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Courses for migrants Speak French for better integration • All-in-One French course • Pronunciation guide to help migrants with the main phonetic challenges • Graphic guide for those new to using the Latin alphabet • Handy: samples of administrative forms


• D. Escoufier, P. Marhic, E. Talbot • Student Book/ Workbook A1.1 • Answers and multimedia CD-ROM included


SINGLE BOOK 9782090386554

Meeting an everyday need: speaking French • Student Book Level 1, 2nd edition: L. Charliac – T. Iglésis – A.C. Motron – C. Verdier • DILF DELF A1.1/A1 Workbook • 1ère édition : H. Adami, L. Bringuier, C. Carlo, L. Charliac, M. de Ferrari, S. Étienne, N. Guiganti, T. Iglésis, A.C. Motron, L. Poinsot, C. Verdier

A1.1 • Get ready for the DILF A1.1 and DELF A1 • Learn the skills needed to integrate • Assimilate everyday language for professional, administrative and personal situations • Build familiarity with French and European culture, values and customs


series Trait d’union

TRAIT D’UNION 1 TRAIT D’UNION 2 TRAIT D’UNION WORKBOOK 1 DELF Training Reading Writing Group Audio CD (MP3) Individual Audio CD (MP3) TRAIT D’UNION WORKBOOK 2 Reading and Writing Culture and Citizenship Integration at the Workplace Group Audio CD (MP3) LITERACY WORKBOOK Reading and Writing



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Catalogue CLE International 2017 in english  
Catalogue CLE International 2017 in english