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Why YouTube Should Be a Part of Your Internet Presence & Overall Website Optimisation Strategy Google owns the two most used search engines on the Internet, used throughout the world, with the second being YouTube. Over two billion videos are watched every day on YouTube, according to Google's official blog. That ranks YouTube ahead of Yahoo! in searches by several hundred million each day, noted by companies that track digital information. Are you using YouTube to drive traffic to your website? If you are, do you know how well you rank in YouTube for your branded and non-branded keywords? If you don't use YouTube, how can you make it a part of your web presence and drive some of those billions of users to your website? Here are some suggestions for how to use YouTube as part of your search marketing strategy.  Test drive your keywords on YouTube by searching your branded keywords and those of your competitors. Try some of your non-branded keyword terms as well and take note of the results for both sets of keywords. If you already have videos posted to your website, see how you can strive for better website optimisation to rank higher among search results.  If you don't post videos to your site currently, get to it! If you're not sure what type of videos to post, your first step should be to figure out what you want to accomplish by posting them to your site. Is it more sales, do you need to recruit employees or do you want people to find out more about your products and/or services? Start with those questions and then create or find videos that fulfill those objectives.  Creating video clips needn't be expensive and you can always curate some of the content you see on YouTube using the embed link, if it is available for a video you like. You can create your content with the video application on your iPhone or Blackberry. You can also use a digital camera with a video option. There is software online, such as iMovie and Camtasia, that will record your voice and your cursor as it moves across the screen—great for doing demonstrations!  Just as you optimise your content for Google's search engine, you need to optimise the videos you post for YouTube. The algorithm is the same as Google's, so you need to use some of the same website optimisation tactics that you are already familiar with. Optimise descriptions, titles and tags for keywords.

ď‚&#x; To have a high search rank on YouTube, keep your content fresh, just as you do on your website. Post new clips every month or every week so YouTube becomes a part of your web presence. This is a great way to keep viewers and potential customers engaged. To learn more about making YouTube an integral part of your search marketing strategy, contact The SEO Company. They can help your website SEO so you can drive traffic to your site and find the local customers who want your services or products. You can stay ahead of your competitors with a strong web strategy and they can help you develop one.

Why YouTube Should Be a Part of Your Internet Presence & Overall Website Optimisation Strategy  

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