make Money Online niche, where, there are LOTS of people building lists, and I really want to get more opt ins. Well, I really am only going to want opt-ins from the Make Money Online niche right? So my co-reg might be, “Join Ryan’s List to Get Free Secrets to Make 1,000 Tomorrow” or something to that effect. Can you now see what I mean, by bringing targeted people to your list? Now, that we really understand the fundamentals of what co-registration, and the connection between that and list building is, let’s getting right to the bacon. How do you get more, profitable people, to your list with co-registration? 1. We need something to give away. What exactly do we have holding for the person, that they would want, enough to give you their e-mail address? To me it’s like holding a piece of dog food, a few feet from the dog. The dog knows that if it jumps it will be able to get the dog food, and so the dog will jump, because it really wants the dog food. So you really need something like that to make people jump to join your list. Now at this point, it really depends on your niche, for what we can give away. I recommend writing an e-book that will assist people in your niche. Using my example of a Make Money Online niche list, you could make an e-book that guides people on how to make $X a day or something to that effect. It’s best to make the e-book, attractive (like treats to a dog); so you need to make it something attractive. Like when I say

make $X a day, that’s going to attract people, because who doesn’t want to make the $X amount daily. 2. How are we going to present it to the user? – Usually in a co-reg situation they will click the “checkbox” to opt in to whatever the text may be next to the box. So now it’s time to decide what exactly the text is going to be. Using my example, but text could be “$X a Day, Being Lazy, Possible? Free Report Explains” or something to that effect. Writing a good text is an art, it’s almost the same as writing copy, because in essence you are trying to get them to buy something. Instead of course, of a monetary exchange, they are exchanging their e-mail address for the prize. You need something that will sell, even in 5 words, you will need to spend time working on the perfect words to say. Each co-reg is different in essence so you will need to be sure of what amount of words you can use. 3. Let’s get leads – At this point, it’s time to take our free report, and our ad text; and gets to work with picking up “leads” (people on our list- they are called leads because they can lead to a sale.. that is why it is a list building secret). There are literally hundreds (even thousands) of services that supposedly provide good leads. But, some of them, will just send you a bunch of “crap” e-mails that will have a 0% open rate (created for the purpose, of giving you the leads), which is why you should choose a good company that is reputable and you can find reviews of them (From There Site: Some companies give fake reviews on their sites). So how exactly do we find all of the fish in the sea (Options for buying co-registration leads)… Well, as usual… We should start with a search online. “Co-Registration Service” – This will bring up all of the choices for purchasing co-registration leads. You can also apply at some CPA companies, but remember to read all instructions from whatever company you choose (including how to import leads), because you will need to know this to get the e-mails into your list later. Word of Warning: Co-registration services, and others, have been noted with the “old school” aspect and the “scam” aspect, you should always be careful when purchasing any type of e-mail leads. Some companies will scrape random e-mails, so you need to make sure that your company doesn’t do it.

Ad Swaps & Solo Ads

Ad swaps refer to exchanging advertisements with another list owner. Obviously, this will only work if you have your own (fair-sized) list already to send an ad to, in exchange; they send your advertisement to their list, which is approximately the same size. This is a huge list building secret… Unfortunately, for those who don’t have a huge list already, you can purchase “solo ads” on another person’s list. Basically you pay them to send an advertisement to their list. So what exactly do paying/exchanging advertisements have to do with building your list? That’s the same question I would be asking right now reading this, so let me really explain using the example that I’ve used in the co-reg section. Again, I have this site/e-book that shows people how to make $X every day, and I want to build a list giving out the e-book, so I’ve decided to purchase an ad spot, on “Mr. X’s” list for $100 (or w/e). So how exactly do I write the ad, and then what am I going to get them to go to, to join my list, and get there report. So let’s go step by step into creating an ad (the e-mail) for people to send to their list, and the page for them to sign up to get the information that you’re providing. Part #1 – We need an OPT In Page! Before we can even get started, with writing an ad, we need somewhere to send people when they want to get the report. So we need to set up what is called a “Squeeze Page” with our auto responder code. Your auto responder is whatever you use to manage/build your list. If you don’t have an autoresponder yet, please check the resources at the end of this book, which will show you a list of the best auto responders so that YOU can get started. A squeeze page has to tell people why they should opt in. Ask them to throw their e-mail in, and they’re going to learn all of this stuff, and note that I tell them that I will not share or rent there e-mail. People want COMFORT, and want to know that you are not about to sell your list. Now when you’ve established a nice page like that one, it is now time to prepare an e-mail, which we will pay people to send out to their lists. Again, this is a lot similar to writing sales copy; because you need to write something compelling that makes me want to take action now! Part #2: Let’s Write the E-mail

