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Student Name: Sophie Hugman

Student Number : Q79763189 Faculty: FBSE Level of study: 6 Course title: Marketing with Advertising Management Unit title: Evaluation of creative advertising Assignment title: Portfolio Assignment tutor: Lesley Strachan Word count: 5312 Learner request for feedback: Yes

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Evaluation of Creative Advertising portfolio

By Sophie Hugman Marketing with Advertising Management


Employability Skills ............................................................................................................... 5 Deconstruction of ................................................................................................................. 11 Creative advertising pieces ................................................................................................. 11 Final designs ......................................................................................................................... 22 References .............................................................................................................................. 29 Bibliography .......................................................................................................................... 34 Appendices - ......................................................................................................................... 35


Introduction The first section of this section will look to identify employability skills in marketing job roles. One job will be focused upon and critically analysed in depth. The skills required will be demonstrated and I will look to see how suitable I am to this role based on my own skills and experiences. The second section will deconstruct Marketing and Advertising second years advertising campaign and then form suggestions on the improvement on the campaign. This will then be followed with part 3 which will demonstrate the results from the deconstruction with concluding points on the final campaign decisions including digital media options.


Part 1

Employability Skills


Key responsibilities


Figure 1 – Specsavers local marketing manager job description (Specsavers, 2013)


Employability Skill trends (Holmes, 2011, p.5) indicates the five most important skills to be transferable that employers like their staff to have: 1. Communication skills 2. Team working skills 3. Problem- solving skills 4. Numeracy and ICT 5. The right attitude (Nickson et al,, 2003 cited in Belt et al, 2010) have found a trend for aesthetic skills and a growing importance in ICT skills. The way in which people present themselves is reflected on the company and companies feel it helps to increase customer service levels. levels The rise in companies using digital marketing communications has resulted in employees needing a knowledge and experience with new programmes and a willingness to undertake training to familiarise themselves with new software. (McElhatton, 2010) Figure 2 shows the factors that (McQuaid et al, 2005 cited in Belt et al al,, 2010) believe that employees should consider when recruiting. Not only are the skills taken into consideration but also factors such as access to transport and the support network of the applicant.

Figure 2 - Factors employees use when recruiting (Belt, 2010, UK commission for employment and skills)

15 10 5 0

Not Important Not very Important Quite important very important essential

Figure 3 – Results from HEA funded Employability Research (Southampton Solent University 2012)

Figure 3 demonstrates the results of employability research carried out asking what marketers rate are the most important skills for graduates to have. The most important was problem solving with communication also ranked as very important. 7|Page

Skills required for Specsavers Local Marketing Manager Role The red boxes in Figure 1 contain the skills that are required for the job role. This red box below will identify those skills and demonstrate how my own skills match or do not match the skills required in this particular role. Qualifications and experience in Marketing - I am predicted to achieve a first level degree at Southampton Solent University. Work experience booked from 3rd June to 20th June in a Southampton based Marketing Communications Company. The job does not state the level of qualification or experience needed, however this is a Marketing manager role and therefore it may require a higher level of experience than I currently have obtained. Enthusiasm for Marketing - I have a real dedication to Marketing and I am always reading up on how companies are doing their own marketing. For example I have subscribed to Brand Republic which informs me of new marketing stories on a daily basis. I have also taken part in extra research projects which shows I am enthusiastic as I have taken part in more than just the marketing degree. Confidence - I have presented at a conference in Manchester which demonstrates a high level of confidence I have also learnt to network from the conference. University has given me lots of confidence in myself and the work that I produce through achieving positive results. Confidence is crucial as a manager as your team relies on you and the decisions that are made. Noe, 2010 says ‘Confidence is a necessary component of anyone looking for success in their career.’ For this role I feel my confidence would improve through time as I took part and interacted with new situations within the job role. Excellent interpersonal skills – Is the ability to communicate, listen and understand people. This is a skill I have developed through networking and waitressing. This skill could be developed further as my confidence grows in the job role. Computer literate/ analytically minded – I have the basic knowledge of IT however this would be an area that would need development. Data base analysis is an area that specifically needs progression within as I only have a low level of experience with SPSS through using it for my dissertation Willingness to travel - I am a keen traveller and would be excited to be able to as part of my role. Willingness to undertake training - I am always willing to learn. I would always be willing to partake in training as it would develop my marketing and employability skills further and enable me to perform better in my job role. Team player with a positive attitude - A good team member does their job in a manner that contributes to the end project (Anderson and Bolt, 2011). I have worked well in teams throughout my university degree. I have had presentations with various different people and have effectively worked together to get the best result. I have enjoyed working in a team as everyone has a different suggestion and ideas on problems which can make a project more interesting than 8|Page creating alone.

