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Sur le bout de la langue

Louis Porcher’s Didactics Blog Didactics from A to... Z in blog format, by Louis Porcher. Sur le bout de la langue is now at your fingertips and is just a click away…

Responses to teachers’ concerns


Curriculum Listings for the Alliance Française based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) A.Chauvet. Coordination I. Normand and S. Erlich. (AFPIF) In a single volume, content for all six levels of the CEFRL: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 To facilitate analysis of teaching materials, or for the development of a curriculum

Dictionnaire de didactique du français langue étrangère et seconde Under supervision of Jean-Pierre Cuq A reference tool: the latest language teaching knowledge 660 concepts and ideas, a bibliography and a multilingual glossary

Practical training manual for FLE teachers NEW EDITION P. Bertocchini, E. Costanzo Independent study, initial and continuous training book for FLE teachers Ten training modules Answers at the back of the book

new French pronunciation worldwide Hybrid language teaching

Dictionnary of didactic foreign language and second language.


S. Detey, J. Eychenne, I. Racine, Y. Kawaguchi

La prononciation du français dans le monde.


Audio CD (mp3) included

Manuel de formation pratique pour le professeur de FLE.


Référentiel de l’alliance française pour le cadre européen commun.


Sur le bout de la langue.




Catalogue CLE International 2017 in english  
Catalogue CLE International 2017 in english