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95e% ncy





High efficiency condensing design

Full modulation firing

Sealed combustion for quiet, clean operation with low emissions

Space-saving design

Awarded ENERGYSTAR® most efficient designation for 2012

Meets DOE 2012 standards for boiler efficiency

Easy-to-use control system with full-text LCD display •

Outdoor Reset enhances fuel efficiency & comfort

DHW Controls

Multiple Pump Control

Built-in sequencer for controls of up to eight boilers

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It takes a lot to be named

The Brute Elite’s controls, burner

The modulating burner responds by

ENERGYSTAR’S most efficient boiler,

system, and heat exchanger work in

proving just the right amount of input,

and the Brute™ Elite’s exceptional fuel

unison to provide improved heating

and reduces the boiler’s fuel usage

efficiency rating is only part of the

comfort, with reduced fuel

when the full capacity isn’t needed.

story. Award winning performance is

consumption and low emissions.

In addition to fuel savings, the Brute

combined with versatility and contractor-friendly features to the make the Brute Elite the ideal choice for nearly any heating system. Innovative design features simplify installation of the Brute Elite in both new and existing heating systems. Zero clearance to combustibles and compact size allow the Brute Elite to be installed in closets or other small spaces. Because the vent, gas, and water piping connections are top-mounted, the Brute Elite’s installed footprint is often half that

Water’s superior ability to absorb and transfer heat makes it the ideal choice for comfortable and efficient heating systems. Since 1881 Bradford White Corporation has been dedicated to building the highest quality, most innovative equipment for the professional installer. Today, Bradford White Corporation offers a wide range of space heating and water heating equipment for both residential and commercial applications. The Brute Elite’s integrated control

Elite's modulating control stabilizes

monitors variables such as outdoor

heating system temperatures,

temperatures, and how much heat

delivering more consistent and

the building requires to stay warm

comfortable heating than

and comfortable even as the

conventional boilers.

weather changes.

of other boilers.

The Brute Elite’s heat exchanger can reduce fuel use by up to 30%

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HOW DOES BRUTE™ ELITE DO IT? The Brute™ Elite Integrated Control System monitors all aspects of boiler operation, and includes several features that can improve the performance of the entire heating system. One of the most important features of the Integrated Control System is ease of use, and intuitive design. A large, back-lit LCD screen displays information in full text, rather than complicated codes. Common settings are grouped in menus for easy access, and a Quick Setup feature provides installers direct access to control settings for basic installations. Advanced Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger The Brute Elite's stainless steel heat exchanger transfers heat from the combustion process, to the water circulating throughout the heating system.

exchanger multiple times transfers

Elite is compatible with multiple

additional heat from the boiler into the

methods of combustion air and vent

heating system. The combustion

piping, with combined vent system

products contain steam, which

lengths of up to 200 feet. Some Brute

condenses and converts to water as the

Elite models can be installed with

combustion products are cooled in the

smaller diameter vent and intake pipes

heat exchanger. This process known as

when space is at a premium, and

“Condensing” allows the Brute

several outdoor vent terminal designs

Elite to capture far more heat

can help keep the installation looking

from the combustion process

neat and discreet.

than conventional boilers. Since conventional boilers are designed not to condense in order to prevent damage from the condensed flue products,

Optional flush mount vent terminal.

their efficiency is limited. The Brute Elite is specially-designed to not only manage, but

Full text LCD display makes installation and set-up a snap. When heat is required, a pump circulates water from the heating

maximize condensation, and that combined with modulating the boiler’s firing rate can result in fuel savings of up to 30%.

system through coiled stainless steel

Flexible Installation

tubes, making multiple passes through

At Bradford White, we feel a heating

the heat exchanger. Heat from the

system is an important investment, and

combustion process circulates around

our products are designed to not only to

the outside surfaces of the coils, making

deliver the highest levels safety,

multiple pass between them before

reliability, energy savings, but also to

exiting the boiler. Recycling water and

integrate into nearly any heating system

combustion heat through the heat

without sacrificing aesthetics. The Brute

Optional concentric PVC vent terminal.

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DOMESTIC WATER HEATING USING THE BRUTE™ ELITE & POWERSTOR SERIES® INDIRECT WATER HEATER Combine Brute Elite™ high efficiency and quick response with a Bradford White PowerStor Series® indirect water heater for improved performance and fuel savings over conventional water heaters. Enabling the Brute Elite’s domestic hot water priority control feature directs the boiler’s full heating capacity to the PowerStor indirect water heater when needed. In normal residential applications, this can provide nearly double the hot water capacity of conventional stand-alone water heaters, along with excellent durability. Bradford White PowerStor indirect water heaters are heavily insulated storage tanks, constructed with a heat exchanger coil designed to deliver heat from the boiler to the domestic water in the tank. Hot water supplied from the boiler travels through the PowerStor’s heat exchange coil transferring heat into the domestic water in the tank. The PowerStor indirect water heaters oversized heat exchanger coils are capable of proving more hot water than nearly any than competitor. In addition, PowerStor’s the low pressure drop can provide savings that begin with the installation.

