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AMA events April — July 2014

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Welcome to the AMA events brochure. This season promises to be our most diverse and dare we say it, ‘useful’ to date. Ever appreciative of the way different members (and non-members) like to interact, we have a mix of online and on location workshops, screencasts, mentoring and networking opportunities. We are excited to introduce the next round of content from CultureHive — the initiative set up to help the sector adopt and share best practice in cultural marketing, management, and soon to include fundraising. Finally as a reminder to our members and a ‘shouldn’t you consider joining’ to our non members, be sure to take advantage of your discounts and member only benefits across our full programme. We hope you enjoy and, as ever, if you want to chat anything through in more detail, do get in touch.

Claire Treadwell Head of Marketing, AMA

April — July 2014

Stats Into Stars 06 Online

Screencasts 12 Online 1 April


15 April


23 April 7 May

Online Mentoring 10 Online


CultureHive See Centre Pages

The Pricing Toolbox 08



Digital Storytelling 18 17 June

The Ultimate Buy-In 20 Online

Target Your Content 14 London

13 May


15 May


21 May

10 June

AMA conference 2014 22 Bristol

22 – 24 July

24 April

Strategic Video Marketing 16 Online

14 May

How to book E W T +44 (0) 1223 578078

The AMA is not only serious about your audiences; we are serious about bringing the sector together. Offering a platform for you to share thinking, the diversity of our membership ensures you are linked into the largest cultural marketing network in the UK. Our aim is to broaden your horizons and to expand your network whatever your level of experience; membership of the AMA makes your office bigger than you think.

How we programme

We respond to the needs of our members and scan the horizon for leading-edge practice. We create opportunities for members to engage with us and share their professional development goals to inform our programme. What we programme

We curate best practice from the cultural sector and beyond to meet our members’ development needs. We aim to programme a mix of expert-led training and peer sharing and are always looking for members to share their experiences. Who we programme for

Whatever part of the cultural landscape you work in, and whatever your role you will find something across the range of our programme to help you develop audiences, grow your organisation and progress your career.



Head of Programming

Head of Membership

Join Online Telephone 01223 578078 Email or Cost Membership starts from only ÂŁ65 per year (ÂŁ59 for a six month trial membership) with a range of price options to suit both individuals and organisations. More information It is always cheaper to become a trial member and book on to an on location workshop than to attend at a non-member price. To share either your training needs or your marketing experiences contact see the rest of the team on page 24


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How to



A practical ‘How to’ course. Expect to go home equipped with tangible, applicable skills

Look for this icon if you are after events focusing on strategy

High level courses tailored with leadership in mind


On location

Members only

Part of our innovative online learning platform including screencasts and online learning discussions

Courses at venues across the UK

Events with this icon are an exclusive, member-only benefit. If you want to sign up, visit membership

Latest thinking


To keep up to date with cutting edge ideas and practice, look for the light bulb

Fundraising events as part of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy programme


Marketer’s toolkit

CultureHive events (found in the centre page tear out) are open to all, with a special rate for National Portfolio Organisations and AMA members

These number icons represent our Marketer’s Toolkit modules, which detail the skills you need at each stage of your career

Complete the short skills questionnaire at to receive a personal development plan highlighting your strengths, achievements and training needs, and then use this to inform which events are most relevant to you


Stats Into Stars visualising data for effective reporting — Lume Labs


20% 15%

15% 10% 5% 10%

25% 20% 15% 15% 10% 10% 5%

theatres museums music venues galleries heritage organisations dance companies other

What is it about?


As marketers, we work with large amounts of data. This data needs to be effectively interpreted and used to inform decision making, but sharing it with colleagues, managers, boards and funders can be a frustrating process. This workshop will share ideas for visualising data, distilling figures and turning them into powerful reports that will engage the people you are trying to influence.

Tuesday 1st April

What will I gain?

Handy techniques to create your own data visualisations to influence decision makers — Top tips and best practice in designing powerful, eye-catching infographics — A live demonstration of creating an infographic and using Google Spreadsheets for reporting — Key tips for briefing designers when creating your visualisations

2.30pm – 4.30pm £50 +VAT AMA members only

Emilia Spitz and Linda Uruchurtu Lume Labs

Who is it for? This workshop is for people who use data in reports for colleagues, managers, boards, funders and audiences.


The Pricing Toolbox maximise the impact of your pricing

What is it about?


Designed to help you review and adjust your pricing to achieve your objectives as belts tighten, this workshop will arm you with the information you need to maximise the impact of your pricing.

