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NEW Gunite aas s low lolow w as aas s $26,999! $$28,599! 26,999! NEW GUNITE Gunite Pools PPools ools as

National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Building Professionals On Staff

N ow O ffering F Now Offering FREE REE S STANDING TANDING S Spas; pas; 3 3-Seater -Seater S pa S taring A Spa Staring Att JJust $6,000! ust $ 6,000!

Clearwater Spas Has Complete Off Q Quality Clearwater S pas H as A C omplete LLine ine O uality Hot Spa Styles Accessories Hot Tub Tub & S pa S tyles & A ccessories

26 yrs26 . Eyrs. xperExperience ience ProviProviding ding SupeSuperior rior Over Workmanship, Workmanship, Standards, Standards,&&Service Service

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Enjoy Enjoy Your Your Pool Pool Without Without The The Hassle! Hassle!

Weekly Maintenance W eekly M aintenance Package Package

Vacation V acation Service Service

Pool Closings Pool Openings Openings & C losings

6(59,&('(3$570(17 6(59,&('(3$570(17 WA AT TE ER R TOO HOT TO SWIM? We now offer ‘Coo l P Pu ump pss’ A Assk ffo or details!

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ertified P ool Knowledgeable & E xperienced C Knowledgeable Experienced Certified Pool n-House! Operator T echnicians IIn-House! Operator Technicians

epair; H eat P umps, C hlorinators, We Stock Stock & R We Repair; Heat Pumps, Chlorinators, olar H eaters, F ilters, P ool C leaners, Regular & S Regular Solar Heaters, Filters, Pool Cleaners, Timers, Chemicals, Water Features hemicals, & W ater F eatures T imers, C

We Service; Hayward, Pentair, StaRite, We S andy, S taRite, Ray Ray ervice; H ayward, P entair, JJandy, Pak Polaris, Sell Water P ak & P olaris, & S ell W ater Tubes Tubes & Safety Safety Covers Covers

Call For A Free Free Construction Consultation, or Details About Our Services 918.298.2601 Baker Pools | www | 9 18.298.2601 1817 North Elm Street, OK 74037 | 1 817 N orth E lm S treet, JJenks, enks, O K7 4037

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New Pool Builds Outdoor Living Design Pool Cleaning Service Equipment Repair Clearwater Spas | 9 18.298.2601 Baker aker Pools | www 918.298.2601 | 1 817 N orth E lm S treet, JJenks, enks, O K7 4037 1817 North Elm Street, OK 74037

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