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How To Buy And Sell Sites By Ryan Parenti

How To Buy And Sell Sites

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Here’s how to buy and sell sites. Make quick cash buying and selling websites. These quick cash site flipping tips are easy and quick! Take a look at this… Despite what some people will say to you; flipping websites is something that requires a startup budget. But, the cool thing is; that it doesn’t require a huge start-up. In fact, with just $20, you could purchase a site and flip it, and make double. However, when you put in more investment, then you will get more out of it. The same with the investment of time, the more time you work on the site, the more you should be able to get by flipping it. Of course, that’s not always the case, in fact, I’ve made less off sites I spent hours on, then sites I only spent a couple of minutes working on. Situations and markets fluctuate, so it’s hard to make a suitable equation that will work in every situation. The fact is that depending on the type of site, the price could be higher or lower. But, don’t fear about picking the right site…. Later on; I am going to tell you the type-of-sites that get purchased like hot-cakes on some of the top sites on the Internet. The fact is, if you know what kind of site to do, to make the big bucks, you’ll have a better opportunity to make sure you flip and buy the right type of sites. Nobody likes to lose on an investment, but flipping sites is certainly not risk-free, because there are things that can happen… You just need to know how to avoid them, and make the best of every site flip. Before we continue, I am no self-acclaimed guru on Flipping, remember that. I am just a regular-Joe like you; who’s figured out an in-genius system to making a ton flipping websites, the fact is, if you know what you’re doing, and then you can do it. This online guide will arm you with the knowledge and the know-how to do it right. So, let’s get started… By finding our first website to flip, since I really want to take you through this step-by-step. I want to teach you how, to turn your first site buy, into a success.

Buying the Site First of all, as I mentioned, you really need to purchase a site to flip it. Before we go looking we need to decide what we are looking for, and what our budget is to purchase something. The first thing I do, is I decide what type of site I want, do I want a blog style site, directory or forum? What exactly do I want? Well here’s where the secret, is, in my flipping time. You look at the following things, to decide which type of site to purchase. 1) The Hot Market – Look on a site like where many of the top flippers sell their sites. Do you notice how many flippers are in a certain site type, and how much those sites are going for? You will… Here’s a little secret that I found out, forums are the hot-spot today… You can sell a tiny forum for almost $1,000.

2) Profitability – How easy is it, to make money from that market? Many people won’t purchase a site unless it’s easy to make money. Those are really the two main points to deciding what type of site to target… Next you’re going to want to decide what kind of topic of forum or site to purchase. This can be a hard decision, because you may not have a topic you favor. So I bring it also down to 3 points. 1) You’re Favorite – What kind of site could you flip? Chances are, one that you’re interested in the topic of. You probably would have a harder time flipping a make money related site if you make no money right? But maybe you weight lift, so it would be easier for you to flip a weight lifting site! 2) The Popular – Niche’s go in and out, one day people are into this, and the next day there into Marketing (ok, not really!), so you need to look around and see what the current interest is. 3) The Profitable – each niche can be more profitable or less, look around and see what kind of site will make you the most money off affiliate and CPA, chances are that’s easier to sell. Once, you’ve really come down with a niche, and a site type, you are going to need to come up with a budget, to buy the site, and to work on the site. You need to have a budget for the flip, and the purchase. I would suggest going with anywhere from $100 – $1,000. In today’s market, you can’t get a great site for under $100. Now that we have the niche and type of site we want, as well as our budget, we are going to want to find a site that meets our criteria. But of course, we are going to want to find a site that we can sell for more, and I’m going to talk about that in a second. First of all we need to make a list of “prospects”, sites that we are interested in flipping and want to think about. So where do we find websites that we can flip? Well, here’s a list of where I look: 1) – The Established Sites section which is only accessible to registered members contains many sites that have huge flipping values. 2) – The DigitalPoint Forums websites section, has a huge list of sites that would be good to flip, a couple of sites are listed every few minutes. This means there’s a lot of selection. 3) Other Webmaster Forums – I do a Google search for Webmaster Forums, and look at 10 to 20. So well you’re doing this, make up a list of prospect sites, with the following sections:

Sale Price, Niche, Profitability, and Location. Take down as many sites as you feel you should; now it’s time to do your research. First of all, decide on 5 sites that you are interested in, make sure they are in different niches, and are all different. Now go to, and take down how much sites in this niche, that are alike to this one are selling for. If they are selling for a significantly larger amount, now you know which site is probably going to make you the most money. Then you go back, and purchase whichever site you find, using those things, will make you the most money. Have you noticed yet, that flipping sites is one of the easiest things you can do, but yet will make you BIG bucks? Well you should… I’ve made quick money just by flipping a site, and yet I did almost no work on it… and you can do the same when you buy and sell sites.