Resource for London Tuesday 15 April 2014

David will use a range of relevant case studies and exercises to guide you through pricing strategies and tactics. You’ll explore: price differentiation, behavioural economics, discounting, bundling, revenue management, dynamic pricing and integrated earned income strategies.

Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Wednesday 23 April 2014

Nottingham Nottingham Contemporary Wednesday 7 May 2014

10.00 am – 5.00 pm What will I gain?

Tools and guidance to review your pricing, in line with your organisational objectives — Confidence to suggest and refresh your organisation’s pricing policies to improve your impact — Maximise income when faced with funding challenges

David Reece Baker Richards

£140 AMA members

£200 Non members

Who is it for? This course is for people from small and medium sized organisations who can have an impact on pricing decisions.


Online Mentoring bringing the AMA’s popular mentoring scheme to your desk What is it about? Do you want advice and guidance about your work and career? Do you have the potential to help another person expand their horizons? The AMA mentoring scheme will enrich you with the skills you need to further your professional development, either as a mentor or a mentee. The AMA mentoring training will take place online for the third time, bringing the AMA’s popular mentoring scheme to your desk. After an initial online training session, you will be matched with a suitable mentor/mentee within a short travelling distance from you. Easy to slot into your busy routine, meetings happen once every two months and are face to face wherever possible.

What will I gain?


Mentors: a stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding experience. Build coaching and counselling skills that are transferable to your personal and professional life.

24 April

Mentees: new skills, self-confidence and increased motivation through sharing experiences and one-to -one feedback. A mentoring relationship is a twoway experience – each pair is on a journey, working together towards one goal and benefitting each other in different ways.

10.00 am – 1.00 pm Kate Whitlock Freelance Coach and Mentor

ÂŁ90 + VAT AMA members only

Who is it for? AMA members who would like to continue their professional development and strengthen their skills base.

More information Download the mentoring information pack from mentoring. Places are limited and bookings will be taken on a first-come, firstserved basis.

Screencasts are our online, on demand training videos. These are an exclusive AMA member benefit.

However busy you are, screencasts enable you to access training at any time that is convenient for you. We have screencasts covering a range of topics, from practical ‘how to’ videos through to videos with a strategic focus, and we’re adding more all the time.

Browse the screencasts at

Mary Butlin

Developing your Google Analytics skills



Discover, share and inspire best practice in cultural marketing, fundraising and management “CultureHive is what UK arts marketing has been waiting for. Our sector has long been full of valuable experience and ideas. This brilliant resource brings it all together in one place. Anyone who cares about art and audiences should bookmark it immediately� Mel Larsen Mel Larsen & Associates


Discover CultureHive Online Workshops


28 May

3 Put into practice CultureHive Surgeries Surgeries are a key part of the CultureHive best practice programme, giving you access to bespoke advice and practical support to implement the learnings you have gained within your organisation.

Campaign Planning

4 June

24 April 2014

Aimed specifically at small scale organisations, covering the following topics:


7 May

Lincoln — Lincoln Drill Hall

Campaign Implementation

18 June

15 May 2014 Liverpool — the Bluecoat

Evaluating Marketing Activity

1 July

See for details and look out for the CultureHive ebulletin. 2 Be inspired CultureHive Intelligence Briefings Half-day sessions with speakers at the top of their game, from within and outside of the cultural sector.

22 May 2014 Southampton — Mayflower Theatre

12 June 2014 Nottingham — Nottingham Playhouse

26 June 2014 London — NCVO

3 July 2014 Woking — The Lightbox

17 July 2014 These high-level briefings are designed to provide delegates with the latest thinking on a range of key topics.

Breaking Silos

3 April 2014 London — House of St Barnabas See for details

Leeds — West Yorkshire Playhouse See events for details

Whether you’re a CEO, or someone for whom attracting audiences is just part of your job, whether you’ve been in the industry for two months or 20 years, CultureHive best practice is for anyone in the cultural sector who is working to develop new and existing audiences. 1

Discover Core Skills

Online CultureHive workshops and CultureHive screencasts on digital marketing essentials / CultureHive workshops on essential best practice topics around understanding and developing audiences 2 Be inspired Emerging Good Practice CultureHive briefings — high level events on topics of emerging good practice, providing latest thinking, new perspectives and up-to-date intelligence 3 Put into practice Implementation CultureHive surgeries — The Audience Agency will provide practical, tailored advice to help implement training and advise on audience development and marketing challenges.