Key responsibilities for the Specsavers local marketing manager role The blue box in Figure 1 shows the key responsibilities I would face if I was successful in achieving this role. The blue box below indicates what responsibilities the job would involve and my interpretations on these responsibilities and whether I have the experience to be able to fulfil or not fulfil these responsibilities.

Devise and implement marketing strategies – I have had experience in forming suitable marketing strategy throughout my degree. A media strategy unit has helped to understand strategy’s as I had to create a marketing communications plan. I have also done a specific unit in marketing strategy and have taken part in a marketing simulation which provides experience in implement marketing strategies. I feel through this experience that I would be able to uphold this responsibility to a high level of competency. Build relationships with the store directors – I have developed my skills in building relationships through getting to know my tutors and work colleagues. I feel it is important to always have a level of professionalism with everyone in the work place. Participate at regional meetings – I have experience in meetings as when working on live advertising projects meetings were held between the client and the creative team. I am aware of the code of conduct when being present at meetings; to be punctual, dressed accordingly, with the correct documentation. I think preparation is crucial before meetings to ensure professionalism is always shown. Monitor and respond to competitor activity – To be able to analyse the current market situation and adjust strategies to respond to the competition. Sim Venture is a business simulation that has given me experience in responding to the competitions marketing activity. Report to regional marketing manager - There is an obligation to share appropriate and accurate information to your boss (Anderson and Bolt, 2011). Lecturers become somewhat like a boss and therefore I have had experience in reporting my work back. I also have worked in waitressing and have had to report back to my boss continuously throughout each shift. This is to check that the work I do is too the expectation of my superior. Manage and appraise a marketing assistant - I do not have direct experience in managing sub ordinates however I have trained people within a waitressing position. I feel I could delegate and lead a marketing assistant efficiently through my communication and interpersonal skills. I have worked with 2nd year student in my final year, this gave me experience in working with a sub ordinate on the course to help improve their work through constructive critics.


Additional skills I have to offer this role Leadership skills I have always taken the lead in projects as I like the challenge to lead the team and my organisation is useful to lead effectively. I feel I have good interpersonal skills which help me to lead in an appropriate way. Treating every individual fairly is important to me. Communication I have developed my communication techniques. My written techniques through essay and report writing and my oral communication through presentation and conference experience. Organisation/ Time management University deadlines have helped me to learn to manage my time effectively and be organised to make sure all work is completed to the best standard. Appendix 1 contains a copy of my Curriculum Vitae as further evidence of the skills and experience I have developed.

How my skills gaps can be improved ICT skills I have identified that I need to improve my ICT skills and this in the form of the use of databases. This will be crucial in my marketing career, ‘three – quarters of people now use computerised equipment at work’ (Belt et al, 2010). Ways in which I am going to improve this skill is by undertaking a Google Analytics course in May and look to participate in Excel or SPSS courses once my degree is finished. Management/Leadership skills I have a basic level of experience in leading or managing a team however I need to increase my knowledge in the theory and different practises that can be used to lead efficiently. To help improve this skill I am participating in Prince 2 Foundation level. To learn how to project manage more effectively. Marketing work experience My university degree has given me a level of work experience through the participation in live marketing campaigns. However I need to stand out as a candidate to compete in the market and have organised three weeks of work experience at a local Southampton marketing communications company.

10 | P a g e

Part 2

Deconstruction of

Creative advertising pieces

11 | P a g e

12 | P a g e

13 | P a g e

14 | P a g e

15 | P a g e

16 | P a g e

17 | P a g e

18 | P a g e

have on consumers (Bullas,2013).

sales by 107% which indicates the positive affect a digital campaign can

interest in the company. Through the campaign Old spice saw a rise in

continued inued to enhance and modify the message to create continuous

media platforms, the campaign was then spread to be viral. Old spice

simplicity of the message that was spread around all different digital

Old Spice digital marketing campaign. The success was based on the

adapt to new models. The big digital debate noted the success of the

the success of using digital marketing rests on quickly companies

changing trends of digital marketing. The big digital debate indicates ,

Fig 5 – Old spice advert

continuous awareness is created.

19 | P a g e

media tool has been featured as a focal point on their TV advertising to ensure

an online food hub (Waitrose media centre,2012).The launch of this digital

traditional methods is Waitrose. Waitrose are the first fir retailer to have launched

of a company that has begun integrating their digital marketing tools with the

working best in tandem with other channels.’(McElhatton,2010). An example

Within the Big Digital Debate it was noted that ‘digital acts as an accelerator,

Dorset Goodness need to ensure that they keep up to date with the

(Fig 4 – Waitrose video channel)

The Big Digital debate

Fig 6 – Dorset Goodness (Feinberg, 2013). Wordle.


