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Important Social Marketing Strategies For Your Business When we say marketing, we mean the whole process of planning and performing the idea, pricing, distribution of goods, services, etc. Marketing strategy is a process that provides an organization with the opportunity to emphasize its resources on the best right set of circumstances that will be able to increase sales and successfully bring about a well-grounded competitive benefit. Marketing strategy stands at the heart of business. Businesses do their best to deliver products in order to meet customers' expectations. Marketing strategy formulates the marketing mix that professionals should use to answer to product and customer questions. Marketing mix is a combination of market selection, the right product, sold at the right price, in the right place, using the most suitable promotion. In the beginning, companies should have an idea of the customers they are targeting to. Then comes product planning and the questions are what products are going to be designed for customers, how they will work, look like and be packaged. These circumstances are vital because people are considering much performance and exterior of what they receive as a product. Pricing is inevitable part of determining the right value of the selected product. What will you charge for and how much, what are the methods of payment and when the client will pay are the tasks included in the process. Next operation is the place- goods should be transferred to the right place at the right time. Companies should take the decision what channels best carry and deliver their products and their advantages to the selected market. The effective promotion should be complied with the following conditions: positioning the product, if direct or indirect selling is used through others, good communication and advertisement skills and a possibility for the customer to be supported or serviced if there is something going wrong with the bought product. Social marketing is an internet marketing that fulfills lots of media networks and this leads to accomplishing marketing and branding goals. Marketing itself begins with attraction. If you managed to make your brand attractive, you were able to solve all tasks of your customers. Social marketing could take advantage of all social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all these channels should be treated like an independent unit. For instance, people on YouTube share videos and accumulate comments on them, in comparison to LinkedIn, where users are focusing more on business relationships. Content is the main part included, but of great importance as well for your business is to strive to hold community’s attention there. If there are negative comments on something, you should feedback them with a respect so that all consumers could see that you are a positive, open-minded and responsible person. The combination of these channels in your social marketing strategy will depend on your engagement plan. If you are good-performed with your sales process, your team will have more confidence on the steps they should work together and there are coming forward favourable conditions for starting a new business. Successful formula for social marketing is when attraction, engagement and conversion are available. If you are managing to be active, persistent and having an individual positive approach in your social media marketing efforts, then you would be very close to success and would be able to build a prosperous business that will be worth all efforts in the long run.

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