in partnership with

Pricing Online CultureHive workshops and CultureHive intelligence briefings — £45 + VAT (member and NPO rate) and £115 + VAT (non-member rate) About CultureHive best practice: managed by the Arts Marketing Association in partnership with The Audience Agency, part of Arts Council England’s Audience Focus programme, supported by Lottery funding. CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy A 7-month programme of work-based experiments testing innovative ideas on real audiences. Fellowship applications open — deadline 12 May 2014. See the CultureHive website for details

supported by

Your Network Network meetings The AMA’s member reps are here to bring you together through regional, on location networking meetings. They are a chance for you to discuss the real issues in your area and to help you to find help, colleagues or future clients on your doorstep. Look out for your nearest network meeting at networking and book a place online, or email If you’d like to suggest a location or topic for a future meeting email

Mentoring One-on-one personal mentoring see page 10 – 11 is ideal for you not only to develop your professional skills but to gain a trusting confidant, someone who you can share with and develop alongside.

AMA membership offers a platform to help you broaden your horizons and expand your network, whatever your level of experience. Get connected with the largest cultural marketing network in the UK

AMA conference The annual conference see page 22 – 23 is just as much about inspiring each other as well as being inspired by the leading experts within our field, a chance to meet old friends, gain new ones and to refresh your thinking for another year.


Target Your Content planning audience engaging content

What is it about?


Audiences are hungry for content but producing and sharing it takes time and effort. You need to be sure that the words, pictures, videos and other formats you create have the desired impact. This workshop will provide you with the skills to make best use of your limited time and target your content effectively.

NCVO Tuesday 13 May 2014

Manchester Cornerhouse Thursday 15 May 2014

Bristol James will help you to identify how to make the most of your content to achieve your marketing objectives.

Watershed Wednesday 21 May 2014

10.00 am – 5.00 pm What will I gain?

Deepen engagement with your audiences by matching content to their needs — Broaden your reach with tips on how to distribute content and set up effective networks ­ — Save time and resources through insight into tried and tested techniques

James Carson Founder, Digital Factoid

£140 AMA members

£200 Non members

Who is it for? This course is for anyone responsible for planning and delivering content in their organisation.


Strategic Video Marketing making the most of video content

What is it about?


Video content is a key part of our marketing arsenal but how can we ensure a return on our investment? Whether you are using video to engage communities, sell tickets or develop audiences there needs to be clear strategic thinking underpinning your creative choices to ensure that your visual content achieves your marketing objectives.

Wednesday 14th May

During this workshop, Marliese and Rory will look at what you need to think about to make good decisions when developing video content.

2.00 pm – 4.30 pm £50 + VAT AMA members only

Marliese Andexer and Rory Gibson Impact

What will I gain?

Who is it for?

Insight into why video production is a worthwhile investment when used strategically — Be more audience focused when planning and delivering video content ­ — Strengthen engagement with your community and maximise your reach when sharing content — Confidently evaluate the impact on your organisation and audiences

This course is for marketing and PR professionals who are responsible for planning, producing and distributing video content.


Digital Storytelling mobile media marketing masterclass

What is it about?


Telling effective stories enhances visitor relationships and the rich content that we produce, as arts and cultural organisations, is one of our key strengths. This highly practical masterclass will show you how to capture these stories by producing and sharing context rich video, images and audio, using just your Smartphone or tablet.

Wellcome Collection Tuesday 17 June 2014

Christian will work closely with every delegate to share his experience, so that you can sharpen your digital storytelling skills. During the day, you will gain hands-on experience of using your mobile device to document and share, connect and curate in real time.

Christian Payne aka @Documentally

10.00 am – 5.00 pm £175 + VAT AMA members

£250 + VAT Non members

Who is it for? What will I gain?

An insight into the creative possibilities using a mobile device — Guidelines for creating effective video, photographic, text-based and audio content to tell your organisation’s story — Hands-on experience of creating, curating and sharing real-time content — An introduction to a range of relevant apps to help you connect and engage your audiences and stakeholders

This event is aimed at anyone wanting to create engaging content for the web. Note You will need an iOS or Android Smartphone to take part in the course. A tablet would also be suitable.


The Ultimate Buy-In internal communications in cultural organisations

What is it about?


Effective internal communication is an integral part of a successful organisation. Whether you need to harness support for a project, smooth the process of change or ensure a co-ordinated external message, you need to be able to efficiently communicate with colleagues, senior management teams, boards and volunteers.