Wordle was also sent to the team to remind them of key words associated with Dorset

team were also sent suggestions on possible poster designs and business card designs. A

deconstruction of the campaign to enable the team to make alterations if they choose to. The

Feedback emailed to team Grand can be seen in appendix 2. It provides a summary of the

Grand’s creative brief can be seen in appendix 3

not yet been created and therefore the creative brief has not been completely finished.

20 | P a g e

psychographics to enable the campaign to become more focused and based on what the target audience would like to see. The blog has

families however the brief was too vague and needs a focus on exactly the target audience and including a fill list of demographics and

Grand have effectively created a down to earth tone throughout their creative pieces. The target market identified was as young adults or

identify proposition of the advertisements.

Mahon (2010) indicates that the creative process begins with the brief and the brief should explain the target audience, the message and

How well it all relates to their creative brief

Summary of deconstruction

Fig 8- Back design business card

Fig 7 - Front design business card

business card.

Fig 9 Poster design

21 | P a g e

there is currently no brand awareness this is important. The there is also a new suggestion suggestion for the poster which has continuity with the

This is a suggestion how the business card could be modified to more clearly show the product that is being sold to the reader. reade Whilst

Design suggestions

Part 3

Final designs

22 | P a g e

Level 5 Final designs

After the feedback was sent to the groups they were given a month to make any changes that they felt with necessary based on the feedback provided. These are the final designs produced by the group.

New logo

Final thoughts •

The group have incorporated a slogan to the brand which provides the consumer information to identify that the products being sold are food based.

The slogan ‘One taste, different recipes’ reminds me of Sainsbury’s luxury produce ‘taste the difference.’ The slogan needs alteration further as this seems confusing and implies all the company’s products taste the same.

• The colour of the logo has been made brighter; this is preferred as it stands out Packaging designs further and as to the vibrancy connotations of the company. •

The font type of the new slogan stays in theme with the company name which is important for consistency.

It is felt that an image would still be still suitable, however overall effective progression has been made with this logo.

23 | P a g e

Final thoughts •

The group has taken on board my critique on the labelling and by just adding an image the attention of the consumer will be drawn further into the packaging as they do not have to read a thing to be able to identify what the product is.

The images work we well ll in terms of composition as they draw the eye into the label and break up the text.

All packaging labels seem as if they have been made brighter like the logo which is an effective alteration.

Very pleased with the new packaging designs.

Business card

24 | P a g e

Final thoughts •

The new logo is easier to read and stands out further than the original.

The space of the card has been used more effectively and the information used is important to the consumer.

The design of the card is still too basic and does not stand out enough. The card still does not provide the consumer with an instant identification of the product on offer.

The group should have taken on board the suggestions to add imagery to make it stand and out more and give the consumer the knowledge of what the product is made from.

Overall this card needs further improvement if it is going to be noticed against

Posterthe design competition 25 | P a g e

Final thoughts •

Vast improvements have been made to this poster since the feedback was given, which indicates the suggestions were taken on board by the group.

The use of the full logo is important and stands out and can be identified easier than before.

The font choice is more interesting and matches the themes of the brand logo and packaging.

The two font colour choice work well and makes the poster easier to read against the green background.

The use of imagery breaks up the poster and helps to keep the attention of the reader.

26 | P aneeds. ge Overall an eye catching poster that gives me all the information the reader

Website design

Final thoughts •

The layout now enables this to look like a website as the tabs are recognisable.

The attention to the product is also a successful change.

The integration to other sites such as Facebook is also an important change so that the website is no longer a stand-alone tool.

The plain background is a great improvement as all imagery and font becomes a lot clearer.

27 | P a g e

The little messages throughout the page ‘Hello there’ adds a personal family touch to the website which works well for this small local company.

References Working with level 5 students reflection

Working with a level 5 group has taught me a lot about the importance of communication. Communication is important to understand what each team is currently doing towards the project. Communicating with the team leader Ruth enabled me to always be up to date with the progression of the group. It has also taught me about adapting to different situations, different people will have different ideas and ways of structure and it is important as an employee to adapt accordingly to what is needed of you in different situations. Time management has also been a skill that has been improved as the suggestions of improvement had to be sent to ensure the project was fulfilled in time. Overall it has been a pleasure working with the level 5 groups who have been efficient and creative in everything they have done. See Appendix 4 for email evidence.

