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Panel & Drywall Lifting • Material Transport • Door Installation • Overhead Drilling

Access Platform Sales (APS) offers a range of manual handling solutions designed to move materials safely and efficiently in the workplace. Renowned for high quality, durable construction and easy portability, Telpro’s range of handling aids are intended to allow tasks which usually require two or more people to be completed by one person alone, safely and efficiently. Telpro’s material handling can revolutionise your on-site productivity, make light work of moving bulky materials and significantly reduce the risk of personal injury due to strains or falls. Invaluable for internal fit-out activities such as plaster boarding / dry lining, door fitting and suspended ceiling installation, Telpro products are also useful in industrial and commercial property maintenance activities.

DRILLRITE Overhead Concrete Drill Press

Overhead drilling into concrete, as anyone who has done it will know, is tough and unpleasant work. It’s like doing a balancing act 1 – 2 metres off the ground while holding a 25kg sandbag over your head while it leaks into your face! Once again Telpro have a solution with the Drillrite which allows the operator to work from ground level on ceilings up to 3.6m high, removing the risk of falls, and has an integrated dust capture system which can be connected to the user-supplied vacuum cleaner to remove dangerous airborne silica dust. Just like all Telpro products, Drillrite is easily portable and helps get the job done safely, quicker and more efficiently.

KEY FEATURES • Reaches up to 3.6m high ceilings


• Easy to manoeuvre on site • In-built dust capture • Simple to use & low maintenance

i Each year, 3000 new claims are made for industrial injury disability benefit resulting from Hand Arm Vibration (HAV).

DOORMINATOR Door Handling Units

The patent pending Doorminator allows installation of heavy and awkward doors by a single person, saving time and money! Thanks to heavy duty castors, the door can be easily rolled into position through the doorway, positioned and held in place during installation. Fully adjustable, the Doorminator can be tilted front-to-back and side-to-side, and moved up-and-down allowing precise alignment with the door jamb. Transport and storage is easy thanks to the folding mechanism, and although easy to handle, construction is robust enough to stand up to a tough life on site.

KEY FEATURES • Fully adjustable for easy alignment • One person to install • Folds up for easy transport

Doorminator model summary: Model


Carrying capacity

Maximum door height

Maximum door width












HSE advise that mechanical aids should be used to assist jobs where practical, reducing or eliminating risk of injury. Back injuries from manual handling are a major cause of occupational ill health in the UK.

TROLL Sheet Material Transport

Tough yet light and convenient to use, Telpro’s Troll range of material handling carts and panel handlers make light work of moving bulky sheet materials around the job site. Highly versatile and easy to move on high quality castors, Troll carts can be used to carry sheets in an upright position, or easily converted to a flatbed for moving all types of material. The unit can be folded to save space for storage or to be moved between sites - it's lightweight enough to be carried between buildings, up and down stairs etc.

KEY FEATURES • Easy to manoeuvre and transport • Converts to a flatbed multi-purpose cart • One braking swivel lock caster comes standard on each cart

49 Panel Handler

Troll model summary:



Carrying capacity

Load stacking width


















A third of all workplace injuries are musculoskeletal disorders resulting from incorrect manual handling. Loading and unloading material can be one of the most demanding elements during an installation project.

PANELLIFT Plasterboard and Sheet Material Lifts

“The World’s Best Drywall Lifts” - a claim that Telpro can make with confidence. These high quality sheet material handlers make installation of plasterboard drylining safe, simple and effortless. Three models give the choice of economy, standard cable or professional heavy duty chain drive solutions, depending on frequency of use and application. With a lift capacity of up to 91kg and capable of lifting 4.9 x 1.2m sheets to 4.4m height, Panellifts can lift and position sheets for fixing horizontally, vertically and at an angle.

KEY FEATURES • Low maintenance • Heavy-duty chain drive • Overload protection • Easy to operate

PANELLIFT ACCESSORIES: • Extended Length Telescoping Assembly Extends Panellift 138-2 models by 1.2m to give a total lift height of 4.6m • Drilldrive Powered Lift Mechanism Uses an electric drill (not included) to power Panellift model 138-2 (Drilldrive 1055) or Panellift model 439 (Drilldrive 1065) taking literally all of the effort out of lifting


Panellift model summary: Model

Lift mechanism

Maximum capacity

Maximum sheet size

Maximum lift height

125 (Economy)

Manual - Cable drive


1.2 x 4.9m


138-2 (Standard)

Manual - Cable drive


1.2 x 4.9m


439 (Professional)

Manual - Chain drive


1.2 x 4.9m


Drywall installation has been identified as high potential for musculoskeletal disorders. Eliminating the need to support the weight of the board, while manoeuvring it into position has served to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury.

Access Platform Sales (APS) is the UK’s leading provider of access equipment offering a wide range of working at height solutions for the hardest to reach places! Our range of powered access platforms, material lifts and low-level access is designed to ease working at height, safely and efficiently - with the added benefit on improving on-site productivity. Genie® Material Lifts The Genie® range of lightweight and low-cost material lifts offer the perfect solution to moving material from site-to-site. Designed to increase on-site productivity, these robust and reliable lifts are easy for one person to set-up, operate and transport a range of materials - making light work of moving, positioning and lifting heavy loads! Perfect for a range of indoor and outdoor applications, the Genie® material lifts offer a wide variety of options and accessories to fit any job. Low-Level Access Youngman, best known for their ladders and aluminium towers, have set out to provide the highest quality lightweight, low-level powered access products worthy of their BoSS brand. The X-series push-around and selfpropelled micro scissor lifts are ideal for confined indoor locations and working up to ceiling heights in offices, providing a safe, efficient alternative to working from ladders and steps. Self-Propelled Access Platforms Having key relationships with the world’s leading manufacturer of powered access equipment, our portfolio of products covers a wide range of working at height applications - from compact push-around lifts reaching 14m, to self-propelled scissor lifts with large deck areas reaching 18m heights. Our lightweight and versatile electric boom lifts offer working heights from 10m to 16m, and are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications...we even have a range of tracked and truck-mounted boom platforms! So, no matter how uncommon or difficult the application, we can offer a range of access platforms to suit your needs. Come on and get in touch...we like a challenge!

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Telpro material handling family brochure  
Telpro material handling family brochure