Tuesday 10th June

10.30 am – 1.00 pm £50 +VAT AMA members only

Catherine Holden What will I gain?

Become a more influential communicator, gaining support from your team, colleagues and leaders — Be equipped to tackle challenging relationships, manage change and improve external communications — Greater confidence to secure and justify spend

National Museums Scotland

Who is it for? This workshop is for people in mid to largescale organisations who are responsible for communicating across their organisation to gather support, enable change, justify spend and coordinate external messages.


supported by

media partner

What is it about? AMA conference 2014 will bring together over 500 arts and culture professionals to share learning about how to adapt our organisations, to refocus on audiences’ needs and desires, and to consider how we can become more relevant and meaningful to the people formerly known as the audience

Colston Hall and Watershed, Bristol 22nd – 24th July 2014 AMA members book and pay by:

31 May: £434 + VAT From 1 June: £461 + VAT Non members:

People have transformed the way they interact with arts and culture in recent years

£538 + VAT

Advances in technology have led to new platforms ­ — Audiences have become artists and collaborators — The audience has become the critic and the journalist — The audience has become the funder — And, of course, the audience is also still an audience

More information For discounted group rates, bursaries, accommodation details, up-to-date programme information and terms and conditions of booking, go to: AMAconference2014 / @amadigital / #amaconf


AMA Event Booking Terms and Conditions —

Delegates will receive a 100% refund of monies paid or a credit note (as applicable) if the AMA office receives written notification of cancellation at least 14 days before the event takes place.

— Delegates will receive a 50% refund or credit note (as applicable) if the AMA office receives written notification of cancellation at least 7 days before the event takes place, or the value of the booking can be transferred to another person at the relevant rate for the same event.

— — —

Delegates will not receive a refund or credit note (as applicable) for cancellations within 6 days before the event takes place. However, the value of the booking can be transferred to another person at the relevant rate for the same event. The AMA will make every effort to deliver the programme as described but reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the programme. Please refer to the AMA website for full workshop terms and conditions, and for separate retreats, mentoring and AMA conference terms and conditions.

This brochure Please contact information is Dominika Karpowicz on available in large print, electronic format and 01223 578078 on the AMA website or e-mail

Here For You Alithea Buchan Member rep

Sarah Johnson Member rep

Annabel Busher AMA staff

Really useful workshop and really helpful tips on how to improve copywriting. I thought Jo was fab, and I always know when I’ve been to a good workshop when I come out with my brain hurting Esther Blaine Public Relations Manager, IWM Duxford

Jacqueline Haxton AMA staff

Kate Sanderson Member rep

Dom Karpowicz AMA staff

Cath Hume AMA staff

Jake Young AMA staff

Julie Aldridge AMA staff

Alison Lewis Member rep

Thanks for yesterday! I’ll be putting some of the marketing planning skills I learnt to good use. Great course! Chloe Arnett Administrator,marketing, press, production, Oxford Contemporary Music

Vicki Page Member rep

Sally Goldsmith Member rep

Joanna Davies Ambassador

Siobhan Neil Member rep

Kate Gambrell Member rep

Bryony Bishop Member rep

Rebecca Davis Member rep

Ray Clenshaw Member rep

Kat Havelock Ambassador

Dani Patrick AMA staff

I picked up many exciting ideas which I can share with my colleagues and I am looking forward to implementing them. Kirsty Williams Jerwood Gallery

Suzanne Bull Member rep

Andrew Raffan Member rep

I’ve come away full of ideas I can’t wait to try out. I loved the balance as well — so rare to get so many practical tips and advice. Hannah Talbot The Courtauld

Sarah Wells AMA staff

Claire Treadwell AMA staff

Sophie Channon AMA staff

Taras Young AMA staff

Neil Parker AMA staff

Mellissa Gerbaldi Ambassador

Helen Bolt AMA staff

Sophia Linehan Ambassador

Sam Morton Member rep

Gillian Garratt Member rep

Howard Buckley AMA staff

Jane Fergson Ambassador

I was promoted to manage a team last summer and was able to use the mentoring scheme as an additional way of showing management experience. Stephanie Moore Head of Marketing Communications, Royal Holloway, University of London

Join us on Twitter at @amadigital AMA, 7a Clifton Court Clifton Road, Cambridge CB1 7BN

Never Stop Learning

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15% 10%

AMA events April — July 2014  

The Arts Marketing Associations events brochure, detailing online, on location and CultureHive events.