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Quite simply the world’s most widely-­ used guide to learning French grammar • From beginner’s level to proficiency: a course to suit every level • Versatile in use, whether for classroom-based or independent study • Simple and effective double-page layout • Numerous communication activities: audio documents, grammatical songs, personalized answers • Our editions are constantly updated and expanded

series Grammaire progressive du français Complete Beginner Beginner Intermediate Intermediate + Advanced Proficiency


level A1.1 A1/A2 A2/B1 A2/B1 B2 C1/C2

book 9782090381566 9782090381146 9782090381245 9782090381047 9782090381184 9782090353594

TEACHING GUIDE 9782090381573 9782090381153 9782090381177 (4e édition) 9782090381191 9782090353600

• Maia Grégoire, Odile Thiévenaz, A. Kostucki Michèle Boularès, Jean-Louis Frérot. • More than 450 interactive and self-corrective audio exercises are included • 500 for beginner level, 300 for intermediate level • Audio CD or MP3 - all levels except advanced • Livre-Web: Complete beginner level • Online expansion packs available for the 3rd and 4th editions ?

Catalogue CLE International 2017 in english  
Catalogue CLE International 2017 in english