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Swing To Support 2013 Golf Classic

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Sometimes It’s Better To Receive, Than To Give

Giving Back! by helping others, supporting charities & the people of which we serve. About: Swing To Support has been around since the start of

Marketing B.O.N.U.S.

It is an annual golf event designed and created by our CEO Patrick Bell. The event helps support charities. In collaboration with our professional athlete connections and professional business goers , this event is designed to draw attention to the sport as well as the charity of our selection. Our contract with the selected charity allows us to gain more public visibility for this event. In the past, those interested in attending could pay before or at the event. Paying before the event secures our event location and allows for us to provide a solid venue for our event goers as well as the charity that we are supporting. If you are interested in our Swing to Support golf event we ask that you secure your spot at our next event by visiting the club’s website and clicking on the Swing to Support tab located in the event section of our website. Find out more at: and click on “Event Registration” tab to register.

Become A Sponsor AT OUR NEXT GOLF EVENT Free advertising in our golf classic

Become an event sponsor spending at least $500 and get FREE advertising space in our club’s Golf Classic Event Advertising. See Terms & Conditions Below Sponsorship Levels $500 = 1/8 ad space $1000 = ¼ ad space $1,500 = ½ ad space $3000 = ¾ page ad space $4,000 = Full page ad space Make Checks Payable To: Marketing B.O.N.U.S Club, 601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 1050 Minnetonka, MN 55305 2012 Advertising Rates. Limited time offer, rates are subject to change

Free to join our parent company “Lync” and be part of an extraordinary connection network with businesses around the globe. Build your database of resources and connections through great business and resources. We want to hear from you. Note: Businesses interested in joining “Lync” must sign up for membership. Connections is based on current membership status . Sign up for “Lync” at and allow Marketing B.O.N.U.S to organize and host your next charity event at

Join The Lync We Did!

2013 Golf Classic  

2013 Golf Classic

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