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SoJo Design It’s a New Dawn Presented by Ashley Armenteros

About Us - (An introduction) About Us is a great opportunity to become relatable to your audience whether through similar lifestyles and experiences or the ones they desire to have one day. I would recommend making it mostly about the Sojo Team and close it off with Sofia’s remarks about her brand and her team.

Services Text Services should be broken down into categories. For Example: A category for Aircrafts called “Sojo: Sky is the Limit” or something to that effect. There should be one called “Sojo: Sets Sail” for all water vessels that you have designed for. So then you can showcase a detailed list of expertise for each category.

Mini Bio’s of Team Bio’s are key to gaining trust from your audience. This will be achieved by a brief interview by either phone or via email where I ask a series of questions and compose a concise and enticing introduction to each individual, creating almost a character for the public to become engaged with and curious about. We will also have to have a headshot of each team member.

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