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ACCESSORY MODULE: THE BRAIN OF THE ICON SYSTEM™ ACCESSORY PACKAGES The first step in making a great water heater even better is the installation of the Accessory Module. All of the Accessory Packages are powered and controlled by the Accessory Module. The module also features an audible alarm that is activated if a leak is detected and is easily de-activated once the leak is corrected.

PROTECTION PACKAGE: LEAK DETECTION Want to help avoid water damage in the event of a piping or tank leak? The Protection Package has just what you need! The primary component in the Protection Package is the Electronic Leak Detection Sensor. In the event of a leak, the sensor will trigger an alarm in the Accessory Module. In the event of a prolonged leak, the sensor will also interrupt the operation of the main burner. The Protection Package also includes the Rubber Dam to encircle the water heater if no drain pan is present.

INLET SHUT-OFF VALVE PACKAGE: AUTOMATIC COLD WATER SHUT-OFF If you prefer a level of leak protection beyond the audible alarm, the Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package is the solution. Imagine what could happen if you're not home when a leak occurs and no one can hear the alarm. The Automatic Shut-Off Valve eliminates those fears by closing off the cold water inlet when a leak is detected and confirmed. Once the leak has been corrected, the Accessory Module opens the Shut-Off Valve, allowing normal water heating again.

PERFORMANCE PACKAGE: ENERGY SAVINGS & ENHANCED HOT WATER DELIVERY Here's your opportunity to get enhanced hot water delivery plus greatly increased energy efficiency! The Performance Package includes the Fully Programmable LCD Digital Control with junction box, wiring harnesses, and back-up batteries – plus the Integrated Mixing Device (IMD) with push-to-turn hand wheel and stainless steel flexible connectors. The Fully Programmable Digital Control offers a full 7-day, 4 period/day programmability of the water heater. It allows you to adjust the set point temperature of the water in the tank based on your usage patterns. There's also a setback feature that, with one push of a button, lowers the set point temperature to save energy when you're out of town or won't need hot water for a long time. The control, with its LCD user interface, is similar to a home heating and cooling thermostat and features a hot water capacity indicator and a read-out of set point water temperature. The Integrated Mixing Device, the second major component of the Performance Package, allows water to be stored at a higher temperature while still providing comfortable outlet temperatures. It works by blending cold water with hot water to increase your usable hot water by as much as 50% or more.

Bradford White®, a manufacturer of the highest quality water heaters since 1881, is pleased to offer you Bradford White ICON System™ Accessory Packages! This exclusive selection of water heater accessories is only available from your Plumbing and Heating Professional.

Why put Bradford White ICON System ® Accessory Packages to work in your home? Here are a few simple, but very good reasons! 1. For the first time, you'll have the ability to program your water heater in the same way you program the heating and cooling thermostat in your home. Your water heater will then provide hot water when you need it. Based on your hot water usage, you can save up to 36% in energy costs. 2. You can increase your useable hot water up to 50% or more. That’s more hot water when you need it…however you want to use it! 3. No water heater ever built will last forever. Wouldn't you like to know exactly when a leak occurs? The Leak Detection Sensor will trigger an alarm if water is detected. You'll know when it’s time to call your plumbing or heating contractor. 4. What if you’re not home if there is a leak and the alarm sounds? The Cold Water Inlet Shut-Off Valve can automatically close off the incoming water supply further limiting the potential damage from a leak.

ACCESSORY MODULE The Accessory Module powers and monitors the Accessory Packages and features an audible alarm and a multi-color LED display to signal the status of the gas control valve, Leak Detection Sensor, and Inlet Shut-Off Valve.

ELECTRONIC LEAK DETECTION SENSOR The sensor will trigger the Accessory Module alarm in the event a leak is detected and confirmed. It will also send a signal to the Accessory Module to interrupt gas flow and main burner operation. Once the leak is corrected the system automatically silences the alarm and resumes normal operation.*

RUBBER DAM If there is no drain pan under the water heater, Bradford White has provided a Rubber Dam to encircle the water heater. The dam will hold enough water to activate the sensor in the event of a leak.

INTEGRATED MIXING DEVICE** The Integrated Mixing Device allows water in the tank to be stored at higher temperatures, but delivers a safe and comfortable outlet temperature by blending in cold water. This increases useable hot water by as much as 50% or more. Bradford White’s unique design incorporates a cold water outlet, an alternate hot water outlet, and a recirculation port inlet. Ask your plumbing or heating contractor how these features can benefit you.

COLD WATER INLET SHUT-OFF VALVE The Inlet Shut-Off Valve closes the cold water inlet when a leak is detected and confirmed. This will greatly reduce the extent of possible water damage if a leak occurs. The Accessory Module will automatically re-open the Shut-Off Valve once the leak is corrected.*

FULLY PROGRAMMABLE LCD DIGITAL CONTROL The control offers full 7-day, 4 period/day control of the water heater. Now you can program your water heater based on your usage patterns and save up to 36% on energy costs. This easy-to-use control can be attached directly to the water heater or mounted remotely.

WARRANTY UPGRADE You can extend your Bradford White water heater warranty from the standard six years to a full 10 years. Your plumbing or heating contractor has access to Bradford White Warranty Upgrade Kits for the most popular residential models. Ask your contractor about a warranty upgrade and get the peace of mind 10-year coverage can provide.

*In the event that a water heater must be replaced, all components are re-useable and can be installed on a new water heater. **The Integrated Mixing Device is ASSE and UPC (IAPMO) certified and complies with applicable CSA/NSF standards. NOTE: Bradford White ICON System™ Accessory Packages are meant to complement the water heating system and do not replace existing National/State/Local code(s) and/or manufacturer's installation instructions. All ICON System™ Accessory Package components on residential model water heaters are covered under a six-year limited warranty. Accessory Packages used with light duty commercial models are covered by a three-year limited warranty.

COMPATIBLE CONTROLS Bradford White ICON System™ Accessory Packages are compatible with the Bradford White ICON System™ gas control valve and the Honeywell® WV4460 gas control valve. Both models feature a microprocessor based temperature control system that constantly monitors and controls burner operation to maintain an accurate and consistent water temperature. Each has an LED light that signals up to ten different diagnostic codes to assist in start-up and troubleshooting as well as a flashing signal to indicate that the pilot is lit. There is also exclusive performance software that enhances First Hour Delivery of hot water. The Bradford White ICON System™ is a huge advancement in water heater control technology and only available on Bradford White products.

Why Professional Installation? Bradford White is one of America's largest water heater manufacturers. The people that know water heaters best, professional plumbing and heating contractors, have consistently rated Bradford White as the brand most purchased by professional contractors and the brand they are most likely to recommend to their customers. At Bradford White, we believe we know water heaters and their potential as well as anyone. We know how well water heaters can work and how safe they can be when properly installed. We also know the ramifications and dangers of making the wrong water heater choice and improperly installing it. That is why we believe water heaters should be purchased and installed by properly trained plumbing and heating professionals. When it’s time for a new water heater, calling a professional is the smartest thing to do.

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ICON Consumer Brochure  

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