The Flip To Buy And Sell Sites Now that we have the site, we know that it is worth more… Except, we want to get the most we can out of a site. At this point, some people would just go ahead and sell the site on Flippa, and hey, they might make a good amount of money, because they brought it at an extremely under-priced value… Except, we want to get the most money that we can out of this flip… When you buy and sell sites, it’s not only the renovations, it’s the time… I don’t suggest selling the site the next day, even if you don’t do renovations, because people will see the old sales page, and then they will question you about why the price has changed drastically, if you wait a few months, people don’t usually notice. Even a week or two later, is good. So how do we renovate a site to make it worth more…? Well, first of all, we don’t want the renovations to take too long, because ideally we would rather spend less time and still make the same amount, then to spend more time, and then make the same amount, right? If you get anything from this guide, below is going to do it for you. Here’s my step-by-step renovation guide. Depending on the type of site these may/may not apply to you. 1) Keep it ACTIVE – This is probably the most important thing I can say, after you purchase it, don’t just let the site die. If it’s a blog, pay someone to update it every couple of days, or do it yourself; sure, it takes time – however it also makes your site worth more because there is more content. If it’s a forum, make sure you keep posting so the members stay around; in my experience members don’t come back to a dead forum.

2) Keep it CLEAN – Many sites that you will purchase, will be UGLY, and you will hate the way they look; chances are, everybody else will also hate the way it looks. So while you have the site, be sure to find a free design that will make the site worth more. It is an easy way to raise the value when you buy and sell sites. 3) Keep TRACK – The biggest mistake I EVER made in flipping sites, was not tracking the traffic to your site. I would suggest using analytics, as it is the highest trusted one. Although, some people would say to use webalizer, because the stats are quite high. That is basically what I do when I want to renovate a site for a flip. I make sure the design is good, add some content, and then I keep it monetized. I think we should also remember that most people are looking for a site that has people coming to it, because they want to make money from it. So here is how to promote your new-found flip-site:

1) Forums Only – Promote your Forum across Forum Promotion sites, these sites get a good amount of members, and will help you bring new people and discussions to your website. 2) Do SEO – For any type of site, do search engine optimization to bring your site up in the rankings for a keyword, this will make the site buyer pay more, because of the additional traffic, and opportunity for more. You can do SEO, Blog Commenting and so many other things. I would also suggest doing a couple press releases related to the site, to generate some buzz when you buy and sell sites. Now that we’ve promoted the site, and we’ve done everything we need to do. I guess our final step would be to sell the site to a new owner and gain a profit. The best place to sell a site is on, Flippa tends to get you much more for a site that may only be worth $100 in one market. Before we get to the sale… How much work was this? Not much, because flipping is not the hardest thing that you will do in your online business, in fact it is one of the easiest things. Flipping is simple, as long as you have a guide like this to set you on your way. So now… It’s time for us to get selling.

Selling the Site You’ve made it through your first flip at this point, I hope the whole process was fun and got you excited for the sale, because now it’s time to sell your site. As I mentioned already, the best website marketplace for selling your site is, it has an amazing amount of people looking to purchase sites at high-prices daily, which is one it is one of the top choices for flippers everywhere.

Here’s the step-by-step to selling your site: 1) Join 2) Once you’ve joined, be sure to increase your trust rating, people need to know that you can be trusted to give them the site, and since you are a new member, you don’t have any feedback from previous sales. To add trust rating login, and click on your name at the top. You will see: “Trust Rating: +X (view trust)”, click on ‘view trust’; now link your facebook and LinkedIn accounts to bring your trust rating up. This shows buyers that you are a legitimate person, and not another terrible scammer trying to buy and sell sites. 3) Now it’s time to sell your site. Go back to the Flippa Homepage at and click on “Sell a Website”. It’s a very big button, so you can’t miss it! You will get to an information page, so just click “get started. Now read step-by-step below as I show you how to list your site. Above I told you how to get started listing your site. When you click get started now you will be redirected to a page, which asks for site info. URL/Date Established: This box is where you would put your website URL, and the date it was established. Do NOT put when you purchased it, put the date in which the person you bought it from, started it, if you don’t know, put it a few days after the domain was originally registered ( is good for finding that info). Content – This is pretty self-explanatory, is all of the content on your website, unique? You would only say no, if some content from your website is on other sites around the internet. Design – This box is again self-explanatory, basically; is the design of your website unique to just your site, or is it used in other places around the World Wide Web? If you’re using a template you would say your design is not unique. Revenue – Fill in the boxes on the basis of how much money you have made with your site. If you haven’t made any money then simple select the option “No revenue or profit claim”, should you decide to claim any revenue, you should have the appropriate screen-shots to back up the amount. Traffic – this is vital. People want a website with lots of traffic. Put in your best estimate (that you can back up) of how much traffic your website get’s an on daily basis. Remember, you will have to back this up for many buyers when you buy and sell sites. Now… You’ll notice this page is over. And you need to click “next step” to go onto the next step of listing your site. Make sure before you do that everything on this page has been completed, you can always come back to it, but it’s easier to just do it the first time.