This step is vital; this is the step where we write that e-mail that is going to draw visitors in to join our list! So let’s get started, and write a compelling e-mail. Note: if you’re wondering how to save time on this step, I always suggest hiring a copywriter, because they know how to compel people, and get them to opt in to your list. So let’s get down to the components of the e-mail. The Title: Let me ask you this… “Why in the world am I going to open your e-mail?” – To answer this, you REALLY need something that is going to compel people to open the e-mail. Since each of us is in a different niche, the way we approach the title will be different. Using my usual example, of the Make Money Online niche, and the ‘Make $X a day’ report, here are some title ideas. Email Subject Line Examples: How would $X a day be… I’ll explain… $X A day is entirely possible, even for YOU. I know the secret of $X a day, do you? I’m not saying in any way that you should use those titles, but I want you to see how I always address the person, I want to make them feel important, like this e-mail was actually meant for them, and that I want them to get this e-mail, open it, and learn something from me to them. The E-mail Text: This is a vital list building secret – Now you’ve got someone to actually open the e-mail, you really need to say something that will make people go to your squeeze page, and then of course opt into your list. Here are the key components, do a good e-mail. Easy To Read-: Have you ever noticed how you, just skim through an e-mail instead of reading it in full. Especially those that come from a mailing list? Well, that’s exactly what people are doing, so you need to make your ad easy for them to read. Key Points: Explain why exactly you think they need the free guide. What the problem is and what your solution is. Present the URL in a nice way; don’t just throw it at them. Something likes “You can find out more by going to” instead of “click here now!” Be very specific in your call for action tell them exactly what you want them to do. Sense of Urgency: You should create a sense of urgency for the reader, like there will only be limited copies available for free or something to that effect. It is an easy list building secret

because it will get you more subscribers! Remember, you’re not trying to sell them anything, but trying to give a certain amount of people something. You need them to opt in immediately because if they don’t you have lost a potential customer forever. Now go out and use this list building secret!

Build your list with adswaps quickly and easily Email marketing can make you tons of cash. Here’s how building a list with an adswap makes you bucket loads cash. First off, what is an adswap? An “Ad Swap” is when two people who have email mailing lists agree to promote each other’s mailing list to their mailing list. Let’s say for example you have a mailing list about making money online and I also have a mailing list about making money online. I could promote your mailing list to my mailing list in exchange for you suggesting your readers sign up to my mailing list. The results? Both people have more subscribers! It’s a win-win situation where both people come out ahead. Typically you will find that 5% of a mailing list will join the suggested mailing list through this cross promotion. So all you need to do is find someone to trade traffic with through an adswap. If you are not already building a mailing list you really should start. Throw up a squeeze page, also known as a lead capture page, and get going.

Here’s How To Find Adswap Partners You can build your list by leaps and bounds through adswaps you just need to find the right people to swap with. You want to find people who have related and similar sized mailing list to yours. The easiest way to do this is to use a search engine! Search for “keyword + newsletter” and look for related newsletters so you can contact the owners. Many websites have contact information so use it!

You can also try related niche forums and contact the forum owners. They typically can at least mail to the members.

Why To Build Your List With Adswap Partners You can do everything alone, but you will never experience rapid growth if you do.. You can develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with your adswap partners and experience rapid growth. After an adswap you have already built repore with a related business and it is much easier to work out a deal once your foot is in the door.

But How Will I Make Money Promoting Someone Else? I just want to answer this question “If I Am Promoting Someone Else How Will I Make Money With My Email Marketing?” Firstly you are building your mailing list. So you can follow up with your readers any time you want and that has real world value. Secondly you can still make money without selling to your list. How? Monetize the sign up process. Have a special offer directly after a lead joins your list. Offer them one of your high end products at a reduced rate or bundle some of your products together. You could even point them directly to an affiliate offer on sign up. Here is an idea… After someone joins your list send them to a page that recommends several products, ether your own or affiliate products. Try to promote products with continuity involved for a long term impact. I guarantee you will not be sorry

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Myths About List Building  

List Building Made Easy By Ryan Parenti LEGAL NOTICE: You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading. Ad Swaps / Solo Ads – How to u...

Myths About List Building  

List Building Made Easy By Ryan Parenti LEGAL NOTICE: You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading. Ad Swaps / Solo Ads – How to u...