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OnGuard RMT Water Heater Management System Pricing Worksheet ™

Year One OnGuard RMT™ Hardware Cost

OnGuard RMT™ Protection Plan Cost 12.5% of chosen commercial water heater list price

Annual Monitoring Fee First year of monitoring is FREE

Professional Installation Cost

Total Cost

Year Two – Five






















Meet OnGuard RMT

Your best defense against downtime and costly repairs. OnGuard RMT ™ is a water heater management system from Bradford White that can help keep your business up and running. Once the OnGuard system is connected and activated, Bradford White support technicians constantly monitor your water heater to ensure optimal performance. You don’t need to do a thing! Bradford White will contact you in the event your water heater indicates a fault or requires service. We will also contact your authorized service contractor to perform any required repair or maintenance. Best of all, Bradford White will cover the cost of the service call and repair. (See OnGuard RMT ™ warranty policy for details.)

Do You Need OnGuard? If you are in a business where a constant supply of hot water is required...yes, OnGuard RMT ™ is for you.

What is the Benefit of the OnGuard RMT System? ™

OnGuard RMT ™ (Remote Monitoring Technology) from Bradford White combines proprietary hardware, internet-based connectivity, alert status notification, 24/7 factory-based technical support, and fast service dispatch to give you the ultimate level of awareness and protection. When a compatible water heater is connected to the OnGuard RMT ™ communication gateway, the status of the water heater is communicated directly to Bradford White technicians. This monitoring protocol frees you from monitoring your water heater, saving you valuable time.

• 24/7 remote monitoring based in our Middleville, MI manufacturing facility • Round the clock live operator technical support • Fault alert notification via email or phone from BWC Technical Support to end user • Authorized service contractor contact, situation assessment and dispatch • A monthly status report for each OnGuard RMT equipped water heater is provided, via email, to the preferred contact that is registered with OnGuard • Improved service response time and reduced on-site diagnostic time

• Tracking of operational characteristics such as burner cycles, burner run hours and approximate fuel usage • Preventative Maintenance - After year two, active OnGuard RMT™-equipped commercial water heaters will receive a complete system check and required maintenance as determined by the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative. • Each communication gateway can monitor up to four manifolded water heaters and provide status and statistical data on each

The OnGuard RMT Protection Plan ™

A Bradford White exclusive, The OnGuard RMT ™ Protection Plan extends your commercial water heater warranty (both tank and parts) to a full five years. As a required element of the OnGuard RMT ™ program, the Protection Plan gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your water heater is protected and that the responsibility rests with Bradford White. When you purchase the OnGuard RMT ™ gateway and Protection Plan for a qualifying commercial gas water heater, you can then look forward to worry free monitoring, service and support for only $40.00 per month. As an added incentive, Bradford White will provide the first year of monitoring absolutely free!

Keeping You Informed As an OnGuard RMT™ customer, you’ll always be in the loop. Bradford White will send you, via email, a monthly status report for each OnGuard RMT™ equipped water heater. The report will detail performance status and will also track operational characteristics such as burner cycles, burner run hours and approximate fuel usage. You will also be reminded when your OnGuard RMT™ Protection Plan is nearing its expiration date. A service expiration alert will be sent to you at 30 days, 15 days, and one day remaining in your plan. Dear [Custo mer/Busin ess Nam

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The OnGuard RMT™ System kit includes the communication gateway, Ethernet cable, phone line, DSL filter, wiring harness, gateway power supply, and surge protector.

How to get the protection of the OnGuard RMT™ water heater management system. You can purchase the entire OnGuard RMT™ system including the Protection Plan through your installing contractor or your local Bradford White wholesale distributor. Visit our website for a listing of contractors in your area.

Qualifying Bradford White Models Commercial Models D-38T-155-3N D-65T-370-3N D-65T-399-3N* D-75T-125-3N D-75T-160-3N D-75T-300-3N D-80T-180-3N D-80T-199-3N D-80T-250-3N D-80L-399-3N D-80L-450-3N D-80T-425-3N D-80T/L-505-3N D-100S/T/L-199-3N D-100S/T/L-250-3N D-100L-270-3N* D-100L-300-3N D-65T-625-3N D-80T-725-3N EF-60T-125E-3N

EF-60T-150E-3N EF-60T-199E-3N EF-100T-150E-3N EF-100T-199E-3N EF-100T-250E-3N EF-100T-300E-3N PDV-80T-300-3N PDV-100T-360-3N PDV-80S-150-3N PDV-80S-200-3N PDV-80S-250-3N PDV-100S-150-3N PDV-100S-200-3N PDV-100S-250-3N D-65T-370-3NA D-65T-399-3NA D-75T-300-3NA D-80T-250-3NA D-80L-399-3NA D-80L-450-3NA D-80T-425-3NA

D-80L/T-505-3NA D-100L/T/S-250-3NA D-100L-270-3NA D-100L-300-3NA D-65T-625-3NA D-80T-725-3NA EF-60T-125E-3NA EF-60T-150E-3NA EF-60T-199E-3NA EF-100T-150E-3NA EF-100T-199E-3NA EF-100T-250E-3NA EF-100T-300E-3NA PDV-80T-300-3NA PDV-100T-360-3NA PDV-80S-250-3NA PDV-100S-250-3NA Light Duty** Commercial Models TW-25X-76B-3N TW-55X-78B-3N

50T-65FB-3N 65T-65FB-3N 75T-80B-3N 100T-88B-3N TW4-50S-67FB3N TW4-65S-70FB3N TW4-75S-76B3N PDX-50S-60-FB3N PDX-65S-65-FB3N PDX-75S-70-FB3N DH-50T-50-FB3N DH-65T-55-FB3N DH-75T-60-FB3N U-TW4-50S-60FR-3N* U-TW4-65S-60FR-3N* UDH-50T-45FR-3N* UDH-65T-45FR-3N* UDH-75T-50FR-3N* UPDX-50S-50FR-3N* UPDX-65S-55FR-3N* UPDX-75S-55FR-3N*

*These models are available only in Natural Gas. **These models must also have the BWC ICON Accessory Module to activate OnGuard RMT. All models listed are Natural Gas versions. Propane (LP) versions of these models qualify as well.


Built to be the Best™ ©2011, Bradford White Corporation. All rights reserved.


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000 FREE $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Year One Year Two –Five OnGuard RMT ™ Protection Plan Cost 12.5% of chosen commercial water heater list price Ann...

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