Ok, so we are on the next page. This page is really the main details that will be placed on your Flippa Website listing. Private or Public Sale – I usually choose to go with a Public Sale, that way the sale is easier to find. However, if you are running a big site, you may want to choose Private, so the sale is not indexed by Google and other sites. Title – What are you going to call your listing? I recommend including something that will grab attention when you buy and sell sites. For example, when I sell forums, I usually put PR1 (Google PageRank) Active Forum – Tons of Members, or something to that effect. Many people are addicted to Google Pagerank, and that draws them into your site. Again, the words Active Forum is hot right now, as well as having many members, because that’s more people they can target later. Listing Length – How long do you want this sale to run for? At this point, it’s really up to you, although I recommend running your sale for at least 7 days so people notice it, I find 30 day sales are pointless, because you only get bids on the last day. Description – This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of your sale. Actually this IS the most important part of the sale. What you put in here is basically your sales ad in here you want to come out with everything important about the site and why they should purchase it. Even include bonuses they get for ‘binning’ on the site (buying it now). You should also include any info, such as member counts if it’s a forum, or post counts if it’s say a blog. Make sure to talkabout any licenses (with forums, maybe vB or IPB) or anything that you are going to give away with it. People love free stuff. Revenue – If you didn’t claim any revenue, just put in the box “Site can easily be monetized; I haven’t had to time to monetize it yet, very good opportunity for income”. However, if you have claimed income, post some information about the source of this income, and how people can verify that you’ve made it. I suggest linking to images showing the revenue. Traffic – Here’s where you would post anything you like about the traffic, I suggest talking about your Google Analytics data, and referrers to the site. Be sure to mention that you can provide screenshots when you buy and sell sites. Tags – When I started on Flippa, a friend of mine told me that one of the most important things was to have good tags. At the top of the flippa site, you see tags like “established” and more. He said you can tell by those what tags are popular. I recommend using ones like “make money” “established” and “profitable”, as these tags tend to stay popular and bring the most traffic to your Flippa Listing. Now, as you can see we have finished this step, so we need to click on “next step” which will take us to our final details, how much we are going to sell for.

Reserve/Starting Bid – The reserve price is how much you will sell for, anything under and the auction won’t finish with a buyer. The starting bid is the lowest bid that you will except to start the auction. Auto Accept – Don’t check this box, because you will want to review every person that bids to make sure they are legitimate. Payments – Decide how many different ways you will allow people to pay you. Buy It Now Price – How much would someone have to pay to end the auction, and get the site right now? This will be the price that you think you could possibly get, and would be happy with walking away with. I suggest you setup the PayPal auto check out before ending the auction. Who wants to lose on some guy who bins, and never actually buys? Success Fees – Who is going to pay the percentage that Flippa wants? I would suggest going with 2.5% each, because it shows the buyer you want to share the fees! Upgrades – This is basically anything extra you want to add. It costs $19 to list on flippa, so if you have $10 extra to budget, I would suggest getting the listing highlighted and a border added. This helps to keep your listing noticeable from the crowd. If you really want to attract people, you may want to pay the $29 for a front page listing. Now we go to the next step. Basically this is just reviewing what we’ve entered. Now, it’s time to pay the listing fees to flippa, so click next step. What will you pay with – Decide whether or not you will pay with PayPal or Credit Card for all the fees. Success Fee – Basically you check the box to agree that at the end you will pay the required fees. You need to accept all of these terms to continue. Now we’re done, all we have to do is click make payment, and follow the checkout. After this you will be asked to verify your ownership through an easy method and you can add screenshots to your listing. As they say: That was easy Now that we have our auction on Flippa, we are going to want to reply to any questions or comments that people ask, and if they ask for the reserve, we will send it along to them. Be proactive and check for new comments daily, who wants to leave a buyer hanging, thinking about buying, but wondering if you’ll be there to help. Alright, well that really sums up flipping a site for you…

But after you flip a site you need to transfer it to the person, I’ve decided to add a bonus section here, called closing the sale.

Closing The Sale Congrats! You have just made money flipping a website. I hope you enjoyed it; not it’s time we give the website to the new owner. They will probably ask you to move the website for them, so here’s exactly what to do. First of all, ask them for their username/userid and e-mail for whatever domain registration facility the site is at, tell them that they will need to set the name servers, when they get it, to wherever they would like you to put the site. Whenever the name servers are updated, it’s time to move the site over. First of all, upload all the old files to the new server, then bring in the old database. Chances are, you will need to edit the configuration file for whatever software powers the site, with the new database login. Congrats! That’s an easy step. Now, you have the site over to the buyer, and you’re all done and you now buy and sell sites. This is so expandable, and heck you could do this all over again with the profits, and keep expanding and making more money. Website flipping isn’t just easy, it’s fun. You’ve accomplished something, and you’ve made cash doing it. It also gives you the experience of selling something and working with a buyer. Customer Service skills always come in handy.

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How To Buy And Sell Sites By Ryan Parenti LEGAL NOTICE: How To Buy And Sell Sites You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.

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