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Now the eF Series® is even better with the addition of an Honeywell® Integrated Control System! This intelligent, proven design combines temperature control, diagnostic codes, and system ignition functions into a single control board with a digital LCD display. The control system features two different modes (operation and service) that prompt the installer during start-up and provide 10 different diagnostic codes to assist in trouble shooting. These models offer remarkable thermal efficiency ratings as high as 99.1% – an unprecedented rating that makes this line of water heaters the most efficient in its class. In addition to this remarkable performance, the eF Series® is secondto-none in installation flexibility. All models are capable of Power Venting (using inside air for combustion) or Power Direct Venting (using outside air for combustion) and can vent vertically or horizontally. They are also approved for unbalanced, direct-vent closed combustion applications. Unbalanced venting means the air intake pipe doesn’t have to be vented the same length, or on the same external building surface as the exhaust vent (a feature not available on competitors’ models). The eF Series® is also noticeably quieter, and homeowners, building owners and managers and occupants will appreciate the difference.

The eF Series® gives home and building owners, engineers and plumbing and heating professionals:

Reliable, Trouble-Free Performance

Thermal Efficiency Ratings Up To 99.1%

High First Hour Delivery Ratings (up to 521 gallons)

Quiet Operation

Power Vent or Power Direct Vent Capabilities

An Optional 3" Concentric Vent Kit Termination

An Optional “Energy Savings” Programmable Setback Control

eF Series Models ®

GPH Recovery at Degree Rise


Model Number

Gallon Capacity

Residential Ultra High Efficiency Energy Saver Model EFR-1-60T1206EN 60 Commercial Ultra High Efficiency Energy Saver Models 60 EF-60T-125E-3N(A) 60 EF-60T-150E-3N(A) 60 EF-60T-199E-3N(A) 100 EF-100T-150E-3N(A) 100 EF-100T-199E-3N(A) 100 EF-100T-250E-3N(A) 100 EF-100T-300E-3N(A) 100 EF-100T-399E-3N(A)†

Thermal Efficiency %

NG/LP Input BTU/Hr.

1st Hour Delivery Rating at 100˚F Rise










96.0 93.0 92.0 99.1 98.5 97.0 92.0 93.0

125,000 150,000 199,999 150,000 199,999 250,000 300,000 399,999

187 211 265 250 309 364 405 521

364 423 558 450 597 735 836 1127

145 169 223 180 239 294 335 451

104 121 159 128 171 210 239 322

All models comply with SCAQMD low NOx requirements. † EF-100T-399 will incorporate the Honeywell® Integrated Control System beginning, 1st quarter 2011. (A) = ASME Code Available. For Propane Gas models change suffix "N" to "X" and remove "E" from the model number. Example: EF-100T-150-3X. Please consult specification sheet and website for complete product information.

The eF Series® is one of the most exceptional additions to Bradford White’s residential and commercial line-up. Utilizing exclusive designs and technologies, the eF Series outperforms the competition when it comes to installation flexibility, quiet operation and, most importantly, efficiency. Self Compensating Combustion System Combustion Air Intake Durable Direct Spark Ignition System

Ultra Quiet Operation

Vitraglas® Lined Flue Tubes

Low NOx Emissions Compliant

Rugged Construction

Bradford White Commercial Ultra High Efficiency Models are:

Stainless Steel Baffles Venting: up to 120 Equivalent Feet with 3" PVC, CPVC or ABS Vent Pipe

Venting: up to 170 Equivalent Feet with 4" PVC, CPVC or ABS Vent Pipe

Exhaust Elbow with Built In Condensate Trap

Combustion gases generated by the Premix Power Burner travel through three heat exchangers. The combustion gases enter the 1st pass heat exchanger at a temperature above 2000°F. The gases then travel down the 8" flue tube, efficiently transferring heat to the surrounding water, and reach the 1st pass collector at a temperature near 1100°F. Gases are then redirected upwards into two 4" 2nd pass heat exchangers and end up in the 2nd pass collector. The gases, which have now been reduced to 500°F, are forced downward through eight 2" 3rd pass heat exchangers and reach the exhaust collector at a temperature of 120°F. This reduced temperature is below the allowable core temperature for plastic pipe, which allows the use of PVC, CPVC or ABS vent pipe (Canada must use specific uLC S636 vent material).

A 199,999 BTU/hr. eF model, compared to a standard 199,999 BTU/hr. 80% efficient model, will save approximately $1,338.15 a year (based on 8 hrs of operation per day and $1.22/therm).

Ambler, PA For U.S. and Canada field service, contact your professional installer or local Bradford White sales representative.

Sales/800-523-2931 Fax/215-641-1670 Technical Support/ 800-334-3393 Fax/269-795-1089 Warranty/800-531-2111 Fax/269-795-1089 International: Telephone/215-641-9400 Telefax/215-641-9750

Mississauga, ON

Sales/Technical Support 866-690-0961 905-238-0100 Fax/905-238-0105 www.

CATB - EF - 0910

eF Series Category Sell Sheet  

Residential and Commercial Energy Saver and Tankless Water Heaters Form Bradford White

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