28 | P a g e

References AdPharm Blog, 2009. Specsavers advert. [Digital image][Viewed 4 March 2013]. Available from: Altstiel, T., J.Grow, 2006. Advertising strategy. USA: SAGE publications Altstiel, T., J.Grow, 2010. Advertising creative. Canada: SAGE publications Anderson, L., S.Bolt, 2011.Professionalism – skills for workplace success. New Jersey: Pearson Antin, T., 1993. Great print advertising. Canada: John Wiley and Sons Apple, 2013. Apple website.[Online][Viewed 21 April 2013]. Available from: Applegate, E., 2005. Strategic copywriting. USA: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers Arens, W., 2013. Contemporary advertising. USA: McGraw Hill Baines, P., A. Haslam, 2005. Type and typography. London: Laurence King Publishing ltd Bear, J., 2013. How to choose an ideal line length for text. [Online][Viewed 1 March 2013]. Available from: Beasley, R., M.Danesi, 2002. Persuasive signs. Germany: Mouton de Gruyter Belt, V., P.Drake and K.Chapman. 2010. Employability skills: A research and policy briefing.[Online][Viewed 4 March 2013]. Available from: Boag,P., 2011. Why whitespace matters.[Online][Viewed 9 April 2013]. Available from: Bourn, J., 2011. Meaning of the colour green. [Online][Viewed 12 March 2013]. Available from: Brook, J., 2010. 10 tips for creating eye-catching package design. [Online][Viewed 23 April 2013]. Available from:

29 | P a g e

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31 | P a g e

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32 | P a g e White, R., 2000. Advertising. England: McGraw-Hill publishing company Williamson, J., 1993. Decoding advertisements. Great Britain: Marion Boyars

33 | P a g e

Bibliography Gettins, D., 2000. The unwritten rules of copywriting. United Kingdom: Kogan page limited Morgan, C., 1999. Logo, identity, brand, culture. Switzerland: Rotovision Pricken, M ., 2010. Creative strategies. United Kingdom: Thames and Hudson White, A., 2007. Advertising design and typography. New York: Allworth press

34 | P a g e

Appendices - Appendix 1 – Copy of my Curriculum Vitae Sophie Hugman Address: Flat A707F, Mercury Point, Duke Street, Southampton, SO14 3ET Tel: Tel 07776472880


Currently studying Marketing and Advertising at Southampton Solent University. University. Looking to gain employment to enhance my understanding of the industry to back up the theory that has been learnt in my time at university. Skills Communication – Communication has been a skill I have developed as my confidence has grown over time. Team work has increased my ability to communicate effectively with my colleagues. Most recently over the summer break I worked in a restaurant where communication was crucial to the running of the company. Teamwork - I enjoy working within a team and through group projects this skill has been developed further. I feel that I am approachable and have the capability to work within anyone through my professional nature. These skills have been useful, when work has needed a mixture of skills. Writing skills – I have developed my writing skills through an interest in English Literature. This skill has enabled me to reach a B at A level. It has been developed further within my Marketing Degree through the continuous reports and exams that I have to write. Organisational - Organisational skills have always been important to me and I have been able to use these skills within working practices. Through making lists, more jobs are done efficiently and successfully. Time management has come with this skill as my organised nature means I am always punctual. Leadership –Whilst studying in university I have always been happy to take on the role of project leader. I feel I have been successful at finding the groups key strengths and delegating fairly the work load. Every group I have led have always produced work up to a great standard that has met all deadlines. In my work outside of university I have been placed in charge of companies and left to train new staff and make sure the organisation is run efficiently. This has given me huge responsibility but also confidence and the ability to deal with pressure. Education 20102010- 2013 201

BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising Management, Southampton Solent University

Year one – Consumer Behaviour, Finance, Economics, Marketing management, Advertising Management and Core Academic skills. Year two – Marketing Management, Advertising Management, Services Management, Market Research, Branding and Foundation French. Year three – Dissertation, Creative Advertising, Global Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Media strategy and Tourism Policy. 20082008-2010

