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Connected Versions for interactive whiteboard and video projection available on USB flash drive. Student options: iPad version; offline Windows/iOS versions; online Windows/iOS version for tablets. The Livre-Web is the online version of Écho 2nd Edition and includes both Student Book and Workbook. Online: the Écho 2nd Edition website: up-to-date documents and extra resources; multilingual glossaries; 24 fun interactive activities and karaoke versions of the dialogues: http://echo.cle-inter. com/ The Écho teaching community has its own Facebook group where tips, solutions and resources are shared.

• J. Girardet, J. Pécheur, C. Gibbe, S. Callet, M.L Parizet, M. Stirman • 5 volumes: A1 to B2 • Student’s Book with portfolio and DVD-ROM (video + audio) at A1 and A2

Collection Echo ÉCHO A1 ÉCHO A2 ÉCHO B1.1 ÉCHO B1.2 ÉCHO B2

STUDENT BOOK 9782090385885 9782090385922 9782090385960 9782090384925 9782090384956

WORKBOOK 9782090385892 9782090385939 9782090385977 9782090384932 9782090384963

TEACHING GUIDE 9782090385915 9782090385953 9782090385984 9782090384949 9782090384970

DIGITAL VERSION (USB flash drive) 9782090323528 9782090323535 9782090323542 9782090323559 9782090323566

ÉCHO for North America: the best of ÉCHO Specially designed for audiences in North America, and mainly focused on real-life North American Francophone scenarios. Includes: • Iconography • Dialogues • Vocabulary • Names of places and people • Culture and contemporary life pages • Audio

• F.Olivry, D.Liakin, N.Liakina, H.Boivin, J. Girardet, J. Pécheur, C. Gibbe.

series Echo North America ÉCHO Amérique du Nord A1 ÉCHO Amérique du Nord A2

STUDENT BOOK 9782090385083 9782090385137

WORKBOOK 9782090385106 9 782090385144

TEACHING GUIDE 9782090385113 9782090385151


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Catalogue CLE International 2017 in english