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Perfect lips? It is possible to avoid the signs of ageing, says our expert

I have some vertical lines on my upper lip that have started to develop over the past few years, even though I have never smoked. They are really starting to bother me - is there any way I can get rid of them? HG, Bridport


Medical aesthetician Dr Pradnya Apte says: Aesthetics is a constantly evolving discipline that is essentially consumer-driven. It goes through flux and change both with new techniques, products and even targeting different areas of the face and body. I have noticed this year that a lot of focus has been on the lips and, more importantly, the area around the lips. The vertical lines around the mouth, mainly on the upper lip, are known to aesthetic practitioners as the peri-oral lines but they are also known as “smoker’s lips”. or sometimes “bar-codes”. So why do they develop? Peri-oral lines are influenced by a number of factors and these include age, genetics, sun exposure, repetitive facial movements, lip threading, waxing, smoking and even drinking often through a straw. Lips have a much thinner stratum corneum compared to the rest of our facial skin which makes them venerable to sun damage.

The muscles that surround the mouth are conously “treated”. This process can cost £200-260. stantly being used and the repeated contraction Fractional laser resurfacing is also another of the upper lip muscles when we talk, eat, drink treatment that can resurface the upper lip area and kiss, can result in vertiand promote collagen formacal lines. This is especially tion. There is usually some noticeable as we age, because recovery time needed with the skin becomes thinner due both these techniques and to collagen loss and the slowpatients would normally See a practitioner down of natural fibroblast need a course of three to five who performs cell activity. treatments. lip treatments Peri-oral lines are more Wrinkle-relaxing injecvisible in women than men tions (costing from around regularly, because women have thinner £200) such as Botox can also so that your skin in this area. be used on the upper lip improvements Threading and waxing the area but they have to be very upper lip can also create lines carefully placed to relax the are natural and because the process damages upper lip muscle. Care must subtle-looking the skin and makes it thicker. be taken not to alter the paThere are various ways tient’s natural smile. to treat these lines. First, Whatever you choose, one dermal fillers can be used to thing that I would advise is augment the lips. to see an aesthetic practiPersonally, I use a very light dermal filler like tioner who performs lip treatments regularly, so Perfectha Fine Lines or Emervel Touch. I use that your improvements are natural and subtlea serial puncture technique, whereby small looking. amounts are injected in dots around the upper lip area. I also cross hatch, depending on the severiDr Pradnya Apte runs the Revitalise-Rejuvenate ty of the lines but I have to be mindful of not over MediClinic in Southernhay, Exeter. Visit www.revitalfilling, so the upper lip area is does not look obviise-rejuvenate.co.uk or call 01392 426285



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