Stainless Steel

Single Wall

Double Wall

POWERSTOR INDIRECT WATER HEATER FEATURES: • PowerStor Indirect Water Heaters • Available with Vitraglas coated are available in 18 different carbon steel, or Stainless Steel models, for exceptional (SS) tank and coil performance in nearly any heating • 2" Non-CFC foam insulation system. minimizes heat loss from tank • Available with single or double • Low Stand-by Heat Loss— wall coils Less than 1⁄2°F per hour • Three Protective Anode Rods provides protection against corrosion for long trouble-free service

• Factory Installed Hydrojet reduces Sediment buildup for exceptional performance and efficiency. • T&P Relief Valve Installed on all models • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Tank and Heat Exchanger, Six Year Limited Warranty on Parts

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• 5 sizes, 80-285 MBH input • High efficiency, condensing design


• Integrated electronic PID modulating boiler control • Large easy-to-read, multi-line graphic LCD display • Full-text display of control status, settings, diagnostic info, and error history • "Home" button provides direct access to customizable "Home" screen • "Test" screen allows easy testing of control settings

• Certified for 160 PSI working pressure

• Full-modulation burner, with 5:1 turndown of burner input

• Burner sight glass

• Field-convertible for Natural Gas & Propane • Premix stainless steel burner

• Top location of all vent, fuel, electrical, & piping connections

• Direct spark ignition system • Negative pressure gas valve • Operates at low gas pressure • Low NOx operation, less than 10 ppm • Horizontal or vertical direct vent

• Certified for AL29-4C, CPVC, PVC, & rigid Polypropylene vent material

• Built-in Boiler, DHW, & System Circulator Pump Relays • DHW tank sensor • Separate low voltage and line voltage terminal strips simplify wiring • Auxiliary limit control terminals • Alarm output terminals • Modbus communication • Accepts external (4-20mA or 0-10VDC) modulation signal • On/Off power switch • Manual reset high limit

• Temperature and pressure gauge • Drain valve

• Password protection for adjustable settings

• DHW Priority with protection

• 30 psi (75 psi on 285) safety relief valve

• Sealed combustion chamber

• Vent and air pipe lengths of up to 100 equivalent feet each

• Adjustable Outdoor Reset System, w/WWSD & outdoor temperature sensor

• ASME “H” stamp

• Up to 95% AFUE efficiency, Energy Star® certified

• "Quick Start" screen groups common control settings for quick access by installer • Built-in cascade function for staging of up to 8 Brute Elite units

• Gasket-less stainless steel heat exchanger with welded construction

• Horizontal air and vent terminals • Condensate trap with integrated float switch

• Zero clearance to combustible surfaces • 12 Year limited warranty on heat exchanger (80-210, 10-Year Limited Warranty for 285-850) • 2 Year limited warranty on parts (80-210 models, 1 Year on 285-850) • Includes boiler circulator (80-500 only)

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Bradford White Brute™ Elite


Size 80 105 150 210 285

A in cm 191/2 49 191/2 49 191/2 49 263/4 68 201/4 52

B in 91/2 8 51/4 51/4 71/4

cm 24 21 14 14 19

D in cm 71/2 19 61/4 16 31/4 8 31/4 8 41/4 11

E in cm 11 28 11 28 11 28 18 45 111/4 29

F in 103/4 9 71/2 113/4 131/2

G in 133/4 141/4 141/4 141/4 14

cm 27 22 19 30 34

J cm 35 36 36 36 36

in 4 4 51/2 51/2 15


K cm in cm 10 113/4 30 10 113/4 30 14 71/2 19 14 71/2 19 38 17 43





80 105 150 210 285

80,000 105,000 150,000 210,000 285,000

74,000 96,000 138,000 194,000 264,000




L in 131/2 131/2 131/2 201/2 263/4

Weight cm 34 34 34 52 68

1 NPT 1 NPT 1 NPT 1 NPT 11/2 NPT


NPT NPT 1/2 NPT 1/2 NPT 3/4 NPT 1/2

40 ft. 40 ft. n/a n/a n/a

100 ft. 100 ft. 100 ft. 100 ft. 100 ft.

181 188 201 246 276


95% 95% 95% 95% 95%



Built to be the Best™

©2013, Bradford White Corporation. All rights reserved.

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