A levels and AS Level - Grammar School Sixth Form, Guernsey

35 | P a g e

Business studies (C), English Literature (B), and Media Studies(C) AS Photography (B) University projects HEA research project As an addition to my studies I took part in a research project to discover what skills employees are looking for in graduate. This project required me to interview a marketing employer to ask their views on the subject. The project also required a focus group with six different employers. This was a great chance for networking and working as a team to receive useful information. HEA Manchester conference As part of the HEA research project I was asked to present at a conference in Manchester to show other academics and industry professionals the research that the team were carrying out. The conference was a tool to represent Southampton Solent University in a positive way. Presenting to this high level was a fantastic way to improve my confidence and gain the experience in professional presenting to a large audience. I was also able to improve my networking skills at this event.!/2012/07/closing-graduate-employability-skills.html GoPhysio Advertising project project In the second year of my degree our advertising unit required us to be a part of a live advertising campaign. We were given the company GoPhysio we worked as a team to produce market research for the company to develop a strategy that could be used in launching the company into a market which they do not currently operate. We designed advertising pieces which include a new website and leaflets. I lead the team and was and am in charge of organising the team and making sure we meet our deadlines. Dorset Dorset Goodness Project A unit this year has been to provide a new company Dorset Goodness with suggestions of digital platforms they should use. It has required research into a number of digital marketing options using research databases and requires presenting to the client recommendations that have been formed. Therefore digital marketing knowledge has been improved. Employment History 20112011-2012

Bumps Bistro, Alderney

Throughout the summer holiday I worked at Bumps bistro. After a month of working for this business I was given the role of head waitress, which meant I was in charge of the cashing up after the service and making sure everything was prepared for the following day. My other roles included communicating with customers to make sure they were having a pleasant experience. I had to have a good knowledge of the menu and alternatives that we could provide for people with food allergies. 20072007-2012

Slade's Butcher's, Alderney

Throughout holidays I have been working in father’s butchers as an assistant butcher. This job has required me to work behind the display counter and serve customers, keep the shop within the health and hygiene standards, advise customers on what decision they should make on purchases and work within a team making sure everyone is served and receive good customer service. This summer my father fell ill and I was put in charge of the day to day running the business. This was a huge responsibility but the challenge and the faith my father had in my proved I am a capable individual. Leisure and other activities I enjoy reading, keeping up my interest in English literature. Cooking is a passion of mine and I enjoy learning new recipes and adapting them to my own tastes. References References are available on request.

36 | P a g e

Appendix 2 – Feedback provided to team Grand

37 | P a g e

Feedback continued

38 | P a g e

Appendix 3 – Grand’s Creative brief


Core Team:

Wednesday 6th February 2013

-Ruth-Ellen Jones: Account Handling -Hong Hoang: Planning Department -Danielle Searle: Media Department -Sophia Noel: Creative Department

Production Budget:

Media Requirements -Logo -Business cards -Flyers -Recipe cards -Website -Facebook/Twitter

Role of Communications We want to build on Dorset Goodness’ small brand heritage. The underlying reason for this campaign is to make potential customers aware of the service they provide. Dorset Goodness is creating a platform to show the many ways in which jams and condiments can be used. We want to give Dorset Goodness the upper hand on its competitors. Our campaign is to develop Dorset Goodness as a brand. We plan to do this through our creative solution.

Target Audience Our target audience was most likely 34 – 54, we want to appeal to not only families but the younger generations

Consumer Insight -Overall, Overall, the age group 15 to 19 year year-olds olds was the least likely to consume table sauces and accompaniments, Penetration was highest among the four oldest age groups, 35 35--44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+. These would be Dorset Goodness age target market and as the products are not as popular and need to rejuvenate the products to appeal to the younger crowd.

The Proposition The specific message we want to convey to our customers is that there are m many any ways in which Dorset Goodness Jams and chutneys can be used with all types of foods. Words such as creative, natural and interactive set Dorset Goodness apart from competitors. Andy has already come up with creative tasty recipes for his products. All the products used are from natural ingredients. We want Dorset Goodness to remain interactive with their customers after a sale or purchase through the food blog, keeping people update on developments in the kitchen.

Desired Response We want consumers to purchase Dorset Goodness products on a regular basis creating loyal and interactive customers. The website is full of additional information which can keep up to date with all the Dorset Goodness do. We want the consumers to like the B Brand rand on a whole and all it has to 39 | P a g e offer. The Food blog is a huge way for customers to remain interactive after purchase.

Reasons to believe Through the food blog, customers will be able to see evidence of the creative ideas. The recipe cards are cards that they can keep and use whenever they want to.

Brand Personality We want the customers to perceive Dorset Goodness as a sophisticated yet relatable brand. The relationship between Dorset Goodness and its customers have to be natural to represent the types of products they provide.

Tone of voice Down to earth. Dealing with food is very important and people want to know the right information.

Executional considerations This advertising campaign is taking a brand new direction to what was already in place. Introducing a new tag line will defiantly aid our new direction.

40 | P a g e

Appendix 4 - Email evidence

41 | P a g e

Creative advertising deconstruction  

Contains a deconstruction of marketing material that is later reconstructed to strengthen the overall campaign.